Weather barcelona april: How Is the Weather in Barcelona in April?

How Is the Weather in Barcelona in April?

April in Barcelona features mostly dry weather, with cool to comfortable afternoons with chilly nights.

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Daytime maximum temperatures tend to be near 17 C (62 F) early in April, warming gradually to near 19 C (66 F) by the end of the month.

A few of the warmer afternoons, especially later in the month, can reach 21 C (about 70 F).

The record high temperature in Barcelona during April is 23 C (74 F).

Late night and early morning low temperatures will tend to be near 8 C (about 46 F) early in April, warming to 10-11 C (50-52 F) late in the month.

A few of the colder mornings, especially early in the month, can dip down near 5-6 C (about 42 F).

The record low temperature in Barcelona during April is 7 C (35 F). 

How Much Rain in April?

You can expect about 17 days with sunny, or at least partly sunny skies.

Some rain is possible on about 10 days this month, however, only 5 days typically will record 1 mm (0.04 inches) or more. 


The number of daylight hours increases from 12.7 hours on April 1st to just short of 14 hours by the 30th, allowing ample time to get out and explore this interesting city.


The wind in Barcelona this month tends to be mostly light to gentle averaging between 6-19 kph/4-12 mph, but occasionally can be moderate at 20-28 kph/13-18 mph.

Ocean Water Temperatures

The beach will be chilly this month with water temperatures averaging around 14-15 C (57-59 F) so swimming will not be a good option. 

What to Wear in Barcelona During April?

Spring attire will be best this month, however, there can be several chilly days, especially early in the month.

We recommend long-sleeved shirts and tops, as well as a couple of sweaters plus a light or medium-weight coat or jacket for the colder nights and mornings.

Don’t forget some comfortable walking shoes! 

Things to Do in Barcelona During April

As the weather begins to warm up this month, you might want to consider taking a pay-what-you-want walking tour in Barcelona.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to enjoy in the evening, there are plenty of restaurants and other venues offering Flamenco performances all month long.

It’s worth noting that Sant Jordi’s Day is on April 23rd, and this holiday is typically celebrated with flowers, red decorations, and Catalan flags hung at various locations throughout the city.

One great place to visit is Las Ramblas street, which is typically transformed into a large flower market!

Every now and then you’ll also have an opportunity to catch a major concert or see a football match. The Barcelona Open Finals are also usually held this month.

For even more ideas, make sure to read our post covering things to do in Barcelona in April.

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Barcelona Weather In April | Thomas Cook

Barcelona Weather In April | Thomas Cook

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Avg weather in April


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11 Hrsper day


83 mmper month


72 %avg


7 Mphavg

Barcelona weather April

What’s the weather like in Barcelona in April?

Barcelona weather in April is very mild and sunny, which is perfect if you’ve got a lot of sightseeing planned. The city isn’t as busy as you’d think, which makes April the best time to visit if you prefer a more laidback and relaxing atmosphere on holiday.

Geographical influences

Its location on Spain’s northeast coast means Barcelona enjoys a warm, Mediterranean climate that begins to warm up in spring. Temperatures are higher and there are just a few short showers scattered over the month. Winds coming from the Atlantic are quite common and tend to bring temperatures down slightly. This is both good and bad, as you’ll appreciate the sea breeze during hot parts of the day but if it’s windy at night, you’ll need to take your jacket out with you to stay warm.


The average temperature in April is around 17°C, which often increases to 21°C on a good day. The sun shines for at least eight hours a day, giving you plenty of time to explore the city and visit the best attractions. The sea finally starts to heat up in April and is warm enough for a swim with an average high of 14°C. You can expect light to moderate rainfall with a 28mm spread over 10 days of the month. Mild humidity levels make the weather more enjoyable, with an average level of 54%.

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April weather in Barcelona

Page Content

This page provides a daily weather report that will give you an idea of ​​the weather in Barcelona during the month of April.

Every day for a year, I noted data on weather conditions, including temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, as well as the presence of clouds and precipitation. After reviewing the table, you will know what the weather will be like for you in April and what things you should take with you on your trip.

To view weather reports for other months, as well as information about current weather conditions, see the “ Related Pages for ” section at the end of this article for links.

April weather report:

Average temperature: 17° C or 62.6 F
Maximum temperature: 22° C or 71. 6 F
Minimum temperature: 14° C or 57.2 F

Our recommendations:

It can be seen from the report below that most of the time the weather in April is sunny with some cloudiness. In cloudy or cloudy weather, be sure to take an umbrella with you, as there is a possibility of rain. However, in general, the weather is clear and pleasant at this time of the year.

Daily weather report for Barcelona in April

April 30

Daily Comment: Temperature 16° C around 61 F Cloudy in the morning. Partly cloudy during the day, overall much cooler today.

Day 29

Daily Comment: Temperature 17° C around 63 F slightly cooler today. Mostly cloudy, light rain.

Day 28

Daily Comment: Temperature 18° C around 64 F Partly cloudy – occasional showers after 20:00 – quite nasty weather indeed!

Day 27

Daily Comment: Temperature 21° C around 70 F Sunny all day!

Day 26

Daily Comment: Temperature 22° C around 72 F Sunny and warm with occasional light clouds.

Day 25

Daily Comment: Temperature 20° C around 68 F Most of the day was clear with occasional clouds.

Day 24

Daily Comment: Temperature 20° C around 68 F Light clouds but overall a warm and sunny day.

Day 23

Log entry: Temperature 22° C (72 F) Sunny all day, but around 4:00 pm clouds began to appear, and by 8:00 pm it started to rain a little.

Day 22

Daily Comment: Temperature 16° C around 61 F Cloudy, overcast with occasional rain throughout the day.

Day 21

Daily Comment: Temperature 22° C around 72 F Sunny and warm all day.

Day 20

Daily Comment: Temperature 20° C around 68 F Wonderful warm and sunny day in Barcelona 🙂

Day 19

Daily Comment: Temperature 20° C around 68 F – Great day with sunshine, a warm breeze and only occasional small clouds.

Day 18

Log entry: Temperature 16° C around 61 F – Overcast and cloudy all day.

Day 17

Daily Comment: Temperature 17° C around 63 F – Overcast day.

Day 16

Daily Comment: Temperature 14° C around 57 F Cloudy, rainy and much cooler day.

Day 15

Daily Comment: Temperature 18° C around 64 F Sunny day with some clouds.

Day 14

Daily Comment: Temperature 18° C around 64 F Not as pleasant as yesterday – partly cloudy.

Day 13

Daily Comment: Temperature 20° C around 68 F A very pleasant day in Barcelona. The temperature rises and the air warms up. It was sunny almost the whole day… a couple more degrees and it will be possible to wear T-shirts 🙂

Day 12

Journal Comment: Temperature 15° C around 59 F Mixed total. Rainy in places, cloudy most of the day, and sometimes the sun came out!

Day 11

Daily Comment: Temperature 16° C around 61 F Sunny day. There was a small cloud in the sky, but it did not prevent the sun from shining. There was a slight cool breeze blowing, which made it seem cooler outside than it actually was.

Day 10

Daily Comment: Temperature 14° C around 57 F Light clouds in the sky. The sun shone most of the day, but it was cool.

Day 9

Daily Comment: Temperature 14° C around 57 F Cloudy with occasional light rain. In general, today is much cooler

Day 8

Journal Entry: Temperature 16° C around 61 F So so day. It was overcast all day, with a slight drizzle.

Day 7

Daily Comment: Temperature 17° C around 63 F Overcast for most of the day, with some cloudiness later.

Day 6

Journal Entry: Temperature 19° C around 66 F . A little cloudy, then partly cloudy. But still, a warm and pleasant day.

Day 5

Daily Comment: Temperature 20° C around 68 F Pleasant day with some cloudiness. However, the sun shone most of the day.

Day 4

Daily Comment: Temperature 20° C around 68 F Another very pleasant day in Barcelona. It was sunny most of the day, although there were some clouds, but nothing worth mentioning.

Day 3

Log entry: Temperature 21° C (70 F) –

Today I recorded early because I’m going for a walk in the evening! After all, today is Saturday! So, today’s weather report. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at my trusty thermometer – it showed 21° C (70 F) and the sun shone all day. You could feel the sun warming up – this is a good sign that the good days are already on, and this is just the beginning!

Day 2

Daily Comment: Temperature 17° C around 63 F Nice day with some cloudiness but sunshine for most of the day.

Day 1

Daily Comment: Temperature 16° C around 61 F Dry with little clouds. Partly cloudy – generally pleasant, but we want more sun!

Weather in Barcelona in April: air and sea temperature

Barcelona is one of those Spanish cities that contribute to the active development of tourism in Spain. Such successes were achieved not only thanks to the historical heritage, preserved in excellent condition to this day, but also due to the development of the city in all directions: cultural, scientific and technical, economic, etc. Travelers from all over the world meet at the sights of such a majestic city, and they are not stopped by the not always welcoming weather in Barcelona in April. From this article you will learn about how the weather changes in April in the city of Barcelona: air and sea temperatures during the month. Naturally, the information presented in this article should be treated with healthy skepticism, because the weather changes from year to year. Therefore, we bet on the average data for April Barcelona.

Clear half of April

Not a single cloud is observed in the sky for about half a month. Days 5 per month are usually overcast, rain is possible. The rest of the month is cloudy, partly cloudy. In general, the April weather in Barcelona is a good time to get acquainted with the local attractions. Of course, it is better to take an umbrella with you so as not to be caught in the rain while walking in the Park Güell or when sightseeing on the hill of Montjuic. As for clothes, it’s best to bring a coat, windbreaker, or something else from outerwear, just in case. Anyway, it will be cool in the evening and at night. If you’re lucky, Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate will keep you warm during the day, and you’ll be able to walk around in shorts and a T-shirt. Are you planning a vacation in late spring? Then information about the weather in Barcelona in May will be most welcome, but more on that in another article.

Weather in Barcelona (April) – a summary table with a range of temperature values ​​

Summarizing the above, it is worth noting quite comfortable temperature conditions – the weather in April in Barcelona is neither hot nor cold.