Top clubs in barcelona: The 13 best night clubs in Barcelona in 2023 (and why you have to visit them all…)

The 13 best night clubs in Barcelona in 2023 (and why you have to visit them all…)

Barcelona is a city steeped in history and its long-running nightlife venues are no exception. Collectively they’ve created a scene that includes a diverse range of nightlife options for clubbers from around the world to enjoy. The city of Barcelona sleeps, but it definitely doesn’t do it at night (that’s what siestas are for). 😉

Barcelona is a city where you can find underground clubs, terraces and rooftops and even incredible bars, but it is undoubtedly its clubs and discotheques that set the pace of the night.

Each venue has unique characteristics that are worth discovering for yourself. But our top team of nightclub researchers have tested the waters and put together a list of the best night clubs in Barcelona for your careful consideration. Enjoy!

Image: © SIGHT at Pacha Barcelona

Why you should go: The world-famous Pacha brand brings amazing music and an authentic atmosphere from Ibiza to Barcelona’s Port Olímpic. This club is the jewel among the nightclubs of the port and it is open seven days a week!

Atmosphere: Ibiza style clubbing in the purest form. Visitors are greeted by a sleek white interior and a stunning view over the beach. Located near Barceloneta Beach, the club attracts an international crowd with both smart and casual vibes. 

Music:  Pacha Barcelona uses its worldwide brand notoriety to attract the most excellent national and international DJs of the current music scene to the city. To give you an idea, the club has recently welcomed artists such as Paco Osuna, Loco Dice and Dom Dolla.

The urban vibe is also present in Pacha’s agenda, with concepts such as FLIRT, PEGAO or MOULALAGA adding a tempting touch to the club’s weekday and Saturday nights. 

Recommendations: Pacha transforms every Sunday into the most outstanding meeting point for clubbing lovers with Sight. The party encourages you to end your week with the best electronic music, featuring the most in-demand names: Deborah de Luca, Miss Monique and Hugel are some of the stars of the upcoming line-ups

Prices: Its first ticket releases are available for 10€ with a drink and can go up to 15€. Pacha also has a wide range of VIP services that can be chosen by the type of bottle.


Image: © Oriol Reverter

Why you should go: It’s one of the nightclubs with more history and better line-ups in Barcelona. Its more than 75 years of experience are proof of this. 

It’s open from Monday to Sunday and hosts some of the city’s most famous parties and concerts. At Apolo, even radio and TV programs have been held – its musical and artistic variety is truly respectable!

Atmosphere: Apolo breathes vanguardism. People work on their looks to move away from the mundane and break down fashion barriers as well. Be yourself.  Dress the way you feel. Comfort and dancing are priorities!

Music: Every party has its own musical style. Mondays feature Honey Bunny and Bass Bunny with pop and international hits. On Wednesdays, the famous Bresh! visits Barcelona along with the urban sounds of Caníbal. On Thursdays, Milkshake offers a multicolored and vintage session to warm up the crowd for the grand arrival of Nitsa. 

The big star of Fridays and Saturdays at Apolo brings to Barcelona one of the most outstanding and exclusive electronic programming in Spain: Klangkuenstler, Daria Kolosova, Anfisa Letyago and many more. Finally, Ley DJ lands on Sundays with its Churros con Chocolate concept, described by themselves as “your winter festival”.

Recommendations: Pay attention to the day of the week when you visit Apolo, as it’s not the same to lose your voice singing hits, to get your groove on with afrobeat and dancehall, or burn your shoes with the most underground techno. Go to the party that convinces you the most!

Prices: The price varies depending on the party or concert and can range from 18€ to 25€, always with 1 drink included.

Image: © Opium Barcelona

Why you should go: Opium is the place to catch the big names in EDM. It has a capacity for 3,000 people and manages to fill its dance floor every day of the week practically without any exception. It also has a large terrace facing the Barceloneta beach. 

Atmosphere: Classy but unpretentious vibes and young people from all around the world. 

Music:  The most renowned mainstream electronic music DJs have played at Opium. Stars such as David Guetta, Tiesto or Don Diablo regularly visit this venue every year  thanks to its WEDJS concept, helping Opium build a brand as one of the best night clubs in Barcelona for EDM lovers.

But throughout the week, Opium is active with events like Zazatâ, May May or Ladies Night with reggaeton and hits as the main attraction

Recommendations: Bring tissues in case you get teary listening to some of the nostalgic tracks played by the DJs..

Prices: The first tickets are available for 15€, but if you’re more of a bottle person, prepare at least 300€ to enjoy this service.  


Image: © Razzmatazz Clubs

Why you should go: Razzmatazz is a unique experience. It’s located in Barcelona’s industrial urban district of Poblenou and was established in the year 2000. It was the first club in Spain to schedule five different spaces. It opens every day of the week and is, without a doubt, one of the top national nightclubs and, more and more every day, one of the top international ones. A true emblem of Barcelona.

Atmosphere: Urban, underground, industrial. 

Music: All flavours are available. Razzclub is the indie side of the venue, Lolita is the home of genres such as house, trap and dubstep, Popbar, as its name suggests, is the place for pop, Rexroom is an experimental hybrid and, finally, we reach the top with The Loft. This last, spacious room is dedicated to the most avant-garde and powerful sounds of the electronic scene.

Together, all these rooms have hosted legends such as Richie Hawtin, Paul Kalkbrenner, Coldplay, Skrillex and Kanye West.

Recommendations: Don’t be surprised if you lose all your friends within the labyrinth of rooms. It’s easy to get lost inside the many rooms, so make sure you keep some phone battery for when you inevitably get separated from your gang.

Prices: It depends on the concert or party and the day. You can find tickets for €16 or €45.


Image: © Nel Photography

Why you should go: INPUT is in the top 3 best places in the city to experience electronic music. Its giant Funktion One sound system is worthy of any first-level festival, and also its large LED screen doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

Atmosphere: INPUT is usually frequented by ravers who want to dance and let their imaginations run wild. From young people in their twenties to people in their thirties, everyone at INPUT is driven by a single passion: listening to electronic music in the best possible way.

Music: The fact that different promoters organise the program of the venue means that we can enjoy everything from techno options such as Ben Sims, Ben Klock or SNTS to melodic artists such as Worakls, Konstantin Sibold or Edu Imbernon, without forgetting the groove of Jamie Jones, Hot Since 82 or Los Suruba.

In addition, from time to time INPUT ventures to change its underground vibes for the summer ones of the beach at GO Beach Club, a venue where they hold events facing Barcelona’s Port Forum. 

Recommendations: Don’t take too long to get to the Poble Espanyol, because INPUT doesn’t have a capacity much higher than 1,000 people and, when the headliner is important, the sold-out is guaranteed.

Prices:  Early-birds at INPUT are around €10, but the normal price is between €15 and €20, and can go up to €25 on special occasions.  The ticket allows access until 4.00am.


Image: © La Terrrazza

Why you have to go: This party is open-air inside a castle on a mountain – need we say more?

Atmosphere: This place has a fresh, happy vibe, fitting of the title “Atmospherical Fun Club”.  Tell your friends back home you’re going to an open-air party at a nightclub in a castle and watch their jaws drop. The way inside is through the gates of Poble Espanyol, a mini-village atop Montjuic whose streets were modeled from the various styles of architecture in each region of Spain.

Music: Here, you can find a good selection of electronic music. La Terrrazza has been making Barcelona’s people dance for more than 20 years with artists like Magda, Format B, Moscoman, Derrick May or Raxon.

Recommendations: Great place to bring your friends from out of town!

Prices: Tickets range form €15 to €30, depending on the event. Check all the events and prices on Xceed.


Image: © Jamboree Dance Club

Why you should go: If hip-hop is your thing, congratulations, you’ve found your place. Located in the middle of Las Ramblas, in the centre of Barcelona, Jamboree Dance Club is the oldest hip-hop music club in Spain. Open since the 1960s and focused on hip-hop since 1992, Jamboree is known for being loyal to its musical line 365 days a year, without exception.

Atmosphere: Jamboree has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, combining an international audience – generally from central and northern Europe – with locals.

Music: As we say, Jamboree’s main focus is hip-hop, along with other styles such as R&B or other currents that are in trend at the time. Right now, its main room is dedicated to hip-hop, R&B, urban trap, and even the most underground reggaeton. Room 2 plays music from the 80s and 90s, ranging from pop to rock.

Recommendations: Jamboree is open every night of the year and is always full, which leads us to recommend you to arrive before 1 am if you don’t want to deal with a long queue. We also recommend that you dress comfortably.Prices: Jamboree is a relatively affordable club, with tickets ranging from €6 to €12, depending on the day and the event.

Image: © CDLC Barcelona

Why you should go: Want to travel without leaving Barcelona? Among the city’s huge offer, CDLC is one of the most peculiar places to go. It has a lounge running every day of the year in the Olympic Village, with international cuisine and décor that will leave you wanting more. It also has a club section with theme parties, where you can surround yourself with the most organic electronic music of today.

Atmosphere: Natural, spiritual, exotic. A unique place to explore your mind, your appetite, and your musical tastes.

Music: Deep, tech-house, ambient… All the sounds are capable of moving your soul. 

Recommendations: Saturdays are also a day not to be missed with The Temple, where residents NIIXII and Lancaster will make for an unforgettable evening.
Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by Camilo Franco’s BOHO Experience, the iconic brand that has made its mark in iconic locations such as Tulum and Ibiza, will return to its roots in CDLC to immerse Barcelona in the purest atmosphere in a combination of music, art, fashion and the universe.

Prices: Tickets are on sale for 20€ with a drink, while their VIP table service ranges from 300 to 1500€, depending on the number of people.


Image: © NOMADS

Why you should go: The long walkway that you have to cross to get to the club is ideal to dive you into one of the most genuine nightclubs in Barcelona. Full of small hidden corners, Bikini is the perfect venue for concerts, live performances and also some of the most sophisticated electronic parties in the city.

Atmosphere: It brings together electronic music lovers aged between 25 and 35 or even 40, who find in electronic sounds an ideal place to disconnect from weekly stress.

Music: On Fridays, Tunnel takes over to get the weekend started with house beats. On Saturday nights, NOM lets the tribal, melodic and deep house conquer the place, bringing artists like Echonomist, Patrice Baumel, Guy- J and many more.

Recommendations: Despite being in the high zone of Barcelona, Bikini doesn’t require you to wear elegant clothing. Think about your outfit, but don’t worry about those worn shoes.

Prices: Tickets range from 10€ to 25€ depending on the guest artist and which ticket release is active, always with a drink included.


Image: © Otto Zutz

Why you should go: Probably the best alternative club in Barcelona at the moment. Located very close to the Rambla, Les Enfants Brillants is a new but successful Input project that offers a boutique clubbing format and is winning the hearts of nightlife lovers and relevant promoters such as Loud-Contact or checkpoint in Barcelona. 

Atmosphere: Innovative. Red walls with avant-garde designs, lasers everywhere and a top-quality sound system. A combination that will make you become loyal to the club and its vibe.

Music: Minimal, house, techno, disco… Everything a true passionate clubber could ask for featuring names such as TINI, Mathew Jonson and Traumer

You can immerse in the depths of its musical proposal with the exclusive vinyl sets at Just Waxx and discover yourself in its other concept, named Carrencà.

Recommendations: It’s your must-visit every week if you’re one of those who enjoy finding out about new artists. 

Prices: Tickets range from 12-22€, with exclusive offers available for 10€ until 1am.


Image: © Macarena

Why you should go: Can you believe a nightclub has a legal capacity of 84 people? Yes, it is a micro-club. There are several in Barcelona, but this is the best of them all: Funktion One sound and open seven days a week.

Atmosphere: Few places breathe so much passion for electronic music. There, your appearance is the least of all. In Macarena, the only thing that matters is the passion for select and alternative electronic music in an intimate and personal atmosphere.

Music: Techno, electro, EBM, leftfield house, nu disco. What is more difficult to find in Macarena is the massive big-room techno and the groovy tech-house that succeeds in big venues. Macarena looks for small proposals for demanding listeners.

Recommendations: The capacity is very limited and the “one out, one in” policy is almost always applied. If you’re dying to see the artist on the line-up, don’t take risks and book your ticket

Prices: Tickets are available for an average of 10€ for most events.

Image: © Moog

Why you should go: The air you breathe at Мoog is underground. Since its opening, there has only been one night in which it hasn’t opened its doors (due to the mourning for the victims of the terrorist attack). With that, we’re saying everything.

Atmosphere: Moog is the heart of electronic music in Barcelona. It offers you a much more intimate atmosphere than other great venues such as Razzmatazz or Apolo. The club opened almost 20 years ago in the Old Town of Barcelona, but teleports the techno lover to a local rave in Berlin. The concept is the same: quality underground electronic music for real experts in techno.

Music: Techno. Mainly, industrial techno music at high revolutions and away from the most mainstream spotlights. Oh! And every day. From Monday to Sunday. No exception.

Recommendations: Finding space for you and your group of friends is a luxury at Moog, as the club is one of the smallest in the city. But, at least it’s cosy.

Prices: Tickets usually vary from 7€ on weekdays and Sundays, and 12€ from Friday to Saturday.

Image: © Josu González

Why you have to go: CityHall is another club that opens (almost) every day. Well, Sunday is marked as a day of rest. It mainly offers electronic music at its main parties, like Deeptuesday (Tuesdays), B Club (Thursdays) or its own curatorship as CityHall (Saturdays). There’s no dress code, so it’s the ideal place to go wild.

Atmosphere: Its classic theatre interior design with red velvet curtains, high ceilings and rigging decorations is preserved, all combined with an exceptional lighting and sound system.

Music: CityHall is established with two main proposals. One, facing the tourist public with remember music and hits and the other, facing the fans of electronic music with some of the most current techno and minimal big-room proposals.

Prices: With Xceed, you’ll be able to sign up for a free guest list until 1 am at most events. Later, the ticket will cost between €10 and €12, always with 1 long drink included.



9 Best Clubs in Barcelona for Going Out Out

Looking for the hottest nightlife? Dance from late at night until shepherd’s delight at the best clubs in Barcelona


If you’re the type of person who comes alive on the dancefloor, you are going to love Barcelona. Of course, there are so many things to do here that practically everyone loves Barcelona, but this city knows how to party hard. Barcelona’s nightlife scene touches on a host of moods and methods, from live music to international DJs covering every genre from R&B to rock and roll. When preparing for your journey, be sure to pack your dancing shoes because the best clubs in Barcelona will have you throwing shapes in no time. 

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Best clubs in Barcelona

© Lluís Tudela



Temporarily closed

The Lapsus festival is a guarantee in Poble-sec, and this electronic music club forms an important part of that. They also host avant-garde electronic music sessions from national and international artists. Located near Hiroshima and behind Apolo, Laut – which means ‘loud’ in German – offers a balanced programme between music from the local scene and from further afield in a 245 m² space with the latest-generation sound and a capacity for 200 revellers.

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©Josep Tomàs

2. Jamboree

  • Music
  • Music venues
  • El Gòtic

Even though it’s been around since before the Beatles broke up, Jamboree is still the place in Barcelona where you can see the best jazz concerts in the city, as well as dance to the best of hip hop and R&B. Don’t miss Thursday nights to educate your ears with the most current hits of the scene thanks to the BCN Or Die sessions with Flavio Rodríguez. Weekends mean obligatory visits to services with DJ Yoda, one of the biggest there are when it comes to urban sounds. Oh, and sneakers and caps are not only allowed but they’re practically mandatory.

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Foto: Magic Club, Facebook

3. Magic Club

  • Music
  • Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

Best friend of those about to rock, the always-sticky Magic Club is a rock ‘n’ roll club the likes of which Keith would approve. It’s a break from the hipster aroma in the air throughout the Born, bringing attitude to a neighbourhood that’s increasingly fickle. The tattooed and the leather-jacketed have been welcomed into Magic’s embrace since the first Ice Age, and the club specializes in satisfying the clan of the anti-techno. Sure, you can listen to an Iggy Pop song anywhere, but nowhere else will it have such a sweetly bitter aftertaste of beer, bourbon, sweat and sex.

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4. Sidecar Factory Club

  • Music
  • Music venues
  • Ciutat Vella

Also in Plaça Reial, Sidecar hosts rock concerts with bands that are more underground than the metro in its bare-bricked, barrel-vaulted basement. Plus, every day of the week you can drop in for some of the best DJs in the city playing rock and all its offshoots. Sidecar is that great spot to end up after a night roaming the town that ends in search of a party. You go out on a Tuesday. You drink seven G&Ts and smoked oregano in Plaça Reial. You need a place to dance with good music and a strong personality: Sidecar it is. The night ends with a stranger full of piercings and a tattoo in a place not many will see that reads, ‘The best night of my life’.

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Foto: Red58, Facebook

5. Red58

  • Clubs
  • Eixample

Temporarily closed

Red58 first opened its doors in 2017 with dreams of becoming a temple of techno in Barcelona. The likes of Moritz von Oswald, Sammy Dee, Nicolas Lutz and Ion Ludwig have taken control of their Martin Audio equipment. They also host the monthly Maricas party, which happily mixes techno and queer culture. Whatever night you go, you can expect a respectful, no-holds-barred atmosphere complete with a darkroom and a clubber ambience like few others around.

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Photograph: Sala Apolo

6. Nitsa/Astin (Sala Apolo)

  • Music
  • Music venues
  • El Poble-sec

At Apolo, you get exquisite electronica with DJ Fra and Kosmos as your gurus. Downstairs in La [2] it’s Astin, where you’ll hear the best house and disco with DJ Coco, Arnau Obiols and Morgan Hammer. Nitsa is a place where some of the best DJs have got the dance floor pounding, and the heavy-hitters just keep coming. Apolo’s three spaces also feature label-free gigs. Note that buying tickets for the band doesn’t include admission to the club night: you’ll need to re-enter for that and pay an extra charge. Emerging acts and veterans of pop, rock, folk and electronica from around the world take to the stage every day of the week.

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7. Loft (Sala Razzmatazz)

  • Music
  • Music venues
  • El Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou

The Loft, like Nitsa, gives Barcelona’s nightlife the gift of the most current electronic music from around the globe. We’re talking about a temple of techno visited by more pilgrims than the Camino de Santiago. Razzmatazz barely calls for an introduction: if you’ve ever been clubbing in Barcelona, odds are you’ve walked right in and had to be dragged out. The danceable pop-rock hits are irresistible. There’s usually quite a young crowd, which depending on which generation you fall into, might have you excited or heading for a depression. Just know that if you’re over a certain age, you might feel like you’ve been let out of the old folks’ home in order to babysit for the night.

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© Marula Café

8. Marula Café

  • Clubs
  • El Gòtic

Temporarily closed

Garage, Afrobeat, jazz, funk, soul, disco, boogaloo, and whatever the groove muses send their way, that’s what you’ll get at Marula Café, a place so real it hurts. There’s no other club in Barcelona that plays with old-school music like this elegant space located in the deepest bowels of the Gothic Quarter. Marula’s concert programme is the stuff of dreams for vinyl connoisseurs. And nothing’s held back when it comes to their DJ sessions: at the weekend you’ll move to backbeats with a seal of quality and a vintage flair, the likes of Coltrane, Hayes, Bridge, Mayfield and more.

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9. City Hall

  • Music
  • Dreta de l’Eixample

Temporarily closed

City Hall may have already had its heyday, a splendid time that’s in the recent past, but it’s still one of our favourites thanks to their weeknight sessions, their weekend Happy Techno party, and their live music programme in the Music Hall, with a capacity for 500 concert-goers. The focus is on quality electronic music by national and international artists. The average age of the clientele can be rather low but rises on certain club nights. Keep your eyes peeled for City Hall flyers – they’re easy to find in bars and shops around town and will get you in free.

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Want to know where the party’s at?

Foto: Sala Apolo, Cupcake

1. The best nightlife in Barcelona

  • Nightlife
  • Alternative nightlife

Love a good club night? Whether it’s a weekly club night you find you can’t skip, a monthly session you keep marked in your calendar, or a party that pops up every so often that you plan your holidays around, they’re on this list. You’ll also find a beat for all of your moods: techno, disco, retro, house, hip hop, rock, dubstep, reggae and more await you.

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  • [image]


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    Barcelona nightclubs – TOP 10

    Barcelona’s nightclubs are varied and unique. In Barcelona, ​​you can dance to the incendiary rhythms of famous DJs, or shake your rolls to no less incendiary Latin American rhythms. Our selection will help you figure out where to go next night.

    1Opium Mar will be the first to introduce Barcelona’s prestigious nightclubs

    Today, Opium Mar is one of the most prestigious nightclubs in Barcelona. Excellent location right on the coast, the largest outdoor terrace with access to the sea, as well as the highest quality of parties combined with innovative design and a decent audience.

    Entrance fee: 20 euros, free of charge – according to the list of invitations “Andrey”

    Address: st. Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 34, Metro Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica (L4)


    The legendary club Pacha Barcelona, ​​immersing its guests in the atmosphere of unbridled rhythms and the magic of Ibiza itself, returned to Barcelona in the summer of 2014. Every Saturday, Pacha hosts the Feel Ibiza party, featuring famous Ibizan DJs. But the audience here is different.

    Pacha Barcelona regulars are mischievous first-year students.

    Entrance fee: 20 euros, free of charge – according to the list of invitations “Andrew”

    Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 38, metro Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica (L4)

    900clipse 03

    Trendy Club Eclipse on the 26th floor of the W sailboat hotel. Here, at the very top of the hotel, where floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows offer the best views, trendsetters and jet-setters order and enjoy the best signature cocktails, including the watermelon martini, passion fruit martini and Venezuelan mojito. The club is quite small in size. Open unlike other nightclubs in the Catalan capital, only until 03:00.

    Entrance fee: 20 euros, free of charge – according to the list of invitations “Andrey”

    Address: Plaça Rosa dels Vents, 1, metro Barceloneta (L4)


    A glamorous Barcelona nightclub located in the Eixample district. Once the most fashionable in Barcelona. In recent years, Sutton’s regulars have been international students 20+ who came to Barcelona for a month or two under the Erasmus program. Exquisite interior, great music. But the size of the dance floor leaves much to be desired.

    Entry fee: 20 euros, free of charge – according to the list of invitations “Andrey”

    Address: st. Tuset 13, Metro Diagonal (L3, L5)


    Among the nightclubs in Barcelona, ​​Shoko holds a special place, which has been a trendsetter in Barcelona for 6 years. Fashion parties are held every week in the club. In addition to home DJs, many invited figures from the music industry play here. The music is a light cocktail of modern hits and R&B rhythms.

    Entrance fee: 20 euros, free – according to the list of invitations “Andrew”

    Address: Passeig Marítim Barceloneta, 36, Metro Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica (L4)

    6Bling Bling

    The nightclub is located opposite the legendary Sutton Club. One of the main attractions of Bling Bling is the trendy interior design – everything is very stylish and pompous. A large hall with a corresponding dance floor and two VIP areas. If you like a glamorous audience, then you are here.

    Entry fee: 20 euros, free of charge – according to the list of invitations “Andrey”

    Address: st. Tuset 8-10, Metro Diagonal (L3, L5)


    The gigantic Razzmatazz nightclub is also one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona. Five halls, completely different music. So, on Thursdays they dance dubstep, on Fridays and Saturdays they play techno and indie rock. In Razzmatazz you can often get to some cool live music concert. So, for example, Nickelback, Coldplay, The Cure, and many others have taken a liking to this venue. It is worth bearing in mind that the audience here is appropriate. On stilettos and rhinestones in this institution, you will definitely look out of place.

    Entrance fee: 20 euros, free of charge – according to the list of invitations “Andrew”

    Address: Almogàvers street, 122, metro Bogatell (L4) or Marina (L1)


    Barcelona’s nightclubs are not only incendiary discos.

    1. The legendary Jamboree is over 50 years old. The club opened its doors in 1960, quickly made a splash and is still one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona.
    2. Jamboree is mostly jazz. These walls remember many jazz stars and even Ella Fitzgerald herself.
    3. By right, this club can be considered the cultural heritage of Barcelona. Entire generations of local musicians, known all over the world today, grew up here.
    4. Performances at the Jamboree Barcelona are held three times a week, from Friday to Sunday, starting at 23.00.
    5. After paying the entrance fee, you will be able to drink one free drink.
    6. If you realize that you want to change jazz to more energetic music, you can go up to the second floor and find yourself in a Latin disco.

    Entrance fee: depending on the concert

    Address: Plaça Reial, 17, Metro Liceu (L3)


    CDLC Barcelona (Carpe Diem Lounge Club) has two dance halls. The proximity to the beach and Vila Olimpica makes the place very popular. Although, many of the cool nightclubs of the Catalan capital are located exactly there – on the coast in the Vila Olimpica area. A great mood and a desire to return here more than once distinguish CDLC Barcelona nightclub.

    Entrance fee: 20 euros, free of charge – according to the list of invitations “Andrew”

    Address: Passeig Marítim Barceloneta, 30, metro Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica (L4)

    109Mojito Club represents Barcelona nightclubs in Latin American style 9003

    Mojito Club is perhaps the most famous Latin American club in Barcelona. And such fame was attached to him for a reason. In addition to hot Latin music (salsa), there are equally hot professional dancers who put on mesmerizing performances every day in the club. And then there are dancers-animators who teach amateur beginners how to move their hips to the rhythm. Cozy and stylish interior, large enough dance floor. Very friendly atmosphere and of course great mojitos.

    Entrance fee: 10 €, this price includes 1 drink at the bar.

    Address: Rosellon 217, metro Diagonal

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    • How not to be deceived by local taxi drivers. Order a taxi in advance with fixed rates online. The most reliable service for ordering a taxi is KiwiTaxi .
    • Excursions in Barcelona with locals will help you get to know this city for real. The best way to get comfortable in an unfamiliar city is to walk around it with a person who has lived here for many years.
    • We advise you to take out travel insurance so that there are no unpleasant surprises while traveling to Barcelona.
    • Barcelona City Pass is a one-stop card that makes organizing your holiday in Barcelona easier and saves you a lot of time and money.
    • Barcelona Hotels: is our selection and recommendations.
    • Bus Turistic is a tourist bus and a great way to get to all the necessary monuments of Barcelona quickly, with a breeze and comfort.
    • Drimsim is a universal international SIM card and a free travel application. Best prices, fast internet and worldwide calls.
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    The best nightclubs in Barcelona.

    TOP 15 by FUNBCN

    Barcelona’s nightlife never stops in winter or on weekdays: party-goers can always find something to their liking, because at nightfall Barcelona turns into the European disco capital.
    We present you the TOP 15 clubs in Barcelona for every taste and budget.


    In the very center of Barcelona, ​​three steps from La Rambla, you can have a great time at the MOOG techno parties.
    Address: Carrer de l’Arc del Teatre, 3
    Metro: Drassanes (M: L3)
    Party starts: 23.00
    Entrance fee: 5-10 euros depending on the party

    J a mboree

    In 1960 Jamboree became the first place in Barcelona where jazz was played. Here you can hear not only live jazz music 365 days a year, but also dance hits and hip-hop.
    Address: Plaça Reial, 17
    Metro: Liceu (M: L3)
    Party start: live music starts at 20:00, party with DJ at 23:00
    Entrance fee: from 15 euros
    Website: www.


    Shôko is an international nightclub that will delight wealthy partygoers.
    If you arrive before midnight, you can not only enter Shôko for free, but you can even have a fusion dinner.
    Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 36
    Metro: Ciutadella Villa Olímpica (M: L4)
    Party start: 00.00
    Entrance fee: free until 01:00, after – 15 euros with a drink

    La Ter a zz a

    Parties take place in the open air on the territory of a medieval castle on a hill in the Spanish village.. What else can you add?
    Address: s/n, Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia
    Metro: Plaça Espanya (M: L1)
    Party start: 22.30
    Entrance fee: from 15 euro

    Sala Apolo

    The club is open every day, and this is perhaps the only place in Barcelona where if the party starts at 19:00 in the evening, then at 19:15 there is not overcrowded . Even the Spaniards, who like to dine late and go clubbing after midnight, forgo their rules to get to Apolo early.
    Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113
    Metro: Paral.lel (M: L2 and L3)
    Party start: 00.00
    Entrance fee: from 10 euro


    The biggest and most popular gay club in Barcelona. At the same time, it attracts a very diverse audience, because guests of any orientation are welcome here.
    They have several halls, they play mostly favorite pop hits from different times and peoples.
    Address: Carrer de Balmes, 32
    Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (M: L2, L3, L4)
    Party start: 23:00
    Entrance fee: from 10 euros


    Having opened its doors in 2000, Razzmatazz is one of the largest clubs in Europe. And in Spain, this is the only venue where there is a party in 5 halls on any day of the week.
    This club hosts the world’s best DJs, performances and live concerts.
    Address: Carrer dels Almogàvers, 122
    Metro: Marina and Bogatell (M: L2 and L3)
    Entrance fee: from 6 euros depending on the party, for concerts around 30-40 euros.

    Harlem Jazz Club

    This club is a legendary jazz venue. It is small (no more than 300 people), but it has earned its place in the pantheon of the best clubs in Barcelona thanks to the best live jazz music in the city, quality alcohol and dancing until dawn to tropical rhythms.
    Address: Carrer de la Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8
    Metro: Liceu (M: L3)
    Party start: 20:00
    Entrance fee: from 8 euros


    Stylish nightclub full of handsome young people with a beach terrace and a pleasant atmosphere.
    Opium holds up to 3 thousand people and is almost always filled to capacity. The world’s best DJs play here, such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Avicii and Armin van Buuren.
    Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 34
    Metro: Ciutadella Vila Olímpica (M: L4)
    Party start: 00.10 – 6.45
    Entrance fee: 15 euros, one drink included


    If you want to get to a party a la Ibiza, then you are here.
    Loved for its atmosphere, great location right by the sea, top notch DJs and luxury.
    As the club fills up quickly despite the size of the dance floor, we recommend arriving early
    Address: Passeig Marítim Barceloneta, 38
    Metro: Ciutadella Vila Olímpica (M: L4)
    Party start: 00.00
    Entrance fee: 15 euros with two drinks


    This club is especially popular with organizers of student parties. Cool atmosphere, lots of little hidden corners, perfect place for both live concerts and techno parties.
    On Saturdays, all lovers of electronic music and deep house gather here.
    Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 547
    Metro: Les Corts (M: L3)
    Party starts: 23:50 – 6:00.
    Entry fee: according to guest lists free until 01:30, after – 15 euros (drink included)

    S ide Car Factory

    A place with alternative punk and rock music.
    For more than 35 years this club has been pleasing guests with its atmosphere, right music and good alcohol. And the audience here is quite diverse: both informal youth and seasoned punks for 40.
    Address: Plaça Reial, 7
    Metro: Liceu (M: L3)
    Party starts: 23:30
    Entry fee: on average – 7-10 euros.


    Located on the 26th floor of the incredible W Hotel, this nightclub offers perhaps the most stunning view.
    Be sure to come here early to see the incredible sunset.
    Signature cocktails – Mojito and Watermelon Martini.
    Address: Moll Oriental
    Metro: Barceloneta (M: L4)
    Party start: 23:00
    Entrance fee: admission is free according to lists
    Website: http://www.

    S utton Club

    Over the past two decades, Sutton Barcelona has become the most upscale nightclub in the city. Over the years, the club has been visited by celebrities, athletes and politicians, making it one of the best places for elite companies anywhere in the world.
    Passing face control is not easy: firstly, the club has a smart casual dress code, and secondly, guests must be over 23 years old.
    Address: Carrer Tuset, 13
    Metro: Diagonal (M: L3)
    Party start: 00.00
    Entrance fee: from 10 euros

    City Hall Barcelona

    This club is worth a visit, if only because it has incredible lighting , which, coupled with talented DJs and live music, make this disco one of the best.
    Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 2, 4,
    Metro: Urquinaona (M: L4, L1)
    Party start: 23:45
    Entrance fee: from 10 euros
    Website: www.

    Our TOP 3

    The biggest and most popular club in Barcelona is Razzmatazz. Although in many guidebooks it is listed as a concert hall, it is still a big and cool disco. The club opened its doors to the first disco connoisseurs in 2000 and Spain immediately proclaimed it the best of the best. Razzmatazz consists of 5 halls, in each DJs play completely different music, so any music lover and rocker will find a rhythm to his taste here. This is a chic establishment not only in terms of beats, but also in terms of service – each hall has a separate bar, smoking areas are equipped on terraces under the clear sky, and due to the large territory, there is no crowd here at all. Located in the Poble Nou district for hipsters and advanced youth, Razzmatazz is equipped with the best music and lighting equipment.

    In addition to disco, The Loft’s main hall hosts live concerts that gather up to 3,000 spectators. Such world stars as Blur, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Skrillex, Kanye West, Orbital, The Gossip and many others performed on the chic Razzmatuzz stage.

    Metro Station: Bogatell or Marina
    Razzmatazz Night Club Address:
    Entrance No. 1 – Calle Almogàvers 122 Entrance No. 2 – Calle Pamplona 88

    at night of all tourists cities. One of the most famous nightclubs in Barcelona operates as a restaurant during the day, but at nightfall it transforms into a place for dancing until the morning. This is a good club, but from our experience, we can say that it is really good in it in the VIP section, there they will seat you at a beautiful table, and the table will be set with drinks and fruits, and you won’t have to push. Unfortunately, on an ordinary dance floor, you run the risk of being crushed by a myriad of teenagers from all over the world, who, like you, have come to stretch their bones in the rhythm of tuna-tuna. Even when we ourselves entered something in the search engine in the style of “best nightclub reviews”, the most dissatisfied opinions from visitors were about this club. The OPIUM nightclub, which is located right across the wall, has the same format.

    Barceloneta metro station
    Address of the nightclub “Shoko” Passeig Marítim Barceloneta, 36

    This is the biggest gay club in Barcelona. It is located in L´Eixample, a glamorous district for the wealthy of any orientation. Every weekend there are dance parties for fans of pop and club music. Despite the declared format, representatives of all genders, races and orientations hang out here. This is probably the most tolerant dance floor in all of Barcelona. So if you come to the capital of Catalonia, calculate your strength so that after excursions and sights your batteries will be enough to visit one of the dance clubs. The night city and its nightlife will fill you with new unique experiences.

    Universitat metro station
    Arena Sala Madre nightclub address: Carrer de Balmes, 32

    The best nightclubs in Barcelona often ask visitors to leave reviews about certain parties, especially active party-goers are given discounts on entry.