Weather for barcelona in november: How is the Weather in Barcelona in November?

How is the Weather in Barcelona in November?

November in Barcelona features drier weather with cool days and cold nights.

  • Temperatures
  • Sky and Rain
  • What to Wear
  • Things to Do
  • Weather in October
  • Weather in December


Daytime high temperatures early in November will tend to be around 18-19 C (65-67 F) falling to around 15-17 C (59-62 F) by the end of the month.

A few of the warmer afternoons, especially early in the month, can reach up near 22 C (72 F).

The record high temperature in Barcelona during November is 27 C (81 F).

Late night and early morning low temperatures will tend to be around 9-11 C (49-51 F) early in the month but will fall to about 7-8 C (44-45 F near the end of the month.

A few of the colder mornings, especially late in November, can dip down around 3 C (37 F).

The record low temperature in Barcelona during November is -2 C (28 F).

Sky and Rain

During November you can expect about 13 sunny, 4 partly sunny, and about 13 mostly cloudy days.

Some rain falls on about 9 days this month, however, only 4-5 days record 1 mm (0.04 inches) or more. 


The number of daylight hours decreases this month from 10.4 hours on the 1st to about 9.4 hours by the 30th. 


The wind in Barcelona this month tends to be mostly light to gentle at 6-19 kph (4-12 mph) but occasionally can be moderate at 20-28 kph (13-18 mph).

Ocean and Beach

Ocean temperatures continue to fall this month from about 19 C (66 F) early in the month, cooling to about 16 C (61 F) near the end of the month.

What to Wear in Barcelona During November?

Autumn weather prevails this month in Barcelona with a couple of winter-like days possible near the end of the month.

We recommend long-sleeved shirts and tops, as well as a couple of sweaters plus a medium-weight coat or jacket for the colder nights and mornings.

Don’t forget some comfortable walking shoes!

Things to Do in Barcelona During November

Although there will be some cloudy, rainy days this November, half the month should be nice enough for a pay-what-you-wish walking tour in Barcelona.

This is also the month of the Barcelona Jazz Festival, which means there will be plenty of opportunities to hear live jazz music performed throughout the city.

If you prefer a different kind of music, there will also be a few decent concerts to attend this November:

  • Bon Iver | Nov 7th
  • The Cure | Nov 10th
  • Lil Nas X | Nov 17th

For even more ideas, make sure to check our full post covering things to do in Barcelona in November.

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17 Things to do in Barcelona for November 2023 + Weather Report!

Keeping busy when the autumn weather kicks in…

By Jessica Bowler

Editor’s Choice

1. All Saints

3. La Sagrada Familia

5. Paella Cooking Class

6. Girona & Dali Tour

8. Tapas & Flamenco

9. Wine Tasting Class

12. Picasso Tour

16. Camp Nou Stadium

From film festivals to scoffing toasted chestnuts, there’s plenty of things to do in November, whatever the weather. Travellers can enjoy less crowds at sights such as La Sagrada Familia, or they might be tempted by day trips to nearby gems, like Girona and the Dali Museum.

Is November a Good Time to Visit?

November is pretty much nobody’s favourite month back home, especially if you’re from the UK / Northern Europe… so you may as well get away from the pre-Christmas, autumnal gloom and jet out for some sunshine on a Mediterranean city break.

Barcelona in November is warm, sunny and cheerful, with plenty to see and do, and if you would prefer to visit the Catalan capital when there are less tourists then this is one of the best times of year to book your flights, and enjoy some of the city’s attractions without the crowds. It will still be around 18 degrees by day, and culture vultures won’t care that it’s not beach weather when they’re busy admiring the handiwork of genii like Antoni Gaudi, Lluis Domenech i Montaner and Pablo Picasso (more on each below!).

The incredible columns and ceiling of Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia

Apart from fewer tourists, you should find prices of hotels and apartments more affordable in autumn, and backpackers should also be able to save a few euros on their hostel beds. Overall this might just be the most economic month to visit.

Events-wise and there’s a mix of traditional celebrations like All Saints Day, and more modern offerings like L’Alternativa Film Festival festival. And while this is not the season of street parties and music festivals, the city’s regular nightlife is still in full flow, and alcoholics sociable folk can always sign up for a pub crawl.

The Weather in November

With the average November high temperature in Barcelona around 18ºC and an average low of 8º, this is usually the month where the temperatures noticeably drop in the city from the summer highs (that can stretch into October), so you’ll need to add a jacket and jumper to your packing list. The lower temperatures aren’t all bad news though; they can make a day of sightseeing considerably less sweaty! And you can still strip down to a T-shirt at midday when you find a nice bar or restaurant in the sun.

Other weather considerations to bear in mind are that the month averages five days of rain (around average in Barcelona), and that the days are also quite a bit shorter, as clocks have gone back by now. In other words, you may have to get up earlier if you want to see all the main attractions in the daylight.

You can keep an eye on the weather here.

17 Things To Do in November

As with any time of year, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied in the Catalan capital, day and night. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite things to do in Barcelona in November to help you plan your trip.

1. Commemorate All Saints’ Day

November starts off with a holiday in Spain – El Día de Todos los Santos, or All Saints’ Day. It’s a national public holiday to honour and remember the dead. Flower vendors line the streets to sell floral displays to people to leave at their dearly departed’s graveside. But it’s not all sombre contemplation; this is also the day when people traditionally eat small round almond cakes called “panellets.” Look out for them on sale at bakeries around the city.

2. Celebrate the “Castanyada”

One of the traditions of All Saints’ Day is to eat hot toasted chestnuts (“castanyas” in Catalan) that come wrapped in newspaper. They start being sold by street hawkers with pop-up roasting stalls around the holiday, and they continue doing brisk business throughout the winter. They also often sell roasted sweet potatoes at the same stalls. Keep an eye for them and don’t be scared to snag a bag!

3. Visit La Sagrada Familia While You Can!

Around 3 million people visit Gaudi’s masterpiece each year, and it’s rarely less than chock-full, especially during the summer months. November is actually one of the best times to visit as its one of the city’s quieter months for tourism, and you should have a bit of breathing space as you marvel at the white forest-like interior of the nave, and possibly even ascend / descend one of the basilica’s epic towers. Check out our page for more info on skip the line tickets, tours and towers or go right ahead or book a guided tour via Get Your Guide. Every tiny detail of this amazing basilica has a special significance – so exploring with a knowledgeable guide is a must!



For tickets to Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and the Hop on / Hop off Tourist Bus in one convenient purchase, check out the Barcelona Pass via Tiqets. com.


4. Wonder at the Palau de la Musica!

Barcelona’s unique aesthetic comes from the artistic movement known as Modernisme, also known as Catalan art nouveau. Gaudi was just one proponent of the genre (in fact his most famous works took on a style all of his own), and his contemporaries like Domenech i Montaner and Puig i Cadafalch are held in almost the same esteem by locals for the architectural legacy they left. You can see some of Barcelona’s most beautiful façades when you visit the Palace of Catalan Music, while those with more time might also wish to visit Hospital of Sant Pau and the Casa Amatller. A guided tour of the Palau de la Musica Catalana, in particular, is well worth it, as you also get to see the stunning concert hall and inverted golden dome skylight – plus the balcony offers a fantastic Instagram moment.


5. Learn to Cook Paella!

You can’t leave Barcelona without trying Spain’s signature dish… but why not go one further and learn how to cook your own rice and seafood feast (vegetarian options also available!)? During this fun and laidback experience your expert chef will take you on a tour of the famous Boqueria food market, before heading back to the kitchen to share the secrets of a great paella. As well as contributing to this culinary masterpiece, you also learn how to mix a mean jug of sangria. At just €55 per person, this is a great activity to do instead of a restaurant lunch or dinner. More info here, or hit the button below to reserve your space on Get Your Guide.


6. Visit Girona & The Dali Museum

Girona is one of Catalonia’s finest gems, a large medieval town crowned by a spectacular cathedral that was used to film several famous King’s Landing scenes in Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, the Dali Theatre Museum is one of the world’s most entertaining art museums – showcasing the madcap style of the godfather of Surrealism. Getting to both by public transport is a bit of a pain, but there are several minibus tours that leave from Barcelona on a daily basis. I’d recommend this one, which features transport, guide, and museum tickets for a pretty reasonable €82 per person. If you have to change your mind Get Your Guide offer free cancellation up to 24 hours before the event.


7. Lock Yourself in an Escape Room

A hot craze in Barcelona right now, and indeed the rest of the world, escape rooms offer participants the chance to pit themselves against the clock in a battle of wits. By solving a series of puzzles, one after another, you have to move closer to finding the key or the code that will allow you to exit the room before the time is up. Each room has its own theme, and you might find yourself doing anything from rescuing Gaudi’s blueprints for La Sagrada Familia to infiltrating a secret society known as the ‘WD’. Read a list of some of our favourite rooms here. The perfect activity on a wet autumnal day.

8. Eat Tapas and Watch Flamenco!

An extremely popular activity, the Tapas & Flamenco experience is a great one for fans of Spanish culture who want to sample two of the country’s most typical traditions, both of which have strong roots in Catalonia as well. First you get to watch a passionate 40-minute flamenco concert in a central tablao, before sampling some authentic dishes served up and down Spain. The activity runs every night and you can find more info here. To reserve your tickets, click the button-link below.


9. Take a Wine Class with a Sommelier

Spanish wines are both very affordable and extremely underrated. In this fun workshop that takes place in the city centre, you will taste five local Catalan wines in the company of an expert sommelier, who will first introduce you to several smell and taste challenges to train your palate. The wines are paired with gourmet cheeses and by the end of the session you’ll leave with a firm appreciation of the local vintages, and a better understanding of wine in general.


10. Sailing & Wine Cruise

Spoil yourself with this two-pronged pleasure cruise that combines sailing with wine tasting at a nearby vineyard! It doesn’t get much better than setting off in a luxury yacht from Barcelona’s Port Olimpic and cruising up the coast to one of the region’s charming urban wineries. Here, in the town of Alella, you get to tour an ecological vineyard and taste three unique wines in the company of a sommelier, together with an array of delicious appetisers. Afterwards a luxury minivan will whizz you back to Barcelona city centre. You can book this activity securely via Get Your Guide.


11. Discover Picasso’s Barcelona Legacy

Picasso spent his formative years in Barcelona, and his legacy in Catalonia is marked by the museum that bears his name, as well as by a number of places he frequented during his time here. Naturally, you can explore the museum, where 3,500 of his works are exhibited – with a focus on his early life and the evocative Blue and Rose periods – by yourself; however real art aficionados are advised to consider booking a guide tour, such as this one, to get a full insight into the mind and works of the 20th century’s most important artist.


12. Make New Friends on a Bar Crawl

The Catalan capital is as lively by night as it is by day, and taking a bar crawl of some of the city’s best nocturnal venues is a great way of experiencing the local nightlife. There are several awesome tours to choose from, but pretty much all of them will take you on winding exploration of the old town streets to several charismatic bars, before ending the evening in a late night venue. A great way to meet people, especially if you’re travelling solo.


13. Buff Up on the Year’s Best Films

Both the In-Edit film festival featuring musical documentary films and L’Alternativa Film Festival for independent films typically take place in November in Barcelona. If you like films, this is the perfect time to check out what the city has to offer for cinephiles.

14. Celebrate Thanksgiving in Good Company!

Held on the fourth Thursday in November every year, Americans abroad tend to head straight down to the nearest Irish bar to eat their traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Flaherty’s do a great one every year if you’re looking to get your fix of turkey and stuffing for the year with some fellow Statesiders and other good company.

15. Get Brainy at the “Barcelona Pensa” Festival

Barcelona’s very own philosophy festival is held in mid-November every year. It’s promoted by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona, in a bid to get the city more involved in philosophical thinking. It takes place at multiple locations around the city and features talks, presentations, workshops, and debates (naturally). You may need to brush up on your Catalan though to make the most of it.

16. Visit The Camp Nou…

…either to watch the mighty FC Barcelona in action, or if not then you can still sign up for the Camp Nou Experience, when you’ll take a tour of the legendary 99,000 seater stadium, pitch, dressing rooms and of course FC Barcelona Museum – with one whole room to dedicated to Messi! Tickets cost €28 and you can reserve them in a couple of clicks on Get Your Guide. Just hit the button-link below.




See the Start of the Christmas Season

In late November, the first signs of the Christmas season start to appear on the streets of Barcelona, like holiday markets and festive lighting displays. The exact dates vary from year to year, but you’ll definitely start to notice some of the Christmas cheer descending on the city by the month’s end. Catalonia has some frankly bizarre traditions at this time of year, so read up about the caganer and grab yourself a celebrity pooper at one of the markets.

More Autumn Inspiration!

So there you go… plenty of things to see and do this November! But if for some reason you haven’t filled your agenda yet then check out this long list of fun and unusual activities.

About the Author

Jessica was born in England and grew up in California before moving to Seville to study Spanish. She now lives here in Barcelona, where she works in communications, studies for her masters and still finds time to update her award-winning blog Barcelona Blonde – as well as being a regular contributor to Barcelona Life!

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Weather conditions in Barcelona in November: sea and air temperature

Late autumn in Barcelona is not always cold, cloudy and rainy, as it happens in Russia. To admire its sights, walk along the sea coast and just take a break from everyday life, tourists are ready to endure not always comfortable climatic conditions. The weather in Barcelona in November is dry, but quite cool. Rains this month are not frequent, mostly clear. Starting on the 20th, the weather in November in Barcelona becomes overcast and cloudy, after all – it’s getting to winter.

In the capital of Catalonia, late autumn is almost always dry and moderately humid. But due to strong and gusty winds, the feeling of cold intensifies. Despite this, the water in the Mediterranean Sea cools down to only + 17 ° С. Of course, few people dare to swim in the sea even with such a temperature. But still, the weather in Barcelona in November allows you to swim in the chic outdoor pools located at the hotels. The air temperature in November during the daytime does not fall below +14 °C. Since most of the month is clear and sunny, the air can warm up to + 20 ° C, which contributes to a full and comfortable rest. At night, the November weather in Barcelona also does not interfere with walking along the quiet and cozy embankments. The temperature regime at nighttime ranges from + 6 °С to + 15 °С.

Late autumn in the famous Spanish city

In the autumn weather in Barcelona you can also diversify your leisure time. Climbing to the very top of Mount Tibidabo is something that will certainly delight both adults and children. Climbing the peak of the mountain, you can see the whole city at a glance, visit attractions and famous sights. Even the gloomy weather of November is not a hindrance to a magical journey. November is a good time for excursions to the Sagrada Familia, to the Singing Fountains of Montjuic and to the world-famous Picasso Museum. If you are interested in visiting the second largest city in Spain at the beginning of winter, then we advise you to read the article about the weather in Barcelona in December.


Of course, November of each year is unique in its own way, it differs in the temperature regime of water and air, but in general it is the right time for a quiet and cozy holiday in Barcelona. Below we have presented a summary table with the temperature range for the last 3 years.




0035 16÷17

9002 0036

Sea and air temperature range for November (Barcelona)
Weather in November in Barcelona/number Air temperature in Barcelona during the day Air temperature in Barcelona at night Sea temperature in Barcelona
1 17÷22 14÷19 9003 9003 036
2 20h 23 14÷20 17÷18
4 18÷22 14÷19 17÷ 18
5 17-19 13-14 17-18 036

7 16÷18 10÷16 16÷17
8 14÷19 14÷17 16÷17

9002 0036

17÷20 13÷16 16÷17
10 18÷19 13÷14 16÷17
11 16÷20 12÷16 16÷17
12 11÷16 16÷17
13 18÷19 15÷18 16÷17
14 15÷19 13÷18 022

15 16÷17 11÷15 16÷17
16 16÷18 11÷16 16÷17
17 12÷17 10÷16 16÷17 15÷17 7÷16 16÷17
19 11-18 8-16 16-17
21 13÷18 10÷15 16÷17
22 16÷18 9÷17 16÷17
23 13÷19 10÷14 16÷17 13÷18 6÷14 16÷17
25 13÷17 10÷15 16÷17 16÷17
27 10÷16 8÷11 16÷17
28 13-16 7-13 16-17

30 10÷17 7÷10 15÷16

Weather in Barcelona in November 2023

22 Apr – 22 May Feb Mar Apr May June Lavgsenoktnoyadek


Daytime 02 02 002

900 35 17 036

9003 5 903 60 60



Oct 30 Oct 31 Nov 1 Nov 2 Nov 3
Night temperature, °C 15 16 17
Daytime temperature, °C 17 18 19 19 18
Humidity, % 68 72 69
Pressure, mm 746 746 3 4 4
Precipitation, mm 2.9 1.8 7.4 6 4


Nov 4 Nov 5 Nov 6 90 0 24 23 8 Nov
Temperature at night, °C 15 14 14 13 13
Daytime temperature, °C 17 15 16
Humidity, % 66 62 67 66 61

Wind, m/s 3 3 3 3 3
Precipitation, mm 2. 9 1.2 3 90 1.5 036


30 90 64

Nov 9 Nov 10 11 Nov 12 Nov 13 Nov
Temperature at night, °C 13 14 9003

15 14
Daytime temperature, °C 16 17 17 17 16
Humidity, % 69 68 66
Pressure, mm 747 747 747 748 748
W 36

3 3 3
Rainfall, mm 0.5 0.4 0.3 1.5 1.5

903 45

3 Nov 14 Nov 15 Nov 16 Nov 17 Nov 18 Temperature at night, °C 14 13 13 14 14 Temperature during the day, °C

900 35 16 036

16 16 16 Moisture % pressure, mm 747 748 748 747 747 Wind, m/s 4 4 3 3 3 Precipitation, mm

9006 3. 8 2 6 1.3

Precipitation, mm

Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov 21 Nov 22 9032 Nov 23

Temperature at night, °C 14 13 13 13 13
Temperature in the daytime, °C 5 Humidity, % 68 67 64 62 62
Wind, m/s 3 4 4 3


Nov 24 Nov 25 26 Nov 27 Nov 28 Nov
Temperature at night, °C 12 12 1 11
Daytime temperature, °C 14 14 13 13 13
Humidity, % 67
Pressure, mm 745 747 747 744 742

4 4
Precipitation, mm 0.