Places to go on a saturday night: 45 Best Things to Do on Saturday Night

45 Best Things to Do on Saturday Night

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Get inspired with our things to do on a Saturday night to spend the week’s most eagerly anticipated night doing things you love with the people you care about.

Tired of staring into space on your Saturday nights or struggling to think of fun things to do? We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful, a relaxing night in, or if you want to go big with friends, our list has something for everyone.


Fun Things to do on a Saturday Night

1. Comedy Night

Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

Check out if your local bar is hosting a comedy night, or head to a comedy club in your local town or city.

Not only will you get to have a laugh, but you’ll also be supporting up-and-coming talent in your local community.

2. Pub Quiz

Gather up a team and head down to your local bar or pub for a battle of general knowledge, with a few laughs and drinks thrown in for good measure.

Pub quiz nights are a great way to bond with friends, brush up on general knowledge, and get to know others in your community.

3. Ice Skating

Sergey Zaykov/Shutterstock

Are you Bambi on ice or the next Kristi Yamaguchi? It’s time to find out!

Ice skating is an excellent way to incorporate both fun and fitness into your Saturday night.

There’s nothing more freeing than gliding or falling, along the ice, either with your partner, close friends, or on your own.

Things to do on Saturday Night on a Budget (Cheap or Free Activities)

4. Movie Night

It’s never been easier to recreate the cozy feel of the cinema at home. Who doesn’t love a night lounging on the sofa with the company of good films?

Grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and snuggle out on the couch with blankets, either on your own or in good company.

5. Board Game Night

Feeling competitive? Boardgame nights are so much fun to do with friends, and very inexpensive.

Gather some food and drink, and get each friend to bring their most beloved board game. Whether it’s Monopoly or Articulate, game nights provide hours of entertainment, with a healthy dose of competition.

6. Visit Your Local Free Art Gallery


You might not know, but many art galleries open late, often with drinks or music to help promote young talent in the area.

Look at art galleries close to you, and see what’s going on.

Things to do on Saturday Night Outdoors

7. Stargazing

Elena Graham/Shutterstock

Set out some blankets and lanterns in your back garden and gaze into the sky. You never know, you might come across a shooting star!

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, drive to a nearby camping spot or hillside, and bring a blanket and plenty of snacks and drinks with you.


Go Camping

Camping doesn’t have to be for a weekend or several days – you can camp for one night, and make it a whirlwind thing to do with family and friends.

Head to a nearby camping ground, and spend the evening reminiscing, playing games, and looking up at the night sky.

9. Go and Watch the Sunset


Watching the different color pallets drift by as the sun sets is truly one of the most enticing and relaxing things to do.

Either go by yourself or ask your friends or partner to come along with you.

10. Go on an Evening Hike

Evening hikes can be so refreshing, especially in the summer. If you are new to hiking, it’s good to stick to a route that you know well.

Catching that sunset at the top of a hillside is truly a sight to behold. Be sure to pack torches and plenty of food and drinks, and be sure you have enough time to return to your car or checkpoint before it gets too dark.

Things to do on Saturday Night at Home


Order in Takeout

Craving your favorite local restaurant meal but just want to spend a night in? Ordering in is just as good as going out, and sometimes it’s even better.

Have a look at apps such as Deliveroo to see who’s delivering in your local area.

12. Cook a New Recipe

If you want to get creative and save a little money from not ordering take-out, scout out a new recipe in a cookbook or online.

Take a trip to the local supermarket, and spend your Saturday evening creating an exciting new recipe you, your partner, and/or your friends can enjoy.

13. Start a New Series

If you fancy a night lounging on the sofa, it’s a good time to start a new series.

Scour the likes of Netflix for binge-worthy shows that’ll get you hooked in an instant. 

14. Just Relax

Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do is absolutely nothing at all. Sit back, relax, and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

There is nothing wrong with a night of unproductivity, as we all need to unwind at some point.

Things to do on Saturday Night by Yourself

15. Get Mindful with Meditation

When you’ve got a little time to yourself, it’s always great to slip in some time for relaxation and reflection.

Whether you use online tutorials, or guide yourself with apps like Headspace, getting yourself into a positive, healthy state of mind is easier to do when there’s no one else around.

16. Pick up a New Hobby

Feeling creative, or what to put your free time to good use? If so, there could be a new hobby out there just waiting for you to fall in love with it.

Have a look at our ultimate list of hobbies, packed with over 100 ideas, and see if you can get inspired to try something new.

17. Pick up a New Book

ASTA Concept/Shutterstock

Lose yourself in magical worlds and intriguing plots with a good book.

A Kindle Paperwhite (from Amazon) gives you access to thousands of titles on one device and is great to have on hand in case you fancy reading in the moment.

18. Treat Yourself

Whether it’s online shopping, running a bath, or enjoying a sweet dessert, you should always make time to treat yourself. You’ll feel so much better for it.

19. Create a Bucket List

If you could do anything right now, what would you do? Make a list of all the missed opportunities and things you’d like to make happen over the next year.

Our bucket list printables will help you do this. Simply download them, print them off, and get planning a dream-filled future.

Things to do on Saturday Night with Friends

20. Karaoke Night

Get yourself an electronic mic, invite your best friends over, and embrace an evening of classic tunes and lots of laughs.

Use YouTube to search for track requests with lyrics, and be sure to stock up on plenty of food and drink to fuel you into the night.

21. Girls or Boys Night in

Grab some drinks, games, and movies, and keep things simple. Sometimes, good company is all you need for a great Saturday night.

Read more: Girls Night In and Night Out Ideas

22. Get Dressed up and Go out-out

Dress to the nines and head down to your favorite club for a night to remember. Sometimes, it’s good to let your hair down and dance like no one is watching!

23. Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms are a true test of trust, intuition, and skill. Can you figure out how to escape a room before the time runs out?

This is a fun thing to do on a Saturday night with friends. Afterward, as you’ll be in the city, you could always go for food or drinks.

24. Watch a Movie at the Cinema

Many cinemas will have showings as late as midnight, so there’s always a choice when it comes to movies.

Either pick a long-awaited release and schedule a weekend to see it with friends, or just show up and take a chance on a movie that’s showing that evening.

25. Look for After-Dark Events

Places such as museums, art centers, and even shopping malls often host after-hours events with drinks and exhibitions that are different from their day-to-day schedule.

Have a look online to see if you can find anything going on near you, and potentially uncover a new and exciting event you can all enjoy.

26. Host a Dinner Party

Nikita Khrebtov/Shutterstock

Aiming for a night of sophistication? Dinner parties are a chance to get dressed up, enjoy good food, and save money on not having to book a taxi home.

27. Go to a Gig

Even if you haven’t planned anything in advance, most towns have small music venues that independent artists play at on a Saturday night.

What’s better than a drink and enjoying some good music? You’re also supporting up-and-coming artists too.

Things to do on a Saturday Night as a Couple
28. Go for a Sunset Picnic

Saida Nabi/Shutterstock

This is an idea that oozes romance. Fill up a picnic basket with wine and nibbles, and head down to your local park for an evening dining by the sunset.

Read more: Picnic Essentials for the Ultimate Picnic

29. Try out a Couples Dance Class

Fancy getting just that little bit closer? Couples’ dance classes are a great bonding experience, very romantic, and will both help you stay fit and active too.

30. Homemade Pasta and Wine Night

Let’s face it, Italian food is one of the most romantic. Pasta is actually pretty easy to make by hand, and when paired with red wine, it’s a real show-stopper.

Spend an evening making pasta together, and enjoy your pasta dishes with a bottle of delicious wine, great conversation, dessert, and a movie to finish.

31. Book a Night Away in the City

Who said you have to jet off to a different country to enjoy a romantic getaway?

Book a night in a fancy hotel in a nearby city, and enjoy an evening of sightseeing, spa treatments, and dinner and drinks.

Read more: Best Board Games for Couples

Things to do on a Saturday Night with Your Parents or Adult Kids
32. Cook for Your Parents

Let’s reverse the roles. Our parents spent our whole lives tending to our every need. Why not return the favor and cook them one of your specialty dishes?

You never know, they might be the ones asking you for your secret recipe!


Visit Your Local Theatre

Going to the theatre is a great way to spend the evening. The whole family can chip in and choose something that you’ll all enjoy, whether it’s a small play or a big production.

34. Visit a Distillery

If everyone in the family is old enough, this is a unique and fun experience for all. You’ll get to take a tour of the distillery and learn how the drinks are made.

Naturally, you’ll be able to sample delicious gins, whiskies, or liquors, depending on where you go.

Some distilleries even let you brew your own unique beverage.

35. Go to a Sports Game

Everyone has their favorite team, right? Even if you’re not a massive fan of sports, the atmosphere of a game is still pretty epic, and definitely worth experiencing

Be it baseball, ice hockey, football, or basketball, among many other sports, an evening watching a game in person is very much one to remember.

36. Enjoy a Meal out Together

As soon as your kids are older, they finally appreciate the finer things in life. Book a table at your favorite restaurant.

It’s a great way to catch up, have some quality time with all the family, and enjoy good food at the same time.

Things to do on a Saturday Night with Kids

37. Go Bowling

There’s a bowling alley in pretty much every city, and it’s fun for all ages.

For the younger children, lane bumpers can be put up to prevent them from getting discouraged with too many gutter balls!

If you’re a particularly competitive family, you’re sure to really immerse in the friendly competitive spirit of bowling.

38. Build a Blanket Fort

Let’s be real, don’t you wish it was acceptable for adults to continue building blanket forts at the weekend? With your kids, it definitely is!

Grab some spare sheets and fairy lights, and see about making an awesome fort in the front room.

Blanket forts make the perfect environment for a cozy movie night on your laptop screen with your children.

39. Bake Something

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Baking is a great way to get the whole family to do something together and be handsomely rewarded for all your hard work at the end of it.

Brownies and cookies are always a good shout, and even better when paired with a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

40. Visit Your Local Arcade

Arcades are super nostalgic, both adults and kids love them, and they’re a great way to use up all of those loose coins in your wallet.

Enjoy playing video games, air hockey, and maybe even be the one to finally win the cuddly teddy bear in the claw grab machine.

41. Start a Puzzle

Puzzles are a true hidden gem when it comes to activities. They’re a great way to practice problem-solving, and ideal for bonding with your kids.

Get yourself a challenging puzzle of a beautiful landscape or landmark, then frame it and hang it from the wall once you complete it.

42. Have a No-Rules Night

Give your kids the ultimate Saturday night, and tell them they are no rules until Sunday morning. They can play whatever games they like, and decide what’s for dinner.

43. Create a Time Capsule

Time capsules are a great way of remembering your most beloved toys, photos, and memories in years to come.

Get each member of the family to put in items, along with a note of their age, what they’re currently doing in life, and what their future ambitions are – it’s also a nice touch to add in a family photo!

Read more: Best Time Capsule Ideas

44. Play Dress-Up

Let your kids’ imaginations go wild, and dress up as some of their favorite ideas or characters.

Order in the costumes, or DIY them, and have an evening of fun, games, and competitions, all dressed up in amazing costumes.

45. Have an Arts and Crafts Night

When in doubt, craft it out! Kids can paint, draw, and design for hours on end.

Be it drawing, finger painting, clay modeling, or decorations, there’s so much fun to be had with your kids if you host an arts and crafts night.

We truly hope our list of things to do has sparked plenty of different ideas of what to get up to on a Saturday night.

From creative challenges to adventures in the city, there are so many fun and memorable ways to spend a Saturday night. Have fun, and remember the beauty of Saturday nights: they come around every week!

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Never feel bored come Saturday again by keeping these fun ideas for safekeeping, pinned to one of your Pinterest boards.

41 Things to Do in NYC at Night: Indoor & Outside Activities

This article has links to products and services we love, which we may make commission from.

Planning your itinerary for your upcoming trip to New York and struggling to find things to do in NYC at night?

In the city that never sleeps, it’s not that you lack options; it’s that there are too many to choose from!

Maybe you’re a foodie looking for late-night eats or an art lover who can’t get enough of the museums NYC has to offer?

Even if all you want to do is see every square inch of the city and don’t want to let a single second go to waste, you can do that too!

This guide has everything from Broadway shows to walking the Brooklyn Bridge to give you dozens of options of things to do in NYC at night.  

You may also like our guide to unique things to do in NYC and our date nights guide.

Amazing Things to do in NYC at Night

See a Show

If you’re spending an evening in New York, you’ve got to see at least a little bit of the live entertainment that the city has to offer. 

There are so many choices from theatre to comedy, indoors and outdoors – it would be impossible not to find something that would suit your entire group.

We’ve detailed the best Christmas shows in our New York in December guide.

1. Be a Broadway Baby

There aren’t many things to do in Times Square at night – or during the day for that matter – however, you can catch a nightly Broadway show, usually at either 7 or 8 at night.

With dozens of options of shows to choose from, you’ll never run out of something to see.

You can see performances from every genre, whether big blockbuster musicals, comedic plays, family-friendly shows, or something avant-garde. 

You can currently buy tickets for the MJ (Michael Jackson), The Lion King, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

If you’re on a bit of a budget, you check out an Off-Broadway production or get same-day discounted tickets from TKTS.

If you have no idea what to see, try your luck with Broadway Roulette, you add the day you want to see a show and a few preferences, and they select a show for you at a price that fits your budget. 

Broadway shows also feature in our guide, things to do in the rain in NYC.

2. Enjoy Shakespeare in the Park Al Fresco

Every summer, the Public Theatre puts on a free outdoor production of a Shakespeare play in Central Park’s Delacorte Theatre – what an amazing way to spend a night in New York!

For 45 years, millions of people have watched these productions amidst the dreamy settings of Central Park, often with some of their favorite celebrities in the cast like Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, and James Earl Jones.

Previous shows include The Merry Wives of Windsor.

The Delacorte Theater is in the middle of Central Park, the easiest way to access it is from the 81 Central Park West entrance.  

3. Get Dinner and a Show at Feinstein’s/54 below

If you’re a little more into the cabaret scene, you have to go to Feinstein’s/54 Below, located at 254 W 54th St.

This supper club is a different take on the Broadway scene.

With a regular schedule of three shows a night, they have productions featuring revered Broadway actors, undiscovered talent, and even shows focusing on pop, jazz, 80’s or other non-non-broadway music. 

And with a total occupancy of under 150 people, you’ll get a cozy view of the stage no matter where you sit.

 4. Watch a Drag sho


Whether you are the world’s biggest fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race or you’ve never even heard of it before, if you’re looking for fun things to do in NYC at night, you need to head to 227 E 56th Street and spend your evening at Lips NYC.

This spot is famous for birthdays, bachelorette parties, and even brunches; it is part restaurant, part drag show, and a fully good time.

With nighttime shows like “Glitz & Glam,” “The Divas Show,” “Twisted Broadway,” “Fabulous, Fierce, and Flawless,” and “The Dirty Show,” you know that you’re in for a great time. 

If you want to find out more about drag in NYC, or maybe you are traveling solo and would like some company while checking out the Queens, join this 2 hour 30 minute tour of Hells Kitchen’s drag scene for drinks and slayng!

A drag brunch also features in our NYC bucket list! How many things have you done?

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A post shared by Lips Restaurant (@lipsnyc)

5. Laugh Out Loud at a Comedy Show 

There are more late-night NYC activities than just clubbing or bar-hopping; seeing a comedy show is an excellent option if you’re looking for something to do after hours. 

Comedy clubs will often have shows that start anywhere from 6 pm to midnight, so you can keep your dinner reservations and still have a good laugh at the end of the day.  

There are so many places that you can go to see a comedy show in New York; whether you’re uptown or downtown, you’ll be sure to pass by a few like the well known New York Comedy Club, which you can find at 241 East 24th Street or 85 East 4th Street.

6. Score Tickets to Late Show Tapings

If you’re in the mood to laugh, try your luck to get tickets to a late-night show taping! There are a handful of late-night shows filmed in New York, and all of them have options to get tickets to attend a taping.

The most well-known is Saturday Night Live, which films at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, you’ll either attend the live taping at 11:30 pm or the dress rehearsal at 8 pm.

If that’s slightly too late for you, try a show like The Later Show with Stephen Colbert, which tapes between 5:30 – 7:00 pm at the Ed Sullivan Theater located at 1697 Broadway. 

8. Tell Your Story at The Moth 

If you want to try something a little out of the ordinary when looking for things to do at night in NYC, you can get tickets to The Moth.

The Moth was created in 1997 and is all about story-telling, with events usually focusing on a specific theme.

Sometimes, storytellers are well-known cultural figures but are usually just regular people with a story to tell (but if you’re not ready to stand up in front of a crowd and spill your guts, you can absolutely sit and listen on the sidelines).

9. Check out the Observation Decks in NYC

You always feel a little extra tingle of magic in NYC at night, especially when you can see it all lit up! To get some fantastic views head to an observation deck to get an aerial perspective. 

The most popular options are the Empire State Building on 20 w 34th street, Top of the Rock at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, and One World Trade Center at 285 Fulton St.

The Empire State Building and Top of the Rock are both in Midtown, so you can see the top and lower half of Manhattan easily; one World Trade Center, however, is at the bottom of Manhattan, so you get the view of the entire city if you face the north side.

You can get tickets to the Empire State Building here, Top of the Rock here, and to One World Trade Center here.

We wrote a whole guide about NYC observation decks here so that you can learn the ins and outs.

10. Take a Tour of New York at Night

The best way to see NYC at night is by taking a tour; I’ve always preferred to traverse the city on foot, but there are SO many options to try, with each one having something that makes it unique.

You don’t have to do it alone, join this four hour tour led by a local, or hop about the night bus tour and save your feet!

If you’re interested in exploring the city’s outdoors, you can check out our outdoors activities in NYC guide.

11. Head on a New York Walking Tour

A walking tour is an excellent option if you want to get up close and personal with what you’re seeing.

Depending on your accessibility, it may be difficult to walk long distances or over cobblestones. 

This tour shows some of the best well-known sights like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Ellis Island.

12. Relax on a New York Bus Tour

If you’ve spent the whole day walking and need to take a little break, try a bus tour at night; it’s a great way to get around and save on the walking if you’re nearly ready to drop!

On this tour, you can sit back and relax on in between stops at Grand Central, Brooklyn Bridge, and more while your guide tells you every little detail you could ever want to know.

13. Fly on a Helicopter Tour over Top NYC Attractions

If you want to see the city from a new perspective, try a helicopter tour to see the city the way the pigeons do.

This helicopter tour lasts a half-hour and leaves from Linden, New Jersey but takes you over the entire city, from the Financial District to Times Square up to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and across the George Washington Bridge back to New Jersey.

14. Sail on a Cruise Tour

Need a vacation from your vacation? Kick back on a two-hour twilight cruise to see the city twinkle from the waters.

On this tour you can sip a cocktail as your tour guide tells you all the best-kept secrets while you cruise under the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges and sail around lower Manhattan’s shores.

Or, if you are on a budget, do the Staten Island Ferry! 

15. Spend a Night at the Museum 

Maybe not the entire night, but you can at least spend an evening! 

Museums are often some of the most overlooked places to go in NYC at night because usually, they have daytime only hours; however, many museums have special late-night offerings, so double check before you go. 

Here are three museums that will give you something to marvel at once the sun has gone down a few nights a week.

16. Ride the Roosevelt Tram at Sunset

Hop on the aerial Roosevelt Tram at 59th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan and get off at Tramway Plaza on Roosevelt Island at dusk for a bird’s eye view.

Running daily every 7-15 minutes from 6 am until 2 am on Sunday-Thursday, and until 3:30 am on the weekend, you can access it almost any time you want.  

Check out our guide to unique things to do in NYC for more lesser-known tips!

17. Explore Brooklyn Museum

Kick-off your weekend here; the Brooklyn Museum is open until 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Located at 200 Eastern Parkway, this 560,000 square foot museum is the third-largest in NYC.

It has art collections from the Americas, African, Islamic, Pacific Islands, America, Asia, Europe, Egypt, and even a Feminist Art center! 

This museum frequently holds events that help draw in a diverse crowd, such as Outdoor Yoga on the Stoop, Pop-Up Performances, Art Classes, and more. 

18. Visit The International Center of Photography

Head to 79 Essex Street, where you’ll find the International Center of Photography. 

They’re open every day except Tuesday until 7 pm and stay open until 9 pm on Thursdays.

This Lower East Side museum is the world’s leading institution dedicated to photography and visual culture.

They’ve got exhibitions that show all types of photography from the earliest days to the most modern digital inceptions, as well as a library that holds over 20,000 books, artist files, and periodicals.

They also hold events such as film screenings, book launches, lecture series, and more.

19. See The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, commonly known as “The Met,” holds late-night hours on Fridays and Saturdays until 9 pm.

The Met is known for many things, including the exclusive Met Gala every spring, its iconic steps, and its collection of over 5,000 years of art from around the world.

Located at 1000 Fifth Avenue, this is the largest museum in the United States and even has a smaller location at The Cloisters at 99 Margaret Corbin Drive in Fort Tryon Park.

You can get a ticket to skip the line at the Met here. 

20. Walk over a Bridge or a Historic Railroad

New York City has dozens of bridges connecting the five boroughs, but a few are well known worldwide.

Many of the bridges have walkable footpaths, and what a great way to see New York for people of all ages, especially if you’re looking for things to do in NYC at night for people under 18.

Did you know that NYC has turned a disused railroad into a linear park?

The High Line is a celebrated green space with public art dotted around it.

The 1.45-mile-long elevated park on the West Side of Manhattan.

It takes 30 minutes to walk and starts at Gansevoort Street, three blocks below 14th Street and ends at Chelsea.

I wouldn’t recommend this in the winter, but if you’re visiting in the summer and don’t know what to do at night in NYC, take a stroll and see the city in a whole new light. 

21. Head to Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Bridge 

This bridge, which was fully constructed in 1883, connects Manhattan to Brooklyn and is perhaps the most well-known of all NYC bridges.

On the Manhattan side, the pedestrian entrance to the bridge is right across the street from City Hall Park, and from the Brooklyn side, you can enter along Centre Street or Tillary Street and Boerum Place. 

Cars can drive across on the lower level, and pedestrians and cyclists can travel over the top deck while crossing over the East River and taking in Lower Manhattan and North Brooklyn.  

The bridge is just over 1 mile long, and wheelchair users can access Brooklyn Bridge from both the Manhattan and Brooklyn ends.

22. Go Across the Williamsburg Bridge 

The Williamsburg Bridge is perhaps not as well known but still a great bridge to cross during a warm summer night in New York if you want to travel from the Lower East Side of Manhattan into Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or vice versa.

You can access it from the footpath on Delancey Street on the Manhattan side or Berry St between South 5th and South 6th Streets on the Brooklyn side. 

This wheelchair-accessible bridge also stretches over the East River and has cars on the bottom level while pedestrians and cyclists cross on the top level.

Alternatively, see the bridges from Domino Park in Brooklyn.

23. See the Skyline from the George Washington Bridge


 This bridge connects from Upper Manhattan to New Jersey and is one of the main ways people enter New York City; it is also the world’s busiest motor vehicle bridge for this reason!

You can access this wheelchair accessible bridge in Washington Heights at one of the several entrances: West 177th or 179th Street and Cabrini Boulevard or from Fort Washington Avenue to West 177th Street for cyclists.  

Because the GWB sits at the top of the city, you can get an amazing view of the rest of Manhattan, which is particularly spectacular to view at night.

24. Get a Little Spooky

Maybe you’re visiting around Halloween, or perhaps you like to get a little spooky year-round – either way, this city has lots of options no matter when you visit.

If you’re looking for places to go in NYC at night that have a little scare factor, try one of these tours below.

Coming in the fall? You’ll love the stoops decor!

Here’s our guide that is full of lots of spooky activities and more.

25. Take a Ghost Tour in New York

Take a ghost tour to give yourself a real fright!

This tour takes place downtown in Greenwich Village, where you’ll see the Hanging Tree, the Murder House, and learn about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire at the Brown Building, amongst other creepy sites. 

Your guide will give you the ins and outs of the goriest details as well as behind-the-scenes insider info you won’t learn anywhere else.

26. Check out the Catacombs of New York

You don’t think of New York City when you think about catacombs, do you?

Well, in this Little Italy-based tour, you can go behind the scenes and see the catacombs at Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral… by candlelight.

You’ll visit a location where the general public isn’t allowed and see the two walled cemeteries where prominent Catholic New Yorkers have been laid to rest. 

This night tour is not recommended for children, wheelchairs users, pregnant people, or anyone over 80 years old.

27. Escape from an Escape Room 

NYC has many escape room options, but at Escape Room Madnessyou can choose a room with a theme like The Perfect Crime, Quarantine, Nuclear Annihilation, Prey, Masquerade, and Exodus.

If the weather is inclement or you need a break from the outdoors but still want to find some fun things to do at night in NYC, an escape room is a great option.

Head to 38 West 32nd Street to get locked in (and hopefully get out!)


Adult Adventure Indoor Park

Area 53 is a lively nighttime idea in NYC offering arcade games, laster tag, climbing walls, roller rinks, and paintballing.

This is a family-friendly suggestion, based in DUMBO (53 Bridge St) and Williamsburg (616 Scholes St).

Area 53 also accepts large group bookings for parties, and bachs!

29. NYC Rooftop Bar Crawl

You can’t talk about NYC nightlife and not mention a rooftop bar crawl. 

With over 25,000 nightlife establishments, it’s hard to narrow down which ones to go to, so instead, take a little bar crawl to see as many as you can.

The Lower East Side has a riveting nightlife and so many unique spots close together, making it an ideal neighborhood to hop from bar to bar while taking in the views from the rooftop, making a great location for date night ideas in NYC.

If visiting for winter, don’t miss the Moxy Times Square’s rooftop, Magic Hour, decor!

Find out more in our guide to NYC at Christmas.

30. Get a Drink at Make Believe 

Make Believe is located on the 7th floor of 190 Allen Street on the rooftop of SIXTY LES hotel.

Open seven days a week; you can get imaginative cocktails while dancing the night away or sip on a beer as you take in the glittering city beneath you. 

This social club has DJs from all over the world and a Japanese-inspired menu; what’s not to love!?

You can also stay at the SIXTY LES hotel so all you need to do is stumble to your room at the end of the night!

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31. See the Views from The Roof

Atop the Public Hotel on 215 Chrystie Street is The Roof, a bar that gives off the appearance of floating in the sky.

32. Experience Midnight in Paris at L’Express 

L’Express is a French restaurant that doesn’t compromise quality no matter what time of day it is.  

Whether you’re on a date night that you don’t want to end or feeling fancy after a night out dancing on a rooftop, L’Express will keep your going with their classic French dishes such as Baked Camembert, Croque Madame, and Steak Tartare.

Head to 259 Park Ave South to see for yourself. 

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33. Keep it Classic at Remedy Diner

The classic late-night American option will always be a diner, and Remedy Diner on 245 East Houston will hit the spot every single time. 

Whether you want blueberry pancakes, a burger, or a slice of red velvet cake, you can get it all here. 

There’s even been a few celebrity sightings over the years, so keep your eyes peeled when you go; you might just get a little surprise!

34. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at The Donut Pub 

If you can’t shake your sweet tooth, The Donut Pub is a must for you; it’s been giving New Yorkers a sugar rush for nearly 60 years.  

With two locations, one at 203 w 14th and one on 740 Broadway, you won’t be able to stay away from their delicious creations. 

And in case someone in your group doesn’t like donuts (although I doubt this is possible), you can get other items like coffee and pastries, as well as breakfast and lunch items like bagels and sandwiches.

Plus, if you realize you can’t live without them once you return home, they also offer nationwide shipping. 

35. Hide Among Books at The Strand

If drinking isn’t your scene and you’ve confused all the sugar your teeth can handle, get lost at the four floors of new and used books at the landmark Strand Bookstore on 828 Broadway at 12th Street.

With over two million books, events and knowledgeable staff members it’s easy to lose time in this historic East Village shop which is on the original Book Row and is open until 8pm.

The East Village is a very trendy neighborhood to stay in.

Check out The Bowery on Expedia, Hotels, and Booking for a splurge, or Off Soho on Expedia, Hotels, and Booking for a cheaper option.

36. Morgan Library and Museum

While The Morgan is a research library and museum located in Manhattan.

It has a series of incredible rooms such as Mr Morgan’s Library, Study, Morgan Stanley Estate Galleries, the Marble Hall and the Morgan Dining Room.

Artifacts featured in The Morgan include Beethoven’s music papers and drafts by Jane Austen.

There’s also a cafe!

The Morgan is open later on a Friday, closing at 7pm.

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37. Midnight Moment at Times Square

Head to Times Square at 11:57 pm for the unique Midnight Moment.

This is when the giant billboards take a break from their regular schedule to showcase digital artworks for three minutes before midnight.

Looking to explore Times Square? Check out our guide to things to do at Times Square.

38. NYC Food Markets

If you’re feeling hunger strike, head to one of the many food markets in NYC which stay open until late.

Chelsea Market and Gotham West Market are open until 10pm while UbranSpace Vanderbilt, is open until 8pm.

39. New York Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a unique dinner cruise while sailing around New York Harbor and Manhattan.

Dine on a buffet dinner and experience NYC landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building from the water.

The boating event also includes onboard entertainment such as DJ music and interactive games.

The dress code is business to dressy casual attire, so don’t be afraid to get glam.

Departure is from Pier 61.

Food allergies and dietary requirements can be catered for.

40. Sunset Schooner Cruise on the Hudson River

Set sail along the Hudson River during this 2-hour sunset cruise.

The tour takes place on a traditional 2-masted sailboat called the Schooner Adirondack and sails by the One World Trade Center, Battery Park, and the Statue of Liberty.

Tours depart from Pier 62.

41. New York City at Night Bus Tour

See the city that never sleeps as dark falls from the comfort of a tour bus during this 4-hour tour.

During the tour you will pass popular NYC landmarks such as Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Grand Central Terminal and also lesser-known areas like Little Island and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The tour is guided by a profressional tour guide who shares knowledge about Manhattan.

Choosing NYC Hotels

First timers visiting New York will most likely want to stay in Manhattan to be closer to tourist attractions.

The downside of staying in Manhattan is the price but it is always worth measuring up how much travel time can be saved when paying extra on accommodation, and also how much can be saved on transport.

Check out Pod Times Square for a competitively priced hotel in a superb location at Expedia, Hotels, and Booking.

Another option is to stay in the Financial District (FiDi) Lower Manhattan, as it is a little easier on the credit card!

While it is a little far from the likes of Central Park, it has great transport options, and it is close to Brooklyn.

Battery Park is less than 10 minutes walk away for Ellis Island tours.

Check out Hilton Garden Inn NYC Financial Center on Expedia, Hotels, and Booking.

Save for later!

Final Thoughts

There’s never a bad time to visit New York, there’s also something new and wonderful to see no matter what time of year (or what time of day you visit).

Finding things to do in NYC at night may feel difficult because you want to see and do it all, but we hope using this guide will help you narrow down your choices to the things that you’ll love the most – and whatever you don’t get to see on this trip will always be there for your next one.

Poster of Moscow – where to go in Moscow today. Today in Moscow


Not specified
Moscow, st. Vavilova, 57
State Darwin Museum

From April 1 to June 25, 2023, the Darwin Museum will host an exhibition “The Art of Collecting”, presenting a collection of folk art crafts…

400 400 ₽


Not specified

Experienced comedians from TV and YouTube projects perform in the center of Moscow every day: stand-up on TNT, Open Microphone and Comedy Battle on TNT, Roast battle…

0 Free
9. 5K


Not specified

Standup from StandUp_Msk are concerts of popular…

0 from 0 ₽


Not specified
Moscow, Prospekt Mira, house ownership 119

From April 26 to June 30, 2023, the Russian Azov exhibition will be held in the Historical Park “Russia – My History” at VDNKh. The exhibition will feature for the first time…



Not specified
Moscow, Komsomolskaya square, 2
Tsarskaya Tower Gallery of Kazansky Railway Station

From April 26 to May 31, 2023 at the Tsarskaya Tower Gallery…



Not specified
Moscow, st. Remizova, 10
Nagornaya Gallery

From April 21 to May 21, 2023, the Nagornaya Gallery will host the exhibition Peaceful Life of a Front-line Soldier by artist Yevgeny Egorovich Komov (1924–1984), participant…

200 200 ₽


Not specified
Moscow region, Zvenigorod, Odintsovo, st. Moskovskaya, 31/2

Historical exposition “Zvenigorod. From Earth to Heaven Zvenigorod State…

100 from 100 ₽


Not specified
Moscow, Prospekt Mira, house ownership 119

Smile Park at VDNKh offers 11 attractions, quests, labyrinths and museums in a unique entertainment…

700 from 700 ₽


Not specified

Rene Magritte and Bosch and Bruegel exhibitions are unique atmospheric projects, each of which brought together 100+ famous…

450 from 450 ₽


Not specified
Moscow, Komsomolsky prospect, 28
Moscow Palace of Youth

More than 100 performances of the musical “Don’t be afraid, I’m with you” have already taken place at the MDM Theater! The premiere of the musical based on the songs of the legendary group “Secret” took place on December 3, 2022 . ..

900 from 900 ₽


Not specified
Moscow, Academician Tupolev embankment 15, building 29, office 114

VR studio invites you to immerse yourself in virtual worlds with the help of VR technologies. More than 40 locations and panoramas, you can see everything! Guests can see dinosaurs, visit the Middle Ages or…

1200 from 1200 ₽


Not specified

Every day StandUp Show in establishments in the center of Moscow. Only experienced comedians, participants of TNT and YouTube projects.

0 from 0 ₽


Not specified
Moscow, Academician Tupolev embankment 15, building 29, office 114

VR Art Studio invites you to create your own VR picture in Virtual Reality. No drawing experience required.

1200 from 1200 ₽


Not specified
Moscow, st. Taganskaya, 40с6
Museum of Tricks and Illusions

From April 22 to May 14, 2023, the Museum of Tricks and Illusions will host the “Excursion…

900 900 RUB


Not specified
Moscow, Prospekt Mira, house ownership 119

Pavilion 33 VDNH hosts the exhibition “Treasures of Tutankhamen’s Tomb”, where you can touch one of the most mysterious cultures and immerse yourself in the atmosphere …

500 from 500 ₽

On our website you will learn everything you need about where to go in Moscow today. Kudamoskou is an interactive poster of the most interesting events in Moscow.

Kudamoskou collects information about the best entertainment and events in Moscow. This page lists places to go in Moscow today that take place today, or will take place soon: for example, tomorrow, this weekend, etc.

Kudamoskou is aware of 136 events that will take place in Moscow today.
If you know of an event that is not on the site, let us know!

Event for today – where to go in Yekaterinburg

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  • Almetyevsk,
  • Angarsk,
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  • Astrakhan
  • Balakovo,
  • Balashikha,
  • Balashov,
  • Barnaul,
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  • Belgorod,
  • Beloretsk,
  • Belorechensk,
  • Berdsk,
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  • Blagoveshensk0135 Bratsk,
  • Bryansk,
  • Bugulma,
  • Buguruslan,
  • Buzuluk,
  • Veliky Novgorod,
  • Verkhnyaya Pyshma,
  • Vidnoye,
  • Vidnoye, 9013. 6 136
  • Vladikavkaz,
  • Vladimir,
  • Volgograd,
  • Volgodonsk,
  • Volzhsky,
  • Vologda,
  • Volsk,
  • Voronezh,
  • Voskresensk,
  • Vsevozhsk,
  • Vyborg,
  • Gatina,
  • Gatina,
  • Gelendzhik,
  • Gorno-Altaisk,
  • Grozny,
  • Gubkin,
  • Gudermes,
  • Derbent,
  • Dzerzhinsk,

    Dimitrov 901 35 Dmitrov,

  • Dolgoprudny,
  • Domodedovo,
  • Dubna,
  • Evpatoria,
  • Yekaterinburg,
  • Yelets,
  • Essentuki,
  • Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk),
  • Zhukovsky,
  • Zarechny,
  • 0136

  • Zvenigorod,
  • Zelenogorsk,
  • Zelenograd,
  • Zlatoust,
  • Ivanovo,
  • Ivanteevka,
  • Izhevsk,
  • 5 Irkutsk,

    5 Iskitim,

  • Istra,
  • Yoshkar-Ola,
  • Kazan,
  • Kaliningrad,
  • Kaluga,
  • Kamensk-Uralsky,
  • Kamyshin,
  • Kaspiysk,
  • Kemerovo,
  • Kingisepp,
  • Kirishi

  • 135 Kirov, 9
  • Kislovodsk,
  • Klin,
  • Klintsy,
  • Kovrov,
  • Kolomna,
  • Kolpino,
  • Komsomolsk-on-Amur,
  • Komsomolsk-on-Amur,
  • 90 35 Korolev,

  • Koryazhma,
  • Kostroma,
  • Krasnogorsk,
  • Krasnodar,
  • Krasnoznamensk,
  • Krasnoyarsk,
  • Kronshtadt,
  • Kstovo,
  • Kubinka,
  • Kuznetsk,
  • 9013. 6 Kurganinsk,

  • Kursk,
  • Lesnoy,
  • Lesnoy Gorodok,
  • Lipetsk,
  • Lobnya,
  • Lodeinoye Pole,
  • Lomonosov,
  • Lukhovitsy
  • Ysva,
  • Lytkarino,
  • Lyubertsy,
  • Magadan,
  • Magnitogorsk,
  • Maikop,
  • Makhachkala,
  • Miass,
  • Mozhaisk,
  • Moskovsky,
  • Murmansk,
  • Murom
  • Mytishchi,
  • Naberezhnye Chelny,
  • Nazran,
  • Nalchik,
  • Naro-Fominsk,
  • Nakhodka,
  • Nevinnomyssk,
  • 9013, Neftekamsk3.3 5 Nefteyugansk,

  • Nizhnevartovsk,
  • Nizhnekamsk,
  • Nizhny Novgorod ,
  • Nizhny Tagil,
  • Novoaltaysk,
  • Novokuznetsk,
  • Novokuibyshevsk,
  • Novomoskovsk,
  • Novorossiysk,
  • Novosibirsk,
  • Novouralsk,
  • Novocheboksarsk,
  • Novoshakhtinsk,
  • Novy Urengoy,
  • Noginsk,
  • Norilsk,
  • Noyabrsk,
  • Obninsk,
  • Odintsovo,
  • Ozersk,
  • Ozyory,
  • Oktyabrsky,
  • Omsk,
  • Orel,
  • Orenburg,
  • Orekhovo-Zuevo,
  • Orsk,
  • Pavlovo,
  • Pavlovsky Posad,
  • 0136
  • Pervouralsk,
  • Perm,
  • Peterhof,
  • Petrozavodsk,
  • Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,
  • Podolsk,
  • Prokopyevsk,
  • Pushkin,
  • Pushkino,
  • Pyatigorsk,
  • Ramenskoye,
  • Revda,
  • Reutov,
  • Rostov-on-Don,
  • Rubtsovsk,
  • Ruza,
  • Rybinsk,
  • Ryazan,

    Salvat3,3. 3 Salekhard,

  • Samara,
  • Saransk,
  • Saratov,
  • Sarov,
  • Sevastopol,
  • Severodvinsk,
  • Severomorsk,
  • Seversk,
  • Posadgi
  • Serpukhov,
  • Sestroretsk,
  • Simferopol,
  • Smolensk,
  • Sokol,
  • Solnechnogorsk,
  • Sosnovy Bor,
  • Sochi,
  • Spassk-Dalny,
  • Stavropol,
  • Stary Oskol,
  • Sterlitamak,
  • Stupino,
  • Surgut,
  • Syzran,
  • Syktyvkar,
  • Taganrog,
  • Tambov,
  • 3.3 5 Tikhvin,

  • Tolyatti,
  • Tomsk,
  • Tuapse,
  • Tula,
  • Tyumen,
  • Ulan-Ude,
  • Ulyanovsk,
  • Ussuriysk,
  • Ust-Ilimsk,
  • Ufa,
  • Feodosia, 90.36
  • Khabarovsk,
  • Khanty-Mansiysk,
  • Khimki,
  • Cheboksary,
  • Chelyabinsk,
  • Cherepovets,
  • Cherkessk,
  • Chekhov,
  • 9013. 6 Mines,

  • Shchelkovo,
  • Elektrostal,
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