Why to visit barcelona: Is Barcelona worth Visiting? – The Pros And Cons

Is Barcelona worth Visiting? – The Pros And Cons

You’ve been dreaming of visiting Barcelona for so long, and now it’s finally time for you to plan this trip. But you’re wondering, is it worth it? Situated in Catalonia Region, on the Eastern Coast of Spain, Barcelona is a vibrant city famed for its exceptional architecture, quirky arts and delicious culinary scene. For a few years now I’ve been meaning to check out Gaudi’s work, and this year I finally got the chance to visit Barcelona.

We recommend visiting during spring because the weather is mild with plenty of sunshine, yet still, relatively off-season, which means fewer crowds and more secluded photographic opportunities.

A popular tourist destination, Barcelona is a place for dreamers that enjoy a good tapas restaurant, plenty of green space but also intricate labyrinthine streets that lead you to surprising and lesser-known points of interest.

We know you’ll love Barcelona, who wouldn’t love marvelling at Sagrada Família, eating great food and seeing an extensive collection of art from Pablo Picasso in the Picasso museum?

It’s always good to be an informed traveller, which is why we put together a list of pros and cons before you decide if you should indeed visit Barcelona Spain.

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If you love Gaudi’s extraordinary work then you should most certainly visit Barcelona. There are plenty of beautiful building facades, interiors and decors. I was most impressed with the interior of a Gaudi masterpiece – La Sagrada Família.

Close to the Gothic Quarter, this famously unfinished cathedral is breathtaking with its intricate detailing and rich history. If you think it looks amazing from the outside, wait until you go inside and see all the playful colours.

Tickets sell fast, so make sure to prebook your guided tour to La Sagrada Familia.

The quirky architecture doesn’t stop there though – Santa Maria del Mar is a prime example of a stunning Gothic church, and other important modernist buildings such as Casa Batlló, Casa Milà (located on Passeig de Gràcia) and Casa Amatller are also impressive sites that reveal the magic of Barcelona. Perfect for an afternoon spent wandering!

Walk around spacious boulevards and feel the French influence on the place, or make your way around the Old Town where you can breathe in the Italian influences throughout the small streets. When it comes to architecture, Barcelona just keeps giving.


Did you know you need to pack your swimsuit to visit Barcelona? Do as the locals and escape Barcelona’s hustle and bustle by enjoying a day by the beach.

Featuring its own sandy shores, the seaside is almost always busy during the summer months when visitors and locals alike soak up the Spanish sun and sip on cocktails till twilight.

Visit the nearby Barceloneta beach or take a day trip to the nearby Costa Brava, grab a beach towel and forget about the dins of the world.

Book your tour to Girona and Costa Brava from Barcelona.


For seafood lovers, this is most certainly one of the best things about Barcelona. Enjoy tons of amazing food such as prawns, fresh lobster, octopus legs and squid rings.

La Peninsular is considered by many reviews to be the best restaurant for an authentic Spanish seafood experience, from grilled cuttlefish to mussels and clams.

You can also buy lots of food from the supermarket or seafood market and cook the best dinner in the world.

Book a special food tour in Barcelona to sample all the local specialities.


For fashion lovers, this is the place to visit small and independent boutiques with great price tags. Spanish fashion is stylish, practical and affordable. Find great bargains and support the local artists in the process. Seems like a great win-win situation. Besides who doesn’t love hunting for the perfect souvenirs?

Find your fashionable dresses, cute accessories and really comfortable shoes. I strongly recommend abandoning mainstream brands and searching for the perfect outfit hidden in a boutique somewhere, through the quaint streets of Barcelona.


With 2,524 hours of sunshine a year, it’s no surprise Barcelona attracts so many tourists from all over the world. Even the winters are mild here in the Catalan region. Summers can be a little torrid, but as previously mentioned, you can always take a break from the hot city and enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the beach. Springs and Autumn are fantastic times to visit.


Do you speak a little Spanish or Catalan? It’s a great time to practice your language skills. But if you don’t there’s no need to worry as pretty much everyone in Barcelona speaks English. Maybe some of the older generations might feel uncomfortable in doing so but they can always find something to help.

That’s the beauty of such an international city like Barcelona. Always alive, ever-changing and with so many digital nomads that help the place move forward.


Isn’t it lovely to visit a place where people love and respect their pets? There are so many pet-friendly establishments, including eateries and hotels. It’s completely fine if you bring your dog in the subway or you allow it to chill with you whilst enjoying a sangria somewhere.

People really take care of their pets and treat them like family. So don’t be surprised if you dine in a small tapas restaurant right next to a couple of well-behaved dogs.


There is so much to do in Barcelona, you simply can’t get bored. Whether you visit a museum, check out an art gallery, shop or just wander around, Barcelona is a great place to be. Its vibrant history is all around you and there is always an impressive sight to be seen, such as the Magic Fountain, Columbus Monument or the Arc de Triomf (the triumphal arches).

The Gothic Quarter is a great place for a history lesson of Barcelona and there are excellent walking tours of the area.

Buy tickets online to learn about the Gothic Quarter’s deepest secrets with a deep dive into the stories of the Gothic Quarter and the chance to chat with new people over a sangria afterwards.

You’ll love all Barcelona’s dimensions, from the gothic to the hipster. Every corner you turn is another chance to soak up the Catalan culture, making a Barcelona city break so exciting.


We have put together our recommended hotels based on distance from the city centre, quality and price. Enjoy the many outstanding restaurants and bars in the Old Town and of course, don’t forget to visit La Sagrada Familia. For even more check out our complete guide on where to stay in Barcelona.

Luxury: Bed and Breakfast Anakena House

Anakena House is located right in Eixample, right in the centre of Barcelona. With only nine rooms, there is a cosy yet luxurious atmosphere. This bed & breakfast has stunning views of the city centre, a beautifully decorated interior and air-conditioned rooms. Guests can also enjoy free Wi-Fi and breakfast included.

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Luxury: Hotel Catalonia Passeig de Gràcia 4* Sup

Set in the heart of Barcelona, also in Eixample, Catalonia Passeig de Gracia offers a sleek and modern place to stay. Located 5 minutes’ walk from Plaça de Catalunya and 7 minutes’ walk from Casa Batlló, this hotel boasts private terraces, an outdoor pool and free Wi-Fi.

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Mid-Range: Hotel Catalonia Catedral

The Catalonia Catedral is set in a traditional Modernist building, just 350 feet from Barcelona Cathedral. It features an incredible rooftop seasonal pool and a Japanese-style terrace and garden.

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Cons – Barcelona’s streets

When visiting Barcelona, the streets can look a little dirty and may seem quite dusty. Some small streets can even get smelly when it’s really hot. But the local authorities are looking after the city and clean many streets and tourist areas almost every single day.

You won’t have an issue walking in sandals or wearing white clothes. However, don’t expect Barcelona to look or feel like a sterile city. But after all, it is part of its charm. Let’s not forget that it’s also a pretty old city dating back to the Neolithic times!

Cons – The customer service needs improvement

Compared to Japan or the UK, Barcelona needs a bit of improvement when it comes to engaging with customers. This applies to hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. If you’re used to super friendly US-style customer service, this may come as a bit of a surprise and is something to remember if you choose to visit Barcelona.

Let’s be mindful when locals might seem a little abrupt. We all know that Barcelona is a little overcrowded at times which can put a strain on the locals and their day to day lives.

Cons – Barcelona is pricey

Like many big cities, the prices in Barcelona are quite high. This applies to food, accommodation, tickets for tourist attractions and public transport. However, there are ways to save some money by staying in apartments located further from the main tourist attractions. You can eat fresh from the local markets and by making your own food, you’ll save a lot of cash during the trip.

Rather than splurging on restaurants and cocktail bars, buy Spanish wine from the supermarket and enjoy a glass at your own leisure on your balcony. A little will go a long way and help you save on the overall trip. Entrance prices are fairly expensive but it really is a unique destination so it’s worth seeing all the attractions.

Cons – There is a pickpocket problem in Barcelona

As with all major tourist destinations, petty crime can be an issue. Be vigilant at all times, and keep a close eye on your belongings. Exercise common sense and avoid dark alleyways or unknown places after dark. Don’t walk with your phone or wallet on the back of the pocket as that can be snatched at any point.

Be especially careful in very busy areas and main boulevards. During peak season, pay extra attention to scammers who may appear to lure you with random questions or questionnaires.

Bonus tip: You will want to purchase travel insurance when visiting Barcelona!

Cons – Barcelona gets very crowded

You are visiting a popular tourist destination so do expect crowds. Even during winter or off-season, there will likely be a line in front of the main museums. If possible, avoid the summer months or main holiday seasons. Avoid weekends and purchase your tickets at the beginning or Spring, late Autumn or Winter.

Take your time and try to take it easy, without paying attention to the queues and crowds. After all, it’s the art, food and architecture that you’re in Barcelona for. There are a few things you can do to be a smarter traveller:

Book your accommodation at least 3 – 4 months in advance
Book your skip the line tickets in advance
Call your preferred restaurants to book tables at least 2 weeks in advance

Is Barcelona worth visiting?

Understanding Barcelona’s rich history, admiring its unique buildings and strolling through its streets can make anyone fall in love with it. I loved Park Guell the most as well as the great variety of fresh seafood available at Marcado de La Boqueria and all local supermarkets.

I think Barcelona makes for a brilliant city break full of interesting places which has to be visited at least once. The cons to the city are similar to what you would find on any city break, but as long as you keep your wits about you, you will still have an amazing experience when you visit Barcelona.

Is Barcelona a good holiday destination?

Barcelona is a fantastic holiday destination. It’s one of the top travel destinations for a good reason. You’ll love the food, the architecture and the overall atmosphere of the city. Besides, Barcelona has a seaside too, which allows you to combine a city holiday with a beach vacation.

Barcelona is also very popular amongst football fans with FC Barcelona being one of the top football teams in the world.

Is Barcelona safe for tourists?

Barcelona is safe for tourists and most visits are trouble-free. As with any major destination you need to exercise a bit of caution. Exercise common sense, keep an eye on your belongings and be especially careful with pickpocketers.

Is Barcelona cheap to travel?

Barcelona is not a cheap city, although there are plenty of budget accommodation options available to suit all budgets. You can find accommodation slightly cheaper when staying further from places like Las Ramblas or Sagrada Família. Save by eating from the local markets and smaller local-owned tapas restaurants.

Is Barcelona a nice city?

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s a nice city year-round and you will fall in love with its architecture, street art and all those tapas restaurants!

How many days in Barcelona is enough?

This really depends if you’re an active or laid back traveller. Ideally, you should stay a minimum of 3 days but aim for 5-7 days if your time and budget allow it. 5 days in Barcelona will really allow you to visit and see everything.

Barcelona is a fantastic holiday destination. It’s one of the top travel destinations for a good reason. You’ll love the food, the architecture and the overall atmosphere of the city. Besides, Barcelona has a seaside too, which allows you to combine a city holiday with a beach vacation.

Barcelona is also very popular amongst football fans with FC Barcelona being one of the top football teams in the world.

Is Barcelona safe for tourists?

Barcelona is safe for tourists and most visits are trouble-free. As with any major destination you need to exercise a bit of caution. Exercise common sense, keep an eye on your belongings and be especially careful with pickpocketers.

Is Barcelona cheap to travel?

Barcelona is not a cheap city, although there are plenty of budget accommodation options available to suit all budgets. You can find accommodation slightly cheaper when staying further from places like Las Ramblas or Sagrada Família. Save by eating from the local markets and smaller local-owned tapas restaurants.

Is Barcelona a nice city?

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s a nice city year-round and you will fall in love with its architecture, street art and all those tapas restaurants!

In conclusion, Barcelona is definitely a brilliant city which has to be visited at least once. Understanding its history, admiring its architecture and strolling through its streets will make you fall in love with it.

Tell me about your experiences in Barcelona. What did you like most?

10 Reasons to Visit Barcelona Spain (From a Former Resident)

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Fantastic food and drink, history, architecture, culture and more – Barcelona is perfect for a city break and a beach vacation. Read our 10 reasons to visit Barcelona and plan your own trip

This is a guest post by Maire Bonheim of Temples and Treehouses.

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Barcelona is one of the most incredible cities in the world. From the Gothic maze that is the historic old town, to Gaudi’s famous architecture and some of the best food you’ll ever eat, there are so many reasons to visit Barcelona that it’s hard to know where to start!

I lived in Barcelona for three amazing months, visited each of its quirky central neighbourhoods, and rigorously tested out its best rooftop bars, pavement cafes and beachside restaurants.

Whether it’s a short city break or part of a larger Spain itinerary, here are my top 10 reasons to visit Barcelona.


10 Reasons to Go to Barcelona

  1. The Food
  2. The Famous Gaudi Architecture
  3. The Historic Gothic Old Town
  4. The Perfect Combo of City and Beach
  5. The Rooftop Bar Scene
  6. The Walkable City Center
  7. The Aperitifs
  8. The Festivals
  9. The Street Art
  10. The Sweet Treats



1. The Food

It would be difficult to have a bad meal in Barcelona.

For breakfast, pull up a stool at the Santa Caterina market in El Born for an espresso and typical crusty bread with tomato and salty cured jamon. Or go for a fresh flaky pastry at a pastisseria.

Have a long, drawn-out lunch of crayfish paella and crisp white wine at Agua on the beachfront, or in the beautiful dining room at the iconic Set Portes.

And dinner has to be a tapas feast, rubbing shoulders with the locals over small plates of chorizo in wine, golden croquetas, charred pimiento peppers and potatoes doused in spicy tomato sauce. You can’t go wrong with Bar del Pla.


Click to read more about Spain’s best food cities!


Looking to Eat (& Drink) Your Way Around Barcelona? Why Not Try a Food Tour?

Widely recognized as one of the best cities in the world for those who love to eat and drink (raises hand), Barcelona is full of well-rated food tours to try. With so many places to choose from in Barcelona, food tours are a great way to experience the best of the city’s eats and drinks with an experienced local. Here are some of the best-rated Barcelona food tours to check out:

Tapas, Taverns & History Barcelona Food Tour: A 3.5 hour food extravaganza, this evening tour stops at 3 different tapas bars, feeding you enough to replace your dinner, and includes a guided walk through the historic part of Barcelona. Includes vermouth and lots of wine, this tour is all about helping you discover a non-touristy and authentic side of Barcelona’s tapas scene. Check prices and availability.

Evening Taps & Wine Tour: Visit 3 different hand-picked venues to enjoy 8 Spanish wines paired with both traditional and modern tapas. You’ll try some of the region’s best reds, whites, sparkling and fortified wines, learning all about Spanish wines during stops at a traditional tapas bar, a bodega, and a wine bar. Check prices and availability.

4X4 Winery Tour with Tapas and Wine Tasting (Winery Day Trip from Barcelona): A 6-hour round-trip jaunt from Barcelona with a guide, this tour takes you to the Penedès Region, where you’ll enjoy 4 wine and 4 cava tastings at 2 different family-run wineries, and enjoy some gourmet bites to go along with the wine. Check prices and availability.

2. Gaudi’s famous architecture

Gaudi’s exuberant buildings are destinations in their own right. From the soaring Sagrada Familia, which dominates Barcelona’s skyline with its Gothic towers, to the quirky playground that is Park Guell, Gaudi’s architecture elevates the city and it would be a crime to miss it!

If it’s your first time in Barcelona, pack it all in with a walking tour. Having a guide take you around the city will add to your understanding of Gaudi’s incredible style, and will ensure you don’t miss any of the major landmarks.

  • Park Guell Entrance and Guided Tour
  • Best of Gaudi Half Day Tour



3. The Historic Gothic Old Town

Barcelona’s Gothic old town is absurdly charming. The most gorgeous areas are the historic Gothic quarter, and the El Born barrio next to it.

Think medieval, maze-like narrow streets, stone buildings, and wide, tree-lined squares dotted with pavement cafes. Astonishingly, there are streets and streets of it — you could walk around these beautiful neighbourhoods all day, drinking in the wooden archways and balconies hung with washing, and never see the same street twice (you probably won’t though — it really is a maze!).

  • 2 Hour Gothic Walking Tour


For more information about Barcelona’s awesome neighborhoods, check out our detailed Where to Stay in Barcelona guide.



4. A City by the Beach

Barcelona has the best of both worlds: it’s a charming city-break destination with an old town and a host of sights and attractions, but also has a really nice beach that you’ll want to spend some time sunning yourself on.

There’s a long boardwalk where you can join the locals for a morning run, plus lovely restaurants, cafes and bars on the beach.

The fishing village area of Barceloneta, which is the neighbourhood right alongside the beach, is a great area to visit for tapas and seafood.


5. Beautiful Rooftop Bars

More than any city I’ve ever visited, Barcelona is a city of rooftop bars.

It could be the fact that the weather’s great almost year round, or the fact that Barcelona locals just know how to enjoy life, but it’s hard to walk five feet without coming across a glamorous rooftop bar with great views of the city.

There are almost too many amazing rooftop bars in Barcelona to choose from, and most of them on the top floors of luxury hotels.

My favourite is the rooftop terrace at the top of the 5-star Hotel Casa Fuster. The views here are gorgeous and there’s a bit of a secret vibe — I visited twice and both times it was mainly locals enjoying the views of the Passeig de Gracia. Definitely go at sunset.


6. A Walkable City

With most of Barcelona’s main attractions taking up a small area in the historic old town, and lots of narrow winding streets that are not at all car-friendly, you really can spend your days walking the city.

I think walking around Barcelona really lets you soak in its buzzy atmosphere, and get under the skin of the city’s history and lifestyle in a way you would never experience from inside a taxi.

Plus, the underground metro system is cheap and easy to use for when you want to venture further afield.

While you may want to rent a car if you’re planning any road trips from Barcelona, there’s no need for one when exploring the city. Many day trips from Barcelona can be done without a car, as well, including a visit to the lovely city of Girona.


7. Sunset Aperitifs

Barcelona locals love a sunset aperitif!

Walking around the city in the afternoon and evening, you’ll see locals spilling outside pavement cafes and propping up vibey tapas bars. It really is one of the most convivial atmospheres in the world.

Try a juicy red wine, a dry sherry, a gin and tonic, or my favourite – and Barcelona’s drink of choice – a bitter-sweet red vermouth. Drink it with an olive and an orange slice – a seriously delicious drink to savour as the sun goes down.

  • Tapas and Wine Walking Tour


8. A City of Festivals

There’s always a party in Barcelona!

Seriously, I lived there for three months and there was not a day in that entire time when there wasn’t some kind of festival or fiesta taking place somewhere in the city.

From running fire devils to giant puppet processions to food fests to castle building (giant human pyramids) there is ALWAYS something exciting going on.


9. Quirky Street Art

Barcelona is an artistic city, and if you like street art I’d highly recommend doing a walking tour, or venturing out on your own to spot some seriously cool graffiti and street art.

The best places to find street art in Barcelona are the neighbourhoods of Raval and El Born.



10. Sweet Treats

There’s always room for dessert! If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love Barcelona. Think ice cream piled high, churros dipped in chocolate, flaky pastries and incredible chocolates and desserts.

One of my favourite places in Barcelona is La Xocolateria by Oriol Balaguer . They make incredible chocolate-filled croissants, cakes and churros, and have drinking chocolate literally on tap!


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10 reasons to visit Barcelona – Express Tour

Do you want to spend your holidays in Barcelona? A good choice! The Catalan capital annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. In order to get an unforgettable experience from a trip to Spain, they are ready to cover thousands of kilometers.

It is no secret that tourists who have booked tours to Barcelona or just come here for the weekend are eager to come back here at all costs. Why is the capital of Catalonia so attractive to travelers?

1. Architecture

Architecture is one of the main features of Barcelona. Everyone knows that this particular city is the birthplace and cradle of Catalan modernism from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th centuries. The beautiful architecture of Barcelona can be seen throughout the city: these are museums, cathedrals, churches, and other buildings.

2. Museums

There are quite a few museums in Barcelona, ​​and some of them do not charge tourists every Sunday after 15:00. One of these is the Museum of the History of Barcelona. Here tourists can get acquainted with medieval monuments and views on the history of Catalonia.

3. Views from the hills

Tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Spain and choose Barcelona as their destination are in for another pleasant surprise. From the city hills you have a stunning view of Barcelona. There are such places on the northern outskirts of the city and it literally takes your breath away from what you see.

4. Beaches

As a rule, during the summer, the beaches of Barcelona are crowded, so locals prefer to go on vacation by the sea to resorts such as the Costa Brava or Sitges. However, the city’s beaches are ideal for swimming. The most popular among them are Sant Sebastien and Barceloneta. They are located near the old fishermen’s quarter, where there are many bars and cafes.

5. Travel around the city

Do you want to get an unforgettable experience from your trip to Barcelona? Walking through the old town, especially the Gothic Quarter, is an excellent way to not only get a general idea of ​​the city, but also enjoy its stunning beauty.

Do not forget to visit the old Jewish quarter to walk along the cozy and small medieval streets. On the territory of the city you can find charming little squares or patios that are open to tourists. Travelers will also like Piazza del Rey and San Philippe Neri.

6. Churches

In the capital of Catalonia there are a large number of churches that will be of considerable interest to tourists who have arrived in this city. The most popular among them is the church of Santa Maria del Mar, which was built in the 14th century. While the cathedral of Barcelona was the center of the old city, this church began to be considered the main site of the new part of the Catalan capital.

7. Films under the starry sky

Barcelona has great weather for watching movies outdoors. It’s no surprise that several film festivals take place here. One of these is Lliure, which shows films on the beach of Sant Sebastien. Another popular film festival, Gandules, screens documentaries and short films for free.

8. Parks

Barcelona is not a city where you can find a lot of green spaces. Nevertheless, there are parks here, even if they are few. Tourists will like the Parque de la Ciutadella, which is located on the site of an old military citadel. There is a zoo, a lake and the Catalan Parliament. Tourists will also like Park Güell.

9. Festivals

If you decide to relax in Barcelona at the end of September, then you can easily get to the La Merce festival, which was named after the patron saint of the city. The festival includes about 600 events, including processions, fireworks and concerts throughout the city. Also within the framework of the celebration, a competition for the best decoration of the streets is held.

10. Shopping

Many people go to Barcelona for the purpose of shopping. You can buy here not only clothes (fortunately, there are plenty of luxury boutiques and shops here), but also food. Food plays a very important role in Catalan culture, so if you want to taste the local cuisine, head to explore the city’s markets.

Boqueria is considered the biggest food market in all of Europe, and Santa Caterina can also be visited for its colorful undulating structure and incredibly delicious food.

And finally, fans of cycling and stunts can also have a great time in Barcelona. Don’t believe? Watch the video!

Is it worth going to Barcelona?

Barcelona is not only the capital of Catalonia, but also one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. Therefore, I see no reason to refuse the trip. Yes, security in the city may not be all right, but for the most part we are talking about pickpocketing and fraud cases. In many ways, it all depends on the vigilance and attentiveness of the tourists themselves.

There are many reasons why tourists visit this Spanish city. Many people come here to see with their own eyes the incredible buildings of the world-famous architect Antonio Gaudi. Initially, it may seem that these buildings have nothing to do with the real world, but they have a certain meaning.

Do not forget that, among other things, Barcelona is also a sea (port) city. I’m telling you this because you can combine exploring the sights of the city with relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches.

Catalan cuisine deserves special attention, which is considered both simple and very tasty. While in the city, be sure to try delicious coffee, jamon, paella, tortilla, various fresh seafood dishes and incredible tapas with different fillings.

One of the most striking places in Barcelona is the old Boquería market. It attracts numerous tourists not only with its atmosphere, but also with the opportunity to purchase all kinds of goods, ranging from fruits, fish and ending with jamon. In addition, there are restaurants and cafes in the market, where visitors are offered a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood dishes.

Many men are attracted to Barcelona by the football club of the same name, which is considered one of the best in the world. Local fans are among the most loyal and the defeat of the team is experienced as a personal tragedy. If you wish, you can visit the club museum, but getting to the match is much more difficult and the point is not only the high cost of tickets, but the fact that buying them is problematic (this must be done long before the game).

The capital of Catalonia is impossible to imagine without its bars, which are scattered throughout the city. Some of them are ordinary drinking establishments, where life is seething from evening to morning, while others are great for a romantic or family dinner.

Returning to the topic of attractions, I advise you to pay attention to the Temple of the Sacred Heart (Tibidabo).