How much are formula 1 tickets: RANKED: How Much do F1 Tickets Cost in 2023?

RANKED: How Much do F1 Tickets Cost in 2023?

From Hungary to Las Vegas, we’ve crunched the numbers and ranked the cost of F1 tickets in 2023 for three popular categories of tickets.

  • All prices are in $USD, with the exception of local ticket prices listed in tables
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  • Scroll to the bottom of this post for notes on how the rankings were calculated.

F1 ticket prices on the rise in 2023

It’s been four years since we last properly ranked the prices of tickets across the F1 calendar. In that time, Formula 1’s calendar has increased from 21 races to a planned 23 in 2023.

Race attendances fell heavily during the pandemic – most races in 2020 ran without fans in the grandstands. But attendances have been on the rise since, driven by the success of the Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’ and strong post-pandemic demand, reaching record levels in 2022 at many races.

With increasing demand for tickets, coupled with global inflation, it’s not surprising that ticket prices have risen at most races over the past few years, in some cases by very large percentages. Tickets are not only going on sale earlier at most races, but also selling out in record time. That means that many of the tickets listed in this analysis are already sold out via official channels, and if you haven’t already secured yours, you will have to pay more via ticket agencies or resale platforms. Check availability of all 2023 F1 tickets & experiences.


  • Based on the three categories of Formula 1 tickets we have analyzed, it costs on average $508 USD to buy a 3-day Formula 1 ticket in 2023. This represents an increase of 56% since we last ranked F1 ticket prices in 2019.
  • The cheapest F1 tickets are offered in Hungary (average $184 USD). Other affordable races to attend include Bahrain (average $265 USD), Australia (average $276 USD) and Canada (average $297 USD). Austria, Spain, Japan and Italy (Monza) also offer relatively cheap tickets.
  • The most expensive tickets in 2023 are offered in Las Vegas (average $1,667 USD), followed by Miami (average $1,113 USD). All three races planned in the USA this year are amongst the most expensive to attend. Other races with high ticket prices include Mexico City, Monaco, Britain, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.
  • We’ve also assessed the affordability for locals around the world, comparing the average net (after tax) monthly wage in each country against the purchase price of the cheapest 3-day grandstand seats. Tickets cost less than 10% of the average net monthly wage in a handful of F1 destinations, including Singapore, Canada, Japan, Australia, Bahrain and Austria. The most expensive races for locals to attend are in Azerbaijan, Brazil and Mexico, where the cheapest 3-day reserved seat all cost in excess of 50% of the average monthly net salary
  • Looking at the combined cost of tickets, accommodation and spending money for three different types of fans, we’ve also estimated the total price to attend an F1 race weekend in 2023 (without taking into account travel costs). Fans on a budget will spend on average $600 USD, with the cheapest races in Hungary, Austria and Emilia Romagna costing less than $400 USD. Mid-range fans who sit in a grandstand and stay in a 3-star hotel will spend on average $1,400 USD for an F1 weekend in 2023, while high-end fans will have to pay on average $6,000 USD for trackside hospitality and a 4-5 star hotel room.

2023 F1 Ticket Price Ranking

2023 Prices in $USD
Rank Race Average Price General Admission Cheapest Grandstand Grandstand Opposite Pits
1. Hungary $184 $108 $138 $306
2. Bahrain $265 $172* $172 $451
3. Australia $276*** $174*** $289*** $366***
4. Canada $297 $187 $205 $500
5. Austria $313 $114 $233 $593
6. Spain $328 $163 $290 $530
7. Japan $341** $136** $179** $707**
8. Italy $350 $114 $283 $653
9. Azerbaijan $380 $160 $240 $740
10. Brazil $390 $220* $220 $730
11. Saudi $391 $139 $267 $767
12. Belgium $393 $201 $315 $664
13. Qatar $422** $315** $315** $635**
14. Imola $439 $98 $294 $925
15. Netherlands $479 $272 $408 $756
16. Singapore $527 $226 $302 $1,052
17. Abu Dhabi $546 $272 $577 $789
18. Britain $556 $432 $445 $792
19. USA $667 $475 $500 $1,025
20. Monaco $677 $302 $805 $925
21. Mexico $688 $185 $344 $1,536
22. Miami $1,113 $590 $850 $1,900
23. Las Vegas $1,667 $500 $2,000 $2,500

*No General Admission in Bahrain or Sao Paulo. Cheapest grandstand ticket price given.
**Tickets not yet on sale for 2023 (Prices given for last race)
***4-Day Tickets are sold in Australia

Please Note: For the purposes of this ranking, we’ve analysed three common types of F1 tickets available at races across the calendar; General Admission (the cheapest tickets available, which don’t offer a reserved seat), the cheapest available grandstand tickets (reserved seats), and grandstand seats opposite the pits and starting grid. To calculate the average price of 3-day tickets at each race, we’ve averaged the prices of the three ticket categories. Without detailed data for the number of tickets sold at each race in each grandstand, this average price is only an estimate.

3-day General Admission tickets cost on average $242 USD in 2023

Though sometimes going by names other than General Admission (such as general access, roaming or standing tickets), the cheapest 3-day F1 tickets provide access to the circuit without a reserved seat. The quality of the General Admission offer varies considerably around the world; some circuits offer access to various parts of the circuit with viewing platforms, while at other circuits you will be confined to a particular area or zone.


  • The average price of 3-day General Admission (GA) tickets in 2023 is $242 USD, which represents an increase of 48% from our last F1 ticket price ranking in 2019
  • The cheapest General Admission tickets in 2023, priced at just over $100 USD, can be found in Italy (Imola & Monza), Austria and Hungary
  • The most expensive GA tickets in 2023 are sold for the three races in the USA, where you will have to pay around $500 USD in Miami, Austin and Las Vegas
  • The price of General Admission tickets for the USGP in Austin has risen by 143% in the past four years, from $195 to $475 USD. In Canada, the prices of GA tickets has increased by 68% since 2019. Australia has also seen a 30% increase in that time.

Please Note:

  • General Admission access is not offered in Bahrain and São Paulo, while tickets are not yet on sale for the Qatar Grand Prix. For these races, we’ve used the price of the cheapest 3-day grandstand ticket instead.
  • 4-Day General Admission tickets are offered in Australia
  • Silverstone used dynamic pricing for 2023 British Grand Prix tickets; the price of GA tickets ranged from 219-349 GBP. We’ve used the higher figure.

The cheapest 3-day reserved seats at each race in 2023 cost on average $420 USD

In this ranking, we’ve compared the cost of the cheapest 3-day reserved seats at every race on the 2023 Formula 1 calendar. Some races offer individual grandstand seats at this price level, while others offer bleacher seats.


  • The average price of the cheapest 3-day reserved seat at the 23 races on the 2023 Formula 1 calendar is $420 USD, an increase of 59% since 2019
  • The cheapest reserved seats in 2023 are the Bronze 1 & 2 grandstands in Hungary, which cost $127 USD for 3 days. The Victory grandstand in Bahrain ($172 USD) is second cheapest. Other races with affordable grandstand seats include São Paulo (Grandstand G, $220 USD) and Austria (Red Bull J/K/L/M/N, $233 USD)
  • At the other end of the scale, grandstand seats at the inaugural 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix are priced from $2000 USD but do include stadium food and non-alcoholic drinks. You will pay in excess of $800 USD for the cheapest 3-day grandstand seats at the next most expensive races, in Monaco (X1/X2 Grandstands) and Miami (Beach Grandstand).

3-day seats opposite the pits/starting grid cost on average $863 USD in 2023

At most races on the calendar, grandstand seats opposite the pits and starting grid – often located in the “Main Grandstand” – are the most expensive tickets available. As such seats are located at almost all races, they also provide a good basis for comparison.


  • The average price of a grandstand seat overlooking the pits and starting grid at an F1 race in 2023 is $863 USD. This represents an increase of 57% since 2019.
  • The cheapest seats opposite the pits and starting grid on the 2023 Formula 1 calendar can be found at the Hungaroring (Super Gold Rows 1-12, $306 USD). Seats in the Fangio Grandstand in Australia are also very good value at $366 USD. Other affordable races for seats opposite the pits and starting grid include Bahrain ($451 USD), Canada ($500 USD) and Spain ($530 USD).
  • Reserved seats opposite the pits and starting grid cost more than $1,000 USD at five races on the calendar, three of which are in the USA. The most expensive seats are offered at the Las Vegas Grand Prix ($2500 USD), though these do include all-inclusive stadium food and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Prices for Main Grandstand Trackside tickets at the USGP in Austin (the cheapest available in the Main Grandstand) have increased by 72% since 2019 to just over $1000 USD.
  • Other races with expensive main straight tickets include Singapore ($1,052 USD) and Mexico City ($1,536 USD).

Which races are most affordable for locals?

We have also looked at how affordable it is for locals to attend their home race in 2023 by comparing the cost of the cheapest 3-day reserved seat (grandstand seat) for each race against the average monthly net salary in each country.


  • The cheapest races for locals to attend are in Singapore, Japan and Canada, where grandstand tickets cost less than 7% of the average monthly net salary
  • Tickets are also relatively affordable for locals in Australia (7.7%), Bahrain (8.29%) and Austria (9.2%)
  • At the other end of the scale, tickets in Mexico (50% of average net monthly wage), São Paulo (57%) and Azerbaijan (67%) are very expensive for locals.

Cost of Race Tickets, Accommodation & Spending Money

For every destination on the calendar, we also estimate the price of race tickets, accommodation and spending money for three different types of fans: Budget, Mid-Range and High End. The average costs in USD are listed per person and based on a stay of three nights on Grand Prix weekend with race tickets, accommodation & spending money. The budgets do not include flights (or other travel costs) required to reach the race location. More information about our fan categories is listed below.


  • Budget fans will spend on average approx. $600 USD to attend a race in 2023. The cheapest races include Hungary, Austria and Imola (all less than $400 USD) while the most expensive races are in Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi, USA and Miami, where you’ll spend $950-1,040 USD.
  • Mid-range fans will spend on average approx. $1,408 USD to attend a race in 2023. At the low end, it costs less than $1,000 USD to attend the races in Hungary, Bahrain, Austria and Japan. At the high end, the stateside races in Austin, Miami and Las Vegas all cost in excess of $2,000 USD.
  • High-end fans will spend on average approx. $5,977 USD to attend a race in 2023. Cheaper races to attend include Hungary ($3,045 USD) and Imola ($3,590 USD). Races with much higher prices for hospitality and accommodation include Miami ($10,000 USD) and Las Vegas ($15,000 USD).

More information about how we have categorized F1 fans:

  • Budget fans buy the cheapest race tickets (General Admission) and camp by the track or stay in a hostel.
  • Mid-Range fans buy a grandstand ticket and stay in a 3-star hotel
  • High-End fans buy a hospitality package and stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel. Where available we’ve used the mid-range Champions Club hospitality product for this comparison, which is cheaper than the Formula 1 Paddock Club.

Cost of F1 Race Tickets, Accommodation & Spending Money 2023

2023 prices in $USD
Rank Race Budget Mid-Range High-End
1 Hungary $370 $729 $3,045
2 Austria $370 $890 $4,390
3 Imola $390 $1,335 $3,590
4 Azerbaijan $400 $1,010 $7,100
5 Japan $425* $905* $4,200*
6 Spain $435 $1,107 $4,674
7 Italy $446 $1,197 $4,565
8 Belgium $446 $1,234 $5,195
9 Saudi $450 $1,150 $6,870
10 Brazil $470 $1,305 $5,050
11 Bahrain $500 $800 $4,800
12 Australia $510 $1,165 $5,050
13 Canada $520 $1,195 $5,280
14 Netherlands $600 $1,240 $5,400
15 Singapore $670 $1,895 $6,210
16 Monaco $724 $1,675 $6,888
17 Mexico $725 $1,605 $5,800
18 Britain $766 $1,227 $4,535
19 Las Vegas $950 $3,050 $15,000
20 Abu Dhabi $980 $1,800 $6,250
21 USA $1,015 $2,080 $7,600
22 Miami $1,040 $2,475 $10,000
N/A Qatar** N/A N/A N/A

*Tickets are not yet on sale for the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix (we’ve used 2022 figures)
**Tickets are not yet on sale for the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix

 How were the rankings calculated?

  • We have only analysed the prices of General Admission and grandstand tickets. Hospitality tickets and F1 Experiences packages are available at every race and at different price points, from less than $2000 USD for 3 days up to more than $10,000 USD. If the prices of hospitality tickets were taken into account, the average cost of attending a race would be substantially increased.
  • Prices have been taken from official ticket agents for each race where available. If not available, we’ve used prices from our ticket supplier, Grand Prix Tickets.
  • Prices in local currency have been converted to USD at prevailing exchange races.
  • All prices are for 3-day tickets.
  • We have used ‘regular ticket prices’ for this analysis. Generous early-bird discounts on ticket prices offered by many promoters, some of which are still available, have not been taken into account.
  • Tickets are not yet on sale for 2023 at the Japanese Grand Prix and Qatar Grand Prix. For Japan, we’ve used prices from last year, and for Qatar, we’ve used prices from the last race in 2021.
  • In addition, some races have not published a full pricelist, have not yet released all tickets, or have used dynamic pricing for 2023. For the Miami Grand Prix and Las Vegas Grand Prix, we’ve used prices from currently available tickets. For the British Grand Prix, which has used dynamic pricing in 2023, we’ve used the published minimum prices for the relevant tickets.
  • Click the following links to read previous posts where we have ranked F1 ticket prices: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
  • Ranking the cost of F1 tickets is not an exact science. For each category of tickets, we’ve attempted to compare the same type of tickets, but exceptions to the rule do exist – we’ve noted these exceptions where possible.

Support the ongoing development and improvement of our free Grand Prix travel guides by buying your F1 tickets from our partners, Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). We also recommend Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences.

How Much It Costs to Attend an F1 Race Weekend


So, you’re kicking the tires on a trip to see a Formula 1 race.

Maybe you want to check out the inaugural F1 Miami Grand Prix. Or how about filling that bucket list item and checking out the Monaco Grand Prix.

Here’s a not-so-little-secret about a Formula 1 weekend. It can get a bit pricey.

Make that a lot pricey.

The folks at did the legwork and shared the cost of three-day race weekend ticket in the grandstand for one, average and median cost for two nights in a hotel in the race city, and six “inexpensive” meals to get you through the three days.

The methodology was simple enough. F1 and circuit websites were used to find the cheapest grandstand seats for a three-day race weekend. was the source for hotel rooms in the host cities (AirBnb was used for races at Silverstone, Monaco and France).

No real surprise, the most expensive race ticket is in Monaco, where a three-day ticket for a grandstand seat will set you back $700. Second on the list of 23 host venues with the most expensive tickets for 2022 is Miami, where three days in the grandstands for the inaugural race in South Florida starts at $640.

Cheapest tickets are in Hungary, where three days in the grandstand at the Hungaroring go for $127. F1 tickets for race grandstands in Bahrain, Australia, Azerbaijan, and Brazil all go for less than $200.

Cheapest three-day grandstand tickets for the race at Circuit of the Americas were noted in the survey at $235, but are currently listed as “sold out” and with no original pricing on the COTA website. Tickets on secondary markets are available, but expect to pay much more than that. An Autoweek check for the cheapest Sunday-only tickets in a grandstand for the race in Austin started at $675 on StubHub as of March 24.

Many venues offer general admission tickets separate from grandstand seating at a reduced rate.

Hotels are another story.

Two nights in a hotel on race weekend near the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi take the top prize with the median price of a two-night hotel stay during the Nov. 18-20 race weekend checking in at a whopping $2,108 a night, according to But, rest easy, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a room for two nights under $1,000. Autoweek found plenty of rooms still available with price tags under $1,000 through on March 24.

Looking for cheap rooms for F1 race weekends? Try Sao Paulo, Brazil. You’ll be surprised. Okay, maybe even shocked.

The survey found the cheapest of what it calls “inexpensive meals” can be found in Japan, Azerbaijan and Bahrain. Expect to dig deep for even a quick meal in Monaco. Six cheap meals for one in Baku, Azerbaijan, could run you less than $30. Monaco on race weekend? Closer to $300.

It’s a fun, and sometimes sobering, exercise to dream of making that world tour one year.

Shop around. We found many hotel rooms, for example, cheaper than the median prices in the survey. Tickets, on the other hand, are next-to-impossible to find at face value at many venues, and inflated prices on secondary markets are often the only option.

Oh yeah, and we forgot airline transportation. That’s extra.

Check out the complete report at

Mike Pryson
Mike Pryson covered auto racing for the Jackson (Mich.) Citizen Patriot and MLive Media Group from 1991 until joining Autoweek in 2011.

How much are tours to Formula 1 in Baku


At the end of April, Baku will host the Formula 1 stage, which is considered one of the fastest city races of the season. We asked tour operators about recommended hotels, the cost of tours and tickets for this sporting event. The experts gave some advice on what to do in the capital of Azerbaijan during the racing weekend.


From 28 to 30 April, Baku will host the stage of Formula 1, the most popular race in the world. According to the organizers of the competition, tickets are bought from almost 100 countries, including Russia. As the experts of the BSI Group tour operator emphasize, Formula 1 in Azerbaijan is a real holiday for motorsport lovers. The Baku City Circuit runs through the central streets of Baku, which gives this race a special charm.

“The Baku City Circuit is the fastest circuit in the world’s capitals and includes 20 exciting turns. The stands are located on the most advantageous, in terms of view, sections of the track, which traditionally attracts a large number of spectators, ”said the experts of the tour operator Space Travel.

According to tour operators, Russian motorsport fans are very interested in the race in Baku.

According to the “Russian Express” company, applications for this event began to arrive in the fall, so many tourists managed to purchase both tickets for the “Formula 1” and book air tickets and hotels in Baku. According to Space Travel experts, the peak demand for tours to Baku with a visit to the F-1 stage will be at the end of March.


According to the PAC Group, ticket prices vary depending on the grandstand and range from $280 to $800. Tickets for the best seats in the PADDOCK CLUB zone (located above the team boxes and guarantees the best view of the track) for all three days of races (from Friday to Sunday) will cost $ 5,900 per person, add to the “GROUP GROUP”.

According to the organizers of the Baku stage of F-1, tickets for three stands – “Sahil”, “Philharmonic” and sector “B” on the “Absheron” stand – have already been completely sold out.

Formula 1 stage in Baku, Azerbaijan. Photo:


Tour operators offer ready-made package tours or ground services in Baku for one of the fastest races in the F1 season.

So, turnkey tours with air travel, accommodation and excursions in the capital of Azerbaijan can be booked with tour operators:

  • Space Travel (4 * hotel, 4 nights, individual transfer, race tickets – from $ 1804 for two),
  • PAC Group (4* hotel, 4 nights, from 130. 7 thousand rubles for two, race tickets are purchased separately)
  • ICS Travel Group (3* hotel, 4 nights, tour of the Old Town, race tickets not included – from 123.6 thousand rubles for two).

ANEX Tour offers city-tours with regular flights to Baku (4* hotel, 5 nights, departure on April 28 – from 90 thousand rubles for two).

Ground services (flight and race tickets are paid additionally) at an attractive price are offered by the tour operator BSI Group (3*+ hotel, 4 nights, tour of the Old Town – from 48 thousand rubles for two).


Tour operators recommend that tourists hurry up with booking tours to Baku for the race weekend, as there are few places left in popular hotels near the track. LEAD GROUP reminds that in conditions of high demand, accommodation in hotels will rise in price closer to the date of arrival.

The PAC Group recommends booking the following hotels located close to the race track: Theatrum Boutique Hotel, Marriott Courtyard 5*, Shah Palace Hotel 4*. Space Travel experts add Grand 4*, Baku Marriott, Hotel Boulevard 5* and Promenade Hotel Baku 4* hotels to this list.


Tour operators told what else to do in Baku during the days of Formula 1 races. The PAC Group advises you to definitely take a walk around the Old City and the Baku embankment, go to the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum and the Heydar Aliyev Center, and try the local cuisine.

According to the experts of LEAD GROUP and BSI Group, acquaintance with such sights as the Maiden Tower, the Door of the Shirvanshahs and the Ateshgah fire temple will help to immerse yourself in the history of Azerbaijan.

“Baku is a beautiful modern city on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Tourists have access to all the capital’s entertainment: museums, restaurants and concerts,” summed up the Russian Express.

Tour operators also reminded that for the time being (as of March 16) Russian citizens will also need a vaccination certificate to enter Azerbaijan in addition to a foreign passport (of Russian vaccines, only Sputnik V is suitable).

Elena Myagkova




sporting events tours



Abu Dhabi Grand Prix dates, ticket prices

. On the one hand, this is a lot of money and the highest standards of conduct. On the other hand, the climate and traditions are alarming for many racing fans who love to express themselves freely. Nevertheless, despite all the specific restrictions, the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​alive and well, and we have collected all the most important information about it and are ready to share it with you.

The fact that the race track is built on a man-made island gives a special flavor to this Grand Prix. In addition, climatic features also play their role: the start takes place even in sunlight, and ends already with artificial light. About what else the UAE Grand Prix is ​​famous for and what its history is, read below.

The history of the royal races in the Emirates

For the first time, the sheikhs announced their desire to bring the famous race to the desert land of the UAE in 2009, just at the time when the country began to actively invest in the segment of elite tourism. No sooner said than done. It did not take long, and in the same year the famous Yas Marina track was built – on the bulk island of the same name in the middle of the ocean. The location was not chosen by chance – additional interest in the races was provided.

However, already after 3-4 years, the strategy to attract premium tourists began to falter, and ticket prices for the Formula stage began to gradually decline. As a result, already in 2014, both the country itself and the races began to be visited by significantly more tourists with an average income level.

However, this did not affect the quality of the race. Everything here is of the highest standard: the circuit can accommodate 50 thousand people, the architecture of the route is borrowed from the Principality of Monaco, and to increase the entertainment, the movement along it is carried out from right to left, which creates additional difficulties for the riders. By the way, the track was designed by Hermann Tilke, a specialist on whose account the creation of the circuit in Sochi.

Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi: what you need to know

First of all, the UAE is a Muslim country: going here, you need to take into account all the restrictions associated with the consumption of alcohol (including in the stands). Secondly, as for the track itself, it has several unique features at once. For example, if necessary, two competitions can be held on it at once: the northern and southern rings are connected by special jumpers. By removing them, the organizers can make these parts of the course completely autonomous.

The main racing events in 2023

FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX – that’s how the stage of the prestigious race in the UAE is fully called – has a huge number of surprises and surprises in store for its guests. Not always, however, pleasant – primarily in terms of pricing for entertainment and souvenirs. For now, we recommend focusing on the main events of the race weekend: 4 action-packed days will please every F1 fan!

  • Thursday . If you see Pit walk signs around, then you have the right ticket: it includes the right to visit any areas of the circuit during all 4 days of preparation and races. On Thursday – a walk through the technical area with an inspection of the stable boxes and fireballs. You can easily meet one of the star pilots and get his autograph: however, at a special session, you will have to stand in line for this.
  • For those who have not made their way to the stars, there is also a lot of interesting things. For example, a whole amusement park, where tourists especially like the attraction from Etihad Airways with the landing of a passenger plane. Recommended.
  • Friday . Training races that may seem boring – but not for real connoisseurs of the dynamics of the car and the skill of the pilots. If you have not seen how braking occurs from 320 to 70 km / h on a patch of literally 60-70 m, then you have lost a lot, and now you have a chance to see it. For everyone else, there is also a lot of interesting things on the circuit, including souvenir shopping.
  • Saturday . The traditional day of the qualification and a harbinger of the main starts. It’s time to cheer for your favorite pilots!
  • Sunday . The day of the race, which is preceded by a delightful spectacle – the race of the Australian V8 Supercars series. The competition of touring giants captures no less than F1 speeds.

In addition to all of the above, the racing weekend in Abu Dhabi is also 3-4 concerts of world famous stars. It immediately becomes clear that the organizers do not spare money, but, however, this only makes tourists more interesting and more fun. The concerts themselves with live sound and grandiose special effects are held at the Arena du Arena, not far from the circuit itself.

Ticket prices and accommodation

Well, this is where the fun begins. We can definitely say that F1 in Abu Dhabi is an expensive pleasure. The cheapest tickets cost from 350 euros (to sit on the hill of Abu Dhabi), more expensive, grandstand, already from 500 euros. Price tags for VIP seats start at 1000 euros.

The best options are to take tickets to the southern and northern parts of the main stands: they have a great view of the large straight section of the track, where most attacks and overtaking occur during the race.

How do I get to the Yas Marina Circuit?

Another feature of life in the UAE pops up here – there is very little public transport, everyone mostly travels by car. So get ready for the fact that you can wait for the bus for quite a long time.

By public transport

You can get to Yas Island by bus number 109. From there, take the free shuttle to your destination.

By taxi

The popular Uber service in Abu Dhabi has come under pressure from the authorities and will soon be forced to give users only offers of drivers of prestigious cars. Whether this will affect the cost of the trip is unknown, while you can get there for 10 dirhams. However, local taxi companies have not been canceled.