Trains barcelona airport: R2 Nord RENFE Train Service To City Centre

R2 Nord RENFE Train Service To City Centre

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Many people opt to take the bus from Barcelona Airport to the city centre. However, the train can also prove to be convenient, particularly if you are watching your money or if you wish to reach a specific destination that is on the train route. You can also be more certain of travel times as you have no traffic jams to factor in for.

This page will cover where to catch the train, the route, the prices, luggage space, where to purchase tickets, payment machines and journey times.

Renfe train station at Barcelona airport

Make sure you take the right train. The R2 Nord train, goes to Barcelona Airport Terminal 2B (last stop), but the R2 train (without the Nord) does not go to Barcelona Airport. If you accidentally take the wrong train you would need to get off at El Prat de Llobregat station and change for the R2 Nord train which would take you one more stop to the Airport.

Where to Catch the Barcelona Airport Train

Airport Train From Passeig de Gràcia In The City Centre:
This station has various entrances dotted along Passeig de Gràcia . You will walk down the same set of stairs as if you were going into the metro station. You will need to ask which platform you will be catching the train from at the station.

Passeig de Gràcia is a huge rail station and it is easy to get lost in the station. If you intend to leave from Passeig de Gràcia factor in enough time to ensure you can easily find the platform from which the Airport train leaves from.

Airport Train From Estació Sants (Barcelona Sants) In The City Centre:
Estació Sants is a large train station located at the top of Avenida Roma. It has many platforms and ticket booths. Therefore it is worth arriving in plenty of time to ensure that you have enough time to find your platform.

Luggage Storage

Click to see luggage/bag storage facility near Barcelona Sants Station

Airport train arriving from Barcelona Airport:
The entrance to the train station is in T2B. It can be reached via the same set of escalators that also lead to departures. Follow the signs for RENFE, along a covered bridge across the main road outside the airport. The train station is at the bottom of the stairs at the other side.

If you are arriving or departing from T1 you will not be able to walk to or from the train station. It is necessary to catch one of the free shuttle buses that run between the train station and T1.

On arriving at Barcelona Airport train station, to catch the shuttle bus, walk to the end of the train platform and leave the building through the door on your left. The shuttle bus stop is located just here. The shuttle buses are scheduled to coincide with the arrival of the train.

Train Stops From the Airport

From Barcelona Airport:

  1. Barcelona Airport (‘Aeroport’)
  2. Estació Sants
  3. Passeig de Gràcia
  4. El Clot

From Barcelona City Centre:

  1. El Clot
  2. Passeig de Gràcia
  3. Estació Sants
  4. Barcelona Airport (‘Aeroport’)

Operating Times

Operating times for the airport train may vary during the year. We have therefore provided a link to the official RENFE website for you to look up the Airport train timetable information for your visit dates.

When you arrive at the REFNE page choose Barcelona-Sants as the “Origin” and Aeroport as the “Destino” and then select your date using the field called “Fecha”. Then press the button called “Buscar” to see the timetable for the airport RENFE train from Barcelona-Sants. You can also do the same for other stations in Barcelona such as Passeig de Gràcia.

Airport RENFE Train timeable

Frequency of the Barcelona Airport Train

From Barcelona Airport
First train: 05:19
Last train: 23:46

From Estació Sants
First train: 05:13
Last train: 00:06

From Passeig de Gràcia
First train: 00:00 Midnight
Last train: 23:29

Two airport trains run every hour to and from the Airport.

Ticket Prices

Ticket Price
Single ticket: €4. 60

T-Casual: €11.35 

The T-Casual is valid for ten journeys on Barcelona Airport train, buses and metro. You can purchase the T-Casual at the airport tobacco shops or at the entrance to the RENFE train station at the airport. In Barcelona city centre you can also buy it at Metro stations.

If you plan to use Barcelona public transport to move around Barcelona during your stay, you might want to consider the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass mentioned above. This travel card gives you unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport including Barcelona Airport train.

Click here to learn more about the Hola Barcelona Travel Card which gives you unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport.

Where to Buy Your Train Tickets

Train ticket vending machines can be found in both the airport station and the stations in Barcelona city centre. There are five ticket machines at Barcelona Airport. If you are struggling to use the machine you should look out for somebody wearing a high visibility jacket – there is normally somebody manning the machines who can help you to use the machine and purchase your ticket.

RENFE Trains Ticket Machine

It is possible to pay at the machines with both cash (coins and notes €5.00, €10.00, €20.00 and €50.00 notes) and cash/credit cards.

The languages available on the machines are:

  1. German
  2. Castellano (Spanish)
  3. Catalan
  4. English
  5. French

It is possible to buy multiple tickets with one payment.

At BCN airport you can purchase the T-Casual ticket at the RENFE train stop at Terminal 2B. Once in the city centre you can purchase the T-Casual travel card (offering 10 metro, train or bus journeys within a zoned travel area) at any metro entrance.

Journey Time

Departure Boards at the Train Station

From Airport to Estació Sants: 19 minutes

From Airport to Passeig de Gràcia: 26 minutes

From Passeig de Gràcia to Airport: 25 minutes

From Estació Sants to Airport: 18 minutes.

If you are running late for your flight, when alighting from the train you can instantly check the status of your plane. There are flight arrival and departure information monitors in the airport train station itself.

Seating and Luggage Space on the Train.

It is worth noting that if you have a lot of luggage the train can prove to be a difficult journey compared to a bus or taxi transfer. The carriages are often full, with many people standing. There is also no allocated room for luggage. Suitcase and bags must be stored in the aisles or by people’s feet.

The Barcelona Airport train is a quick and convenient way to get into Barcelona’s city centre. The train also continues to El Clot after Estació Sants, which may also be convenient for you if you are staying outside of the city centre.
It is also convenient if you plan to catch the Metro to your final destination, as you will be able to alight exactly where there is a Metro station. If you have bought a T-Casual ticket you will also be able to use this for your onward Metro journey, and it will count as a single journey provided that the journey does not take longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes in total.

Other transport options between Barcelona Airport and Barcelona city centre

We have provided links below with other transport options to consider for transport between Barcelona Airport and Barcelona city centre.

Did you know that you can arrange your airport transport in advance of your trip for a smooth and stress-free arrival?

Aerobus Express bus from/to city centre

Private car with driver from/to your accommodation

Secure Luggage Drop Off and Transfer Service

There is a secure luggage storage and transfers service that operates to and from Barcelona. This is a handy service were you can drop off your luggage and have it securely transferred to your final destination e.g. your hotel or other destination e.g. the cruise port. We have put together an article that explains in more detail this service.

Luggage Transfer Service at Barcelona Airport T1 & T2

Barcelona Airport Train | Railways, Timetables, Tickets

The R2 Nord Train Line from El Prat Airport

The R2 Nord Line connects BCN Airport to the city of Barcelona. With a 30-minute frequency, the suburban train needs approximately 20-25 minutes to reach the city center. Departing from El Prat airport train station, it ends its journey to Maçanet-Massages, passing through Granollers Center. 

The R2 Line is divided into 3 sublines. However, only the R2 Nord offers a straight connection to the city. On the other hand, the R2 and the R2 Sud Lines don’t stop at the Airport Train Station. Therefore, passengers on those lines need to transit to R2 Nord at El Prat, Bellvitge, Barcelona-Sants, or at the Passeig de Gràcia Station. 

Finally, a new AVE high-speed train and a commuter train are expected to be added soon to the existing airport’s transportation system.

The R2 Nord Time Schedule from BCN Airport

The R2 Nord Line departs every 30 minutes from the Airport Train Station and reaches the metropolitan area of Barcelona in about 20-25 minutes. The first train leaves the Aeroport Station at 5:42 am, while the last train is scheduled to depart at 11:38 pm.

Our Tip: Although the R2 Nord train’s frequency is efficient, you should keep in mind that delays may always occur.

Barcelona Airport Train Station

The train station at Barcelona Airport is conveniently located 200m outside terminal building 2. In fact, the train station and the T2 are connected via an overpass, equipped with escalators and elevators for persons with disabilities or passengers with heavy luggage. All in all, you’ll need approximately 5 minutes to traverse the distance from the baggage claim to the train stop while you’ll be adequately navigated in the meanwhile by the airport’s signage.

Are you landing at BCN T1? The two terminal buildings are linked via a free shuttle bus, departing every 5-10 minutes, depending on the time of the day. The journey from one terminal to the other lasts about 10 minutes. The bus stop at T1 is just outside the terminal building, whereas T2 free shuttle bus stop is located underneath the footbridge. Note that the free shuttle buses run 24/7, are green, and therefore easily distinguished from the public buses connecting the airport to Barcelona city center.

The R2 Nord Line Tickets from Barcelona Airport

BCN Airport belongs to zone 4 of the RENFE network and is part of zone 1 of the TMB network (bus and metro network). Thus, a one-way ticket from the airport to the city of Barcelona costs 4.60€/4.60$ for an adult passenger. Children under 4 years old travel for free. There are numerous automatic vending machines at the airport, accepting both cash and credit cards. Their use is simple enough. Nevertheless, the airport’s staff is always to be found nearby to assist passengers.

Are you planning on using public transportation during your stay? Forget all about the single train tickets and opt for the T-casual aeroport ticket, which will allow you to use any means of public transport within Barcelona zone 1 for 10 journeys, paying only 7.95€/7.95$. Furthermore, you should also take into consideration the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass, which gives you the possibility to use public transportation as many times as you want, for 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours in a row respectively.

Which Barcelona Train Station Should be your Destination?

The R2 Nord line makes 21 stops during the route from the Airport to Maçanet-Massanes. However, not even one of them is actually located in the heart of Barcelona. Thus, which train station should be your disembarkation point?

  • Barcelona-Sants: This is the main train station and the station you should choose if you are heading to Plaça Espanya and Montjuic or if you are planning to travel to another Spanish area.
  • Passeig de Gràcia: The perfect choice if your destination is in the city center and in the Eixample area. It is also connected to numerous metro lines. 
  • El Clot-Aragó: This station mainly serves the areas of Poblenou and Clot. The north part of Eixample is also easily accessible via this station.
  • Estació de França: This train station is nearby numerous museums and places of interest (Picasso Museum, Museu d’Història de Catalunya, Aquarium, etc. ), as well as near Barceloneta.

Is there a train from Barcelona Airport to the city centre?

The R2 Nord Train connects BCN Airport to the city of Barcelona, departing every half hour from the airport station. The journey lasts approximately 25 minutes, depending on the final station in Barcelona downtown.

Is there a train station at Barcelona Airport?

BCN Airport Train Station lies just outside the T2, near the car park. The station is linked to the terminal building via a pedestrian bridge. Overall, the time needed to traverse the distance from the area of baggage claim to the train station is 5 minutes.

How much is the train from Barcelona Airport to the city centre?

A one-way ticket from El Prat Airport to the city center costs 4.60€/4.60$. However, with the T-casual aeroport ticket, you can use 10 times any public means of transport inside Barcelona zone 1, paying 7.95€/7.95$. Moreover, the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass is of your interest if you intend to frequently use Barcelona’s public transportation.

How to get from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona Station

How to get from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona Sants Station? Absolutely easy. Detailed instructions below.

Barcelona El Prat Airport has 2 terminals – T1 and T2. You need to find the old T2 terminal. It has a direct train (how to get from Barcelona Airport) to Sants Station.

If the plane lands in the first terminal T1, from there you need to take a free shuttle bus to the T2 terminal. The shuttle bus departs from terminal T1 to terminal T2 every five minutes. Travel time is approximately twenty minutes.

In the second terminal, you need to find the Trenes sign

Once in the old T2 terminal, you need to find the Trenes sign – this is the name of the Spanish national railway company. The sign is placed directly above the bus stop. Because the overwhelming majority of people follow exactly where they need to go – you need to follow it. You need to go up one floor and walk along the corridor for about five to ten minutes.

Barcelona Airport Train Station

Barcelona Sants

At the station, you need to find a direct train that will deliver (how to get from Barcelona airport) to Barcelona Sants station.

How to get from Barcelona Airport to the train station: stops

1. Barcelona Airport.
2. Estacio Sants (Sants station).
3. Passeig de Gràcia.
4. El Clot (El Clot).

Travel time from Barcelona Airport to Sants Station is twenty minutes.

Train schedule

The schedule is as follows:

  1. The first train from Barcelona Airport leaves at 05.42 am.
  2. The last train leaves the airport at 23.38 pm.
  3. Movement interval – any half hour.
  4. The train schedule to the airport may vary depending on the time of year.

Just in case, it is better to check the current schedule on the official website

Ticket price to get from Barcelona Airport to the train station

The price for a single trip is 2.40€. However, for train travel it is still possible to use the T-Casual ticket (a ticket for 10 trips in every public transport in Barcelona), the prices for which are 11.35€. In other words, a trip from Barcelona airport to Sants station will cost only 1 euro.

At Barcelona Airport (BCN) it is possible to purchase the T-Casual card at the terminal, which is located near the train turnstiles.

It is also possible to buy Hola Barcelona season tickets containing an unlimited number of trips for two to five days. Their rates range from €16.30 for 2 days to €38.00 for 5 days. You can buy them for ten percent cheaper on the Internet through the site.

Where to buy train tickets

Ticket terminals are available both at the airport station and at the stations in Barcelona. There are 5 ticket terminals at Barcelona Airport. If there are difficulties with purchasing a ticket, you need to contact an employee in a reflective jacket. As a rule, such jackets are worn by personnel responsible for servicing these machines. A staff member will help you buy a ticket.

Payment terminals accept both debit/credit cards and cash – coins and banknotes of the following sizes:

  • 5.00 euros
  • EUR 10.00
  • EUR 20.00
  • EUR 50.00

Earlier we wrote about how you can find out about any changes in the schedule of arrivals and departures of aircraft using the online scoreboard of Barcelona Airport.

Places for passengers and luggage on the train

Please note that if you have a lot of luggage, the train may be a less comfortable alternative to getting from Barcelona airport to the station by bus or taxi.

We advise you to order a car using the link through a trusted KiwiTaxi service.

The carriages are often completely full, many have to stand during the journey. In addition, there is no specially designated place for luggage on the train. Bags and suitcases have to be placed either under your feet or in the aisle.

The Barcelona Airport Train is a fast and comfortable way to get from Barcelona Airport to the train station.

After the station Estacio Sants the train continues to El Clot. This is extremely convenient if you are located in a hotel that is not in the center of Barcelona. If you need to transfer to the metro afterwards, it will be even more convenient to get to El Clot, because this railway station is located close to the metro station.

If you purchase a T-Casual transport card, you can use it to travel on the subway. At the same time, a trip by train and metro will be charged as one if the total travel time by train and metro is no more than 75 minutes.

Are you going to Barcelona? Don’t forget to buy tickets for local attractions in advance to avoid long queues. You can do this at the link on the official ticket platform.

  • How to avoid queues at Barcelona attractions. Tickets for Sagrada Familia and Park Güell skip the line.
  • How not to be deceived by local taxi drivers. Order a taxi in advance with fixed rates online. The most reliable service for ordering a taxi is KiwiTaxi .
  • Excursions in Barcelona with locals will help you to get to know this city for real. The best way to get comfortable in an unfamiliar city is to walk around it with a person who has lived here for many years.
  • We advise you to take out travel insurance so that there are no unpleasant surprises while traveling to Barcelona.
  • Barcelona City Pass is a one-stop card that makes organizing your holiday in Barcelona easier and saves you a lot of time and money.
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How to get to Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport is a place where you will definitely visit at least twice! Barcelona International Airport is located just 10 kilometers from the city. How to get to Barcelona airport, read our article.

1How to get from Barcelona to the airport by taxi

There are several ways to get to Barcelona Airport. The most expensive is a taxi ride for about 40 euros with the addition of the amount for luggage, for each seat. However, this method is more likely for the lazy, because there are many other ways to get to Barcelona airport in the city.

You can order a transfer with a Russian-speaking driver in a reliable company Kiwi Taxi at this link. It is advisable to take care of a taxi in advance.

2 How to get from Barcelona to the airport with Aerobus

There are two terminals at the airport, near each exit there is an Aerobus express bus stop, which directly connects the airport with the city center, and the bus route number corresponds to the terminal number – it is important to remember this on the way back.

Buses differ only in numbering, it is important not to mix them up on the way back, because bus A1 will take you to Terminal 1, and bus A2, respectively, to 2. On the way from Barcelona airport, buses make several stops:

  • Plaza de España
  • at University Square

The earliest flight from Barcelona airport is at 06:05, the last one is at 1 am. You won’t have to wait long for the bus, because the interval in the early morning and late evening is 10 minutes, and only 5 minutes in the afternoon. Price: 8.9 euros. If your stay in Barcelona will be no more than 9 days, then you can purchase a round-trip ticket, it will cost 10. 20.

In the arrivals area you will see an escalator going down to the bus stop, this route is not difficult for you.

To avoid long queues when buying an Aerobus ticket, we buy tickets online in advance here.

3How to get to Barcelona airport by bus

How to get to Barcelona Airport by bus

Barcelona Airport also has a regular bus stop.

  1. This is an ordinary city bus number 46. Such buses have a minus – they do not have a large compartment for luggage, a ticket for this bus costs two euros, however, it has a large number of stops.
  2. There is also a bus number 17 that runs to Barcelona airport at night. This bus of the transport company MOHN moves as an express from Plaza Catalunya.
  3. Since there are many buses stopping at Plaza Catalunya, you need to be careful. You should also remember that the bus does not immediately drive up to the Terminal 2 exit. First there will be 2 stops, then Terminal 2, only then does it move to Terminal 1.
  4. The bus leaves Barcelona Airport at 21.50 and ends at 4.50.
  5. From Plaza Catalunya the bus leaves at 23.00, the last bus towards Barcelona Airport leaves at 5 am.
  6. There are many stops, the interval of movement is 20 minutes. You decide.

How do I get to the bus stop at the airport? Go down the same way as to the airbus. Walk 100 meters to the left and you will see bus numbers 46 and 17 stop.

Tickets for Barcelona buses cost a little over 2 euros, but if you plan to travel mainly by public transport, it is much more profitable to purchase a T-casual ticket or Barcelona Card . The Barcelona Card can be purchased here. In the center of Barcelona, ​​in Zone 1, you can drive on it 10 times. But in another zone you will have to buy another ticket. It costs a T-casual ticket – 11.35 €, the savings are obvious.

4How to get from Barcelona to the airport by train

There is another way to get to Barcelona Airport on your own. The Renfe train, departing from the airport platform every 30 minutes, will get you to the city center quickly.

The train has several stops where you can transfer to the metro. You will reach the stop you need in about 25 minutes, so if you have a ticket of 11.35€, you will not have to pay for the metro separately.

Attention, important information – Terminal 1 does not have direct access to the platform.

To get to the train stop, you need to take the free green bus running around the airport, which will take you to Terminal 2. Once you reach Terminal T2, you can go through the underpass and take the train to Barcelona.

In any case, you have enough options to get from Barcelona airport to the city, calculate your options and choose the method that suits you!

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  • Excursions in Barcelona with locals will help you to get to know this city for real. The best way to get comfortable in an unfamiliar city is to walk around it with a person who has lived here for many years.
  • We advise you to take out travel insurance so that there are no unpleasant surprises while traveling to Barcelona.
  • Barcelona City Pass is a one-stop card that makes organizing your holiday in Barcelona easier and saves you a lot of time and money.
  • Barcelona Hotels: is our selection and recommendations.
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