Spanish festivals july: Great festivals taking place in Spain in July: by city

Some of the greatest summer fiestas in Spain

The Grape Battle and Wine Festival in Binissalem. Majorca




Many of the most popular and fun festivals in Spain are held in the months of June, July, August and September. We will tell you about them so that you can enjoy your days of sunshine this summer in an original way.

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  • Detail of the San Juan bonfires in Alicante

    A spectacle of fire, music and colour, with thousands of people welcoming the summer in Alicante. Takes place towards the end of June.

  • La Patum festival. Berga. Barcelona


    La Patum. Les Masses

    A festival of street parades, theatre performances and games with fireworks, with fire and dance playing the key roles. It has been designated as a World Heritage Site and is held in Berga (Barcelona).

  • The Battle of Wine in Haro, La Rioja


    Rafael-López Monné. Cedidas por el Ayuntamiento de Haro

    Haro, in the La Rioja region, puts on its own kind of “war”. Wine is the ammunition and the best tactic for having fun. Takes place on 29 June.

  • Loiba cliffs, in Ortigueira, the scenery that is the setting for the festival


    Festival Mundo Celta

    This macrofestival, a world landmark in folk music, takes place outdoors in a stunning natural setting. In July in Ortigueira (A Coruña).

  • Parades during the festivities of San Fermín.


    These are the most important festivities in Pamplona (Navarre region), combining popular bull-running with a great deal of partying and fun in the streets. Experience them during the week of 7 July.

  • Disembarking during the Moors and Christians festival of Villajoyosa


    Paco Lloret Infante

    The recreation of a great battle, an exciting beach landing and the colourful Moors and Christians parades await you in Villajoyosa, Alicante, in late July.

  • Descent of the Sella River in Arriondas, Asturias

    Fun, tradition and sport in Asturias. The river Sella hosts a competition of thousands of canoeists racing from Arriondas to Ribadesella, with a popular fiesta on the banks of the river. Held on the first Saturday after 2 August.

  • Viking disembarking in Catoira


    Desembargo Vikingo en Catoira

    Marauding Vikings and replicas of 11th century boats reaching the beach are the image created by this fun re-enactment. It takes place in Catoira (Pontevedra) on the first Sunday in August.

  • The Tomatina fiesta in Buñol, Valencia.


    La Tomatina Oifical

    Thousands of people hurling tomatoes in a fun battle on the streets of Buñol, in Valencia. Held on the last Wednesday in August.

  • Cascamorras in Guadix, Granada


    Ayuntamiento de Guadix

    Everyone against the jester, covering him in paint. The festivity takes place in Guadix and Baza, in the province of Granada, at the start of September.

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July Festivals in Spain – Best Spanish Fiestas To Visit In 2022

July festival calendar

– San Fermín: This famous festival takes place in Pamplona from July 6th to 14th. It features the running of the bulls, where brave participants run ahead of six bulls along a narrow route to the bullring.

– Moors and Christians: This historical festival takes place in various towns and cities in Spain, especially in the Valencia region. It commemorates the battles between the Moors and the Christians during the Reconquista period.

– Santiago Apóstol: This religious festival celebrates Saint James, the patron saint of Spain and Galicia. It takes place on July 25th in Santiago de Compostela and other places related to the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. The festival includes a mass, a procession, a folkloric dance called “La Danza de la Espada” and a spectacular firework display over the cathedral. ²³

– Festival Internacional do Mundo Celta: This cultural festival celebrates the Celtic heritage and music of Galicia and other regions of Europe. It takes place in Ortigueira from July 15th to 18th. It features concerts, workshops, exhibitions and a Celtic market.

– Cordoba Guitar Festival: This musical festival showcases the art and culture of the guitar in Cordoba, a city with a rich guitar-making tradition. It takes place from July 8th to 18th. It features performances by renowned guitarists from different genres such as flamenco, classical, jazz and rock.

– Cider Festival: This gastronomic festival celebrates cider production and consumption in Asturias, a region famous for its apple orchards and cider houses. It takes place in Nava from July 9th to 11th. It features cider tasting, contests, workshops, music and dancing.

– International Jazz Festival: This musical festival showcases the best of jazz music in Getxo, a coastal town near Bilbao. It takes place from July 30th to August 3rd. It features concerts by local and international jazz artists and bands, as well as jam sessions, workshops and competitions.

– Stilt Dancers: This folkloric festival features dancers who perform on stilts in Anguiano, a village in La Rioja region. It takes place on July 22nd. The dancers wear colourful costumes and bells and dance down a steep street to honour Mary Magdalene, the patron saint of the village.

– Song Festival: This musical festival features singers who compete for prizes and recognition in Benidorm, a popular tourist resort on the Costa Blanca. It takes place from July 23rd to 25th.

– Antequera Fair: This traditional fair celebrates the culture and history of Antequera, a town in Malaga province with a rich heritage of monuments and legends. It takes place from July 21st to 25th.

The San Fermines Festival Pamplona

One of the most well-known festivals in Spain and around the world is the San Fermines Festival, which takes place every year in Pamplona, Navarre.

Saint Fermin, the city’s patron saint, is honoured during the festival. Thousands of people travel from all over the world to attend the San Fermines Festival, which takes place from July 6 to July 14.

The Running of the Bulls, a daily event in which bulls are let loose into the streets and runners attempt to outrun them, is the festival’s most well-known feature.

This exciting but risky event has come to represent the San Fermines festival and draws lots of thrill-seekers.

The festival is also known for its traditional clothing, with men wearing white shirts and pants, red bandanas and sashes, and women wearing white dresses with red belts and scarves. The festival also features music, dancing, and parades, as well as fireworks displays and religious processions.

San Fermines is a beloved tradition in Spain, with many families and groups of friends attending together each year. It is a time of celebration and camaraderie, where people from all walks of life come together to enjoy the unique customs and culture of the festival.

Moors Vs Christians Festivals

The Moors rules great swathes of Spain for almost 800 years and left an indelible legacy on the country when it comes to culture and gastronomy.

Many cities and towns hold amazing Moors Vs Christians festivals in July each year, some of the best held around Alicante in the Valencia region.

Stunning costumes, parades and mock battles are the centrepieces of these festivals.

One of the largest and best of these festivals is held in the town of Alcoy which is held in April, the second-best is held in Villajoyosa during July and is well worth a visit.

The Villajoyosa Moors Vs Christians Festival has been going on for over 250 years and is usually held during the last week of July.  Thousands of local residents participate in the reenactment of a historic battle that took place in 1538. Visitors are also treated to parades, marching bands and huge firewood displays.

International Music and Dance Festival in Granada – Variable dates

Every July Granada welcomes visitors to enjoy the city’s cultural, historical and gastronomic delights.

Visitors are treated to the sounds of the local folklore music and dance while at the same time enjoying the beautiful environment of Granada.

This fused combination of great music and historical ambience has made the International Music and Dance Festival in Granada one of the largest of its kind in Spain.

Cordoba’s Guitar Festival – Variable dates

If you love music the Cordoba Guitar Festival is a must-visit for you, held in Cordoba for the past 33 years it features a large selection of Flamenco artists, ancient, modern and jazz musicians, dancers and groups.

Shows take place all over the city including such historic and illustrious venues including the Grand Theatre, the Castle of the Christian Monarchs, Plaza Capuchinos, the Corredera Square, the Royal Stables, the Congress Palace, the Potro Inn or the Plaza de Tierra Andaluza.

The Cordoba guitar festival is one of the cultural highlights of the year in Cordoba becoming increasingly popular in the last 10 years.

The Stilt Dancers – Rioja

The Danza de Los Zancos ( Stilt Dancers ) festival is held from the 21st to the 23rd of July each year in the town of Anguiano in the region of Rioja, northern Spain.

The highlight of the festival is seeing eight local young men descending the steep cobbled streets of the town in 50cm high stilts whilst spinning around.

This curious festival is held twice a year, in July and at the end of September.

Cider Festival Asturias

Cider from Asturias

The region of Asturias in Northern Spain is not only a green and picturesque region, but it is also the home of that renowned apple drink, Cider.

One of the best cider festivals is held in the town of Nava, Asturias during the second week of July.

Visitors to the festival enjoy folkloric music, dance, bagpipers and live music during the small hours.

This is a perfect place to learn everything there is to know about Cider,  there is a contest to find the best pourers which is great fun to watch.

International Jazz Festival at Getxo – Variable dates in late July

The Biscayan town of Getxo hosts numerous concerts during the month of July. Here Jazz lovers from all over the world congregate in the town to enjoy live music.

Getxo’s town centre gets converted into staging areas to host numerous concerts as well as many festival competitions.

The International Jazz Festival in Getxo hosts some of the top jazz artists be sure to check the schedule as there are many concerts on offer throughout the month.

What Spaniards celebrate in July: holidays and outdoor activities

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  • 1 International Guitar Festival
  • 2 Bull Run
  • 3 Celtic Pride
  • 4 Feast of the Patroness of Sailors
  • 5 Saint James Feast
  • 6 International Jazz and Blues Festival
  • Another International Music Festival 904 70 002 In Andalusia and other regions in July, the temperature rises so high that everyone wants to just lie on the beach and relax. This is what many tourists come here for. Also, July is the most attractive and suitable for traveling to the Pyrenees.


    1. International Guitar Festival
    2. Running from the Bulls
    3. Celtic Pride
    4. Feast of the Patron Saint of Sailors
    5. Feast of St. James
    6. International Jazz and Blues Festival1 Another 901 14

    International Guitar Festival

    Photo : Cordoba International Guitar Festival

    Speaking of the Spanish calendar of holidays, we should not forget about Cordoba. It makes a very interesting and attractive holiday, during which you can have a good rest and enjoy the events of the country. We are talking about an exciting international guitar festival, which brings together performers of diverse genres and provide their audience with their works. Genres such as flamenco, classical and rock or blues sound here. The most important guests who are invited to the festival perform at night in the gardens of the Alcazar.

    Running from the bulls

    Photo: Running from the bulls – festival

    Pamplona hosts a very interesting week-long festival for many tourists – San Fermin or Sanfermines (Fiesta de San Fermin or Sanfermines). The main event of the week-long celebration is the daily bull run (encierro), which takes place on the streets of the city. Throughout the summer period, similar events are held in other settlements, only on a smaller scale.

    Celtic Pride

    Ortitweira has an interesting festival that brings together groups of people from as far away as Nova Scotia. It is here that people gather who during the music festival in Ortigueira (Festival de Ortigueira) remember their Celtic horses, gather and enjoy national music. The event is held in Galicia.

    Photo: Festival in Ortigueira

    Feast of the patroness of sailors

    In many coastal cities, in particular Andalusia, on July 16, a bright holiday is held, which is dedicated to the patroness of fishermen. The image of the patroness solemnly sets off to sea and is carried on a whole flotilla of small ships.

    Feast of St. James

    Photo: St. James Day

    For every Spaniard, St. James Day is one of the most important holidays, because on this day one of the most important saints of the country is honored. This holiday is celebrated most vividly and solemnly in Galicia and in Santiago de Compostela. For this place, this holiday is one of the brightest, a huge number of pilgrims gather here for these two weeks, so in order to provide yourself with housing, you should worry in advance and book rooms or arrange accommodation for the night.

    International Jazz and Blues Festival

    Another bright and colorful musical celebration held in Pontevedra. Towards the end of July, the best and most famous bands gather in this area to perform jazz and blues compositions. In a small Galician town, the celebration lasts for four days. All this time wonderful music sounds and people just relax to the sounds of their favorite musical instruments.

    Another international music festival

    In the summer, Spain hosts a huge number of international music festivals right in the open air. Especially the peak of such events falls on the summer months, which attracts the most famous and well-known performers from all over the world to the country. One of these international music festivals is held in the small town of Benicassim in the province of Valencia. This event belongs to one of the best and original celebrations of the country.

    You can watch the bull run festival in this video:

    festivities Spain Spaniards July rest holidays festivals fiestas

    Dates of music festivals in Spain

    Live at the Arenal Sound Festival in Burriana (Castellón, Valencian Community)


    Arenal Sound


    Music, fun and performances by the most famous and popular among young international artists. To have a great time in Spain in the summer, all you need is a desire to have fun. The rest you will find at music festivals: FIB, Sónar, BBK… Here you will find music for every taste, to which you will dance until you drop!

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    • The Pixies perform at the Primavera Sound festival. Barcelona


      Eric Pamies

      Barcelona, ​​from 1 to 3 June 2023. Madrid, from 8 to 10 June 2023.

    • Squarepusher at the Sónar festival in Barcelona


      Advanced Music

      Barcelona, ​​from 15 to 17 June 2023.

    • Barcelona Beach Festival


      The Siberian Music

      Barcelona – The 2023 festival has been cancelled. Awaiting confirmation for 2024

    • Ortigueira International Festival of the Celtic World. La Coruna


      Tony Rego. Concello de Ortigueira

      Ortigueira (A Coruña) – from 9 to 16 July 2023

    • Benicassim International Festival.