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by Miguel

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Like any other busy metropolis, the capital of Catalonia can be a hassle to drive around in. To get around easily in Barcelona, it is important to be familiar with its public transportation systems.


Train stations are a major part of that system, allowing you to comfortably get to anywhere in the city. Here are the 5 main train stations you should know if you live (or plan on living) in Barcelona.

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Get to know Barcelona’s train stations

Barcelona Sants

Metro connections – Green and blue lines.

Located in the Sants neighbourhood, this is Barcelona’s largest railway station and the city’s most important transport hub.

Being Barcelona’s main train station, it provides service both in and around the city, as well as for the whole of Spain and beyond (including by high-speed train).

Photo via Pixabay

Barcelona Sants has a Wi-Fi network and offers plenty of other useful services such as car rental agencies and tourist information booths. Due to it being a central destination for travellers, there are several hotels and hostels located nearby.

Passeig de Gràcia

Metro connections – Purple, green and yellow lines.

Despite being one of city’s most central train stations, Passeig de Gràcia Renfe Station in Barcelona consists of only two platforms and its trains service only the region of Catalonia.

Photo by MiquelGP54 via Visualhunt

Its close proximity to Las Ramblas and Plaza de Catalunya makes it very convenient for tourists, who normally concentrate in that area of the city.

Since it has a total of five different entrances, it might be a bit confusing at first. If you’re heading for the trains and not the metro, it’s advisable that you use the entrance at the top of Passeig de Gràcia.

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Metro connections – Red and green lines.

Right on the intersection of El Raval, Bairri Gótic and Eixample stands the Catalunya railway station. Just like Passeig de Gràcia, its trains only travel within the borders of the Catalonian region.

It features a tourist information booth and a Police Station responsible for dealing with all metro-related crimes in the city of Barcelona.

Photo by ¡arturii! via Visualhunt


Metro connections – None.

With a total of fourteen platforms, França is the train station you’re most likely to use when catching an overnight train to another country.

What it lacks in additional services, it makes up in architectural beauty – Its station building is one of the most beautiful in all of Barcelona, with marble floors, a high ceiling and an Art Deco-inspired interior.

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Metro connections – Red and green lines.

Espanya is located in Montjuïc, more exactly underneath Plaça d’Espanya, which is one of the most important squares in the city of Barcelona.

It serves as an interchange complex that connects several different railway routes from all over Spain.

Photo by SantiMB via Visualhunt

In addition, it is also connected to two of the city’s metro lines, making it really simple to get from Montjuïc to anywhere you need to be.

Has all this talk of trains woken up the intrepid traveler in you? Or were you wondering: “Where is the Renfe train station in Barcelona?” Well, now you know!

There is a lot to see, not only in Barcelona but also in the rest of Spain, so we definitely recommend that you use these train stations as a trampoline for adventure. Go explore and have fun!

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Have you taken the train in or around Barcelona?
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Barcelona Sants station

It may win the award for Europe’s
most un-prepossessing station, but Barcelona Sants Estaci is clean and modern inside. 
It’s Barcelona’s main transport hub used by virtually all suburban, mainline, &
high-speed trains – the TGVs from Paris arrive here too.  A few trains
start at the classically beautiful Estacin de Franca, but these often call at
Sants afterwards.  You’ll find plenty of shops, bars & restaurants at Sants
station, including a MacDonald’s, and there’s also a Tourist Information Office.

Station entrance & concourse

Baggage check before boarding AVE, Alvia, TGV trains

Which platform for your train?

Left luggage

Somewhere to eat or drink

Sala Club 1st class lounge

Walking, taxis & Barcelona metro

Hotels near the station or in the old


On other pages. ..

Trains between London & Barcelona

Trains between Paris
& Barcelona

Trains from
Barcelona to other European cities

Trains from other European cities to

General information for
European train travel

How to buy European train
tickets online

Barcelona Sants uninspiring
facade.  There’s a car park on the roof.  The building above and
behind the station is the 4-star
Hotel Barcelo Sants,
a good place to stay overnight between trains.

Baggage is X-rayed
before access to long-distance trains

At Barcelona Sants and all other
Spanish stations, there’s a simple X-ray check of all baggage before you access
the high-speed platforms.   This includes boarding a northbound TGV to
France.  The photo below right shows the X-ray machines
at Barcelona Sants at the entrance to platforms 1-6.  There are (or at the
time of writing, were)  no metal detectors, so you can carry
what you like on your person, it’s only the baggage that’s checked (make sure
any penknives etc are in your pockets not your baggage so don’t get scanned, to
avoid a jobsworth refusing to allow them on, as happened to one passenger
Beyond the baggage checkpoint is a small departures waiting area, with
escalators down to each platform. There is no baggage check at any French station,
just free & easy
access to all trains.  The check only takes a minute, but don’t arrive for
your train with seconds to spare!

Luggage X-ray check on the main
concourse before accessing the escalators down to platforms 1-6.

The concourse is at
street level, the platforms are underneath, reached by lifts & escalators. 
Platform numbers are clearly displayed on the screens and departure
boards around the station.  There are 14 platforms:

Platforms 1-6 are standard gauge (4’8) for the
AVE high-speed trains to Madrid, Seville, Malaga,
Perpignan, Toulouse, Avignon, Marseille, Lyon & Paris, also the
Alvia trains to
San Sebastian & Bilbao.

Platforms 7-14 are Iberian broad gauge (5’6″) and
used by suburban trains and Talgo or
EuroMed trains
to Valencia & Alicante.

There are luggage lockers
(Consigna in Spanish) on the left-hand side of the building as
you walk in the main entrance doors. 

See the left luggage page for opening hours & prices.  Bags
are X-rayed just inside the entrance before being left.

There are many retail and food
outlets inside the station, including at least two cafes and Macdonald’s. 
For a cooked breakfast before catching your train, I recommend the 20 buffet breakfast in the top-floor restaurant of
the Expo Hotel, it’s the tower block across the road to the
right when you walk out of the main station exit.  The top floor restaurant
gives great views over Barcelona.

Anyone with a Premium ticket can use the
Sala Club 1st class lounge.  The Sala Club at Barcelona Sants is
open 05:30-22:00 Mondays-Saturdays, 06:15-22:00 Sundays, with complimentary tea,
coffee, snacks & beer.  You cannot use the lounge with an Elige


near the station

  • The Hotel Barcelo Sants
    is the top choice for an overnight stop as it’s an integral part of Barcelona Sants station,
    gets great reviews & feedback from seat61 users.   It’s relatively
    inexpensive, too.

  • Here are some other hotels with good or great reviews
    near the station:

    AC Hotel Sants by Marriott (4-star, just 50m from
    the station),

    h20 Hotel Itaca (4-star, a
    5 minute 400m
    walk from the station, their swimming pool may justify the walk),
    Hotel Catalonia Roma (3-star),
    Hostal Baler (2-star),
    Hotel Transit (1-star),
    Meeting Point Hostel (inexpensive private rooms & dorm beds).

Hotels in or near the Old

  • If you’re visiting
    Barcelona for longer, I’d suggest booking a hotel in the old quarter, perhaps on or near La Rambla
    itself.  Here are some hotels in good locations with good or great reviews:

    Hotel DO Plaa Reial (5-star, fabulous),
    Hotel Espana (4-star, one of Barcelona’s most historic &
    well-known hotels in a quiet location just off La Rambla),
    Hotel MonteCarlo (4-star),
    Hotel Jazz
    (3-star with roof-top pool),
    Hotel Catalonia Portal de l’Angel (3-star
    with outdoor swimming pool, Gothic quarter),
    Hotel Curious (2-star, 50m from Las Ramblas).

Walking, taxis, suburban
trains, metro

  • Walking:  It’s a 3.5 km 42-minute walk
    from Barcelona Sants to La Rambla in the old city centre.

  • Taxis:  There are plenty of taxis
    available on the station forecourt. 

    Barcelona taxi fare calculator.

  • Metro:  Barcelona’s modern
    air-conditioned metro links Barcelona Sants (Estaci Sants) with all parts of
    Barcelona, see the metro website 
    Line L3 links Sants Estaci with the Plaa Espanya and Liceu (the metro
    station half way along La Rambla) every few minutes. 
    You can buy a ticket from the touch-screen machines (which have an
    English-language facility) for a couple of euros and hop on the next train.

  • Suburban trains:  Air-conditioned suburban
    trains link Barcelona Sants with the beautiful Estaci de Frana every 10-20
    minutes, journey time 15 minutes, line R2.   These also call at
    Passeig de Grcia
    .  To check suburban trains routes & times go to, click Welcome at
    the top for English, scroll down to Commuter trains and Feve then
    select Barcelona.


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general page

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Barcelona Station: all about Sants Station

About Barcelona Station

Barcelona Sants Train Station

Barcelona Sants Station: useful information

Sants is Barcelona’s station, which is considered the most important railway station with the largest train flow, serving destinations within the country and outside Spain.

About Barcelona Station

The main station in Barcelona, ​​as a component of the developed railway network, provides everyone with the opportunity to travel around the country and go beyond its borders. Between Barcelona and some European cities there is a railway connection with a large number of stations:

  • Zurich
  • Milan
  • Paris, etc.

With the high-speed train you can travel from Barcelona to Madrid, covering a considerable distance in a short period of time. The station is characterized by an excellent location and a huge range of services for travelers.

It is best to buy tickets for travel from Barcelona to other cities in advance at This is the most convenient way, moreover, the site has additional information regarding shipments.

Of all the stations in Barcelona, ​​Sants is considered the busiest transport hub in the country. This station is located in the western part of the city, easily accessible by public transport or taxi.

Barcelona Sants is the station where high-speed trains from other cities in Spain and nearby European countries make the final stop. The station is used as a stopping point for suburban trains and trains to Barcelona Airport.

Sants is a Barcelona train station with a large bus station that is important for the transport infrastructure of Barcelona and the country as a whole. Buses depart from this station to Andorra and other European countries. On the territory of the station there are offices of large companies offering to rent a car. The infrastructure of this place is at the highest level.

Barcelona Sants train connections

Regional train connections:

  1. From Barcelona Sants Station, regional trains leave for Figueres, Girona, Portbou, Lleida, Tarragona, Tortosa, Costa Dorada.
  2. Suburban trains start from this station: Mataró – Maçanet, Vic, Vilanova, Vilafranca – Manresa.
  3. From Barcelona Sants Station you can reach the airport in 25 minutes. Departure is every 30 minutes.

Departure of trains from the station from Barcelona to other cities:

  • AVE: Figueres – Barcelona – Madrid
  • AVE: Barcelona – Seville
  • and AVE: Barcelona – Malaga
  • Euromed: Barcelona – Tarragona – Valencia – Alicante
  • Talgo: departure from Barcelona to other cities of the country
  • Estrella train: departure from Barcelona to Madrid and back
  • Trenhotel: departure from Barcelona to other cities of the country
  • Alvía: departures from Barcelona to other cities of the country

High-speed trains of international importance:

  • Paris-Barcelona
  • Lyon – Barcelona
  • Toulouse – Barcelona
  • Marseille – Barcelona

Barcelona Sants Station: useful information

Industrial Park of Spain near

Exact address


  • Estació de Barcelona Sants, Pl. Paisos catalans s/n 08014 Barcelona.

How to get there

There are several options:

  • metro lines to Sants station: L5 and L3
  • numbers of buses with a terminus at the station: 27, 32, 78, 109, 115, h20 and V17
  • trains to the station: FGC

Metro station

Station opening hours

Barcelona Sants station operates from 04:30 to 00:30.


Cashier is open:

  • Monday to Saturday: 05.40 – 22.30
  • Sundays: 05.10 – 22.30

Advance ticket sales at the station:

  • Monday to Friday (10:00-20:00)

Access to luggage storage:

  • from 05:30-23:00 every day

For the use of a medium cabinet – about 4€, a large one – almost twice as expensive.

To access the lost property office, go to the information desk in the central part of the station.

A first class lounge is available for AVE club members and passengers with special privileges. For a comfortable stay, it offers a range of services and the most comfortable environment in which you can pass the time before departure.

For safety reasons at Barcelona Sants station, you must be careful when handling luggage and personal belongings, and maintain concentration when communicating with strangers. This rule applies to all crowded places in Barcelona. In case of emergency, call the police for help.

Are you going to Barcelona? Don’t forget to buy tickets for local attractions in advance. You can do this online at the link on the official ticket platform.

  • How to avoid queues at Barcelona attractions. Tickets for the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell skip the line.
  • How not to be deceived by local taxi drivers. Order a taxi in advance with fixed rates online. The most reliable service for ordering a taxi is KiwiTaxi .
  • Excursions in Barcelona with locals will help you get to know this city for real. The best way to get comfortable in an unfamiliar city is to walk around it with a person who has lived here for many years.
  • We advise you to take out travel insurance so that there are no unpleasant surprises while traveling to Barcelona.
  • Barcelona City Pass is a one-stop card that makes organizing your holiday in Barcelona easier and saves you a lot of time and money.
  • Hotels in Barcelona: is our selection and recommendations.
  • Bus Turistic is a tourist bus and a great way to get to all the necessary monuments of Barcelona quickly, with a breeze and comfort.
  • Drimsim is a universal international SIM card and a free travel application. Best prices, fast internet and worldwide calls.

Sants station in Barcelona: description, direction of trains


  • 1 About Barcelona Sants
  • 2 Main routes
  • 3 Estimated ticket prices
  • 4 Barcelona trains
    • 4. 1 RENFE
    • 4.2 FGC
  • 5 How to get there?

Barcelona Sants train station is the largest transport hub, one of the largest in Barcelona. This is the place where intercity and suburban trains, as well as metro trains depart.

Barcelona Train Station is a huge building where you can get lost. Since it is also a metro station, there are always a lot of people here. For better orientation, it is recommended to use information from the scoreboard and signs.

About Barcelona Sants Station

Barcelona Sants Station is rightfully recognized as one of the largest not only in Barcelona, ​​but also in the country. It was named after the area in which the building is located. It was rebuilt in the 1970s, during its use it was repaired more than once. The huge areas of this place are in no way inferior to the airport.

Interesting! The building and most of the ground structures are a hotel. Here vacationers can wait for a transplant.

All the underground and part of the ground structures are already the station itself with platforms. In order to be able to receive high-speed trains here, communications and buildings were significantly expanded and modernized in 2007-2008. Today you can take a ticket to France from here, as well as trains:

  • local use – suburban. Cercanias;
  • regional – carry out passenger transportation exclusively within the country. Media Distance;
  • long distance – used for international traffic. Largo.

There are also trains that serve tourist purposes. They are booked for excursion programs, visits to memorable places and attractions. If you need to quickly see the suburbs and go on a long tourist trip, you can choose these trains.

Main routes

Central Station opens up the possibility for travel and trips to different destinations. The main routes remain trips to:

  • Tarragona and Madrid;
  • Portbou and Seville;
  • Paris and Milan;
  • Tortos and Montpellier;
  • Zurich and Vilanova, pr.

To purchase tickets, you can go to the ticket office of the station or use the telephone reservation system.

Attention! To contact the operator and order a ticket, dial +34-90-224-0202. You can use the official resource page – the Renfe website.

Estimated ticket price

Traveling by train across the country takes about 3-5 hours, other countries can be reached in 10-12 hours. For pleasure you need to pay the following cost:

  • to Madrid – about €37;
  • to Paris – from €110;
  • to Seville – within €80–85.

The train station provides information on train schedules as well as ticket prices in Spanish and English. If the client chooses to call the operator, he must be prepared for the fact that he will have to communicate in Spanish.