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The Basilica of the Holy Family otherwise known as the Sagrada Familia is undoubtedly the most famous church in Barcelona, in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. Every year the unfinished masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi climbs higher in the sky and the world awaits its grand unveiling. Entirely funded by donations, the church has been beset by many setbacks, not least the death of the genius Antoni Gaudi who conceived it leaving few schematic drawings. The Spanish Civil War halted progress with the destruction of Gaudi’s handmade models and most recently construction was halted by the COVID pandemic.
Over the years, architects working on the project have struggled to realise Gaudi’s designs, as no real plans were left to copy. But thanks to the latest technology, changes in construction methods over the years and the dedication of generations of tradesmen work continues to complete the basilica. Despite the unfinished state of the basilica, it was awarded UNESCO world heritage status in 2005 and was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010. The planned completion date was to be in 2026 to coincide with the centenary of Gaudi’s death, although that now looks unlikely.

Sagrada Familia Guided Tour
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Priority Access: Sagrada Familia Entry Ticket
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  • Duration: 1 day
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Sagrada Familia and Towers Guided Tour
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  • Duration: 2 hours
  • 4.6

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Sagrada Familia and Park Güell Tour
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  • Duration: 3.5 hours
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Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour 1/2 day
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Park Güell Skip-the-Line Ticket and Guided Tour
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Best of Barcelona: Guided Tour of Park Güell and Sagrada Familia

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Best of Gaudí: Park Güell & Sagrada Familia Guided Tour

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Day Tour of Sagrada Familia, Casa Vicens & Casa Mila with Fast-Track Entry

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The Sagrada Familia stands tall as Barcelona’s most iconic monument. Envisioned by the architect Antoni Gaudi, the Basilica has been under construction since 1882, surviving revolutionary events such as the Spanish Civil War and COVID-19. The site is still not fully constructed, however, parts of it are open for public access. 

On this page, learn about the various types of guided tours available to visitors, and how to choose which one is right for you. 

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Why Take a Guided Tour of Sagrada Familia?

  • Gain insights: Local guides will be able to walk you through the glorious and lengthy history as well as the most essential characteristics of the Basilica.
  • Time utility: Instead of Googling details before or after your visit, your guide will share their insights with you at the venue, help you navigate the crowds, and ensure that you don’t miss any main highlights.
  • Multilingual tour guide: Guided tours are available in four languages – English, Spanish, German and French. This allows visitors to learn about the basilica in a language that is most comfortable for them. 
  • Fast-track access: All guided tours come with skip-the-line access, which means you can bypass the crowds, and head straight toward the monument.  
  • Best spots: Since the guides have hosted numerous tours, they know the right times to take you to the right spots, for example, the stained glass windows during sunset; a mesmerizing view that would be a shame to miss.

Highlights Covered on Your Sagrada Familia Guided Tours

The Towers

If you opt for the guided tour with Tower access, you would be able to access either the Nativity Tower, which would give you the opportunity to be mesmerized by its sea views on the east, or the Passion Tower, from where you can catch a glimpse of the western Barcelona skyline. The third Glory Tower isn’t open to the public just yet. 

More About Sagrada Familia Towers

The Facades

The Sagrada Familia towers come together form these facades. Currently, 8 of the planned 18 towers have been constructed, which forms 2 of the 3 planned Sagrada Familia facades. If you opt for a tour of the Nativity Facade, your guide will be able to enlighten you on not just the architecture, but Gaudi himself, as this was the only Facade that was built under his direction.  

Discover the Sagrada Familia Facades

The Basilica Interiors

The interiors of the Basilica have been described as the Bible sculpted in stone. The interiors and exteriors of the Church are inspired by the life of Jesus Christ. On your tour, your guide will be able to explain to you the intricacies of the architecture, and the rich history of the monument. 

Interiors of the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Museum

Your guide will be able to show you charts, models, and blueprints dating back decades, all of which went into the planning and construction of the Basilica. Some of these items were salvaged from the premises when it was set on fire during the Spanish Civil War.

Visit Gaudi Museum

Sagrada Familia Guided Tours vs Non-Guided Tours

Guided Tours

  • The guided tours usually last an hour and a half and would be laden with information on not only the Basilica, but Gaudi and the other architects that contributed to the Basilica. 
  • You also have the inbuilt feature of being able to skip the queues at the ticket counter when you opt for guided tours.  
  • Guided tours have a fixed itinerary that includes all the highlights while giving you the information you need to truly appreciate the effort that went into constructing this masterpiece. This ensures that you will not miss out on anything important. 

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Non-Guided Tours

  • The non-guided tours are more pocket-friendly and are usually chosen by those who would like to explore the Basilica at their own pace, as most guided tours are a group activity. 
  • These tours can come with a downloadable audio guide, as opposed to an in-person guide, which is available in 16 languages. However, in the instance of a poor-quality audio guide, you would miss out on imperative information on the monument. 
  • A general ticket will not allow you to skip the long lines and the wait can take anywhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours. 

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What to Expect on a Guided Tour of Sagrada Familia?

  • Once you book your guided tour of the Basilica online, you will receive a confirmation of your ticket on your phone. This e-ticket will suffice, there will be no need to print a copy – let’s keep the environment in mind! 
  • After confirmation of your ticket, you will be intimated on the meeting spot, usually at a landmark just outside the Basilica, where you can meet your guide and your group. This will be slightly earlier than the entry time on your ticket, to give you a lee-way in case of any unforeseen delays. The Basilica is strict about entry times, if you miss your allotted entry time, you will be required to purchase another ticket. Avoid this altogether and get there a little early. 
  • When you locate and familiarize yourself with your guide, they will lead you straight to the security checkpoint to enter the Basilica, at the Nativity Facade. Because you purchased your ticket online in advance, you save yourself from waiting in the ticket counter queue. 
  • Past the security checkpoint, your guide will immerse you in a historical and breathtaking journey of the Basilica. A guided tour is available in four languages – English, Spanish, French, and German. English guided tours are usually between 10 AM and 12 noon. Similarly, guided tours in other languages have their allotted time window. 

Visitor Tips

  • Tickets: Ensure you purchase your tickets online in advance to avoid long queues at the venue and to get guaranteed access to the monument. Tickets come with different inclusions and access, so ensure you pick the right ticket. 
  • Punctuality: There is usually a queue for the security check that can last between 15-30 minutes, and this is applicable to all ticket holders. Do account for this while planning your arrival at the monument, as you would be denied entry if you arrive later than your scheduled ticket time. 
  • Dress appropriately: The Basilica is a religious Catholic monument, therefore visitors are requested to dress modestly while on the premises. 
  • Accessibility: Children below 11 can enter the Basilica for free, however, due to the narrow and steep on-foot descent, children under the age of 6 are not permitted to enter the Towers. You can also get a discount if you are a student entering with valid proof. 
  • Refreshments: All backpacks are checked at the entrance, and food and drinks are not permitted inside. It is advisable to ensure you have eaten prior to your visit, as refreshments in and around the premises can be expensive. 
  • Equipment: You are allowed to snap pictures of the monument on your smartphone, however, you would require prior permission if you would like to enter with professional photography equipment. 

Plan Your Visit to Sagrada Familia

Frequently Asked Questions About Sagrada Familia Tours

Q. Can I book a guided Sagrada Familia tour?

A. Yes. In-person guided tours of the Sagrada Familia are available in English, Spanish, German, and French. You can book a Sagrada Familia guided tour here.

Q. How can I book a guided tour of Sagrada Familia?

A. You could book a tour online so you can enjoy discounts. Book Sagrada Familia guided tour tickets here.

Q. How much does a Sagrada Familia tour cost?

A. Sagrada Familia guided tours can range from EUR 50 to EUR 64, depending on the inclusions in your tour.

Q. What are the different types of Sagrada Familia guided tours?

A. You can opt for a basic guided tour without tower access or the guided tour with access to either one of the two towers open to the public. You can also choose for combo tours, that will allow you to explore more iconic attractions of Barcelona with a single ticket.

Q. What is included in Sagrada Familia guided tours?

A. Depending on your ticket, the Sagrada Familia guided tour would include skip-the-line entry, an in-person local expert to guide you through, and a tour of the interiors, museum, and towers.

Q. In what languages are the Sagrada Familia guided tours available in?

A. The in-person guided tours of Sagrada Familia are available in English, French, Spanish, and German. The audio guides are available in 16 languages.

Q. What highlights do the Sagrada Familia guided tour cover?

A. A guided tour of the Sagrada Familia would cover the Sagrada Familia Interiors, Museum, and Towers, depending on the type of ticket you purchase.

Q. How many people can go on a Sagrada Familia guided tour?

A. The maximum number of people for a small group tour of the Sagrada Familia is 12, and for a large group tour is 30. 

Q. Is a Sagrada Familia guided tour worth it?

A. A UNESCO Heritage Site, the Sagrada Familia is known for its symbolism and marvelous intricacies. Going on a guided tour would allow you to truly immerse yourself in the monument Gaudi had envisioned.

Q. Do the Sagrada Familia guided tours include skip-the-line access?

A. Yes. With the Sagrada Familia guided tours, you can skip-the-line at the ticket counter and move straight to the security checkpoint.

Q. Can I cancel a booked guided Sagrada Familia tour?

A. Some Sagrada Familia guided tours have a no-refund policy, while some would provide a full refund if the tour was cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.

Q. How long is the Sagrada Familia guided tour?

A. Sagrada Familia guided tours can be anywhere between 1 hour to 2.5 hours depending on the type of tour you book.

Q. Are there any discounted tickets for Sagrada Familia tours?

A. Yes. Infants and children under the age of 10 can avail discount on Sagrada Familia tickets. You will have to carry a valid photo ID of your child. You can also enjoy 5% cashback when you book tickets online.

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Excursions to the Sagrada Familia in Russian from Russian-speaking guides

If you want to have an interesting time in Barcelona and see one of its main attractions, an excursion to the Sagrada Familia in Russian is what you need.

Sagrada Familia is the hallmark of the city, which is admired by many tourists.

The facade of the building really looks grandiose. But to appreciate the idea of ​​the architect, the great Antonio Gaudi, you must definitely visit inside.

Here are some tour options to help you discover this place.


Secrets of the Sagrada Familia

Excursion details

During the walk, visit the famous temple, the construction of which began in 1882 and is still going on.

You will learn a lot of interesting details from the guide:

  1. Who initiated the start of work on the cathedral?
  2. Why is there a certain sculpture or detail on the facade of the building?
  3. To whom will the highest tower of the cathedral be dedicated after construction is completed?

Before you travel, check the temple’s official website:

(Source – Basílica de la Sagrada Familia).

Also check in advance how to get to the sights (most tours start at the entrance), learn the rules of visiting.

Especially for clothing:

guests will not be able to get inside in hats, short skirts and shorts, transparent outfits.

Number of participants — from 1 to 4 people.

The price of an individual tour is 63 euros for all.

The price includes excursion service in Russian. Entrance tickets are paid separately (adults – 15 euros, children over 11 years old and students – 13 euros).

How to order – on the website of our official partner ⇒ . Ordering a program online is a great opportunity to save time, avoid queues and get a small discount.

Sagrada Familia: the bible in stone

Tour details facade.

Held in Russian.

Number of participants — from 1 to 6 participants.

The cost of is 82 euros for the entire tour.

The price includes excursion service. Buy entrance tickets to the temple additionally.

How to order – on the website online ⇒ .

Understanding the works of Gaudi

Tour details

An ideal option for those who want to get acquainted with the work of a genius and understand the philosophy of Catalan modernism.

The program is individual, designed for 2.5 hours.

Number of participants – from 1, but not more than 6 people.

The cost of is 60 euros per person or 40 euros per participant if there are more people.

The price includes excursion service in Russian.

How to order – on the website of our official partner ⇒ .

Welcome to Barcelona

Tour details

If you want to see the iconic places of Barcelona, ​​this personalized program is for you.

While walking, visit:

  1. Gothic quarter with the Cathedral.
  2. The Ramblas and the colorful Boqueria Market.
  3. Jewish Quarter with one of the oldest synagogues in the world.
  4. The most interesting non-tourist places of the Old Town.
  5. After lunch in a cozy cafe, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral awaits you with its secrets, which the guide will tell you about.

Number of participants – from 1, but not more than 4 people.

The cost of is 140 euros for all.

The price includes excursion service (4.5 hours). If desired, the time can be increased for 25 euros per hour.

How to order – on official website ⇒ .

Into the secret places of Barcelona with the heroes of Dan Brown

Tour details enjoy the views of Barcelona from mountains of Montserrat;

  • make a wish in front of the image of the Black-faced Madonna;
  • inspect the interior and exterior of the Sagrada Familia;
  • climb Montjuic;
  • learn a lot of interesting things about the famous novel.
  • Number of participants – from 1 to 4 participants

    Cost of – 320 euros for all.

    The price includes a trip in a comfortable car, guide services, entrance tickets to the Sagrada Familia.

    No additional costs.

    How to order – on the website of our official partner ⇒ .

    You can also visit the temple on your own. All ticket options and detailed instructions on how to buy a ticket to the Sagrada Familia online HERE .

    Even if you come to the capital of Catalonia for a couple of days, include a visit to the famous cathedral in your itinerary. In this amazing place you will experience special sensations.

    As the reviews say, the strongest emotions arise when the organ plays in the temple: it seems that a voice is heard from heaven.

    It is no coincidence that almost all the guests of Spain freeze in amazement before the creation of Gaudí.

    And the words that one of the architect’s researchers said about Sagrada Familia become clear:

    “Either man plays God, creating such masterpieces, or God plays man, giving birth to such ideas in his head.”

    Excursion to the Sagrada Familia – Guide Barcelona ТМ

    The Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia is not only the main attraction of the Catalan capital, but also one of the rarest monuments of world architecture. Every year, millions of travelers flock on a tour of this majestic building, stunning in its appearance even to people completely unrelated to art. An excursion to the Sagrada Familia is a wonderful opportunity to see the beauty and grandeur of the Temple live.

    Antonio Gaudí is, of course, an exceptional genius. It seems that the architect was in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. How could something like this be conceived and implemented? Gaudi’s style, his philosophy and attitude differed to a significant extent from the generally established canons. Its phantasmagoric wondrous world, its mythical architecture is an ode to nature and beauty.

    Briefly about the history of the Sagrada Familia

    The history of the Sagrada Familia dates back to the end of the 19th century. Then, on March 19, 1882, the diocesan architect Francisco del Villar began work on the plan of his building. But in 1883, the project for the construction of the cathedral was given to Antoni Gaudi. And just with his name, first of all, the Sagrada Familia is identified.

    Gaudi completely changed the original plan. What we have the opportunity to see at the present time is only an incomplete reflection of the idea of ​​a brilliant architect.

    Gaudí dreamed of building a building that could be seen from anywhere in the city. And he succeeded. The Sagrada Familia Cathedral stands out for its colossal size.

    The temple delights with the scope of the artistic idea, since Gaudí wished, without false modesty, that his creation depicted the Bible imprinted in stone. In accordance with his drawings, the cathedral should be decorated with 3 facades that tell about the life path of Christ.

    What the Sagrada Familia tour offers

    The Sagrada Familia tour consists of a tour during which a professional guide will tell you about the fascinating history of the construction of the Temple, about the philosophical views and main ideas of Antonio Gaudí. And the guide will give a detailed description of the external facades of the Sagrada Familia, and, of course, the interior.

    The Sagrada Familia tour is a visit to the Sagrada Familia with a guided entrance to the building, the ticket price is included in the total price of the tour. When the Sagrada Familia tour is over, you will linger inside the temple to be able to experience the atmosphere of the temple for yourself for as long as you need.

    Sagrada Familia – the main attraction of Barcelona

    Useful information

    Cost of the excursion to Sagrada Familia

    The cost of an excursion to the Sagrada Familia is a little over 30 euros per person.

    Groups of this excursion

    The minimum number of participants is 2 people, the maximum group is up to 10 people.

    Organizational details

    Tour duration: 2 hours
    Schedule: daily at 16:00
    Meeting point: at the intersection of Provença and Marina streets (near the entrance to Burger King) 9003

    Where and how excursion for sale in Sagrada Familia

    You can book this excursion to Sagrada Familia using this link.

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