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Ticketmaster Launches TicketFast(r) Electronic Ticket

At-Home Ticket Printing Capability Enables Fans to Securely and Conveniently Print Tickets

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Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc.

Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 27, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

  • To further enhance the ticket-buying experience for its customers, Ticketmaster (Nasdaq:TKTM) today announced the launch of TicketFast(r) validation and electronic delivery service for select events listed on the company’s TicketsNow marketplace. This exclusive, new delivery option provides fans the choice of having their tickets validated and delivered through TicketFast(r), the ticketing industry’s most well-known and trusted electronic delivery service.
  • Developed by Ticketmaster, TicketFast(r) enables consumers to take control of their tickets and conveniently print them at home, at work, or wherever they are at any time. TicketFast(r) delivery also is less expensive than standard shipping options.
  • With TicketFast (r), TicketsNow will be able to validate and reissue tickets for select events. This service is available whether tickets are purchased online or via telephone. Once a consumer selects the TicketFast(r) delivery option, they will receive an email from TicketsNow within 48 hours that includes an electronic link to the purchased ticket(s). By simply clicking on the link, customers can print their own tickets any time before the event.

“With TicketFast(r) electronic validation and delivery technology, TicketsNow consumers have a convenient, easy-to-use solution that puts authentic tickets in their hands faster than ever,” said Eric Korman, executive vice president at Ticketmaster. “Offering TicketFast(r) is one more example of our commitment to providing fans a seamless, secure ticket-buying experience, while providing new tools and services to our clients.

About Ticketmaster

As the world’s leading live entertainment ticketing and marketing company, Ticketmaster connects the world to live entertainment. Ticketmaster operates in 20 global markets, providing ticket sales, ticket resale services, marketing and distribution through www.ticketmaster.com, one of the largest e-commerce sites on the Internet; approximately 6,700 retail outlets; and 21 worldwide call centers. Established in 1976, Ticketmaster serves more than 10,000 clients worldwide across multiple event categories, providing exclusive ticketing services for leading arenas, stadiums, professional sports franchises and leagues, college sports teams, performing arts venues, museums, and theaters. In 2007, the company sold more than 141 million tickets valued at over $8.3 billion on behalf of its clients. Ticketmaster is headquartered in West Hollywood, California and is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange (Nasdaq:TKTM).

About TicketsNow

TicketsNow is your connection to all of the fun and excitement of live music, theater, and sports. An online marketplace where buyers can choose from a large selection of premium tickets, TicketsNow provides consumers secure and convenient access to event tickets that are often hard to get through primary distribution channels. A wholly owned subsidiary of Ticketmaster (Nasdaq:TKTM), TicketsNow is a founding member of the NATB, which promotes the highest level of ethics in the event ticket resale industry. For more information, visit www.ticketsnow.com.


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How to beat the Ticketmaster queue: Top tips for securing tickets

Ah, Ticketmaster. We haven’t had a love/hate relationship like this since Crocs came back into fashion in 2020.

When we get the notification that we’re next in the queue, we’re practically kissing the screen and already silently thanking Ticketmaster for bringing us one step closer to seeing our favourite artist live.

However, when we’re 28,000th in the queue, and our sixth sense tells us ticket prices are hiking beyond our budget, it’s a punch in the gut.

Ticketmaster has competitive pricing, which means the more in-demand an artist is, the more expensive the tickets will be. One Harry Styles fan found this out the hard way when she spent £700 on two tickets to see Styles on his Love On Tour run.

The RadioTimes.com team are here to try with all our might to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Read on for top tips and tricks to beat the Ticketmaster queue, including how to sign up to presale release, what devices to queue on, and the crucial refresh rules.

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How to get presale tickets on Ticketmaster

Firstly, what is a presale? Presale tickets are available to buy before they’re released to the general public. It’s a way for artists’ biggest fans to get early access.

There are a few ways you can sign up for presale tickets, for example, by joining an artist’s mailing list or purchasing their most recent record. You can also get access through a network provider like O2 and Three UK, through event organisers like Live Nation, and credit card companies like American Express.

Event organisers like Live Nation will send email alerts about their upcoming presales, and the best way to find out if an artist is hosting a presale is by following them on social media.

Not already an O2 customer? Switch for O2 Priority deals

Thinking of switching to Three UK? Check out the offers

How can I improve my chances of getting tickets on Ticketmaster?

Sam Fender.

So you’ve missed out on presale tickets, and now you’re preparing for the dreaded general on sale. Here are our top tips for beating the Ticketmaster queue.

Create a Ticketmaster account in advance

If you don’t already have a Ticketmaster account, create one before general on sale tickets are released.

With an account, you can save your address and payment card details, so you don’t have to rush to type them all in when you’re trying to book. The queuing and buying process can be quite stressful, so having this information already stored will give you the chance to double-check you’re happy with your purchase and the cost.

Create a Ticketmaster account

Load Ticketmaster in one browser window only

Although it can be tempting to load Ticketmaster in multiple windows to increase your chances of securing tickets, this will actually hinder you. This is because the Ticketmaster website will only allow you to make one booking at a time, so you might end up losing tickets if you’re flicking between the widows.

More like this

Instead, we suggest joining the Ticketmaster queue on multiple devices, as we’ll explain in our next tip.

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Is it better to use the Ticketmaster app or website?

Use both!

From our experience, buying tickets on the Ticketmaster mobile app is smoother and we seem to get to the front of the queue quicker. A few people online have speculated as to why this might be, suggesting Ticketmaster prioritises mobile sales because scalping bots (software programs which automate online purchasing) don’t work on mobile devices, so it increases your chances of bagging tickets on the initial click.

Also, on the mobile app, you bypass the CAPTCHA test, which generally makes the experience faster.

For great ticket deals, take a look at our how to get cheap cinema tickets and how to get cheap theatre tickets advice.

Secure internet connection

If you lose connection, even for a second, you could have to start a booking all over again. Now, we don’t know about you, but losing our spot after queuing would tempt us to throw our laptops out the window…

Make sure you have a reliable connection. Wi-Fi is always better than 4G/5G as you may lose signal.

Is your internet letting you down? It might be time to switch providers.

Get a Virgin Media Broadband package from £25 a month at Virgin Media

Get Superfast Sky Broadband for £25 a month at Sky

When can you join the waiting room on Ticketmaster?

It would be fantastic if you could join the Ticketmaster queue as soon as an artist announces they’re going on tour; we’d be up at the crack of dawn, days before presale, with a tab open.

But, alas, you can’t do that.

On the day of the ticket sale, get onto the site ten minutes before the tickets are released, then refresh the page 10 seconds before the release time to improve your chances of getting to the front of the queue. For example, if tickets go on sale at 9am on a Friday morning, hop on the Ticketmaster site at 8:50am, then refresh the page 10 seconds before 9am.

Can I refresh the Ticketmaster queue page?

Absolutely under no circumstances do you refresh the Ticketmaster page while you’re in the queue!

When you’re in the queue, your spot will be automatically updated, so avoid refreshing the page as tempting as it may be. If you do refresh, you may lose your place and be booted to the back of the queue.

Do these tips apply to other ticketing releases, like sports?

Although we’ve spoken exclusively about concerts here, this advice applies to all ticket releases on Ticketmaster, such as festivals and sporting events.

Head over to Ticketmaster now

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What time and day of the week are the cheapest plane tickets

When is the best time to buy air tickets to save money

Many passengers make air travel to different countries of the world, managing to buy plane tickets at very competitive prices. Beginners who want to save money on buying an air ticket will benefit from the advice of experienced professionals who are ready to share very valuable information on this issue.

All airlines in the world “play” on tariffs, regularly changing prices up or down. The dynamics of airfare prices depends on demand, destination and season. There are also some days of the week and times when you can buy a ticket for a flight at a reduced cost.

In the article we will tell you how the day of the week and time affect the cost of air tickets, during which period the tickets are the cheapest.

How long before departure is it profitable to buy tickets

Companies offer air tickets for sale 330 days before departure. But you should not immediately make a reservation for such options. As a rule, initially the carrier can set an inflated tariff, focusing on the demand in the last season. It is possible that this year the chosen direction will be less popular. If there are many free tickets left in stock, the company will definitely reduce the initial fare a few months before the departure of the flight.

If a traveler is planning a flight to the most popular countries during the holiday season or New Year holidays, it is better to book air tickets 4-6 months before departure.

For a flight to European countries during the off-season, the best solution is to buy tickets 2-3 months before the departure of the aircraft.

For domestic flights, you can book an itinerary receipt 45-60 days in advance. According to statistics, the purchase of an air ticket according to such a schedule often allows tourists to save their personal budget by about 20-30%.

The worst time to buy tickets is 2-3 weeks before the day of departure. During such a period, airlines set the highest possible prices for flights.

Travelers can also purchase last minute tickets at the lowest cost. As a rule, they go on sale 24-48 hours before the departure of the flight. True, in this case there are risks to be left without a ticket at all. If the trip is urgent, it is better to exclude this method of acquisition. If the plane is loaded, the company will not put up free tickets for sale, especially at a reduced cost.

Residents of different regions of Russia who want to spend their summer holidays in Sochi or in the Crimea, it is better to purchase air tickets for a flight to the chosen destination even in the winter season. At the end of spring and during the summer months, ticket prices to resort destinations increase by at least 50%.

What day of the week are air tickets cheaper?

Airlines carefully monitor the dynamics of demand for tickets on different days of the week and hours of the day. According to experts, the largest number of sales are observed on Fridays and weekends. If you want to buy plane tickets at the lowest prices, book them on weekdays, priority is from Monday to Wednesday.

What time of the day is best to buy a plane ticket

The time of day also affects the ticket price. Since the bulk of sales occur during the daytime and in the evening, carriers slightly reduce rates at night. In the period from 20.00 to early morning, you can find many profitable offers on airline websites – tickets at a discount price, promotions and sales.

Plan your next vacation the right way. Buy air tickets for a flight to your chosen destination in advance.

Flight tickets for the New Year and May holidays, as well as for the summer season to the resort cities of Russia, must be booked several months before the scheduled departure.

Regularly monitor current offers from various airlines using convenient search resources.