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Barcelona 2023 – What to wear in Barcelona in April

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What to wear in Barcelona in April

Temperatures in April

5 – 10C degrees / 40 to 50F

16-18 C / 60 to 65F

April is the start of spring in Barcelona. The weather can vary quite a bit. In April it can be cold, windy and rainy – or it can be sunny and hot dry.

In April we recommend you pack some summer gear like shorts and t-shirts and maybe sandals but you should only wear this in the mid-day sun. The mornings and evenings are much cooler and if rainy windy day can be very chilly.

So you must also pack some warm clothes like long trousers/jeans , a sweater, cardigan or light jacket and a cap, scarf and light gloves.

It can be quite a lot cooler at inland or coastal destinations so pack a few warm clothes and good walking shoes if you are going on day tours to Montserrat mountain or other day tours outside Barcelona to Tarragona, Girona, Pyrenees mountains etc.

What to wear for nightlife

Barcelona is generally considered to be a casual wear city so jeans and T-shirts are fine for most occasions.

But for top night clubs and dinner restaurants expect guests to be smart casual.

The top Barcelona night clubs have a very strict dress code, so pack nice shoes, long trousers and a shirt or polo-shirt.  If you need to pick up new clothes in Barcelona then here are the Barcelona shopping malls

Another dress tip for Barcelona. Wear clothes that are not too touristy when sightseeing. Looking too touristy can make you a easy mark for pickpockets in popular tourist areas.

Read our article about avoiding Barcelona pickpockets.

One of the safety tips is wear everyday clothes.

Read our Barcelona weather page for more weather information.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Barcelona in April. 🙂

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Sea Temperature In April In Barcelona – Swimming In April 2023

Average sea temperature in Barcelona in april 2023.

In april, according to seasonal norms, the sea temperature in Barcelona is:







Other useful seasonal weather averages in april:

  • Outside temperature: 12.7°C to 17.7°C
  • Most common weather: “Clear/Sunny
  • The wind blows at 13km/h
  • It rains a total of 98mm, over 5 day(s).

Should we swim in Barcelona in april?

No… The water temperature in Barcelona in april is cold

Swimming in Barcelona in april is possible… with a wetsuit! Indeed, the water is cold at this time of year with an average sea temperature of 15°C (minimum: 12.7°C – maximum: 17.3°C).

Note also that in april, the climate is good with an average outside temperature of 15.15°C, 97.24mm of precipitation (over 5 days) and 77.69 % humidity.

Water and normal seasonal temperatures in Barcelona in april

March April May
Average sea temperature 13. 4°C 15°C 18.2°C
Minimum sea temperature 12.1°C 12.7°C 14.8°C
Maximum sea temperature 14.5°C 17.3°C 21.4°C
Average outside temperature 13°C 16°C 19°C
Maximum outside temperature 16°C 18°C 22°C
Minimum outside temperature 10°C 13°C 17°C
Wind speed 19km/h 18km/h 18km/h
Wind temperature 9°C 13°C 17°C
Precipitation 84mm 98mm 66mm
Number of days of rain 3 jour(s)
5 jour(s)
4 jour(s)
Humidity 76% 78% 74%
Visibility in kilometers 9. 62km 9.59km 9.75km
Cloud cover 28% 32% 24%
Our opinion freezing swimming cold swimming cool swimming

Swim elsewhere in Spain in april

Swim in Spain in april: sea temperature by city

Weather in Barcelona for April 2023 ⋆ Weather forecast for Barcelona for the month of April ⇒ (Spain)

  • 30 days
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec to
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar

Mar 27

+18° +10°

March 28

+19° +10°

March 29

+19° +10°

March 30

+19° +11°

March 31

+19° +11°

April 1st

+17° +10°

April 2

+18° +10°

April 3

+17° +10°

April 4

+17° +11°

April 5

+17° +10°

April 6

+18° +10°

April 7

+18° +10°

April 8

+19° +10°

April 9

+19° +10°

April 10

+20° +10°

April 11

+20° +11°

April 12

+19° +11°

April 13

+19° +11°

April 14

+19° +10°

April 15

+18° +10°

April 16

+19° +12°

April 17

+20° +10°

April 18

+19° +12°

April 19

+19° +12°

April 20

+19° +11°

April 21

+19° +11°

April 22

+18° +12°

April 23

+20° +12°

April 24

+20° +12°

April 25

+20° +13°

April 26

+21° +13°

April 27

+20° +13°

April 28

+19° +12°

April 29

+19° +12°

April 30

+19° +13°

* Forecast based on historical data for 70 years

Max. temperature

Min. temperature

Monthly precipitation

Wind speed

  • Max. temp…

  • Min. temp…

26 April 09:05

26 April 08:00

26 April 02:15

25 April 22:30

25 April 21:03

25 April 20:45

25 April 19:00

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Barcelona in April: facts, figures and photos

Barcelona in April is incredibly good! Spring is in full swing. In April, mimosa blooms, trees put on green clothes – everything in Barcelona breathes spring and warmth. The traffic becomes lively – the city begins to prepare for the tourist season.

Barcelona in April: weather

Barcelona in April is not as capricious as in March, although at night the thermometer drops to 10-15 degrees. But during the day, most often around 20 – and this is very comfortable weather for walking around the city. Pleases in April and 9-hour daylight hours.

Swimming season in Barcelona in April

Beach season in April does not start yet. On the beaches, only the most courageous. The water in the sea is cool, so few people risk going into the sea. But it is quite possible to sunbathe and soak up the sun during the day.

Barcelona in April: Packing your suitcase

In the spring in Barcelona, ​​long-sleeved clothing is useful, but you shouldn’t take very warm clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, jackets, jackets. If you are going to be in Barcelona in the second half of April, then you will need clothes and shoes even easier.

The temperature in the second half of April is above 20. You can also bring a swimsuit – you won’t swim, but you will definitely sunbathe. Sunglasses are a must in Barcelona anyway.

How to dress in Barcelona in April

If you are in doubt and can’t choose what to wear in Barcelona in April, look at the current photos of locals, everything will immediately become clear.

Interesting events and events in Barcelona in April

April in Barcelona invites long and pleasant walks. Festivals and holidays are rarely held this month and are not very massive.

However, the cultural life of the city can offer interesting exhibitions, concerts, theatrical and musical performances even in April.

There are three key events in April: Holy Week, Valentine’s Day and the Feria de Abril in April.

Holy Week

Easter is most often celebrated in April. This holiday is celebrated every year on different Sundays. Barcelona in the spring prepares in advance for the meeting of this day. Holy Week, at the end of which Easter comes, is important for the Catalans.

At this time in Barcelona there are a large number of processions associated with the ascent of Christ to Mount Calvary, such associations arise due to the attributes used. We wrote more about Holy Week in a separate article.

April 23: Catalan Valentine’s Day

On April 23, the city is literally strewn with roses. In April, Sant Jordi is celebrated in Barcelona. The feast of Saint George is similar to Valentine’s Day. According to tradition, on this day, young men give their girls red roses, and girls give books to boys.

The stories are based on the legend of St. George, who defeated the dragon and saved the princess. He gave his beloved princess a red rose, which grew from the blood of a dragon.

The main action of the day takes place in front of the Cathedral. In Barcelona in the spring, you can see the “Battle with the Dragon”, and on this day dragons walk around the city, allowing themselves to be photographed.

Read more about this holiday here.

Bright Fira de Abril

Fira de Abril is a celebration of flamenco and food. Spring brings flamenco to Barcelona. Flamenco is considered to be a Spanish dance and Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, but this Andalusian tradition is welcomed to Barcelona in April. The Andalusian diaspora in the city is large, so the fair, held in Barcelona in April, is the second largest after the Seville one.

The Barcelona promenade fills with food tents, dancers appear, and the celebration delights everyone who participates and everyone who comes to watch and eat goodies. This April holiday will make you forget about diets!

What to do in Barcelona in April: our tips

April marks the opening of chiringuitos in Barcelona – Barcelona beach bars and cafes for the summer season open from 1 April. Sea, sun, music and a cup of coffee – a great start to the day. How can you deprive yourself of such pleasure! Picnics are popular in Barcelona in the spring. April is especially loved by the people of Barcelona as a month for picnics.

Every park in Barcelona, ​​including Park Güell, has picnic tables and benches and water fountains, but most people sit right on the grass. In the evening, the picnic area moves to the beach. April in Barcelona you will spend unforgettable!

  • How to avoid queues at Barcelona attractions. Tickets for the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell skip the line.
  • How not to be deceived by local taxi drivers. Order a taxi in advance with fixed rates online. The most reliable service for ordering a taxi – KiwiTaxi .
  • Guided tours of Barcelona with locals will help you get to know this city for real. The best way to get comfortable in an unfamiliar city is to walk around it with a person who has lived here for many years.