Corporate activities near me: 24 Best Team Building Activities in Phoenix, AZ

24 Best Team Building Activities in Phoenix, AZ

You found our list of fun team building activities in Phoenix, Arizona.

Team building activities in Phoenix are events that foster collaboration, communication, and a sense of camaraderie among employees. Examples of corporate team building ideas in Phoenix include Mystery Room, the Great Guac Off, and escape rooms. These activities are a great way for teams in Arizona to create fun memories and have a good time.

These exercises are similar to relationship-building activities, team bonding ideas, and trust-building activities, and are ways to boost cooperation in groups.

These events are similar to Phoenix corporate events and company outings in Phoenix.

This article contains:

  • team building activities for small groups in Phoenix, AZ
  • team building activities for large groups in Phoenix, Arizona
  • team building activities for adults in Phoenix
  • corporate team building ideas in Phoenix

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List of team building activities in Phoenix

The following team building activities can make your next corporate event in Phoenix remarkable.

1. Pinspirational

Pinspiration is a Phoenix-based crafting studio where you can host a corporate party and unleash your employees’ creative juices. The facility allows clients to choose between the Splatter Room Experience or the Main Studio Party. There are dozens of crafts to pick from in the Main Studio for your team members to create their own unique masterpieces. The craft options include home décor, paintings, quote signs, and mugs, each with personalization options. Coworkers may express themselves creatively and share ideas.

The Splatter Room is a more active and collaborative alternative. Your crew will wear shower hats, goggles, coveralls, and boots in anticipation of an immersive experience. After entering the Spatter Room, you can splatter paint all over canvases in the style of Jackson Pollock. Coworkers may work on their own canvases or collectively as a team. In addition, Pinspiration offers Beverages and Bites to customers.

Learn more about Pinspirational.

2. LumberJaxes

The workplace can be a source of tension at times. Throwing axes is a great way for your employees to let off steam. After a safety briefing and demonstration, you and your team can participate in a friendly ax-throwing competition. Participants will enjoy an hour “Round Robin” session to decide their place in the competition, after which they will engage into a bracket elimination tournament to select the final winner. Your team will get light refreshments to enjoy between throws. This team building event will surely be a smash with your team in Phoenix.

Read more about LumberJaxes.

3. Escape the Room

An escape room is one of the most exciting team building activities for adults in Phoenix. Typically, escape rooms are available in an escape room facility. If you are looking for an escape room experience in a location of your choice, Escape Room Races in Phoenix can also help you out. Teams will have to work together and use their problem-solving and communication skills in a couple of team-building challenges that test their intelligence and creativity. The first team to complete their objective by gathering all of the necessary clues wins. The winning team in each competition will get trophies.

Learn more about Escape the Room.

4. The Art of Storytelling

For this activity, your team will learn from a team of professional storytellers, including performers, comedians, and scholars. Your group will learn a simple structure for delivering compelling tales from this team. Employees may implement lessons from the art of storytelling both at work and at home. Every team member, from salespeople and front-line staff, to marketing, leadership, and HR departments may benefit from improved storytelling.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

5. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off all comes down to guacamole making in the final round, following mini-games like Trivia-cado and House Builder. These avocado-themed team building games are perfect for your group, especially if you love avocados. The event includes a fun party host, the guac ingredients and dippers, great prizes, and photographs. Your team can also request optional swag bags and BYOB. You can choose to host the Guac Off at your workplace or one of Team Building’s rental venues in Phoenix.

Learn more about the Great Guac Off.

6. ScavBoss

ScavBoss is a team-based, story-driven game that tests your group’s ability to work together to solve puzzles. In Phoenix, you can choose between indoor and outdoor hunts, and we can tailor the experience to fit any theme, including your business or industry. These scavenger hunts are difficult for the faint of heart, and not every group succeeds. However, your team will have plenty of fun competing.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

7. The Murder Mystery Company

At this corporate team building activity, participants will tap into their inner detectives to solve a live-action game of Clue. Your team members will split into two groups: suspects and detectives, each led by a team of professional actors. Each team will receive a binder containing the suspects’ profiles, clues, and goals to aid their work. In addition to being a great and memorable team bonding activity, your teammates will have a lot of fun channeling their intuitive and detective abilities. The facility will provide the necessary resources for the activity, including the sets, clothes, and accessories. If you want to include food and beverages, you will have to pay extra fees.

Learn more about the The Murder Mystery Company.

8. Desert Wolf Tours

This facility is one of the best sites to visit if you want to feel the spirit of the renowned and infamous cowboys, soldiers, pioneers, and outlaws. Excellently trained and well-behaved horses are available for all levels of riders. To ensure the wrangler provides the best possible experience, all group trail rides have a limit of six to twelve riders.

Horn bags are standard on all saddles and you can use them to store your personal goods. The one-hour-long walk winds through the Sonoran Desert, which is awe-inspiring. You can have the wrangler capture stunning pictures of you and your horse while you ride across the desert.

Learn more about the Desert Wolf Tours.

9. Bump and Roll

At Bump and Roll, you can unleash your inner child. You can jump on one of their “human hampster balls” and play a round of bowling at their enormous bowling alley. You can also hop on one of the pool tables and kick the balls into the holes using your foot. You can book the whole facility for the company activity as a lighthearted method to foster a sense of camaraderie among coworkers.

Learn more about Bump and Roll.

10. Cooking with Joni

At Cooking with Joni, the chef will teach your group how to prepare some of her favorite dishes based on French, Italian, Korean, and Thai cuisines during a hands-on cooking class. Cooking classes are excellent team building activities for small groups in Phoenix. You can have the event at Joni’s facility in Scottsdale or your workplace. Learning to cook new dishes can be thrilling and fun for your group.

Learn more about Cooking with Joni.

11. Inferno Escape Room

In Phoenix, escape rooms are the perfect team-building activity. You will have to work with your team in a limited area in a short time. Burned Out and Lit are two of the three office-themed escape rooms at Inferno, where you have to put together clues after having a crazy night of partying. You can book several rooms if you plan a big group excursion since each room can hold between two and ten people.

Learn more about Inferno Escape Rooms.

12. Arizona Science Center’s Makerspace.

In addition to its planetarium and five-story 3D cinema, the Arizona Science Center has plenty of other fascinating exhibits. The CREATE Makerspace is a great place to bring your group if you are looking to bond via cutting-edge technology like 3D printers. You and your team can create LED accessories or laser-etched souvenirs that you may take home. Their facilities are available for an expansive event space or you can opt to bring the party to you with their mobile makerspace options.

Learn more about Makerspace.

13. Altered Combat

Altered Combat is a mobile laser tag and archery tag business. Tactical laser tag is an excellent team-building activity without the danger of flying projectiles. Altered Combat’s team-based strategic missions help improve communication, teamwork, and morale. This activity does not require high levels of physical exertion, so it works for a wide range of ages, skills, and abilities. Additionally, the company can host their missions at either your workplace or preferred location.

Learn more about Altered Combat.

14. Taste It Tours

The Take a Taste It Tour is a great idea if you want to get out of the office and get some fresh air team building activities for small groups in Phoenix. You and your team can opt between a day or an evening tour that takes you to at least four local eateries. You will also learn about the history and culture of the area while savoring the local cuisine. Trolley excursions are available, but you will walk between each stop. There are two options for this activity: a pub crawl or a wine and chocolate tour, and it can accommodate parties of 10 to over 100 people.

Learn more about Taste It Tours.

15. Brush Bar

Painting and sip parties are a great team-building choice in Phoenix since you can take a piece of the event home with you. There are a variety of team-building activities, including Painting Musical Chairs, in which participants rotate between canvases as the painting progresses to make the process interesting. The Brush Bar is in Scottsdale, but you can arrange to have the Brush-to-Go painting party and easels at your workplace. Each participant gets a complimentary bottle of wine, paint, and canvases.

Learn more about the Brush Bar.

16. Jake’s Unlimited

Featuring a laser tag arena, bowling lanes, and 170 arcade games, Jake’s Unlimited is Phoenix’s own award-winning indoor amusement park and fun center. Each admission ticket includes unlimited food and beverages.

Corporate team building in Phoenix has never been easier than with Jake’s Unlimited’s hassle-free, all-inclusive party packages. You and your coworkers will have a blast playing games and having a good time together at this venue.

Learn more about Jake’s Unlimited.

17. Simply Smashing Rage Room

The Simply Smashing Rage Room is the place to go if you would rather vent your displeasure on real-world items. You and your team will get golf clubs and baseball bats to smash the office equipment that frustrates you the most, including printers, monitors, and keyboards to smithereens. You should get ready to put on your safety gear and turn up the volume on your favorite tunes while you and your team have a good time. You can pay for a party room for post-event debriefings and even ask for video recordings of the activity for keepsakes.

Learn more about Simply Smashing Rage Room.

18. 5k races

After the long Phoenix summer, a charity race is a terrific opportunity to raise funds and donate to a good cause while staying active. 5K races offer different fun race options, which means even the least athletic people of your organization can participate. The tracks are short enough to stroll, and these races provide plenty of time for socializing and merriment.

Learn more about 5K races in Phoenix.

19. Octane Raceway

Participants of any age can enjoy indoor go-kart racing. Octane Raceway in Phoenix is an ideal location for an exhilarating team building activity for adults. In Octane’s spectacular 13-mile track, your team may race go-karts at speeds of up to 45 mph while encouraging friendly rivalry and celebrating victory.

Virtual reality gaming is also available at Octane Raceway. With Velocity VR, you and your coworkers can experience a lifelike gaming experience where your bodies act as the controllers. The exhilarating and surreal gaming experience promotes group bonding, collaboration, and communication. Octane Raceway provides a broad range of corporate event packages for parties of 10 to 500 people, all of which are customizable to fit a range of budgets.

Learn more about Octane Raceway.

20. Phoenix Glass Center

At Downtown Phoenix’s newest glass-blowing studio and art gallery, you and your team will receive step-by-step guidance through the glass-blowing process from an experienced teacher. You will get a unique bonding experience with your coworkers while you master the skill of glass blowing. You will get to choose the colors and patterns before letting the pros handle the creation of your item. You can create a one-of-a-kind item to take home to your family and friends.

Learn more about Phoenix Glass Center.

21. Arizona Party Bike

The party boat can accommodate up to 15 people for private parties. Up to 180 persons may ride the fleet’s 12 pedal-powered party bikes, making it a great activity for large groups. You can buy a drink from the on-site liquor shop and enjoy sips as you ride through the streets of Phoenix. You can make your itinerary and make pit stops at your favorite attractions along the road. The disco lights and a high-quality music system create an immersive club-like ambiance. Also, the built-in electric motor makes pedaling a breeze.

Learn more about Arizona Party Bike.

22. VIP Airsoft Arena

At the VIP Airsoft Arena, you can explore the meticulously-created areas that even the most seasoned gamers find amazing. The on-site store offers professional airsoft gear. The enthusiastic team at the facility provides you with safety instructions and technical tidbits as you make your way through the activity. You can relax with a few beers and pizza after your training session and talk about the parts that went well and what might have been better. Open areas, vast halls, and close-quarter fighting zones make the immersive arenas.

Learn more about VIP Airsoft Arena.

23. Feed My Starving Children

Volunteering can be a good activity to consider if your company’s basic values include giving back to the community. Volunteering for Feed My Starving Children is a great team-building activity, and it also helps a good cause, namely, the battle against childhood hunger. As a group, you may sign up and pick the part you want to play based on whatever physical constraints you have. There will be some friendly rivalry among the various teams.

Learn more about Feed My Starving Children’s group volunteer opportunities and check out more group volunteer options.


When considering team-building activities in Phoenix, it is essential that you prepare ahead and select an activity that is appropriate for that time of year. Summertime is the best time to enjoy several outdoor activities. Employee morale will soar when a corporate team building event instills a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among your workforce. These events are also a great way to show your staff how much you care about them, which will result in higher employee engagement.

Next, check out these guides to team building skills and team building tips.

FAQ: Team building activities in Phoenix, Arizona

Here are some frequently asked questions about team building activities in Phoenix.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Phoenix?

Some good corporate team building ideas include escape rooms, painting parties, and volunteering.

What are fun team building activities to do in Phoenix?

Some fun team building activities include food tours, archery, and kart racing.

20 Corporate Event Ideas in Denver — Oxotic Denver

Over the past nine years, we have hosted hundreds of events at our Pure Adrenaline Event Center.

We are are a luxury experience with a casual vibe. We want your guest to feel like the outing is casual and fun, at the same time they will receive an experience they will never forget.

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Other Corporate Event Experiences in Denver
Over the years we have partnered with a number of great companies that also provide a great service. We know that there are some events that you have to execute on a much lower budget. We want to recommend some companies that you may want to check out. Our friends at Delicious Denver Food Tours put together a great list that we have expanded upon. We love their experience for a number of reasons. First who does not like food! They have private access to some of the most exclusive restaurants in Denver. They also provide a peak into the craft cocktail scene in Colorado. Finally they are just good people. We love working with them and sending them business, because they care!

Website: Delicious Denver Food Tours

Here are our favorites team building outings:

1. Taste the City’s Best Dishes on a Denver Food Tour

Downtown Denver Food Tour

Are your coworkers foodies? Rather than picking one restaurant to host your event, why not try several top restaurants downtown all in one curated Denver food experience?

Food tours are a great way to taste unique and delicious dishes while learning  about Denver’s famous chefs and thriving food scene. Your group will walk to some of the top restaurants in town and get the VIP treatment at each food tasting stop.

Tours are guided by local foodies, and drink pairings are available.


2. Put Your Heads Together in an Escape Room

If you haven’t tried an escape room yet, you’re in for a treat! The experience will engage the entire team and lift the team spirit, as you work against the clock to solve puzzles and complete your mission. You will really experience how your problem solving skills as a team works when the clock is ticking.

We love Puzzah, located just 5 minutes walking from Union Station.  They offer four different missions with varying difficulty levels and themes than range from time traveling to disarming a hidden bomb before it’s too late.

Learn More >>

3. Race at a High-Speed Go Karting Facility

Adrenaline junkies will love this unique team building idea.

Located just north of the city, Unser Karting offers high-speed go kart racing in a state of the art facility complete with a bar and restaurant.

They offer both an indoor and rooftop track as well as a game room with billiards and ping pong, making this the perfect spot for a high-energy team building activity followed by drinks and food.

Learn More >>

4. Create Delicious Dishes in a Cooking Class

Plan a private hands-on cooking class, or join one of their many public classes for home cooks at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts in downtown Denver. Their professional chefs will put together a mouth-watering menu for a fine dining event with your team.

Join one of their open classes, and your group will learn how to make traditional cuisine from Italy, Spain, India or France.

Learn More >>

5. Craft and Drink at Grandma’s House

This South Broadway brewery celebrates all things craft. Bring your team after work to try some delicious beers and spend a relaxing evening making fun crafts.

The name of the bar is well deserved. The decor is straight out of your grandma’s house and feels very retro.

Check out their full calendar of events and choose from Crafty Mondays or Dirty Doodles (yes, you create foul-mouthed crafts at this one) for a fun and unique team building idea!

Learn More >>

6. Sip and Savor the City’s Best Drinks on a Craft Cocktails Tour

Cocktails & Tastes Tour with Delicious Denver Food Tours

Sip and savor the city’s best craft cocktails on a private Cocktails & Tastes Tour through downtown Denver.

You’ll start at Union Station and visit four of Denver’s best bars and restaurants for a total of five cocktail tastes paired with appetizers.

Discover amazing new spots and try delicious craft cocktails on this elevated private experience.


7. Battle it Out with Archery Dodgeball

Archery Games Denver

If your team is competitive and likes active outings, check out Archery Games in Arvada, CO, for a high-energy game of archery dodgeball.

Two teams battle it out with bows and foam tipped arrows in the Archery Games arena.

The game-play is similar to dodgeball, and the ultimate objective of the game is to tag all of the opposing players with arrows in order to eliminate them from the game. The good news? There are no painful marks or bruises from the arrows!

This is a great team building event to help team members grow closer together.

Learn More >>

8. Take a Swing at Topgolf

Seasoned golfers aren’t the only ones who love to visit Topgolf. This Centennial facility features bays where your team can try their hand at a number of golf games.

In their most popular, TopGolf, players score points by hitting balls (assigned using their microchip technology) into any target.

Reserve a bay online, or reach out to plan a full private event, and you can take advantage of their full bar and restaurant onsite.

Learn More>>

9. Explore Downtown Denver on a Scavenger Hunt

Urban scavenger hunts are a great team building exercise that let you bond and see more of Denver. With Urban Adventure Quest, your two-hour city scavenger hunt will feature 17 challenges across the two miles covered with bonuses along the way.

Your group will start at the capitol and take you on a journey through art and culture, ending at the historic Brown Palace.

If your group likes to move, solve puzzles and enjoy time outside, this is the team building idea for you.

Learn More >>

10. Try Your Hand at Axe Throwing

Axe throwing definitely falls under the umbrella of unique team outings ideas and fun things to do with coworkers outside the work environment. This trend is gaining momentum because it’s so much fun.

At Bad Axe Throwing, a coach will teach your group to throw axes like a pro. As a bonus, their location (just north of downtown) is now serving an extensive list of beer and wine!

Bring your team for an out-of-the-box experience.

Learn More >>

11. Tour Local Breweries

With the second most breweries in the country (after California), Colorado is home to some delicious craft beer. Instead of picking just one brewery to visit, why not book a private brewery tour for your Denver team outing?

Denver Microbrew Tour treats guests and locals to award-winning, locally-brewed craft beers across downtown and RiNo. Book a private experience, and you’ll have the guide all to yourself. These walking tours are a great way to delve into the world of craft beers and to explore local Denver neighborhoods.

Learn More >>

12. Sip and Paint

Do you have a lot of creatives in your office? Check out Painting with a Twist for a fun experience creating beautiful works of art while sipping wine. Located right in the ballpark neighborhood of lodo, this is an easy stop for teams that work downtown, and instructors are all experienced artists.

Check out their website for upcoming works, many of which are themed for the seasons or upcoming holidays. They also offer private events for up to 50 people!

Learn More >>

13. See a Standup Comedy Show

Everyone loves to laugh! Book tickets for your team at an upcoming comedy show at ComedyWorks for a unique and fun team outing idea.

Known for its standup, this underground downtown comedy club hosts some big names throughout the year. Equipped with a full bar and food menu, this is a perfect outing for teams that want to kick back and have a few laughs.

Learn More >>

14. Bowl a Game at Lucky Strike

Located right on the 16th Street Mall, Lucky Strike has something for everyone. Their huge bar and full food menu has something for everyone, and the arcade features 130 games. Bring your team for pool, ping pong or bowling in one of their 12 bowling lanes.

This is a popular team outing idea for holiday parties and private events!

Learn More >>

15. Pedal Pub Across Town

If you’re local to Denver, you’ve likely seen these mobile pubs cruising through lodo and the ballpark neighborhood. Reserve your own and treat your coworkers to a unique team outing activity!

Rent your very own private bike bar for 10-16 people, and you get to pick the stops and the music.

Learn More >>

16. Unplug and Play

If your team prefers a low key activity, head over to Board Game Republic on South Broadway and spice up the usual team happy hour with board game play!

This full bar offers food and 750+ different games to choose from.

This is a great way to unplug and connect with your coworkers.

Learn More >>

17. Scoot Around the city

We have been sending clients over to Scootours for almost 7 years now. They are another company in Denver that really cares about the client and their overall experience. Their sightseeing adventure is pretty awesome!

Learn More >>

18. Need something Down South?

We do not team up with many companies in the Springs, however we have one we like to recommend. If you’re in the Springs and want to go Karting, Over Drive Raceway is the ticket. They have an incredible 2 story track you must check out.

Learn More >>

19. Speaking of Karting?

We have one other Karting event center we would like to mention K1 has facilities all around the country and they happen to have a facility in South West Denver if that is a better location for your group.

Learn More >>

20. Team building for the the Athletic Company

Get your sweat on. Think “Fun Gym” and games. Warrior Challenge Arena’s, 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 hour team programs that are designed to develop the overall effectiveness and communication of your team.  Your corporate team event will be customized to your specific goals, objectives, and dynamics of the group. 

Learn More >>

14 Activities to Boost Employee Engagement

Transform teamwork with Confluence. Learn why Confluence is the content collaboration hub for all teams. Get a Solution for Free

The following methods will quickly boost team morale

View Topics

Meet the A team. Projects are being implemented one after another, tasks are completed ahead of schedule, and project goals are achieved in full. And, most importantly, team members enjoy doing everything together! They are dedicated to their work and their results speak for themselves.

And this is Team B. Looks like these guys are barely keeping afloat. They are in a constant struggle (and often fail) trying to complete daily tasks. They have little to no understanding of why they are here. Their enthusiasm is at zero, and they have fallen into the trap of routine.

There are many differences between the two teams, but most of them have to do with employee engagement. Engagement brings many benefits, including higher employee satisfaction and good mood, increased productivity, and reduced employee turnover.

We have shared a number of long-term initiatives that encourage engagement. But if you want an immediate effect, read on: on this page, we look at some actionable tricks that you can implement right now. Try them to get closer to Team A.

Strengthen Team Connections

1. Schedule a Team Volunteer Day

While at work, employees genuinely care about serving their communities and thinking about things they are passionate about .

A survey of US philanthropic organizations found that 71% of employees ranked first (or one of the first places) the opportunity to work in a company where the corporate culture supports giving and volunteering. In 82% of cases, employees want to volunteer with colleagues at corporate events.

Engagement brings many benefits, including higher employee satisfaction and good mood, increased productivity and reduced employee turnover.

By giving the team the opportunity to do something socially useful together, you will benefit not only your community, but also the company. Volunteer activities like these promote cohesion and a sense of meaning.

They are also relatively easy to organize and allow for many variations. You can choose the one that suits you. How often do you want to hold such events? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually? Are you going to choose the activity yourself or will you give this chance to your colleagues? Nothing is impossible, especially if the event is consistent with the interests and schedule of the team.

2. Start an internal blog

Communication at work often comes down to business interaction: when will the support materials you so desperately need be ready? Who emptied the coffee pot and didn’t make new coffee? Personal conversations and friendly conversations tend to give way to more pressing topics.

This is where the internal blog can help. It will give your employees the opportunity to talk about non-traditional topics, such as discussing travel or talking about their side projects and hobbies.

This will not only give employees the opportunity to learn more about each other and share interests, but will also strengthen bonds. 40% of employees feel isolated at work, so the opportunity to connect with others is priceless.

3. Encourage short breaks

Employee burnout is known to be a widespread problem in modern companies. We are tense to the limit, but do not dare to rest. 20% of workers in North America believe that a daily lunch break gives management reason to doubt that they are really working hard.

It turns out that if you put aside the feeling of guilt and the fear of being called a slacker, you can take breaks more often. In this case, productivity and psychological state will improve, as well as engagement will increase. The same survey showed that 81% of employees who go to lunch every day have a strong desire to be an active member of their team.

Just saying “break away from work and rest” is not enough. You need to set an example. Take a short lunch break every day. Or, when you don’t have time for a full meal, invite your colleagues for a short walk, a coffee, or a mini push-up tournament in the lobby. Do your best to keep people away from their jobs on a regular basis.

37% of meetings do not provide measurable value to the organization.

4. Schedule collective leisure

What if the team has been doing only what works lately? If it’s been a long time since you all went for a walk together, it’s time to schedule something similar again on your calendar.

It can be just an informal conversation or something thematic, like a cooking class or a field trip. The goal is for team members to talk about non-work topics and have fun together.

It would seem that at 18:00 you want to run home as soon as possible and take a break from everyone. But studies have shown that most employees would be happy to have regular leisure time together. At the same time, 31.4% would prefer to arrange such events quarterly, and 36.5% – monthly.

In addition, strengthening informal relationships can increase engagement. Gallup studies have repeatedly shown a direct relationship between an employee’s dedication and having good friends at work.

5. Come up with an interesting tradition

Work is noticeably more fun if an interesting event is waiting for you soon. Design an office tradition that creates fond memories, encourages engagement, and strengthens relationships. (You don’t have to leave the office.)

For example, on the last Friday of the month, you might have an ice cream making contest. And every Monday everyone can walk in slippers. Once a month, you can have a dinner, where everyone brings their favorite food from childhood.

Think about what might be of interest to everyone. The idea is to have the whole team looking forward to some regular event.

Support learning, career growth and productivity

6. Give someone else the opportunity to hold team meetings

Employees who feel part of a team are 50% less likely to quit. There are a few things you can do to keep your colleagues from wanting to leave the company. Create a rotation schedule where each week or month your team meeting is led by someone else.

The team leader may gather feedback, list items for discussion, and set the agenda by interacting with colleagues as usual, but ultimately passing the baton to another employee.

This strategy gives everyone a chance to express themselves and be heard (even those who usually do not like to express their point of view).

7. Create a curriculum

When trying to increase engagement, remember that learning and development are great motivators. According to the LinkedIn Staff Training Report 2019year, 94% of employees believe they would stay with the company longer if it invested in their training.

There are many options here.

  • Organization of a book club.
  • Conducting a regular “lunchtime workshop”.
  • Launching a formal education program.
  • Providing access to online learning.
  • Development of a compensation program for additional training or education.
  • Job rotation that allows employees to explore other areas of the company.
  • Monthly gala concert where everyone will show their talents and passions.

Be creative and ask colleagues what they like. This will help to properly structure the curricula and meet the needs of everyone.

40% of employees feel recognition is not a priority with their current employer.

8. Organize a hackathon

In a busy environment, there is not much time for innovation. At the same time, employees perform many routine tasks without developing their creative abilities at all.

A hackathon is a certain day (an event can be held quarterly, semi-annually, etc.) when everyone puts aside their usual work and takes on an idea or project that interests them. At Atlassian, this event is called ShipIt.

You can work individually or in teams. You can decide whether completed projects should benefit the company or not. The day ends with the presentation of all projects.

Hackathons are becoming more and more popular in Silicon Valley as everyone is given time to bring ideas to life that would otherwise be forgotten.

9. Forget about meetings for a while

10. Create the conditions for inter-job collaboration

Many employees do not understand how their work affects the company’s profits. 39% of respondents say they do not always understand what their contribution is. Unfortunately, 9% of respondents understand this quite rarely, and 5% – never at all.

If employees have such a low understanding of the value of their work, imagine how little they know about other positions and departments.

Try to solve this problem by developing inter-job collaboration. For example, organize a shared project, introduce a buddy system, workplace redundancy, or give regular presentations to colleagues from other departments.

Your team members will have a better understanding of how the company works and how departments interact. As a bonus, your team will get an idea of ​​alternative career opportunities and horizontal advancement.

Prove you’re listening

11. Start a survey

Engagement isn’t just about fun activities and social gatherings. It is very important to be a thoughtful employer and actively listen to the needs and desires of your employees.

Unfortunately, a huge number of companies here are not up to par. 34% of employees around the world say that the company does not listen to their ideas to improve the business.

If you haven’t done a team survey in a while, do it now (anonymously or not, it’s up to you) to get honest feedback. For example, you can ask the following questions.

  • What are you really proud of in your current position or being part of our team?
  • What frustrates you the most in your current position or in our team?
  • What would make your daily working life much easier?

Just the fact that you listen to the opinions of your colleagues will set you apart from the vast majority of employers. Less than half (47%) of the employees surveyed said that the employer regularly asks for feedback, and even fewer (37%) say that adjustments follow.

12. Staff Reception Hours

Another simple and effective way to show your team that you are willing to listen and value their input is to regularly hold so-called “reception hours”.

This is a predetermined window in the schedule when employees can come to you with questions, concerns, feedback, etc., without fear of interrupting your work or taking up too much of your precious time.

34% of employees worldwide say their ideas are not listened to in the company.

More compliments

13. Praise colleagues

Alas, 40% of employees say recognition is not a priority for their current employer. This means that they work for the good of the company without receiving gratitude or praise in return. This is frustrating and leads to team disunity.

Praise the team for a job well done (for example, order cupcakes or delicious meals). Or thank one of the team members for their valuable comments at a recent meeting.

This small change will require minimal effort, but will give a good boost to employee engagement.

14. Develop an employee recognition program

Recognition from management is important, but peer recognition is just as important, as it represents 22% of the overall recognition rate in the company.

However, this requires providing tools and resources, and supporting the behavior when employees exchange praise.

You can install special bots and tools in Slack (try Kudos or Praisely) so colleagues can praise each other. Or you can simply begin each meeting with colleagues optionally thanking each other for help, contributions, or major successes. Atlassian uses Kudos for this purpose. This allows us to recognize team members and reward them with small prizes (such as an Amazon gift card or movie tickets).

You are on your way to a more cohesive team!

In case you didn’t think of it in the introduction with Teams A and B, engagement is a key success factor that keeps a team productive and happy.

However, you can’t just get all employees involved overnight. Creating and maintaining a high level of engagement requires a massive strategy and perhaps even an adjustment to the entire corporate culture.

But, as with anything, you can start small and take some successful steps. Implement some of these employee engagement activities and you will immediately see improvements in your team.

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