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The primary goal of the Fundació de recerca Sant Joan de Déu is to contribute to the improvement of people’s health and well-being by promoting, supporting and coordinating research and innovation at the centres of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God ‒ Aragon-San Rafael Province, in accordance with its values: Hospitality, Respect, Quality, Responsibility and Spirituality).

Mission, vision and objectives

Accordingly, the Fundació’s objective is to work together with the hospitals and other centres of Sant Joan de Déu to expand scientific knowledge and to improve healthcare for people suffering health problems. Moreover, we seek to achieve these ends in an integrated way within the healthcare sphere, always bearing closely in mind the sick people and their families. We approach our research as a participatory and interdisciplinary process, where the interaction between professionals and society generates enriching initiatives that provide an appropriate response to people’s need.  

The Fundació’s work is set within the framework of the activity of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, which, based on the concept of hospitality and with a universal character, strives to shelter, attend to and help people, especially those who are most vulnerable or who suffer social integration or health problems. The research activities of the Fundació covers different areas of knowledge, mainly in the fields of maternal and child health and mental health, although there are also research groups working in other areas, including research on socially vulnerable populations.

Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God ‒ Spain Province

The Fundació de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu is part of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God · Province of Spain, an international non-profit organization that takes care of the reception, promotion of health and support of the most vulnerable.

The Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God dates back to the 16th century and it is currently present in more than 50 countries around the world. It is formed by 1,230 brothers, more than 40,000 collaborators (professionals and volunteers), and more than 300,000 benefactors. The Province of Aragon – San Rafael, one of the three in which the Spanish state is divided, is formed by more than 5,000 professionals, 1,052 volunteers and 81 brothers, as well as a network of donors.

Under the concept of Hospitality, the Order takes care of the reception, the promotion of health, support and commitment to the most vulnerable realities of our society from a broad concept of universality and promoting professionalism. The work that the Order carries out in the Province is visible through care centers, hospitals, health centers, social services and religious communities. These are plural centers with a shared social commitment in many cases with other public, ecclesial or private institutions with which there is an affinity in motivation and a shared vision.

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 (do͞o′tə-rŏn′ə-mē, dyo͞o′-)


See Table at Bible.

[Late Latin deuteronomium, from Greek deuteronomion, a second law (from (to) deuteronomion (touto), Septuagint mistranslation of Hebrew mišnê hattôrâ hazzō’t, a copy of this law) : deuteros, second; see deu- in Indo-European roots + nomos, law; see nem- in Indo-European roots.]

Deu′ter·o·nom′ic (-tər-ə-nŏm′ĭk) adj.

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(Bible) the fifth book of the Old Testament, containing a second statement of the Mosaic Law

[from Late Latin Deuteronomium, from Greek Deuteronomion; see deutero-, -nomy]

Deuteronomic adj

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(ˌdu təˈrɒn ə mi, ˌdyu-)


the fifth book of the Pentateuch.

[< Late Latin Deuteronomium < Greek Deuteronómion]

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Noun 1. Deuteronomy – the fifth book of the Old Testament; contains a second statement of Mosaic law

Book of Deuteronomy

mezuza, mezuzah – religious texts from Deuteronomy inscribed on parchment and rolled up in a case that is attached to the doorframe of many Jewish households in accordance with Jewish law

Laws, Pentateuch, Torah – the first of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible considered as a unit

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Mooseksen kirja

Femte Mosebok


[ˌdjuːtəˈrɒnəmɪ] N → Deuteronomio m

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n → das fünfte Buch Mose(s), Deuteronomium nt (spec)

Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2007


[ˌdjuːtəˈrɒnəmɪ] n → Deuteronomio

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With a special mention to the palliative care team at Sant Joan de Deu.

Luis Enrique’s daughter Xana dies after five-month battle with cancer

She now has a waiting list of other wards and services keen to employ a Pacific nurse after they spend time in the pilot DEU.

Pacific nurse education unit being piloted

UMC’s medical-surgical unit (1500) is the site of the first DEU. The excitement was palpable at the first-ever white coat ceremony held last month to honor the new CDIs who received their white lab jackets signifying that they are clinical experts and now specially trained in clinical education pedagogical methods to teach nursing students.

UNLV School of Nursing and UMC Form a New Academic Practice Partnership

Jose Chiquito Malayo, told reporters that before his arrest, Ruallo had asked for P50,000 from the parents of a drug suspect who was detained by the Fairview station’s DEU.

QC police official, 4 men tagged in extort try fired

McKown, Mckeon, McKown and Webb (2011) studied the clinical logs of 12 second year nursing students from a nursing baccalaureate programme in the mid-south of the USA while they were on a ten-week placement in a DEU. Although, also a small sample size, results indicated that the utilisation of the DEU model help to support the students to develop their health and safety competencies, and enhanced inter-professional inter-actions.

Utilising the Canterbury Dedicated Education Unit model of teaching and learning to support graduate nurses/Te Whakamahi i te tauira whakaako, ako o te Canterbury Dedicated Education Unit hei tautoko i nga tapuhi whai tohu

Prior to beginning clinical shifts, the AP’s faculty oriented the students to their roles, responsibilities, and expectations on the DEU. At the beginning of each “first shift,” the AP faculty met the student on the unit for an orientation tour, followed by an introduction to their clinical teacher and charge nurse.

Better together: a win-win pediatric academic partnership

Interview questions explored the range of interactions and activities on DEUs, DEU mechanisms and processes required to produce potential outcomes, and specific components to maintain the success of the DEU. Because the DEU innovation was ongoing for four semesters prior to the study, some interview questions focused on the movement of the DEU toward routinizing or how the innovation could be supported over time, looking for the presence of behaviors that would indicate sustainability, particularly partnership interactions, activities, and cooperative and collaborative behaviors.

Building the evidence for dedicated education unit sustainability and partnership success

Those other spoke on the occasion were include columnist Haroon Rashid, Seemi Bukhari, Dr Robina Akhter, Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhary and Mehar Afzal Deu.

PTI ready do a winning game: Imran

Any operator finding themselves trapped inside a dangerous area simply pushes the DEU’s button and, with this simple gesture, frees the latch from the DEU. The operator can then leave the area.

Emergency exit device

La missio esdeve la concrecio i l’assoliment del primer manament del cristia: coneixer i estimar Deu.

Dret I justicia a l’arbre de ciencia de Ramon Llull

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LTE bands

The table below shows frequency bands for LTE using FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) duplex, i. e. When
downlink and uplink are transmitted simultaneously in different frequency bands. It also indicates from which release of LTE each band is supported.
List of frequencies for 5G defined by 3GPP

No. Frequency range in the uplink (UL) channel, MHz Downlink (DL) frequency range, MHz Channel width, MHz Release
band_1 1920 – 1980 2110 – 2170 2×60 Rel.8
band_2 1850 – 1910 1930 – 1990 2×60 Rel.8
band_3 1710 – 1785 1805 – 1880 2×75 Rel.8
band_4 1710 – 1755 2110 – 2155 2×45 Rel.8
band_5 824 – 849 869 – 894 2×25 Rel. 8
band_6 830 – 840 875 – 885 2×10 Rel.8
band_7 2500 – 2570 2620 – 2690 2×70 Rel.8
band_8 880 – 915 925 – 960 2×35 Rel.8
band_9 1749.9 – 1784.9 1844.9 – 1879.9 2×35 Rel.8
band_10 1710 – 1770 2110 – 2170 2×60 Rel.8
band_11 1427.9 – 1447.9 1475.9 – 1495.9 2×20 Rel.8
band_12 699 – 716 729 – 746 2×18 Rel.8
band_13 777 – 787 746 – 756 2×10 Rel. 8
band_14 788 – 798 758 – 768 2×10 Rel.8
band_17 704 – 716 734 – 746 2×12 Rel.8
band_18 815 – 830 860 – 875 2×15 Rel.9
band_19 830 – 845 875 – 890 2×15 Rel.9
band_20 832 – 862 791 – 821 2×30 Rel.9
band_21 1447.9 – 1462.9 1495.9 – 1510.9 2×15 Rel.9
band_22 3410 – 3490 3510 – 3590 2×80 Rel.10
band_23 2000 – 2020 2180 – 2200 2×20 Rel. 10
band_24 1626.5 – 1660.5 1525 – 1559 2×34 Rel.10
band_25 1850 – 1915 1930 – 1995 2×65 Rel.10
band_26 814 – 849 859 – 894 2×35 Rel.11
band_27 807 – 824 852 – 869 2×17 Rel.11
band_28 703 – 748 758 – 803 2×45 Rel.11
band_29 N/A 717 – 728 11 Rel.11
band_30 2305 – 2315 2350 – 2360 2×10 Rel.12
band_31 452. 5 – 457.5 462.5 – 467.5 2×5 Rel.12
band_32 N/A 1452 – 1496 44 Rel.13
band_65 1920 – 2010 2110 – 2200 2×90 Rel.13
band_66 1710 – 1780 2110 – 2200 2×60 Rel.13
band_67 N/A 738 – 758 20 Rel.13
band_68 698 – 728 753 – 783 2×30 Rel.13
band_69 N/A 2570 – 2620 50 Rel.14
band_70 1695 – 1710 1995 – 2020 2×15 Rel. 14
band_71 663 – 698 617 – 652 2×35 Rel.15
band_72 451 – 456 461 – 466 2×5 Rel.15
band_73 450 – 455 460 – 465 2×5 Rel.15
band_74 1427 – 1470 1475 – 1518 2×43 Rel.15
band_75 N/A 1432 – 1517 85 Rel.15
band_76 N/A 1427 – 1432 5 Rel.15
band_85 698 – 716 728 – 746 2×18 Rel.15

It should be noted that the frequency ranges from 1 to 14 are the same as the frequency ranges used by the networks
UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone System). And also the fact that in frequency bands 13, 14, 20 and 24 the uplink is transmitted to
higher frequencies than downstream.
Frequency bands 15 and 16 are defined for use by other technologies. Frequency bands 29, 32, 67, 69, 75, 76
can only be used in the case of Carrier Aggregation.

The table below shows the frequency bands for LTE when using TDD (Time Division Duplex) duplex, i.e. When
downlink and uplink are transmitted sequentially in the same frequency band.

No. Frequency range, MHz Channel width, MHz Release
band_33 1900 – 1920 20 Rel.8
band_34 2010 – 2025 15 Rel.8
band_35 1850 – 1910 60 Rel.8
band_36 1930 – 1990 60 Rel. 8
band_37 1910 – 1930 20 Rel.8
band_38 2570 – 2620 50 Rel.8
band_39 1880 – 1920 40 Rel.8
band_40 2300 – 2400 100 Rel.8
band_41 2496 – 2690 194 Rel.10
band_42 3400 – 3600 200 Rel.10
band_43 3600 – 3800 200 Rel.10
band_44 703 – 803 100 Rel.11
band_45 1447 – 1467 20 Rel. 13
band_46 5150 – 5925 775 Rel.13
band_47 5855 – 5925 70 Rel.14
band_48 3550 – 3700 150 Rel.14
band_49 3550 – 3700 150 Rel.15
band_50 1432 – 1517 85 Rel.15
band_51 1427 – 1432 5 Rel.15
band_52 3300 – 3400 100 Rel.15

LTE technology supports channels of various widths. The table below lists the possible channel options as well as
available number of resource blocks in each of them (about resource blocks)

List of 5G frequencies

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I’ll try to add it as soon as possible.

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Link LTE communication interface — C-Nord technical support

Link LTE communication interface is designed to receive messages from third-party on-site devices and transfer them to the Security Center. It is an evolution of Soyuz GSM and TR-100 GSM IV devices – it has all their advantages, but is more versatile and compact.

Housing and power supply

The device is in its own housing, which means that it can be installed outside the connected device. At the same time, the size of the case is small enough to, if necessary, install it inside the case of a third-party device.

Link LTE is powered by the power supply of the connected device (10-14 V), there is no own power supply. Low power consumption does not burden the instrument’s power supply.

Link LTE size compared to regular bank card

Connection of third party devices

Telephone line . Bolide, Frontier, Pima, DSC, Pyronix or any device using the Contact ID protocol is connected via a telephone line.

The preferred connection method for maximum compatibility and high information content.

Two inputs/outputs. The inputs/outputs can be connected to:

  • outputs of third-party devices, including the outputs of monitoring stations of popular fire devices;
  • wired KTS;
  • wireless KTS.

Using the inputs is a universal way to connect third-party equipment, but it allows you to transmit only generalized signals (Alarm, Fire, Fault).

Serial port. Boundary, Sagittarius, Altonika are connected via the serial port. Bolid connection is supported only for S2000-PP devices with firmware 1.29.

Connection of Sagittarius Pro devices via serial port is not supported.


MyAlarm and Security Center. The inputs of third-party devices are connected to the Link LTE outputs – this allows you to organize control from the Security Center or arm / disarm the device from the MyAlarm application.

Relay. Relays are connected to the outputs to control external devices: you can open the gate, lower the roller shutters, turn off the light.

Communication channels

Built-in 2G/LTE modem allows you not to be afraid of 2G disconnection or lack of 3G connection on site.

Two SIM cards so as not to depend on a particular carrier. In case of communication problems on the main SIM card, Link LTE will automatically switch to the backup one.

Embedded Ethernet. High-speed and free communication channel. Allows you to focus on GSM as a backup channel.


The case cover opens and closes in one motion and is held on by rigid latches without additional fastening.

To facilitate installation, the terminals are wired from the outside of the housing. The wiring diagram is printed on the board itself.

The SMA connector for the remote antenna is located on the outside of the housing, but is visually hidden when the cover is closed.