Barcelona events: Your essential guide to what’s going on in Barcelona

Your essential guide to what’s going on in Barcelona

Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, a number of events throughout the city have been postponed or cancelled.

When planning to attend an event, please make sure to check with the event organizers for the most up-to-date information on dates and times.

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The duo formed by Maria Blanco and David Torras comes to Magical Nights with a rumba-based performance. But rumba is just the start.
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Concerts & Live Music

Image courtesy of Casa Batlló.

Pinchas Zukerman is the master of masters of modern violinism. Heir of Milstein, Heifetz, and Stern, he is the best depository of the greatest violin tradition in history.
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Concerts & Live Music

Image courtesy of L’auditori

Ten years after meeting at a jam session, trumpeter Noé Codjia and saxophonist Neil Saidi have returned to Paris to form The Zoot Collective—a quintet of the best young jazz talent dedicated to creating original projects inspired by swing, bop, and h
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Concerts & Live Music

Experience the world of Frida Kahlo as never before with the BCN Film Festival 2023! Dive into her turbulent life, explore her works and uncover the secrets behind her feverish creativity with Exhibition on Screen’s in-depth documentary.
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Documentaries, Film, Film Screenings

Image courtesy of Caixa Forum

No program of concerts on the theme of funeral music would be complete without “Lament on the Death of Ferdinand III” by Johann Heinrich Schmelzer.
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Concerts & Live Music

Image courtesy of L’auditori

Ten years after meeting at a jam session, trumpeter Noé Codjia and saxophonist Neil Saidi have returned to Paris to form The Zoot Collective—a quintet of the best young jazz talent dedicated to creating original projects inspired by swing, bop, and h
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Concerts & Live Music

Get ready to experience the sensational sounds of Calum Scott’s second album, “Bridges”. With soaring pop anthem “Rise” produced by Gabe Simon and Jon Maguire, Calum Scott has achieved #1 on the iTunes chart in 20 countries.
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Concerts & Live Music, Pop music

Image courtesy of Apolo

The MSC Seafood Futures 2023 Forum will explore the role of sustainable wild seafood in the so-called “blue transformation” of the seafood industry.
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Education & Learning, Virtual Event

Image courtesy of Marine Stewardship Council

The documentary “Stepping Softly on the Earth” finds in the ancestral knowledge of the native Amazon people the answer for the production of a new future.
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Debate, Documentaries, Film, Film Screenings

Image courtesy of CCCB

In his much-lauded production for the Grand Théâtre de Genève, stage director Olivier Py eludes the historical trap of beautifying 18th-century libertinage and tells a memorable, realistic story of Manon.
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Holidays and bright events in Barcelona

Bon Nadal! – this is how the wish of a Merry Christmas sounds in Catalan. This holiday in Barcelona is celebrated on the night of December 24-25, although the famous Christmas markets start working from the end of November. The main character here is called Papa Noel, but the children receive their gifts from another – Caga Tio. This is a funny log with a face and legs, reminiscent of an elf. Traditional Christmas dishes include canelones, galets, turrons and escudels.

During the pre-holiday period, Barcelona turns into a little fairy tale – the streets sparkle with bright lights, themed performances take place in the Palace of Catalan Music, and the magic fountains of Montjuic dance to famous Christmas songs. Nativity scenes play an important role among national traditions — puppet expositions demonstrating the scene of the birth of Jesus Christ. This art is also called pessebre. The main nativity scene is set up in Piazza Sant Jaume in the Gothic Quarter.

Christmas in Barcelona © Kichigin / Shutterstock

Boxing Day (Saint Stephen’s Day)

Following Christmas, on December 26, everyone’s favorite Boxing Day (or Saint Stephen’s Day) is celebrated in Barcelona. He is the patron saint of masons and the very first martyr in Christian history who gave his life as a follower of Jesus Christ. The tradition of veneration of St. Stephen is widespread in many European countries, but especially in the Czech Republic and Spain. On this day, it is customary to visit relatives and friends and present gifts to each other, and the holiday itself is perceived as the second Christmas.

Saint Stephen’s Day © Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is not celebrated as much in Barcelona as Christmas. However, the Catalans have several traditions that they adhere to on the night of December 31st to January 1st. On the eve of the holiday, it is customary for the whole family to gather at the table in elegant clothes (it is advisable to wear red underwear). Under the chimes, you need to eat 12 grapes, making the same number of wishes. At the same time, something gold is placed in a glass of champagne. The most interesting thing is that for those who did not have time to acquire grapes, sets of 12 berries are sold on almost every corner.

After dinner, many go for a walk around the city to continue the banquet in local bars. Celebrations are held on the Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya, where tourists and locals are waiting for an entertainment program. From 23:30 on the Plaza de España you can see the main city fireworks, and on Montjuic mountain – a festive show of fountains.

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona © Pajor Pawel / Shutterstock


At the end of January, the calçot season begins in Catalonia. At this time, kalsotadas are held in every city – gastronomic holidays, which are accompanied by fun folk festivals and eating the same onion cooked on a fire with various sauces. Other treats include sausages and barbecued meats, as well as plenty of local wine. In honor of the holiday in Barcelona, ​​you can catch spectacular parades, various performances and competitions. In addition, at this time, a handicraft and gastronomic market is open in the city, and onion kalsot is served in almost all restaurants.

Calçotada ©


The Easter holidays in Barcelona begin a week before Easter and are accompanied by traditional church processions. Here this period is called Semana Santa or Holy Week. On the eve of the holiday, a tourist can see fairs in the city, where they will sell white-and-yellow ikibanas made from palm branches on the shelves. It is customary to consecrate these bouquets in the church and keep in the house for a whole year. Also in Barcelona is the most important procession – la Burreta. Citizens with palm branches march through the streets of the city, accompanied by a symphony orchestra, and the center of the parade is a platform with a figure of Christ on a donkey.

An equally important day is Good Friday. Throughout Spain, this is a public holiday. On Easter Sunday morning masses are held in churches. After that, everyone goes home, set the festive table and wait for the guests. It is worth noting that shops, museums, attractions and restaurants at this time may work according to a separate schedule.

Semana Santa procession in the streets of Malaga at Easter © Petr Pavlica / Shutterstock

National Day of Catalonia

Every year on September 11, one of the main holidays is celebrated in Barcelona. The streets of the city are painted in red and yellow colors, many residents put badges with national symbols on their clothes, arrange various demonstrations, concerts and political actions. In 1714, Barcelona passed into the possession of Spain, having lost its autonomous status. At 19In 79, the Catalans received from the central authorities the right to self-government, and in 1980 – their official holiday – Catalonia Day.

Please note that museums, banks, shops and most restaurants are closed on this day, and traffic is blocked on many streets of the city. The epicenter of the festive events is Plaza Catalunya and the square in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

Catalonia’s National Day © Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock

Sant Jordi’s Day

Sant Jordi (Saint George), the patron saint of Catalonia, is probably the most romantic holiday of the year. A beautiful dragon legend is associated with the name of this man. One of the kings announced a reward to the one who saves his daughter from the monster’s clutches. This hero was George, who killed the dragon and freed the princess. Later, a garden of red roses grew on the site of the battle. According to tradition, on April 23, women receive roses from men, and they themselves give books (the holiday coincides with World Book Day). Also on this day, numerous literary meetings and fairs, concerts, shows and even night excursions take place in Barcelona.

House of Batllo during San Jordi Day © davide bonaldo / Shutterstock

San Juan Night

The San Juan Festival is known as the night of fire and witches. Traditionally, it has an ancient pagan origin and is associated with the summer solstice. The night from June 23 to 24 is the shortest of the year, so the celebration symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. The main attributes of this day are bonfires, firecrackers and fireworks, as well as dances, magical rituals, gathering herbs and bathing at midnight. This is because water, fire and herbs are three symbols that personify Saint Juan. Fire symbolizes purity, water symbolizes healing, and herbs symbolize healing properties. Some believe that on this night they are a hundred times stronger. The most popular place to celebrate is Barceloneta Beach. It begins to fill up from the early evening of June 23 – people come for picnics, drink wine, watch fireworks and listen to music.

San Juan Night © Miguel Zagran / Shutterstock

Castañada (All Saints’ Day)

At its core, Castañada (or All Saints’ Day) is Catalan Halloween. However, compared to other countries, the traditions of this holiday are different. It is believed that on the night of October 31 to November 1, all deceased relatives return home to be with their families. That is why it is customary to celebrate Castañada in a warm family circle, as well as visit cemeteries and remember deceased relatives. At this time, roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes and panellets are sold literally at every step – local sweets that are considered symbols of the holiday. Also in the city you can find mass folk festivals and thematic performances. The official holiday falls on November 1st.

Castañada © Gitanna / Shutterstock

Barcelona in detail

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Events in Barcelona – Barcelona Happyinspain Travel Guide

03 Oct 20

  • Gastronomic events, Concerts, Fairs

Every first weekend of the month, Palo Alto’s hipster mecca in the Poblenou district hosts a two-day eponymous fair in an abandoned factory area surrounded by greenery. This event has long become a cult event for those who love handmade craft goods, diverse street food and…

03 Jun 20

  • Festivals

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the world famous music festival Primavera Sound. In honor of the anniversary, the organizers decided to extend the event for one day and please the party-goers with a star line-up. This year’s headliners will be Tyler, the Creator, Lana Del Rey and…

23 Feb 20

  • Exhibitions

From the beginning of the year until February 23, the Lego exhibition will be held on the roof of the Las Arenas Shopping Center, which will delight both the little ones and their parents. The exhibition impresses with its scale and number of exhibits, on an area of ​​2000 m2 you will find 12 thematic zones.…

28 Nov 19

  • Gastronomic events

November in Barcelona is not only hiking in the forest for mushrooms, the smell of roasted chestnuts, the first cold days, but also our favorite holiday of young wine in Born. This year the wine fiesta will take place on November 28th. From 17-00 to 21-00 at …

30 Aug 19

  • Concerts

Starting from June 14 until the end of August, every Friday there will be live music concerts on the roof of the House with Peaks. The event is called “Nits amb Ritme”. This is a great plan for the evening before the weekend, listening to music on the terrace, created by the great genius of modernism …

23 Jun 19

  • Parties, Festivals

Are you ready to jump over the fire and have fun until you drop on the hottest night in Barcelona? Sant Joan is the local version of the pagan feast of Ivan Kupala, which celebrates the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year. If your nervous system is lame, better …

14 Jun 19

  • Festivals

From 11 to 14 July in the town of Igualada, an hour’s drive from Barcelona, ​​will host a balloon festival. Flying in a hot air balloon is romantic and beautiful, and when there are about twenty bright balloons next to you in the sky, it fascinates.…

12 May 19

  • Fairs

Tomorrow, in the town of Terrassa, an hour’s train ride from Barcelona, ​​the modernist fair will begin, which will last for three days – May 10, 11 and 12. This fair allows you to travel back 100 years and see the customs and outfits of that era,…

23 Apr 19

  • Festivals, Fairs

Tomorrow the Catalans celebrate their favorite holiday – St. George’s Day. George the Victorious is a Christian great martyr, one of the most famous saints in the Christian world. There are many versions of his life, the Catalans believe that the knight George lived in the village of Mont Blanc, where the evil dragon …

22 Apr 19

  • Festivals

In Spain, in the midst of Semana Santa, as the locals call the Holy Week preceding Easter. All shops in the city will be closed this Friday, Sunday and Monday, the only day suitable for shopping is Saturday. Most of the locals leave the city on these dates…

17 Feb 19

  • Festivals

From 15 to 17 February, the Llum BCN 2019 Light Festival will take place in the Poblenou area. For the second year in a row, Llum BCN is turning the streets of Poblenou into a huge open-air experimental laboratory, using light as a creative medium and the work of artists, designers…

23 Dec 18

  • Festivals, Fairs

Many people fly to Barcelona at Christmas to take a walk and enjoy the festive atmosphere. We have prepared for you some tips on where to go to buy unusual gifts for your friends and family. If your goal is to buy classic Christmas souvenirs, be sure to visit the two main Ferias…

22 Nov 18

  • Gastronomic events, Fairs

One of the most favorite holidays of all those who are not indifferent to wine will be held in the Old City this Thursday, November 22nd. This is the only evening of the year when wine flows through the streets of the Born district and, best of all, is practically free. Your task is to come…

22 Nov 18

  • Gastronomic events, Concerts, Festivals

Today in Barcelona there will be a very bright event, which will especially appeal to everyone who loves shopping and glamour. The main shopping street and one of the most elegant and beautiful streets of the city, Passeig de Gracia, will work in festive mode. The main organizer of the event…

04 Nov 18

  • Concerts

We have already written about jazz concerts on the roof of Gaudí’s house La Pedrera. But the second house also decided not to remain in the shadows. This summer, both houses of the great maestro delight with a musical program called “Nits Magiques” – Magic Nights. And if on …

28 Oct 18

  • Exhibitions

Climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe or the two towers in Plaza de España, walk around the ancient prison building, go inside the Barcelona City Hall, visit the studios of famous artists or the factory of the legendary anise tincture – all this will be possible this weekend in Barcelona, ​​thanks to…

17 Oct 18

  • Parties, Miscellaneous

We are pleased to invite you to the opening party of the MACTE Art Spaces project. All creatives, artists and those who aspire to be, come check out Barcelona’s new art space, which will soon give the city many new young talents. Perfect evening for interaction…

07 Oct 18

  • Parties, Festivals

At the beginning of October, in the medieval fortress overlooking the sea, which is located in the town of Tossa de Mar, 80 km from Barcelona, ​​one of the brightest events for connoisseurs of electronic music – Fort Festival – will take place. Unique location, incredible nature, azure…

24 Sep 18

  • Concerts, Festivals

The annual La Merce festival is one of the highlights of Barcelona, ​​the main celebration of the city. The patroness of Barcelona is Our Lady of Mercy – Virgen de la Mercè, to whom the festival full of interesting, bright and informative events is dedicated. According to legend, at the end of 17…

15 Sep 18

  • Concerts

Jazz concerts will take place every Friday and Saturday from 8 June to 15 September on the rooftop of Gaudí’s house La Pedrera. This is a unique opportunity to enter one of the most unusual terraces of the city, see the sunset over Barcelona from above and enjoy…

21 Aug 18

  • Festivals

Yesterday the annual celebrations of the Gracia district started in Barcelona. From 15 to 21 August, all locals and tourists will have the opportunity to have fun among the decorated streets of one of the most colorful areas of Barcelona. Fiestas de Gracia is a competition for…

29 Jun 18

  • Concerts, Festivals

A gay festival will take place in Barcelona at the end of June. This is a great occasion for all members of sexual minorities to visit Barcelona, ​​hang out, enjoy the beaches and nightlife of the gay quarter. This year the main celebrations fall on 29and 30 June. Venue of the first…

16 Jun 18

  • Parties, Festivals

Summer is coming to Barcelona, ​​which means Sonar is coming soon! This is one of the most famous electronic music festivals in the world, thanks to which Barcelona turns into a city of parties for a week, a super holiday, when techno plays from every bar, club or terrace, …

16 Jun 18

  • Parties

The middle of June in Barcelona is a very hot time, especially if you like techno. From June 14 to 16, the super popular Sonar electronic music festival will be held here. In addition to the official program these days, Barcelona will become a venue for many other parties that…

10 Jun 18

  • Parties, Festivals

From April to September, Spanish Village on Montjuïc hosts an open-air daytime techno party called Brunch Electronic. Twice a month, all party-goers have the opportunity to dance heartily to the music of their favorite artists. This year…

03 Jun 18

  • Parties, Concerts, Festivals

Primavera Sound is one of the most famous music festivals in Barcelona, ​​which attracts music lovers and party-goers from all over the world every spring. This year it will be held from May 30 to June 3. The first time the festival was held in Barcelona in 2001…

26 May 18

  • Gastronomic events, Concerts

This Saturday, May 26th, there will be a special entertainment program in two Barcelona markets. The event is called Nit de Mercats and two Barcelona markets participate in it – Santa Caterina in Born and the Sagrada Familia market near the metro station of the same name. From 20-00…

20 May 18

  • Festivals

Every spring Girona transforms into a magical land of flowers. The medieval streets of the city are buried in a carpet of flowers, the aroma is amazing, you can walk, admire and take a huge number of unique photos.