Best spanish course: 35 Best Online Spanish Courses In 2023 (Personally Tested)

10 Best SPANISH COURSES – Learn Online

Whether you’re polishing out that resume, wooing a lover, or simply going on a fun trip, learning Spanish has many benefits. Did you know that 21 countries have Spanish as the official language? According to Expatica, there are over 440 million native Spanish speakers. It’s no wonder so many people search for quality online Spanish courses every year.

The Spanish language is distinctive in many respects. Spanish has its own unique words which can’t be translated into other languages. One such example is sobremesa which means to stay at the table after a meal and share conversation. Spanish is also know as Castilian because it traces its origins to the central region of Castile. Spanish is the only language to use inverted exclamation and question marks at the beginning of sentences as well as at the end.

Finding the right online Spanish course for yourself can be a challenge. Although they share many similarities, there are important differences. Things like the content of lessons, the length of the course, and the price can be important variables in the decision process. Some Spanish courses offer free trials while others offer money back guaratees. Some offer certificates. There are many things to take into account to find the best Spanish course for you.

Fortunately, there are plenty of high quality Spanish courses available online and we’ve compiled a list of the best Spanish Courses so you can learn to speak like a native. A great app can be the perfect compliment to a Spanish course. Spanish Translator Dictionary + includes reference tools such as a transaltor, comprehensive dictionary and verb conjugator. You can download it for free from the
App Store 📲  or
Google Play.

Table of Contents

1. Rocket Languages
2. Pimsleur
3. Rosetta Stone
4. Mondly
5. Spanish Uncovered
6. Babbel
7. Duolingo
8. Glossika
9. Fluencia
10. Coffee Break Academy

1. Rocket Languages

Rocket Spanish is designed to take beginners through the different phases of learning through to proficiency. The course works on all aspects of Spanish language learning including audio, pronunciation and comprehension and includes content for cultural immersion.

This course includes interactive audio lessons. Listen to Spanish words and sentences pronounced and learn to recognize them. Perfect your pronunciation using Rocket Languages voice recognition system. Flash cards round out the experience by providing a fun way to work on your vocabulary.

Rocket Spanish offers between 134 and 370 hours of lesson time, or between 2,666 and 10,004 phrases, depending on how many course levels you purchase.

Rocket Language is one of the only vendors to provide lifetime access to courses for a one time purchase price, see below. They include bonus Survival Kits with each of their language packs and a 60-day money-back guarantees.

This course is best for students who want cultural and Spanish language immersion and a large set of lessons for a one-time price.

Price: $149.95 (Level 1) to $449. 85 (Levels 1,2 & 3). Free trial with over four hours of content.

2. Pimsleur

Always strapped for time? Learning a new language can be quite time-consuming and difficult. That’s why Pimsleur makes learning Spanish quick and easy. In fact, 75% of their students learned the language on the go during their downtime.

This Spanish course is based on a method developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, an academic who received his Ph.D. from Columbia University. As the company explains, the method comprises a scientifically proven set of principles designed to take a student directly to the heart of the language.

The techniques are referred to as Graduated Interval Recall, Principle of Anticipation, Core Vocabulary and Organic Learning. Dr. Pimsleur’s research on memory was perhaps his greatest contribution. He discovered that lessons which remind students of new words at gradually increasing intervals, were highly effective.

Pimsleur is one the best Spanish courses for students who want excellent audio lessons and a learning techniques based on scientifically proven methods.

Price: $19.95 per month. 7 day free trial.

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the better known Spanish courses, and one of the priciest. It’s one of the best sellers in the Apple App Store and is one of the highest rated by users.

The course starts from square one by teaching you how to say the alphabet and count in Spanish. The course moves on to vocabulary such as man, woman, boy and girl. Users practice recognizing words and pronouncing them correctly before moving on to short phrases.

Rosetta Stone works on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. I found the experience a bit awkward at first on the iPhone but it only took me a few minutes for me to get the hang of it. The exercises designed to practice speech recognition are quite good. For beginners, they break Spanish phrases up into short chunks that are easier to pronounce correctly.

This Spanish course purports to immerse you in real-world conversations. While this may be the case for advanced lessons, the ones for beginners teach you vocabulary that would be hard to use alone on a first trip to Spain.

Rosetta Stone is best for business people who can buy the course on the company credit card and are looking for a visual way to learn Spanish while on the go.

Price: $11.99 per month, up to $299 one-time purchase. 3 day free trial.

4. Mondly

Mondly has hundreds of lessons based on real world situations such as family, romance, seasons and weather. Each Spanish lesson starts with vocabulary words such as mother, father, brother and sister. They use interactive exercises such as dragging a vocabulary word to the correct picture. Another type of exercise asks you to create a sentence by ordering jumbled words into a sentence.

Most language courses require you to learn from English. Mondly localizes their lessons so you can learn from 33 different languages. Learning from your native language is more effective for most students.

Mondly has developed virtual reality content that some are calling the next best thing to the real world. An avatar steps you through a series of questions and responses. It’s freaky, but if you’re into video games, you’ll probably like it.

Mondly also offers content specially made for kids which is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Mondy is best for people who want a course based on short, interactive lessons to play like a game. Students and young people familiar with video games are sure to like it.

Price: $9.99/month or 12 months for $47.99

5. Spanish Uncovered

Looking for something new and fresh? Spanish Uncovered provides a unique and fun way to learn the language. Spanish Uncovered is a 3-month course designed to take you from beginner to intermediate in just three months.

Spanish Uncovered teaches students through the power of stories. One of the first is called “El Hombre Del Sombrero” and it includes 20 chapters of complete Spanish immersion. The main focus is to read and enjoy the story. The course modules are revealed as the story progresses.

In this Spanish course, you won’t be thrown into complex grammar rules. Instead, Spanish Uncovered employs a more natural method, showing you how grammar is used in a story and then drawing understanding from it. This provides an instinctive and effective method of learning a language, which is why Spanish Uncovered earns a spot in our list.

Spanish Uncovered is best for students who want a unique learning experience based on storytelling.

Price: $297 one time purchase. 7 day free trial with credit card.

6. Babbel

Babbel is designed to learn Spanish for real people in the real world. The Babbel method is based on a didactic method created by experts who obsessed over the best academic practices. They picked proven, time-tested strategies to teach languages.

Babbel bills itself as the shortest path to a real-life conversation. According to Babbel, they combine communicative didactics, cognitivism, behaviorism and constructivism. Nerd alert! If that’s not proof it was designed by academics, then I’m not sure what is 🤓

After filling out a short survey, Babbel teaches you Spanish in a way that fits your needs. You go at your own pace, without any sorts of time limits or strict programs. Babbel’s programs cover more than just speaking Spanish. Through multimedia content including audio and video, you will learn to read and write as well.

With separate courses covering specific topics, you can brush up on exactly what you need. Business trip? They have lessons for that. Leaving soon for vacation? There’s lessons that will bring you up to speed with the Spanish essentials quickly.

Babble is best for students who seek a didactic approach to learning Spanish and a short path to becoming conversational.

Price: $12.95 per month up to $83.40 per year. No free trial. 20-day money back guarantee.

7. Duolingo

What if I told you the world’s most popular online language learning platform was also 100% free forever? Then I would be stretching the truth. Duolingo used to make this claim but they changed to a freemium model a while back. It’s also unclear how they back the claim of being the world’s most popular online language course.

With as little as 5 minutes a day, Duolingo helps you sharpen your Spanish skills. Unlock new levels by completing fun, bite-sized lessons. Watch your fluency score rise with every completed round. If you miss a question, your health level drops. Miss enough questions and you die. Well not literally, but you need to wait a day to get back health. Unless you pay, in which case, your health is restored.

Duolingo goes the farthest of any of the Spanish language courses in this article to make the learning experience like a game. A cute owl encourages you to soldier on and reminds you that failure is part of the learning process.

Duolingo is best for gamers and people who want a course based on bite-sized lessons that are fun and interactive.

Price: Ad-supported. $12.99 per month up to $79.99 per year.

8. Glossika

Ever wonder what program Elon Musk would use to learn Spanish? Glossika might be it because they use an adaptive learning algorithm that sounds a bit like artificial intelligence.

Glossika describes their approach as based on smart technology, adaptive learning algorithm and structured content. They use full sentence practice in context, so that you learn Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar in a more natural way.

Each course provided by Glossika has a considerable amount of useful sentences recorded by native speakers. Listening carefully and repeating after the speakers is one of the key elements to achieving fluency with this app.

Glossika is best for students who want a course that adapts to their skill level and want to focus on their speaking ability.

Price: $30 per month up to $299 per year. No free trial.

9. Fluencia

Fluencia helps you learn Spanish by basing their course on adaptive technology and the latest cognitive research. You start with interactive exercises that test your speaking skills and move on to exercises that test comprehension and grammar.

Fluencia uses audio and images to deliver information to you in an engaging way. Their SmartReview algorithm identifies your weaknesses and works with you to practice specific challenge areas.

Fluencia uses an intelligent feedback system that explains your Spanish mistakes in detail to further your understanding. There’s a variety of exercises to keep things fresh and interesting. Flunecia keeps it real by focusing on learning phrases that you will actually use. The clear and intuitive design makes this a very handy tool.

Price: $14.94 per month up to $95.40 per year. 15-lesson free trial.

10. Coffee Break Academy

Coffee Break Academy is a division of Coffee Break Languages, a free podcast for learning Spanish and several other languages.

The course is split in modules such as Travel Diaries, Masterclasses and Spanish To Go. The modules introduce you to characters such as Victoria and her husband Abel on their honeymoon in Spain. In each episode, Anabel and Mark discuss Victoria’s travel diary and help you learn interesting vocabulary useful phrases.

Victoria, Abel, Anabel and Mark use a combination of audio files, lesson notes and video pronunciation practice to teach your Spanish in a creative way. Coffee Break Spanish includes language teachers, native speakers and host learners. It’s fun and enjoyable.

Coffee Break Academy is best for students who want an audio centric approach similar to a podcast.

Price: 17£ for certain courses up to 80£ course bundles.

With so many programs to choose from, I hope this list and these details were helpful to you. If we missed one of your favorite Spanish courses, even if it’s your own, email us at [email protected].

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Best of luck on your Spanish speaking journey!

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Founder Vidalingua

11 Best Online Spanish Self-Study Courses [UPDATED]

You finally want to learn Spanish. For real.

You started looking for Spanish courses on the internet, only to end up feeling overwhelmed and confused about which one to choose.

Are you a total beginner or an advanced learner? Someone who likes to learn by reading or rather a visual learner? A person that is very self-motivated and structured, or that needs to be motivated and follow a given plan? 

We’ve picked the top 11 online Spanish courses you can use to start learning Spanish today, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Learning Spanish with an online course has the convenience of being able to choose when and where to study. This allows you to fit your language studies with your daily life and progress your skills faster.

You won’t get personalized learning in the same way, but it’s a great start. 

Whatever your needs are, we have found the best online Spanish courses for you!

Table of Contents

Best 11 Online Spanish Courses (INFOGRAPHIC)

1. Let’s Speak Spanish

2. Todo-claro

3. Lengalia

4. Lingoda

5. LinguaTV

6. Fluencia

7. Instituto Cervantes

8. Rocket Languages

9. Practiquemos

10. Lingualia

11. Mango Languages

Our List of the 11 Best
Online Spanish Courses

Our team researched and analyzed in depth these Spanish language courses. We’ve kept in mind the different levels of learners, and investigated tools and widgets that are helpful to support the learning process. Here’s what we think about each one of them.

1. Let’s Speak Spanish

¡Hablemos Español! – Let’s Speak Spanish! The name says it all; our COMBI Online Spanish Course is focused on teaching you Spanish – and only Spanish. We’ve been teaching Spanish for 20 years, and can guarantee a specialized and customized language course taught by our qualified, native Spanish teachers, to help you achieve your next level towards Spanish fluency! 

Our COMBI Course is a combination of self-learning, community support and teacher tutoring. The course offers a lot of variety. You will find grammar explanations, recorded webinars, podcast episodes that include transcripts with practical exercises, infographics and much more. At the end of each level, you have an evaluation exam that will show how good you gleaned information. 

We’ve developed a unique and proven learning system called the 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®. This means we’ve divided the first four levels of Spanish (A1, A2, B1 & B2) into more detailed levels. This allows us to define our students’ exact levels in Spanish more precisely and provides the perfect starting point for their Spanish learning journey.

To find out your level in Spanish, just take our FREE Placement Test! It’s the most precise placement test online!

With our COMBI Spanish Online Course, you can reach the next level in just 2 weeks. At the beginning of every level, we clearly define the goals and outcomes so you stay highly motivated and always have the next achievable goal in sight.  

You can now try our 1 week, first level course for FREE and see whether our course is the one for you!


  • Detailed placement test at the beginning
  • Qualified, native Spanish teachers using unique teaching styles (available at the COMBI+ packs)
  • Clearly defined milestones and course structure
  • Interactive course with a mixture of live classes, tutoring and self-study
  • Additional content for further practice


If you don’t take any private tutor lessons the conversational practice is not present for you. 

Level 1 is FREE (suitable for beginners).
Check more information here.

$ 29 per level (≙ 2 weeks)

$ 139 includes 4 One-on-One

$179 includes 6 One-on-One classes

$ 219 includes 8 One-on-One classes

2. Todo-Claro

Todo-claro has plenty to offer as an educational website. It’s a particularly useful tool if you’re looking for free Spanish learning resources.

It contains a wide selection of material to help you practice what you’ve learned, such as gap-fill worksheets and other useful tools like the verb conjugator. Aside from grammatical materials such as sheets for plurals, pronouns and irregular verbs, there are a few cultural quizzes that will test your knowledge in Hispanic culture and other Spanish speaking countries.

Note that this resource relies heavily on self-study only; there is no manual for beginners or other levels. It’s more suitable for advanced students as a practice tool.

Unfortunately, it is a little outdated compared to other services available. But considering it’s a free resource, it can definitely be valuable in supporting your experience of learning the Spanish language. Todo-claro has a range of levels available and can also be viewed in English, German, French, Spanish or Portuguese.


  • Offers a wide range of exercises for different levels
  • Great grammar practice and useful verb conjugator


  • Outdated web page and design
  • Only exercises provided with no explanations
  • Lack of updates for new materials

Try Todo-claro Now

3. Lengalia

Lengalia could be one of the best online Spanish courses.

With numerous ways of learning and receiving small certificates that celebrate your achievements and gives you an extra boost of motivation, it’s a valuable course.

If you’re looking to gain a good basis in the Spanish language by learning from a clear and well-organized curriculum extending from grammar to vocabulary, Lengalia might be the online Spanish course you’ve been looking for.

It contains plenty of exercises that will help you to improve your Spanish skills in different areas. The course includes live tutor features, podcasts to listen to, a virtual teacher who helps with all the explanations, language exchange… the list goes on.

Spanish courses are available from A0 (for complete beginners before A1) to C2 and you also have the freedom to choose your topics. Lengalia has specialized options such as every day Spanish for travel and business, allowing you to personalize your learning to suit your needs.


  • Diversity of the topics
  • Voice recorder: compare your Spanish to native speakers
  • Virtual teacher
  • Verb conjugator
  • Online translator
  • Language exchange
  • Certification upon completion


  • For the long term courses, Lengalia is a good value for money. However, if you only want to study for a few months, there are cheaper options available.

All in flat-rate:
$ 64.99 for 12 months ($ 5.41 per month)

$86.49 for 24 months ($ 3. 60 per month)

$32.49 per month

Try Lengalia Now

4. Lingoda

Lingoda is an online platform that allows you to have group or private online lessons with certified native speakers. These teachers are from different Spanish speaking countries, allowing you to have conversations and improve your comprehension of different Spanish accents.

The platform is mostly known for its “Lingoda Marathon” promotion. The Sprint lasts two months, with the possibility to take 30 or 60 classes in this timeline. If you complete all the classes and follow the rules you can receive 50% or even 100% cashback!

As you can imagine, this might be a good way to get yourself immersed and committed to learning the language.

But one of the downsides of this system is that you don’t stick to one teacher; you often have to start from scratch with a different person. Some of the learning materials are quite repetitive as well. It’s mostly up to the teacher’s capabilities to make them more interactive, according to the level of other people in your class if you’re not taking a private lesson. But well, you never know 😀 Maybe you will be the lucky one!


  • Teachers speak mostly in Spanish
  • Quick feedback from teachers after lessons
  • Lots of materials for advanced learners


  • Some teachers are better than others
  • A bit tricky to find the right slot for lessons, especially for beginners
  • Quality of the class depends on other people in your class

$ 440 for 30 classes with a possibility of 50% cashback

$ 880 for 60 classes with a possibility of 100% cashback

*Check for more prices on the website

Try Lingoda Now

5. LinguaTV

What makes LinguaTV stand out?

Formerly known as Lingorilla, the newly branded LinguaTV is a video-based learning course. With a slightly different type of format from other online Spanish courses, LinguaTV mostly specializes in video lessons, and is perfect for having some fun while learning!

In fact, this platform provides enjoyable content with native speakers that will help learners of any level to progress at a fast pace. A single course includes 20 video lessons with dialogues and situations from everyday life.

However, we only recommend this Spanish online course alongside other learning resources, so you can develop other areas of your Spanish language as well. Whilst it contains good materials that will help you refine your listening and comprehension skills, it lacks a few features that can push you to have a solid knowledge of Spanish and achieve the next level of proficiency.


  • Grammatical topics explained in an engaging video format
  • Interactive learning with games like Videoquizz and Cloze
  • Integrated online dictionary available
  • Learning materials are downloadable
  • Glossary


  • Some video lessons are not optimized to fit the exercises
  • Some explanations for the exercises are only available in Spanish
  • Lack of oral exercises

3 months (2 courses) for € 89. 70
6 months (4 courses) for € 149.40
12 months (8 courses) for € 238.80

Try LinguaTV Now

6. Fluencia

Unlike most of the online language courses mentioned so far, Fluencia focuses uniquely on the Spanish language.

As a result, this course contains a top-notch quality learning program that provides a wide variety of well-designed lessons, specifically for Spanish. It includes videos, pictures, translations and audio recordings by native speakers that will get you deeply immersed into the language.

Fluencia offers high-quality cultural information and detailed grammatical explanations, along with clear real-life examples and challenging exercises that will push you to be mentally engaged. In fact, you need to properly understand the lessons, in order to pass the exercises.

One of their highlights is the SmartReview feature, which is an adaptive learning technology. After several lessons, you are given a review lesson which allows you to focus on your weakest words. This is useful for reinforcing your learning.

Even though it is not available as an application for your smartphone, it is easily accessible from your desktop or phone browser. Registration and the first 15 lessons are free.

Yet, there is a range of online Spanish courses that are designed as smartphone apps. Find out the 11 Best Apps to Learn Spanish if you prefer learning with your phone.


  • High-quality program specialized only in Spanish
  • Repetition method: SmartReview
  • Feedback system, with all the mistakes and corrections


  • Practicing oral skills with a native speaker is needed as well
  • Need other additional materials to supplement learning e.g. podcasts, conversations etc.

$ 14.95 per month
$ 95.40 for 12 months ($ 7.95 per month)
$ 166.80 for 24 month ($ 6.95 per month)

Try Fluencia Now

7. Instituto Cervantes

If you want a quality website to help you learn Spanish, then why not go for the DELE exam issuers themselves?

Instituto Cervantes offers a comprehensive online Spanish course divided into 16 parts and 48 topics, supported by teaching materials, videos and interactive exercises. Each course covers different topics taking around 10 hours to complete, and you’re free to navigate each of them.

Regardless of your Spanish level, this is a great learning platform. It’s even more suitable if you’re considering going for the DELE exam. After all, it’s the Instituto Cervantes syllabus. It’s not decked out in all the bells and whistles like some of the more entertaining courses, but the classes are very informative and give you exactly what you need for each level.

The best way to use this Spanish language course is to practice and learn at home, and then find native Spanish speakers to practice what you’ve learned. You can also enrol in their online course which has the option to Skype with a native Spanish tutor!


  • A useful online course for learning before an upcoming exam
  • Great for anyone with traditional learning styles


  • Not as modern and fun as some of the available Spanish language courses
  • Most recommendable to people studying at a higher level
  • Might not be ideal for complete beginners

€ 20 per 10-hour course

*Check for more prices on the website

Try Instituto Cervantes Now

8. Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages effectively offers three online Spanish courses in one: 

  • A 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course which is great for getting started with learning Spanish
  • A 33-lesson Language and Culture Course which explains the Spanish grammar and culture more in-depth 
  • A series of reinforcement activities like flashcards which work on your retention, pronunciation, writing and listening skills, and train you with real-world Spanish conversations

Rocket Languages makes use of state-of-the-art voice recognition to make sure that you pronounce the words and phrases correctly. There’s also a Questions & Answers forum so you can ask other Spanish students and Rocket Languages staff for language advice.

Rocket Languages also has a free mobile app available that synchronises your progress across all your devices.

You can get started with a free trial to see whether Rocket Languages is the right online Spanish course for you before you purchase lifetime access.


  • Huge amount of learning material
  • Well structured course with good grammar explanations
  • Synchronized mobile app


  • Audio lessons tend to become boring
  • Interface is not ideal for visual learners
  • Culture lessons are not advanced 

Level 1: $ 99.95

Levels 1 and 2: $ 249.90

Levels 1 to 3: $ 259.90

Try Rocket Languages Now

9. Practiquemos

Practiquemos is, as you may guess from the name, all about practicing the Spanish language. The website offers video lessons, grammar and verb conjugation exercises, MP3s and PDFs! It’s a great resource when you already know the grammar and want to practice your skills. 

Additionally to the website, there’s a YouTube channel where Catalina Moreno E., the host of the website, lively explains grammatical issues. You can find her and even more channels for learning Spanish in The 13 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish.


  • A lot of good grammar exercises
  • Video classes available


  • No fixed course structure – independent learning

Check the website for different offers, for example:

App with exercises: $ 147 / € 147
Exercise Books: Level 1 – Free; Level 2 – $ 14 / € 14

Try Practiquemos Now

10. Lingualia

LinguLearning is Lingualia’s exclusive learning method. The system is based on artificial intelligence which automatically personalizes all the content and adapts it to match the needs according to a student’s level. The online course provides 200 Spanish lessons, divided into four levels, and a revision section for each level. 

The lessons consist of dialogues to improve your oral comprehension and put into practice what you’ve learned, exercises and tools to improve your grammar, images and audio to learn vocabulary, and phonetic flashcards to ensure correct pronunciation.

You can use Lingualia for free, but then you have to wait a certain amount of time before starting a new lesson, and many features like the dialogues and audios are missing.


  • Personalized learning
  • Writing exercises corrected by native speakers


  • No speech recognition feature
  • Description and examples are all in Spanish (English translation available, but very bad) – not suitable for total beginners

$ 25.00 per month
$ 45.00 for 3 months ($ 15.00 per month or $7.50 with discount)
$ 59.70 for 6 months ($ 9.95 per month or $ 4.98 with discount)

Try Lingualia Now

11. Mango Languages

Mango Languages teaches you Latin American Spanish through conversations.

It offers a great course structure which clearly points out the conversational and grammar goals per unit and chapter. If you are learning Spanish for a certain purpose, you can even choose special courses like Business Spanish, Legal Spanish, Medical Spanish or Spanish for Librarians.

Mango Languages does a great job in visually presenting their content. Colors between the Spanish words and the English translations match, so you can easily see what they mean literally as well as in the right context. Plus, they provide the visual pronunciation keys for new words.

There is a timer that simulates a real conversation and forces you to answer quickly, but of course, it can be turned off. The conversations are constructed so that they teach grammar and vocabulary subliminally.

Other fun features are the cultural lessons and the movie mode that offer activities throughout a movie.


  • Well structured and clear learning goals
  • Great visualization
  • Conversational simulation


  • No writing exercises

Single language: $ 7.99 per month
All languages: $ 17.99 per month
*Check website for more prices (yearly prices)

Try Mango Languages Now

As you can see, there are some great online Spanish courses that teach the Spanish language theoretically and practically. But, as mentioned at the beginning, they can’t substitute real-life conversations with native speakers.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

By having high quality lessons with our experienced Spanish teachers who are all certified professionals, you can level up your Spanish in the best way possible. 

All from the comfort of your own home.

Find out more about how you can become fluent with our Spanish conversational online lessons as an extension to your online Spanish course.


​​Would you like to take your Spanish to the next level?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re an advanced student, with us you’ll reach the next level of Spanish quickly and easily. With 24 Levels to Spanish fluency, the next level is always close by, so you will never lose motivation.

You can choose between:


In both cases, you’ll learn Spanish using our successful 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency® and our unique Spanish teaching methods.

TOP 20 Spanish courses – reviews, study ranking in Compare

Reviews of online schools and courses


Great school!

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Two children, 8 and 12 years old, studied English for 2 months.0005

Signed up to study Italian

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Olesya, country Russia


I really like it, I advise

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Frequently Asked Questions for Spanish courses

How to choose the best Spanish courses?

Check out the reviews of the school on independent sites and feel free to ask questions to the managers representing the school.

How much does it cost to study Spanish?

Can I learn Spanish online?

What is the best way to learn Spanish, online or offline?

What are the benefits of online learning?

How long will the training take?

Where can I learn Spanish for free?

Can I learn Spanish on my own?

TOP of the best online Spanish courses

1. Intermediate (Advanced) Spanish course from ESHKO

ESHKO certificate and certificate in English Graduation Certificate, Certificate MFUA of the established sample.
School ESHKO4.223 reviews
Course duration 22 months. This is an approximate period. The study takes place at a free pace and depends on you. The course can be completed both faster and slower
Course fee 14,850 ₽
Employment program Not available
Course schedule Free schedule
Study process Recording of lectures or webinars

School Stepik4. 189 reviews
Course duration 49 days
Employment program None
Certificate of completion Certificate
Course schedule Free schedule
Study process Recording of lectures or webinars

Online Spanish Course language” from


School Irs.academy3.4100 reviews
Duration of the course 3 months
Course cost0096

Employment program None
Course completion document Certificate
Course schedule Free schedule

Recording of lectures or webinars, Online classes with a teacher

4. Course “Spanish for beginners extra (A1 level)” from ESHKO

Course completion document

School ESHKO4. 223 reviews
Course duration 12 months. This is an approximate period. The study takes place at a free pace and depends on you. The course can be completed both faster and slower
Course fee 5 500 ₽
Employment program Missing
ESHKO vision and certificate in English Graduation Certificate.
Course schedule Free schedule
Study process Recording of lectures or webinars


School Stepik4. 189 reviews Course duration 6 hours Employment program None Certificate of completion Certificate Course schedule Free schedule Learning process Recording of lectures or webinars

level A2)” from ESHKO

School ESHKO4. 223 reviews
Course duration 12 months. This is an approximate period. The study takes place at a free pace and depends on you. The course can be completed both faster and slower 9No graduation certificate.
Schedule of the course Free schedule
Educational process Recording of lectures or webinars

Course completion document ESHKO certificate and certificate in English Graduation Certificate, Certificate MFUA of the established sample.
School ESHKO4.223 reviews
Course duration 22 months. This is an approximate period. The study takes place at a free pace and depends on you. The course can be completed both faster and slower
Course fee 15 400 ₽
Employment program Missing
Course schedule Free schedule
Educational process Recording of lectures or webinars


School ESHKO4. 223 reviews Course duration 22 months. This is an approximate period. The study takes place at a free pace and depends on you. The course can be completed both faster and slower 9No language Graduation Certificate, MFUA Certificate of the established form. Course schedule Free schedule Educational process Recording of lectures or webinars

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Foreign languages ​​


online Spanish school, online Spanish courses

for beginners

Individual and group lessons with professional teachers

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Spanish for kids

Programs for kids 6+
and teens 10+

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Self-paced Spanish

Interactive Spanish self-learning platform

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Spanish tests 9002 Prepared by experienced methodologists and teachers Schools

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Advanced Spanish

More than 70 experienced teachers and over 300 groups of different levels

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Our Spain is:

A school with professional teachers and a systematic author’s approach

The methodology is based on the best Spanish textbooks and modern practices. More than 70 teachers conduct over 150 classes daily. Many of them live in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries.

School with a state educational license and a recognizable brand

License of the Moscow Department of Education and Science No. L035-01298-77 / 00643253 and a certificate of registration of the SPANICA trademark No. 810178 in the State Register.

An online school with a long history and grateful graduates

Over the past 5 years, we have graduated more than 5,000 students with excellent results: competent speech, excellent pronunciation, rich vocabulary. All our graduates receive a corporate certificate upon completion of the course.

Leave a request and we will help you find the best teacher for you!

live communication with a teacher in a group or individually in a format convenient for you

I agree with the rules for the processing of personal data


We teach according to the classical level structure,
, according to the accepted European system of foreign language proficiency.
Training programs are developed by methodologists and teachers of our school, who have been living in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries for a long time
. When compiling programs, modern Spanish educational materials and interactive platforms were used.



All SPANICA teachers have a university degree in Spanish and have at least 5 years of experience. Among the teachers of our school there are many who have been living in Spain and Latin America for a long time.


The author’s methodology was developed by the school’s methodologists on the basis of the best Spanish textbooks and interactive teaching methods. In addition to the “live” Spanish language, you will get acquainted with the modern life and culture of Spain.


Online lessons with an experienced teacher in a mini-group of up to 4 people, together or individually – this is an opportunity to choose the most convenient learning format for you, as well as a serious saving of time and money.


We have prepared over 3,000 interactive Spanish grammar and vocabulary exercises with audio and video materials for our students. These teaching materials have already proven their effectiveness during the classes.


This is a guarantee of the quality of the training program, the opportunity to receive a tax deduction or use maternity capital when paying for classes. Reducing the tax base for corporate clients.


We provide students with personal certificates of completion for each level of study. Certificates have a unique number and are entered in the register of the SPANICA school. We are ready to confirm them upon request.


We offer you not only an effective and exciting learning process, but also the opportunity to get acquainted with Spanish culture, make new friends, improve your speaking and listening skills. We have prepared interesting topics for conversation clubs and collected the best works for lovers of Spanish literature and cinema!

Conversation club

Cinema club

Literature club


All our teachers have higher pedagogical education, diplomas in Spanish and work experience of at least 5 years. Most of them have been living in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries for many years. They will be able to teach you beautiful Spanish, introduce you to the history, culture and peculiarities of life in modern Spain.

Filippova Vera

I live in Madrid and I am very glad to be able to continue teaching online now. I promise to make learning Spanish in our school enjoyable, and the results of learning visible!

Evoyan Lilit

Hola! My name is Lilit and I am a Spanish teacher at the SPANICA school. In 2016 she graduated with honors from the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, and in 2018 received a master’s degree in linguistics.

Kanaeva Berta

¡Hola a todos! My name is Berta and I am a teacher at SPANICA online school. I have been teaching Spanish and English since 2018. I conduct online classes both individually and in groups, using modern manuals, authentic audio and video materials, games and professional educational literature.

Shumakova Karina

I live in Madrid and have extensive experience in teaching Spanish to both Russian and foreign students, both adults and children.

All teachers in the school

Special education programs for children

Our school has developed unique programs for children from 6 years old and teenagers. Experienced teachers will create a warm friendly atmosphere. Classes are held in a fun way.

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In a mini group

from 740

in 60 minutes

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from 1110 ₽ 906 in 60 minutes

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from 1720

in 60 minutes

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Frequently asked questions about studying in Spanishica


How many classes do you need to attend to learn Spanish ?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, since everything depends on the student’s initial knowledge, his abilities and the intensity of the lessons. It is customary to divide the entire learning process into 6 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Each step assumes knowledge of grammar, listening skills, written and oral speech, reading in Spanish. Passing each level, the student improves his knowledge and skills from scratch to free communication.
One package includes 8 lessons. At the first payment, we will add 2 more free lessons. Therefore, in 10 lessons, you will be able to evaluate the quality of education in our school, analyze your achievements and decide whether the online format is right for you and whether you want to continue your Spanish lessons.

What do you need for classes?

Desire😊, a computer (or other gadget) with a reliable internet connection, with a camera and microphone. Everything else: a professional teacher, the best modern Spanish textbooks, interactive presentations with audio and video materials to consolidate knowledge, we will provide.

When will progress be seen?

It all depends on the student. The more often and harder he practices, the faster progress will be seen.
For the best result, we recommend that you be active in the classroom, do all the exercises from your homework and study additional materials that the teacher offers for independent work. If you wish, you can join clubs of interest. We hold conversational, literary and film club meetings.
To track progress, control tests are regularly conducted under the guidance of a teacher, educational materials are freely available on the page of each course.

Is it possible to combine classes in an online Spanish school and work/study?

Of course! And the proof of this is 1000+ satisfied students who discover new sides of the Spanish language every month.
Teachers are located in different time zones and corners of the world, so you can easily choose classes according to a comfortable schedule. Choose on the course page any convenient day of the week and time for training.
If you have not found a suitable group or want to attend individual lessons, then leave a request. Our specialists will contact you, try to take into account all your wishes and select the best option.

Which is better: group lessons or individual lessons?

Each format has its own advantages.
In the classroom in mini-groups, students communicate not only with the teacher, but also with fellow students. Of course, they follow each other’s progress.
In individual lessons, you can go with the teacher at a pace that is comfortable for you.
Leave a request, and we will select the most convenient option, based on your preferences and temperament.



Leningrad region, Russia

I started learning Spanish five years ago and tried to learn the language on my own, but I lacked motivation. In the end, last year, I decided to try the online school format and I really liked this learning structure and that every day you deal with the language. Homework is structured in such a way that you can do interactive one day and listen to audio recordings the next. Classes are held on modern materials, where there is humor and a lively atmosphere.

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Cherepovets, Russia

I started considering online learning a year and a half ago when the question arose of learning Spanish, and in my city it was not possible to find a professional teacher.