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Abril 2023






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Abril 2023

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Celebra Sant Jordi en la Miró

Entre el 16 y el 22 de abril podréis disfrutar de un 5% de descuento en todos los libros que compréis online y un 10 % durante la Diada de Sant Jordi.

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Catálogo de Amigos imaginarios


Ya puedes hacerte con tu ejemplar del catálogo de la exposición Amigos imaginarios, original y creativo, escrito por Clàudia González Caparrós y diseñado por Milimbo.

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Cine: Trinita Lumes

4 de mayo a las 18.30 h

Ciclo de cine Amigos Imaginarios

Tercera sesión del ciclo de cine de Amigos imaginarios, con la proyección del filme Trinta lumes, y charla con la directora Diana Toucedo.

sobre “Cine: Trinita Lumes”

La ciudad imaginada

Taller familiar de arquitectura

Planifiquemos, diseñemos y construyamos una ciudad entre todos.

sobre “La ciudad imaginada”

Introducciones a la exposición Amigos imaginarios

Exposiciones temporales

Visitas comentadas de 30 minutos destinadas a ofrecer una panorámica de este arte, conocer a los nueve artistas participantes y proporcionar herramientas para acercarse a la creación contemporánea.

sobre “Introducciones a la exposición Amigos imaginarios”

A la sombra del algarrobo

Exposición Amigos Imaginarios

Espacio de encuentro, descanso y diálogo en el patio del algarrobo de la Fundació Joan Miró donde los visitantes podrán disfrutar de una biblioteca ambulante con bibliografía y recursos artísticos para las familias, relacionados con algunos de los temas que plantea la exposición.

sobre “A la sombra del algarrobo”

¡Ven a la Miró en familia!

Actividades familiares

Durante el fin de semana os esperan muchas propuestas creativas y artísticas para compartir con toda la familia.

sobre “¡Ven a la Miró en familia!”

La Miró a mano

Actividades online

La Miró a mano es un conjunto de recursos que se presentan como pequeñas cápsulas al alcance de todos para inspirar, fomentar la creatividad y acercar la obra de Miró.  

Podéis disfrutar de un modo abierto y flexible de estas propuestas sobre Miró o el arte de acción y de las actividades en línea para familias. La Miró está en vuestras manos y se adapta a vuestro ritmo.

sobre “La Miró a mano”

Fundació Joan Miró | Barcelona Museum

  • The Tapestries of Joan Miró. From the Thread to the World Documentary

    about The Tapestries of Joan Miró. From the Thread to the World

  • Friends of Fundació Joan Miró Become a Friend and find out a unique opportunity to have first-hand experience!

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What’s on

April 2023







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April 2023

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Enjoy the World Book Day with the Fundació Joan Miró!

You can get a 5% discount on all the books you buy online between Abril 16 and 22 and a 10% discount on April 23.

about “Enjoy the World Book Day with the Fundació Joan Miró!”

Imaginary Friends catalogue

Get your original and creative catalogue from the exhibition Imaginary Friends, writed by Clàudia González Caparrós and designed by Milimbo.

about “Imaginary Friends catalogue”

Cinema: Trinita Lumes

4 May at 6.30 pm

Imaginary Friends Season of Films

Third screening in the Imaginary Friends Season of Films: Trinta lumes (released in English as Thirty Souls), directed by Diana Toucedo.

about “Cinema: Trinita Lumes”

The Imagined City

Family workshop

Together we plan, design and build a city.

about “The Imagined City”

Introductions to the exhibition Imaginary Friends

Temporary exhibitions

Guided tours intended to give an overview of this art, to get to know the nine artists participating in it and to provide tools to gain insights into contemporary creation.

about “Introductions to the exhibition Imaginary Friends”

In the Shade of the Carob Tree

Imaginary Friends exhibition

A space for meeting, resting and talking in the Carob Tree Patio of the Fundació Joan Miró, where visitors will be able to enjoy a mobile library offering books and art resources for families, which are related to some of the issues highlighted by the exhibition.

about “In the Shade of the Carob Tree”

Activities for families

The Fundació’s family programming includes a variety of artistic activities and experiences.

about “Activities for families”

The Miró at Hand

Online activity

The Miró at Hand is a set of resources presented as small capsules made available to everyone, with the idea of inspiring us, encouraging creativity and drawing us closer to the work of Miró.

You can enjoy these proposals on Miró, action art or the online activities for families in an open, flexible manner. The Miró is in your hands, it adapts to your pace.

about “The Miró at Hand”

Joan Miró Foundation Museum – Barcelona Happyinspain Guide

Joan Miró is considered one of the most important Spanish avant-garde artists of the 20th century, whose life and work are inextricably linked with Barcelona. Miró, like Dali, who worked in the genre of surrealism, is the real pride of Catalonia. Always advocating the accessibility of art, in 1975 he conceived and created his own Foundation.

“No, the Miro Foundation is not a museum. I would not want it to be something cold, frozen, dead… Young artists will come here to work and exhibit their works” , Miro says.

The Joan Miro Foundation is located on the northern slope of Montjuïc, behind the National Palace. The building was designed specifically for the museum by the artist’s friend, the architect Josep Lewis Sert, a student of Le Corbusier. It has become an icon of modern architecture. The system of arches between the halls and glass roofs provide the museum with natural light during the day.

In the center of the museum complex there is a courtyard in a traditional Mediterranean style, around which various exhibition halls are concentrated. The room “Espai 13″ on the ground floor hosts temporary exhibitions of works by young artists, while the terrace on the second floor offers spectacular views of Barcelona.

The permanent collection focuses on Miro’s signature style of basic colors and simplified organic shapes representing the stars, moon, birds and women, occupying half of the museum. Most of the works were donated to the museum by the author himself.

Walking around Barcelona, ​​you can see other of his creations in very unexpected places. For example, on the pavement of the Rambla, not far from the Liceu opera, you can see his mosaic, and in the l’Escorxador park there is one of the artist’s most famous sculptures, Woman and Bird.

The Fund contains more than 14,000 works by Joan Miró, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics and textiles, as well as a complete collection of graphic drawings and sketches, everything from the first works created in Barcelona and Paris to the avant-garde.

Joan Miro was born in Barcelona in 1893 and died in Palma de Mallorca in 1983. His work can be divided into several periods. Until 1919, Miró was under the influence of cubism, he even met Picasso in Paris. The theme of his work was landscapes, portraits and nudes. Later he turned to surrealism. Joan Miró received international recognition at 1928, when the Museum of Modern Art in New York exhibited two of his works.

The most significant of his works were created during the Spanish Civil War and combined the reflection of all the horror of what was happening and the dreamy side of his nature. In the end, nature won out and Joan returned to his classical and slightly ingenuous form of seeing the world – birds, stars, female figures.

From a commercial point of view, Joan Miró is one of the best-selling contemporary artists. His abstract compositions are valued for their decorativeism, perfect for bank halls and luxurious villas on the Cote d’Azur.

Museum temporary exhibitions