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La ramblas market: Mercat Boqueria Barcelona | Mercat de les Rambles

La Boquería market, the most famous in Barcelona

Boqueria Market


Big cities usually have a big market, and Barcelona is no exception. The best example of a Barcelona market is La Boquería, the most visited shopping center in all of Barcelona, ​​and one of the most important in all of Spain.

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The main market in Barcelona

La Boquería, whose official name is Mercado de San José, is one of the most visited, crowded and famous places in all of Barcelona. Every native of the city knows about the market, and every visitor wants to visit it at least once. Located on La Rambla, La Boquería market is part of the largest commercial area in all of Spain.

The variety of offer in La Boquería is impressive and its demand grows every day. Fruits, vegetables, meats, restaurants, gift shops, cafes, and everything you can expect from a market, can be found in La Boquería.

The market evolved and grew along with the city, undergoing some reforms over the years, and nowadays no Barcelona man can imagine his city without what this market is and represents. La Boquería is a European benchmark in terms of large roofed markets and an important tourist attraction for all visitors to Barcelona. Another important market to visit is the Santa Caterina Market.

The origins of La Boquería

In its beginnings, La Boquería was an open-air market, which was located on the outskirts of the city and was made up of makeshift stalls and itinerant merchants. In the place where the market is today, there used to be an ecclesiastical convent.

This convent was destroyed by fire, and in the area that left the structure, the city market was located. In this way, the great commercial center of Barcelona was born in 1840, which would become a Catalan symbol.

With the growth and economic expansion of La Rambla, the market became famous and became increasingly crowded. Over time, the stalls were no longer improvised and roofs were added to the market structure.

Over time, La Boquería expanded in size and variety, until it became the largest market in all of Catalonia. Today, it has 2,500 meters of space and hundreds of trading posts, offering all kinds of products.

Visit La Boquería

Being one of the most visited places in Barcelona, like Park Güell or the Sagrada Familia, it is impossible to go through the city without approaching the market. Due to its commercial nature, it is always busy and in demand. Locals, tourists, all have reasons to go to La Boquería.


Its high ceilings, its endless aisles, its incredible variety of products, the abundance of offers and its incredible dynamism make those who visit La Boquería for the first time absolutely delighted.


The best offers are between the low season months, although the summer offers also attract a good number of native and foreign customers. It is also possible to make purchases online, however, the most advisable thing is to go personally to the market to live the whole experience first hand.


So if you find yourself in Barcelona, don’t hesitate any longer, and go for a tour of one of the main arteries that keep the great heart of this city alive.

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