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A Complete Guide to La Boqueria Barcelona

What is La Boqueria Market in Barcelona?

Sant Josep Market, otherwise popularly known as ‘La Boqueria’ is located in the heart of Barcelona city at La Rambla. Known for being a perfect picturesque market, this was once a patio to Sant Josep Church which was eventually converted into an indoor market. 

The exteriors of the markets are made of a metallic/glass structure, but the interiors are what make it stand out in the world for its immense diversity and quality of products. La Boqueria is today, a symbol that has put Barcelona on the map of the world when it comes to the sale of fresh produce.  Visting La Boqueria is one of the best things to do in Barcelona for anyone visiting the city!

Why is La Boqueria so famous?

  • La Boqueria is a place apt for all food lovers and is open all day with free entry. 
  • Located at the heart of Barcelona, the space has 330 stalls that sell the highest quality products.  
  • Catalunya’s top chefs visit early morning to have their pick of top fruits, vegetables, seafood, and animal products. 
  • One of the best places to find excellent Jamon and local cheeses that are packed well. 

What does Boqueria mean? 

Mercat de la Boqueria is derived from an old Catalan translation which means – a place where billy goat meat was sold’. Another insight to the market’s name is that it came from the times when the Spaniards fought against the Moors to reconquer Andalus. 

Another theory is, once, a decorated door was brought to Barcelona from the southern city Almeria and was placed at the entrance gate of the city’s walls. People passing by were impressed by the astounding figure and their mouths were left open. (‘boca’ is a Spanish word for mouth).

Where is La Boqueria in Barcelona?

Mercat de la Boqueria is found on La Rambla and is about half down the popular street. If you are taking the metro, you will be getting down at Liceu.

Address: Rambla, 91 08001 Barcelona, Spain. Find on map.

While you are here, there are a lot of famous landmarks that can be explored: 

  • La Rambla 
  • Columbus Monument 
  • The Palau Guell 
  • Placa Reial

Highlights of La Boqueria Barcelona

Find Fresh Produce Like No Other At La Boqueria

Enjoy top-quality food and fresh produce at Barcelona’s La Boqueria market. Products from across the world are found under one roof and is a one-stop destination for everything you desire. The floors are wrapped with melted ice and fruit skins, adding charm to the experience. The stalls throughout the market sell fresh fruit juices, a refreshing treat in the middle of the mayhem. 

A splash of color, everywhere!

The La Boqueria market in Barcelona is a very famous one and is a real feast for the senses. The market is structured neatly with an array of fruity rainbows or multi-colored bell peppers. The space is often crowded but you will be lost in the aromatic mix of great food and variety around you. The rates are quite affordable and you can indulge yourself in a shopping spree.

Explore top-notch bars and restaurants in La Boqueria

Dotted around the market are great bars selling both food and drinks. Need a light snack? Head to the very famous bar called El Pinotxo, situated at the right of the entrance. The food is exotic and is priced similarly to a top-quality restaurant. El Quim de La Boqueria is famous for its fried eggs, delicious ham croquettes, and squid.

Take a class at the Boquería Food School

Attend a class at the Boqueria Food school and learn all about how to eat, and how to cook that perfect cuisine. You will get an insight into the origin of products, understand the basic cooking techniques along with the preparation of conserves. You will be very well guided by renowned chefs and sommeliers and it is an experience worth cherishing.

A Great Abode for Ham Lovers

Wondering what else is La Boqueria famous for? HAM! Yes, the place serves top-quality ham that is rich in taste, is perfectly salty and the meat dissolves as soon as you grab a bite. You can learn all about how ham is made from the experts themselves. Italian Prosciutto and Spanish Iberico can get your lip-smacking and are a must-try. 

Barcelona’s very own Vietnam in La Boquería

Did you know that the southern side of La Boqueria is called ‘Vietnam’? Lot of the exotic produce comes from this side of the market and you will be able to find a great variety of fresh herbs, spices, chilies, and exotic fruits and vegetables. If you are a seafood lover, enjoy great deals than those from the central plaza. 

Plan Your Visit to La Boqueria Barcelona

Opening Hours

Getting There



  • La Boqueria is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm. 
  • They are shut on Sundays and bank holidays. 
  • If you are coming in a group, on Fridays and Saturdays, more than 15 people are not allowed to enter at a time.

Address: Rambla, 91 08001 Barcelona, Spain. Find it on a map.

  • Metro: You can get to the closest metro station, Liceu, and board L3. Opt from either of the two exits – right in front of the market or at Plaça Catalunya (L1 and L3)
  • Hop on Hop off bus: Board from Placa Catalunya 
  • Bus: Get onto BUS 14, 59, N9 or N12 stop at La Boqueria
  • Bike: This is the easiest option, but you will have to lock it outside as your bike won’t be allowed inside the market. 

When in Barcelona, make sure you eat right and have the best bite: 

  • El Falafel de Shani: A kosher and vegan restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona with great Mediterranean flavors. 
  • Eslice: You get great choices of pizzas to pick from. Grab a slice and a drink for 5 Euros. Ideal to swing by and grab a quick bite. 
  • Bar Boqueria: The restaurant offers you simple dishes with the best ingredients to produce the perfect Mediterranean Catalan cuisine.  
  • Pez Gordo: A great terrace dining with cocktails to choose from. The menu reflects the heritage of the place and serves the finest seafood alongside a variety of tapas and paellas. 

Why not explore more while you are already at La Boqueria. There are many attractions that you could visit while you are in the area. Here is a list of a few famous ones near La Boqueria market: 

  • La Rambla 
  • The Palau Guell 
  • Barcelona Aquarium 
  • The Picasso Museum 
  • Santa Maria de Mar Church 
  • El Born Centre for Culture and Memory 

Interesting Facts about La Boqueria Barcelona

  • A section of La Boqueria Barcelona is dedicated to the market’s more exotic produce. This is located on the southern side of La Boqueria and is called ‘Vietnam’. 
  • The official name of La Boqueria – Mercat de Sant Josep, came into being when a convent stood at its current location in the 13th century. 
  • Boqueria is derived from the Catalan word ‘Boc’, meaning goat.  
  • A Catalan count brought a beautifully decorated aesthetic door from the reconquered city Almeria. This was placed at the entrance gate of the city’s walls, close to the La Boqueria market in Barcelona. 

Visitor Tips

  • We recommend you to visit La Boqueria in the morning hours as more stalls are open. Also, you can beat the rush by visiting in the early hours. 
  • You will be able to see that most of the locals will be doing their groceries between 8:00 am and 9:00 am. 
  • Avoid visiting during lunch time as it will get extremely crowded. 
  • The average duration to visit all the stalls is about 30 minutes, but it completely depends on your pace of shopping. 
  • Make sure you have a great appetite because there is a variety of things for you to try out at the market. There are plenty of bars and restaurants that serve excellent food. You may have to wait slightly due to the rush, but it is worth it!
  • You can take a walk and explore La Rambla followed by a visit to the Raval or the Gothic quarters on your visit to La Boqueria.  

Frequently Asked Questions About La Boqueria Barcelona

What is La Boqueria market?

La Boqueria is a famous market in Barcelona, located at La Rambla Avenue. Initially known as the Sant Josep Market, the space is open to the public for free entry and sells a variety of fresh produce, right from fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and so much more.

What do they sell at La Boqueria market in Barcelona?

A famous market in Barcelona that provides a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, sweets, meat, cheese, fish, dairy and so much more. This is a one-stop destination for all your daily produce under one roof.

What’s the famous market in Barcelona?

The popular market in Barcelona is El Mecat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, famously known as La Boqueria. Situated at the centre of the city, the place is well known for its tapas restaurant and the fresh produce sold in the stalls. 

What does Boqueria mean in Spanish?

The name is believed to be derived from Catalan boc, which means ‘goat’. Hence, a boqueria in Spanish would mean a place where goat meat is sold

What is the famous food market in Barcelona?

Mercat de Sant Josep de La Boqueria is the famous food market in Barcelona. It is located along La Rambla and its popularity has made it an official landmark in the city. 

How do you get to La Boqueria Barcelona?

Metro: get down at Liceu (L3)
Bus: Take bus 14, 59, N9 or N12 and get down at La Boqueria
Hop on hop off bus: Placa Catalunya 

Why is La Boqueria Barcelona famous?

The La Boqueria market in Barcelona has become the largest and the most comprehensive food markets that offer fresh produce. It is privileged with the great location of Las Ramblas, which is a tourist hotspot

When did La Boqueria Barcelona market open?

The La Boqueria market is the first local market in Barcelona and opened in 1840. But its history spans much earlier as the first food peddlers were said to have been around since the 13th century selling meat on the streets.  

How many stalls are in La Boqueria Barcelona?

There are more than 400 stalls in La Boqueria that sell fresh fruits, vegetables, sea food, meat, nuts, and so much more.

When were the first stalls set up on the site of La Boqueria and what did they sell?

In 1217, there was a presence of meat stalls that were set in the location as a part of a series of street markets on the Rambla. These markets were temporary stalls set in the open air by farmers from the surrounding village.

Mercat de la Boqueria – market in Barcelona

Barcelona / La Boqueria Market

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, located on Las Ramblas

Everything about the market Mercat de la Boqueria, the daily market in the heart of Barcelona. The indoor market in Barcelona on Las Ramblas.

Info La Boqueria Market Barcelona

Address Rambla, 91 Mercat de la Boqueria Barcelona Spain
Metro Metro station Liceu (L3), Barcelona
Entrance Admission is free
Opening hours Monday to Saturday 8. 00am to 8.30pm
Ideas for activities

The market located on the Rambla

The official name of this market is Mercat de Sant Josep de Boqueria. The mercat “De la Boqueria” is the largest and best known market in Spain and is visited by both locals and tourists.

The colourful market La Boqueria started in the 13th century as a street market on the Ramblas. The iron roof over the market was completed in 1914, and today it is one of the most popular attractions in Barcelona’s city centre.

‘La Boqueria’

The name ‘Mercat de la Boqueria‘ comes from an old Catalan translation that meant as much as ‘place where billy goat meat was sold’. You can easily visit the colourful and fragrant market from the Ramblas at metro stop Liceu. Fresh fish, Catalan sausages, enormous hams, cheeses, fruit juices, and colourful sweet stalls; see, smell, and most of all taste what the ‘Sant Josep’ market has to offer.

Tip: Don’t get all your shopping done at the first stall you see. The prices at the entrance and down the central aisle are higher than when you explore the market a little bit further.

Where is the market in Barcelona?

The Mercat de la Boqueria can be easily founded on the Ramblas. The market is exactly halfway down the Ramblas, and you can’t miss it when you get off at metro stop Liceu.

Nearby Mercat de la Boqueria are:

Las Ramblas

Columbus Monument

Palau Guell

Plaça Reial

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Park Güell

Barcelona things to do

Magic Fountain

Sagrada Familia

Picasso Museum

Camp Nou


Casa Mila

Casa Batllo

La Boqueria Market| Market on Las Ramblas in Barcelona

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Entrance to the incredible Boqueria Market

La Boqueria is a famous market located in the El Raval area, the entrance to the market from La Rambla. On it you will find a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, sweets, as well as meat, fish, cheese and dairy products. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything at the market, it’s definitely worth a visit on your own just to soak up the atmosphere and experience the explosion of fresh fruit flowers on the shelves.

Have you bought everything yet? Take a break in a small eatery in Boqueria Market

The idea to create Boqueria appeared around 1200 and the market grew as neighboring cities joined in the trade in goods. It is known today as La Boqueria Market on La Rambla.

The snacks on offer and the Boqueria market won’t let you go quickly when you’re about to leave.

Location map showing the walk to La Boqueria market from the nearest metro stations.

Palau de la Musica Catalana
Carrer Palau de la Musica, 4–6

Church of Santa Maria del Mar
Plaça de Santa Maria, 1

Basilica de Santa Maria del Pi
Plaça del Pi, 7

Gran Teatre del Liceu
La Rambla, 51-59

Plaça Real

Plaza Catalunya

Barcelona History Museum
Plaça del Rei

Barcelona Cathedral
Plaça de la Seu, 3

La Boqueria Market
La Rambla, 91

Metro station Paral. lel

Metro station Paral.lel

Jaume I metro station

Drassanes metro station

Urquinaona metro station

Urquinaona metro station

Metro Station Liceu

Catalunya metro station

Catalunya 9 metro station0015

Parking SABA BAMSA Paral.lel

Parking Aparcaments Francesc Cambo

Parking BSM Moll de la Fusta

Parking NN Palau de La Musica

Parking SABA BAMSA Francesc Cambo

Parking Laietana Princesa

Parking Edén

Parking lot SABA Plaça Catalunya

Parking SABA BAMSA Illa Raval

Parking BSM La Boqueria

Parking lot SABA BAMSA Plaça dels Angels

Parking NN Bonsucces

Parking Urgel

Parking lot SABA Plaça Urquinaona

This map is copyrighted and protected, copying is prohibited.

An abundance of fruit in the La Boqueria market.

Below are the location, nearest metro station, car park, contact phone number and opening hours of the La Boqueria market.

La Boqueria Market
Rambla, 91
08001 Barcelona, ​​España.

Tel: +34 93 413 2303

How to get to La Boqueria market

Metro: Liceu (Green Line, L3)

Barcelona Bus Turistic stop

With the Barcelona Bus Turistic, the nearest stop for La Boqueria Market is Catedral – Gòtic

Public transport – bus

La Rambla / La Boqueria: 59, 91, V13

Car parking

Car park near La Boqueria market, next to La Rambla in Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter)

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 08:00 – 20:30
Sunday: closed

Admission fee: free of charge

For more information about the Boqueria Market on La Rambla, visit the official website of the Boqueria Market on La Rambla.

Website: Boqueria La Rambla Market

What to see and do in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas

The Rambla, or Las Ramblas, is the famous boulevard that connects Plaça Catalunya with the port of the city.

The Rambla is never empty, life flows through it from early morning until late at night. Newspaper and flower shops, as well as cafes and restaurants, enliven the Rambla from early morning. It is also necessary to mention the market Mercat de la Boqueria, which is one of the most famous and most diverse in the whole city.

Following this, buildings of cultural significance such as the Liceu Opera House, the Palau de la Virreina, the Church of Bethlehem, the Palau Güell, the Barcelona Maritime Museum and the Center d’Arts Santa Mònica are also included in the daily life of the Las Ramblas.

There are also unique monuments and places of interest that can be visited along the whole boulevard, such as Plaça Reial, the Canaletes fountain where FC Barcelona fans gather to celebrate victories, the house of Bruno Quadros, with peculiar umbrellas on the facade of the building, or monument to Christopher Columbus.

The Barcelona Wax Museum is amazing: Museu de Cera (Passatge de la Banca 7), where you can find fascinating characters from the worlds of music, culture, science, history. .. In addition, the museum is housed in a fabulous neoclassical house, built in 1867, although the museum itself only opened its doors to the public in 1973. The passage of terror, the armored cell, the staircase of honor and countless other nooks and crannies hide inside the museum. Although the best are night visits that will keep you awake.

Discover human statues and creative artists with pure creativity and enthusiasm. In the middle of Las Ramblas, you will meet people depicting living statues, with neat costumes that will amaze any passer-by, especially children.

Creative people and artists are also not far behind, using their imagination to create real masterpieces made in Barcelona. Although the most famous are cartoonists who emphasize and exaggerate the forms of their models.

At Escribà ( Les Rambles 83 ), we offer sweet treats for an afternoon snack, opened in 1906. Its caramel treasures, chocolate covered Dali lips, delicious and unique cakes.