Watching six nations: Six Nations Rugby | TV/Broadcast

Six Nations Rugby | TV/Broadcast

Country Broadcaster
Afghanistan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Algeria TV5 Monde
Algeria Premier Sports
Andorra Movistar
Angola TV5 Monde (France games only)
Angola Supersport
Anguilla ESPN
Anguilla TV5 Monde (France games only)
Antigua ESPN
Antigua and Barbuda TV5 Monde (France games only)
Antilles TV5 Monde (France games only)
Argentina ESPN Sur
Argentina TV5 Monde (France games only)
Aruba ESPN
Aruba TV5 Monde (France games only)
Australia Stan Sport
Austria More Than Sports
Bahamas TV5 Monde (France games only)
Bahamas ESPN
Bahrain TV5 Monde
Bahrain Premier Sports
Bangladesh Premier Sports Asia
Bangladesh TV5 Monde (France games only)
Barbados TV5 Monde (France games only)
Barbados ESPN
Barbuda ESPN
Belize TV5 Monde (France games only)
Belize TV5 Monde (France games only)
Benin TV5 Monde (France games only)
Benin Supersport
Bermuda ESPN
Bermuda TV5 Monde (France games only)
Bermuda TV5 Monde (France games only)
Bhutan Premier Sports Asia
Bhutan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Bolivia ESPN Sur
Bolivia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Bonaire ESPN
Botswana Supersport
Botswana TV5 Monde (France games only)
Brazil ESPN Sur
Brazil TV5 Monde (France games only)
British Virgin Islands ESPN
British Virgin Islands TV5 Monde (France games only)
Brunei Premier Sports Asia
Brunei TV5 Monde (France games only)
Burkina Faso TV5 Monde (France games only)
Burkina Faso Supersport
Burundi TV5 Monde (France games only)
Burundi Supersport
Caimanes Islands TV5 Monde (France games only)
Cambodia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Cambodia Premier Sports Asia
Cameroon TV5 Monde (France games only)
Cameroon Supersport
Canada DAZN
Cape Verde TV5 Monde (France games only)
Cape Verde Supersport
Cayman Islands ESPN
Central African Republic Supersport
Central African Republic TV5 Monde (France games only)
Chad TV5 Monde (France games only)
Chad Supersport
Chile TV5 Monde (France games only)
Chile ESPN Sur
China TV5 Monde (France games only)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands TV5 Monde (France games only)
Colombia ESPN Sur
Colombia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Comoros Supersport
Comoros TV5 Monde (France games only)
Congo Supersport
Congo TV5 Monde (France games only)
Costa Rica TV5 Monde (France games only)
Curacao ESPN
Czech Republic Nova Sport
Democratic Republic of Congo TV5 Monde (France games only)
Democratic Republic of Congo Supersport
Denmark NENT
Djibouti TV5 Monde (France games only)
Djibouti Supersport
Dominica ESPN
Dominican Republic ESPN
Dominican Republic TV5 Monde (France games only)
Dominican Republic TV5 Monde
Dominique TV5 Monde (France games only)
Ecuador ESPN Sur
Ecuador TV5 Monde (France games only)
Egypt Premier Sports
Egypt TV5 Monde
Equatorial Guinea Supersport
Equatorial Guinea TV5 Monde (France games only)
Eritrea TV5 Monde (France games only)
Eritrea Supersport
Estonia NENT
Ethiopia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Ethiopia Supersport
Falkland Islands TV5 Monde
Falkland Islands TV5 Monde (France games only)
Falkland Islands ESPN
Finland NENT
France FR2
French Guyana ESPN
Gabon TV5 Monde (France games only)
Gabon Supersport
Gambia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Gambia Supersport
Gaza Strip and Palestine Premier Sports
Germany More Than Sports
Ghana TV5 Monde (France games only)
Ghana Supersport
Grenada ESPN
Grenade TV5 Monde (France games only)
Guadeloupe ESPN
Guatemala TV5 Monde (France games only)
Guinea Supersport
Guinea TV5 Monde (France games only)
Guinea-Bissau Supersport
Guinea-Bissau TV5 Monde (France games only)
Guyana TV5 Monde (France games only)
Guyana ESPN
Haiti TV5 Monde (France games only)
Haiti ESPN
Honduras TV5 Monde (France games only)
Hong Kong TV5 Monde (France games only)
Hong Kong Premier Sports Asia
Iceland NENT
India TV5 Monde (France games only)
India Premier Sports Asia
Indonesia Premier Sports Asia
Indonesia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Iran TV5 Monde
Iraq TV5 Monde
Iraq Premier Sports
Israel TV5 Monde
Israel Sport 5
Italy Sky Italia
Ivory Coast Supersport
Ivory Coast TV5 Monde (France games only)
Jamaica TV5 Monde (France games only)
Jamaica ESPN
Jordan TV5 Monde
Jordan Premier Sports
Kazakhstan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Kenya Supersport
Kenya TV5 Monde (France games only)
Korea TV5 Monde (France games only)
Kuwait Premier Sports
Kuwait TV5 Monde
Kyrgyzstan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Kyrgyzstan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Laos Premier Sports Asia
Latvia NENT
Lebanon TV5 Monde
Lebanon Premier Sports
Lesotho TV5 Monde (France games only)
Lesotho Supersport
Liberia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Liberia Supersport
Libya TV5 Monde
Libya Premier Sports
Liechtenstein More Than Sports
Lithuania NENT
Luxembourg More Than Sports
Macao TV5 Monde (France games only)
Macau Premier Sports Asia
Madagascar TV5 Monde (France games only)
Madagascar Supersport
Malawi Supersport
Malaysia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Malaysia Premier Sports Asia
Maldives TV5 Monde (France games only)
Maldives Premier Sports Asia
Mali TV5 Monde (France games only)
Mali Supersport
Malta GO
Martinique ESPN
Mauritania TV5 Monde (France games only)
Mauritania Supersport
Mauritius Supersport
Mauritius TV5 Monde (France games only)
Mexico TV5 Monde (France games only)
Mongolia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Mongolia Premier Sports Asia
Montserrat ESPN
Montserrat TV5 Monde (France games only)
Morocco Premier Sports
Morocco TV5 Monde
Mozambique TV5 Monde (France games only)
Mozambique Supersport
Myanmar TV5 Monde (France games only)
Myanmar Premier Sports Asia
Namibia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Namibia Supersport
Nepal TV5 Monde (France games only)
Nepal Premier Sports Asia
Netherlands Ziggo Sport
Nevis ESPN
Nicaragua TV5 Monde (France games only)
Niger TV5 Monde (France games only)
Niger Supersport
Nigeria Supersport
Nigeria TV5 Monde (France games only)
Norfolk Island TV5 Monde (France games only)
Norway NENT
Oman TV5 Monde
Oman Premier Sports
Pakistan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Pakistan Premier Sports Asia
Palestine TV5 Monde
Panama TV5 Monde (France games only)
Paraguay ESPN Sur
Paraguay TV5 Monde (France games only)
Peru ESPN Sur
Peru TV5 Monde (France games only)
Philippines Premier Sports Asia
Philippines TV5 Monde (France games only)
Poland NENT
Portugal Sport TV
Puerto Rico TV5 Monde (France games only)
Qatar Premier Sports
Quatar TV5 Monde
Republic of Ireland RTÉ
Republic of Ireland Virgin Media
Romania Romtelecom
Rwanda TV5 Monde (France games only)
Rwanda Supersport
Saint Kitts and Nevis TV5 Monde (France games only)
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines TV5 Monde (France games only)
Salvador TV5 Monde (France games only)
San Marino TV5 Monde (France games only)
Sao Tome & Principe TV5 Monde (France games only)
Sao Tome & Principe Supersport
Saudi Arabia TV5 Monde
Senegal Supersport
Senegal TV5 Monde (France games only)
Seychelles TV5 Monde (France games only)
Shetland Islands TV5 Monde (France games only)
Sierra Leone Supersport
Sierra Leone TV5 Monde (France games only)
Singapore Premier Sports Asia
Singapore TV5 Monde (France games only)
Slovakia Nova Sport
Slovenia Sport TV
Somalia Supersport
Somalia TV5 Monde (France games only)
South Africa Supersport
South Africa TV5 Monde (France games only)
South Korea Premier Sports Asia
South Sudan Premier Sports
Spain Movistar
Sri Lanka Premier Sports Asia
Sri Lanka TV5 Monde (France games only)
St Lucia TV5 Monde (France games only)
St. Lucia ESPN
St. Martin ESPN
Sudan Supersport
Sudan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Suriname TV5 Monde (France games only)
Suriname ESPN
Swaziland Supersport
Swaziland TV5 Monde (France games only)
Sweden NENT
Switzerland DAZN
Switzerland More Than Sports
Syria Premier Sports
Syria TV5 Monde
Taiwan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Taiwan Premier Sports Asia
Tajikistan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Tanzania Supersport
Tanzania TV5 Monde (France games only)
Thailand Premier Sports Asia
Thailand TV5 Monde (France games only)
The West Bank Premier Sports
Togo TV5 Monde (France games only)
Togo Supersport
Trinidad & Tobago ESPN
Trinidad and Tobago TV5 Monde (France games only)
Tunisia Premier Sports
Tunisia TV5 Monde
Turkmenistan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Turks & Caicos ESPN
Turks and Caicos Islands TV5 Monde (France games only)
UAE TV5 Monde
USA NBC Sports Network
Uganda TV5 Monde (France games only)
Uganda Supersport
United Arab Emirates Premier Sports
United Kingdom S4C
United Kingdom BBC Sport
United Kingdom ITV Sport
Uruguay TV5 Monde (France games only)
Uruguay ESPN Sur
Uzbekistan TV5 Monde (France games only)
Venezuela ESPN Sur
Venezuela TV5 Monde (France games only)
Vietnam Premier Sports Asia
Vietnam TV5 Monde (France games only)
West Indies TV5 Monde
Yemen Premier Sports
Yemen TV5 Monde
Zambia TV5 Monde (France games only)
Zambia Supersport
Zimbabwe TV5 Monde (France games only)
Zimbabwe Supersport

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from anywhere

No matter where you are, here’s your guide to watching the men’s Six Nations championship

Here we are then. It all comes down to this last Six Nations Saturday. And it’s set to be a belter.

No more studying the rugby fixtures. We know the final England squad, and it’s pretty simple with regards to the Six Nations Table – should the Irish win against England in Dublin – on St Patrick’s Day weekend at that – then they will win a Grand Slam in front of their own fans for the first time ever!

But with two other cracking fixtures payed out before on a jam-packed Six Nations Super Saturday you’ll want to watch it all.

So wherever you are in the world, we have the answer to the question: how do you watch it all if you’re outside of the six countries involved? Don’t worry, we have got your guide to finding a reliable live stream for Six Nations matches anywhere on the planet – and the good news is that the championship is on free-to-air TV in several countries.

Live stream Six Nations for FREE in the UK

Ireland v England is being shown for free in the UK on ITV1, with kick-off at 2. 15pm on Saturday afternoon.

Which means the match can be streamed FREE on ITVX. They also have an amazing app that works on almost all your smart devices. Just search for the app on any device, phone or console you have.

If you’re outside of the UK, but want your usual coverage, it’s best to check out the free 30-day ExpressVPN trial and follow the instructions below.

How to watch the Six Nations from outside your country

If you’re from one of the six countries but live abroad and still want to watch your local coverage, you can do so by using a VPN – Virtual Private Network.

Our colleagues over at TechRadar have tested hundreds of VPN and recommend ExpressVPN, which is easy to use, has strong security features and allows you to watch on several devices at once, including smart TVs and phones, iPads, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Plus, ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try it out for a month for free or sign up for an annual plan and get three months free.

  • Check out ExpressVPN

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from the UK

All of the Six Nations matches are available on free-to-air TV in the UK, with the BBC and ITV sharing the broadcast rights once again.

ITV show England, France, Ireland and Italy’s home matches while the BBC air the home games of Scotland and Wales.

Most games are also available to stream on BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

Welsh language channel S4C has live coverage of Wales’ Six Nations matches too.

If you’re from the UK but are overseas when Six Nations matches take place, you can get your normal live stream but you’ll need a VPN – see the information above.

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from Ireland

In Ireland, the Six Nations will be on free-to-air TV too, with RTÉ and Virgin Media One broadcasting the matches.

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from Europe

France 2, another free-to-air channel, has the Six Nations broadcast rights in France.

In Italy, Sky Italia have the rights to show the Six Nations this year while TV8 will show Italy’s matches on free-to-air TV.

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from Australia

For Australian fans, Stan Sports has the exclusive rights to show Six Nations matches and the streaming platform will have all 15 matches live and on demand.

It costs $10 a month to add Stan Sport to your general Stan plan – and there is also a seven-day free trial available so you could test it out first.

  • Get Stan Sport

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from New Zealand

If you want to tune in to the Six Nations from the Land of the Long White Cloud, Sky Sport NZ have the rights.

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from South Africa

If you want to watch the Six Nations from South Africa, SuperSport is the place to go.

There are various SuperSport packages available, whether you want to watch via DStv or stream.

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from the USA

If you live in the United States, the official broadcaster of Six Nations matches is NBC, with matches streamed on Peacock Premium, which is available for $4.99 a month.

  • Get Peacock Premium

Matches will also be repeated later on CNBC.

Sling is a smart TV service that allows people in the US to watch cable channels on their TV, laptop or tablet without actually having to subscribe to an annual cable TV package.

CNBC is available on Sling with the Sling Blue package with the News Extra add-on. It’s $41 per month but the first seven days are free and you can cancel at any time.

  • Get Sling

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from Canada

Six Nations matches are shown on streaming platform DAZN in Canada.

Six Nations live stream: How to watch from Asia

Premier Sports has the rights to broadcast Six Nations matches in Asia and will show matches in 22 territories – Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

A weekly pass to Premier Sports Asia is $25.99 or you can take out a rolling six-month contract for $89.99 while a year’s deal is $129.99.

  • Premier Sports Asia subscription

We recommend VPN services in the context of legal recreational uses. For example:

  1. Accessing a service from another country (subject to the terms and conditions of that service)
  2. Protecting your online security and strengthening your online privacy when abroad

We do not support or condone the illegal or malicious use of VPN services. Consuming pirated content that is paid-for is neither endorsed nor approved by Future Publishing. 

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watch 6 Nations 2023 live TV online

Six Nations live stream: how to watch Six Nations rugby online from anywhere in the world today? Which TV channels show 6 Nations Championship?

The Guinness Six Nations Championship is ready for its 22nd edition as the rugby union tournament kicks off February 6, 2023. If you’re wondering how and where to watch the Six Nations Live Stream, don’t worry as the details of the 2023 TV Reports of the Nations have been produced by the Six Nations Rugby.

The Six Nations Championship is a rugby competition involving 6 nations. England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy. The competition began in 1883 as the Home Nations Championship. Home Nations is basically a term used for sporting events that take place between the countries of the United Kingdom.

However, with the entry of France, the league was expanded to five countries and eventually Italy was added in 2000 to give the championship its current name of the Six Nations Championship.

The 2023 edition recently ended in October with England winning for a record 29th time. Although they have very little time to celebrate as the new season will start from February 6, 2023 to March 20, 2023.

The good news for every ruby ​​fan is that the championship will be broadcast worldwide and here is a guide on how to watch the 6 nations matches live from anywhere in the world with a list of free TV channels.

How to watch

Live coverage of the Six Nations in the UK

Live broadcasts of the Six Nations Championship are available on the UK’s free-to-air channels – BBC and ITV. Six Nations 2023 men’s games are split between BBC and ITV.

So if you want to watch England, Ireland or Italy at home, tune in to ITV while the BBC is showing France, Scotland or Wales at home.

If you want to watch 6 nations live, just download the BBC iPlayer or ITV hub.

2023 Six Nations Schedule

Round 1

Saturday 6 Feb Italy – France 2.15pm. Live on ITV
Saturday 6 February England – Scotland Twickenham 4.45pm. Live on ITV
Sunday 7 Feb Wales – Ireland, Principality Stadium, 3pm. Live on BBC

Round 2

Sat 13 Feb England – Italy Twickenham 2.15pm live on ITV.
Sat Feb 13 Scotland – Wales BT Murrayfield 4.45pm. Live on BBC
Sunday Feb 14 Ireland – France Aviva Stadium 3pm. Live on ITV

Round 3

Saturday 27 February Italy – Ireland 2.15pm live on ITV.
Saturday, February 27, Wales – England, Principality Stadium, 4.45 p.m. Live on BBC
Sunday 28 Feb France – Scotland 3pm. Live on BBC

Round 4

Saturday 13 March Italy – Wales 2.15pm. Live on ITV
Saturday 13 March England – France Twickenham 4.45pm. Live on ITV
Sunday March 14 Scotland v Ireland BT Murrayfield 3pm Live on BBC

Round 5

Saturday March 20 BT Murrayfield 5 Italy 5 :XNUMX. Live on BBC
Saturday, March 20, Ireland – England, Aviva Stadium, 4.45 p.m. Live on ITV
Saturday 20 March France – Wales 8am. Live on BBC

How to watch from Europe Live Six Nations

rights to broadcast all matches.

The Six Nations Championship is available on Virgin TV using smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Broadcasting rights for the Six Nations in France are acquired by France 2 and in Italy by DMAX to provide TV coverage of the 6 Nations as well as live streaming of matches online on its Dplay service.

Rugby fans from Austria, Germany and Switzerland should watch the Six Nations report on DAZN’s global live streaming service.

View in USA Six Nations Live

NBC is the official broadcast of the Six Nations in the USA and matches can be streamed online on NBC Sports Gold. You can subscribe to the NBC Sports Gold Pass for $79.99.

How to watch in South Africa 6 Nations Live

African Cuisine Rugby Viewers must have a SuperSport subscription to watch Six Nations on their TVs, phones and computers.

A SuperSport subscription gives you access to its digital game streaming platform from anywhere in the world.

Six Nations Live Stream: How to Watch in Asia

In Australia, beIN Sports has secured the rights to broadcast the Six Nations games. Australian fans can sign up for the beIN Sports Connect package, which costs around $19.99 per month and $179.99 per year.

Six Nations television report to be broadcast on Sky Sport NZ in New Zealand. The channel costs about $31.99 per month, or sign up by January 31, 2023 to get the annual package and the first month for free. Stream all games online through the Sky Go app.

Rest of Asian countries can buy RugbyPass to live stream Six Nations in India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bhutan and Thailand.

If you are not from the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand or any of the countries listed above, you can still access the Six Nations live stream using VPN services.

How to watch Six Nations live outside your country

VPN, also called Virtual Private Network, is the best option if you want to watch the 6 Nations Rugby Championship from outside your home country.

Download and install a VPN (ExpressVPN) that allows you to access content on your computer without any geographical restrictions. In this way, you can enjoy the six nations live broadcast at home without going down the illegal path.

TV coverage of Six Nations 2023

TV coverage of Six Nations 2023 in Europe
Country Announcer
England, Wales, Scotland BBC Sports, ITV Sports, S4C Ireland 0166

BBC Sport, ITV Sport, S4C, Virgin Media
Italy DMAX
France France.2
Six Nations television coverage 2014 9015 outside Europe 9015 9015
Country speaker Albania Digitalb Algeria beIN Sport, TV5 Monde



Movistar Angola Supersport, TV5 Monde (France games only) Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas ESPN Argentina, Bolvia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia ESPN Sur, TV5 Monde (France games only) Australia beIN Sports Austria DAZN Bahrain beIN Sports, TV5 9016 Monde 9016 9016 Monde 9016 6

Bangladesh, Bhutan RugbyPass, Premier Sports Asia Barbados, Barbuda , Bermuda, Bonaire ESPN Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic TV5 Monde (France games only), Supersport Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia Arena Sports British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands ESPN




RugbyPass, Premier Sports Asia, TV5 Monde (games only in France) Canada DAZN Chad beIN Sports, Supersport, TV5 Monde (France games only) China RugbyPass, TV5 Monde (France games only) Comoros, Congo TV5 Monde (France games only), Supersport Kosovo Digitalb

165 Asia Rugby Pass MENA (Middle East and North Africa) beIN Sports, TV5 Monde India RugbyPass, Premier Sports Asia, TV5 Monde (France games only) Pakistan RugbyPass, Premier Sports Asia Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan beIN Sports, TV5 Monde, Supersportde Oman

, Romania Telecom Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania VIASAT Germany, Switzerland DAZN South America ESPN Sur, TV5 Monde (France games only) Czech Republic, Slovakia Nova Sports Fiji Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Malta 61


Netherlands ZIGGO Sports, N. O.S. New Zealand Bein Sport Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden VIASAT


9 Portugal Sport TV Romania Romania Telecom Russian Match TV Sportena TV66 Slovenia 90,5 Spain Movistar Sport South from Sahara SuperSport U.S.A NBC Sports

Unfortunately, there are certain countries such as Djibouti, Jordan, Qatar, North Macedonia and Georgia that will not be broadcasting live on the championship six their countries.

6 Nations Cup: why watch this? – MyRugby.Ru – Blogs

Sharzewski and Livermont have already got their hands on this “samovar”. But there are still unresolved issues

The upcoming weekend will put an end to the amnyambuam-tsat 6 Nations Cup, Europe’s main rugby trophy.

The owner is already known and this is the one who was most often pointed at before the start of the tournament. The French team won all 4 matches and will receive the cup at home, at the end of the game with the British.


But! Firstly, at stake is such a very, very honorable thing as the Grand Slam, aka the Grand Slam. This is for the team that wins every match in the tournament. Recently, the winners of the 6 nations have made a habit of winning this way: in 2008, Wales managed to do it, and in 2009, Ireland did it.

Are the French good? We will find out in the match France England.

I would like to point out that for the last couple of years these meetings have been serving frog soup. Although every time, like now, criticism of the England team was the main topic of any publication from sports to tabloid. How will it be this time?


Morgan Parra will definitely score against the English

but Wilko is defeated in the game with the Scots and there is apparently no hope for him


The Irish, who could defend the title, if not that unfortunate defeat from the French, also have motivation. Since they had already beaten the English and the Welsh, now it remains to beat Scotland. And there it is the Triple Crown Trophy.

The Scots, I think, have improved this year, and their third line made a rustle. However, from all their exploits, they managed to squeeze out only a draw with England, and a clear victory over Wales slipped away from their hands. In addition, they managed to lose to Italy.

You don’t have to be an expert to predict that they are likely to merge and hello wooden spoon away on Saturday too. But that doesn’t mean they’ll come out with their paws up, right?

Johnny Beatty one of BeattyBrownBarclay’s shock trio


Ireland releases the same squad that Wales just beat


Wales lost to Ireland, lost to France, even lost to England and only miraculously snatched victory from the Scots. At other times, they managed to endure defeats from the Italians, but if they repeat this trick now, then the coaching staff should sit down and write a statement of their own free will.