Things to do in barcelona june: Best Things To Do In Barcelona In June

Best Things To Do In Barcelona In June


June is a fun time to travel to Barcelona. The weather is nice, but usually not as extremely hot as it can be in July and August (expect for the occasional heat wave). It’s lovely to be outside and enjoy the beach. There’s crowds, yes, but it’s like this most of the year and there’s ways to avoid them. There’s lots of events going on, and the city feels full of Summer vibes.

This post will show you was is special about Barcelona in June. This is not one more list about what you need to see, that applies to any month of the year (we have another post about the top Barcelona sites if that’s what you need). We’ve gathered the best ideas for what to do in Barcelona in June so you are inspired to add  something special to your trip, either an event that only happens in June, a concert of one of your favorite artists that happens to be precisely during your stay in the city, or something seasonal that locals do this time of the year. And we’ll also give you a few additional tips specific for visiting Barcelona in June.

The weather in Barcelona in June

The daytime temperatures in Barcelona are lovely, ranging from an average of 22.5ºC / 73F at the beginning of the month and around 26ºC / 79F towards the end of June. The warmest hours are noon to 8PM. At night, though, it’s still coolish, between 25ºC/59F and 18.5ºC/65F.  But as the heat increases, so does the humidity in the air, that grows from a barely noticeable 6% at the beginning of June to a 33% at the end of June, when being outside starts meaning being sweaty and sticky.

The sun rises around 6.20AM, and sets around 9.20PM – meaning some 15 hours of sunlight: a long day that allows for a lot of sightseeing and things to do! The sky is mostly clear, what allows for great pictures. And the chances of rain are minimal: 15 to 11%, the less as the month progresses. 

As for the water temperature in Barcelona in June, it’s starting to warm up, going from 19ºC/66F in early June to 22ºC/72F by the end of the month. Most locals will wait until end of June to bathe, but you’ll see tourists entering the water earlier than that.

What to pack for June in Barcelona

Pack Summer clothes: short sleeves and tank tops, Summer dresses, shorts… But bring also a light jacket and some long pants just in case it’s fresher at some point or at night. And remember that many churches require covered shoulders and pants or skirts no shorter than knee height. A shawl that you can tie to your handbag can fix the shoulders issue, but the knee length is trickier to fix on the spot.

Bring a swim suit and a beach towel if you consider the temperature the water of Barcelona in June it won’t be too cold for you. A hat, sun lotion and a refillable water bottle will be your best friends for sightseeing. And a fan can become useful when you are outdoors and there’s little shade. Sandals that are comfortable for walking are the best choice for your feet. If possible, try to find something that can double for beach, sightseeing and eating out. It’s important to pack light for travel!

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Public Holidays of June in Barcelona (Spain)

Unexpected public holidays can ruin a trip, specially if you are spending a short time in a city and were counting on doing things that can only be done on week days such as shopping, going to a bank, visiting certain sites or eating at certain restaurants. There are two June holydays that you need to take into account if you are planning to travel to Barcelona that month:

Whit Monday (Pentecost)

This unexpected Monday of closed shops always comes as a surprise, since it’s a local holyday that is only observed in Barcelona but not in the rest of Spain or even Catalonia.  And because other countries such as Great Britain celebrate it on Sunday, not on Monday. Plus it’s a mobile day – meaning every year it falls on a different day because it depends on when Easter falls. Pentecost, celebrates when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles 50 days after Jesus resurrected. It’s a holy day of obligation, and the Cathedral of Saint Eulalia and other smaller churches may restrict visiting hours depending on when they celebrate mass.

June 24th (Saint John’s Day)

Saint John’s day (Sant Joan) is a public holyday in Catalonia and Barcelona in June, but not in the rest of Spain. Shops and banks will be closed, and so is the Picasso Museum, but the rest of the sites open as usual. When it falls on a Friday or Monday, many locals will take the opportunity of a long weekend to travel, so you are likely to see less locals during those days.

Barcelona June Traditions

Corpus Christi and the Dancing Egg

Corpus Christi (also called Corpus Domini) is a Catholic celebration that takes place on the next Thursday 60 days after Easter Sunday. And since Easter dates change every year, so changes Corpus Christi, but most of the time it falls in June. Ask Google when it falls this year.

It is not a public holyday, but it’s a day of observance so a special mass might alter the visiting hours of the Cathedral of St. Eulalia and other churches.


But what makes it special is that in Barcelona in June for Corpus Christi, many patios of the Gothic Quarter (and a few in other districts) celebrate a curious tradition: the Dancing Egg (L’Ou com Balla). On top of the central jet of a water fountain is placed an egg, that due to the water pressure keeps going up and down without falling, like it’s “dancing”. We explain more things about the Dancing Egg tradition and where to see it in our blog.

Saint John’s Eve

It’s a good thing in Barcelona June 24 is a holiday, because June 23 is supposedly the shortest night of the year and locals celebrate it with fireworks, parties and not much sleep… Saint John’s Eve is for Barcelona a sort of Summer “New Year’s Eve”. Join the celebrations eating “coca” sweet bread, jumping over bonfires and watching the sunrise at the beach. You’ll also find more information about Saint John’s Festival in our blog.


Festa Major de Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera

A “Festa Major” is the main festival of a district, town or city in Catalonia. The three neighborhoods of the Eastern part of the Barcelona Old Quarters, the “barris” of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera (El Born) celebrate theirs towards the end of June in Barcelona: the days around 29, day of Saint Peter. The progam of their Festa Major includes many traditional events such as a giants parade, a correfoc fire run, castellers human castles, sardana dancing… Worth checking out!


Barcelona June events for sport lovers

MotoGP Grand Prix

Every year the Circuit de Catalunya racing track hosts the Spanish edition of the MotoGP Grand Pix. It’s a must for motorbike lovers, who will be testimonials of the rivalries of the best riders of the world. And since Spain has produced many champions, the atmosphere is guaranteed to be super exciting! People arrive to the track early to get the best spots and avoid the traffic jams around the track There’s also trains taking you to Sant Celoni, from where shuttle buses depart.


Are there any soccer matches?

Unfortunately, the Spanish League is likely to be over when you visit Barcelona in June (depending on the year there might be still one match left at the beginning of the month, though). Because June is usually when the players take a month long break, until friendly matches start in July. The good news are that if you want some soccer-related things to do in Barcelona in June, you can still visit Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona Stadium.

Concerts and Festivals in Barcelona in June

Primavera Sound

During the first two weeks of June Barcelona celebrates one of the largest music festivals in the Spain: the Primavera Sound. 10 days, with over 50 bands per day, from a wide variety of styles. The Festival takes place in the Forum area, by the sea. Barcelona was the first place to be celebrated, over 20 years ago already, and now it’s got replicas in other world class cities. If you want to attend the concerts… hurry up! The tickets sell out fast!


In Barcelona in June the music never stops! And when Primavera Sound is over… starts the Sonar! A vibrant music festival specialized in electronic music and digital arts. It has a daytime and a nightime program, each celebrated in a different area of the city (and only the daytime one open to all ages – the night concerts are only for people over 16yo). There’s food trucks and merchandise vendors, only payable via the rechargeable bracelet you are given at the entrance.


The Sonar is paired with the Off Sonar, a parallel festival (for adults over 18yo only) that takes place in different venues, that offer unique settings and a more party vibe. There’s many other gatherings that spin off the Sonar Festival, many of them underground and by invitation only. The Off Sonar is the only event that is Sonar Approved, and the quality of the guest artists is at the same level. 

Guitar BCN Festival

The Guitar Festival expands around several month of the year, one of them being June. Their program includes an eclectic selection of bands and artists whose music includes guitar. There’s several concerts every month, of local musicians as well as international ones, young talents as well as renowned stars. Must-check if you love music concerts but aren’t into party-style festivals.


Festival Jardins De Pedralbes

The Royal gardens of Pedralbes host every year a music festival outdoors, that takes place in June and July. A temporary auditorium is set up in front of the Royal Palace. Depending on the band playing, the public is seating or there’s a space in front of the stage for those preferring to stand up. The program includes big names from Spain and around the world.

Fun activities for a June night

Rooftop Terraces

When the weather starts warming up, the hotel rooftop terraces start reopening again, and not just to hotel guests, but for anyone wanting to enjoy a lovely drink and some great views of Barcelona. Many of them offer light food options as well, and there’s often live music or a guest DJ adding to the already fun atmosphere. Just take into account that the pools are usually for hotel guests only.


Tourist sites open at night

Also in Barcelona in June many tourists sites also take advantage of the good weather and start offering night visits, too, that usually also include a glass of sparkling and some live music or something else unique to the place. It’s worth taking into account because sometimes there isn’t enough time to visit everything in your list during daytime, and night tours allow you to check off some more of them. For instance, if you are visiting La Pedrera during daytime, it’ll be more fun to visit Casa Batllo at night: you’ll get a bigger contrast than doing both during the day.

Fun dinner activities

And you don’t always have to have dinner at a restaurant… There’s other fun things to do while you eat, and the opportunities multiply when the Summer starts. You can have dinner at an Astronomical Observatory, or in a medieval mansion, or after an opera show in the patio of a palace… 

What to do in the sea and the beaches in Barcelona in June

The beaches in June

June is the first month that locals will really go to the beach to sunbathe and swim. During the cold months we went to take a walk around or practice sport, but now the weather is goo enough for actual “beach time”. While it is true that the water might be still slightly cold at the beginning of the month, Saint John’s Eve marks the official beginning of the swimming season. Barcelona has over 2 miles of beaches, each with its own personality.


I recommend you check our Barcelona Beach Guide to choose the best for you. And make sure to read our beach safety recommendations as well to protect yourself from pickpockets. And if you want a beach day out of town, check out our beach day trips:

Montserrat And Sitges Tour

Sitges Tour

Tarragona And Sitges Day Trip From Barcelona

Private Girona Costa Brava Tour From Barcelona

Private Costa Brava Tour From Barcelona

Cadaques Tour from Barcelona

Sailing in June

With the warm weather the wind slows down, and the waves of the Mediterranean get less rough. That’s why in Barcelona in June many sailing companies go back to operating, or if they were operating year around, they add more options and more exciting. A ride around the port to learn about its different landmarks? Check! An outing along the cost to see the city skyline from the sea? Check! A sunset sail? Some tapas on board? A historical boat? A fancy yacht? Live music? Check, check, check! Your Barcelona June trip needs a sailing activity!

The eating by the beach

And now that the weather is so lovely, lunch by the sea is another must (and a great way to check off the waterfront from your already packed sightseeing list if you are not planning to go to the beach). Don’t miss our selection of favorite Barcelona beach restaurants. Just take into account that eating outside means no air conditioning, and that in Spain it’s still allowed to eat in restaurant terraces but not indoors. What means there’s a chance you’ll get a smoker in the table next to yours… Need more ideas for eating oudoors in Barcelona in June? We have a post about restaurants with a garden and how to organize a picnic in Barcelona!

What to eat in June in Barcelona

Savoury dishes

In June gazpacho is back to Barcelona restaurant menus as a favorite starter. A tapa of ensaladilla rusa (potato salad) feels nice and refreshing. And empedrat (Catalan salad with beans, salted cold and tuna) and esqueixada (same without the beans) make a great starter as well. A Paella is the perfect choice for a long meal by the sea when you aren’t in a rush.


Sweet Specialties

Buy some Coca de Sant Joan (with candy fruit, cream or lard and almonds) from any bakery or cake shop during the days before and after June 23. And tour the best gelato shops of Barcelona: a few of them have won international prices! And walk around the Boqueria market to find the best seasonal Summer fruit: baby pears (peretes de Sant Joan), loquats, apricots, cherries, watermelon…

What to drink

Finally, you won’t look like a silly tourist ordering sangria… because sangria is a Summer drink! So now not only tourist traps but also local restaurants will start having it again in their drinks menu in Barcelona in June. You’ll also notice that locals order beer all the time, and often it’ll be mixed with lemon soda – we call it “clara“, and it’s super refreshing.


There’s Summer non-alcoholic beverages that you need to try, too: orxata and granizados. Orchata is a plant-based drink made with tigernut, sugar and water. It looks like milk but it tastes like a totally different thing: either you love it or you hate it – there’s no intermediate point. Granizados are slushes. The most common flavors are lemon and orange, but you can see also coffee and other flavors occasionally. And talking about coffee: in the Summer locals switch their cafe solo (expresso) by cafe con hielo (expresso with ice cubs).

Other Barcelona events in June worth checking

Barcelona Design Week

Do you need more things to do? The Barcelona Design Week is organized by Barcelona Centre de Disseny to discuss design and creativity projects and how they transform the world in many different levels. It consists of an official program of activities, and a parallel OFF BDW festival with exhibits, open door days, workshops and conferences around the city. Despite its name, it lasts more than just a week, but around the first couple of weeks of June.

Gay Pride

Barcelona is an LGTB-friendly city, with many businesses catering their needs and even an entire area of the city, known as “Gaixample”, concentrating a large amount of them but at the same time integrating with the rest of the local society rather than becoming a ghetto. The LGTB community of Barcelona celebrates Gay Pride during the last two weeks of June, with a big demonstration that combines celebration, awareness and the claim for the recognition of their rights.


Palo Market Festival

And if you are visiting Barcelona in June, make sure to check if your visit hits the Palo Market festival that happens every month in the artists hub of PaloAlto in the Poblenou district. Live music, local designers market, food trucks and cultural activities for kids and adults make it a fun thing to do to spend some time mixing up with cool locals and exploring an area of the city that is sort of off the beaten path.

Check out the pavement of Sant Felip Neri covered in yellow flowers

The tipuana tree blooms in June, and with the breeze thousands of flowers fall to the ground, carpeting everything of bright yellow. The square of Sant Felip Neri is a beautiful corner of the Gothic Quarter that offers wonderful photo opportunities all year around, but they are even better this time of the year. Just remember to go on the weekends or after 6PM during weekdays because the square is closed for use of a local school during school hours.


Will you travel to Barcelona in June?

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Barcelona in June 2023 | Weather, Things to Do, Events & More

One of the top tourist destinations, Barcelona is a melting pot of culture and history. From football to food, this city has a lot to offer to visitors that are looking for a unique experience. And if you wish to explore its heritage, then you will find plenty of historical monuments with modernist architecture to visit in the city. Plan a visit to Barcelona in June when you can not only enjoy the sightseeing but also many outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, swimming, and more. Read on to find what to expect on your trip to Barcelona in June.

Is June a Good Time to Visit Barcelona?

Barcelona in June is the perfect time to visit the city. Summertime in Barcelona calls for sightseeing, concerts, events, beaches, and much more.

Why You Should Visit

  • The weather in Barcelona is warm and balmy since it is the summer season.
  • Outdoor activities such as heritage walks, hikes, water sports, and more are a lot of fun in Barcelona in June.
  • You have several music events, festivals, and outdoor parties to join in Barcelona in June.
  • Lots of exotic food and beverages to try in summer in Barcelona in June.
  • This is the best time to enjoy the water and the beach as the sea temperature is perfect for swimming.

What to Look Out For

  • Since this is the tourist season, most attractions will be crowded.
  • Hotels and flights will be slightly expensive at this time.
  • It is sunny so it can be slightly hot during the daytime.
  • The weather is more humid in June.

Overview of Weather in Barcelona in June

June is a summer month in Barcelona which means high temperatures and a significant amount of humidity. The sun remains out for 12 hours a day allowing you to enjoy your sightseeing to the fullest.

Average Temperature: High – 25℃, Low – 19℃

Average Rainfall: 24mm (Low chances of rain)

Daily Wind Speed: 6mph. Light breezes from the north.

Temperature of the Sea: 24℃

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

More About Weather in Barcelona in June

How hot is Barcelona in June? 

Barcelona in June is both hot and humid. With the summer season in full swing, the average temperature high is 25℃ and the average temperature low is 19℃.

Can You Swim at Beaches in Barcelona in June? 

Yes, this is the perfect time to go swimming at the beaches in Barcelona. The average temperature of the water in Barcelona in June is 24℃ which is ideal for swimming.

Does it rain in Barcelona in June? 

The weather in Barcelona in June is mostly warm, sunny, and dry. There won’t be more than nine rainy days with an average rainfall of 24mm.

Is Barcelona Windy in June?

Barcelona in June experiences breezes from the north and the south-west that helps in keeping the temperature cool here. Typically, the wind speeds are a low 6mph so, it is not windy in June.

12 Best Things to do in Barcelona in June

1. Visit Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s Attraction | Cathedral

One of the most beautiful architectural works by Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia is an unfinished Roman Catholic church that is supposed to complete construction in 2026. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is ideal to visit in the sunny month of June in Barcelona.

June Timings: Daily from 9AM – 8PM

from €47


Explore Park Guell

Gaudi’s Attraction | Park

Built in 1914, Park Guell is one Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces that has been turned into a public park. This 18-acre park houses the best works of Gaudi including mosaic sculptures, amazing architecture, and more. A few things that you must see here are the Dragon Stairs, the Hypostyle Hall, the Guardian House, and more.

June Timings: Daily from 8AM – 7PM

from €10

3. Discover Casa Vicens

Gaudi’s Attraction | House Museum

Another architectural gem by Gaudi, Casa Vicens is the very first monument designed by him. This beautiful attraction shows Gaudi’s talent as he included different elements of modern and oriental art in creating this heritage monument. Visit this monument to learn about Gaudi and see his manifesto of architecture.

June Timings: Daily from 10AM to 08PM

from €16

4. Visit Casa Mila

Gaudi’s Attraction | House Museum

Casa Mila, commonly known as La Pedrera, is the last private residence designed by Antoni Gaudi. This monument has a unique shape and façade and one can enjoy the stunning views of the city from the spacious terrace here.

June Timings: Daily from 09AM to 08PM

from €24

5. Head to Casa Batllo

Gaudi’s Attraction | Landmark Building

Also known as House of Bones due to its appearance, Casa Batllo is another masterpiece by Gaudi that deserves a visit in Barcelona. This architectural wonder has a beautiful internal work along with an esoteric exterior which makes it a top heritage site to visit in Barcelona.

June Timings: Daily from 9AM – 9PM

from €35

6. Visit Musuems

Cultural Experience

One of the best things to do in Barcelona in June is going museum hopping and checking out some of the best art, culture, and history museums in the city. Picasso Museum, FC Barcelona Museum, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, etc. are just a few museums that will help you learn more about Spanish heritage and culture.

Best Museums in Barcelona

7. Visit Tibidabo Amusement Park


Another top tourist destination to visit in Barcelona in June is the Tibidabo Amusement Park. This is a century-old park that is located on the highest point of Mount Tibidabo and offers an amazing view of Barcelona city. Spend a day enjoying the thrilling rides here and feel the adrenaline rush when you do so.

June Timings: Usually varies every day, open in the weekends from 11AM to 09PM

Theme Parks in Barcelona

8. Explore Camp Nou

Top Attraction

If you are a football fan, then one of the best places to visit in Barcelona in June is Camp Nou. It is the biggest football stadium in Europe and is also the home stadium to FC Barcelona club. Take a tour of the field and visit the museum for football memorabilia in this world-famous stadium.

June Timings: Daily except when sporting events are scheduled: 09:30 AM to 07:30 PM

from €26


Attend a Concert at Palau De La Música Catalana

Cultural Experience

For music lovers, one of the top attractions to visit in Barcelona in June is Palau De La Musica Catalana. Designed by Lluis Domenech, this is a heritage site that features stained glass work, mosaics, sculptures, and more. There have been many concerts and private performances held here too.

June Timings: Daily from 09AM to 06PM

from €10

10. Enjoy a Hiking Tour

Nature & Adventure

If you are looking for an adventure in Barcelona in June, then one of the best things to do is go on a hiking trip here. There are many hiking trails accessible from the city that take you to stunning viewpoints and away from the city hustle-bustle. Explore these hikes and enjoy the clear, sunny skies of Barcelona city in June.

11. Stroll through Plaça d’Espanya

City Square

One of the biggest public squares in Barcelona, Plaça d’Espanya is a great place to walk around in June. It offers amazing views of the city and features a gorgeous fountain designed by Joseph Maria Jujol.

12. Take a Barcelona Food Tour

Cultural Experience

Barcelona is famous for its delicious cuisine so, what better way to experience this city than by going on a food tour. From paellas to bombas, there are a lot of delicacies to enjoy here on a walking food tour.

Barcelona Food & Drinks Guide

Festivals in Barcelona in June

Primavera Sound 2022

Venues: Parc del Fòrum

Dates: June 2 – June 12

One of the most anticipated music festivals in Barcelona, Primavera Sound 2022 shows an amazing lineup of artists. From hip-hop to rock, you will groove to different kinds of music at this festival. The festival features food stalls, art exhibitions, and secret performances, making this a must-visit festival in Barcelona.

Know More

Barcelona Gay Pride

Venue: Across Barcelona

Dates: End June

Another top festival to attend in Barcelona is Barcelona Gay Pride in June. This is a week-long festival where they celebrate the LGBTQ community of the city. There are multiple fun activities to join here such as concerts, movies, cultural talks, exhibitions, and more.

Festival Of San Juan

Dates: June 23 – 24

Celebrate Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year, which also marks the beginning of summers at the Festival of San Juan in Barcelona. The entire city celebrates this festival with fireworks in the sky and bonfires on the street.

Corpus Christi

Dates: June 16

One of the oldest festivals in Barcelona, Corpus Christi is a religious festival that features an open-air mass and many unique things. You can enjoy the parade with the giant paper-mache dolls that are dancing or marvel at the decorated dancing eggs placed on the top of fountain water. This is one of the few festivals in Barcelona that you would not want to miss out on.

Events in Barcelona in June

Nits d’Estiu (Summer nights)

Venues: Across Barcelona

Dates: June – September

Barcelona in summer witnesses special cultural activities in the evening around the city. From concerts to exhibitions, to audiovisual shows, there is a lot to enjoy in the evening in Barcelona. If you are a film enthusiast, then you can head for open-air screenings such as Sala Montjuic where you can watch a movie from the top of the castle. There is a wide range of entertainment options to spend the summer nights in Barcelona.

Know More

Monster Energy MotoGP Grand Prix

Venues: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Dates: TBD

One of the best events of the year, Monster Energy MotoGP Grand Prix is where the world’s best motorcycle riders gather together for a thrilling weekend. Watch Valentino Rossi, Joan Mir, and many other amazing riders use rhythm, speed, and strategy to win this motorcycle race.

Know More

Know Before You Visit Barcelona in June

Travel Essentials

What to Wear

What to Pack




Time Zone: GMT +2

Currency: Euro EUR – €

Country code: +34

Emergency numbers: 112

What to Wear in Barcelona in June

  • Carry a light jacket or stole for the evenings when it is slightly cooler.
  • Wear summer clothes and cotton clothes such as dresses, shorts, skirts, and more.
  • Do carry outdoor summer accessories such as hats, sunglasses, flip flops, scarves, and stoles to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Pack your swimming or beach wear if you are planning to spend a lot of time on the beaches in Barcelona.
  • Make sure you wear a lot of sunscreen as it will be bright and sunny in Barcelona in June.

What to Pack in Barcelona in June

  • Power Adapter: A type F plug (grounded) or a type C plug (non-grounded). 
  • Clothes: Shorts, trousers, skirts, light jackets, and a stole/scarf. Wear a windcheater jacket in the day to protect yourself from the wind or the sun.
  • Carry a pair of comfortable shoes as you would be walking a lot. 
  • Pack summer accessories such as a hat, sunglasses, etc., and sunscreen to protect yourself under the clear, sunny skies.
  • Also, pack a day pack that you can use to carry around your belongings when you explore the city.

Getting Around Barcelona in June

By Metro: Barcelona metro is one of the best ways to travel around the city as it has an extensive network and most runs underground. You can use the eight lines and 161 stations to reach most destinations in Barcelona. Metro map.

By Bus: Explore Barcelona by bus is extremely cost-effective. There are over 200 bus lines running late in the night that you can use to reach your desired destination in the city. City bus map.

By Cable Car (Funicular): Make use of the three cable car lines in Barcelona that you can hop onto and enjoy majestic views of the city. Two of these cable car lines reach Tibidabo while the other takes you to Montjuïc.

On Foot: You can also explore Barcelona on foot in May as the weather is warm and pleasant at this time. Many popular attractions are located close to each other.

Where to Stay in Barcelona in June

Find the perfect place to stay in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona in June. Choose from luxury, budget and mid-range properties!

Luxury Hotels: Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona GL, Hotel Arts Barcelona, Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, Le Meridien Barcelona.
Mid-Range Hotels: Hotel Passeig de Gracia, Hotel Curious, SmartRoom Hotel, ibis Barcelona Meridiana. 
Budget Hotels: Hotel Monegal, The Corner Hotel, Violeta Boutique, Rodamón Barcelona Hostel, Hostal Mont Thabor, Yeah Barcelona Hostel

What to Eat in Barcelona in June

Paella: One of the top Spanish dishes to try in Barcelona is Paella which is considered the national dish of Spain. This dish is made from seafood and rice and can be found in all the restaurants and street stalls in Barcelona city.

Pisto: Pisto is a delicious appetizer that you must try in Barcelona in June. Made from seasonal vegetables such as bell peppers, zucchini, courgettes, etc., this dish is served with chorizo or fried eggs.  

Escalavida: If you are a vegetarian, then Escalavida is the perfect dish to try in Barcelona. This dish is made from seasonal vegetables such as bell peppers, tomatoes, aubergine, onions, etc. which are roasted on a wood fire.

Esqueixada: Another Catalonian dish that you must try in Barcelona is Esqueixada. It is a salad made using shredded salt codfish, tomatoes, onions, and olive oil. Different restaurants use different recipes to make this delicious dish.

Hacks & Tips to Visit Barcelona in June

  • Barcelona in June offers the perfect weather for sightseeing and outdoor activities.
  • It can be a little hot and humid so, make sure you carry items to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Make sure you cover your hands and knees when visiting the churches in Barcelona.
  • Pack light cotton summer clothes such as skirts, dresses, and capris for summers in Barcelona.
  • Barcelona is famous for its beaches and June is the best time to enjoy them. Make sure you have sufficient time to spend on the beach.
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen when you are outdoors as it can be quite sunny in June. 
  • Since June is the tourist season in Barcelona, most places will be crowded so, keep an eye on your belongings.
  • There are many museums and attractions that offer free guided tours/entry. Keep a lookout for these and you may explore Barcelona attractions for free.
  • Don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot in Barcelona.
  • Remember to check the event and performances schedule and book their tickets in advance.
  • Book your flights, hotels, and activities in advance as this is one of the busiest months to visit Barcelona.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Barcelona in June

Is June a good time to visit Barcelona?

Yes, Barcelona in June has sunny and warm weather with plenty of clear skies

What are the best things to do in Barcelona in June?

Is it cold in Barcelona in June?

The weather in Barcelona in June is warm since it is the summer month in Europe. The average temperature of Barcelona in June ranges between a high of 25℃ and a low of 19℃.

How hot is Barcelona in June?

Barcelona in June is generally hot and humid. The temperature ranges between a high of 32℃ and a low of 16℃.

Can you swim in Barcelona in June?

The water temperature is generally warm, around 24℃, due to the summer season in Barcelona in June. This is why it is the best time to enjoy swimming in Barcelona.

Is it sunny in Barcelona in June?

The weather in Barcelona in June is sunny with clear skies. It is also slightly hot and humid so, do pack properly to keep yourself protected from the heat.

What clothes to wear in Barcelona in June?

Since it will be hot in Barcelona in June, wear summer clothes such as dresses, skirts, shorts, and more. Also, carry a light jacket that can double up as protection against the sun during the day and keep you warm in the evening.

Is it rainy in Barcelona in June?

Barcelona in June is mostly warm, sunny, and dry. There won’t be more than nine rainy days with an average rainfall of 24mm.

Is Barcelona expensive to visit?

Yes, Barcelona in June is slightly expensive as it is the start of tourist season and the weather is pleasant. This is why it is recommended to book your flights, hotels, and other activities beforehand to avoid paying high prices for last-minute bookings.

How safe is Barcelona?

Barcelona is a safe city to visit but there can be pickpockets and thieves in the crowds. So, be careful when attending parties or crowded events in Barcelona.

What can I see in Barcelona in June?

There are a lot of attractions to visit in Barcelona in June such as Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Camp Nou, and more. 

What are the major events in Barcelona in June?

Nits d’Estiu (Summer nights) and Monster Energy MotoGP Grand Prix are the two major events to attend in Barcelona in June.

What is the average temperature in Barcelona in June?

The average temperature in Barcelona in June is a high of 25℃ and a low of 19℃.

What are the best things to do with Kids in Barcelona in June?

There is a lot to do in Barcelona in June with kids. You can visit the museums, have fun at Tibidabo Amusement Park, go on hikes, etc. to experience the city.

What are the main festivals in Barcelona in June?

Primavera Sound, Barcelona Gay Pride, Festival Of San Juan, and Corpus Christi are the main festivals to celebrate in Barcelona in June.

Barcelona in June, rest and weather in Barcelona (Spain)

Azure sky, warm and, at times, already hot rays of the Spanish sun, gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea and impeccable beaches – what could be better for relaxing in early summer?

A family or romantic trip will certainly become unforgettable if your tickets say “Spain, Barcelona”.

Holidays in Barcelona in June: what to expect from your trip

What can you say about the weather if Barcelona in June is almost perfect? The lower humidity this month makes it easier to endure hot days if they fall, and the Mediterranean waters warmed up to + 22 ° C have nothing against those who want to swim.

The beaches are gradually filled with the bright bodies of tourists, leaving wonderful reviews about the holidays in Barcelona in June, and delight with cleanliness and well-groomed. So what else to expect from the June trip?

  • comfortable warmth and only occasional hot days;
  • opportunities to swim in the sea and sunbathe;
  • get to the beginning of summer sales;
  • season of fragrant Spanish fruits;
  • enjoying sunny days for up to three weeks in a month;
  • long comfortable walks to the sights of Barcelona.

There are practically no drawbacks to a trip in June , except for an increase in the number of tourists compared to the previous month. However, the peak of tourist activity falls on July and August, so in June you have every chance to enjoy a pleasant seaside holiday.

The bright Spanish sun is also one of the highlights of summer, so take care of hats and sunglasses for you and your baby.

Weather in Barcelona in June

The weather in June is ideal for a beach holiday, sightseeing and exploring the city. The air temperature averages around +25°C, and at the end of the month it can rise to +30°C, because the weather in Barcelona in July is gaining its summer momentum and becomes quite hot by the middle of the season.

So, the weather in early June is already suitable for relaxing on the beach. But if suddenly the thermometer drops to + 20 ° C (and this sometimes happens), then it will be time to take a walk along Parc Güell or admire the majestic Sagrada Familia .

The daytime temperature in Barcelona in mid-June is around +25°C – +26°C, and the night temperature usually does not fall below +20°C.

So a romantic evening walk will be quite pleasant. The weather in Barcelona at the end of June usually gets hotter, the temperature rises to + 30 ° C, but due to the low humidity this month is usually easily tolerated, especially if you spend this time on the Barcelona beaches, basking in the warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Air and water temperature

The Mediterranean climate ensures hot summers in the Catalan capital. There are, of course, anomalous decreases or increases in temperature, but this is rare here. The average temperature in Barcelona in June is about +25°C, and the average nighttime temperature is +19.4°C.

Air temperature in Barcelona in June

During the month, daytime temperatures are between +22°C – +30°C, and at night they are slightly lower and are in the range of +16°C – +24°C. That’s what summer is for, to please tourists with hospitable warmth.

Sea temperature in Barcelona in June

The swimming season in Barcelona usually starts in May, so in the first summer month tourists enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean with might and main. Moreover, during the month the water temperature rises from +19°C – +20°C to +23°C – +24°C at the end of June.


Weather observations show that June rains in the Catalan capital are infrequent – up to 4 days a month, and the amount of precipitation is small – up to 36 mm. Therefore, a little summer rain will rather refresh than interfere with enjoying your vacation.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

In June, Barcelona fully justifies its “sunny” characteristic, because this month there are only 3-4 days with variable cloudiness, the rest of the time the sun shines, making the sky even azure, and the architectural ensembles of authorship Gaudi is even brighter.

Beach holidays

On a hot June day, you should not plan a walk in the park or city markets, because Barcelona provides a great opportunity to cool off in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea on its many beaches. By the end of the month, the water is usually quite well warmed up and suitable even for children’s bathing.

Look out for the blue flags on the beaches. This means that the beach is spotlessly clean.

The beach you can choose according to your preferences: crowded, more than a kilometer long, with marine sports clubs, clean, well-maintained and the most popular San Sebastia or quiet, small, without noisy restaurants, but just as clean and ideal for family holiday San Miguel .

Barcelona pleases with a large number of beaches with a total length of more than 4 km, so a free spot on one of them is definitely waiting for you.

  • Barcelona with children

Sightseeing holidays: what to do in June

After getting a tan on the Barcelona beaches, you can continue your acquaintance with the Catalan capital and its sights.

Moreover, the weather can change, conducive to walks. Even if you have already been to Barcelona, ​​a walk to the Sagrada Familia or Gaudi’s houses in early June will never get boring.

But if you are here for the first time, then these objects are a must to visit – they will not leave you indifferent. Well, besides them, we suggest visiting the following interesting places.

More than a hundred years ago, Amusement Park was founded on Mount Tibidabo. Some of them with reliable mechanisms and fixtures have survived to this day.

To see Barcelona from the highest point of the Ferris wheel or fly on the high-speed slides, visit this park with the whole family. For the youngest visitors, children’s carousels and the Museum of Mechanical Toys are waiting for them. Therefore, neither adults nor children will be bored.

And another mountain in Barcelona – Montjuïc – surprises guests with an unforgettable performance that combines light, music and water, creating an amazing singing fountain show .

The demonstration begins in the evening, when the sun sets, and impresses even the most sophisticated travelers with its spectacle. The jets of water change color and truly sing and dance, captivating thousands of tourists. Therefore, you simply must, choosing a quiet warm evening in mid-June, get your portion of unforgettable emotions. From May to September, the show runs from 21.30 to 23.30.

  • Barcelona Children’s Route

You can have fun with your family on a hot day at the end of June not only on the Barcelona beaches, but also in one of the water parks near Barcelona, ​​for example, Illa Fantasia .

You can easily get to this water park: there is a free bus from the center of Barcelona that will take you directly to the park in half an hour.

Here you will find 22 attractions, including those for kids, swimming pools of various depths, sun loungers in the recreation areas, a playground for children and even mini-golf.

Safety is supervised by instructors, lifeguards and a paramedic. And to make visitors feel comfortable, they provide free parking, ATMs and left-luggage offices, a souvenir shop and a grocery market, as well as photographer services.

A variety of cafes and eateries will allow you to spend the whole day here, completely forgetting about the time. A special family offer gives you the opportunity to purchase a general ticket for 70 euros for 2 adults + 2 children or for 90 euros for 4 adults.

Having enjoyed the water procedures to your heart’s content, you can make an educational excursion to the Museum of Science Kosmokaisha . Built in the Art Nouveau style at the very beginning of the 20th century, one of the most stunning museums in Barcelona is located in the building.

Have you ever seen a huge greenhouse under a glass dome, with an artificially created ecosystem of the Amazonian jungle? And a hundred-ton cutaway model of our planet?

Then you should definitely go here with the whole family, especially since some areas are designed specifically for kids 3-6 years old. Therefore, no one will be bored in this wonderful place.

What to do with children in Barcelona: the author’s collection of entertainment

Holidays, events and festivals

A trip to Barcelona is a holiday in itself: it is such a bright, hospitable and sunny city. However, there are also holidays in Barcelona in June.

We will tell you about the funniest and most remarkable ones, and you, in turn, will not miss the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of hot Spain with its emotions and temperament, enjoying every minute of your trip.

Barcelona celebrates the shortest night of the year and therefore the longest day on with the Feast of San Juan . The celebration begins on June 23, but the official day of the holiday is June 24. The Catalans themselves call it the “Night of Fire”: the number of fireworks launched at this time is difficult to count.

Many families have their own celebrations with fireworks, and if you have no friends in Barcelona, ​​go for a night picnic by the sea – it will be very crowded.

And if you decide to take your children with you, keep in mind that the night will be noisy from explosions of firecrackers and fireworks. Local beach restaurants feed guests all night long and always put out extra chairs – this is a very crowded event.

In June, Barcelona gathers about a hundred thousand fans of electronic music for the Sonar Festival , the largest event in this field of progressive music and multimedia art.

The organizers keep the program of the festival in the strictest confidence until the last moment, but the fans of the event have never been disappointed. The show lasts three days without a break, and the most advanced DJs create an indescribable atmosphere of hundreds of open-air dance clubs.

At the end of June – beginning of July, another rather large-scale event takes place in Catalonia – music festival “Rock Fest Barcelona” . Usually lovers of this musical genre plan their trips in accordance with the dates of the festival.

The program of the event allocates a certain time for the performance of each participating group, so that the audience can easily wait for their idol on stage. The show lasts three days and is not inferior to the Sonar festival in scale.

Barcelona Card – a great way to save money in the capital of Catalonia


The season of summer sales is approaching and already at the end of June you can see the treasured signs in stores. But Barcelona is a city where sales last all year round, so it suits lovers of bargain purchases perfectly. Just a massive price reduction traditionally falls on the summer and winter.

Buyers are waiting for 35 thousand stores and boutiques. What is worth only the famous five-kilometer shopping street, along which a special bus runs!

Shopping malls greet you with great offers and a huge number of food courts, while elite boutiques surprise you with exclusive collections from the world’s leading designers.

Year-round sales take place in outlet stores near Barcelona. Therefore, those wishing to profitably purchase items from past collections can easily be delivered there by a special bus.

  • What to bring from Barcelona as a gift?

Holiday prices

Tourist activity in June is growing compared to the previous month, but it will reach its peak only in July-August. Therefore, the rise in prices, although insignificant, is still observed: the holidays and the Mediterranean beaches attract more and more guests to the capital of Catalonia.


Airlines are starting to raise ticket prices, and this increase will continue. In the meantime, compared with the previous month, prices increased by 10 – 12%. If you plan your vacation in advance, you can save on the flight – the main thing is to take care of this a few months before the trip.


Prices for tours are also slightly higher than in May, and hotel rooms are gradually filling up. Therefore, tour operators, taking advantage of the opportunity, also slightly raise the price, preparing to change it in the next two months of the high season.

On average, a 7-day tour for two will cost 9% more than in May. But in comparison with July, it can cost you 20% cheaper. Well, is it worth saying that a tour bought in advance will cost less?

  • Barcelona hotels for families with children


It’s hard to imagine Barcelona without a huge amount of fresh local fruits. In the Boqueria market, you can buy sliced ​​\u200b\u200bof them for 1 – 2 euros per glass.

In the same place it will be difficult to refuse fragrant Spanish delicacies in the form of jamon or local sausages for 70 – 90 euro per kilogram. They can also be bought cheaper – in a small amount in slices.

Tips for families with children

The beginning of summer is a great time to take your kids off the coast of Barcelona. There is no sweltering heat, and by the end of the month the sea warms up to a comfortable temperature for swimming. But even if the water is still cool, walks in the fresh sea air will be useful for children of any age.

  • Spanish cuisine for children

For older children, Barcelona has prepared a lot of entertainment. The main thing is not to forget the headgear, and you can go to the water park, amusement park, to the singing fountains or to the museum – children will definitely like the sunny city with bright architecture and unforgettable entertainment.

And we hope that our recommendations will help you plan your trip correctly and make your vacation rich, interesting, fun and amazing. After all, sunny Barcelona is always waiting for you, meeting with azure skies, delicious food and its dazzling smile.

Barcelona in June 2023 – Holidays and weather in Barcelona, ​​Spain

In June, real summer comes to Barcelona, ​​the sea finally warms up and the swimming season can begin. It is not yet as hot as in July and August, so it is especially pleasant to enjoy walks around the city at the beginning of summer. Read on the Tour-Calendar what Barcelona can please you in June!


The weather in Barcelona in June is already really summery, and the sea is getting warmer every day

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Weather in Barcelona in June

Compared to May, June in Barcelona is much warmer, sometimes even hot. June temperature during the day averages +24 degrees and above, at night about +15 degrees. The water temperature in the first half of June rises to +19..+20 degrees, and the end is already up to +22..+23. When choosing a hotel to stay, pay attention to whether it is close enough to one of the beaches. In hot weather, a dip in the refreshing sea will come in handy. Occasionally at the beginning of summer it can rain, but they usually do not spoil the rest.

Day temperature


Night temperature


Water temperature



30 mm


7 days

Sunny days

25 days



Length of day

15 hours

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What’s on in Barcelona in June?

Barcelona is a very cheerful and lively city, where in June, in addition to beach and sightseeing holidays, you can get to exciting festivals and other noteworthy events.

Beach holidays

In early June, the water temperature already allows you to splash a little in the waves, and by the end of the month, as a rule, swimming in the full sense of the word is already quite comfortable. For those who love only the warm sea, June water, of course, will not work. In June, the beaches of Barceloneta, Bogatell, Nova Ikaria and some others are sometimes already quite crowded.

Entertainment and excursions

There are so many things to do in Barcelona that you will be spoiled for choice! And the main entertainment is, of course, Barcelona itself. The city has thousands of shops, hundreds of restaurants, clubs and cafes, dozens of parks, and .. only one Antonio Gaudi and his immortal architectural creations! It’s still not too hot in June, so rent bikes or buy a map and walk around the city to appreciate the architectural richness of magnificent Barcelona, ​​from ancient ruins to modernist structures and cutting-edge creations of today’s architects. Note that the obligatory program of all tourists includes visiting the Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell, but do not limit yourself: wander around the city, get a little lost… and find the real Barcelona for yourself!

Holidays and festivals

One of the exciting events of June is the religious celebration of Corpus Christi (The Body of the Lord), when colorful processions and traditional Spanish dances take place, and the streets are covered with flower carpets – and this is only a small part of what can be seen on this day. One of the traditions of the celebration is called the “Dancing Egg”, when an empty egg is placed in a fountain decorated with flowers, and it, as if dancing, does not fall.

June 23 is one of the brightest holidays in Catalonia – the nights of St. Juan (summer solstice), during which many torches and lights are lit on the coast. The action ends with numerous fireworks.

What are the prices for holidays in Barcelona in June?

The cost of tours to Barcelona is going up sharply compared to May. The fact is that Barcelona is a very popular summer destination not only in Russia, but throughout Europe.

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How to relax in Barcelona in June on your own

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