Temperatures in barcelona in december: Barcelona December Weather, Average Temperature (Spain)

Barcelona, Spain weather in December: average temperature & climate

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General weather summary

Moderately chilly with a gentle breeze

Feels like


Chance of rain

0.031 in


11.9 mph

Wind speed



9.3 hrs

Daylight length

8:08 AM


5:23 PM



Cloud cover


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Table of contents
  • What is the average temperature
  • How much does it rain
  • How cloudy is it
  • When is sunrise and sunset
  • How humid is it
  • How windy is it
  • What to wear

What is the average temperature in December

The average temperature in Barcelona in December for a typical day ranges from a high of 58°F (14°C) to a low of 46°F (8°C). Some would describe it as moderately chilly with a gentle breeze.

For comparison, the hottest month in Barcelona, August, has days with highs of 83°F (28°C) and lows of 71°F (22°C). The coldest month, February has days with highs of 56°F (13°C) and lows of 43°F (6°C). This graph shows how an average day looks like in Barcelona in December based on historical data.

Highs and lows in Barcelona in Dec

How much does it rain in December

In Barcelona in December, there’s a 11% chance of rain on an average day. And on the average day it rains or snows, we get 0.30 in (7.5 mm) of precipitation. In more common terms of how much that is, some would describe it as light rain.

The wettest month in Barcelona is November where a typical day has a 23% chance of precipitation and gets 0.04 inches (0.9 mm) of precipitation, while the dryest month in Barcelona is July where a typical day has a 8% chance of precipitation and gets 0.03 inches (0.8 mm) of precipitation. These graphs show the probability of it raining/snowing in December and the amount of rainfall.

Chance of rain or snow on an average Barcelona day by month

Average precipitation by hour of day

How cloudy is Barcelona in December

The average amount of time that the sky is clear or sunny (partly cloudy or less) in Barcelona during December is 13. 2 hours (55% of the day). For comparison, the month with the most clear, sunny days in Barcelona is July with an average of 19.0 hours per day while November has the shortest amount of cloud-free hours with only 12.5 hours per day. This graph shows the average amount of sunshine in Barcelona in December based on historical data.

Monthly clear skies percent of time in Barcelona

When is sunrise and sunset in December

The average day in Barcelona during December has 9.3 hours of daylight, with sunrise at 8:08 AM and sunset at 5:23 PM.

The day with the longest amount of daylight in Barcelona is June 22nd with 15.2 hours while December 19th has the shortest amount of daylight with only 9.2 hours.

This graph shows the average amount of daylight in Barcelona in December based on historical data.

Average hours of daylight in Barcelona by month

How humid is it in December

In December, Barcelona is moderately humid with an average amount of 69% (relative humidity), which could be described as humid but cool. October has the highest relative humidity at 72% and is the least humid in June at 66%. This graph shows the average amount of humidity in Barcelona throughout December based on historical data.

Average relative humidity in Barcelona by month

How windy is it in December

Historically, the wind in Barcelona during December blows at an average speed of 11.9 mph (19.2 kph). The windiest month is March with an average wind speed of 12.4 mph (20.0 kph), while the calmest month is August with an average wind speed of 9.1 mph (14.6 kph). This graph shows the average wind speed in Barcelona in December based on historical data.

Average monthly wind speed in Barcelona

What to wear in December

With an average high of 58°F (14°C) and a low of 46°F (8°C), it generally feels moderately chilly with a gentle breeze. With that in mind, most people would dress in something warm like a jacket.

What’s the weather like in Barcelona the rest of the year

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Where does this data come from

Weather data for Barcelona was collected from the MERRA-2 project from NASA, which used a climate model combined with historical data from weather stations around the world to estimate what the conditions were like for every point on the Earth.

For all data based on historical data, we’ve averaged the data from the past 11 years (2010-2020). For example, for the hourly temperature at 10am, we’ve looked at the temperature at 10am on every day in December (e.g., December 1, December 2, etc. in 2010, 2011, etc.) and took the arithmetic mean. We did not smooth the data, so for example, our daily temperature line will have some randomness due to the fact that weather is random in the first place.

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Barcelona 2023 – Barcelona Christmas weather

23. 04.2023

28.04.2023 – 30.04.2023


05.05.2023 – 07.05.2023



Barcelona Christmas weather – what’s weather like in Barcelona at Christmas

What’s the weather like at Christmas in Barcelona? It’s cold at Christmas in Barcelona but not freezing and no snow or ice. This makes Christmas in Barcelona perfect for Christmas shopping and sightseeing.

December is one of the coldest months in Barcelona. Generally the mid-day air temperatures in the shade in December are around 15C / 57 F degrees and drop to between 6 to 10C / 42F to 50F in the evening.

But when the sun is out Barcelona’s Christmas weather in Barcelona is mild and feels quite warm and pleasant during the day and only chilly in the evening.  

Snow is very unusual in Barcelona, so don’t plan to see snow at Christmas in Barcelona. Barcelona does sometimes get a day of snow once or twice in the winter, as you can see on these photos of Barcelona snow, but if you want to be sure of seeing snow then you should head for the Pyrenees mountains 2 hours north of Barcelona.
So in our opinion it is cold enough to feel Chrismassy but warm enough to be pleasant. Barcelona has many great Christmas shopping streets and many of Barcelona’s shopping streets are decorated with Christmas lights to make the experience perfect. 

Weather forecast Barcelona
Things to do at Christmas Barcelona
Pictures Barcelona Christmas 
Skiing near Barcelona
Snow near Barcelona

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photos, what is the weather, temperature and how to dress? (season 2023)

Barcelona is the oldest resort in Spain, attracting tourists from all over the world. This city is filled with sights, museums, galleries. It is perfect for a vacation. If you plan to travel in December, you should familiarize yourself with the weather conditions of that month in advance.


  • What is the weather like in December in Barcelona?
  • Average air temperature
  • Weather conditions
  • Rest at this time
  • Pros and cons
  • How to dress? What is the weather like in Barcelona in December?

    December in Barcelona has some features of . Before the trip, they must be studied in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

    Average air temperature

    Winter in Barcelona is very mild. The air is slightly cool. Its average temperature during the day is 13 degrees with a plus sign, and at night it reaches +5 degrees. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea does not fall below 16 degrees Celsius. Rainfall: 45 mm and humidity 75%.

    In the evening it is quite cool, but during the day the sun shines and it becomes warm. There is no harsh winter in Barcelona.

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    Weather conditions

    December in this city brings coolness and rain. However, there are no long showers here. Precipitation is short-term . Cloudy weather quickly turns sunny. The wind is picking up and getting gusty. It is recommended to bring not only jackets, but also a warm coat.

    At the beginning and middle of December there are more sunny days . At the end of the month, rains are much more frequent, and the air temperature can drop by five degrees.

    Read also in our article how much and how to fly to Barcelona from major cities of the Russian Federation.

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    Rest at this time

    Rest in December in this city has certain advantages and disadvantages.

    Pros and cons

    Pros and cons of a trip to Barcelona in December:

    • crowds of tourists do not go around the city ;
    • Restaurant there are always free tables;
    • One can observe the preparation of city streets for Christmas and New Year;
    • No heat . You can afford walking around the city, visiting sights;
    • The cost of rooms in hotels is reduced several times . Rest in December is financially more profitable.

    There are also some shortcomings :

    • The weather is cool, which means that the beach holiday excluded ;
    • It is necessary to fill suitcases with warm clothes in case of cold weather;
    • Tourist excursions are less frequent than in summer.

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    How to dress?

    Tourists need to dress warmly . Even in sunny weather, the wind can be cool, you will need a sweater and warm trousers.

    Priority: jumper, warm jacket, boots, jacket, coat, hat, gloves. In case of rain, bring an umbrella with you.

    Things to do — photo

    Barcelona is interesting not only in summer, but also in winter. Even in December there are festive, entertaining events.

    Beach holidays

    Only inveterate daredevils can have a rest on the beach. Swimming water is cold, especially at the end of the month, strong winds lead to storms. The sun practically does not heat, which means that getting a beautiful tan will not work . It is for this reason that the beaches are deserted. Tourists can walk along the coast, enjoy the picturesque seascapes.

    Read in this article when it is better to come to Spain for a beach holiday, and what are the weather conditions on the islands.

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    Excursions and entertainment

    Excursions are held every day except weekends. Many museums are closed on Saturday and Sunday. The following sights must be visited:

    1. Museum of Natural Sciences . The exhibits allow you to understand how life originated on Earth, how the development of all living things took place. The museum is equipped with modern devices that make the tour very interesting;
    2. Montserrat mountain and monastery . You can climb the mountain by cable car. The tour will appeal to active tourists, as well as lovers of cultural and historical attractions;
    3. Botanical Garden . This is an incredibly beautiful, picturesque place in the city. Suitable for walks with the whole family;
    4. Mammoth Museum . Both adults and children will like it. The tour will allow you to learn more about mammoths. The museum is becoming more and more popular.

    Among the attractions in Barcelona, ​​it is worth highlighting:

    • Tibidabo Amusement Park . There is a lot of entertainment for both children and adults;
    • Tibidabo Park is located at the top of the mountain and can be reached by funicular. At the very top you have a stunning view of the city.

    • Zoo . Known all over the world – a lot of animals are represented. It will be interesting for both children and adults;
    • Barcelona Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Europe. Marine life is presented in great abundance;
    • Singing fountains . Incredibly beautiful view on the street of the city. Fountains are complemented by lighting and music.

    It will be very interesting to walk along the decorated streets, look at Christmas markets where you can buy a variety of themed souvenirs and New Year decorations. You can arrange New Year’s shopping at the most branded stores, because just this month big sales begin.

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    Holidays and festivals

    The following holidays and festivals are celebrated in December:

    1. December 6 – Spanish Constitution Day . Festive events take place throughout the country;
    2. December 25 – Christmas . City streets are actively decorated. Barcelona is starting to look like a fairytale city. There is an incredible atmosphere. Festivals, festive events are held throughout the country;
    3. December 26 – Saint Stephen’s Day . This is a very important day for the people of Spain. Festivals and church services are held. It’s very interesting to watch what’s going on.

    When you go on holiday to Spain, find out here how much money you need depending on the length of your stay in the country.

    Thus, Barcelona is fun not only in summer but also in winter. Rest in December will bring only positive impressions .

    See in this video what the weather is like in December in Barcelona:


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    December 26

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    December 27

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    December 28

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    December 29

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    December 30

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    December 31

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