What food is barcelona famous for: The 15 BEST SPANISH Foods and Dishes To Try in Barcelona in 2023

The 15 BEST SPANISH Foods and Dishes To Try in Barcelona in 2023

Heading to Barcelona, Spain and not sure what to eat? Local chef and culinary expert Joshua Weitzer lists the most irresistible must-try foods for any visitor. So, when you’re getting ready to order in Barcelona, don’t forget to give these foods a try.

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Foods You Must Try in Barcelona

From irresistable crema Catalana to local favorite pà amb tomàquet and mouthwatering seafood paella, the Barcelona food scene is as rich and interesting as the local culture. You won’t want to miss out on these top foods you have to try in Barcelona from a local chef and culinary expert.

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15. Escalivada

Escalivada is a typical Catalonian dish locals often agree on while ordering tapas. You’ll find carefully roasted peppers, eggplant, and onions finely sliced and placed on a large plate. It comes with plenty of fresh olive oil and, in some cases, a touch of fresh garlic for kick.

Vegetarians especially will love this dish because it combines rich and smoky flavors that come from roasting the ingredients over coal. However, all the peels are carefully removed so that you don’t have to eat bits of charred vegetable skins. Only the delicious bits remain!

14. Spanish Style Oxtail (Cua de Bou)

Stewed oxtail is one of my favorite dishes to try when visiting tapas bars in local markets. It’s slow cooked with a lovely mix of sofrito sauce and aromatic herbs, which bring savory flavors. Cua de bou is a hearty meal that will satisfy any meat lovers’ desire for rich flavors and perfectly cooked oxtail.

It’s also important to have fresh bread on hand to scoop up the irresistible sauce accompanying your oxtail. This dish is often available even in the morning as some locals like to enjoy it as a mid-morning snack!

13. Crema Catalana

Photo courtesy of Josh Weitzer

While crema Catalana is a dessert with its origins in Catalonia, you’ll find it on the menu throughout Spain. This creamy custard dessert is one of the best desserts I can think of from Spanish Cuisine.

Prepared much like crème brûlée from France, crema Catalana is topped with a crispy layer of caramelized sugar that adds a nice texture to the lemon and cinnamon flavored custard that’s much lighter than its French cousin.

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12. Fideua

Cooked in the same style and pan as the paella, fideua is best described as paella made with pasta instead of rice. While the ingredients used to make fideua can vary from restaurant to restaurant the final results are always satisfying.

The pasta used to make this dish is thin short-cut pasta, which is first toasted in the pan to create depth of flavor. Next, it’s cooked together with seafood to create a piping hot and crispy pasta experience. Most places finish their fideua in the oven. For foods in Barcelona, definitely try this dish.

11. Esquiexada

Salt cod was once one of the staples of the Spanish diet. Today, it’s cooked in a variety of delightful ways—in fact, they often don’t cook it at all!

The typical Catalonian desalinated salt cod salad esquixada is made with a mix of peppers, tomatoes, onions, and olives finished off with a healthy dose of extra virgin olive oil to create a lovely salad that is both refreshing and hearty at the same time.

10. Calçots

Calçots (specially grown long white onions) are a seasonal crop harvested only from the late fall to early spring. For this reason, you cannot get them year round. This typical Catalonian dish is one of the most enjoyable culinary experiences because you’re allowed to get messy when you eat them!

Grilled directly over open flames, the outsides of the onions are charred almost completely black. To eat them, you must pull this crusty layer of carbonized onion off to get to the smokey soft tasty onion beneath and smother it in a lovely special romesco-like sauce.

9. Grilled Cuttlefish

One of the tapas that Mediterranean locals simply love is grilled cuttlefish or sepia in Spanish. It is finished off with garlic, parsley, and, of course, a chilled glass of white wine on the side.

Grilled cuttlefish is more flavorful and meaty than its cousin the squid. It’s also one of the classic tapas that can be found in almost any seafood tapas bar and one of the must-try foods in Barcelona.

8. Fried Chipirones (very small squid)

Photo courtesy of Josh Weitzer

In the US, fried squid or calamari are normally small lightly breaded rings that are fried and crispy. It’s obviously delicious, depending on where you go. Here in Spain, however, the love affair with fried squid goes to the next level. There are multiple variations and ways to prepare them.

For me, the best of them all is chipiriones fritos. They’re extremely small squid, about the size of popcorn, lightly floured and fried to a satisfying crunchiness. When traveling to Spain, many people try chipirones and simply cannot get enough of them before they go home.

If you love crispy fried foods, then this may end up being one of your all-time favorites in Barcelona. Not to be missed, though, are the large battered and fried rings of squid called calamares a la Romana.

7. Tortilla de patatas

Possibly the most popular dish in all of Spain is this go-to meal named tortilla española. You can get this simple yet delicious dish at any time of the day or night.

You combine slowly cooked potato and onion in olive oil. It is then whipped together with eggs and turned into a sort of omelet. Found in almost every restaurant, you can order the classic tortilla with or without onion.

Sometimes, restaurants will have a variety of tortillas made up and the ingredients can vary considerably. Some of the classics, though, include chorizo, zucchini, spinach, and cheese. When in Barcelona (or Spain in general), this is one of the foods you simply have to try if you want to eat like a local.

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6. Jamón Iberico

Spanish cured Iberian ham is well known around the world and for good reason. In my humble opinion, it is one of the tastiest things you can eat on the entire planet. So, when it comes to foods to try in Barcelona, don’t leave without enjoying jamón Iberico.

There are many grades of Spanish cured ham, which can be confusing—even for locals. A general rule of thumb is that the more expensive it is the better the quality.

I recommend heading to one of the local markets like the famous Boqueria to try jamon. Also, try to buy it directly from jamon and cheese stands. If you’d be more comfortable enjoying it a nice restaurant or tapas bar, then don’t forget to order a plate of the famous Catalan bread with tomato to go along with it!

5. Croquetas

Photo courtesy of Josh Weitzer

The French are believed to have invented the croquette, but “invention” is only the first step. Spaniards would argue that they made croquettes an art form! One of the most beloved of all tapas is the simply delicious croqueta, largely because of how cheap and delicious they are.

They’re made by breading and frying a variety of ingredients held together by a thick béchamel sauce, which becomes a rich and irresistible base of flavor. By far, the most popular one is the croqeta de jamón, which has the mouthwatering flavor of cured Iberian ham.

Don’t stop there, though! You’ll find the variety of croquetas offered from place to place is one of the best parts of stopping by a tapas bar. The creativity they put into these crispy little pieces of heaven earns it a top spot on the list of foods to try in Barcelona.

4. Bombas

Photo courtesy of Josh Weitzer

Many Spaniards will dispute the origin of bombas. Some say they’re originally from Barcelona, while others say they come from various other cities. Regardless, you cannot deny that the tradition and art of making bombas here is second to none.

You won’t find them on every tapas bar menu as the process of making them is more complicated. When you do find them though, you’re in for a treat!

This dish involves stuffing perfectly smooth mashed potatoes with things like spiced ground meat or even cooked spiced octopus. They are then breaded with breadcrumbs and fried to a golden brown crispiness. Finally, they’re usually smothered in a tangy sauce, similar to that of the patatas bravas.

3. Patatas Bravas

Photo courtesy of Josh Weitzer

While patatas bravas are a favorite around the entire country, Barcelona is a great place to tuck into some perfectly fried potatoes lovingly covered with a special spicy bravas sauce.

For many bars, this is a signature dish because the style of this sauce can really vary from place to place. There are two main styles you’ll come across: one is the more common mayonnaise-based sauce packed with lovely spices and the other is the tomato-based sauce that usually has a lovely vinegar tanginess, which goes very well with fried potatoes.

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We can’t think of a better way to explore a city than to eat your way through it, and there will be enough tapas and wine to discover a lot of Barcelona! Join us on a delicious discovery of Poble Sec and Sant Antoni—some of Barcelona’s most vibrant foodie areas!

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Not ready to book a tour? Check out our Barcelona Guide for more resources.

2. Pà Amb Tomàquet (Catalonian style bread with tomato)

Photo courtesy of Josh Weitzer

The humble origins of pà amb tomàquet are a simple expression of the thrifty nature of the Catalan people who say, “why waste old bread when you can revive it with a bit of heat and tasty tomatoes?”

This delightfully tasty tradition consists of rubbing a local variety of tomato, the “hanging tomato,” onto toasted bread. Next, you add some top-notch local extra virgin olive oil and a touch of salt. For those who like a bit more punch, you can sometimes get it with a touch of fresh garlic.

Pà amb tomàquet makes for a heavenly starter or accompaniment to any dish. Most restaurants will offer you the chance to order it and I recommend that you take them up on the offer.

There are also places that bring the oil, tomatoes, and a few pieces of garlic to the table, so you can make your own with perfectly toasted bread made to order. While not everyone adds the garlic to the bread, I think it adds a nice touch to this iconic Catalonian dish.

1. Seafood Paella

As a well-known destination for foodies, Barcelona offers up some of the best paellas you can find in Spain. While Valencia is definitely the capital of Spanish paella, Barcelona is no slouch in the rice department.

In Barcelona, the dish is prepared with the special bomba rice, which makes it a great place to enjoy paella! The dish is a combination of shellfish and seafood cooked together with a tomato sauce base. Sofrito sauce, fish stock, and rice is combined to make one of the great dishes of Spanish cuisine.

If you’re not a fan of seafood, don’t despair. Most restaurants specialize in meat and vegetable paella as well, so you’ll get the opportunity to try this iconic Spanish dish no matter your preference.

Go on a Barcelona Local Food Tour

If you’ve come to Barcelona for food and culture, then booking a food tour is a given. Even better? Booking a food tour led by a sommelier who has a deep connection and love for Barcelona’s food scene. You’re sure to enjoy the local pintxos, patatas bravas, paella, and delicious cava Spanish sparkling wine.  

But that’s not all. Follow your guide to a bodega to sample wine, meat, and cheese, before indulging on a Catalonian dessert. Hungry yet? We’re ready to show you Barcelona’s amazing food scene! 

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12 Foods You Must Eat in Barcelona-Cookly


Indulge In Barcelona’s Flavors

After exploring the best things to do in Barcelona, you’re bound to be hungry! From tapas to entrees to desserts, Barcelona is a foodie’s paradise. It’s the headquarters of Catalan cuisine (cuisine of Catalonia, which includes both Barcelona and other nearby areas in northeast Spain). Since Catalonia’s a Mediterranean coastal area, its flavors include the best of fresh seafood and vegetables. And let’s not forget the famous jamón (ham)!


But what are the best authentic dishes to eat in Barcelona? Read on to find out.


We’ve included a little surprise for you at the end of this article, but first, here are the top 12 foods you must eat in Barcelona.




 by Restaurantes.com

Savor These Iconic Tapas

Croquetas are one of the most popular kinds of tapas in Barcelona. These fried rolls are lightly sprinkled with breadcrumbs. 

Almost any type of meat or vegetables could be inside (it’s the rolling, breading and frying that makes a croqueta a croqueta). The most traditional croquetas also contain bechamel sauce, but more modern versions skip the bechamel.

 One of the most well-known croquetas in Barcelona is croqueta de jamón, filled with ham. Other classic versions hold pulled chicken, shrimp, cod, or mushrooms. But keep an open mind. Some tapas restaurants stuff their croquetas with less common ingredients—including squid. You’re sure to find croquetas that will please your taste buds!

Want to learn how to make croquetas and other authentic Spanish tapas? Check out this cooking class so you can take a bit of Barcelona home with you!

Explore Cooking Classes in Barcelona



 by Misty Barker

Bursting with Heat and Flavor
If you’re a spicy food enthusiast, you’ll love the flavor explosion of the bomba, another tapas dish. A bomba, meaning “bomb” in English, might seem a bit like a croqueta, but there are a few differences. Bombas are always breaded, fried balls of mashed potatoes. They’re stuffed with pork or beef in the center. Then, they’re topped with a super-spicy sauce and an alioli (the Spanish name for aioli)! Bombas are definitely a must-try in Barcelona for those who can stand the heat. Boom!



 by Barcelona Hacks

Enjoy This Popular Dish, But Be Sure It’s Authentic
Paella is perhaps the most famous Spanish meal on this list. It’s a medium-grain rice dish filled with meat and vegetables. The original paella, paella Valenciana, was first made in Valencia with chicken and rabbit. Some Barcelona restaurants serve paella Valenciana, but you can also find seafood paella, vegetarian paella, and paella mixta (paella with a mix of meat and seafood).

One thing to note: Most Barcelona restaurants serve paella, but it’s harder than you think to find the freshest, most authentic versions of this dish. So, why not take a cooking class at The Paella Club or Barcelona Paella Experience? That way, you can learn how to make fresh, authentic paella yourself with the help of professionals, and be sure that your paella is of the highest quality.  



 by Javier Lastras/Flickr

Barcelona’s “Answer” to the Paella
Fideua, a Catalan dish, is similar to Valencia’s famous paella. But don’t confuse the two—fideua is still a distinct delicacy. Fideua uses a noodle base instead of rice, and often comes topped with garlic alioli. Most importantly, fideua always includes some type of seafood.





You’ll Go Ham For This Delicacy
Jamón is iconic Spanish ham. It’s salted and cured to perfection, then thinly sliced. Jamón is used in all sorts of Spanish dishes, but it’s well worth trying on its own or on top of bread. 
There are two main types of jamón: jamón serrano, from white pigs that live in the mountains, and the higher-quality jamón Ibérico, from black pigs. 



 by Kenwood World

Seafood Salad With A Bacalao Base
Esqueixada starts with bacalao, the Catalan classic of raw cod salted and then soaked in water. Shredded bacalao forms the backbone of this Catalan traditional salad, along with tomatoes, olive oil and onions. Then, the salad’s usually topped with olives. Some chefs will also add peppers, or top the salad with a hard-boiled egg. Like many of the best Barcelona dishes, it starts with a traditional base, but leaves some room for ingredient flexibility. 



 by Stay Barcelona Apartments

One Of Barcelona’s Top Veggie Dishes
Escalivada is a must-try dish if you’re a vegetarian, as it draws on Catalonia’s fresh, native vegetables. It features roasted red peppers, eggplant, onions and tomatoes, all sprinkled with olive oil. You might find it on its own or on top of bread. And, like most Catalan dishes, it comes in a tapas version. 


Patatas Bravas

 by La Rambla Barcelona


Brave the Heat of These “Brave Potatoes”
Here’s another tapas dish for all you spice-loving travelers, one that shows up in almost every tapas bar in the area. Cubed, fried potatoes form the base of patatas bravas. Then, they’re topped with a spicy chili, paprika and red pepper sauce, and served with the popular alioli. They’re the perfect food pairing with beer. 

After enjoying this spicy dish, you’ll want to check out this cooking class. You’ll learn how to make patatas bravas, seafood paella, and more!

Explore Cooking Classes in Barcelona


Pa Amb Tomaquet


Simple But Satisfying

Pa amb tomaquet is one of the simplest foods on this list, but don’t let that fool you. It’s still a Barcelona foodie essential, especially when you go out for tapas. You’ll probably make this one yourself at your table. Take the toasted bread, sprinkle it with salt, rub it with a slice of local tomato, and drizzle it with olive oil. So delicious!




Not Just A Vegetable—A Seasonal Art

Calçots (leek-like sweet onions) are only available in Barcelona from November through April. So, be sure to try them if you’re lucky enough to visit during these months. Preparing and eating calçots is an almost ritual-like experience. The calçots are fire-roasted, skinned, and then dipped in Romesco sauce (a Catalan red pepper sauce made with tomatoes and almonds). Then, you eat them with your hands. There are even gatherings dedicated to the roasting and eating of calçots, called calçotadas. They usually take place at country homes. But, these gatherings are so popular that restaurants have also started hosting them.


Crema Catalana

 by Susan Fitzgerald/Flickr

Cream of the Dessert Crop

Crema Catalana is a burnt cream dessert made from milk, egg yolks, cinnamon, and sugar. It’s a lot like creme brulee, so the French and Spanish constantly fight about which dessert came first! But there are several big differences between the two. Crema Catalana uses milk instead of cream, includes cornstarch for thickening, and often contains a bit of bright citrus juice.

If you’d like to learn how to make crema Catalana, try out this cooking class in Barcelona. You’ll also learn how to make some of the savory dishes on this list, for a full, authentic Catalan meal.

Explore Cooking Classes in Barcelona




Spanish Born, International Sensation

Although they’re now super popular worldwide, Spain’s where churros got their start, so make sure you grab this iconic dessert while in Barcelona. (“Churros” is spelled “xurros” in Catalan, but both words are pronounced the same.) In Barcelona, you pretty much need to dip churros in melted chocolate. Oh, and they’re totally fair game for breakfast, too. So find a xurreria/churrería, and enjoy!

This is it… plus a little bonus!

OK, there you have it— the 12 foods you must eat in Barcelona! Is your stomach rumbling yet? Well, you can learn how to make many of these dishes yourself in a cooking class! Interested in a cooking class? Use the promo code _____ and get a _____ discount on www. cookly.me

Explore Cooking Classes in Barcelona


Written by Jessica Huhn for Cookly. 

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What to try in Barcelona from food: dishes and products – Barcelona10

Catalonia is famous for its original, hearty and delicious recipes. Therefore, when going to this region, do not forget about the gastronomic part of your trip. And we will first introduce you to the dishes that are worth trying in Barcelona, ​​as they are made best here.

We recommend combining tasty and educational by participating in one of the gastronomic tours with Russian-speaking guides. And for more Barcelona holiday tips, including a list of restaurants and cafes for all budgets, download our travel guide app.

Catalan paella

The first dish that comes to mind is paella. You simply must try it when you are in Catalonia. This is perhaps the most traditional Spanish dish. Paella used to be the food of farmers, but today almost every restaurant includes this dish in its menu. Paella is made with rice. Either seafood, or chicken, or pork, or veal are added to rice. In Catalonia, the first option is the most common, so you can eat especially delicious paella in seafood restaurants. By the way, if you are a seafood lover, be sure to go on a tour of oyster farms.

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Gazpacho is one of the most famous dishes of Spanish and Catalan cuisine. This is a cold soup that is especially nice to eat in summer. Gazpacho is very healthy, as it is prepared from raw vegetables (mainly tomatoes), so all the vitamins are preserved.


Tapas are an integral part of Catalan cuisine. In simple words, tapas is any snack served with beer or wine, such as olives or nuts, or a separate small dish: salad, scrambled eggs, kebab, sandwich, etc. There are a lot of tapas bars in Catalonia.

Serrano ham with bread and tomatoes (Jamón serrano)

More of an appetizer than a full meal, this dish is extremely delicious with beer. Serrano ham, also known as Serrano jamon, is served in thin slices with white bread, on which tomatoes are also grated with a thin layer. The name of this ham comes from the word sierra (sierra) – a mountain range where salting and curing of meat in a natural way takes place throughout the year.

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Omelet with potatoes (Tortilla de patatas)

Yes, with potatoes! This is how the Spaniards prepare their omelet. Sometimes onions and tomatoes can be added to the dish. An omelet looks like a pie and is served hot or cold cut into triangular pieces. Very filling and incredibly tasty! Perfect for an inexpensive lunch.

Butifarra Catalan sausage

Butifarra are traditional Catalan sausages. This dish is usually served with white beans, but salad and french fries are a popular variant.

Between the sea and the mountains (Mar i Muntanya)

If you have to try anything in Barcelona food, then this is Mar i Muntanya. A dish with an interesting name, and in terms of composition, it also implies a very unusual combination of products. one plate fits chicken and shrimp with tomato, onion and garlic sauce. In many restaurants, you can also find combinations of this dish with various types of meat and fish.

Romesco Sauce

Delicious traditional Catalan sauce made with almonds, garlic, hot peppers, tomatoes and olive oil. Ideal for meat dishes.

Caracoles a la catalana

The Spaniards are very fond of caracoles, or garden snails, which are cooked right in the “houses” with the addition of tomatoes, peppers and herbs. This dish is especially common in the regions: in the province of Lleida, at the end of May, a gastronomic festival in honor of the snail (Aplec de Cargol) is even held.


Here we come to the desserts of Barcelona. The original Catalan dessert, Panellets, is made with almonds and sweet potatoes, such an interesting and satisfying combination. You can try the cake in any pastry shop in Barcelona.

Crema Catalana

And this is a dish you rarely get to try, so take advantage of the moment. Creme Catalana is a very tasty Catalan dessert, reminiscent of French creme brulee. Made with milk, eggs, caramel and caramelized sugar.


When asked what sweets to try in Barcelona, ​​everyone immediately answers – turron. This traditional Catalan sweet is incredibly popular. It is made from almonds, honey and sugar. This is a very sweet and tough delicacy, which is good to bring as a souvenir. There are several different variations of turron, with a milder version made with olive oil. You can also add hazelnuts instead of almonds. In many candy stores, you can try small pieces of turron before you buy it.

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Sangria needs no introduction, it is a traditional light alcoholic drink made from wine and fruit. In Barcelona, ​​chilled sangria is drunk everywhere; in the heat, it is especially pleasant. And where exactly to try the most delicious sangria, read in this article.

As experts say: “If you are going to Barcelona, ​​do not eat for a week before this”. So it is, not a single tourist has remained indifferent to Catalan cuisine. The simplest walk quickly turns into a gastronomic one, because the city is famous for its cool and unusual restaurants, and you can’t get around everything. But keep yourself in control, because Spanish cuisine is also very high in calories)))

Have a delicious trip!

What to try in Barcelona – 10 classic Catalan dishes

The cuisine of Barcelona, ​​the main city of Catalonia, is made for a holiday. All dishes in this city are bright and fragrant, and each meal is accompanied by a special atmosphere.

In traditional Catalan dishes, seafood and mountains coexist in one plate. A characteristic feature of local cuisine is a combination of sweet and salty, an abundance of fresh vegetables, fish and meat generously flavored with olive oil. So what is the first thing to eat in Barcelona and where to do it?

Escudella d’Olla

Hot soup and two-in-one stews in Catalonia are a favorite on cool winter days and windy springs. First, a broth is prepared from several types of meat, including black pudding, then vegetables and noodles are added. Serving is also in two stages – separately rich broth with pasta, then meat and vegetables.

For this delicious meal in Barcelona, ​​be sure to visit Senyor Parellada (Carrer de l’Argenteria, 37). The cost of a serving here is 14 € .


What is a must try in Barcelona if you only choose one menu item? Of course, paella – rice cooked in broth with fish, vegetables, chicken and saffron – is an invariable dish on the festive and Sunday table of the Spaniards. It is prepared in a large frying pan, the serving is designed for at least two people, and this is always indicated on the menu.

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Excellent paella in Barcelona can be enjoyed at the Can Sole restaurant (Carrer Sant Carles, 4). Price for two – 40 € . From drinks to food, you can order a glass of white or pink Spanish wine.

Black rice/ Arròs negre

Black rice is cooked in the same wide and flat pot as the paella. In addition to rice, squid, fish, mussels and tomatoes are used. The main secret of the recipe is cuttlefish ink, they give the food a characteristic black color and add flavor to it. Good “black rice” is always served with allioli sauce – homemade garlic mayonnaise.

In the restaurant Kaiku (Plaça del Mar, 1) in Barcelona, ​​which is famous for its seafood cuisine, arròs negre for 2 people will cost 36 € .


A modified version of paella, especially enjoyed by the locals. It is made from vermicelli (fideus) with fish and other seafood: shrimp, squid and shellfish. Fideua is served with freshly made allioli sauce, as is black rice. This is what you must try in Barcelona from the national food.

One of the great places in town to eat fideua is the family restaurant Cal Papi (65 Carrer Atlantida). The cost of food for one person is 14 € .

Don’t miss : How much does it cost to eat in Barcelona? Revolutionary hand grenades inspired a local chef to create such an unusual culinary creation. Two sauces are served with the meal: white allioli, which symbolizes the fuse, and a spicy red sauce, reminiscent of the explosive properties of the original.

There is a version that the “Bomb” was invented in the cafe La Cova Fumada (Calle Baluard, 56). At least it’s still on the local menu and costs only 2 €, so it’s quite possible to eat it cheap in Barcelona .

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Esqueixada de bacallà

Refreshing salad, the main ingredient of which is salted cod (bacallà). In addition to this fish typical of Catalonia, it includes finely chopped tomatoes, onions, red peppers and black olives. Dressing is olive oil or romesco sauce made from butter, almonds, garlic, hot peppers and tomatoes. This is what you can eat in Barcelona during the hot summer.

A good place to experience this national Spanish food in Barcelona is the Bodega Joan restaurant (Carrer del Rosselló, 164), where a serving costs 6.10 € .


What to eat in Barcelona from meat dishes? Why not have a cannelloni – typical local food, hearty and simple! Sheets of pasta are rolled up and stuffed with chopped meat or minced meat (there are also options with spinach and cheese), poured with bechamel sauce made from milk, flour, eggs and nutmeg and baked in the oven.

Delicious fried chicken cannelloni with parmesan and black truffles are served at the Agust restaurant (Carrer del Parlament, 54). Price of pleasure – 14 € .

Tapas /Tapas

If you don’t know what to try in Barcelona from a simple and light meal, opt for tapas. So in Spain they call any snack for beer or wine. For example, fried hot green peppers (fried green peppers), grilled cuttlefish (grilled cuttlefish), chopitos (fried squid), banderillas (fish skewers with vegetables), bacalao (salted cod on bread) and many others.

A huge selection of tapas in Barcelona at Cervecería Catalana (Carrer de Mallorca, 23). All snacks are displayed in windows, and you can simply point to what you like. Individual tapas cost from 2 to 10 €, assorted plate € 15.95 .

Crema Catalana

And what would you like to try in Barcelona for those who have a sweet tooth? Of course, a delicate custard with a touch of cinnamon and citrus under a crispy caramel crust!

According to legend, it was first prepared in a Catalan monastery in honor of the arrival of the bishop. The holiday pudding was too thin, and burnt sugar was poured on top, forming a crispy film. The Bishop tasted the dessert, which had not yet cooled down, and shouted: “Crema!” (“hot!”) – hence the name of the food.

The best Catalan dessert in Barcelona can be found at the Granja Viader bakery (Xuclà Street 4-6). Here you can eat it for only 4.10 € .


National pride of the Spaniards – deep-fried dough, a cross between brushwood and donut. It is usually served for breakfast in addition to a cup of coffee with milk and is offered to eat dipped in melted chocolate. This delicacy is simple, tasty and affordable – in the same Granja Viader churros cost 1.80 €, in the cafeteria Churrería Laietana (Via Laietana, 46) – 1.30 € .

And a few more options to note

For the first acquaintance with the national food of Catalonia, it is not necessary to order everything from the menu at once. But if you want to become a true connoisseur of the local cuisine, then you should definitely remember what else you need to try in Barcelona. Five other delicious national dishes to note:

  • Escalivada / Escalivada – grilled eggplant and red peppers;
  • Calçots, sweet green onion stalks cooked over charcoal;
  • Butifarra – Catalan meat sausage, served with white beans;
  • Pa amb tomàquet – toasted bread rubbed with garlic and tomatoes;
  • Tortilla de patatas – omelet with potatoes.