What we do at night: 16 Things To Do At Night

67 Fun Things To Do At Night When You’re Bored

Unwinding in front of the television or with your smartphone can become a habit that keeps you from doing other interesting things.

Streaming services and the internet always have something to distract you when you’re bored at night.

Although this passive entertainment has a place in life, you should not let it consume the entirety of your existence.

Instead of frittering away hours on the internet at night, explore the many fun and stimulating things you could be doing instead.

This huge list of stuff to do at night offers ideas for social and solo activities.

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Fun Things to Do at Night with Friends

1. Organize a karaoke party. Affordable karaoke systems for home use are sold by online retailers, and everyone will have a ball singing together.

2. Play card games. Many games exist for two, four, or more players.

3. Go shopping together and fill a basket of donations for a local shelter or charitable organization.

4. Host a baking party. Select a recipe with your friends and have everyone contribute an ingredient and bake together.

5. Organize a book club. At the first meeting, everyone can discuss options and select a book. At subsequent meetings, everyone talks about the story.

6. Have a cosplay planning party. If you and your friends are planning on visiting a comic convention, work together to create great costumes and practice applying makeup.

7. Enjoy a no-phones-allowed conversation. You could select specific topics, or participants can raise whatever subjects they want to discuss.

8. Clean each other’s homes. Many hands lighten the load, and you can have a good time together.

9. Have a house dance party.

10. Play board games. You could try a new game every week or play Dungeons & Dragons until everyone is level 20.

11. Get together for a tie-dye party. You only need white shirts or hoodies, dye, rubber bands, and buckets.

12. In nice weather, you can have a barbecue.

13. Gather around a backyard campfire, if you live where you can have small fires, and make s’mores.

14. Do craft projects together, like pouring candles, painting home decor signs, or planting fairy gardens.

15. Volunteer together. Evening fundraisers, public events, and soup kitchens often welcome helping hands from the community.

16. Play charades. Laughter will be the inevitable result.

17. Research some basic self-defense moves and role-play possible encounters.

Fun Things to Do at Night When Bored

18. Plant a container garden of flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

19. Learn how to knit or crochet and experience the satisfaction of making something with your hands.

20. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Music novices may start with a ukulele or harmonica.

21. Make a list of short-term and long-term goals for yourself. The activity could give you fresh focus and enthusiasm for your dreams.

22. Develop photography skills. You could set up still life arrangements inside or go outside and capture images of the sunset.

23. Practice tongue twisters until you can say them perfectly.

24. Make adjustments to your furnishings to improve your home’s feng shui. For example, add some candles to represent the fire element or fish tank for water element.

25. Re-pot and clone your house plants.

26. Prepare cookie dough, bake half of it, and freeze the second half of the recipe. Then, you’ll be ready to have fun baking cookies another night too.

27. Go through the kitchen junk drawer and discover all of the little things you could not find when you needed them.

28. Give your bedroom a quick makeover with new pillows and bedding.

29. Take care of some easy household repairs, like replacing a cracked light switch plate or finally getting the toilet to stop running.

30. Explore a new type of cuisine. You can cook for yourself or order takeout.

31. Challenge yourself to learn a new cooking skill, like making a roux or homemade pasta.

32. Update your home décor by selecting some new artwork, prints, or posters.

33. Make a family tree.

34. Send pictures off your phone to a photo printing service. When you get the pictures, put them into nice frames.

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Fun Things to Do at Night in Your Room

35. Draw pictures or cartoons.

36. Listen to music and lip sync/perform your favorite songs in your mirror.

37. Write a story or screenplay.

38. Look at old yearbooks.

39. Open your window and make audio recordings of the night noises.

40. Organize your books, comics, and/or DVDs. You might rediscover some old favorites or find some that you want to put in a garage sale.

41. Go through your closet and see if you can make a costume out of what you have.

42. Plan your holiday shopping list. You could research products, set a budget, and get everything done right on schedule.

43. Create a vision board with magazine pictures and other items.

44. Make puppets out of socks that have lost their mates.

45. Write in a journal about what is happening in your life right now.

46. Practice some yoga poses. The stretching might help you fall asleep.

47. Listen to a guided meditation recording.

48. Go through your clothing and discard what you no longer like or has ceased to fit.

49. Improve your fitness with strength training exercises like planks, leg lifts, or lunges.

50. Read books or magazines.

51. Learn how to fold origami figures.

Fun Things to Do When Bored from Midnight to 2 A.M.

52. Dye your hair. Use temporary dyes so you can entertain yourself without making a permanent alteration.

53. Look at the night sky to identify stars or check the phase of the moon.

54. Think about your problems and brainstorm some solutions to make things better.

55. If you have a yard, put on some bug spray and sit outside in the darkness. The quiet of the night is relaxing, and you might get to see a raccoon.

56. Sort through the clutter in your house and get rid of useless stuff. Decluttering lightens the feel of your home and encourages a sense of peacefulness and order.

57. Write a letter to yourself with the intention of reading it five years in the future.

58. Plan your meal menu for the upcoming week and make a shopping list.

59. Think of ways that you could contribute to a community cause and decide how to participate.

60. The peacefulness of late night hours can provide a calm space for learning a new hobby. Interruptions should be minimal, and you can focus on a task that you enjoy.

61. Gather items around the house that you don’t use anymore and package them up to donate to a thrift store or shelter.

62. Clean out the expired medications in the bathroom cabinet.

63. Recite mantras meant to promote positive thinking so that you can elevate your vibrations and combat the negativity of the world.

64. Hand write notes to your friends or people who have been kind to you and mail them in the morning. Handwritten letters have become very precious in a world running on digital communications.

65. Get paper, pencil, and a ruler and design the layout of your dream house. You could design another type of building if you prefer.

66. Write a list of the places in the world that you would like to visit.

67. Look over your bank statements and look for ways to save money. Little, frivolous purchases can add up, so ask yourself if you really want those things.

Start Enjoying Life More Today

Your friends will appreciate your initiative when you propose activities that enliven their lives.

On top of adding some zing to your social life, you can enrich your life when you’re alone as well. You don’t have to live as a screen zombie.

Organize your stuff, explore a hobby, or search your soul. Once you start doing more things in the evening, you could discover that you have more energy than you realized.

The internet will be there waiting for you when you’re genuinely exhausted. Until then, be the person who does more things and has more fun.

47 Unique And Fun Things To Do At Night

Perhaps you ask yourself the question – What can adults do at night? You may wonder what most people do at night, what are fun activities for adults, and how you can have a fun nighttime experience.

Depending on where you live, of course, there are more unique and fun things that you can do at night than you can imagine. This article will look at 47 unique and fun things to do at night.

Whether you are solo, a couple, or looking for family-friendly ideas, there are some inventive things that you can do at night to amuse yourself at home if you do not fancy going out or something you can do outside.

47 Unique And Fun Things To Do At Night

What makes for a good night activity? Here is a list of 47 things that you can do at night!

1. Travel

You do not have to travel far for a new adventure. Making travel plans is fun, even if it is in the local area. There may be a local museum you have not been to or even a local café, full service bar that serves craft beer or restaurant that is worth a visit.

2. Make Some Alcohol-Free (Virgin) Cocktails

For the health conscious, or if you do not drink alcohol, you could always make some virgin cocktails?! Perhaps just researching the coolest virgin cocktail could take some time. But, it may be a cost saver instead of going out searching for entertainment at local bars or pubs and not having to pay a cover charge.

3. Make A Smoothie

Are you looking for inspiration? You can search the web and find an excellent selection of different smoothie recipes to make at home. Some of the most popular smoothies include delicious fruit ingredients. 

4. Play Some Board Games

If you are wondering how to entertain your friends for a night, find old board games or even a deck of cards and play some board games with your friends. You may have a poker set somewhere to learn how to set up and play with friends.

5. Make Some Delicious Food

Look through everything in the kitchen and make something using the ingredients you have on hand. Inspiration can be found online, or you could dust off some old cookbooks. You could do it alone or with your spouse or partner.

6. Do Some Late-Night Gardening Indoors

Purchase a pot, soil, and seeds, and try growing or propagating something indoors. Research what soil and nutrients are best for indoor plants. This is a great way to have fun late at night.

7. Go Out To Dinner

Surprise your partner with an impromptu dinner out. If you do not have a partner, treat yourself to a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant.

8. Learn A New Hobby

Learning a new hobby can be a fun experience. It could be painting, photography, or something else. If you have a passion for something, it would be more fun to learn a new hobby around that. For example, if you are passionate about photography, you can learn how to take pictures.

9. Read A Book

Reading a good book is a fantastic way to have fun at night. It would be more fun if you chose one that you would not usually choose to read. Go to bed early, snuggle under the covers and read a chapter or two. This could be after a nice soak in the bath or a hot, soapy shower.

10. Enjoy A Movie Night At Home

Set the scene by getting lots of snacks, getting in some comfy clothes, and taking a seat on the couch with the remote control in hand. Avoid any distractions!

11. Do Some House Repairs

Perhaps one of the closet drawers does not close properly, or there is a flaw with one of the closet doors. Try to do some do-it-yourself (DIY) projects at home to fix it.

12. Organize Your Closet And Donate Some Things To Charity

You can have a mini fashion show and try on some old clothes. Then, sort your clothes into three bins, one to keep, one to throw, and one to donate to charity.

13. Repair Some Old Clothes

Do you have a button missing on one of your favorite shirts, or is a seam hanging on one of your pairs of pants? Do not despair. Get yourself a nifty sewing kit and do some repairs. It will take a little time to do.

14. Go For A Long Walk

Nothing is better than a walk to keep active and clear the mind. Also, see if there are local night tours, such as a ghost tour for some nightly spirits. Exploring the city could be a bit spooky at night.

15. Call A Friend

There is certainly one way for time to go fast, and that is to talk to an old friend you have not heard from in months. But, of course, you could also send them an e-mail or, even better, talk to your friend face-to-face over dinner.

16. Watch Your Favorite Childhood Movie

Watching one of your favorite childhood movies alone or with a friend or family member could be fun. It is a great way to reminisce about your childhood.

17. Order Takeout From A Restaurant You Have Never Tried Before

This could be more of an expensive adventure, but it can be a treat. It could be sushi, Chinese, or a dish you have never tried. Be adventurous, and order something spicy and fiery! However, check the food rating and reviews first before ordering!

18. Stay Off Your Phone For 1 Hour

We are all guilty of being on our phones too long in this modern world. So give your eyes and brain a rest. We were not designed to sit on a phone all day and watch rubbish! So try and stay off your phone for a while.

19. Write A Letter To A Friend

Remember those days when you used to send emails to your pen pals? Before the advent of the internet, people would send handwritten letters to their pen pals. It was so exciting to get a handwritten note from a pen pal in the mail who could be located anywhere in the world! Consider writing a letter to your best friend to get that pen pal feeling going!

20. Take Your Dog For A Walk

If you love animals, especially dogs, walking a dog or dogs is great fun. It also allows you to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. A form of therapy if you need a break.

21. Go Through Old Mail And Throw Out Anything Not Needed

Tossing out old mail may not be the most exciting thing to do, but it could be helpful to go through old bills and review a few things.

22. Organize Files On Your Computer/Laptop

You may not like how your files are set up on your computer. Organize the files on your computer, making them easier to access. You never know; you may have been too busy to spot an e-mail from an old friend. Organizing your emails will enable you to manage your inbox more efficiently.

23. Make Home Improvements

You can make some much-needed improvements and research on YouTube as to how you can make these happen. It could be simple things such as painting, decorating, putting in a new fixture or fixing up the bathroom.

24. Read A Newspaper

When was the last time that you read a paper in its entirety? It could help to avoid using a phone or tablet for the news.

25. Buy Tickets To A Show Near You

You may be missing out on an incredible show in town. Check out the local listings and see if you can make time to go and watch a show.

26. Watch A Comedy Sketch Or Visit A Comedy Club

You could watch a short comedy sketch online and get a good laugh! Or you could always watch comedy at a local comedy club with friends. If there is an open mic night, it could be your chance to watch something new, or if you are brave – you could even try your hand at telling some jokes!

27. Bake A Cake

Baking a cake is a lovely way to use up ingredients from the kitchen and share your creation with friends and family

28. Volunteer For A Charity

Is there a local homeless shelter nearby that needs some help? It is an excellent way to give back to the community and make new local friends.

29. Have A Craft Night

Making crafts, such as items from recycled cardboard, can be a relaxing way to spend an evening. Home crafts include making cards from scratch, modeling, drawing, painting, making jewelry, and molding clay. It really depends on what you feel comfortable with.

30. Watch A Scary Movie

Find a horror movie on Netflix and watch it alone, or ask a friend to join you and make some snacks to share.

31. Go Dancing

Get out on the dance floor. Whether in a club or a dance hall, dancing can invigorate the body and be a good form of exercise! You could join the local salsa club or visit a local bar where they have live music or host dance parties.

There may be some adverse effects to going out late at night on a weeknight, so curb it until the weekend, allowing for a bit of a rest in the morning. Nightlife can be a chance to unwind and socialize with friends and even make new friends. It can be an excellent way to spend the evening and relax.

32. Join A Gym

Another good way to socialize and expand your social circle is by joining a gym. Working out at a gym can be an excellent way to build up personal fitness, stamina, and strength. It is also a good way to maintain weight and lose a few pounds.

33. Meditate

There are many free tutorials online. See if you can take up some form of meditation and see if you like it.

34. Take An Online Course

Whether painting or learning to write more effectively, there is a whirlwind of opportunities to develop your personal or educational skills.

35. Go Camping

If you enjoy being outdoors at night, go camping in your backyard or set up a camp at a local campsite.

36. Design A t-shirt

If you have some design skills or have a knack for learning the necessary skills, you could design t-shirts for fun or sell them online. Some online websites allow you to design and sell your own t-shirts. Your t-shirt designs may be the latest trend. You never know.

37. Make An Online Video For Fun

An activity for the whole family could be to make a TikTok or YouTube video. You could even become instafamous. Try and formulate some concrete ideas and record the outcomes.

38. Look Through Old Photo Albums

How lovely it is to look at old photos to take a stroll down memory lane! It is even better to present them in a photo album. Whether you have old photographs stored in digital form or elegantly crafted photo albums, you might have fun looking at those old photos and reminiscing about the past!

39. Start Training For A Marathon

There are lots of ways to take part in a marathon. If you are not willing or able to participate as a runner, a volunteer position could work.

40. Do Something For Someone Else

A neighbor or friend may require help and support, so it is always nice to help someone out.

41. Make A Cup Of Hot Chocolate

Making a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and some sprinkles is the perfect activity for the cold winter months, and It is a wonderful way to spend the evening, whether solo or with others. Hot chocolate can be tasty and sweet.

42. Listen To A Podcast

There are many podcasts to choose from with a wide range of topics. These could verge on self-help, how to run a new business or how to pot a plant. It could even include learning a new language or fashion advice on the latest trends.

43. Go Stargazing

Do you know what the city looks like at night? Have you ever looked up to see the stars at night? The night sky can be beautiful. You could find an observation deck and overlook the city. However, consider your personal safety if you are alone, venturing out late at night.

44. Take A Relaxing Bath

Having a nice hot bath is an excellent way to relax. Some people like to use lavender or chamomile-based scents for relaxation. Lighting some candles, putting some luxury bubbles in the bath, and relaxing music in the background can make it feel more relaxed. You could even add some rose petals for a more romantic setting.

45. Book A Therapy Session

There may be some personal issues that need resolving, and seeing a therapist may be effective in dealing with some of these in the long term.

46. Visit A Neighbor

Neighbors are often understated friends and can be friends for life. Having someone you know close by can be worth its while. It is nice to form close relationships with neighbors.

47. Relax

Take some time out of your daily routine and do something different. Find a way to relax by spending time without using any devices and sit in silence for a while to reflect on the current day’s events.

Things To Do At Night When Bored

You could read a book you put down months ago or call a friend or a relative you have not spoken to in months to catch up with them. If you would rather talk to your friends face-to-face, invite them over and host a dinner party.

You could give your nails some love by painting, shaping, filing, and buffing your nails. You could give yourself a facial. Many people like to take a walk when bored at night to get some fresh evening air. You could watch one of those classic movies or listen to some music.

You can grab a cup of tea or mug of coffee and relax, put together a puzzle, call your mom, play a fun game, listen to music, or watch a movie.

You could write and send a handwritten note (e.g., a love note, a thank you note, or just a note to say hi to someone you care about) to someone you love and care about. You can write love notes and tuck them in your spouse’s or partner’s coat pockets, bags, or drawers to surprise them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Adults Do At Night?

There are so many unique and fun things adults can do at night. They can read a good book, magazine, or journal, enjoy an outdoor concert, go to a carnival or fair, have a game night with family or friends, enjoy a movie out or in, binge-watch a TV or movie series, host a potluck dinner, visit a friend or family member, play an outdoor game, go for a walk, learn a new skill, organize a room, drive around the town, camp at a local campground, and do so much more fun things.

How Can I Have Fun Late At Night?

You can have a movie night out or in (if you want to save some money without cutting out the fun out of life). You may binge-watch your favorite TV shows alone or with friends. If you love driving around your town, you can do just that! Another way to have fun late at night is to attend an outdoor concert. There might be free concerts or ones that charge little. Another way to have fun late at night is to go to a carnival or fair. You can have a late-night outdoor picnic with friends or family members. You may love to visit late-night markets in your local area too.

You could watch a live show with a friend or a family member and go camping at a local campground or in your backyard.

What Do Most People Do At Night?

Fun things that most people do at night can vary from person to person. Most people spend quality time with friends or family, invite friends for dinner, watch their favorite TV shows, go out to dinner, etc.

What Can Couples Do At Night?

How can you spice up a night out if you are a couple? The options are endless! If you are wondering what couples can do at night, there are many fun things to do at night. You could watch a movie together with your spouse or partner. It could be a romantic or scary movie. You could prepare a meal together. Enjoy an outdoor concert, carnival or fair could be fun for couples at night.

You could bake cookies together, visit a new coffee shop or restaurant, have a game night with friends, take fun photos, watch a sports game together, and do so much more to have fun at night.

What Productive Things Can I Do On A Boring Night?

If you are not a party person and prefer being more productive at home, then there are some suggestions as to what constructive things you can do on a boring weeknight or even the weekend.

You could have a well-timed meal, practice meditation or yoga to take extra care of your health, get organized for the next day, read a book to learn, spend quality time with family and friends or those you love or care about, and take care of yourself (e.g., make a hot cup of tea or a mug of coffee, give yourself a facial, etc.). In addition, you could clean off your desk, take an online course to learn a new program or skill, get your finances in order, or learn a new hobby.


As you can see, there are plenty of fun things to do at night. So when you want to do something for fun a night, use these 45+ unique and fun things to do at night as a guide. Even better if you can come up with other unique, fun ideas at night.

What are we doing in the shadows (TV series, 2019, 6 seasons) – Film.ru

Creators and actors of


Yana Gorskaya

Kayvan Novak

Matt Berry

Natasia Demetriou

Harvey Guillen

About the series

Season 1

Three vampires – Lazlo (Matt Berry), Nador (Kivan Novak) and Nadia (Natasia Demetriou) – live quietly somewhere in the suburbs of New York. They go about their vampire business, swear because of household chores, sometimes drink the blood of virgins, in general, lead a measured life of a bloodsucker monster. Nador has an overly devoted servant, Guillermo (Harvey Guillen), who dreams of becoming a vampire, and somewhere in the far wing of the house lives the energy vampire Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch), who is afraid of even the other inhabitants of the house. One day, a letter arrives in their vampire lair from Baron Athanas (Doug Jones), the leader of the vampires of all the earth. He is going to come to the New World to find out why his wards have not yet seized power on the continent.

Season 2

Three decadent vampires continue to take over human life in modern America. Lazlo and Nadya try to find a familiar for themselves, but they continue to die stubbornly under the most stupid circumstances. Energy vampire Colin advances at work, making life even more difficult for everyone. And Guillermo, Nador’s faithful familiar, who learned about his relationship with the great Van Helsing, invisibly saves his owners from vampire killers and at the same time tries to understand who he wants to be in life – a servant of bloodsuckers or their killer.

Release schedule

We promptly monitor all changes in the schedule of the release of the series, but we do not
responsibility for possible unscheduled adjustments in it by the TV channel or streaming platform.

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Episode 10 Sunrise, Sunset September 6, 2022

Episode 9FreddieAugust 30, 2022

Episode 8Go Flip YourselfAugust 23, 2022

Episode 7Pine BarrensAugust 16, 2022

Episode 6 The Wedding August 9, 2022

Episode 5Private SchoolAugust 2, 2022

Episode 4 The Night MarketJuly 26, 2022

Episode 3The Grand OpeningJuly 19, 2022

Episode 2 The LampJuly 12, 2022

Series 1ReunitedJuly 12, 2022

Series 10 The PortraitOctober 28, 2021

Series 9A FarewellOctober 21, 2021

Episode 8The Wellness CenterOctober 14, 2021

Episode 7 The SirenOctober 7, 2021

Episode 6 The EscapeSeptember 30, 2021

Episode 5 The Chamber of Judgment September 23, 2021

Episode 4The CasinoSeptember 16, 2021

Series 3GailSeptember 9, 2021

Episode 2 The Cloak of Duplication September 2, 2021

Episode 1 The Prisoner September 2, 2021

Episode 10Théâtre des VampiresJune 10, 2020

Episode 9WitchesJune 3, 2020

Series 8 Collaboration May 27, 2020

Episode 7 The Return May 20, 2020

Episode 6 On the Run May 13, 2020

Episode 5Colin’s PromotionMay 6, 2020

Episode 4 The CurseApril 29, 2020

Episode 3Brain ScrambliesApril 22, 2020

Episode 2GhostsApril 15, 2020

Episode 1ResurrectionApril 15, 2020

Series 10 Ancestry May 29, 2019

Episode 9 The Orgy May 22, 2019

Series 8 Citizenship May 15, 2019

Episode 7 The Trial May 8, 2019

Episode 6Baron’s Night OutMay 1, 2019

Episode 5Animal ControlApril 24, 2019

Episode 4Manhattan Night ClubApril 17, 2019

Series 3Werewolf FeudApril 10, 2019

Series 2City CouncilApril 3, 2019

Series 1PilotMarch 27, 2019

Directed by

Trial and error

Trial & Error
2017-. ..


Dead, unappetizing
Continuation of the serial adaptation of “Real Ghouls”: not at all as impressive as the first season.
May 22, 2020 / Text: Efim Gugnin

New Zealand Vampires in New York
A serial adaptation of the vampire comedy Real Ghouls – maybe not as witty as the original, but retaining its “sparkle” and fantasy
04/15/2019/ Text: Efim Gugnin

Series in collections


Vampire series

45 series
98 957

Best American Comedy Series

100 series
52 533

The Best Vampire Comedies

9 series
137 films

8 347

The most romantic movie vampires

7 series
33 movies

8 075

Best movies and series about werewolves

26 series
74 movies


Best movies and series with actors from SNL

64 series
36 films


The best werewolf comedies

7 series
62 movies


Best TV Shows of 2022 according to Metacritic

31 series

Best movies and series with actresses from SNL

77 series
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Metacritic’s Best TV Shows of 2021

30 series
1 movie


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Real Ghouls

What We Do in the Shadows

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Wellington Paranormal
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Midland Vampires



The Office


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October 31, 2018
The American version of “Real Ghouls” will get a whole season.


vampires in movies – Offtopic on DTF

Being a vampire sucks. So don’t believe the ads guys.


Since the beginning of the last century, the theme of vampires in cinema has not ceased to be relevant. Filmed novels, short stories, comics, wrote their own scripts. The role of a vampire was tried on by many famous actors, and the directors were looking for their own unique style and tried to make the story bright and shocking.

Of course, someone parasitized on the vampire theme, using cliches and clichés of cheap romance novels and horror films. This collection contains good paintings of different genres, countries and periods. And they are all about vampires.

Real Ghouls, 2014

“Let them tell you more about safety first, and then we’ll kill you.”

The New Zealand comedy by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement became a real hit in 2014 and collected a good box office. Viago, Vladislav and Deacon live in a hut on the outskirts of Wellington. Also living with them is Peter, an elderly unsociable Nosferatu who prefers to sleep in his crypt in the basement.

A film crew is chasing after ghouls, making a documentary about vampire life. Skillfully combining the genres of comedy and horror, Waititi told a very funny story about goofy retrograde ghouls in the mockumentary genre. The director makes fun of “vampire” cliches: how to dress if you don’t reflect in the mirror, how to go to a club if you can’t enter without an invitation? Is it possible to send the police out if you have two corpses in the basement, and there is no fire alarm? Is it necessary to lay newspapers on the floor if you are going to dine with a cute young lady?

And with costumes for a masquerade problems

The film is not only about the community of New Zealand vampires, but also about werewolves and other extraordinary inhabitants of Wellington. There are a lot of good things here: comical situations, cool acting, skillful directing, a groovy soundtrack. References to “Blade”, “The Lost Boys”, “Dracula”, “Nosferatu” are naturally woven into the fabric of the story and do not seem to be something alien. The film does not look like a simple set of jokes, each character has his own story and character, they perfectly exist in the world invented by the director. The picture about ghouls living in the modern world opened Waititi’s way to Hollywood, collected many awards and fell in love with the audience.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1992

“Oh no, I just want to cut off her head and cut out her heart.”

One of the best adaptations of Bram Stoker’s novel. Picture of Francis Ford Coppola, with a great ensemble cast: Dracula is played by Gary Oldman, Van Helsing is played by Anthony Hopkins, Mina is played by Winona Ryder, and Keanu Reeves plays the role of Jonathan.

The film is interesting not only for its well-adapted and staged script, but also for its amazing special effects. Coppola did not want to use computer graphics, and decided to shoot the tape using the techniques used by directors of the early twentieth century. Shooting with an old Pathe camera, rear projection, frame drawing, distorted perspective and reverse shooting, time lapse, subjective camera. Roman Coppola, who is responsible for the visual effects of the picture, had to go to many tricks to avoid the use of computer graphics.

How the effects were created in the film

The work on the costumes is also interesting, for which the artist and designer Eiko Ishioka received an Oscar. Using the motives of the East and the West, she created unique, memorable images of the characters. Expressive visual style, piercing performance by Gary Oldman, excellent directorial work. The whole film is a declaration of love for cinema, which each viewer will remember with something of his own.

“Thirst”, 2009

“The three of us lived happily until you infected us. You are a virus.”

Park Chan Wook (“Oldboy”, “The Handmaid”) is known for his love of gore and violence in films, as well as his penchant for experimenting with genres and his passion for filming unusual works. This time, he decided to take the heroes of Thérèse Raquin by Emile Zola to modern Korea and turn them into vampires. Lovers Sang Hyun and Tae Joo decide to get rid of Tae Joo’s husband in order to live together and no longer hide from other people.

Vampirism works here on two levels: on the one hand, it is something otherworldly and frightening, and on the other hand, it is an allusion to the thirst to live freely. Initially indifferent and impassive, the heroes become truly bloodthirsty until life and love in the finale. Everyday life, the mustiness of the world, the limited environment, everything is conveyed clearly and understandably, to the “old” Korean pop music “a la Kobzon”.

The vampire side of life is more blurred: strings sound in the background, close-ups of heroes in the frame, unusual plans of the city. Park, with his usual cruelty, tells what people are capable of when they are cornered by society.

Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013

“I’m like the sand at the bottom of an hourglass.”

A viscous and melancholic picture by Jim Jarmusch about tired vampires in love who have seen everything in this world. The images of Adam and Eve seem to be carved out of marble. The appearance of Suiton and Hiddleston plays into the hands of the director. Cold, tall and thin, they look like tired celestials who have stepped off their pedestal to rest a little in the mortal world.

Jarmusch uses a “vampire” entourage to convey the connection between lovers and the culture in which they exist, their isolation from time. Old records, memories are a story about feelings, and not a retelling of a specific story of some specific people. Detroit and Tangier at night, the unhurried narration, all this hypnotizes, but does not make the film boring at all. In my opinion, one of the few Jarmusch films that everyone can enjoy, another thing is that viewing requires a certain mood.

Interview with the Vampire, 1994

“The world is changing, we are not. An irony that ends up killing us.”

Neil Jordan’s mystery drama based on the novel of the same name by Anne Rice. The plot centers on Louis, a vampire converted in 1791, who tells a young journalist his life story. The film was remembered by the audience for its bright cast, beautiful scenery and costumes.

The author of the original novel, Anne Rice, repeatedly interfered in the production of the picture, suggesting and rejecting actors. As a result, the director still managed to correctly film the novel, without slipping into “vanilla” clichés, and make the characters interesting. Despite the undeniable beauty and talent of young Pitt, Cruz and Banderas, the game of the very young Kirsten Dunst is most admired.

If the viewer is not captivated by the cast, then the cinematography by the Frenchman Philippe Ruslo will certainly please. The work of the artist Dante Ferretti, known for his participation in such films as “Orchestra Rehearsal”, “Hamlet”, “Gangs of New York”, also admires. His individual style, attention to detail and signs of the times adorn the paintings he works on.

From Dusk Till Dawn, 1996

“What is this? It’s a right hook.”

Ironic action movie by Robert Rodriguez based on the script of Quentin Tarantino, who played one of the main roles. After the resounding success of Pulp Fiction, Tarantino continued to film with his friend, as well as write scripts for him.

In the story, Seth and Richard, brothers who robbed a bank, are on their way to the Mexican border. They stop for the night at a bar where they run into vampires. The first part of the tape is a classic “Tarantino” action movie, with long dialogues (after the premiere they were pulled into quotes) and spectacular shootouts.

In the second, the “vampire” theme is revealed. One gets the feeling that it was written in order to give the director more freedom in expressive means. However, this only benefits the film: due to this division, the pace of the story also increases. Vampires “equalize” criminals and hostages, reveal the heroes from a different side. Do not expect morality, this is a juicy, grotesque action movie. Why is it worth watching? As the classic said: “Meat, matyuki, murders and naked boobs.” And there’s great music, too.

The Lost Boys, 1987

“I need Batman #14. This is a very serious book.”

Joel Schumacher’s film is often remembered when talking about vampire films – a black comedy about bloodsuckers left a mark on the culture of the 80s. Brothers Michael and Sam move to Santa Clara, a quiet California town, with their mother. Despite the peaceful landscapes and cute houses, missing children posters are posted everywhere in the city, and a gang of bikers scurries around the area.

Rockers, punks, goths are vividly shown in the film. “The Lost Boys” is a kind of guide to the subcultures of teenagers in America in the 80s. The film is credited with helping popularize gothic and “vampire” culture in the United States. Colorful vampire bikers inspired the developers of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines to create the Brujah clan in the game. And in “Real Ghouls” a scene from the movie is quoted in which Michael eats rice and sees maggots instead, and worms in the noodles, and all because of the vampire’s hypnosis.

Despite the teenage orientation, by the end the film slides into a fairy tale for the smallest, although initially it focuses on ordinary teenage problems and reveals them well.

“Let Me In”, 2008

“Hit them harder so that you yourself become afraid, and they will stop.”

The Swedish film by Thomas Alfredson, based on the novel of the same name by Jun Aivide Lindqvist, is riddled with melancholy and a sense of loneliness. Oskar, a twelve-year-old boy, lives a quiet life in the suburbs of Stockholm. He has no friends, they offend him at school. One day he meets a girl named Eli, who is not afraid of the cold and appears only after sunset.

A cold “Scandinavian” picture, muted tones and urban landscapes convey an oppressive atmosphere and doom. This is a story of friendship, told truthfully and emotionally. The film, of course, does not follow the novel verbatim. It only briefly talks about Eli’s past, some important details and storylines are not disclosed, and the most violent scenes of the novel had to be cut. The author of the book asked the director to remove the scene where Eli’s skin begins to bleed when Oscar refuses to let her into the room. The scene was left, and for good reason – this is one of the most powerful episodes of the film.

In 2010, a remake of the tape was released, filmed by Matt Reeves with Chloe Grace Moretz as Eli. It turned out worse or better – to judge the viewer, both tapes are worthy of attention. In case you’re wondering what happened after the final scene, Lindqvist wrote the short story “Let the Old Dreams Die” about the fate of Oscar and Eli.

Nosferatu. Symphony of Horror, 1922

“As soon as the sun rose, Hutter felt his night terrors let go.”

The tape of Friedrich Murnau is considered to be the ancestor of films about vampires, although this is not entirely true. Before him there were “Dracula” and “Death of Dracula”, several films with a variation of the word “vampire” in the title, but most have sunk into oblivion, unlike Murnau’s work.

As in the above films, this one is based on the novel by Bram Stoker. But since the writer’s widow Floren Stoker refused to sell the film rights, and after the premiere she hurried to court, wanting all copies of Nosferatu to be destroyed as plagiarism, Murnau changed both the names and the location of the tape.

By the way, unlike Stoker’s novel, where Count Dracula was not afraid of sunlight, the vampire Murnau died from him at the end of the picture. Death by sunlight became a common plot element in subsequent vampire films. The film inspired not only filmmakers, the image of Nosferatu was also reflected in video games: the clan in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, the shooter Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi. This image has also been widely used in literary and musical works.

Shadow of the Vampire, 2000

“Thank God, the falsehood is over.”

If you are too lazy to watch Nosferatu, or you don’t like silent films, there is Edmund Elias Merij’s Shadow of the Vampire, a film about the shooting of Nosferatu. This is not a documentary, as it may seem at first. The legend is taken as a basis that Max Shrek himself was a vampire, so he played Count Orlok so convincingly. The eccentric Friedrich Murnau is played by John Malkovich, and Willem Dafoe plays the role of Max Schreck (who played the Nosferatu). Also in the caste is the inimitable Eddie Izzard and the melancholic Udo Kier.

Excellent dialogues and a very “realistic” portrayal of the mess that usually happens on the set is truly captivating. But if at the beginning the film looks more like a biographical comedy about the creators of Nosferatu and the problems they face during the production of the tape, then by the end everything turns into a parable about the creator and his work.

“Byzantium”, 2013

“I write it again and again wherever we take refuge.”

Another vampire film from Neil Jordan (“Interview with the Vampire”). The tape begins as a teenage drama, but gradually reveals itself as the story of people who have found eternal life, but have not been able to appreciate this gift.

Clara and Eleonora pretend to be sisters, although they are actually mother and daughter. Two centuries ago, they became immortal, and so they roam the world, doing odd jobs. Everything changes when they run away to their hometown and face the past face to face.

There is amazingly expressive cinematography by Sean Bobbitt, gentle music, and the plot is a mix of works by Jay Austin and John Green. A beautiful film that even those who don’t like vampires can appreciate.

“Almost complete darkness”, 1987

“It’s just the Sun.”

Kathryn Bigelow’s first feature film (“Point Break”, “The Hurt Locker”) was originally conceived as a western. But in the 80s, the genre was not popular, and the director decided to shoot a tape in the horror genre.

Nearly Dark is a film that mixes romance, road movie, horror and western. This is a story about a young man who has become a vampire and is trying to join the vampire community. The picture was positively received by the audience (although it failed at the box office, but after the release on video it became very popular), and after that it gained a cult status. Reasons to watch? An unhurried and meditative story, believable, sincere characters and a Tangerine Dream soundtrack, and Bigelow’s direction, which no doubt has its own unique style.

“The girl returns home alone at night”, 2014

“I am Dracula”.

A black-and-white horror film directed by Ana Lily Amirpour was released under the slogan “The First Iranian Vampire Western”. In short, this is the story of an Iranian town teeming with drug addicts, prostitutes and vampires, where the only one who administers justice is a girl in a hijab and a vest (yes, like that).

To be honest, it is difficult to perceive the film as a story about vampires, this is a festival movie in which it is difficult to catch the meaning of the dialogues and the author’s thought, but the camera work of Lyle Vincent is painfully good, even cut the entire film into screenshots. Moreover, the aesthetics of the 60s and 80s, through the efforts of the artist and with the help of musical arrangement, fit perfectly into the strange work of Amirpour.

Blade, 1998

“I have two new hands now, Blade. Only I can’t decide which one to kill you.”

A film about a dark-skinned vampire hunter has not been seen only by the lazy. Nevertheless, without it it is impossible to imagine any movie selection on the “vampire” theme. Based on the 1970s Marvel comic book series of the same name, Blade has spawned two movie sequels, a couple of standalone video games, appearances in Marvel fighting games (and more) and anime.

In the story, Blade, half-human, half-vampire, takes revenge on bloodsuckers for the death of his mother, who was bitten by a vampire during pregnancy. The technocratic world, combined with a dynamic soundtrack, a very convincing performance by Snipes and Dorff, formed into an excellent film that has become a cult classic. Cool action scenes, charismatic characters, stylish picture – this is a cool comic book movie.

Fright Night, 1985

“So far everything is going like in my movie scripts.”

One of the highest grossing summer blockbusters of 1985 directed by Tom Holland (Tales from the Crypt, The Langoliers). A film about Charlie, a schoolboy who suddenly realizes that a real vampire has settled in his neighborhood. A whole clan of ghouls begins to hunt for Charlie, and then he turns to Peter Vincent, the host of the Fright Night program, for help. In addition to the 2011 remake, the film has a 1988 sequel, a comic book series based on the tape, and the Fright Night video game was released in 1988.

Night of Fear, 2011

“I’d rather die than watch Twilight” “a vampire and school friends go missing. Unlike the original, there is more humor here, and although the characters are still the same walking clichés, their images draw out good jokes and dialogue, as well as excellent acting. Starring: Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and David Tennant

The film does not know how to scare, all special effects and screamers are sharpened for 3D and, to be honest, they look rather mediocre. But the tape can still entertain, if you do not expect any revelations and morals from it. It’s a great popcorn movie with lots of good vampire satire and teen horror.

Warriors of Light, 2010

“This is my tenth birthday.”

Australian fantasy film by Peter and Michael Spirigi starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe. The story of how, after the epidemic, mankind turned into vampires, and the surviving mortals, of whom there are very few left on Earth, either hide or act as food for the ghouls. Vampire hematologist Edward does not drink human blood and is looking for an opportunity to create a blood substitute.