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  • Vall de Núria in the Ripollès region

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    Vall de Núria mountain resort, with a unique wealth of nature and landscape, is located in the Eastern Pyrenees, within the municipal area of Queralbs. It sits above one of the highest points of the Ribes Valley and it’s surrounded by peaks of almost 3,000 metres from which flow a multitude of water sources and torrents.

    We invite you to glory in this spectacular mountain landscape using an unusual form of transport: the rack railway. It covers a distance of 12.5 km and takes you up an incline of over 1000 metres.


    Under the management of the Catalan Railways Tourism and Mountain Division, we have always taken great care in the upkeep of this wealth of natural heritage, introducing and maintaining an environmental management system in all the activities that have been developed. All that has been done in keeping with the requirements contained in the ISO 14001 standard. At the same time, the ski resort has been awarded a Q rating for quality, granted by the Tourist Quality Institute.

    Discover an unparalleled environment where the waters of the Núria river can only run its course thanks to the deep narrow gorges that have been cut through this hard rock, until you arrive at the valley of the Freser, a river which flows into the great Ter at Ripoll.



    The geographical location has determined Núria’s history. The pastures of the valley were the subject of transaction between counts and monasteries; a fact that probably explains the origin of the sanctuary. Subsequently, the Treaty of the Pyrenees transformed Núria into a square border and put it in the military spotlight. In the early twentieth century Núria knows the beginning of mountaineering and winter sports in Catalonia. It was also the venue chosen by the Republican Catalan Government to draft the “1932 Statute”, which is also called “Núria Statute”. The image of the Virgin of Núria suffered exile, from 1936 to 1942 because of the Civil War and later remained kidnapped (1967-1972) by Catalan patriots.


    The legendary origin of Núria

    Núria has a rich legendary but certainly the story is the key finding of the Virgin Mary. According to the legend, San Gil, born in Athens, was appointed bishop of Nimes. He carved the image of the Virgin while living in the valley, between the years 700 and 703. With the bell he summonded the pastors and he evangelized them in front of the cross which he had carved, he gave them food cooking it in a pot. In this sense, the bell, the cross and the top represent the symbols of Núria. Preaching often was accompanied by persecution. When the persecution began he was forced to leave the valley and he hid the Virgin in a small cave.

    In 1072, by divine inspiration, a man named Amadeu came from Dalmatia to the search for relics of Mary. Shepherds knew the tradition of San Gil and helped him to raise a modest chapel (the origin of the sanctuary). When Amadeu left, the shepherds rediscovered the image. They tried to carry it in procession Queralbs, but it was not possible “because it wanted to stay at Núria.”


    Núria’s Rack Railway

    1919 The transpirinenc railway of the Barcelona -Puigcerdà line arrive at Ribes de Freser.
    1928 Begins the construction of the Rack Railway.
    1930 30th December the first locomotive reaches Núria.
    1931 22nd March the line is inaugurated.

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    Siempre y en cualquier estacion es. ..


    “Siempre y en cualquier estacion es reconfortate subir a la Vall”


    Lugar idílico, muy recomendable para…


    “Lugar idílico, muy recomendable para realizar rutas a pie.”


    Beautifull place!!…


    “Beautifull place!!”


    Con muchas actividades para toda la…


    “Con muchas actividades para toda la familia GENIAL”


    El diumenge dia 27/11 hi vaig estar…


    “El diumenge dia 27/11 hi vaig estar per 4a Vegada es un lloc màgic.”


    Es un lugar precioso donde encuentras…


    “Es un lugar precioso donde encuentras paz.”


    Muy buena excelente lugar tranquilo. ..


    “Muy buena excelente lugar tranquilo paisajes bellísimo espero repetir el paseo”


    Una maravilla natural…


    “Una maravilla natural”


    Bon lloc on perdres o passar uns dies…


    “Bon lloc on perdres o passar uns dies”


    Lots of walking trails and very nice…


    “Lots of walking trails and very nice views, but to see a lot you need to overnight. To just visit the valley I recommend to go on foot from Ribes, there is a…”

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      High-altitude gastronomic proposals in Vall de Núria

      Vall de Núria is a haven, sport, nature, adventure, relaxation, but also gastronomy! Do you want to know more about the catering offer at the Ripolles station? You will find establishments for all tastes and needs.

      What do we do at FGC Mountain Resorts for sustainability?

      FGC’s six mountain resorts are closely linked to the natural environment in which they are located and work to protect and conserve the environment, applying measures that protect the environment and prevent the degradation of the natural environment and the loss of biodiversity.

      Do you know what you need for a day of skiing?

      If you don’t know what to wear for a day of skiing, here you are some advices to know what type of clothing is essential to enjoy the snow while being well equipped and comfortable.

    • 29/04/23 – Event


      Enjoy a beer tasting in Vall de Núria

    • 28/04/23 al 30/04/23 – Event

      Free activities for Hotel customers

      Lots of activities for all audiences

    • 24/10/22 – News

      Vall de Núria will open during the month of November with special hours

      Núria’s Rack Railway will run on weekends in November

    • 04/07/22 – News

      Ferrocarrils and four parks in Catalonia agree on thirty actions in 2022 to promote the conservation and preservation of biodiversity

      Among the actions planned for this year are the adaptation of roads and different sectors of the resorts, the installation of new viewpoints and the protection of flora and fauna.

    • 10/06/22 – News

      Vall de Núria is hosting a new edition of the Olla de Núria mountain race this weekend

    • 28/04/22 – News

      Núria Rack Railway offers a 50% ticket throughout the month of May

      Throughout the month of May, people wishing to go up to the Vall de Núria with the Cremallera on weekdays will be able to buy the ticket at a reduced price

    • 19/07/19 – Blog

      Health breaks for people over 55

      Breathe fresh air, walk surrounded by nature, hiking, live calmly, taste mountain cuisine, discover the flora and fauna … If you are over 55, you can enjoy various activities at reduced prices that will make you spend everything a range of very beneficial experiences for health.

    • 20/02/19 – Blog

      5 things you can do if you come with children to Vall de Núria

      Do you have any plan to come soon to Vall de Núria with your children and would like to know some options that we offer to make it together? Good! In this post we propose 5 very different activities that you can do as a family, in order to live an unforgettable experience in an unbeatable place!

    Val de Nuria (Catalan Pyrenees)

    Sights of Catalonia
    09 September 2020

    Excursion from Barcelona to Val de Nuria (Vall de Nuria) – a high mountain valley lost among the mighty Pyrenean ranges – with a stop in a medieval Catalan town
    Ripoll is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the primitively beautiful atmosphere of the Pyrenees for the whole day, against which the urban crowding and bustle begin to seem something frankly

    A trip to Val de Nuria – for those who are not indifferent to the mountains (and I think most of them are), as well as for tourists who have managed to visit Catalonia more than once and all the most
    well-known sights have already, as they say, studied “from and to”.

    Among our clients, by the way, there are quite a few with whom we met two, three, or even four times in different years, and then they suddenly call and report that
    are going to visit us for the fifth time – and the hotels would like to see something “such”, beautiful, impressive and not spoiled by the moloch of mass tourism.

    The Nuria Valley is just such a place: a real lost highland world just a couple of hours drive from Barcelona, ​​and, at the same time, “one arrow flight” from the French border, which is just
    Pyrenees and passes. However, “a couple of hours” is the time of a car trip to the town of Ribes de Freser, sandwiched in the gorge. And after it, since we have gathered in this wonderful
    valley, we also have an interesting ascent to cremalier – a jagged mountain road , the views from the window of which
    open such that you remember them for life!

    And why on a kremalier? – you ask. Yes, because, dear friends, there is no motor road in Val de Nuria – precisely because of its inaccessibility. So kremalera is the only way
    get there. True, there is also a helicopter – for example, the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, well known to all of us in connection with corruption scandals, flew to Val de Nuria by helicopter: after all, the valley,
    among other things, it is also a ski resort. But we, unfortunately, are not the king, therefore, a cremalier, a cremalier, and once again a cremalier!

    And trust me, we won’t regret it for a second. Because, as we said, the views from the train window are mesmerizing, impressive and even slightly overwhelming, as beauty always does.
    majestic and eternal.

    Granite cliffs covered with greenery of moss, pointed rock peaks, tunnels into which the train will now and then dive and abysses that open after them – throughout the whole trip you will
    to experience a constant desire to photograph and photograph endlessly – as it happens every time with us.

    By the way, information for those who gather in Val de Nuria to ski: the train is equipped with special places for skis and snowboards, as well as for strollers (in case you
    traveling with small children.)

    It will take about half an hour to climb the mountains – and then we will get off the train and immediately understand what truly clean mountain air is, and there is no other in the Nuria Valley!

    And exactly the same crystal purity will amaze us with a mountain lake – transparent, like a giant tear of Mary Magdalene. Near the lake there is a specially organized camping for picnics, and
    in general, it is difficult to stay in Val de Nuria: in the center of the valley rises a huge building, built in a ponderous and impressive Pyrenean neo-Gothic style, under the roof of which
    hotel, museum, bar, restaurant, cafe, temple and museum! We had to reinforce our forces there repeatedly, and therefore we responsibly declare that the food there is quite decent.

    In general, like any resort, Val de Nuria offers different types of outdoor activities: you can ride a boat on the lake, renting it; for children there is a playground and a mini zoo. By
    In the valley of Nuria, you can walk one of the many hiking trails, or you can use the lift and climb to the very top. Often at the same time you get into the very clouds that
    float around you, and even find yourself above them – also an unforgettable sight!

    Another point of our route: medieval Ripol (Ripol), located in a picturesque green mountain gorge at the confluence of two rivers: Ter and
    Freser. The first mention of the presence of man on the site of the present city dates back to the Bronze Age (1500-600 BC). This information refers to mentions of small disparate
    settlements near the rivers Ter and Freser, surrounded by mountains. Finds of bronze objects and tools confirm these assumptions.

    However, we are more interested in another Ripol – medieval. In the 9th century, the inhabitants of the surrounding areas began to concentrate around the place that today is called the city of Ripoll. Initiator
    settlements in this area became the “father of Catalonia” – count Wilfred the Hairy (Guifré el Pelós)

    Due to its strategic location at the crossroads and due to the early industrial and business activity in Ripoll, as well as its proximity to the French
    border city has always been a military conflict between France and Spain.

    For a long time, Ripol served as a major center of industry, primarily associated with metallurgy and iron processing. For example,
    in the 16th to 18th centuries the city was known throughout Europe for the production of firearms – cannons and muskets.

    However, in the first place is still another role of Ripoll in the History of Catalonia: cultural and spiritual.

    During the tour we will visit the main attraction of the city – the monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll. This is one of the most famous and memorable spiritual centers of Catalonia. In interiors
    in the impressive old basilica, major religious figures and rulers of Catalonia are buried: Count Wilfred the Hairy (Guifré el Pelós), considered one of the fathers of the Catalan nation, as well as
    his descendants Count Ramon Berenguer III and IV (Ramon Berenguer III i IV).

    This is a completely different Catalonia: a wild, harsh mountainous land, where over the centuries of difficult life, full of dangers and military conflicts, the foundation of the recalcitrant and proud Catalan nation was forged.

    The duration of the tour is 9 hours. Price: 1-3 people – 380 €, 4-5 people
    – 410 €, 6 people – 460 €, 7 or more people – on request. Book an excursion


    Note: the trip on the rack, including the ticket for the guide, is paid additionally (adult return ticket – 22 euros;
    child ticket – 13 euros).

    The cost of car tours includes: guide + driver + car + all transportation costs. Entrance tickets to museums are paid separately.
    Prices are based on the start and end of excursions in Barcelona.

    To order an excursion, use our contact information or the form below:


    The Privacy Policy applies.

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    Val de Nuria ski resort | Everything about skiing — SKISTOP.



    Vall de Nuria is not only an ecological ski resort that pays special attention to the care of the environment. Val de Nuria is a famous place of pilgrimage, where at an altitude of 2000m in the basilica is the miraculous figure of the Virgin Mary of Nuria.

    This small ski resort is very popular with families and offers, in addition to the ski school, a children’s park, a museum of the railway, fauna and flora of the valley. Here you can also observe animals in their natural habitat, guided tours on snowshoes. You can go up here only on the Kremalera train, which has been operating since 1931 (during the trip there is an audio tour in different languages). The Kremalera station in the towns of Queralbs or Ribes de Frescher, in addition to personal vehicles, can also be reached by train from Barcelona.

    Cozy restaurants that can satisfy any, even the most demanding taste, invite you to taste local cuisine. If you want to dine in nature, there are picnic areas with great views of the valley.

    Buy Skipass online

    Val de Nuria – Serenity Valley

    The Saint Nuria Valley is located near Barcelona, ​​at an altitude of 1950 meters above sea level. It is impossible to climb into the valley either by car or by bus. The only transport is the rack railway train “cremallera” (translated from Spanish as “lightning”). The peculiarity of the rack is that it is arranged according to the principle of functioning of a zipper on a jacket, when the driving axle of the locomotive is equipped with a strong gear wheel in the middle. This wheel hits the corresponding teeth laid between the rails, which helps to achieve the stability of the train on mountain roads, even with a very steep slope.

    The funicular train was launched for the first time in 1931, for which work was carried out lasting 3 years and not a single tunnel had to be cut through the mountain range. The duration of the route is about 40 minutes, during this time the train covers a distance of only 12. 5 km, climbing very slowly and giving all participants the opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary mountain scenery, because the elevation difference here is 1059 meters, and the slope in some sections is about 15 degrees. associated with a sharp rise and a sudden plunge into the crystal clear mountain air. But this light dope quickly passes, giving way to a feeling of delight and admiration for the surrounding landscape and the atmosphere of serenity. It seems that time has stopped here, and all the problems of everyday life lose their meaning.

    In the center of the valley rises majestically a building that looks like a monastery, in which there is a temple, a museum and a hotel under one roof. The building is quite modern, since the first Baroque temple, erected here in the 17th century, was thoroughly destroyed during the civil war. Val de Nuria also has its own shrine, the origin of which is undoubtedly connected with the beautiful legend of a hermit who once lived in the cave of the valley and miraculously preserved the statuette of St.