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MUSICA; probably the best image processing in the world!

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Probably the Best Image Processing in the World

  • MUSICA™ Nerve Center provides Efficiency and Intelligence –driven by AI and Machine Learning
  • MUSICA™ Flex for unprecedented flexibility to match the intelligent image processing to the radiologist’s tastes…
  • MUSICA™ Analytics transforms data into Quality and Performance insights.
  • Digital Tomosynthesis(*) for multi-slice image reconstruction
  • Deep Learning algorithm automatically adjusts images as they should be presented to the radiologist
  • Dose Management through Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRL) and Extended Dose Reporting
  • Cyber-Security & Encryption: Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to provide the highest security over computer networks
  • Compliance to the latest healthcare standards: HIPAA, IHE, EMR, DICOM, NEMA,…

*Tomosynthesis is not yet available in Canada.  

At RSNA2021 Innovation theater, Jeroen Cant, Phd, Research Leader at Agfa Radiology Solutions, presented the Power of MUSICA.

In his presentation, Jeroen talks about our findings in some initial clinical studies, applying the power of MUSICA to CT images. CT scans which were post-processed by MUSICA have been presented to radiologists. The effect of eliminating the need to read the scans in different windows has been evaluated, and promising applications were found in two clinical use cases: fast poly trauma evaluation, and lesion detection in oncology for chest and abdomen.

Step into the future
with MUSICA™ Workstation Upgrade

Upgrade available for the complete
Agfa CR/DR portfolio.

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The impact that less-than-ideal image quality can have on your department is significant. This is why image quality ranks among the most important KPI’s when selecting an X-ray system. MUSICA‘s patented Fractional Multiscale Processing technology provides excellent image quality compared to standard image processing.


Don’t struggle with image quality! MUSICA™ processes images perfectly, every time regardless of dose, technique, staff differences, patient size or condition. Exquisite image quality for neonatal to bariatric patients.


Nerve Center
Intelligent tools for your
Digital Radiography workflow

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MUSICA™ Catheter Processing enhances neonatal imaging and care


Study shows MUSICA‘s Fractional Multiscale Processing technology improves catheter visualization for newborns, improving reading quality and reducing potential risks of catheter placement

A study evaluating the ability of image processing to improve the visualization of central catheter tip positioning in newborns was recently published in BMC Medical Imaging. The authors found that Agfa’s MUSICA Catheter Processing with Fractional Multiscale Processing (FMP) technology significantly improved the perception of low contrast PICC line tips in digital chest X-rays, compared to standard image processing.

Download the White Paper


Download the White Paper:

Watch the video:

Bone Rendering

Soft Tissue Rendering


The role of Image Processing

Download the Executive Summary of

“Image Quality and Dose Differences
Caused by Vendor-Specific Image Processing
of Neonatal Radiographs”

as published in Pediatric Radiology.



MUSICA (Multi-Scale Image Contrast Amplification) image processing software enhances both image quality
and workflow for radiographers and radiologists. Our latest technology improvements provide more detail in
images and enable confident, comfortable reading. Experience the difference!


 Click on the images below to toggle between standard & MUSICA imaging processing. See the difference yourself.

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At Villa Musica, a non-profit organization, we share our passion for music by offering individual music instruction, group classes, community ensembles, and performance opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our highly qualified faculty create a nurturing environment that educates and inspires, guiding your inner-musician to a deeper understanding of the joys of active music-making.

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Music. Grade 3 Methodological manual and audio application – methodological manual – Russian Textbook Corporation (Drofa-Ventana Publishing House)

authors: Shatalova Irina Leonidovna , Sokolnikova Natalia Pavlovna , Aleev Vitaly Vladimirovich , Professor, Ph.D. RAM them. Gnesinykh, author of UMK “Music” (5-9)

Methodological aids

Primary general education

Line UMK V. V. Aleev. Music (1-4)


Manual for the textbook by V. V. Aleeva, T. N. Kichak “Music. Grade 3 ”contains lesson developments, thematic and lesson planning. The appendix provides recommendations on the use of the electronic form of the textbook, a work program for grade 3, additional materials for the course.

The manual will help the teacher to build training in accordance with the requirements of the Exemplary Basic Educational Program of Primary General Education.

The textbook is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and is included in the Federal List.

The UMC includes an audio application.


  1. About the course “Music” in the 3rd grade. V. V. Aleev
  2. Introduction
  3. Lesson developments
    • First quarter
      • – Lesson 1. Pictures of nature in music
      • – Lesson 2. Can music “paint” a portrait?
      • – Lesson 3. In the fairyland of the gnomes
      • – Lesson 4. Diversity in Unity: Variations
      • – Lesson 5
      • – Lesson 6. “There is a Russian spirit … there it smells of Russia!”
      • – Lesson 7
      • – Lessons 8, 9. Running in a circle: rondo
    • Second quarter
      • – Lessons 10, 11. What are musical intonations
      • – Lesson 12. What are musical intonations
      • – Lesson 13. Punctuation marks in music
      • – Lesson 14. “Frost and sun; wonderful day!..”
      • – Lessons 15, 16. “Your Christmas, Christ our God…”
    • Third quarter
      • Lesson 17. Bell ringing in Rus’
      • Lesson 18. Temple Music
      • Lesson 19. M. I. Glinka – the founder of Russian classical music
      • Lesson 20. What is patriotism
      • Lesson 21. Russian national hero Ivan Susanin
      • Lesson 22
      • Lessons 23, 24. Musical imitation
      • Lesson 25. Composers for children
      • Lesson 26. Pictures depicting musical instruments
      • Lesson 27. Rules of Life for Musicians by R. Schumann
    • Fourth quarter
      • Lesson 28. String instruments
      • Lessons 29, 30. S. Prokofiev. Symphonic Tale “Peter and the Wolf”
      • Lesson 31. Eternal memory to heroes. Victory Day
      • Lesson 32. Is it easy to be a musical performer?
      • Lesson 33. Outstanding performing musicians
      • Lesson 34. Concert halls of the world
  4. Thematic and lesson planning
    • First quarter
    • Second quarter
    • Third quarter
    • Fourth quarter
  5. Applications
    • Appendix 1. Working with the electronic form of the textbook (fragments). O. N. Maslenikova
    • Appendix 2. Music. 1-4 classes. Work program (Grade 3). V. V. Aleev, T. I. Naumenko, T. N. Kichak
    • Appendix 3. Supplementary Material for Grade 3 Course

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Music. Grade 3 Textbook (for students with intellectual disabilities) Evtushenko I.V., Chernyshkova E.V.

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  • Music. Grade 3 Textbook (for students with intellectual disabilities)

Line UMK:

Music (1-5) (for students with intellectual disabilities)


For students with intellectual disabilities


Evtushenko I. V., Chernyshkova E.V.

RUB 1,232.00



The textbook is intended for children with disabilities and ensures the implementation of the requirements of the adapted basic general education program in the subject area “Art” in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard for the education of students with intellectual disabilities.
The content of the textbook is aimed at forming a sustainable interest in music and developing the musical abilities of students.
In the third grade, children continue to master various types of musical activities:
learn choral and solo singing, correct intonation and transfer of rhythmic pattern;
listen and determine the nature of musical works of various content;
learn about musical instruments and their sounds.





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