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How to Watch the Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid Live Stream

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La Liga soccer is always exciting to watch with the Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid live stream definitely one you won’t want to miss. With La Liga exclusive to ESPN+, you have limited options on how to watch it, meaning you know exactly which streaming service to seek out. If you’re not sure what you need to know about ESPN+, however, we’re here to help. For anyone new to sports streaming, you’re going to love ESPN+ and we have all the details you need on how to watch the Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid live stream and that includes while traveling abroad.


  • Watch the Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid live stream on ESPN Plus
  • Watch the Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid live stream from abroad with a VPN

Watch the Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid live stream on ESPN Plus


As the exclusive home of La Liga, you might feel tied into signing up for ESPN+ but luckily, it’s still very much worth it for more than just La Liga. It offers more soccer matches, along with NCAA basketball games, XFL football games, and it’s also the main home of UFC fights. You can use the service for any UFC PPV cards too, while hockey, golf and baseball also feature. Besides live sports, ESPN+ is the home of the full 30 for 30 sports documentary series which offers great insight into all your favorite sports and sporting heroes. There’s plenty of other original ESPN content too. While there’s no ESPN+ free trial, the service costs only $10 per month so it’s well-priced for its wealth of great live and on-demand sports coverage.

Watch the Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid live stream from abroad with a VPN

For anyone who travels abroad frequently, one of the best VPNs is an essential addition to your streaming arsenal. By crossing borders, you often miss out on your favorite shows and live coverage as geo-restrictions change what’s available. Sign up for NordVPN and you can easily still access ESPN+ no matter where you’ve traveled to. To watch the Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid live stream, you just choose a US-based server within NordVPN and the VPN does the rest by convincing your internet connection that you’re still home, even if you’re connected to hotel Wi-Fi. It also delivers far better security and privacy than connecting directly to public Wi-Fi so it’s a real must-have for avid travelers. There’s no NordVPN free trial exactly but a 30-day money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind.

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Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid, La Liga: Match Thread, Live Updates

FULL-TIME, Barcelona 1-0 Atlético: Barça created and missed some giant chances in the second half and had survive a lot of pressure from Atlético in the late minutes, but the leaders are back to winning ways and have restored their 11-point lead at the top of the table. A hard-fought and crucial victory, with a very good attacking performance for 70-plus minutes.

SECOND HALF KICKOFF! Barcelona 1-0 Atlético: Back underway at Camp Nou!

HALFTIME, Barcelona 1-0 Atlético: A hard-fought opening period with good intensity and fighting spirit from both sides. Barça had more of the ball and Frenkie De Jong was excellent in midfield, but Antoine Griezmann nearly scored twice on the other end. But Ferran’s goal is a major boost for Barça, who get to bring Pedri from the bench to try and secure the win in the second half.

45’ GOAL!!! Barcelona 1-0 Atlético (Ferran): BARÇA TAKE THE LEAD!!! A huge goal just before halftime for the hosts as Raphinha receives a long pass from Ronald Araujo and finds Ferran Torres at the edge of the box, and the Spaniard shows great poise to take a touch and find the bottom corner!

KICKOFF! Barcelona 0-0 Atlético: And we’re underway at Camp Nou!

WELCOME TO THE SPOTIFY CAMP NOU!!! The Greatest Stadium on Earth is the site of a crucial La Liga clash between leaders Barcelona and third-place Atlético Madrid. Barça come into this one looking to restore their 11-point lead at the top of the table and avoid drama in the title race, but Atlético are the hottest team in the league and are ready to add even more spice to the chase for the trophy. This should be fun, and you’re welcome to join us to follow and comment all the action. Vamos!

(Note: the comments will be open only when the team news come out, because our commenter people love commenting and sometimes there are too many comments in the comments section)



Starting XI: Ter Stegen; Kounde, Araujo, Alonso, Balde; De Jong, Busquets, Gavi; Raphinha, Lewandowski, Ferran (4-3-3)

Substitutes: Peña (GK), Tenas (GK), Eric, Alba, Kessie, Pedri, Torre, Alarcón, Yamal, Fati


Starting XI: Oblak; Savic, Giménez, Hermoso; Molina, De Paul, Witsel, Lemar, Carrasco; Correa, Griezmann (3-5-2)

Substitutes: Grbic (GK), Moreno, Doherty, Reguilón, Koke, Saúl, Barrios, Morata


Competition/Round: 2022-23 La Liga, Matchday 30

Date/Time: Sunday, April 23, 2023, 4. 15pm CET (Barcelona), 3.15pm BST/WAT (UK & Nigeria), 10.15am ET, 7.15pm PT (USA), 8.45pm IST (India)

Venue: Spotify Camp Nou, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez

VAR: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva


How to watch on TV: ESPN Deportes (USA), TSN 3 (Canada), Viaplay Sports 1 (UK), SuperSport (Nigeria), Sports18 (India), Movistar LaLiga (Spain), others

How to watch online: ESPN+ (USA), LaLigaTV (UK), Movistar+ (Spain), others

Matchday Thread Rules

We don’t have a lot of rules here, but there are a few things to keep in mind when joining our matchday threads:

Even if the referee sucks or we lose the game, watch the swearing. It’s just unnecessary. Also, don’t discuss illegal streaming links. Those who do it will be warned, and those who post links will be instantly banned. Finally, be nice to each other. This is a Barcelona community and we don’t need to offend one another.

Have fun with the game! Forever and ever, no matter the competition, VISCA EL BARÇA!

A sheep killed by a snow leopard is compensated live

Tyva Nature Park / Sergey Verkhovets

For the first time in Russia, a local cattle breeder will receive compensation in kind for cattle killed by a snow leopard. A kind of “leopard sheep bank” – a herd for such compensations – was created in Tuva by the World Wildlife Fund * in 2022, but it is used for the first time, since since its creation, leopard attacks on livestock have not been recorded in the region.

For the first time in Russia, a herdsman in the Republic of Tyva will receive in-kind compensation for each head of cattle killed by a snow leopard. Chechek Kaldar-Ool from Bai-Taiginsky district will receive 47 heads of small cattle in exchange for goats and sheep killed in a covered paddock by a rare spotted predator. Such a program of compensation for damage from snow leopard attacks is the only one in Russia and has been implemented only in Tuva since 2022, when, at the initiative of the World Wildlife Fund, the agreement was signed by: the Ministry of Forestry and Nature Management, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the State Committee for the Protection of Wildlife of the Republic of Tyva , RGBU “Natural Park “Tyva”, FGBU “State Natural Biosphere Reserve “Ubsunur Hollow”.

The goal of the program is to reduce the threat of destruction of the snow leopard by shepherds in retaliation for the killed cattle. Since 2017, projects to reduce the conflict between the cattle breeder and the snow leopard in Tuva have been supported by the World Around You Foundation of Siberian Wellness. In the spring of last year, within the framework of the program, the World Wildlife Fund purchased one hundred sheep for compensatory herds and transferred them to the Tyva Nature Park.

“In April, for the first time, we will compensate a shepherd for the damage caused by snow leopard attacks. It is important to show that the snow leopard is a valuable rare species, it must be preserved. The attack on cattle took place on April 13 at the Chechek Kaldar-Ool camp in the Bai-Taiginsky district. In the evening, the hostess heard a noise, left the house, went to the shed and saw the dead sheep. When I was inspecting the paddock, out of the corner of my eye I saw a snow leopard run out of the paddock. There is no connection in the parking lot and Chechek went to her relatives in the neighboring parking lot, and they already called the inspectors. This is exactly the scheme of response to the attacks of the snow leopard.

The terms of the in-kind compensation program for snow leopard attacks are simple. Having learned about the attack of a snow leopard on livestock, a shepherd must promptly report this case, for which a special hotline has been created. Employees of the natural park “Tyva” and other specialists who have been trained and can distinguish traces of an attack on livestock from snow leopards from other predators, such as a wolf, go to the site of the attack. If the case of the attack of the snow leopard is confirmed, a protocol is drawn up, the cattle breeder signs an obligation not to pursue a rare predator, and later receives compensation in kind, depending on the number of lost heads of cattle.

Employees of the Teeli village administration, the head of the local livestock department, a veterinarian, an inspector of the Tyva Natural Park, and a hunting inspector left for an inspection. The commission examined the koshara and found a hole in the vent closed with a chain-link mesh. The predator tore off the fixed net and entered the sheepfold,” says Eduard Dongak, director of the Tyva Nature Park, head of the in-kind compensation project for damage from snow leopard attacks.

Inspection of the scene of the attack confirmed the death of 26 sheep, 9goats and 12 lambs from a snow leopard attack. Until the end of the month, the cattle breeder will receive 47 sheep. Since the start of the program and the purchase of the herd in 2022-2023, the Tyva Natural Park has received at least 5 reports from local residents about the attack of snow leopards on livestock in the region. Attacks were investigated and documented. Until April of this year, all cases turned out to be wolf attacks, either the messages came too late, or the affected cattle survived.

“Irbis got such a large number of cattle because he got into a covered corral and became distraught from the large amount of prey available. The snow leopard attacks livestock in all countries of its range, but more often where there is not enough food in the wild, and shepherds live close to the snow leopard hunting grounds in the mountains. Such is the Republic of Tyva in Russia, where snow leopard attacks on livestock are often recorded. In recent years, isolated cases have been reported in the neighboring Republic of Altai. Since 2017, the World Wildlife Fund has also tested in Tuva the strengthening of koshar – livestock pens, electric fences, light and sound repellers. And finally, the damage compensation program, which should reconcile the shepherds and the predator,” says Alexander Karnaukhov, Senior Project Coordinator of the WWF representative office in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.

In 2022, one hundred sheep were purchased with funds from the World Wildlife Fund, which formed the basis of the compensation flock. The Tyva Natural Park acted as the executor of the program and the main partner in the region. Last year, after the creation of a compensatory herd, employees of the natural park notified the cattle breeders of Bai-Taiginsky. Chaa-Kholsky. Mongun-Taiginsky districts about the conditions of the program, handed out leaflets, wall calendars with the image of an irbis and contacts of the project.

The snow leopard is a rare species of big cats, which is included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Red Books of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tyva. In Tuva, biologists count no more than 30-35 snow leopards. The snow cat lives in the highlands, Mongun-Taiginsky, Bai-Taiginsky, where it shares its hunting grounds with local cattle breeders.

* Entered in the register of non-profit organizations – foreign agents. 18+

live Barcelona in 4 hours 🧭 tour price €35, reviews, tour schedule in Barcelona

Walking and Biking Tour: Living Barcelona in 4 hours 🧭 tour price €35, reviews, tour schedule in Barcelona

Temporarily closed All offers in Barcelona

Friendly sightseeing tour – learn to navigate the city and learn about its modern life

Tripster tour in Barcelona

Fun, easy and exciting you will ride through the most amazing places in Barcelona, ​​wander through the historic streets and get enough of the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. From me – a proven route, boring stories about the capital of isolated Catalonia and a sea of ​​​​recommendations on how to spend time on your own inexpensively and productively!

What awaits you

The best way to get to know the city
Creating a combined bicycle and walking tour, I carefully thought through all the subtleties and features of Barcelona so that you can see the city from different angles and see as many interesting sights as possible. I will accompany you all the way, talking about the real Barcelona and its modern life. Let’s talk about Catalonia’s desire for independence, politics, language and differences between Catalans and Spaniards. On the influence of Franco’s dictatorship and the modern concept of total tolerance. You will find out which beaches you can have a great rest on, where they cook the best paella, whether the locals themselves drink sangria, where to buy jamon at unbelievable prices, and why Barcelona is interesting for students from different countries.

The first part is cycling
The journey will start from the highest point of the city, where the famous cathedral Sagrada Familia is located. Smoothly descending to the sea, you will stop at the fashionable boulevard Paseo de Gracia , where you will get acquainted with the incomparable creation of Gaudi – Casa Batllo . Then, from Arc de Triomphe you will drive to the magical Citadel Park with an unusual anti-city atmosphere of peace. On the promenade, I will show you the casinos and the famous glamorous places of Barcelona at night, and after driving through the port, you will see statue of Columbus . Finally, head to Born , where you leave your bikes and continue on foot.

The second part – walking
After a half-hour break, during which you can relax and eat famous tapas, we will go on walking. After all, this is how you can feel the medieval spirit of Gothic Quarter ! Passing through the old quarter, you will return to the present again and find yourself in the epicenter of the city, on the busiest street La Rambla . And then you will go up to the modern Plaza Catalunya with many shopping centers and shops, where our adventure will end.

Who is the tour for?

For people of all ages and physical fitness — the level of difficulty is easy, and travelers do not experience any difficulties during the bike tour.

Organizational details

No additional travel expenses, except for personal expenses for snacks and drinks.

Meeting point

Start of the tour in the Sagrada Familia metro area. You will know the exact meeting point immediately after booking.

2 traveler reviews

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I really liked the format of the bike tour. The knowledge of the guide is very superficial.


Thank you for your feedback. The format of the tour is overview and involves getting to know the city, includes about 15 sights combined with a bike ride in 4 hours, it is simply not possible to delve into each masterpiece. For a more in-depth study of the material, you probably had to choose a different format of the tour, namely visiting each of the sights separately, but that’s another story …. in any case, thanks for the trust and the time spent.