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Barcelona, Spain weather in February: average temperature & climate

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General weather summary

Cold with a gentle breeze

Feels like


Chance of rain

0.056 in


12.3 mph

Wind speed



10.6 hrs

Daylight length

7:47 AM


6:22 PM



Cloud cover


What to wear

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Table of contents
  • What is the average temperature
  • How much does it rain
  • How cloudy is it
  • When is sunrise and sunset
  • How humid is it
  • How windy is it
  • What to wear

What is the average temperature in February

The average temperature in Barcelona in February for a typical day ranges from a high of 56°F (13°C) to a low of 43°F (6°C). Some would describe it as cold with a gentle breeze.

For comparison, the hottest month in Barcelona, August, has days with highs of 83°F (28°C) and lows of 71°F (22°C). The coldest month, February has days with highs of 56°F (13°C) and lows of 43°F (6°C). This graph shows how an average day looks like in Barcelona in February based on historical data.

Highs and lows in Barcelona in Feb

How much does it rain in February

In Barcelona in February, there’s a 16% chance of rain on an average day. And on the average day it rains or snows, we get 0.35 in (8.9 mm) of precipitation. In more common terms of how much that is, some would describe it as light rain.

The wettest month in Barcelona is November where a typical day has a 23% chance of precipitation and gets 0.03 inches (0.8 mm) of precipitation, while the dryest month in Barcelona is July where a typical day has a 8% chance of precipitation and gets 0.06 inches (1.4 mm) of precipitation. These graphs show the probability of it raining/snowing in February and the amount of rainfall.

Chance of rain or snow on an average Barcelona day by month

Average precipitation by hour of day

How cloudy is Barcelona in February

The average amount of time that the sky is clear or sunny (partly cloudy or less) in Barcelona during February is 13.3 hours (55% of the day). For comparison, the month with the most clear, sunny days in Barcelona is July with an average of 19.0 hours per day while November has the shortest amount of cloud-free hours with only 12.5 hours per day. This graph shows the average amount of sunshine in Barcelona in February based on historical data.

Monthly clear skies percent of time in Barcelona

When is sunrise and sunset in February

The average day in Barcelona during February has 10.6 hours of daylight, with sunrise at 7:47 AM and sunset at 6:22 PM.

The day with the longest amount of daylight in Barcelona is June 22nd with 15.2 hours while December 19th has the shortest amount of daylight with only 9.2 hours.

This graph shows the average amount of daylight in Barcelona in February based on historical data.

Average hours of daylight in Barcelona by month

How humid is it in February

In February, Barcelona is moderately humid with an average amount of 67% (relative humidity), which could be described as humid but cool. October has the highest relative humidity at 72% and is the least humid in June at 66%. This graph shows the average amount of humidity in Barcelona throughout February based on historical data.

Average relative humidity in Barcelona by month

How windy is it in February

Historically, the wind in Barcelona during February blows at an average speed of 12.3 mph (19.8 kph). The windiest month is March with an average wind speed of 12.4 mph (20.0 kph), while the calmest month is August with an average wind speed of 9.1 mph (14.6 kph). This graph shows the average wind speed in Barcelona in February based on historical data.

Average monthly wind speed in Barcelona

What to wear in February

With an average high of 56°F (13°C) and a low of 43°F (6°C), it generally feels cold with a gentle breeze. With that in mind, most people would dress in something warm like a jacket.

What’s the weather like in Barcelona the rest of the year

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Where does this data come from

Weather data for Barcelona was collected from the MERRA-2 project from NASA, which used a climate model combined with historical data from weather stations around the world to estimate what the conditions were like for every point on the Earth.

For all data based on historical data, we’ve averaged the data from the past 11 years (2010-2020). For example, for the hourly temperature at 10am, we’ve looked at the temperature at 10am on every day in February (e.g., February 1, February 2, etc. in 2010, 2011, etc.) and took the arithmetic mean. We did not smooth the data, so for example, our daily temperature line will have some randomness due to the fact that weather is random in the first place.

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How is the Weather in Barcelona in February?

February offers mostly sunny skies with limited rainy days, so it is one of the best months to explore the city as it’s less crowded and more affordable.

  • Temperatures
  • Clouds and Rain
  • Daylight Hours
  • What to Wear in February
  • Things to Do in February


Daytime high temperatures will generally be around 13-14 C (mid-50s F) early in the month but will warm to about 15 C (upper 50s F) near the end of the month.

A few of the warmer afternoons, especially late in the month can reach 18-19 C (mid-60s F). The record high temperature in Barcelona during February is 23 C (73 F).

Late night and early morning low temperatures will tend to be near 4-5 C (low 40s F) early in the month, warming to 6-7 C (mid-40s F) by month’s end. 

A few of the colder mornings, especially early in the month, can dip down to near 1 C (mid-30s F). The record low temperature in Barcelona during February is -2 C (28 F).

Clouds and Rain

You can expect about 16 days this month to be sunny or at least partly sunny so there will be ample time to explore the city.  

About 4-5 days will record some rainfall, although most times rainfalls are light. Snow can occur in Barcelona; however, it is rare. When snow occurs, it is usually limited to the interior hills. 

Daylight Hours

Daylight increases rapidly this month from 10.1 hours on February 1 to 11.2 hours on the 28th. 


Wind speeds during February will mostly be light at 4-12 mph/6-19 kph but occasionally can be moderate at 13-18mph/20-28kph.

Ocean Temperatures

On average, the ocean temperature during February will be a chilly 13 C (mid-50s F) so it will not be a good time to be at the beach. 

What to Wear in Barcelona during February? 

February tends to be cold so bring along clothes suitable for early Winter. We recommend long-sleeved shirts and tops, as well as a couple of sweaters plus a medium-weight coat or jacket. 

Add a scarf or two for the colder evenings and mornings and don’t forget some comfortable walking shoes 

Things to Do in Barcelona in February

Since there will likely be quite a few sunny days in Barcelona this month, it’s a good time to take a pay-what-you-wish walking tour and learn more about the city.

You might also want to consider taking a cable car ride up Montjuic to get an incredible view of the city from above.

Barcelona celebrates Carnaval in late February, so you can expect a lot of fun activities and parades at this time of year, especially in the Gothic Quarter.

For more fun ideas, make sure to read our full post on things to do in Barcelona in February.

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Barcelona in February 2024 – holidays and weather in Barcelona, ​​Spain

In February, there are not many places in Europe where you can have a good rest and at the same time not freeze. One of them is the pearl of the Mediterranean coast of Spain – Barcelona. In this article on the Tour-Calendar, we talk about what to prepare for and what to hope for those who decide to visit this city at the end of winter.


February in Barcelona is characterized by rather unstable weather, bright sunshine today, heavy rain tomorrow

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Weather in Barcelona in February

Before proceeding to the description of the weather conditions of this month, we want to draw your attention to the fact that the attitude of different people towards them can also be different. It all depends on the starting point of the journey. As a rule, for residents of northern countries and middle latitudes, the local February resembles the end of springtime. For people from southern European regions and local residents, on the contrary, this is the coldest time of the year. In their wardrobe there are down jackets and boots with a warm lining. The Russians, on the other hand, “escaped” from 20-degree frosts and plunged into temperatures much above zero, as a rule, are limited to thick sweaters, and at the slightest hint of a hot sun, they strive to change into shirts or even T-shirts. Still, the chance to throw off heavy outerwear in winter, which you have not parted with since mid-autumn, and get rid of scarves / hats is a real blessing. It should be noted that the climate of Barcelona is characterized by inconstancy. The weather forecast differs from year to year. But in general, the weather picture is such that it is somewhat cooler here than in Andalusia, and much warmer than in Madrid. The main amount of precipitation falls mainly in summer and autumn. And in winter, cyclonic “raids” become less and less frequent, as a result of which the number of “wet” days is sharply reduced – to approximately 6-7. For most of the month, the sky pleases with its piercing blue, but is occasionally covered with nimbostratus clouds.

Day temperature


Night temperature


Water temperature



40 mm 900 03


7 days

Sunny days

27 days

14 day weather forecast for Barcelona →

Moreover, such changes in the mood of nature can occur not only within a week, but within one day. The usual situation for February: it is sunny in the morning, and by the afternoon the wind rises, clouds roll in, and the air cools down by 3-5 degrees. In general, in terms of surprises, this month is undoubtedly a master. The average air temperature is around +14°C. Closer to the third decade, it grows a little after the level of the celestial body above the horizon, reaching +15. .+16°C. On some days, weather forecasters register everything +19..+20°C, heralding the imminent onset of spring. However, deviations in thermometer readings also occur in the opposite direction. Tourists also need to be prepared for sudden cold snaps. On the coldest days, temperatures range from +9°C to +13°C. At the same time, though rare, it is still possible for snow to fall. Of course, it melts almost immediately, without lingering on the sidewalks for a long time, but for many this comes as a big surprise. Be that as it may, in Barcelona in February, you still have to wear coats or jackets. After sunset, there is increased humidity (in other words, dampness), increased winds, and the feeling of cold intensifies. In the evenings – about +5..+6°C. Over time, nighttime temperatures also increase, but much more slowly. Moreover, sometimes they take a “course” for a fall. So we advise you to approach the choice of wardrobe with great care, so as not to freeze if something happens. In addition to its unpredictability, February strikes with the liveliness of nature. If Russia in the last third of winter is associated with snowdrifts and bare trees, then Barcelona is associated with green fluffy lawns, emerald mountain slopes, cherry blossoms and ripe oranges hanging in heavy clusters on branches. The eye never ceases to rejoice, looking at such beauty.

What’s on in Barcelona in February?

February weather will not allow you to frolic on the beach. But this is perhaps the most suitable period for enjoying the delightful architecture of the city. Comfortable temperatures and streets free from crowds of sightseers contribute to a thorough study of outstanding sights and the penetration of the true Catalan spirit. For some, the purpose of coming to Barcelona is effective shopping, because this is the height of the sales season. And someone coordinates the dates of their trip with the dates of the grand Barranquia carnival. In a word, winter Barcelona satisfies the needs of tourists of various preferences.

Beach holiday

Swimwear is only required for those staying at a hotel with an indoor pool. At this time, you can only admire the sea, because the water washing the Barcelona coast is icy – almost + 14 ° C. Western transfers of air masses, reaching the city, lose their former strength, but still raise small waves.

In this regard, cruises are not as common as in summer. And the panoramas are not so breathtaking due to the faded color of the water. The favor of heaven, trying to overshadow precipitation as little as possible, is not enough to get a tan. The most you can count on is leisurely walks along the coast. Fresh salty air, mixed with the aromas of flowering trees, calms the nerves well and helps to find inner harmony. On quiet windless days, picnics are often arranged on the beaches.

Try and you organize something similar. We are sure that in comparison with a meal on the shore, dinner in an expensive restaurant will not seem so attractive to you. On weekends, families with children go to the sea. Many beaches are superbly equipped for games. For example, Nova Ikaria has a fun rope swing.

Entertainment and excursions

In February, you will not be embarrassed by the crowd, which will make the rest relatively measured and peaceful. Barcelona is one of those unique cities that you can’t see, you can feel it. Here everything is integral and exists only in unity with something. Mountain landscapes resonate with sea views, masterpieces of architecture are certainly complemented by luxurious park complexes, lively streets are hard to imagine without young energetic people, and the famous La Rambla boulevard would lose its flavor without amusing mimes and clever pickpockets.

After admiring the ingenious creations of Gaudi, in which he showed all the richness of his imagination (Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Batlló, House Mila, etc. ), take a walk around the Old Port area, climb to the observation deck to the foot of the statue of the discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus, and you will be rewarded with a superb view from a height of 60 meters on the embankment, the Rambla and Montjuic. Nearby is one of the largest aquariums in Europe, made in the form of an 80-meter tunnel for 5 million liters of water. Slushy chilly weather is an excellent reason to look into the numerous museums of the Catalan capital, which are a storehouse of everything unusual. The subjects of the expositions are very different – art, military affairs, sports, football, fashion, sweets, etc. A wonderful respite from cultural and educational recreation is, no doubt, shopping. Shopping this month is not only pleasant, but also profitable, since discounts in stores and shopping centers are maximum – 70%.

Holidays and festivals

In the early days, the organizers of the spectacular LlumBCN light show come to Barcelona to decorate the streets, buildings and city parks with colorful lights and installations. In mid-February, Barcelona hosts the traditional Mitja Marató de Barcelona half marathon. Among its participants there are also athletes running in wheelchairs. In February, several music festivals take place at once. These are the one-day music festival “Emergencia”, the guitar music festival “Giutar Festival BCN” and the three-day festival “In-Somni Fest”, introducing various musical styles and trends. At the end of the month, the rhythm of the relaxed city quickens. In the last week before Lent, he is seized by carnival fever.

The brightly colored streets hum with musical concerts and shudder with colorful costume processions. All of Barcelona these days pours into the streets and indulges in unbridled fun.

What are the prices for holidays in Barcelona in February?

Barcelona in February is a safe haven for budget travelers. Of course, there is no talk of a cheap vacation, but compared to the rates in the summer season, the rates for hotel accommodation are very moderate. The exception is carnival days, when the city experiences an impressive influx of foreign visitors.

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How to relax in Barcelona in February on your own

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If we try to sum up the above, we can conclude that in general, February is a good month for a holiday in Barcelona: relatively uncrowded, inexpensive, and at the same time interesting. The only negative is the changeable weather: despite the optimistic weather forecast, we have to deal with cold snaps. In any case Tour-Calendar wishes you a successful holiday!

Weather in Barcelona in February 2023

Apr 26 – May 26FebmarMayJuneAugSenOctDec


Mar 2023

Jan 30 Jan 31 Feb 1 Feb 2 Feb 3
Night temperature, °C 10 10 9 9 9
Day temperature, °C 9 0155

12 11 12 11 11
Moisture, % 155

66 62
Wind, m/s 55
Precipitation, mm 0. 2 1.3 2.2 0.6 1.7

9014 0 Feb 6

Feb 4 Feb 5 Feb 7 Feb 8
Night temperature, °C 8 9 9 10 9
Daytime temperature, °C 11 12 13 12 11
Humidity, % 60 56 56 56 61

745 746 746
Wind, m/s 4 5 3 3 3
Precipitation, mm 54 0.6 1.1

9015 4 8

9015 4 4

9Day temperature , °C

9Feb Feb 10 Feb 11 Feb 12 Feb 13
Night temperature, °C 9 9 8 9
Daytime temperature, °C 11 12 10 11 12
Humidity, % 60 57 60 61 64
Pressure, mm 747 745 745 746 746
Wind m/s 3 4 4 4
Precipitation, mm 1. 6 1.1 0.5 0 Feb 14 Feb 15 Feb 16 Feb 17 Feb 18
12 12 12 11 12
Humidity, % 67 67 68 68 67
745 746 747 747 747
Wind, m/s 3 3 3 3 3
Precipitation, mm 9015 5

0.8 1 1.3 1.1 1.5

9 0154 14

9015 0

Feb 19 Feb 20 Feb 21 Feb 22 Feb 23
Temperature at night, °C 10 10 10 10 11
Daytime temperature, °C 12 12 12 14
Humidity, % 70 67 66 62 62
Pressure, mm 748 749 747 746 746
Wind, m/s 3 3 3 4 3
Precipitation, mm 3 0.