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August 28: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

August 28th celebrates Bow Tie Day and Crackers Over the Keyboard Day.

We’re now on the 240th day of the year, and have 125 days left.

If today is a special day for you, then you should know that it’s also been a special day in history too! Here we’re going to look at some facts and historical events that all happened on this day.

Did you know that on this day in 1994, Tokyo celebrated the country’s first gay pride parade? While the march paved the way for future similar events, they weren’t named “Pride parades” until over a decade later.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about August 28th in history!

What Events Happened On August 28 In History?

2019 Nature magazine published findings of a 3.8-million-year-old skull found in Ethiopia, which questioned our previous theories of human evolution.


2018 Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin was laid to rest in Detroit as thousands turned up to pay tributes.

Source BBC

2017 Matt Vogel became the new voice for Kermit the Frog.

Vogel replaced American puppeteer Steve Whitmore, who voiced Kermit for 27 years.

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2003 Half a million people in South East England were left without electricity.

The blackout caused significant disruption to transport services, and supplies weren’t fully restored for up to two hours.

Source Wikipedia

1994 Tokyo celebrated the country’s first LGBTQ+ pride parade.

Source Wikipedia

1990 An F5 max rating tornado smashed through Plainfield, Illinois, killing 29 people, injuring 353, and causing $165 million in damages.

Source Wikipedia

1965 Sandwich restaurant Subway was founded in Bridgeport, Connecticut, US.

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1937 Toyota Motor Corporation was founded after operating as a division of Toyoda Automatic Looms for six years.

Source Wikipedia

1898 Caleb Bradham’s beverage “Brad’s Drink” was renamed “Pepsi-Cola.

It was renamed this due to two ingredients used in the recipe, pepsin and kola nuts.

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1833 The Slave Abolition Act was passed and came into effect the following year on August 1.

It stated, “An Act for the Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Colonies; for promoting the Industry of the manumitted Slaves; and for compensating the Persons hitherto entitled to the Services of such Slaves.”

Source The History Press

1789 Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, was discovered by William Herschel.

Source Wikipedia

1609 British explorer Henry Hudson discovered Delaware Bay.

Source Mintage World

1542 The Battle of Wofla between the Turkish and Portuguese occurred.

This was just one of the battles between the two nations that had fought for nearly two decades. It was significant because the Portuguese leader Christovão da Gama was captured and beheaded by the Turkish leader Imam Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi.

Source Wikipedia

Famous Quotes Said On August 28

Who said what today throughout history? Here are the most famous things people have said on this day.


“I have a dream.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.


“The more one thinks the more one feels the hopeless immensity of man’s ignorance.”

– Charles Darwin


“When we hear news, we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.”

– Voltaire

Famous People Born On August 28

If today is your birthday, you have this in common with Jack Black. Find out more about what famous people were born on this day.

53 years old
Born In:
California, USA
57 years old
Born In:
Ontario, Canada
36 years old
Born In:
England, UK
61 years old
Born In:
Massachusetts, USA

Special Holidays On August 28

Are you looking for something to do today? Then why not find time today to celebrate the following special holidays.

National Bow Tie Day

It’s time to mix things up a little and take a walk on the classier side of life. Forgo your tie today and opt instead for the ever-elegant bow tie. Don’t worry if you’re not usually a tie wearer, for true participants of Bow Tie Day will wear a bow tie with any sort of top, even with a tank top!

Crackers Over the Keyboard Day

Today we celebrate a highly controversial holiday hated by IT workers worldwide. What you do is get yourself a bowl of your favorite crackers or snacks and take them to your computer. All that’s left is to munch away at them, at your desk, over your keyboard, and embrace the chaos!

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Fun Fact Of The Day

A study at Florida State University discovered that playing Portal 2 is better for your brain than brain-training games like Lumosity.

August 28 Birthday Facts, Zodiac & Birthstone

For those of you who were born on August 28, your star sign is Virgo.

Virgos are kind, gentle, supportive, and always like to help people. They use their intellect and resourcefulness to solve complex problems.

People born during August have the Peridot birthstone. The light green peridot gemstone is believed to bring strength, fame, and prosperity. Egyptians called it the “gem of the Sun” and thought that the periodt held unique healing powers.

For people born on Aug 28, your estimated date of conception falls on December 5 in the previous year.

The due date for a baby conceived on this day is around May 21st, 2024.

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Holidays Calendar for August 28, 2022

The Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate the feast of Dormition of the Mother of God on August 28. This feast celebrates the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary into the heaven.

If you’re a comic book fan, International Read Comics in Public Day is the perfect day to let the world know about your hobby! On August 28, pick up your favorite comic book or a new one and read it proudly for everyone to see.

Miner’s Day is the professional holiday of miners celebrated in some former Soviet republics on the last Sunday in August. It was established in 1947 to commemorate the record of Alexey Stakhanov, who mined 102 tones of coal in a single shift (14 times per quota).


Lake Sevan Day is an important ecological observance in Armenia. It has been held on the last Sunday in August since 1999. The observance was established by the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia.


Kingdom Proclamation Day is observed in Montenegro on August 28. This holiday doesn’t have an official status, since it was abolished, but it’s still observed on national level.

Ayyankali Jayanti is an official holiday in the Indian state of Kerala, celebrated annually on August 28. It is the birthday of Mahatma Ayyaankali, a famous social reformer who fought for the rights of untouchables in the princely state of Travancore.

Grandparents, as well as mothers and fathers, deserve a special honoring holiday. There is such a day in Taiwan and it’s called Grandparents Day. It’s annually observed on the last Sunday in August.


Neckties are great, but bow ties are even better! People who adore bow ties annually celebrate National Bow Tie Day on August 28. Today all bow tie lovers, men and women alike, should pay tribute to this popular accessory that has made its way into both men’s and women’s wear.

The National Cherry Turnover Day is celebrated on August 28. This is a perfect occasion to indulge yourself with delicious pastry which can be either bought at your favorite bakery or homemade.

August 28 is the perfect day to enjoy a glass or two of red wine after work (or even share a bottle with a friend if the day falls during a weekend) because it is National Red Wine Day. Celebrate the holiday by indulging in your favorite red wine or discovering new red wines.

Go Topless Day is a special event, encouraging all women around the world to go topless, thus support their rights on gender-equality grounds. It’s annually organized on the nearest Sunday to August 26.


Grandparents’ Day (Día del Abuelo) in Mexico is celebrated on August 28. This annual observance was inspired by a similar holiday celebrated in the United States on the Sunday after Labor Day (the first Monday of September).

Emirati Women’s Day is celebrated annually on August 28. It was founded to honor the accomplishments of the women of the United Arab Emirates as well as their devotion, dreams, hopes and ambitions for the future.


Festivals on August 28, 2022

  • MTV Video Music Awards in Newark, USA
  • Bloemencorso Blankenberge in Blankenberge, Belgium
  • Bad Ems Flower Parade in Bad Ems, Germany
  • Burning Man in Black Rock City, USA
  • Apollonia Festival of Arts in Sozopol, Bulgaria
  • Boston’s Trinidad Style Carnival in Boston, USA
  • New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, USA
  • Notting Hill Carnival in London, United Kingdom
  • Oz Comic-Con in Canberra, Australia
  • SiliCon (ex. Silicon Valley Comic Con) in San Jose (CA), USA
  • Rapa das Bestas of Sabucedo in Sabucedo, Spain
  • East European Comic Con in Bucharest, Romania
  • Reading and Leeds Festivals in Reading, United Kingdom
  • Big Feastival in Kingham, United Kingdom
  • Northwest Art and Air Festival in Albany (OR), USA

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This Day in History

  • 2020 Died: Chadwick Boseman, American actor, best known for playing the superhero Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, as well as for portraying several historical figures, such as Jackie Robinson in 42, James Brown in Get on Up, and Thurgood Marshall in Marshall.
  • 2008 Died: Phil Hill, American racer, the only American-born driver to win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship.
  • 2007 Died: Antonio Puerta, Spanish footballer, who played solely for Sevilla FC. He won two UEFA Cups, a UEFA Super Cap, a Copa del Rey and a Supercopa de España.
  • 2006 Died: Melvin Schwartz, American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics laureate for the development of the neutrino beam method and the demonstration of the doublet structure of the leptons through the discovery of the muon neutrino.
  • 1996 Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princes of Wales divorced after 15 years in marriage. The marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales fell apart due to the infidelity of both of the spouses.
  • 1990 The government of Iraq declared Kuwait to be its new province. Kuwait was invaded by Iraq, and the occupation came to an end in 1991 after a military intervention by the United States-led forces.
  • 1988 Three aircraft of the Frecce Tricolori demonstration team collided during the airshow at the US Ramstein Air Base, near the city of Kaiserslautern, West Germany. The wreckage fell into the crowd of about 300,000 viewers, 75 were killed (including 3 pilots) and 346 seriously injured.
  • 1987 Died: John Huston, American film director, screenwriter and actor. He wrote the screenplays for most of films, that he directed. His most popular films are The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Key Largo, The Asphalt Jungle, The African Queen, Moulin Rouge, and The Man Who Would Be King.
  • 1985 Died: Ruth Gordon, American actress, screenwriter and playwright. Gordon began her career at the age of 19, but she gained international visibility only in the 1970s and the 1980s after performances in films Rosemary’s Baby, Harold and Maude and the Clint Eastwood films Every Which Way but Loose and Any Which Way You Can.
  • 1984 Died: Muhammad Naguib, Egyptian general and politician, the first President of Egypt. He served from 1953 (after proclamation of the Republic of Egypt) till 1954. He was removed from office and was arrested for 18 years and released in 1972.
  • 1982 Born: LeAnn Rimes, American singer of country music, known for rich vocals. She won many awards, including two Grammys, three Academy of Country Music Awards, a Country Music Association Award and an American Music award.
  • 1978 Died: Robert Shaw, British actor and novelist, best remembered by the audience for performances in films From Russia with Love, A Man for All Seasons, The Sting, the original The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Black Sunday and Jaws.
  • 1969 Born: Jason Priestley, Canadian-born American actor and director. He rose to prominence with the role as Brandon Walsh on the TV series Beverly Hills, 90210. His another great role was as Richard Fitzpatrick in the show Call Me Fitz.
  • 1969 Born: Jack Black, American actor, singer and producer. He is primarily known for roles in films High Fidelity, Shallow Hal, School of Rock, King Kong, Nacho Libre, Tropic Thunder, The Holiday, Bernie and the Kung Fu Panda (voice) films.
  • 1965 Born: Satoshi Tajiri, Japanese game designer, best known for creation of Pokémon series and its role-playing video games. He also founded Game Freak, Inc, the Japanese video game developer that currently creates games for Nintendo.
  • 1965 Born: Shania Twain, Canadian singer and songwriter, one of the the world’s best-selling artists of all time. She received five Grammy Awards, 27 BMI Songwriter awards, and stars on Canada’s Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • 1963 The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous speech I Have a Dream during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. In this speech he called for an end to racism in the USA.
  • 1963 The longest floating bridge in the world, the Evergreen Point Bridge, opened in the USA. It joins the districts of Seattle and Medina across Lake Washington in Washington.
  • 1925 Born: Donald O’Connor, American dancer, singer and actor, best remembered by the audience for role as Gene Kelly’s friend and colleague Cosmo Brown in Singin’ in the Rain.
  • 1924 The Georgian opposition staged the August Uprising against the Soviet Union aimed at restoring the independence of Georgia. The uprising was unsuccessful.
  • 1919 Born: Godfrey Hounsfield, English engineer, whose name is immortalized in the Hounsfield scale, a quantitative measure of radiodensity used in evaluating computed tomography scans. In 1979 he shared Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for a part in developing the diagnostic technique of X-ray computed tomography.
  • 1913 Queen Wilhelmina opened the Peace Palace in The Hague. Nowadays the Palace houses the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial body of the UN.
  • 1910 Born: Tjalling Koopmans, Dutch-born American mathematician and economist, known for his works in the economics. In 1975 he was jointly awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for contributions to the field of resource allocation.
  • 1903 Died: Frederick Law Olmsted, American landscape architect and journalist, known to be the father of American landscape architecture. Olmsted is known for designing many urban parks, including Central Park in New York City.
  • 1898 American pharmacist Caleb Bradham invented the carbonated soft drink, that later would be called Pepsi-Cola.
  • 1878 Born: George Whipple, American physician, pathologist and educator, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate for discoveries concerning liver therapy in cases of anemia.
  • 1859 One of the largest geomagnetic storms on record, called Carrington event, caused disruption of electrical telegraph services, the aurora shined around the world. The geomagnetic storm of this magnitude occurring today would likely cause widespread problems for modern civilization.
  • 1818 Died: Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, American fur trader. He is a prominent person in the history of American city of Chicago. Sable is regarded as the first permanent resident of a settlement, that later was called Chicago.
  • 1789 British astronomer William Herschel discovered a new moon of Saturn: Enceladus, which is the sixth-largest moon of Saturn. Enceladus is about 310 mi (500 km) in diameter and it’s covered by clean ice.
  • 1749 Born: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and statesman, author of prose and verse dramas, memoirs, criticism and treatises. His best known masterpieces are The Sorrows of Young Werther and Faust.
  • 1645 Died: Hugo Grotius, playwright, philosopher, and jurist, known as the co-founder of the international law, based on natural law. He was the author of one of the most important intentional legal doctrines regarding the seas and oceans – Mare Liberum. This document became the essence and backbone of the modern law of the sea.

90,000 what holidays and memorable dates are celebrated in Russia, the world and the Kuban on this day. 08/28/2022 Krasnodar TV channel

Miner’s Day

People of one of the most dangerous and respected professions celebrate their professional holiday on the last Sunday of August. Their hard work keeps industry, energy and the economy of the state. Miner’s Day has been celebrated since Soviet times in Russia and other countries of the former USSR.

The holiday was established in the Soviet Union at 1947 in honor of the feat of the miner Alexei Stakhanov. On August 13, 1935, he mined 102 tons of coal in one shift, at a rate of seven tons. Labor achievement became an example and gave rise to the movement of “Stakhanovites”. The name of the heroic miner has become synonymous with hard work and productive work.

The coal mining industry is one of the key sectors of the Russian economy. It not only provides heat and energy to enterprises and the population of the country, but also works for export. Russian coal is of the highest quality; the energy supply of many countries of the world depends on it.

In the main Russian coal-mining region, Kuzbass, Miner’s Day is an important holiday that is celebrated for several days. Also, on the last weekend of August, the memory of the dead miners is honored, reminding everyone what price people pay for warmth and well-being.

Dream Day

To dedicate a holiday to a dream occurred to several public figures after the historic speech of Martin Luther King on August 28, 1963. The famous speech of the fighter for freedom and equality went down in history under the title “I have a dream.” In it, he described his vision of the future, in which everyone has equal rights, regardless of nationality and skin color.

World Dream Day reminds us that all accomplishments begin with an inner desire. The dream acts as an incentive to change life, to improve, to help others. Without a dream, life would be devoid of purpose and guidance, boring and bleak.

A good example of bringing fantasy to life is the novels of science fiction writers. What creative people dreamed about is becoming a reality. For example, space flights, mobile video communication, artificial intelligence. It all started with someone’s dream.

The slogan of the unusual International Day: “Dreams come true!”. He calls not to give up on what he has planned, to strive and realize desires. The main thing is not to go into dreams at the expense of reality. Even the most unrealizable dream can come true if you put a lot of effort and work into it.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

One of the main holidays of the Orthodox Church, the Assumption of the Virgin, is celebrated according to the new style on August 28. This is the day of the death of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it is preceded by a strict Assumption fast. On the Assumption, solemn services are held in all Orthodox churches.

After the Ascension of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God remained in the care of the Apostle John the Theologian, and in his absence she lived in his parents’ house near the Mount of Olives. She was a consolation and edification for all the apostles and believers.

Mary told about the miraculous events of the Annunciation, the Immaculate Conception and the birth of Christ, his infancy and all earthly life. Like the apostles, she planted and established the Christian Church with her presence, word and prayers.

The most pure body of the Mother of God was buried in the family cemetery. Christians reverently honored the tomb of the Mother of God and built a temple on this site. It kept the shroud of the Virgin.

Also on this day:

– in 1850, the premiere of Richard Wagner’s opera “Lohengrin” took place;

– in 1920 the All-Russian statistical census of the population began;

– in 1941, a breakthrough from Tallinn to Kronstadt of the main forces of the Baltic Fleet and Soviet ground forces began;

– in 1974 the Council of Ministers of the USSR approved a new regulation on the passport system;

– In 2004, the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God was returned to Russia.

On this day in the Kuban:

– 135 years since the birth of Alexander Ivanovich Smirnov (1887–1976), Honored Scientist of the RSFSR, well-known physiologist, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, founder of the Kuban school of physiologists, participant in the Great Patriotic War. Lived and worked in Krasnodar. He was awarded the Order of the Red Star, medals “For military merit”, “For the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945”;

– 45 years since the birth of Alexei Vladimirovich Voloskov (1977), Hero of the Russian Federation. A native of the village of Krasnoarmeyskaya, now the village of Poltava.

Born on this day:

– Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749 – 1832), German poet, statesman, thinker and naturalist;

– Vladimir Shukhov (1853 – 1939), Soviet engineer, inventor, scientist, honorary academician;

– Arkady Strugatsky (1925 – 1991), Soviet science fiction writer, translator;

– Vladimir Ivashov (1939 – 1995), Soviet theater and film actor, People’s Artist of the RSFSR;

– Natalya Gundareva (1948 – 2005), Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

August 28 – First Pure


In Orthodoxy, the holiday is the twelfth, that is, one of the most important. Its full name is the Dormition of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary.

The next day – August 29 – the Orthodox celebrate the Third (Bread, or Nut) Savior in honor of the shrine, which is called the Savior Not Made by Hands. It completes the series of August holidays in honor of Jesus Christ: the First (Honey) Savior – August 14 and the Second (Apple) Savior (Transfiguration of the Lord) – August 19.

The Feast of the Assumption is dedicated to the end of the earthly life of the Mother of God – the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. In Orthodoxy, the holiday is the twelfth, that is, one of the most important.

According to the Gospel, the Dormition of the Theotokos was not unexpected. After the death and until the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God lived in Jerusalem for many years, often went to pray at Golgotha ​​to the Holy Sepulcher, where the archangel Gabriel once appeared to her, who said that she would soon meet in heaven with her son.

The Virgin Mary rejoiced at this news and before her death wished to see all the disciples of Jesus. The angels brought the apostles to Jerusalem from different lands, and they were able to say goodbye to the Mother of God. After that, the Virgin Mary died quietly, at the moment of her assumption, her bed was surrounded by radiance.

The word “assumption” is translated from Old Slavonic as “dream”. Light sleep and painless transition from temporary earthly life to eternal life.

The holiday among the people was called the First Pure. (Second Most Pure – Nativity of the Virgin, September 21; Third Most Pure – Entry of the Virgin into the Temple – December 4).

The peasants deliberately left one uncompressed sheaf on the field before the Assumption, which was called dozhinochny. On the holiday, the sheaf was solemnly cut and performed with it various rituals, which were supposed to ensure the safety of the current year’s harvest and protect it from hunger and crop failure next year.

The Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos falls on the first day of the end of the Dormition Fast. Starting from August 28, it is allowed to play weddings and hold a wedding ceremony.

Folk traditions and signs:

On this holiday, you should not wear uncomfortable shoes: failures will haunt you all year.

You can not walk barefoot on this day – this will lead to protracted ailments.

· According to a long tradition, on a holiday they cook mead, pick mushrooms, berries, nuts, and begin to make preparations for the winter.

· The day is warm – Indian summer will be cool.

See frost – cold autumn will come quickly.

Rainbow in the sky – autumn is warm.

Fog – a rich harvest of mushrooms.

Dormition – the last day of the departure of the swallows, and the frogs from this moment stop croaking.

August 29 is considered the day of the celebration of the Nut Savior.