Pickpockets in barcelona: Barcelona 2023 – Barcelona pickpockets safety tips 2023. How to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona

Barcelona 2023 – Barcelona pickpockets safety tips 2023. How to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona

Updated January 2023

This is our Barcelona safety guide with guidelines about Barcelona general safety and tourist crime. See separate article re Coronavirus Barcelona.

Is it safe to travel to Barcelona in 2022? Is Barcelona safe for tourists in terms of general crime?

Yes, in our opinion. Barcelona is generally still considered to be a safe place to visit by international standards.

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Spain and before the Covid pandemic the city welcomed around 9 million tourists a year.

Public transport, metro and taxis are also generally considered safe from violent crime – and reliable for residents and tourists to use. 

The vibe when one walks around is that Barcelona is still that of a safe and friendly place and residents and tourists alike look and feel relaxed and happy.

During the day in most areas of the city it does not feel dangerous.

Having said that, like any modern city, there is some crime and there are terror threats.

It is generally safe to withdraw cash from ATM machines, but be aware of your surrounds and be careful to hide your pin-code and be vigilant at all times.

Be vigilant if you withdraw cash alone at night in very early hours of morning and try to avoid doing so.

Be careful if you are wear expensive wrist watches.

Keep your bags in front of you when checking in/out of hotels at the reception.

Precautions are recommended to avoid petty theft because Barcelona has a well-known problem with many pickpockets. In recent years there has been a rise in petty crime with violence.

For 2023 the area to avoid late at night where a little extra caution is neeeded, is the Raval area of the old city.

In general violent crime levels are generally considered to be low, in comparison with other major cities, and the increase in violent crime is being addressed by police, but be vigilant.

We recommend that tourists exercise caution when wearing expensive watches near luxury hotels and shopping areas – and also outside popular night clubs in upmarket areas. A rise in criminal gangs targeting high end personal accessories has been noted in recent years.

If you are travelling by car, don’t leave items of value in plain sight, also in underground parking lots.

In general the only Barcelona area where extra care should be taken in the very late hours of the day, is in the lower part of the Raval part of Barcelona’s old medieval city and perhaps also at the port end of La Rambla, but even here extremely violent crime is fairly rare during daylight hours and evening. Petty theft like bag snatching is common, but violent crime is rare.

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In August 2019 the US Consulate General in Barcelona issued a Security Alert advising U. S. citizens of:

“an increase in violent crime in the city of Barcelona in the summer of 2019, specifically in popular tourist areas. Local authorities have reported a significant increase in the number of petty theft schemes that have included acts of violence, such as aggressive thefts of jewelry, watches, and purses. In some cases, these incidents have resulted in injury. Authorities indicate they are seeking to address these issues.”

See all US consulate alerts

According to the UK Foreign office website, “Nearly 19 million British nationals visited Spain last year. Most visits are trouble-free.”

The ‘Safe Cities Index 2017’ by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), confirmed that Barcelona was one of the safest cities in the world in terms of general crime and overall ranked 13th in the world.

Barcelona ranked as 4th safest in European Union and 5th safest in all Europe, so in 2017 Barcelona was only lower in general safety terms than Stockholm, Amsterdam, Zurich and Madrid.

Barcelona was also named as one of the ten cities in the world preferred by TripAdvisor travellers appearing in sixth place in the 2018 edition of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards. Spain has several destinations in this TripAdvisor list which confirms Spain a top destination and safe to visit.

The ‘Safe Cities Index 2019’ by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), confirmed that Barcelona was one of the safest cities in the world in terms of general crime and overall ranked 19th in personal security and 26th overall in the world.

Barcelona was also named as one of the ten cities in the world preferred by TripAdvisor travellers appearing in sixth place in the 2018 edition of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards. Spain has several destinations in this TripAdvisor list which confirms Spain a top destination and safe to visit.

Barcelona’s terror threats

Please note, however, that Barcelona, like many capital cities in Europe and around the world, is always on a state of alert due to possible terrorist threats from organisations such as ISIS/Daesh and Al-Qaeda.

To check for current terror threats please check international sources, such as the UK foreign office travel advice website where you can find Safety and Security advice.

Check also that of your own country’s foreign ministry for updated safety recommendations. 

Barcelona does have some political problems and there are incidents of civil unrest on certain days but generally these do not affect tourists. Strikes and demonstrations can also affect travel plans and cause delays.

Pickpockets Barcelona

Pickpockets are the main crime problem for most tourists visiting Barcelona.

Other crimes against tourist include robberies of luxury watches of a value generally from 20,000 to 100,000 USD, but these crimes are more rare.

Although Barcelona is considered generally safe for tourists, there are an large amount of pick-pockets and bag thieves in all Barcelona areas that have popular tourist attractions.

Pickpockets are especially on Las Ramblas pedestrian street, near Sagrada Familia, in the central metro stations and the Sants train station.

Other areas of the city generally does not have problems with pickpockets except near major tourist attractions.

Follow our Barcelona safety tips to avoid becoming a victim of Barcelona pickpockets.

These simple safety tips will teach you how to avoid being robbed or mugged by pickpockets during your stay in Barcelona

10 quick Barcelona safety tips

Find more details by scrolling down this page

Barcelona essential pickpocket safety tips:

1. Don’t carry your wallet in a back pocket
2. Don’t put phones, cameras on tables at cafes
3. Wear your backpack on the front in touristy areas
4. Always keep bags closed and on your lap at cafes/coffee bars
5. Be wary of any strangers approaching you or touching you
6. Don’t participate in street games like the three shell game
7. Be extra aware on beaches and in the metro
8. Be extra aware when watching street shows
9. Be extra aware on La Rambla, Sagrada Familia church, Sants station and in the metro
10. Be extra aware in hotel lobby, at airport bus stops and airport transport

And be careful if you are wearing high end watches. There have been incididents of gangs targeting owners of very expensive watches.

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Find detailed advice about theft precaution by scrolling further down this page

The biggest crime problem in Barcelona for tourists in certain areas is being a victim of Barcelona pickpockets. Sadly there are many pickpockets in popular tourist areas, so be aware in busy tourist places, airports, train stations, metro and also in your hotel lobby.

Pickpockets in Barcelona are generally not violent. They target handbags, phones and wallets, which they try to steal without the owner noticing. We recommend you read the safety tips below to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona.

Long term foreign residents and local residents in Barcelona will tell you that that Barcelona is generally a very safe city. Agressive and violent behavior in the Barcelona nightlife is very rare, especially compared to nothern European countries.

You can walk the streets alone at night out without feeling threatened and the Barcelona metro is completely safe from violent crime. You often see police patrolling on streets and in traffic both day and night.

In the summer there are usually extra police patrols are on La Rambla, which is the street in Barcelona with the most pickpockets.

Petty crime numbers are coming down, both on La Rambla and in the metro. However, be aware of pickpockets at Sant station. The police station at Sants has been closed and this has led to an increase in bag snatchers at the station.

The Spanish do not generally drink to excess, which generally keeps the nightlife peaceful and limits the numbers of brawls and fight.

Smoking hash seems to be much more popular in Spain than heavy drinking, so you are more likely to be hugged than mugged.

Muggings usually occur late at night after 01:00 in the morning and mostly around at the port end of La Rambla and in the lower part of the Raval neighbourhood, but as we mentioned muggings with violence are very rare.

People who walk alone very late at night in those areas and who might be a little drunk are most at risk of being mugged. Generally everyone can walk the streets of Barcelona and tate the metro in complete safety from violence.

Now if you found this article because you have already been robbed, then scroll down to the bottom of this page to find Barcelona emergency numbers and a link to the Barcelona police station to report the theft online.  

Barcelona does have a bad reputation for petty theft and pickpockets and tourist areas are rife with pickpockets and petty thieves.

The areas where you need to be careful are the touristy areas like the La Rambla, the Sagrada Familia temple and generally anywhere near famous Barcelona tourist attractions

If you use your common sense and take some simple precautions, you will be not be robbed. Also be vigilant when you are on or around Barcelona tour buses and be careful when you are in the Metro trains.

In other areas of Barcelona pickpockets are not a problem. We do not want to scare visitors by posting many stories about specific robberies but you need to know that many tourists do get robbed of phones and bags every day in Barcelona.

The stories are always similar, so there is really no point in repeating them. We would rather tell you how you can avoid becoming the victim of theft in Barcelona. Just follow the simple safety tips below and the chances of you being robbed in Barcelona are really very small.

The BarcelonaYellow team have lived in Barcelona for many years and we have all walked around the city center and up and down Las Ramblas a thousand times without being robbed.

Tips for avoiding pickpockets

1. Dress like you would back home
Try to avoid wearing a too typical ‘tourist uniform’ when on vacation. Just wear regular clothes and let your secret chest of ancient colourful vacation gear rest in peace.

Old vacation outfits is probably a bit fashion scary and looking too touristy makes you a easy mark for pickpockets. A good guideline for what to wear, in our opinion, is if you don’t wear it at home, don’t wear it on vacation. 

Barcelona is very much a casual clothes city, so just wear the kind of casual wear that you would at home , say like T-shirt and jeans etc.  

2. Dress to suit the season
Spain does not have a tropical climate. It is generally too cold to wear shorts and short skirts in the winter months. In the summer months of course light summer attire is normal. The clothes worn in Barcelona are more of less the same style as in all European cities and the clothes tend to follow the seasons. Read about Barcelona weather and check our what to wear pages

3. Be discreet with guidebooks and maps
Keep maps out of sight until you need them. You will look less touristy if you don’t clutch a guide book and map at all times. So have a look at the map and then put it away.

When you want to check it again, then go into a doorway or somewhere discreet a little out of view, then get the map out again. We recommend a small and light guidebook or a foldable map of Barcelona. You can get free maps at hotels and tourist offices.

4. Watch your bag at cafes
When in Barcelona’s cafés & restaurants do NOT hang your bag over the back of a chair, or leave it in an empty chair next to yours or under the table. That’s a target for a pickpocket. Put your bag in your lap and keep a hand on it.

If you have it under the chair or table, then keep a hand on the strap if possible but it’s best to have it in your lap. Look around and you will see that Barcelona residents often keep their bag in their lap. We recommend that you invest in a good practical anti-theft backpack with hidden pockets and other safety features.

5. Don’t look flash your gear
Don’t show the Barcelona pickpockets what you have got. Pickpockets are most attracted to tourists who have good stuff. If you are a ‘walking shop window’, then you can expect shop-lifters. The less you have on display the less interesting a target you will be. We recommend that you keep the expensive cameras and phones in your bags or pockets when not using them. When you get to a place of interest in Barcelona, then take out your camera and take some photos.

When you have finished, put the camera away instead of leaving it dangling around your neck. If you have a big camera, then consider a neutral camera bag, that doesn’t have a brand name on. Or simply cover or remove the labels.Don’t display an expensive camera with a telephoto lens dangling at your side. Keep a hand on the lens and keep it in your lap when seated.Don’t display a camera bag with brand name on bag and the straps. Cover or remove the brand name. Bring fewer lenses. 

Keep camera bag on lap when seated. Don’t use a big bag if possible. Put it in your lap – never on back of chair or between your legs under chair. Don’t leave a table or smartphone on cafe tables. Keep them hidden when not in use. Don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket. Leave your reguflar wallet at home and just bring a small one with cash and 2 credit cards and whatever ID you need.Don’t leave zip open on rucksack and don’t wear on back with the flap open. It’s safer to wear it on front or avoid rucksack altogether.

6. Don’t put smart phones on tables
Don’t put anything like wallets, mobile phones or tablets on restaurant or café tables in Barcelona.   Especially outdoors and especially on La Rambla street. Be wary of kids or beggars trying to sell newspapers or magazines to you, purportedly donating profits to help the homeless.

If you do forget and leave something in full view on the cafe table, these kids will quickly target you. Their trick is to put the paper down on the table pretending to let you see it, then as they leave they deftly scoop up your phone or wallet, when they pick up the paper again. It’s a free magic show, but rather costly!

7. Don’t bring expensive watches 
Owners of high end watches should exercise care. Watch brands like Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Rolex, Hermes, Cartier, Panerai, Audemar Pigue or Ulysse Nardin can be targeted by specialised gangs who look out for high-end watches to steal.

8. Wear your backpack in front
Wear back-packs and rucksacks on your front and keep them zipped up. If you have a shoulder bag, then tuck it under your arm and grip it. Make sure all bags are closed and zipped and in your sight, especially when you are in the Metro.

Try to avoid shoulder bags, money pouches and camera straps with thin straps. Pickpockets can cut through them in a second and slip away with the the bag without you even feeling it. Avoid big wallets in back pockets and don’t take all your cards and cash with you. Leave some at the hotel. Leave your passport at the hotel safe, unless you need to change money in a bank.

9. Be wary of any distraction
Beware of anybody touching you at any time, or approaching you or any odd distraction. This could often a misdirection technique intended to distract your attention before they rob you. Scamsters often operate in teams – while you are talking or being distracted by one, you are being robbed by another. A typical metro tricks in Barcelona is on the escalators. Someone in front of you drops coins and keys on the steps. Total confusion and while you are helping pick things up, you are being robbed from behind.  

So if you experience something odd check your pockets and bags first before you help others. Another common pickpocket trick is for one or two pickpockets to pretend to hug you and be your friend. They might try this when they can see that you are a little tired or drunk late at night. So don’t drink and hug! At least don’t hug strangers if you are under the influence. Another trick is to claim that you have pigeon droppings on your shoulder, which a ‘friendly person’ will offer to help brush off. Again it could be a distraction. There are many scam variants. So be wary of distractions, avoid physical contact and push people away if necessary.

Pickpockets will very rarely attack you with violence. If they feel that they have been caught out, they just shrug their shoulders and wait for another victim. Be wary of offers of help and be very aware if you accept them. Also be wary of anyone who says that they are the police and ask for identification. Some pickpockets pretend to be police and ask to see your ID and try and get to your wallet in this way.

Never hand your wallet to a stranger and if someone says they are a policeman then ask them to take you to the police station.

10. Stay away from street games
Stay away from the street games like the three shell game. Don’t even watch them. They are a scam run by gangs of criminals. You can lose your money playing the games, and at the same time because your attention is distracted, you can also have your pocket picked.

The most typical street game scame is the three bottle tops where you have to find the ball underneath one of them. Or the three cards. This is a well known street game called ‘trilo’ and played by ‘trileros.’ It is a complete scam and from 2011 was classified as a criminal offence by Barcelona police so it’s not as common any longer.

Four or five of the of the people watching the game, and who encourage you to play, are members of the ‘trilero’ gang and some might be pickpockets too. Be aware if you are watching street shows, because you will be distracted, which makes it easier for the pickpockets.  

11. Don’t carry all credits cards
Leave some cards in your home country. Leave some cash and cards at your Barcelona hotel or apartment in the room safe. Remember you don’t need video cards, gym cards, library cards, and all the other loyalty cards you have at home in Barcelona. Take them out of your wallet before you leave home. Or buy a secure wallet for vacations. If you are unlucky and have your wallet stolen, then at least you will not have to replace every loyalty card you own.

Important tip: If you wallet is stolen and then returned to you, with credit cards still in it, but without the cash then cancel the cards anyway. Basically if your cards have been out of your possesion, cancel them.The person returning your wallet might be a member of a pick-pocket gang and they might have taken pictures of your credit cards using a phone, so that your card numbers can be used online. So if your wallet is out of your possesion even for a short while, then the safest thing is to cancel all cards as soon as possible.

12. Tips about ID and passports
Nowadays you very rarely need photo ID to make smaller credit cards purchases but you will need it to exchange money at banks, and perhaps if you want to make a major purchase then you might need to show some photo ID.

But if you are just out for the day and don’t plan to spend too much, then we recommend leaving your ID documents in the hotel safe or your room safe. Most quality hotels have room safes.

Hostels will also usually have safe in the reception or another system for safeguarding valuable items. And it’s a good idea to have a few copies of your passport with you and the phone numbers to cancel cards if necessary. 

13. Keep cash in separate pocket
If you are unlucky and have your wallet or bag snatched then at least you will have a few euros for food and the bus home to your hotel in Barcelona. If you are a couple, then don’t put both wallets, phones etc in the same bag!

14. Make list of important numbers
Write down a few personal phone numbers and keep them separate from your wallet or send them to yourself in an e-mail. Some people have their phone stolen and find that they cannot actually recall any numbers in their head. Remember you can always call Barcelona emergency numbers for help.

15. Safety on Barcelona beaches
Barcelona has very nice beaches, but there are many thieves on the beach, especially around Barceloneta. If the beach is very crowded, then try not to have anything of real value and keep it covered. Don’t fall asleep. Don’t  leave your stuff on the beach, while everyone in your group goes for a swim. If someone lies next to you is alone and just has a towel and no books, sun lotion, etc then be extra careful.

Of course if are asleep, then you won’t notice, so don’t fall asleep on the beach. The worst beach for being robbed is Barceloneta. The others further to the north are not that bad.  If you have time then north of the city of  Barcelona for nicer beaches, where you won’t ever be robbed. By the way you can trust the drinks vendors on the beach. They often help catch the pickpockets and hand them over to the police. On the beach you could try the old safety precaution of putting your wallet in your shoe. But heed the words of  legendary US comedian Jerry Seinfeld:

We go to the beach, go in the water, put your wallet in the sneaker, who’s gonna know?
What criminal mind could penetrate this fortress of security?
‘I put it down by the toe. They never look there.’
‘They check the heels, they move on.’

16. Safety in Barcelona metro
There are many pickpocket gangs operating in the Barcelona metro. Be aware of any distraction. People dropping things – or asking you something. Check your belongings first, then respond. We recommend that you wear a purse or bag with a secure clasp and thick straps. Keep backpacks in front at all times. Keep the purse or bag close to your body and in front or under your arm. Grip the bag tightly at all times, when you are in the Barcelona metro system.

The safest place for a wallet is in your front trouser pocket with your hand around it! Never in your  back trouser pocket. Be careful of cargo pants or shorts too. The side pockets are practical but easy to empty. A good tip is to put a thick rubber band around your wallet. A rubber band creates more friction and resistance than smooth leather, if your wallet is being removed from your pocket which gives you a greater chance that you will notice it leaving your trousers! Be aware of loud arguments or commotions that may be staged in order to distract you, while an accomplice picks your pocket.  If you have something stolen, yell out immediately to warn others. 

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to SHOUT OUT! Tell the train or bus operator, and shout for someone to call the police. This creates a bigger chance of someone discarding your wallet then running.  If a person finds your wallet, then ask them to wait until the police get there. This could be an accomplice! Often a friend of the pickpocket will pretend to find your wallet and return it, (without the cash) to stop you running after the pickpocket, who is his friend! Be extra careful if the Barcelona metro is crowded or if you are bumped or jostled.

16. Don’t drink too much 
Sorry to spoil the party, but most pickpocket scams are particularly effective if you have had too much to drink

17. Report theft to police
Report theft to police and do it before you leave Barcelona. There is a good chance the money will be gone if your wallet is found, but perhaps a friendly Catalan will find your wallet and hand it to the police. It might have a lot of cards and photos intact. And you will be able to claim insurance with an official police report.

At the moment you have to go to a police station ( ‘una comisaría de Mossos d’Esquadra,’) but you might be able to report a theft from your hotel in Barcelona. Ask at reception. The most convenient police stations to report a theft in the centre of Barcelona are the police stations on Plaça Catalunya and on Nou de la Rambla. You can find the full list of police stations on the links below.

18. Beware of fake policemen 
If you are stopped by plain clothes policement who are not in uniform and if they ask to see your wallets, check your credit cards or ID, then they might well be fake police. Say you want to go to the police station but do not give them your wallet or credit cards. Real Spanish policemen are not corrupt. Real Spanish policemen do not fine people on the street. Real Spanish policemen never ask tourists for ID or to see their wallets or credit cards.

So if you are stopped by plain clothes policement and they want to fine you or see your ID, then they might be fake police. Ask to see their ID, be very aware and tell them you prefer to go to the police station. Do not give them money or show them any ID. They will snatch your wallets or cash. Also they might take photos with smartphones of credit card numbers so just keep your wallet safe and if they insist then find help in a shop or office or look around for uniformed police

Emergency numbers Barcelona
Police stations Barcelona

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Safety tips for your stay in Barcelona


Barcelona has the worst reputation when it comes to pickpockets… Some even go to the extend of calling Barcelona pickpocket capital of the world. But trust me, it’s not that bad. So why are there so many horrific Barcelona pickpocket stories out there?

Everything dates back to 2009. Yes, I know: that long ago! But once you get bad reputation, it’s very difficult to get rid of it. Specially when the internet perpetuates it! But that year was really, really bad. It was so bad that I even considered quitting my job even if I love giving tours. But I was feeling more like a police than a tour guide! I was constantly protecting my guests from pickpocket approaches…

There were over 300 cases reported to the police per day! We were suffering from a large organized group that benefited from a local law that says that thefts of less than €300 value are considered petty crime and therefore only fined – but no prison sentence applies. It took months for the police to perform a deep research to prove that those people were connected like a mafia and that pickpocketing was their only means of making a living. That was when prison sentences entered the scene.

And pickpockets fled. Sure they did: soon the same guys were being arrested in other European countries, according to international police records. Unfortunately by then the tourist season was almost over and the city had already become famous for its pickpocket problem.

Are there pickpockets in Barcelona now?

What’s the situation like? Pretty much like in any big European city. There’s still pickpockets in Barcelona, but it’s not a plague of them. Finding official Barcelona pickpocket statistics, it’s not easy.


Specially data speciphic for the city, and even less in English. But this page by the news agency Europa Press is quite reliable and informative. You’ll have to use Google Translate if you don’t speak Spanish, though.

And who are these Barcelona pickpockets anyway?

It’s quite a mix, actually. It’d be easy (and despicable) to go the racist way and say it’s only immigrants. But alas, it’s way more complex than that.

  • There’s white Spaniards, of course. And those are the hardest to spot because they blend in with the other locals.
  • There’s Spanish gypsies. Not as many, though, because the local gypsy communities have managed to successfully integrate in the society and have quitted crime for the most part. And the few clans that continue to be in crime, they aren’t into the type of crime that concerns tourists. Although you can still see the occasionally couple of middle-aged ladies selling flowers (and trying to get a hand on your pocket).
  • There’s Romanians and other Balkans, mostly gypsies. They tend to be more olive-skinned than Barcelonans. They often go in groups mostly made of females, dressed with long skirts, their hair in long ponytails or braids. Although they’ve lately started learning how to blend with the local fashion. They walk the tourists streets and also act in the subway.
  • There’s Moroccans. Usually men, and they are often more aggressive than the rest. They mostly act in La Rambla and el Raval, but can also be seen in other areas.
  • There’s South-Americans. They usually blend in quite well with the rest of the locals, what makes them harder to spot. They like to use techniques where they talk to you to distract you, and they also act in the subway.

Where should you be most aware of pickpockets in Barcelona?

When you are out and about sightseeing around Barcelona, pickpockets can be lurking pretty much anywhere were tourists go or where it’s crowded. Stay specially vigilant in the next areas:


  • La Rambla. It’s a busy street, there’s lots of things to see there, there’s street performers… The perfect scene of the crime! You might sometimes spot groups of girls on a side of the walkway, looking up and down. That’s a suspicious behaviour in La Rambla. Locals don’t “wait” there: we walk. So they are probably Romanian gypsies trying to spot their next victim. 
  • Tourist sites with long lines. They can act as if they are also waiting in line, so they can reach your wallet when you are distracted. Or they might approach you begging or asking for directions, or selling you flowers.
  • Sagrada Familia towers. The towers in Sagrada Familia are narrow and private physical distance sometimes becomes almost non-existent. There’s pickpockets that are happy to pay the entrance fee knowing they can make a nice booty there… Of course, if they are caught they are arrested by the police. But by then your wallet might be already gone…
  • Barcelona metro. Crowds and tunnels that allow them for an easy scape. Be specially aware of escalators and at the moment of entering or exiting a coach. Attacks inside the coaches are also a possibility.
  • Barcelona Beaches. Leaving your stuff unattended and going for a swim is the worst idea. There’s also thieves than grab and run.
  • Restaurants. Specially outdoor cafes, but in general also inside. Bags hanging in the back of your chair are in dangers. So are cellphones or wallets seating on the table.
  • Aerobus line. Getting to the airport is your last opportunity to be pickpocketed. And unfortunately, it happens. The lines to board are often targeted by pickpockets that will take your stuff when you less expect it.
  • Ciutadella Park. Planning to head there to lay in the grass? What can happen to you is similar to what happens on the beach.  

Here is how to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona:

So let’s focus on how to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona so you can have a safe and happy vacation. Barcelona is a great city and exploring it doesn’t have to be scary. Just following a few easy safety tips can help you staying safe and happy throughout your stay. And these tips are valid not just for our city: these general safety rules that will also help you avoiding pickpockets in Barcelona and Europe in general.

Be confident and smart

Since you are reading this post, you are starting with the right foot! So far you’ve learned how Barcelona pickpockets look like and where you are more likely to cross them.


I’ll also teach you how to recognize the most common pickpocket scams below, too, and how to react.  And because knowledge is power, you are well armed to stop fearing them. That’s important because pickpockets can sense fear… And they know that if you are scared, that probably means you have something they might want to get!

The only time (in over 20 years) that I got a client effectively pick-pocketed under my nose was a lady that was totally freaked out about walking around Barcelona. So relax: take precautions, but be cool and confident. After all, you are on holidays!

Don’t send a “next juicy victim” vibe

It is important to make yourself less noticeable. Tourists often carry more cash on them than locals do. That’s one of the reasons they are targeted. So… first of all, don’t look like a tourist!

The next step is not to show off your wealth. You might think they won’t notice your Rolex watch under your sleeve. Or your wedding diamond ring. Or your gold chains. But they have eagle sight and can tell a fake from real. Do you really need them on your trip? You better leave them at home or at the hotel safe. Remember that snatching a watch, ring or chain requires a more aggressive action from the side of the pickpocket… Do you really want to be in that position?

And this should go by itself, but unfortunately it often doesn’t. Use common sense: do not consider the back pocket of your jeans a safe place for your wallet or phone (it’s not!).

Accessories that help you protect yourself from pickpockets

Pick-pockets prefer easy victims: so make things difficult for them. Carry your bag with the zipper opening facing forward: pickpockets usually operate from behind, so make it difficult for them to reach the opening!

There are bags that are specifically design to stop pickpockets. But if you aren’t going to buy one in purpose for your trip, any bag with a long strap that you can cross over your chest is always a good idea.

My favorite bag to travel safe has a flap over the opening, what makes it even more difficult to pickpocket. And wear your backpack in front of you (or don’t keep anything important inside: they are experts opening backpacks without no one noticing).

Tassel Accent Crossbody Bag with Flap Top (Brown)



Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag,. ..


Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack, Midnight

Kate Spade New York Women’s Cameron Convertible…

There’s also neck wallets that are very difficult for pickpockets to reach. But I don’t like them that much because they immediately single you out as a tourist.  And there’s money belts that hide under your cloths. But you’ll still need a wallet for small amounts unless you are comfortable stripping every time you need to pay for something… A bonus is that you can use them also when you go out jogging or training back home.

And since Barcelona pickpockets are also after your cellphone, the best way to avoid being stolen is having it attached to you. I bought a lanyard case after “losing” it twice in the bus when I had my baby and I was distracted handling the stroller… Never “lost” it again since.

And I love my good old jacket strap not just so I don’t forget my jacket laying when the weather suddenly becomes too hot. But I also use its carabiner clip to secure my purse to my chair when I’m eating out.

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And last but not least, if you are ready to go next level, because you are terrified… (You shouldn’t be, but I get that sometimes emotions are hard to get under control so better be proactive to make you feel safe). Did you know there’s pickpocket-proof clothes?

There’s jackets, pants and shirts with secure pockets and hidden openings that will be the nightmare of any pickpocket that decides to target you! They aren’t cheap, but they can be used on your daily live too.

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What kind of scams use pickpockets in Barcelona?

The flower ladies

Imagine you are in Spain and all of a sudden you cross a smiley couple of middle-aged ladies that look very Spanish. They approach and offer you a carnation. Wouldn’t you feel like you were a character in the opera Carmen? 


But it’s time to get alert: they want to see where your wallet is. And if you open it, they’ll pretend they want to help you with this foreign currency that you aren’t used to. And that’s when you’ll think they are taking some coins but they’ll be getting a few bills without you noticing!

Where? In the Gothic Quarter around the Cathedral and occasionally near the Picasso Museum or around Sagrada Familia.

What to do? Say sternly “No, thanks” and step away. Shush them if they try to follow. But in general they don’t want trouble and will go find another victim.

The piggeon poop or the stain trick

We are geared to trust people. Specially when they want to help us. But if all of a sudden someone approaches you saying you have pigeon poop on you, or some other kind of nasty stain for what matters, don’t believe them!

It’s just an excuse to get close enough to you. And while one of them (they work in couples) will “clean off” the stain, the other will clean off your pocket.

Where? Anywhere where people walks around: La Rambla, Passeig de Gràcia… Or where there’s many pigeons, like Plaça Catalunya.

What to do? Step away saying “No, no, no!”, even slapping their hands (softly, you don’t want to be accused of hurting them!) if they are already touching you. Get away as soon as possible, and just in case, get in some cafe and head to the bathroom to check if you’ll need some cleaning: sometimes they go to the extend of staining you on purpose to make it seem more real.

Scams involving clipboards, large maps and the like

Clipboards are involved in two different types of schemes. One of them is unique to them. You’ll be stopped by young people holding a clipboard and wanting you to sign a petition. As soon as you know they’ll be asking you for a donation.


Which is a lie because the organization they claim to work for does not exist. 

Where? Usually in places where it’s easy to corner you, like the escalators in the Hill of  Montjuic or the streets leading you to Park Guell.  

If you see them in Plaça Catalunya, don’t worry: real NGO position their staff there to get sign-ups. But they are looking for locals and are not interested in tourists. If they stop you, answer in English saying you are not from here and they’ll apologize and let you go.

What to do? Do not believe them, do not stop. If they are blocking your way, bump your way past them. They’ll complain, but too bad for them.

The other thing pickpockets do with clipboards is to use them to block your view, so you don’t see what their other hand is doing. Usually, getting to your wallet. This can be done with anything large enough to cover enough of their bodies. 

So you’ll also see people acting as confused tourists with a large map and asking you for directions. Why the heck would a tourist ask another tourist for directions? You ask a local! The only reason to ask another tourist is if you are hoping to pick their pocket and use the map as a cover and distraction.  If also seen beggars doing that… carrying an empty pizza box! 

Where? Passeig de Gracia, Gothic Quarter… Pickpockets disguised of beggars prefer anywhere where there are long lines to get in a site. 

What to do? Do no let them approach. “No, no, no” should be your mantra here.

The fake policeman

You don’t see it very often, but… it can still happen! Policemen don’t have a reason to approach a tourist by their own initiative. If somebody comes and asks for your ID, credit card number or other private document out of the blue… Don’t trust them!

Where? Probably in La Rambla late and night, or near bars and nightclubs where tourists get drunk. It’s easier to trick a drunk than a sober person.

What to do? Keep walking saying “No, no, no” and get away. I doubt they’ll chase you if they are pickpockets. And if they really are the police, they’ll soon have someone else join them (a policeman on a motorbike, probably) and you can always tell them you thought they were pickpockets trying to scam you.  

Pickpockets in the subway​

Pickpockets work usually in groups in the subway. If you see 3 or 4 young girls (sometimes they might be accompanied by a big man, too), that rather than talking to each other are mostly casting quick looks around them…


In the platforms

Where and when? Usually close to the platform entrances (often where the front and end wagons, but some stations have the doors in other locations). They act quickly when passengers start entering and exiting the train.

What do they do? They usually use the “sandwich” technique: one gets in front of the victim blocking the entrance to the train, while the ones behind pickpocket and run away with the wallet.

What can you do? Head to the center of the platform or as far from the platform gate as possible. If you see a suspicious group of people, get away. Even consider missing the next train to see what they do. Wait for the train seating on a beach or leaning on a wall so nobody can stand behind you. And try to be the last to enter the coach, to avoid the sandwich technique.

Did you know there was a time a local lady tired of seeing the same pickpockets acting in the subway day after day started alerting the other passengers by blowing a whistle? People cheered her for her bravery.

In the platforms

Where and when? Usually close to the platform entrances (often where the front and end wagons, but some stations have the doors in other locations). They act quickly when passengers start entering and exiting the train.

What do they do? They usually use the “sandwich” technique: one gets in front of the victim blocking the entrance to the train, while the ones behind pickpocket and run away with the wallet.

What can you do? Head to the center of the platform or as far from the platform gate as possible. If you see a suspicious group of people, get away. Even consider missing the next train to see what they do. Wait for the train seating on a beach or leaning on a wall so nobody can stand behind you. And try to be the last to enter the coach, to avoid the sandwich technique.

Inside the carriages

When and where? Whenever it’s very crowded. 

What do they do? They take advantage of people pressing against each other so they can pick your pocket or open your bag without you noticing.

What can you do to protect yourself? Whenever it’s possible, seat down: they can’t pickpocket you when you are seating. If seating is not an option, lean on a wall so they can position themselves behind you. If that’s not possible either, keep your hands on your pockets and your bag in front of you. Stay vigilant.

At the escalators

Where? At the exit of the escalator.

What do they do? Sandwich technique with a tweak: the person in front of you bends down to “collect something that fell”. It’s the end of the escalator and you were ready to get out, so you trip over the guy. That creates a distraction that allows the second bad guy behind you to pick your pocket.

What can you do to protect yourself? Take the stairs. Or if you must do the escalator, leave at least two or three steps of distance with the person next to you and check who is behind. If they still try it on you, don’t be afraid to push the one in front to get through and get out of the there ASAP.

Pickpockets in outdoor cafes and restaurants

I know: they won’t even leave you in peace at mealtimes! This is why you must be ready to recognize suspicious behaviors and prevent being pickpocketed. Because having to interrupt your meal sucks.


Where? Mostly outdoor cafes and restaurants. Managers usually don’t let beggars and vendors inside their venues, but it can also happen indoors. 

What do they do? Approach with some excuse to distract you (beggars or vendors, for instance), while an accomplice acts taking advantage of that. Other times they’ve been seen acting as a group occupying a table, making noise or fussing and immediately leaving without ordering. Their accomplice then can get the bag you left hanging in the back of your seat (or open it up and take something). Or they can steal a wallet or cellphone laying on the table. They could use the pizza box technique I explained before, so you can’t see they are grabbing it. 

What can you do to protect yourself? Keep your bag in your lap, or between your feet so they can’t grab it and run without you feeling it, or attached to the chair with a carabiner. Do not leave wallets or cellphones on the table when eating outdoors.

What to do if you get stolen anyway?

If truly hope you don’t have to experience that. That’s the entire point of writing this long post! But if it does happen, here is what to do and what not to do:

  • Do not fight back or try to do after them. Unless you are an Olympic athlete faster than them, or a massive culturist that can beat their ass (but even that could get you in trouble if they report you!). I have seen a huge Russian tourist punch a pickpocket an get his money back. But I also know a colleague who yelled to stop a pickpocket in the subway and the other pickpockets spat her… On her face! Yuck!
  • Report to the police. Unless there was violence involved, the easiest way is to do that online. That’ll save you a lot of time. But if there’s been an aggression, you need to head to the Police Station. But first call your hotel: some of them are allowed to take complaints at their concierge desk. I know, filing a report is such a time waste when your stay is short. But you’ll need an official document to claim money back from your travel insurance.
  • Cancel your credit cards. Call your bank to cancel your credit cards and see if they can send you a replacement or some cash for the rest of your trip. Tip: often bank apps allow you to block or cancel a card from the app, which is way faster if you have them on your phone (and the phone wasn’t stolen).
  • Block your phone, if it was stolen. Don’t use the “find my device” service to go confront the thieves: you’ll just get in trouble. Instead, you can use it to disable your phone as an authorized device and close your Google/Apple accounts with a session open on the stolen phone. If you had Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or another app for credit card payments, make sure to lock it remotely too. 
  • Go to your Consulate. If your passport was stolen and you’ll need it to fly, go to your Consulate ASAP to get a replacement or temporary ID. My recommendation is to leave your passport at the hotel and use your driving license as an ID when you are required one to pay by credit card. At least if your driving license is lost, you can wait to be back home to get a copy (that is, unless you were planning to rent a car on this trip).
  • When you get home, if you had a travel insurance. Make sure to claim a compensation. You’ll need your police report and any other document, testimonial or prove you can provide.

Now you know how to protect yourself from pickpockets in Barcelona! Travel safe!

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Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.

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Life stories about pickpockets in Barcelona.

This page contains general information from site visitors who have encountered pickpockets, as well as examples of countermeasures that will help you avoid such incidents.

Site visitor: Jane
Country: England

Hello, I returned yesterday from Barcelona, ​​where I spent a few days, and I want to share my experience with pickpockets. We (me, husband, mom and 3 sons) got off the metro at the Ramblas station and someone grabbed my butt! I turned around, expecting to see a man, but I saw only a group of girls from 16 to 18 years old. I was confused and thought that I imagined everything. We stopped at the subway exit near a telephone booth and looked around, when suddenly we were surrounded by a group of girls about 8 years old. They made noise and laughed, and did not pay any attention to us at all.

Suddenly, one girl stepped back and snuggled up to me. As if there wasn’t enough room for her, I tried to push her away, but I couldn’t. An adult woman in her 50s standing behind the girls stared into my eyes with unblinking eyes. I glared at her, and that’s how they distracted me. Obviously someone else was standing behind me, he opened my bag and pulled out my purse. After that, when I realized that my purse had been taken away from me, my mother remembered that she had seen the old woman give a sign with her hand, and they disappeared into the subway.

I enjoyed the trip, except that although the police were very courteous, they refused to listen to my story about how my purse was stolen from me.

I asked Jane what she learned from this and what advice she could give other visitors to the site to avoid becoming pickpockets in Barcelona.

Remembering these events, in some moments, I would behave differently. I felt someone touch my ass, but when I saw the little girls, I thought it was my imagination.

I always thought that pickpockets worked in small groups, but now I think that a large number of people are involved.

All last Tuesday, I had a hard time finding my handbag myself because I have a big travel bag. 10-15 minutes before the incident, I bought 6 subway tickets. We crowded around the ticket machine while my husband tried to figure out how to buy a ticket for the first time. I gave him the money, holding my purse in my hand. Now I am sure that someone was standing nearby and saw me with money. I think they then called or sent someone a text message, who then followed me, knowing that I would get off the subway and not know where to go.

I know from my own experience that cell phones don’t work on the London Underground, but here we have noticed that a lot of people use phones on the Barcelona Underground.

moreover, my vigilance was lulled by cute little girls who laughed and chatted without paying any attention to me.

I knew not to stand on the corner and look at the map, but our eyes widened from the choice of places to go that our attention weakened. In the future, when I choose where to go, I will stand with my back against the building.

I wanted to find a site like yours to warn people about this danger. All week I have been telling this story to the English, but there are still so many people who have no idea about it. Only if this warning about pickpockets in Barcelona is communicated to everyone will people become more cautious.


Editor’s note – Thank you Jane for sharing your experience.


Barcelona pickpockets – notorious bird dropping scam

We were also robbed in Barcelona As we crossed Mallorca street in Napols, we were doused with a liquid that looked and smelled like bird droppings. A man in his 20s who followed us said he saw a bird flying over us. He offered to go to his house to wash. We stood in the hallway of his apartment, it seemed to us (he had the key to the house), while he helped us clean up. Then we caught a taxi to the hotel, and as it turned out later, we had no money left to pay the taxi driver – all our money and credit cards were whistled by that kind young man. The next day we went to the same area and met four people there who had been robbed in a similar pattern. This time the thief was on a motorcycle. He also offered them water to wash, led them to another building, opening the door with a key, where he helped them to clean up. In total, 6 of us lost almost €1,000 plus credit cards and documents. As mentioned earlier, the Barcelona police were not interested in investigating these crimes. While we could provide excellent details (addresses, descriptions), the police were reluctant to investigate. These thieves are very skilled, and the scam is designed to rob couples. Tourists beware – Barcelona is teeming with thieves and the police are inactive.

Measures are in place to deal with such incidents. In the 13 years I spent in Barcelona, ​​I was robbed only once. Thieves are looking for victims among tourists. Unfortunately, many tourists do not know how to protect themselves from such situations.

For detailed information on precautions against Barcelona pickpockets and scammers, I advise you to read the article on safety in Barcelona.

Bernadette , pickpocket experience in Barcelona.
Country: Northern Ireland

I just read Jane’s story about pickpockets in Barcelona. What they just can’t figure out.

My son and his girlfriend and I were sitting at a table outside. We were approached by a beggar with a glass, a woman in her thirties. We already gave change, so we said we didn’t have anything (it’s true).

After about 3 minutes, when we were having breakfast, several young girls came up to the table and started discussing us. Then they came to the table and started moving our plates, cups, etc.

This, of course, was a distraction for the pickpocket, because they immediately left.

I looked – my purse was there, Claire’s purse was also there, but my son’s wallet, which was lying on the table, was gone.

I believe that the woman is not really a beggar, she is looking for valuable things (mobile phones, wallets, cameras, etc.). Then she calls / sends a text message, and then it’s up to the girls.

We knew about the pickpockets in Barcelona, ​​and we thought we were taking the necessary precautions, but he’s like magicians.

Editor; I asked Bernadette what she would do differently

If we could go back in time, I think a belt purse would be nice. Also, do not put handbags or valuables on the table in bars or restaurants. Beware of begging women, they are not as innocent as they seem.

How to protect yourself from Barcelona thieves

I’ll start, perhaps, with the fact that the profession of a pickpocket was not born in Barcelona – although the Catalan capital, as you know, is the center of the world and the beginning of all beginnings.
Still, older cities are also known on earth, and, it seems to me, pickpockets have existed for exactly as long as there are pockets themselves or any other place where we traditionally
we hide the property carried with us.

This means that already in ancient Jericho or Athens, people suffered from these scoundrels – that is, in those days when beautiful Barcelona did not yet exist. Well – now she, fortunately, is,
and, unfortunately, boasts the dubious title of the city with almost the largest number of pickpockets per tourist.

Unfortunately, there are really a lot of thieves in Barcelona, ​​and there is nothing to be surprised here: at least 15,000,000 tourists visit the city every year, which means that pickpockets have something to profit from. Besides,
let’s not forget about the unforgivably lenient Spanish legislation regarding such crimes – which also attracts easy money seekers from all over the world to Barcelona.

And, finally, let’s add to all this the sweetest Mediterranean climate, three hundred sunny days a year, the absence of winter in our classical sense … Let’s add to
this sea and the abundance of all kinds of beauties that delight the eye of a pickpocket in the same way that they delight respectable people – and it will become clear that the problem of pickpockets in Barcelona is
not contrived.

This problem exists, and as an active Barcelona tour guide – that is, a person who, by the nature of his profession, visits large crowds of people every day – I
encountered it and observed its unpleasant consequences many times.

Tourists who come to Barcelona have also heard about this – and yet, many of them still become victims of the ubiquitous Barcelona pickpockets. “So what? – you exclaim, –
Is there really no escape from these scoundrels!?!”

I hasten to reassure – there is salvation, and it does not require much effort. “The salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves” – as Ostap Bender once rightly noted – and with this phrase it is difficult not to
agree. In most cases, the success of a thief is the lack of basic vigilance on our part.

By following a simple algorithm of behavior in the style of “anti-thief”, you will absolutely be able to avoid unpleasant surprises associated with the activity of pickpockets in Barcelona. Here they are, these few rules and
observations based on personal experience in Barcelona, ​​following which you will leave pickpockets with a nose.

Actually, there is only one rule – steady vigilance 24 hours a day . But let’s consider the issue in more detail, using the example of the Barcelona experience and
in relation to Barcelona specifics.

It would seem, what is simpler: it suggests itself. But in practice, it’s not like that! Every day you have to see people (mostly tourists) on the streets of Barcelona who have
wallets, telephones, and even just banknotes, crumpled somehow and casually stuffed into this pocket, invitingly bristle in the back pockets of jeans. With such frivolity, the pickpocket does not at all
It is obligatory to be highly qualified: why, if the victim herself actually gives him her property!

Another point that requires a separate explanation is backpacks. A backpack behind the back of an “experienced” tourist is a normal phenomenon. But very often such “experienced” for some reason carry money in this backpack and
documentation. Remember: any button or zipper of a backpack behind your back acts on a pickpocket in the same way as a red rag on a bull.

In my memory, unfortunately, there were many cases when people were deprived of documents and money in this way – completely carelessly putting them in the back pockets of their clothes or in a backpack. One
in view of this, the Barcelona company even developed its own design of the backpack – “vore-protective”, so to speak, or “anti-thief”, as they themselves position it.

In the photo above: my own backpack from this company. Its peculiarity is that when you put it on, all kinds of zippers and fasteners fit snugly against your back. Given that the material from which
a backpack is made, it has increased strength, thieves can only swallow evil tears. There is a backpack, despite its proletarian appearance, not so cheap – but this price is absolutely

But be that as it may, even with this backpack on me, I still prefer to keep my wallet and phone in my pockets or bag in front of me – that is, within visual access control
to them. Thus, we will remember: permanent visual control of access to valuables .


In fact, the probability of this is not 100, but 99.9999999%, but such a small value, I think, can be neglected – in order to preserve your property. In general, this ruled a priori, it even
is not discussed, but if, nevertheless, you succumbed to a sudden weakness, were confused and nevertheless entered into this contact, you should be especially vigilant. How it looks in practice:

1) a pretty girl of model appearance, languidly circling at the Sagrada Familia, dazzlingly smiles at you and asks you to take a photo on her phone …

2) grimy, lively girls of obviously gypsy appearance begin to circle around you with some kind of subscription lists, trying to convince you without fail that the euro or two that you are giving them now
donate, they will go not just anywhere, but to the fund for the starving children of Africa . ..

3) a pair of handsome young people, drunk with their youth and love, pokes a crumpled map of Barcelona in your very eyes, trying in broken English to find out exactly from you how to get to

4) a well-dressed lady of post-Balzac age, sitting across the table from you, rises, defiles in your direction and, in the voice of a real aristocrat, says in the purest Russian:
“God, how glad I am to hear my native Russian speech!” … (this is in Barcelona, ​​where often, apart from “native Russian speech”, you will not hear anything else!)

These practical examples can be continued indefinitely. It is important to remember something else – for the most part – this is nothing more than a performance that is staged personally for you, and the purpose of which
is for a second (and no longer needed) to divert your attention – with the sad consequences of this.

Contact, by the way, can be not only verbal. Europeans – and the Spaniards are no exception – obsessively care about their personal space. Even on the subway, during rush hour, or in the middle of a festive crowd
this space between people will, as far as possible, be preserved. Therefore, anyone who rubs himself suspiciously close to you is a thief, there is no need to even doubt it.

Another example of “non-verbal” contact: you suddenly feel that an ill-mannered Barcelona bird has pooped on you. The presence of some substance, very similar to bird excrement, on
clothes or hair finally convinces you of this. An unpleasant situation, to be sure – but before you have time to get upset, a pretty girl (or man) immediately appears with
a tissue, a bottle of water, and a sincere offer to help you clean your clothes.

As a result of this “cleansing”, to which you naturally agree, the act of theft takes place. Needless to say, the “bird” was planned in advance, and it had no feathers and beak
did not have. The beak, alas, appeared with us, and we just snapped our native property with it.

The contact may be indirect. Let’s say suddenly a fight breaks out right in front of your nose, accompanied by hellish screams. Like any decent person, you immediately become keenly interested
passing – but in vain.

This is the same staging, like thousands of others, all invented with the same goal – to divert your attention. The result is no wallet and a ruined vacation. The way to avoid trouble is all the same
same vigilance, which should not leave you for a second, even in the most unpredictable circumstances.


This is a special case of rule number 1 – and at the same time such a common pattern of behavior that it is impossible not to mention it separately. How many times on the same excursions our tourists thoughtlessly
let go of their bags and handbags, leaving them on some bench or just on the pavement to take another photo.

It is clear that in this case we are nearby – and we try to keep track of both our things and the things of our clients – since experience and flair have developed over the years. And if there is no one to suggest that it is not
is it worth it to do this anyway?

And if there is no one to suggest that, when leaving to powder your nose, you absolutely cannot leave your purse on the back of a chair – even if you are in a very expensive restaurant? So – you can’t!
Never, under any circumstances, let go of your belongings. This should become the rule, and the rule will eventually turn into instinct – and then no thieves will

A very common human mistake – for some reason to believe that thieves operate only where there are a lot of people – and in places relatively deserted, remote from the main
tourist trails, there is nothing to fear from thieves. Based, as always, on personal and professional experience, I can safely say that this is a deep and unforgivable delusion.

A thief can be anywhere he has the ability to steal. Moreover, based on the false stereotype about the absence of thieves in sparsely populated places, people naturally relax there,
cease, as they say, “to keep abreast” – and the thieves only need this.