Weather barcelona spain in october: Barcelona October Weather, Average Temperature (Spain)

Weather in Barcelona in October


Fact: Barcelona spoils residents and tourists alike with its humid subtropical climate.

But at what time of year do we knock off the beach tourism and focus on the cultural offerings?

Simply put, the weather in Barcelona in October can be tricky.

You may not know what to go for so make sure you come prepared with all the weather info you need to pack your bags and maximize your holiday – with this handy October weather guide!

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By October things have cooled down to a pleasant warmth.

In all you’ll get a mixed bag. While it’s not exactly time to break out the heavy coats it’s clear that the best beaches in Barcelona have been put on hold for another season.

You can still go swimming early but the days to do so are dwindling.

At any rate it’ll be warm and sunny and better than pretty much anything in Europe.

  • Average daily high: 22°C (72°F).
  • Average daily low: 11°C (51°F).
  • Average sea temperature: 22°C (72°F).
  • Daily sunshine hours: 8.

Day lengths continue to decrease in October with October 1st averaging 10.2 hours of daylight while October 31st has 11.4.

As the long days of winter approach you may find yourself more at Barcelona’s top museums than taking a dip in the Med.


The problem with the weather in Barcelona in October is the unpredictability.

Especially in early parts of the month October can bring summer-like heat pushing 25-28°C. On the other hand October is one of the wettest months of the year with a 30% chance of precipitation on any day of the month.

October traditionally brings 10 days of rain and you can expect moderate rain with the odd thundershower.

In all 3 inches of rain fall during October – little for the UK or Pacific Northwest, but a lot for Spain.

Locals tend to unpack their autumn attire but keep a t-shirt or two handy.

There’s a median cloud cover of about 43% so you should get clear skies more than half the time.

For humidity you should know that relative levels range from 57% (mild) to 92% (high) and rarely go below the comfortable level of 40%. If you’re sensitive to humidity I suggest the following:

  • Wear loose, light clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton.
  • Pass on doing any exercise outside.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Stay away from too many alcoholic and sugary drinks.
  • Book a hotel or hostel that has air conditioning.

Moderate winds range from 8 mph to 14 mph – if you want surfing or windsurfing this (or any time) isn’t your time of year – you may want to head north to the Basque Country for that.


The weather in Barcelona in October is a mixed bag and that’s exactly what your suitcase is gonna be.

Make sure you take a bit of everything save heavy winter jackets.

If you’re coming to Barcelona on low-cost airlines to El Prat, Girona, and Reus airports make sure you wear your heavier items on board so they don’t count against your 10 kg limit: this could save €30.00 or more.

When coming to Barcelona in October make sure you pack:

  • A light jacket/windbreaker.
  • T-shirts and shorts.
  • Loose fitting natural fabric shirts for humid days.
  • A pair of long pants.
  • A sweater for evenings.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Flip flops and swimsuit (if coming early in the month)

Again, these are only suggestions and I suggest you check the weather forecast before leaving.

Barcelona Weather in October Activities

October in Barcelona marks the shift from outdoor activities to the indoors.

Sure, sunny days are still a great time to explore Barcelona’s beaches, learn at historic Montjuic Hill, or take in the city’s best view from Turo de la Rovira but when temperatures drop and the clouds roll in you need to get cultural.

The changing of the seasons marks a great time to check out La Boqueria Market. Not only will you find the classic Spanish hams (try Joselito) and cheeses (try manchego o cabrales) but the seasonal fruits like mandarins and pomegranates are almost candy-like.

Heck, you really can’t go wrong at any of Barcelona’s best markets.

With the summer crowds thinning out October is the perfect month to take in Barcelona’s architectural gems. You’ll be so thankful for having more peace in quiet to take in places like the Sagrada Familia basilica and Casa Batllo.

The lack of sweltering temperatures mean it’s more comfortable to visit Europe’s greatest urban park: Park Guell – you’ll be happy to see it at 22°C instead of 32°C when you’re taking that walk uphill.

October also means the return of football season: and what better place to mark the occasion than having a tour at one of football’s most legendary stadiums Camp Nou?

You may also want to take in a game and watch Leo Messi and Neymar live checking the schedule here.

Still Need Barcelona October Weather Info?

If you’re somehow still not an expert on the weather in Barcelona in October then make sure you ask me about any missing information in the comments below.

Also, if you’ve got any constructive criticism for the blog I’m always looking for ways to improve so please fire way!

Have a nice October 🙂

Spain in October: Travel Tips, Weather & More

As the calendar edges into autumn, Spain offers one last defiant burst of sunshine through October. This is the final month for travelers to do some sunbathing before the rains take over, yet the lighter weather means it’s also great for walking tours of Spain’s famous cities. Come, then, to Madrid, the Mediterranean coast, and the northern Basque country, and drink deeply of Spain’s bottomless cup.


October represents what is often the last gasp of sunny weather in Spain before rains become commonplace in November. You can expect daily averages in Spain to be around 70°F (21°C), with nighttime temps dipping down into the mid or low-50s (Fahrenheit). Of course, Spain is such a large country that you can expect microclimates throughout the nation—it’s going to be a lot warmer in the Canary Islands than it will be in the northern Atlantic coast and Basque Country. Using that example, the Canary Islands will still be averaging temperatures just south of 80°F (26°C), making for a great beach holiday.

Similarly, the Mediterranean coast and cities like Barcelona and the region of Andalusia will see averages in the mid-70s, which will be great for sunbathing but perhaps a bit chilly for swimming.  Obviously, the further north you go, the lower the temperatures will be. Madrid’s average daytime temps are in the high 60s but can dip into the 40s at night. You can expect similar averages in and around San Sebastián.

Crowds & Costs

October is the last month to take advantage of consistently good weather in Spain and lower shoulder-season prices too. You’ll find steep discounts on airfare during this month and discounts of 20% or more on many hotels. Remember that Spain’s economy is steeped in tourism, and with many vacationers having left the country by October, hotels and airlines will be competing more aggressively for business, which translates to big savings for savvy travelers. 

Where to Go

With milder temperatures but still sunny weather, this is the month to experience Spain’s incredible and historic cities. You can take walking tours of Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Salamanca, and Córdoba, and you don’t have to worry about the oppressive summer heat. In Madrid alone, there are several great sights to visit on foot, from the Plaza Mayor and El Retiro Park to the Museo del Prado and the Puerto del Sol, that other iconic plaza with its famous clock tower. 

October is also great to head to northeastern Spain’s Aragon region. The capital of Aragon is Zaragoza, a stunning city overlooking the Ebro River. It’s filled with uniquely beautiful Mudéjar architecture, grand 18th-century basilicas, Medieval Islamic palaces, and the historic Plaza of Our Lady of the Pillar, which is home to the iconic riverside cathedral of the same name. Zaragoza is definitely worth a visit, particularly if you’re traveling in Spain in early October, as Zaragoza hosts the biggest festival in the nation in October, the Fiestas del Pilar (more on this below). 

Plan your trip to Spain

Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Get Started

What to Do

This might be the last month to plan an extensive road trip on Spain’s sunny Mediterranean coast (at least if you want good weather during your drive). You could mix and match any coastal itinerary you so choose, be it a brisk day trip from Barcelona down to Valencia or a tour of the Andalusia region from Málaga down along the famed Costa del Sol, which passes through the historic coastal retreat of Marbella. 

If the coast isn’t beckoning, you might still want to visit Andalusia, as the mild temps won’t be as oppressively hot as in summer. This will make a sightseeing and cultural excursion to its capital of Seville a pleasant prospect. Visit the famous Plaza de Espana, a marvel of renaissance-revival architecture. You could also relax in the largest green space in the city, Maria Luisa Park, take a romantic stroll along the Guadalquivir River, and of course, enjoy a flamenco show at a local tablao (performance space). Flamenco was born in Andalusia, and there’s no better place to see a live performance than its capital. 

Events in October

Fiestas del PilarZaragoza. This annual festival celebrates the patron saint of Zaragoza, the Virgin del Pilar, typically beginning on the weekend of October 12 and continuing through the following Sunday. For a week straight, Zaragoza is abuzz with live music concerts, food stalls, processions, church masses, carnival rides, and more. The high point occurs with the Offering of the Flowers, where thousands of revelers dress in costumes and leave flowers at an altar of the Virgin on the Plaza del Pilar.

Fiesta Nacional de Españanationwide. Held on October 12 each year, this is Spain’s national day. It’s a national holiday that commemorates Christopher Colombus’ arrival in the new world and is marked by a military parade in Madrid presided over by the Spanish king. 

Traveling to Spain in October? Check out these great itineraries

Best of Spain: Barcelona, Madrid & Seville – 7 Days. From medieval castles to some of the world’s best wine, explore Spain’s culture and history on this packed weeklong getaway. Not only will you get the coast, but you can also see Madrid’s Fiesta Nacional parade if you’re traveling during the middle of the month. 

Best of Andalusia’s Interior – 8 Days. This eight-day cultural tour takes you from Seville to Granada in Spain’s southernmost region, Andalusia, which enjoys pleasant weather in October (great for walking tours).

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Weather in Barcelona for October 2023 ⋆ Weather forecast for Barcelona for the month of October ⇒ (Spain)

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September 25

+25° +18°

September 26

+24° +17°

September 27

+24° +16°

September 28

+24° +17°

September 29

+24° +17°

September 30

+24° +17°

October 1st

+25° +17°

October 2

+24° +17°

October 3

+25° +17°

October 4

+25° +17°

October 5

+25° +17°

October 6

+24° +17°

October 7

+24° +17°

October 8

+24° +17°

October 9

+24° +17°

October 10

+23° +17°

October 11

+23° +16°

October 12

+23° +17°

October 13

+22° +16°

October 14

+22° +16°

October 15

+22° +15°

October 16

+22° +13°

October 17

+22° +15°

October 18

+23° +15°

October 19

+22° +16°

October 20

+22° +16°

October 21

+21° +14°

October 22

+21° +14°

October 23

+22° +14°

October 24

+22° +14°

October 25

+21° +15°

October 26

+21° +14°

October 27

+21° +14°

October 28

+20° +13°

October 29

+20° +12°

October 30

+20° +12°

October 31

+20° +13°

November 1st

+20° +13°

November 2

+21° +14°

November 3

+20° +14°

November 4

+20° +13°

November 5

+19° +13°

* Forecast based on 70 years of historical data

Max. temperature

Min. temperature

Monthly precipitation

Wind speed

  • Max. temp…

  • Min. temp…

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25 April 11:49

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25 April 09:03

25 April 08:00

25 April 04:34

25 April 02:15

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Barcelona in October, holidays and weather in Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona is beautiful at any time of the year, but October is one of the best months to visit the capital of Catalonia. The summer heat is already over, and autumn has not yet had time to fully come into its own, only slightly decorating the picturesque streets with golden foliage. Even small whims of the weather that can happen in autumn will not spoil your vacation with a child in Barcelona, ​​but will only allow you to look at such a wonderful city in a different light.

Holidays in Barcelona in October: a quiet retreat after the hectic festivals

On the Internet you can find different positive reviews about holidays in Barcelona in October, but in general there are several advantages of holidays in the midst of autumn:

  • long walks outdoors.
  • Sea water is still quite warm, there is no risk of burning under the hot sun, the beaches are not crowded with tourists.
  • Even on rainy days, don’t get upset – organize your vacation according to weather forecasts, and visit museums at this time.
  • In autumn, accommodation prices drop a little, so it is possible to find a good hotel near the center at a reduced price, but it is advisable to find a suitable option on the Internet in advance in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary expenses right before the trip.

Along with the benefits, you can always find shortcomings of Barcelona in October, which you should know in advance so that no surprises spoil your long-awaited vacation:

  • In autumn, the weather is unstable, but the rains last no more than one or two days. Alternatively, you can go to museums, and leave walking around the city on sunny days.
  • The number of tourists is much less than in the high season, but popular routes and attractions are still packed with crowds of travelers who wish to escape the summer heat. The way out is to clearly plan your excursion program and purchase entrance tickets online in advance so as not to waste time at the box office.

Weather in Barcelona in October

The weather in October becomes unpredictable in autumn with cloudy or even rainy days that sometimes replace sunny days.

Possible precipitation in no way means that it will be cold, so you should not take a lot of warm clothes. A sweater or light jacket will be enough for evening walks in the fresh air.

The weather in early October is warmer and sunny, so you can not only go on excursions, but also swim in the sea, which has not yet cooled down after a hot summer. The temperature in Barcelona in mid-October is between 23°C during the day and around 13-15°C at night. The temperature in Barcelona at the end of October can drop a little, so in order not to get bored on cool cloudy days, you should consider sightseeing holidays.

Air and water temperature

Barcelona’s mild Mediterranean climate is considered the most favorable from May to September. At the beginning of the season, in May-June, you will not be disturbed by the unbearable heat, you can safely sunbathe, but the water in the sea will not be warm enough. At the height of summer, the sea warms up well, but there is a risk of sunburn. Walking around the city with children and excursions will cause fatigue due to intense heat.

Autumn is the best time for those who wish to combine a beach holiday with a rich excursion program.

For those who have chosen the second month of autumn for their trip, it is worth noting that at the beginning of the month the weather is usually more favorable, and the weather in Barcelona at the end of October becomes unpredictable and cloudy.

Air temperature in Barcelona in October

October in Barcelona is pleasantly warm, with a light breath of autumn. In the first half of the month, the temperature usually rises to 21-23°C, occasionally up to 28-29°C. It is still warm outside, but for walks in the evening, especially at the end of the month, you will need a jacket, because the temperature at night drops to 13-19°C. The sun in October becomes less, the winds noticeably increase, reminiscent of the onset of autumn.

Sea water temperature in Barcelona in October

The sea off the coast of Barcelona at the beginning of the month is already a little cool, but not yet cold. The average water temperature is within 23°C, gradually decreasing by the end of the month to 19-21°C. If you want to not only get acquainted with the historical and cultural values ​​​​of the capital of Catalonia, but also relax on the beach with children, it is advisable to plan a trip for early October.


October is the beginning of true autumn in Barcelona with possible rainfall and cloudy days. Humidity reaches 80%. Taking into account the average annual indicators, it rains for about five days in October, and precipitation more often falls in the second half of the month. Therefore, for a trip, it is better to choose the first week of the month, having read the weather forecast in advance.

Sunny, cloudy and cloudy days

October is considered one of the most cloudy and rainy months of the year. The sun is still plentiful, although the length of the day is greatly reduced. It always rains for several days a month and cloudy weather is observed for another 7-10 days, which in no case will prevent you from having a good vacation in Barcelona, ​​enjoying exciting walks in the fresh air.

What to see and do in October

October is one of the best months to explore the luxurious and unique Barcelona. In early October, you will not be bothered by the heat, and it does not rain so often, so you can travel around the city both by public transport and on foot. The middle and end of October are characterized by more cloudy weather, which will not interfere with getting to know the city.

If you come to Barcelona in October with children, the capital of Catalonia will give you ample opportunities for leisure activities:

  • Ride around the city in huge tourist buses with audio guides, take colorful photos against the backdrop of legendary sights, at each of which the bus will stop. Children of any age will be very interested to stay on the second floor of the bus.
  • Take a funicular ride to the top of Mount Tibidabo for a small fee, from where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of Barcelona. The oldest amusement park in Spain operates on the mountain. Children will be able to show themselves on carousels, on an air train, visit the museum of automata. The park is open only on weekends in October, so it is worth planning a visit in advance.
  • Go to the labyrinth park Horta. Adults will certainly enjoy the Romantic Garden, and children will find an exciting journey through the labyrinths of hedges. On Wednesdays and Sundays, the park can be visited free of charge.
  • With children, you should definitely visit Park Güell, created according to the fantastic project of Gaudí in the last century. The park with a total perimeter of 17 hectares is a harmonious combination of gardens in which residential buildings are lost. Flexible benches, edible houses, strange plants and oddly shaped buildings create a sense of a fairy tale.
  • See also: Children’s route in Barcelona

Sightseeing holidays

Barcelona continues to live a busy life in October, but some museums and amusement parks are switching to winter opening hours , many water parks are closed, so you should think over the route in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. In most museums, admission for children under the age of 16-18 is free, which will save a significant amount.

Museums and sights of Barcelona can be listed endlessly, but we will highlight the main accents of the autumn program:

  • There are thirteen creations of the crazy architect Gaudi in the city, the most popular of which is the Sagrada Familia with unique interiors. You can get there by metro, and tickets should be bought in advance to avoid queues.
  • You can spend a few hours at the Blau Science Museum with a special area for interesting educational experiments.
  • Fans of fine arts should get acquainted with the works of world famous artists Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.
  • Impressive is one of the largest aquariums in Europe, where you can look at marine inhabitants living in different seas and oceans of the world.
  • The Wax Museum has replicas of many celebrities that you can take a photo with as a keepsake.
  • The Bishop’s Palace, the Museum of Religious Art, the House of the Archdeacon and many other ancient buildings will impress both adults and children, allowing them to plunge headlong into the legendary past.

Tip: Buy one of the discount Barcelona Cards and get a number of nice discounts and bonuses to save your budget. There are several types of such cards in Barcelona, ​​depending on your plans and excursion program, you can choose the one that will save you the most money.

  • Overview of Discount City Cards in Barcelona: types, descriptions, prices, order

Beach holiday

October – the end of the long beach season. If you want to spend time on the beach with your children, it is worth going at the beginning of the month to catch more sunny days. If you are lucky with the weather, you will even be able to swim.

  • Useful: Holidays with children in Barcelona

Holidays, events and festivals

In autumn, Barcelona turns into the center of all kinds of holidays and entertainment. Whenever you come to this wonderful city, you can always take part in some interesting event. Holidays in Barcelona in October have a special atmosphere.

The International Jazz Festival is one of the most popular jazz festivals in the world, starting in October and continuing through December. Every day, both novice musicians and well-known jazz music stars gather at various venues and arrange performances that you can enjoy completely free of charge.

On October 12, not only in Barcelona, ​​but throughout Spain, the national holiday el Puente del Pilar is celebrated , dedicated to the patroness of Spain, Senora Pilar.

The Sitges Film Festival is held on the coast, during which horror and fantasy films are screened. You can get acquainted with the novelties of the genre, as well as recall retro paintings. During the festival, a grandiose flash mob is organized in the area of ​​the Town Hall Square – the Zombie Walk of Sitges.

Prices for holidays in Barcelona in October

October in Barcelona is considered the end of the beach season, so you can hope for a reduction in prices. Usually the cost of tours is reduced by 10-15%.

Air flight

To save on the flight, it is better to book tickets in advance, otherwise the cost will be only 8-10% lower compared to the high season. As an option – try to find cheaper flights with transfers.


Prices in Barcelona in October for accommodation are slightly reduced compared to the summer months . But if you search well on the Internet, you can find inexpensive, but quite comfortable hotels located near the center, for which you will have to pay 100-150 euros per day. In the suburbs, housing will cost even less, but for suites in the center you will need to spend from 250 euros.

  • Hotels for families with children in Barcelona


A popular mode of transport for tourists is a special double-decker tourist bus with an open second floor, so even those travelers who get motion sickness will feel comfortable. To get to the final stop, just walk along the Rambla towards the square. Tourist bus is the best option for guests who want to see as many sights as possible.

The tourist bus makes many stops along the way, at any of which you can get off and then take the next one.

If you want to plan your own holiday, a public transport ticket costs about 2 euros. When buying a special tourist card , the cost of which depends on the period of validity, it will be possible to travel by any public transport within the city. A taxi ride will cost about 8-10 euros for ten minutes.


The price of excursions in Barcelona does not depend on the season. Entrance tickets to entertainment centers and museums can always be purchased in advance on the Internet, which will save not only money, but time waiting in line. The price of excursions on a tourist bus is between 26 euros for adults and 16 euros for children.