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Torre d’Alta Mar Barcelona – The Luxury Report

Sunset at Torre d’Alta Mar

Torre d’Alta Mar Barcelona 

Torre d’Alta Mar in Barcelona must be the “most exciting” restaurant in Barcelona right now on Passeig Joan.

And Barcelona is the most amazing restaurant city.

The famous Ramblas boardwalk is bustling with people, most of them intent on visiting the many cutting edge restaurants the city.

One of these Barcelona restaurants is Torre d’Alta Mar, an experience celebrated for the cuisine as well as the spectacular views.

Torre d’Alta Mar Chefs

The chefs are Albert Dolcet and Joan Martinez, who are known for their preference to juxtapose the precise, clean flavors of Japan, with richer cuisine typical of Mediterranean countries.

Near Sunset at Torre d’Alta Mar

The Best Time to Book a Reservation For A Great View

You will definitely want to book your reservation so that you start your meal a bit before sunset. This way, you can relax and enjoy a drink and watch the absolutely picture perfect sunset.

When the sun does set, you will magically have a new view of the glittering city lights.

Entering Torre d’Alta Mar

The entrance of Torre d’Alta Mar is dramatic in itself.

When the taxi pulled up to the restaurant’s address, no restaurant was to be seen.

Instead, there was only the entrance to an elevator and a uniformed attendant with a checklist.

Guests give their name to the attendant.

And in an instant, they are ushered inside the elevator and whisked several stories in the air.

The reason is because this spectacular restaurant is located at the top of the 250 foot tall Sant Sabastia cable car station tower.

Torre d’Alta Mar View

Torre d’Alta Mar Reception

Once the elevator doors open, you are greeted with a stunning 360 degree view of the mountains, the expansive beach, the dazzling city, and the coastline of Barcelona.

The hostess, greeting you by name, escorts you to your table.

Because the restaurant has the $$$$ symbol in most of the restaurant guides, and is included in the Michelin guide, one can make the assumption that it is a “formal” restaurant.

Even I somehow assumed that jackets and even ties were necessary.

But it is not a “formal” restaurant suit and tie sense of the word.

The crowd was young, casually dressed, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Service Torre d’Alta Mar

The Torre d’Alta Mar Service

Restaurant reviews mostly talk about the Torre d’Alta Mar views.

After all, how can you find these magnificent beach to mountain views – anywhere?

Yet in many ways the service even exceeds the views.

Torello sparkling cava

Torre d’Alta Mar Wine Service

As a wine expert, I always take a personal as well as professional interest in the wine list.

Though I rarely order wine by the glass, the Torre d’Alta Mar tasting menus offer an option for wine to be paired by the glass for a set price.

This is a highly recommended option, as the various dishes on the multi-course tasting menus require a different wine for each presentation.

For this visit at Torre d’Alta Mar, we chose the menu titled “La Torre” which consisted of eight different dishes.

Foie Gras Torre d’Alta Mar

Torre d’Alta Mar Tasting Menus

Now 8 Different Dishes might sound like a lot of food to eat in one sitting …

… yet as the photographs will reveal, they are actually a series of bites that range from a type of cuisine you might be offered from a silver tray at an exclusive, stand-up A-list cocktail party, to a substantial plated dish.

For example, the first dish of Fried Niguiri (smoked sardines, plankton wasabi) were two “sushi sized” bites.

This appetizer portion was paired with a delicious cava, Torello Brut Reserve.

The next dish was simply called “Foie” and was a square shaped portion of very delicious, creamy foie gras served on what can best be described as an “artist’s palate.”

Once again, chefs Albert Dolcet and Joan Martinez are skilled masters at appealing to the eye as well as the palate.

Torre d’Alta Mar “sushi”

Attention To Visuals of a Dish

So in this intriguing dish, they have arranged the presentation so that surrounding the foie gras are different sauces and flavorings as you can see pictured below.

The third dish on the menu was octopus, a dish so tender and delicious that it deserves a capital “O.” This was a magnificent piece of this delicacy, resting on a bed of smoked potato topped with a generous sprinkling of miso crumble.

In trying to describe the flavors of this “crumble” you might think back on your childhood …

… or your adulthood, when you had “sprinkles” on ice cream. So the textural contrast between the creamy smoked potato and the hard, crunchy miso crumble works well.

Torre d’Alta Mar “sushi”

The Torre d’Alta Wine

The wine specifically paired for this dish was a crisp, current vintage mineral-driven Rias Baixas from Desconcierto.

The fourth dish on the menu was hake. Now hake is my favorite fish, more common in Spain than in the USA. It is a delicious fish that is particularly suitable for retaining the aromas and flavors of a sauce. If you have not experienced it, it has the taste of a somewhat firmer cod.

This hake fish was served with its own plankton crisp, which is a reduction of plankton turned into a “crisp” like a wafer. The idea of the dish is that the plankton crisp “melts” into the hake. So the effect is that of a sauce without an “official sauce.”

Wine pairing for this dish was an organic wine “La Foradada” Decantes. The wine is made from 65 year old vines. The variety is white grenache, which is often called the native white grape of Catalunya –and also the Roussillon as well.

Delicious dish

Interestingly, this wine was decanted before serving.

In the glass, the color was a medium colored gold, suggesting some sort of oxidation or wood aging. In truth, this wine never sees oak – it is matured on the lees (spent yeast cells, left over from fermentation).

This white wine has enticing aromas and flavors of wild fennel and fresh thyme. A perfect match.

Beef Sirloin Entree

Beef Sirloin was served on a bed of sweet potato and seasonal mushrooms.

“It is the most delicious slice of beef I ever had,” my companion said, referring to the pink, succulently raw, center of this square shaped beef sirloin. This sirloin dish is marked by contrasting textures from the creamy center and more full-bodied exterior, but also that “palatte’ of flavors surrounding it.

This sirloin dish was paired with one of my favorite Spanish wines, Prioriat.


“Pre and Post” Desserts

The creative chefs at Torre d’Alta Mar want to get you warmed up to the idea of dessert!

They start you off with a “palate cleanser,” possibly the best one I’ve had in my life.

At Torre d’Alta Mar this is actually my favorite dish, mainly because I love red currants.


This dish under discussion is called “Red Ice” and it is an assemblage of strawberries, raspberries, and what they call “currant popcorn.”

In reality this is an “ice” or “granita” of red currants that is “splashed” on your plate. Our server, Irene, did this with great panache and pleasure.

Next to come was Tiramisu (marscapone, coffee, and cocoa) followed by “The Petis,” and your choice of coffee and tea …

…. Or an excellent dessert wine. This was made from white grenache and was rich, and oh-so-satisfying.

Beach view

Torre d’Alta Mar In Conclusion

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This was a fabulous evening filled with incredibly fresh and imaginative food, delicious well-chosen wine, and an energetic serving staff who really loved what they do!

Find More Information on Torre d’Alta Mar Here

Torre d’Alta Mar, Barcelona | cityseeker

While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our listings, some venues may be currently temporarily closed without notice. Please confirm status on the venue website before making any plans.

by Sergio Calleja (Life is a trip)

“What a view!”

This restaurant, nestled atop the 75-meter-high (246 feet) Torre de Sant Sebastián cable-car tower, is more a spectacular vantage point than any eatery. A predominantly seafood menu is cooked in traditional Catalan style and the service is more than satisfactory. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the city and the sea as you munch on delicacies like the duck foie gras terrine or rigatoni with mushrooms and sip on exquisite wines. Being an upscale luxury joint, it mostly serves high-profile customers. But if you do manage to get a reservation, you are sure to have the time of your life!

Passeig Joan de Borbó 88, Barcelona, Spain, 08023

[email protected]

Today: 08:00 AM – 11:30 AM Closed Now

View Full Hours

Jan to Dec – Monday to Saturday 08:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Jan to Dec – Tuesday to Saturday 01:00 PM to 03:30 PM

“What a view!”

This restaurant, nestled atop the 75-meter-high (246 feet) Torre de Sant Sebastián cable-car tower, is more a spectacular vantage point than any eatery. A predominantly seafood menu is cooked in traditional Catalan style and the service is more than satisfactory. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the city and the sea as you munch on delicacies like the duck foie gras terrine or rigatoni with mushrooms and sip on exquisite wines. Being an upscale luxury joint, it mostly serves high-profile customers. But if you do manage to get a reservation, you are sure to have the time of your life!

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Barcelona Restaurants with Views

In this article, we have made a selection of Barcelona restaurants with a beautiful view – that is, those catering establishments where you can enjoy not only food, but also contemplation of beautiful
Barcelona landscapes, which, as already proven, are highly conducive to proper digestion. That’s right – the visual side of the perception of food always plays a key role for us. So,
Barcelona restaurants with a beautiful view:

Abrassame is a fantastic restaurant located under the dome of the Las Arenas shopping center in Barcelona, ​​specializing in fish and

The magnificent terrace offers a breathtaking view of the city. The menu also includes selected meat dishes, rice dishes, hamburgers … Here, among other things, delicious cocktails are prepared, with which
the restaurant is rightfully proud of… read more

Bistro 1925, located near Tibidabo at the Gran Hotel La Florida, offers not only delicious, but exquisitely delicious dishes, and in addition to them – the best views in
city. Therefore, you need to go to this institution that is not without a touch of glamor in spring, summer, autumn, and, in fact, in winter (considering that winters in Barcelona are very conditional) – and, if possible, order
a table on the terrace.

Chef Jordi Delfa skillfully combines the traditions of Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine with the latest international culinary trends – and, as they say, he does it perfectly! A
considering at what altitude your glorious dinner takes place, and what views open from the terrace of the establishment: all of Barcelona, ​​​​Tibibado with the Sacred Heart, the sun sinking into the dark
sea ​​water….

If you add especially fresh air in this, the highest zone of the city, it becomes clear why the Bistro 19 restaurant25 is popular. Here you can not only dine, but also
to dine, not to mention cocktails, aperitifs, etc. n. – realizing himself staying on the very roof of Barcelona.


On the second floor of the Maremagnum shopping center, you can find many interesting and new gastronomic establishments, such as Mirandoalmar, a cozy restaurant that offers visitors a quiet, pleasant romantic atmosphere, excellent Mediterranean
cuisine and the best views of Port Vell (Old Port) in Barcelona.

Dishes: Seafood paella. Soft rice with lobster. Grilled lamb ribs. Cod fillet confit with black rice and squid. Mussels with sauce
marinara. Andalusian style calamari. Grilled beef entrecote… read more

The Marea Alta restaurant got into the “club of those who are at the very top” not so long ago – but has already managed to earn popularity as one of the restaurants with the best views. . Getting into this restaurant is everything
It’s like putting on 3D glasses and enjoying 360-degree panoramas of Barcelona.

This restaurant, located on the 24th floor of Torre Colón (next to the Ramblas and the Barcelona Maritime Museum), provides just such an opportunity.

Thanks to the circular shape of the room, you will always have a wonderful view in front of you, even if you sit with your back to the window – and, accordingly, facing the other window. The “crown” of the restaurant is grilled fish, and
they make it in Marta Alta really at a high level.


One of the most versatile restaurants in Barcelona with great views. “Universal” – primarily from a gastronomic point of view: the institution is famous for its tapas (especially good
patatas bravas), as well as vermouth, cocktails, and the cuisine itself – Mediterranean, from the freshest products.

The restaurant is located at the very top of the Palau de Mar building, which occupies Museum of the History of Catalonia
(Plaza de Pau Vila, 3).

An extensive terrace with beautiful views, we note once again: it just so happens to be one of our favorites in glorious Barcelona. The views of Montjuic, the Port and the Old Town are incomparable.


An unusual and completely new gastronomic offer in Barcelona, ​​which is already very popular. From June to October, Obsevatori Fabra organizes “Dinners with the Stars” that combine
in itself a scientific and educational part, astronomical observations with an interesting gastronomic offer.

Dinner inspired by the universe is served on the terrace with stunning views of Barcelona.

Dishes: Shells with basil marmalade and tomato concasse. Potato-based octopus ceviche. Cod with mushroom, orange and olive
puree from Kalamata. Beef cooked at 65º with pumpkin parmentier, purple potatoes and mini vegetables… more

Restaurant Quinto Quinta offers a beautiful indoor dining room and a large terrace with the best view of Barcelona from the dome
shopping center Arenas.

The restaurant, owned by the Osborne Group, has a menu based on tapas, grilled meat and fish dishes, as well as an excellent selection of vegetarian options.

The room is very cozy, ideal for all kinds of events and celebrations. On weekends, cocktails are served until 3 am… read more

Located on the 24th floor of the Meliá Barcelona Sky hotel, in a new skyscraper on Diagonal Avenue, this is the only restaurant on our list that, in addition to excellent
species, boasts a truly world-class author’s cuisine – as it has been awarded a Michelin star.

This is the merit of the Iroko-famous twin brothers Sergio and Javier Torres in the world of culinary (modern cuisine based on easily recognizable products, which is rooted in
classic folk cuisine) has its own additional “zest” in the form of fantastic views from the renovated terrace, which, after restoration, acquired an automatically removable roof and got rid of
from the grid, which previously somewhat spoiled the impression of viewing the beauties of Barcelona. The kitchen, we repeat again, is a solid masterpiece of the author’s cooking of level A#1.

Website: https://www.

The views from the terrace of the Miramar restaurant do not open at 360 degrees, but at 180: the restaurant is stuck to one of the slopes of the Montjuic hill. Nevertheless, the remaining “degrees” are enough to amuse
feeling of beauty with wonderful views.

If your table is inside – it does not matter either. The main hall, decorated in a minimalist style and equipped for all kinds of events, is glazed so that visitors can
combine the absorption of Mediterranean cuisine and at the same time forget about the very views for which, mainly, they decided to climb Montjuic.


Another Barcelona “classic” of restaurants with the best views. The restaurant is located in Torre San Sebastia – one of the towers of the cable car, built in 1929 according to the design of Carles Buigas to
World Exhibition of 1929. The institution managed to be a bar, then – a restaurant, and in 1970 … closed.

Closed and remained closed until its current manager, Oscar Manresa, gave the restaurant new life in 2000. Torre d’Alta Mar, in terms of views, is one of
the best establishments in the city.

From its height of 75 meters (which you climb in a glass elevator to “acclimatize” to a little), you can see the whole of Barcelona in 360 degrees, while enjoying
mediterranean cuisine.


Undoubtedly, Fina Puigdevall chose a beautiful place to open her first restaurant in Barcelona: the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

Two trends prevail in interior design: Romanesque and Art Nouveau (just like in the collections of the museum itself).

The restaurant belongs to the mid-price category, the emphasis is on Mediterranean cuisine, and the views of Maria Cristina Avenue, Plaza de España and, in fact, the rest of Barcelona are magical!

Website: https://www.

This restaurant, whose motto is “Paella, brasa y mar” (Paella, grill, sea) , located next to the Miramar Hotel (Miramar Highway 38) and open every day from 13:00 to 13:30.


La Caseta del Migdia is one of the best places in Barcelona to watch the sunset. According to many, this open-air establishment on the Mirador del Migdia provides for such
romantic event best possible.

Unpretentious cuisine made from fresh quality products is not expensive (the menu with a drink costs an average of 25 euros per person), and live music completes the overall impression.

On Wednesdays, the rumba reigns here; Thursdays – bossa nova; On Friday and Saturday the DJ plays funk and latino; Sundays are flamenco time. Noisy, fun, romantic, tasty (albeit without
special frills) – this is how you can determine the overall impression of visiting a restaurant.


When it comes to restaurants with the best views, for some reason, El Xalet comes to mind in the first place – although it is not the cheapest of Barcelona restaurants, and, as it seems to me personally, the prices are in
it is somewhat high for the offered quantity and quality.

However, the reason for this “overestimation” (small) becomes clear as soon as you get into a fully rotating hall, thanks to which no one here will be left without views – and what!

The restaurant is located on Montjuic, at Avenida de Miramar, 31. By the way, you should not be afraid of dizziness – the hall rotates very, very slowly. no one will be left without a view. IN
Both halls of the restaurant serve modern Mediterranean cuisine.



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