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What time is Barcelona vs Real Madrid today? Live stream, TV schedule, channel to watch Copa del Rey match

Barcelona and Real Madrid take a short midweek break from their La Liga title battle as the two El Clasico giants face off in a Copa del Rey semifinal second leg at the Camp Nou.

Xavi’s Barcelona take a key 1-0 advantage into the game, after Eder Militao’s own goal secured victory for the Catalans in Madrid last month, but Carlo Ancelotti’s side will be determined to force their way back into the tie.

Barcelona are closing in on a first La Liga title since 2019, with a 12-point lead over Ancelotti’s defending champions, and the Italian is under growing pressure to win at least one title this season.

Below are all the details to follow the Barcelona vs Real Madrid match, including the kickoff time for fans around the world.

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Barcelona vs Real Madrid start time

The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid will be played at the Camp Nou and will kick off at 21:00 local time in Spain.

Here’s how that time translates in time zones across the world:

Barcelona vs Real Madrid date, time

  Date Kickoff time
USA Wed, Apr. 5 15:00 ET
Canada Wed, Apr. 5 15:00 ET
UK Mon, Apr. 5 20:00 BST
Australia Thu, Apr. 6 06:00 AEDT
India Thu, Apr. 6 01:30 IST
Hong Kong Thu, Apr. 6 04:00 HKT
Malaysia Thu, Apr. 6 04:00 MYT
Singapore Thu, Apr. 6 04:00 SGT
New Zealand Thu, Apr. 6 08:00 NZDT

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Barcelona vs Real Madrid live stream, TV channel

The match will be streamed or televised by the following outlets around the world:

  TV channel Streaming
Canada Shahid
UK BT Sport 1 BT Sport app/site
Australia Shahid
New Zealand Shahid
India FanCode
Hong Kong Shahid


Singapore Shahid

UK: This match will be broadcast live in the UK via BT Sport’ TV and streaming services.

USA: This match will be streamed exclusively in the USA by ESPN+.

Fans in the remaining regions can subscribe to streaming platform Shahid for complete coverage.

FC Barcelona match results. Barcelona Football Team Latest Results in All Tournaments

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Lionel Messi is a biography of a footballer.

How old is he, his height and weight. Children and wife of the Barcelona striker, eldest son Thiago. Leo’s family and parents.

Lionel Messi: the story of a great football player

photos from public sources

It is said about Lionel Messi that he started playing football as soon as he could walk. At first, Barcelona managers doubted whether to sign a contract with him. However, Messi became one of the most productive players in the history of the club and provided the team with many trophies.

10 facts about Lionel Messi

He was asked to remain the whole country

photos from open sources

  1. He was asked to remain the whole country: In 2016, after losing to Chile in the America’s Cup, football player Messi announced that he was leaving from the team. Upon his return to Argentina, dozens of fans in jerseys of the national team from No. 10 were waiting for him. They saw off the team’s bus from the airport in the rain, chanting “Messi, don’t leave!”. On one of the posters of the fans it was written: “Messi, I love you more than my mother!”. The mayor of Buenos Aires unveiled a statue of a soccer player to convince him to stay. At the beginning of July 2016, 50,000 fans gathered at the Obelisk in Buenos Aires, chanting “Messi, don’t leave!” On social networks, #NoTeVayasLio (“don’t go, Leo”) has become one of the most quoted. In August 2016, the football player announced that he had changed his mind and remained.
  2. He is one of the highest paid players in the world: Since 2008, Lionel Messi has been Barcelona’s highest paid player. Over the next five years, his salary increased from €7.8 million to €13 million. According to France Football, from 2009 to 2014, Lionel was the highest paid player in the world and the first football player whose income exceeded €40 million. By 2013, he received €41 million, and a year later already about €60 million a year. In 2018, his income exceeded €100 million, and a year later he topped the Forbes list of the highest paid athletes in the world, beating Cristiano Ronaldo. The publication estimated his annual income at $127 million.
  3. A separate word was invented for him in Spanish: Leo Messi deserved to have his name become a household word. The adjective “inmessionante” appeared in the dictionary of the Santillana publishing house. His definition is: “a quality adjective that refers to Lionel Messi, his perfect way of playing football, his ability to outdo himself. It is used to describe the best qualities of a football player.” Coach Pep Guardiola said that Messi is the only player who runs faster with the ball than without it. Lionel himself explains the unusual manner of playing football by the conditions in which he grew up. When playing on the street, it was important to keep the ball so that it would not be taken away.
  4. Got to Barcelona thanks to oranges: Messi is a football player whose biography contains many legends. Fabian Soldini, one of the agents who organized a viewing for Lionel at the Barcelona club, recalled that when they met, he gave him a kilogram of oranges and several tennis balls. He set a condition: he would contact the club if in a week the young footballer learned to juggle oranges and balls with his foot. A week later, Lionel surprised Soldini. He was able to hold an orange with his foot, making 113 strokes, and a tennis ball – 120. Fabian recorded Messi’s exercises on video and sent them to Barcelona, ​​after which the club’s representatives made an appointment.
  5. He was taken to Barcelona only after an ultimatum: Messi, for whom Barcelona became the club in which the footballer received his basic education, arrived in the capital of Catalonia in September 2000. At the very first training session, he delighted the coaches by scoring six goals. But they did not dare to make a decision without the sports director of the club, Carles Reshak. Some time later, Reshak returned from Australia and a new test was arranged for the young football player. He was released on the field against 15-year-old football players. Messi showed himself perfectly and Reshak assured that the decision had been made. Lionel and his father returned to their homeland, but did not receive an answer. In December 2000, Horacio Gagioli, the representative of the athlete, delivered an ultimatum to the representatives of the club: either the contract, or football player Lionel Messi plays for another club. So the contract was signed on a napkin.
  6. The contract on a napkin ended up in the museum: A week after the signing of the contract in the restaurant of the Pompeii sports club, it was certified by a notary and supplemented with a letter of guarantee. Barcelona agreed to pay for Lionel’s treatment and housing costs. Horacio Gagioli, one of the participants in the historic event, kept a napkin in an Andorran bank for a long time. In an interview, he assured that he was offered millions for the artifact. He later donated the relic to the football club’s museum. Over the following years, Messi entered into other contracts with Barcelona. By 2019sports journalists counted eight documents last year.
  7. Football Messi is a convicted tax evader: In 2012, after the publication of the Panama Papers, information appeared that Messi had a company in Panama, through which he withdrew funds, hiding from taxes. The football player was suspected of underpaying more than €4 million in taxes. In August 2013, Messi, citing the fact that he did not understand the intricacies of tax schemes, paid more than €5 million. In 2016, he and his father appeared in court. Spanish prosecutors considered the father as the prime suspect, as he handled Lionel’s taxes. As a result, the football player paid more than €2 million in fines and received 21 months of probation.
  8. He dedicates his goals to his grandmother: Lionel Messi is a footballer who is known for his rather calm reaction to a goal scored. He raises his fingers to the sky. So he thanks his grandmother Celia, who at the age of four saw the talent of a football player in her grandson, convinced his parents to send him to a local football club and buy him new boots. She died when her grandson was 10 years old, having prophesied to him the glory of a great football player.
  9. Fans call him a goat: Fans of the football player call him Goat, which translates as ‘goat’. In January 2019On the team’s Twitter account, Messi’s name was spelled out with a goat emoji. The football player himself made a photo session with these animals. The secret is why, when answering the question of who Messi is, the fans say – a goat – is simple. Goat is an abbreviation that stands for Greatest Of All Time – ‘greatest of all time’.
  10. The press dubbed him the “atomic flea”: The Spanish press dubbed the footballer La Pulga Atómica, which means “atomic flea”. Due to his short height, Messiah’s center of gravity is lower than that of other football players, which allows him to be more maneuverable and easily bypass opponents during attacks. This feature allowed the player to become one of the most productive scorers of all time.

Biography of Lionel Messi

photo from open sources

Lionel Messi in childhood the famous revolutionary Che Guevara spent his youth there. Now the city is known as the birthplace of Messi. The city authorities organized a free tour of Lionel’s childhood places. A sports museum was created a few blocks from the former home of the football player.

He was one of four children of the worker Jorge Horacio Messi and his wife Celia Maria Cuccittini. Growing up with his older brothers, he spent his childhood in a poor area of ​​his city, riding a bicycle and throwing homemade water beans at passing buses with friends. At the age of four, grandmother Celia decided that her grandson should become a football player.

Messi’s father coached the Grandoli football team. And the young footballer took his first steps in sports there. From the age of eight, he moved to the Newell’s Old Boys team. During the time that Lionel played in the team, she was invincible and received the unofficial name “Machine of 87”. Messi scored 600 goals while playing for the club.

public photo

Messi owes a lot to team doctor Diego Schwarzstein. He monitored the health of the players and discovered hormonal problems in Lionel. It turned out that his body lacks growth hormone. By the time the disease was discovered, Argentina was in an economic crisis and the insurance company excluded hormonal treatment from insurance claims.

Messi’s growth could have stopped if measures were not taken in time. Neither the parents nor the club for which the footballer played had the funds for treatment. The ancestors of the young football player were from Catalonia, so his father decided to turn to the Barcelona club.

The success of the young football player impressed the club’s coaches, but the management was in no hurry to sign the contract. Firstly, there were no precedents for the club to conclude an agreement with such young players, and secondly, a considerable amount was required for treatment. Messi would cost the club tens of thousands of euros a month. Thirdly, the boy was not ready to live in the club’s dormitory and his father demanded that Barcelona pay for his apartment. Only after the ultimatum presented by the football player’s agent, the famous contract on a napkin was signed.

Messi was barely 14 at the time of signing the contract. The footballer concluded a full document with the club in March 2001. He received €600,000 a year and rent payments.

After the problems were settled, Dr. Schwarzstein, who diagnosed the disease in time, told the young Lionel: “I don’t know if you will become better than Maradona, but you will definitely be higher.” The prophecy came true, and Messi grew several centimeters taller than the legend of Argentine football. In 2007, he repeated two of Maradona’s most famous goals, and in 2016, Diego was among those who persuaded Lionel to remain in the national team after it was defeated at the America’s Cup.

photos from open sources

Messi’s biography in subsequent years was associated with the academy of the Barcelona club. At first, he had a hard time. He came to a ready-made team, and even with a number of privileges. He did not speak Catalan, and his Spanish was laughable. He had communication problems, he did not talk to anyone. Clubmates recalled that at first it seemed to them that Messi was dumb. It was like that until they started playing console together.

Lionel was smaller than the other players, so he was called a “dwarf” behind his eyes. He was younger than the other players, and his playing technique was worse. In addition, as Messi recalled, one of the coaches instructed his teammates to play tough against him.

Sources disagree on how many years it took Messi to settle into the academy and become his own.

In the summer of 2001, the football player started having problems. The manager of Barcelona has changed. Javier Perez Farguell began to manage the affairs of the club. He was shocked by how much Barcelona was paying the young footballer and decided to renegotiate the contract, reducing its amount to €100,000. The club’s management was ready to send the boy home to Argentina.

At this time, the sports director of the Real Madrid club approached Father Lionel Jorge. He said that the club was ready to pay the player the required amount, but did not want problems with Barcelona, ​​so the preliminary agreement remained verbal, and the final decision was to be made only after breaking off relations with Barcelona. During regular negotiations with the club, Messi quietly muttered that he would move to Real Madrid. The management made concessions, and the contract was renewed.

Football career

photos from open sources

For the first time, a football player played for the club in the fall of 2003 in a friendly match with the Porto club. A year later, he entered the field in the first official game against Espanyola.

In the summer of 2005, Lionel turned 18 years old and signed his first official contract with the club, which was valid until 2010. Over the next 14 years, Lionel entered into seven more contracts. According to sports journalists, his salary over the years of work at Barcelona has increased 15 times. Interestingly, several times Messi had problems with the contract. So, in January 2014, the club’s management discussed the possibility of selling the player for €250 million. A year later, the football player had a conflict with coach Luis Enrique and the media and fans actively discussed the question of which team Messi plays for next season. In 2016, information appeared that several clubs offered to buy a football player at once. In 2017, it became known that the agreement with the club had been extended until 2021.

public photos

In 2019, the sports media reported that Barcelona would be offering the player a lifetime contract. However, in the summer of 2020, the football player notified the club that he intended to leave the team.

During the period of work in the Catalan club, the player became the best player of the National Championship four times, was recognized as the player of the year according to UEFA, the best player in the world and Europe. His club won the title of Champion of Spain a dozen times and won the Club World Cup three times.

The question of where Messi plays was again discussed when it came to which country the player would represent.

Lionel has dual citizenship, but he refused to play for the Spanish national team. In 2005, he became part of the youth team of his homeland. As a player for the Argentine team, he has achieved outstanding results. He was recognized as the best scorer in history and the best player in the country.

Lionel Messi: biography, personal life, children

At a young age, Lionel met his friend’s cousin Antonella Roccuzzo. She was younger than him by a year. Messi’s future wife grew up in the family of a businessman and a housewife. After school, she studied at the university. She maintained friendly relations with Messi. After the death of Antonella’s close friend in 2007, Lionel came to Argentina to support her. Sympathy arose between them, but as soon as Messi returned to Barcelona, ​​Antonella had a new boyfriend.

photos from open sources

The footballer showed perseverance and won Antonella. Some sources, citing the boyfriend she left, cite the following words: “… at least she left me not for some old man, but for Messi.”

The Barcelona player only in 2009 officially admitted the fact of relations with Antonella. In the summer of 2012, after another goal scored, Messi placed the ball under his shirt, telling the world that his girlfriend was expecting a baby. The first child was named Thiago Messi. The name and handprints of the son are tattooed on the player’s leg.

In the fall of 2015, another boy appeared in the family – the son of Mateo. Only two years after his birth, the couple legalized the relationship. In 2018, the family was replenished with a son, Ciro.

Thiago and Matteo play in the club’s academy in a special group for employees’ children.