Best places for parties: The 11 Best Cities for Partying

The 11 Best Cities for Partying

Last Updated: 3/23/23 | March 23rd, 2023

Some people travel to explore ancient historical sites, others to sample the culture or food or language of new and exciting destinations.

And, sometimes, people travel to party.

When it comes to budget backpacking, one of the most common ways travelers break the ice is over a drink. Or two. Or three.

Whether it’s at bars, clubs, lounges, beach parties, or just in small groups sitting around talking while sipping a bottle of wine, alcohol — for better or worse — is often a staple of life on the road.

If you’re looking to embrace your wild side and party hard with other travelers, here’s my thoroughly researched list. I’ve been to over one hundred countries and have drunk heavily around the world, so I know a good party when I see one!

If you are looking to party when you travel, visit one of these places:

Table of Contents

  • 1. Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2. Barcelona, Spain
  • 3. Rome, Italy
  • 4. Prague, Czechia
  • 5. Miami, Florida
  • 6. Sydney, Australia
  • 7. Ios, Greece
  • 8. Bali (Kuta), Indonesia
  • 9. Florianópolis, Brazil
  • 10. Ko Phangan, Thailand
  • 11. Cancun
  • Honorable Mentions


1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a hub for budget travelers. It’s where the infamous Khao San Road is located. All travel roads lead in and out of this backpacker/tourist street, and it’s always filled with travelers taking after locals and drinking out of alcohol-filled buckets every night. Then, when official bars close, everyone heads out to the after-hours clubs until 5am.

Visiting Bangkok won’t do anything good for your liver, but the city is a must for backpackers and partiers. Besides Khao San Road, there’s Patpong, Thong Lor, Silom (Smalls, a speakeasy cocktail bar, is my favorite in this area), and the new cocktail scene in Chinatown. Bangkok truly has a party for everyone.

Just remember to stick to beer if you’re on a budget. Cocktails and wine are mostly imported with high taxes and therefore cost a lot more than the local beer.

Where to Stay: Mad Monkey Hostel – A backpacker institution near Khao San Road, this hostel has a restaurant, pool, and tour desk with some of best prices in town.

For more hostel suggestions be sure to check out my list of best hostels in Bangkok. And, to find out exactly where in the city you should stay, here’s a post that breaks down the best neighborhoods in Bangkok.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Any city where people eat dinner at midnight is a city that will start and go late. Barcelona is a city for night owls. The clubs here don’t get busy until about 2am and stay packed until dawn. Here, tourists can enjoy the nice weather and rooftop gin bars, drink sangria until the sun rises, go on a pub crawl, get wasted at the famous Kabul hostel, and roam the medieval Barri Gothic looking for hole-in-the-wall pubs. The waterfront gets especially nuts on a weekend.

Where to Stay: Kabul Party Hostel – This is one of my favorite hostels in Europe. It’s a full-on party place, where they organize nightly events and pub crawls. It’s super social and really easy to meet people here.

For more hostel suggestions, check out my complete list of the best hostels in Barcelona, and to figure out what area of the city you should stay in, check out this guide to the best neighborhoods in the city.

3. Rome, Italy

Rome is a great city to party in. There are lots of bars, lots of clubs, and lots of beautiful people. If you’re traveling solo, the pub crawl tours are a great way to meet other travelers. While Romans themselves are a bit tame, the backpacker party scene here is crazy, with tons and tons of bar crawls littering the city. The Spanish Steps Bar Crawl (aka Rome’s Ultimate Party) gets especially wild. Come prepared for a hangover.

Where to Stay: Alessandro Palace Hostel and Bar – A party hostel that’s also one of the cheapest places to stay in the city, there’s not one but two bars here with cheap drinks (including one on the roof). It’s just 5 minutes from the Termini station too.

For more hostel suggestions, check out my list of the best hostels in Rome, and to learn more about the different areas of the city (such as the best ones for nightlife), here’s a post that breaks down the best neighborhoods in Rome.

4. Prague, Czechia

Cheap beer (and cheap flights) makes this city a major party destination for people around the world. While I didn’t encounter any of those notorious stag parties, the nightlife in this city will leave you in a haze wondering what you did last night and whose phone number is scribbled on your arm. Multiple-story clubs, strong cocktail bars, cheap beer halls — Prague has it all.

Where to Stay: MadHouse – This place really lives up to its name — it truly is a madhouse! The décor includes very cool murals, giving the hostel a very unique feel and the knowledgeable staff organizes events every night.

For more hostel suggestions, check out my complete list of the best hostels in Prague!

5. Miami, Florida

Miami is where you go for fun in the sun. People come to Miami to get wild, visit nightclubs, lounge on the beach, and drink the nights away. It’s not cheap, but it’s a great place for the clubbers out there. There’s lots of music, lots of great DJs, lots of dancing, lots of pretty people, and most importantly, lots of booze.

Check out E11even (where the party is 24/7), LIV Miami (the city’s most famous), or Basement (complete with an ice-skating rink and bowling lanes). There is usually a $30-60 USD cover to get in and most drinks are at least $15-20 USD so be prepared to splash out, though even on a backpacker budget, you’ll be able to find some fun. Maybe you’ll even run into a celebrity or two.

Where to Stay: Viajero Miami – Located in South Beach, this hostel offers a host of amenities, including three swimming pools. The poolside bar is a great place to hang out and meet people and it’s also located just a block from the beach.

For more hostel suggestions, check out my complete list of the best hostels in Miami!

6. Sydney, Australia

Aussies know how to party and party well. The hostels in Sydney organize great hostel parties to meet other travelers but if that is not your thing, you can find your own crowd at any of the clubs and bars around King’s Cross, the backpacker area. This is where the beer is inexpensive and the backpackers (and locals) party late. For a less traveler-centric time, head to Manly, The Rocks, or the CBD (Central Business District) where there are more locals and fewer travelers (but more expensive drinks). Aussies love to party and are more than happy to welcome newcomers with a drink. You can also use the app The Happiest Hour to find the cheapest happy hours in the city. It’s an awesome resource for going out in Australia!

Where to Stay: Mad Monkey Bayswater – There’s a party every night, a movie room, yoga classes, a rooftop BBQ, and delicious free breakfast at the Mad Monkey Restaurant each morning.

For more suggestions on where to stay, check out my complete list of the best hostels in Sydney as well as the best neighborhoods in Sydney.

7. Ios, Greece

Any top party list has to include a place in Greece. Ios is party central (though Corfu does give it a good run for its money). During the summer, the Greek Isles heave with people — especially Ios, with travelers coming here to party all night so they can sleep on the beach all day. On Ios, travelers come with the goal of getting drunk, and…well, that’s about it. There are shot bars and bar crawls and bars that make you drink while playing weird games. For epic parties on the beach, head to Far Out Beach Club, which has swimming pools, DJs, beach bars, and more. Ios is where morals, sanity, and dignity are left on the ferry to be picked up when you get ready to leave. It’s one of the wildest places I’ve ever been.

Where to Stay: Francesco’s – This is truly the best hostel on the island. They have a pool, a bar, and are just a short walk from Ios’ nightlife so you don’t need to pay for taxis.

8. Bali (Kuta), Indonesia

Bali is a great place to get down. After a long day in the sun, all backpackers want to do is relax and get silly on Kuta Beach, where there are crazy bars, giant cups of alcohol, and huge clubs that open until dawn. It’s a hotspot on the travel trail for a reason. The foam party is a blast (any foam party is) and, in Bali, you’ll spend your days hurting your skin in the sun and the nights hurting your liver with alcohol.

Where to Stay: Clandestino – This hostel has a second-floor restaurant/bar that always seems to be bustling, as well as a pool complete with a swim-up bar. All the dorm beds come with lockers, lamps, electrical outlets to charge your phone, and curtains for privacy.

For more recommendations, check out this list of the best hostels in Bali.


Florianópolis, Brazil

Also known as Floripa, this popular vacation destination in Brazil is known for its hot weather, hot bodies, and hot parties. In fact, everything is just hot here. In the summer, most of the nightlife is concentrated around the beaches, while in the winter, the fun moves to the town of Lagoa da Conceição. In the north of the island at Jurerê International Beach, P12, Cafe de la Musique, and Milk all throw wild parties.

If you’re here during February for Carnival, the streets fill with revelers dancing, having parades, and enjoying street food and copious drinks. (Just book your accommodation well in advance if you plan to come here during this time.)

Where to Stay: The Search House Beachfront Hostel – Offers private beach access, a pool, surfboard rentals and connections for lessons, and an outdoor bar with a daily happy hour. The staff are very welcoming and there’s a hostel WhatsApp group to meet other travelers.

10. Ko Phangan, Thailand

This island in Thailand is home to the monthly Full Moon Party, a giant beach rave which sees 20,000 people on average and goes until dawn. Each bar has its own sound system, and the beach is lined with people selling alcohol, fire dancers put on shows, and little booths selling glow-in-the-dark face paint. ’nuff said.

(But if I had to say more, I would also say that there are jungle parties, half-moon parties, people getting wild on the beach, going down slides, and playing tons of drinking games. It’s one of the biggest party places in the entire region.)

Where to Stay: Bodega Hostel – A lively party hostel with tons of social activities going on. This is the quintessential backpacker party place, with pub crawls, beach volleyball, a swimming pool, a huge bar/lounge area, and events almost every night.

11. Cancun

Cancun is famous for its nightlife. Most of the nightlife is concentrated around the Hotel Zone in an area aptly known as “party central.” Many of the world’s biggest DJs make regular appearances in the many clubs. During spring break, things get even more crowded and more expensive so be sure to book early if you’re visiting then. Coco Bongo, Señor Frog’s, and La Vaquita are among the most popular places to go.

Where to Stay: Mayan Monkey Hostel – Located in the heart of the Hotel Zone, this is a bumping party hostel with themed nights, live music, and other social activities (like beer pong and jenga), a bar on-site, plunge pool, and great views over the ocean.

Honorable Mentions

These are just some of my favorite places in the world to have fun and party. Other destinations that I’d recommend are:

  • Las Vegas, USA (duh)
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Krakow, Poland
  • San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
  • Queenstown, New Zealand


Not only are these great party destinations, but they are some of my favorite cities in the world. If you are looking to cut loose and flex your party muscles, be sure to check out these cities. They are some of the best places to party in the world!

Note: I know Ibiza is a great place to party so before everyone asks why I didn’t include it on the list here’s why: It’s pretty much club central so if you aren’t a clubber, then Ibiza isn’t a good place. Plus, I didn’t want a list loaded with just Europe and Asian destinations.


The top 15 best party places to enjoy nightlife around the world

Enjoy our list of the 15 best party places around the world! These places have some of the best nightlife, and they all have Worldpackers work exchanges where you can work for accommodation to save money while traveling.

If you love traveling and partying, this article is for you! Enjoying the nightlife is a huge part of traveling to a new city. You get to sample different cuisines and drinks, mingle with locals and other travelers, and enjoy local music and dancing.

There are so many incredible cities around the world for partying, and this article will summarize some of the best ones!

Read on to find out more about 15 of the best party places around the world. From Barcelona to Las Vegas to Tokyo and more, there are some super fun party destinations to check out while traveling.

Because partying can often put a dent in your wallet, we’ll also recommend some Worldpackers work exchanges for each party city. These opportunities allow you to work in exchange for accommodation, so you can save money while traveling.

Most of the work exchanges are in hostels, which are the perfect places to stay if you love to party. You’ll meet lots of people and get to work in tasks such as reception, tour guiding, bartending, and videography.

If you want a more mellow work exchange to balance out your wild nights, there are some more laid-back opportunities listed as well such as volunteering with a local business or doing a homestay.

New York City, USA

As far as cities go, few are more famous than New York City. With multiple boroughs, a multitude of local and international businesses, and all-night party spots, NYC has earned its title of “The City That Never Sleeps”.

From swanky rooftop bars, to bottle-service-only dance clubs, to all-night diners and bodegas, New York City has it all.

Work Exchanges in New York City:

  • Hostel: Work in cleaning, housekeeping, and reception in exchange for a free stay 
  • Hostel: Located in downtown Manhattan, this centrally located hostel needs help in reception, administration, and housekeeping 

Cancun, Mexico

Located at the end of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is a gorgeous tropical destination with warm turquoise waters, stunning beaches, and of course, lots of incredible culture and nightlife.

Cancun is super popular among young travelers and college kids on spring break. With an abundance of international guests looking for a good time, the party scene in Cancun is unbelievable. Pair tropical weather with fun bars and clubs, and you’ll never want to leave!

Work Exchanges in Cancun:

  • Hostel: Work while you party! This hostel needs a videographer and/or photographer to capture the epic parties 
  • Homestay: Stay in a local home and help out with daily tasks. Experience the culture and enjoy partying on your days off. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital city of the Netherlands is one of the best party places in Europe. Whether you want to dance the night away at thumping disco clubs or laze away a few hours just vibing in a coffee shop, Amsterdam has whichever you choose.

Work Exchanges in Amsterdam:

  • Hostel: Work for a few hours every morning to help with cleaning and breakfast, and then party afterward! 
  • Hostel: This new hostel needs help with cleaning and setting up the rooms. You’ll have a more relaxed vibe here, which can be great for recovering after partying. 

Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

Home of the famous Full Moon Party, this island in the Gulf of Thailand is one of the best places to party in the world. Come for the monthly festival to paint yourself in neon body paint, drink out of cheap cocktail buckets, and party on the beach under the Full Moon!

Even if you visit outside of the festival, Koh Pha Ngan still has lots of backpackers and therefore has plenty of cool bars and party hostels to check out.

Work Exchanges in Koh Pha Ngan:

  • Hostel: Work in guest relations and simple tasks to help keep your hosts and the guests happy. 
  • Hostel: Volunteer at an exciting party hostel! If you never want the party to end, work the night shift here and enjoy constant fun. 

Berlin, Germany

Known for having some of the best nightlife in Europe, Berlin is another one of the best party spots. Germany’s capital city is packed with bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, and more. Drinks and cover fees are much more affordable in Berlin than in other places in Europe, though many people flock to Berlin for its famous, exclusive nightclubs.

Work Exchanges in Berlin:

  • Hostel: Stay in Berlin for free by helping this hostel with cleaning and working the night shift 
  • Activist Community: For a unique experience outside of hostels, help this activist community with special projects, cleaning, and gardening. It is located in Forst Lausitz, just over an hour from Berlin. 

Las Vegas, USA

Vegas, Baby! One of the best party cities in the USA is Las Vegas, Nevada. Though Las Vegas is surrounded by the Mojave Desert, nothing can stop the excitement here. The famous Las Vegas Strip is lined with bars, restaurants, clubs, and fancy hotels and casinos.

With plenty of live entertainment, things to see and do, and a constant kaleidoscope of lights, colors, and sounds, there is no wonder why the spot is nicknamed “Sin City”.

Work Exchanges in Las Vegas:

  • Hostel: Stay in the heart of Vegas for free in exchange for cleaning and housekeeping at this fun hostel! 
  • Hostel: Work in reception in the afternoons for about 25 hours per week. Head out with your fellow guests and coworkers in the evenings. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most famous island in Indonesia. Backpackers and travelers flock here from all over the world to surf, sunbathe, explore, and party. 

Bali is one of the best party places in the world. It is super cheap, has gorgeous weather and beaches, and has lots of young travelers ready to party. Canggu is a particularly good area for partying in Bali.

Work Exchange in Bali:

Hostel: Work as a videomaker and photographer for this hostel in Canggu. 

Hostel: This yoga and surf hostel needs help promoting and organizing sports lessons and classes. 

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is known for its sunny weather, captivating architecture, lovely beaches, and bustling tourist streets. But it is also one of the best places to party in the world!

Barcelona has some of the best nightlife in Spain. From tapas bars, to beach clubs, to music festivals, to boat parties, and more, there is always something fun to do in Barcelona.

Work Exchange in Barcelona:

  • Start-up: Help with content creation, video making, and social media.
  • NGO: Help with gardening, preparing food, and cooking.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

South American cities like Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, tend to come alive at night. Eat a late dinner, have some local wine, and get ready to party! 

Buenos Aires has so many fun things to do at night, from tango clubs and dancing lessons, to speakeasies and casual bars.

Work Exchanges in Buenos Aires:

  • Hostel: If you’re a night owl, you can work the night shift at this hostel and enjoy a free stay in Buenos Aires. 
  • Hostel: Help out at this hostel with various tasks like painting, decorating, and using your handyman skills!

Miami, USA

Located in the southeast of Florida, Miami is one of the best party places in the USA. Miami has a fusion of cultures, with plenty of Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican influences.  

American college students also love to party in Miami, and it is one of the best places for a bachelorette party.

Enjoy a wide variety of music, food, and clubs while partying on the warm, sunny beaches of Miami!

Work Exchanges in Miami:

  • Local business: Sailing expert needed to help a local run his sailboat tour business. 
  • Homestay: Stay in a local home and help your hosts with chores and projects in exchange for a free stay in Miami! 

Tel Aviv, Israel

A vibrant city on the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is another one of the best party places in the world. 

A multicultural city, Tel Aviv has a diverse range of options for nightlife. Hit up an intimate, unique cocktail bar or dance all night at a massive dance club.

Work Exchanges in Tel Aviv:

  • Hostel: Help the owners out with childcare and enjoy Tel Aviv in your free time! 
  • Hostel: Volunteer your social media, photography, and videography skills.  

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

One of South America’s most exciting cities is Rio De Janeiro. This city has some of the best nightlife in the world, with countless bars and clubs open every night. 

Lapa is the nightlife hub of the city, where you can even find a massive street party every weekend.

But Rio De Janeiro is most famous for Carnival, the biggest carnival in the world. Hosted every year in Spring, locals and visitors wear extravagant costumes and take to the streets for one of the best parties in the world.

Work Exchanges in Rio De Janeiro:

  • Hostel: Stay at this hostel for free and teach English to the locals. 
  • Hostel: Put your outgoing personality to use and volunteer as a tour guide and party promoter. 

Tokyo, Japan

A whirlwind for the senses, Tokyo is one of the best party places in Asia. This ultra-modern capital city of Japan has nonstop entertainment. There are tons of classic clubs and bars, but Tokyo is also known for its karaoke bars, themed restaurants, arcades, and more.

Work Exchanges in Tokyo:

  • Homestay: Stay in a shared apartment with other young people and share your language skills! 
  • Guesthouse: Located in Komae, just 25 minutes outside the Tokyo city center, this local host needs help with cleaning. 

Corfu, Greece

It’s hard to pick just one of the best party places in Greece, as there are so many! But the island of Corfu takes the cake for this article. 

Corfu has gorgeous views, incredible food, and plenty of fun things to do at night. Hit up a nightclub, a boat party, a traditional tavern, and more.

Work Exchanges in Corfu:

  • Hostel: Test out your bartending skills at this hostel! 
  • Hostel: Help out with decorating, painting, housekeeping, and cleaning at this local hostel. 

New Orleans, USA

Last but not least on our list of the best party places is New Orleans. The heart and soul of this Louisiana city is Bourbon Street, and rustic and lively strip lined with cafes, bars, clubs, shops, and more. The party never stops on Bourbon Street!

New Orleans is also an affordable city for partying, and it’s one of the best places for bachelorette parties in the USA.

Work Exchange in New Orleans:

  • Hostel: Create art and help decorate the hostel walls.
  • Hostel/Airbnb: Help with maintenance and night shift.

Want to learn more about planning your trip? By subscribing to the WP pack plan you have unlimited access to +120 courses at Worldpackers Academy, the travel school made by travelers!

10 most party places where there is no time to sleep / Blog Chip.Travel

Crimean Kazantip peacefully rested in the Bose, but you still can’t calm down? You are not pleased with topless German pensioners in Turkey and are not touched by Thai crocodiles and transvestites. You start stamping your foot even under Agutin, and at the mini-disco in Egypt you took first place in the age group under 10 years old.

The diagnosis is clear – chronic underdance!

You urgently need a super-megadance event or at least a modest foam-champagne party. Therefore, here is a list of the 10 most party places on the planet. Get ready to club like a child!


One continuous non-stop party! The records of Guetta, Van Buren, Van Dyck, Benassi are played here. Just imagine – 160 km of beaches, and almost everywhere they dance and drink cocktails like it’s the last time. By the way, the real name of the island is Ibiza, which means “Have fun until you drop” in Old Spanish.

The party center of Ibiza is the resort of Playa d’en Bossa. And the best hotel for dancing is Ushuaia Ibiza. Of course, you can’t come here with kids, but there is no dress code. The main thing is to go to the disco on two legs on your own.

Another area of ​​unrestrained fun in Ibiza is the area of ​​San Antonio Abad. It is adored by the British, but don’t expect to see the prim and seasoned Cumberbatch there. In Ibiza, Queen Elizabeth’s subjects drink like horses and party like crazy.

Cafe Del Mar is a place with a special history. Come here to meet the sunset with wonderful accompaniment from local DJs. Music is written specifically for each individual day and is never repeated.

The party season in Ibiza runs from May to October.


Amsterdam is alive not only with coffee shops and porn museums. The Dutch capital is one big incendiary party. And in mid-October, the Amsterdam Dance Festival is held there – a five-day mega-festival of electronic music.

Another cult event in the world of electronic music – Sensation White. Alas, 2017 will be the final year for the festival, where it is customary to come dressed in white.

Leidseplein is the center of Amsterdam’s nightlife. The best clubs of the capital are located there – Paradiso, Escape and Melkweg. By the way, the rules in Dutch clubs are quite strict – dancing continues only until 4-5 in the morning, and a decibel sensor hangs on the wall so that the peaceful sleep of the Amsterdammers is not disturbed.

Every party at The Queen’s head is themed. The largest celebrations take place on the Queen’s birthday (April 30), as well as during Eurovision.

Ayia Napa

The hot Cypriot town of Ayia Napa attracts 250,000 partygoers every year. Nissi Beach is a place for swimming, frankly, so-so. But at night it turns into a giant dance floor.

Ice club hosts foam parties. Do you want to be in a crowd of half-naked youth smeared with foam? That way. Another popular entertainment in the club is painting the bodies of visitors with luminescent paints. In the dark it looks very advantageous.

If you want to rock to Blue Frost and Hands Up, Red Square Russian Bar is for you. The coolest club-bar in Ayia Napa is Senior Frog. Here you will be put on a frog hat and treated to a cocktail in a green glass.


In the season, the tiny Greek island never stops having fun. Parties start in the afternoon, and the people are rocking until the morning. Nightlife in Mykonos is most active from the second half of April to the first half of October.

Cavo Paradiso is a dance floor right on the edge of a cliff with a crazy view of the Aegean at night. The best DJs and dancers with a sense of rhythm are at the Space Mykonos Xperience club.


Unexpectedly – but the Icelandic capital, where only lovers of polar lights and fans of Björk used to come, now attracts clubbers like a magnet. Party life here is thoroughly decent. There are no five-story clubs at all, and all disco bars are located on the Laugavegur shopping street.

Kaffibarinn is the most famous bar in Reykjavik. The main guests are musicians and hipsters, but they play alternative and electropop here. Bar Ananas is a local tropical resort. Indoors, a warm breeze will blow over you and a fruit-alcohol cocktail will warm you up. And even the floor here is sprinkled with sand.

Reykjavik hosts major music festivals – Iceland Airwaves. Sónar Reykjavík, Secret Solstice and ATP Iceland. An important point for those who like to dance to shofe: Iceland is a country with very expensive alcohol. Therefore, buy drinks during happy hours – usually before 23:00.


Bodrum is the capital of the Turkish party. And the gem of Bodrum is the largest and most beautiful disco in Europe – the Halikarnas club. The highlight of the club is its spectacular location – right on the coast, overlooking the sea and the Bodrum fortress. And the laser show that lights up the sky over Halikarnas nightly will keep you from getting lost, even if you see a little double.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Bodrum is immersed in foam, and on Sundays Ladies Nights are held, when the entrance to the clubs for girls is half the price. During the season, life in Bodrum starts after midnight and ends at 6 am. The only thing that confuses tourists is space prices.

Koh Phangan

The Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Beach on this Thai island is a crazy yet relaxed celebration of dance, a healthy body and cheerful colorful buckets of alcohol. You will have to club for three days in a row with a short break for sleep: discos usually start at midnight and end at one in the afternoon. The event is also called sprat party – in the high season 30 thousand tourists come here, in the low season – 8 thousand.

Full Moon Party is held every month. As the name implies, on a full moon. So that people do not get bored during the other phases of the Earth’s satellite, Halfmoon party, Blackmoon party, Shiva Moon Party are organized on Koh Phangan.


Only 2,000 people live in the Croatian town of Novalja on the island of Pag. And from the parties that are held on its beaches, the whole of Europe vibrates! And no wonder – Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tiësto play here.

The most famous club in Pag is Papaya. It often organizes alcoholic parties on the high seas. The Aquarius club was created for a crazy breakaway. The club has two stages, excellent acoustics and light, and the space is designed for 300 people.

Hideout music festival takes place in July at Aquarius and Papaya clubs. A little more calm and respectable club Kalypso is a cozy lounge area for guests and access to the beach, where at night even the most serious guys have fun with house and techno.

Twice a year, at the end of June and in the winter before Lent, Pag hosts carnivals with songs, masquerades and refreshments.

Rimini Riccione

From Rimini to Riccione stretches a string of 250 bars and clubs. That same coveted flyer for the best party in life will definitely find you. And take a break from courage on Monday – the so-called dead day.

The official opening of the party season in Rimini Riccione usually takes place on the second Saturday in June. During the peak season (July-August), special buses run between the disco bars all night long. “Disco” routes are distinguished by colors.

Riccione is famous for its beach parties. The most famous are Mojito Beach, Beach Cafe Riccione and Beach Planet Riccione.


South Beach in Miami is home to some really cool electronic music festivals. The most popular of them is Ultra, which gathers a crowd of 70,000 ravers.

Models in discreet bikinis, snow-white beds and gorgeous sunset views, that’s Nikki Beach. Another glamorous place is the BED Miami club. It’s worth dressing up here like on the red carpet, and it’s not a fact that they will let you in. Less pompous, but more fun place – Space. Just come and dance.

The most comfortable time to hang out in Miami is from November to April. The summer is very hot and the beaches are flooded with stingrays.

Do you already feel like dancing? Start right now – in the kitchen, in the gym, or even on a bicycle. And then come to your senses for a while, decide on a tour and, whistling Guetta, go swarming in places specially created for this!

★ 10 Best Party Places in the World ★

  • Copacabana Beach, Brazil (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Ibiza, Spain (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Mallorca, Spain (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Mykonos Island, Greece (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Kuta Beach, Bali (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Thailand (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • South Beach, Miami, Florida0132
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (Hotel Prices & Photos)
  • Ios, Greece (Hotel Prices & Photos)

If you are looking for a place to party, this is one of the most popular destinations in the world to do just that.

Copacabana Beach, Brazil


Copacabana Beach, Brazil (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Copacabana Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in the entire world, known as one of the biggest parties on Earth. This is the place to go if you like loud music, hustle and bustle, meeting new people from all over the world and having all kinds of parties. As Brazil is a country famous for tiny, barely there bikinis, and famous for its beautiful tanned women and handsome bronzed men, it is also the place where some of the most beautiful people come to see and be seen soaking up the sun and dancing to the beat of the samba. . Millions of people come here to celebrate the New Year and the biggest and most legendary carnival celebration in the world, when millions of people gather to enjoy music, fireworks, dancing, drinks, shiny costumes and skimpy bodies.

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Ibiza, Spain


Ibiza, Spain (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Ibiza Party Island, as one of the most popular party venues in the world. Travelers flock from every corner of the globe, flock to every corner of the world for the chance to escape to world class bars, nightclubs and beaches, and party 24/7, no matter what time, day of the week or season the clubs are always jumping at full power. The beaches are so epic that they ended up on a virtually endless list that boasts of party hotspots like Business Insider “The 10 Best Beach Parties in the World.” The party season kicks off early, starting with the Flower Power Festival in early March, featuring open-air concerts and a colorful market of artistic products, as well as DJ nights from the 60s and 70s. Just a few weeks later, the big clubs open their doors and of course you’ll find all the usual activities like booze cruises, beach games, pool parties and more.

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Mallorca, Spain

El Arenal, Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, Spain

Want to party like a celebrity? While this Balearic Mediterranean island is often overlooked for its neighbor, Ibiza, it tends to attract a more upscale crowd with its natural beauty and laid-back vibe, but it’s also a lot of fun when it comes to partying. An endless stream of charming visitors means there are many incredible properties scattered all over the hill and coastline, many of which are available as self-service. Plus it’s very diverse: Australians, Germans, French, Swedes, British, Americans and many more get together to enjoy a good party that usually doesn’t end before sunrise. The close proximity of Mallorca’s bars only enhances the party all night, giving everyone easy access to cheap drinks and drunken debauchery. If you’re hoping to see one of the rich and famous, be sure to sip an adult drink at one of the island’s most exclusive bars, Karma Bar, the place where Brad Pitt and musician Julian Lennon both enjoyed a few drinks.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Coffee Shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands (Hotel Prices and Photos)

People also come from all over the world to enjoy the parties and experience some things they may not be able to bring home to Amsterdam. Although it tends to be much more laid back than other popular party towns, and the Dutch prefer a good pub or house party, there is plenty to enjoy here. On weekends, dance clubs are open until 4 am, while bars and cafes in the city center sometimes stay open until 3 am. You can listen to techno, house and EDM music at the huge Elementenstraat warehouse, or throw a party at the Sugarfactory, a cozy, meeting place with thick red curtains and dim lighting. Of course, there is always a red-light district and cafes that offer much more than just a good dose of caffeine.

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Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos Island, Greece (Hotel Prices and Photos)

Once Playground 19Made famous by Grace Kelly and Jackie Onassis, made famous by Grace Kelly and Jackie Onassis in the 60s, it has become even more popular on the island of Mykonos as a place to party with name rolls depicted sipping champagne from magnums sold right on the sand, as well as dancing and partying on its famous beaches. . The island also tops the list when it comes to exposed flesh and legendary parties, with clothes on the many sandy beaches and in its sky blue waters. Fashionistas, celebrities and tourists of all kinds flock to Paradise Beach to party all day, all night, and then do it again and again the next day.

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Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Kuta Beach, Bali (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Kuta was originally opened by tourists at 1970s thanks to its superb surf conditions, nearly 10 miles of powdery soft sand and stunning sunsets. Today, it is considered the best party spot in Bali, anchored in the party circuit of Southeast Asia as a must-see spot for young partygoers with its busy streets, late nights and rowdy parties. Thousands of people flock to Kuta to enjoy the lively bar/club scene that takes place right on the sand, and with over a dozen cheap drinks served at beachside bars like Green Box and Bounty Ship, it’s a great place for those in cramped conditions. budget too.

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Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Thailand (hotel prices and photos)

While prostitution is illegal, drug users face very harsh penalties, including possible execution if she gets caught, there are few places that can beat this country when it comes to being able to corrupt yourself. This is because law enforcement tends to look the other way, at least when it comes to tourists with cash. The Full Moon Party in the evening held on Koh Phangan is well worth planning a trip, but if you can’t do it if there are plenty of clubs to keep you busy with liquor plentiful and cheap – Mae Khong Whiskey is recommended by many for that that they are crazy about the budget.

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South Beach, Miami, Florida

South Beach

South Beach, Miami, Florida (hotel prices and photos)

Located in South Florida in Miami, South Beach is not only one of the world’s hottest spring break destinations – with its hot climate, astounding white beaches, crystal clear waters and incredible nightlife, it offers a party year round. South Beach also boasts colorful Art Deco architecture, many music festivals and exclusive clubs. Every year, the Ultra Music Festival turns the area into a star-studded party, known as “the wildest party in the world”, attracting even celebrities, while clubs like Nikki Beach, one of the most exclusive in the country, are frequented by some of the wealthiest, the hottest and wildest club goers, including celebrities. Of course, if you’re hoping to rub their hands, you’ll need one or two very high limit credit cards.

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Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Any list of the hottest party cities should include Las Vegas. Sin City is known for hosting the wildest pool parties. The Mirage pool is one of the most highly rated, with its Polynesian tropical island feel and a quarter-mile shoreline of waterfalls, lush foliage, and waterslides. There is also a European style pool where tops are optional. Guys hoping to see scantily clad females don’t even need to go to a strip club, although there are plenty of them too. Just before sunset, the pools begin to clear, which means it’s time to take a nap and get ready for the long night ahead, with the opportunity to dance with the world’s best DJs at some of the most stunning clubs on the continent.

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Ios, Greece

Ios, Greece

Ios, Greece (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Situated between Mykonos and Santorini, this tiny island is famous for some of the best parties in Greece. During the summer, tourists from all over the world come here to drink from noon until sunrise the next day.