Spain temp in december: Spain in December: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Spain in December: Travel Tips, Weather & More

In December, Spain’s famous beaches are all but abandoned. Those in the know, however, can still plan a diverse adventure in this remarkable country. Whether you want to plan a ski holiday, walking tour of a historic city, or simply eat great food and browse Christmas markets, December in Spain has you covered.


Spain will most definitely be cold during December. However, just how cold depends on the region in which you visit. You can expect Madrid to be particularly chilly, with highs around 50°F (10°C) and lows in the high 30s (Fahrenheit). In San Sebastián, on the northern Atlantic coast, it’s a little warmer at around 55°F (12°C), but if you want to squeeze the most sun and warmth out of Spain’s winter, you’ll head to the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona experiences highs of around 60°F (15°C), and those temps slightly increase the further south you get down to Andalusia.

Crowds & Costs

December might be the most packed month during the offseason. This is because locals and visitors alike are getting into the festive Christmas spirit. Then there’s New Year’s Eve, which comes with its raucous celebrations. Compared with the offseason, flights and hotels will be a bit more expensive during most of December, but prices really spike during Christmas week. 

Where to Go

Spain is so vast and regional climates so disparate that you can plan any type of winter holiday you’d like. If winter sports are your thing, there are options on all sides of the country that have you covered (more on this below). If you don’t ski or snowboard, you can opt to stay mostly indoors and visit the many world-class museums in the country. These include the Prado in Madrid, the Picasso Museum in MálagaMACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona), and the Guggenheim, in Bilbao.

On the other hand, if you’re desperate for sunshine, then visit the Canary Islands. While it still might be a little too chilly for swimming on Gran Canaria, the sun will likely be out, and you might be able to get a bit of suntanning done on the beach. You should also visit Barcelona and the capital of Andalusia, Seville. Not only will you probably get some sun, but these cities also have great Christmas markets during December. 

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What to Do

While Andalusia is typically known for its warmer temperatures, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, near the southern coast, are prime skiing/snowboarding territory. December kicks off ski season in Granada, which sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas. The Sierra Nevada Ski Station is the premier resort here, featuring 65 miles (105 km) of ski runs.  

If you don’t plan on traveling that far south but are still interested in a ski holiday, you can head to northeastern Spain toward the border with France. A good destination is Zaragoza, the capital of Spain’s Aragon region and a city abounding with Baroque and gothic architecture. It’s also the gateway to the Pyrenees Mountains, and there are a number of ski resorts within a manageable drive of the city, including Aramon, Formigal, and Panticosa. Aramon is the largest, with 160 miles (259 km) of ski runs.

Events in December

Christmas Daynationwide. December 25 is a relatively understated affair in Spain. The real celebrations and unwrapping of gifts occur on Epiphany/Three King’s Day, on January 6. 

New Year’s Evenationwide. December 31 is party time in Spain. Friends and family typically get together for dinner before watching the clock strike down to midnight. When it does, tradition dictates that you must eat 12 grapes, each in unison with the chiming of the clock, which portends good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year. Many folks congregate in plazas for the event, and one great party is always at Puerta del Sol Square in Madrid.

Traveling to Spain in December? Check out these great itineraries 

Seville, Madrid & Barcelona – 7 Days. The trip starts in historic Seville, continues in Madrid, and finishes in cosmopolitan Barcelona. Make sure to be in Madrid for the great party on New Year’s Eve. 

Ultimate Canary Islands Tour – 8 Days. This exciting itinerary covers the archipelago’s three easternmost islands with the help of a private guide. It’s the perfect destination to get away from the gloomy December weather on the mainland. 

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Spain Weather in December | Thomas Cook

Spain Weather in December | Thomas Cook

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    Spain weather December


    What’s the weather like in Spain in December?

    Spain is a beautiful country to visit, no matter what time of the year it is. Spain weather in December is quite cold at times with even colder nights. However, there’s a good chance you’ll get to enjoy some warmer days during your stay with temperatures reaching up to 14°C.

    Geographical influences

    Spain’s location in Europe and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea means that most of the region experiences a beautiful climate for most of the year. However, winter can get quite chilly, so it’s probably not a good time if you’re planning a classic beach holiday. If you’re more interested in seeing the sights and soaking up some traditional Spanish culture, it’s the perfect time to visit.


    December is one of the coldest months of the year with an average temperature high of 11°C with lows of 6°C at night. It has one less hour of sunlight than November, but you’ll still get nine hours of beautiful sunshine per day. The amount of rain you see depends on where you visit. For example, Barcelona usually experiences 32mm of rain spread over eight days. However, the overall average rainfall in Spain is around 51mm. Wind speeds can reach up to 5 mph with 73% humidity.


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    Best hotels in Spain

    Spain in December and January: 10 fun activities. Spain in Russian

    Anyone who thinks that Spain is a country of exclusively summer holidays is deeply mistaken. Holidays in Spain in winter are no less good than in summer. Moreover, there is no winter in the generally accepted sense on the Iberian Peninsula. And a holiday in Spain in January, in the so-called low season, has great advantages over a holiday in the high season. Fewer tourists allow for better sightseeing. In addition, the southern winter sun does not burn mercilessly, but gently warms.

    Where to go in Spain in winter?

    • If you don’t know what to do in Spain in winter, go skiing. There are more than 30 ski resorts in the kingdom! Among the most famous are Baqueira Beret, La Molina, Masella, Formigal, Sierra Nevada. They are found in Catalonia, the Basque Country and not far from Granada.
    • If you are not an athlete, but an active fan, then look for the answer to the question “what to do in Spain in winter” from football fans. Any of the La Liga matches is a real holiday. What is the game of the reigning national champion Barcelona against Valencia on December 5 worth! Or the meeting of the irreconcilable enemy of the blue-garnet Real Madrid with Villarreal, located at the top of the standings, on December 13!
    • Seven Spanish teams are playing in European competition this season. If you are thinking about where to go to Spain in winter, go to Madrid on December 8, where the royal club will host the Swedish Malmö, or to Valencia on December 9, where the local team will play the French Lyon. Fans of Formula 1 will also be advised where to go to Spain in January. At the Montmelo circuit near Barcelona, ​​racers, as a rule, test new cars. On the Catalan track, you can also pass the test of speed yourself, sitting behind the wheel of a car under the watchful eye of an instructor.
    • It is impossible to imagine Spain in January without hunting and fishing! There are 35 game reserves in the kingdom with a total area of ​​more than one and a half million hectares. Most of them are in Asturias, Aragon and Andalusia. Capricorn, chamois, moufflon and red deer are allowed here. For more information, please contact our service center. The dream of fishermen from all over the world is the Ebro River, famous for the abundance of two-meter catfish, whose average weight is about 80 kilograms!
    • And, of course, the best thing to do during a holiday in Spain in December and January is a trip to museums when there are no crazy queues at the box office. Visit the Prado Gallery in Madrid, see Gaudí’s masterpieces in Barcelona and visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. In Spain, 11 cities – Santiago de Compostela, Cordoba, Salamanca, Avila, Segovia, Toledo, Cuenca, Cáceres, Alcala de Henares, Ibiza and San Cristobal de la Laguna – are declared by UNESCO as a heritage of mankind, so many there are no unique cities in one country anywhere else in the world.

    Shopping in Barcelona and Christmas discounts in Spain

    Winter sales in Spain start on January 7th and last for two months. Christmas discounts in Spain on branded items and appliances reach 90%! Undoubtedly, the best place for shopping for a Russian-speaking tourist is Barcelona. There are 35,000 stores in and around the city! Through the center of the city, from the monument to Columbus on the embankment to Maria Cristina Square, the so-called “shopping line” runs. These are five kilometers of boutiques, entire streets of luxury and high style. Fans of winter sales in Spain have a place to roam! Even such expensive brands as Dior, Chanel, Marina Rinaldi, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Bally, Cartier, Calvin Klein offer Christmas discounts in Spain.

    Events and events in Spain in December and January

    • If you are planning a holiday in Spain in December, take a look at the exhibition “Dalí – Master of Metamorphosis”. It is open at Barcelona’s Mayoral Gallery until 31 December. Here are about 30 works by Salvador Dali: watercolors, collages, sculptures, paintings and drawings. Entrance to the gallery is free.
    • Vacation in Spain in December 2015 is impossible to imagine without a trip to San Sebastian. Here at the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum there is an exhibition that allows you to learn more about his contribution to the history of fashion and design. Entrance tickets costing from 7 to 10 euros will allow you to enjoy 62 magnificent models of the famous Basque couturier brought from Paris.
    • If you haven’t decided where to go to Spain in January, look for Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante. One of the most ambitious exhibition projects of recent times, The Lord of the Rings, is presented here. It is dedicated to the film adaptation of John Tolkien’s novel and has more than 700 exhibits. These are life-sized recreated characters, their costumes, equipment and weapons.
    • Families with small children will also find where to go to Spain in January. A colorful retrospective in Malaga will show the evolution of Walt Disney characters since 1930s to the present. On films, posters and photographs, in newspapers and magazines, visitors will see how Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have changed over time.

    Weather in Spain in December and January

    Spain is considered one of the warmest European countries. The weather in Spain is favorable for recreation both in winter and in summer. But it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question “how many degrees in winter in Spain”, since the climate in winter in Spain depends on the proximity of a particular region to the sea and mountains. In winter, minus temperatures are stable in the mountains, and snow lies on the slopes. In the flat part of Spain, the weather in winter is warm but rainy.

    Particularly humid climate in Spain in winter – on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. In Galicia, the Basque Country and Asturias, up to 140 mm of precipitation falls per month. As for the air temperature, on the coast of Catalonia it does not fall below -5-8 degrees, and on the central plateau it sometimes reaches zero. At the same time, at the beginning of the calendar winter in Spain, it is still quite comfortable. The temperature in Spain in December is quite high by Central European standards, about +12 degrees.

    As for the sea, the temperature in Spain in December is even higher – up to +19 degrees. In Barcelona, ​​for example, for several years by Christmas the weather has been sunny and dry, and the New Year pleases with its warmth. Toward mid-January, cloudy days come. As, however, in other regions. The temperature in Spain in January drops noticeably. The only place where you can warm up is the Canary Islands. There the air warms up to +22 degrees! So the temperature in Spain in January, by Russian standards, may seem like summer.

    How to dress in Spain in winter and what to pack for your trip

    The most accurate answer to the question “how people dress in Spain in winter” is frivolously! The Spaniards are southern people, so even in the north in winter you can meet girls in open-toed shoes. In December-January, girls wear parkas and light, light-colored summer skirts here. Our compatriots pack their bags, focusing on how many degrees in Spain in winter. Regardless of whether they go north or south, they take warm jackets. For a trip to Spain, you should also take a raincoat or umbrella. Clothing in Spain in winter should be practical, as holidays in December-January involve more long walks.

    Visit Madrid in December

    The capital of Spain deserves special mention. “Spain in Russian” recommends visiting Madrid in December or January. Winter is the best time to visit this colorful city, because in summer it is blazing with heat. It is almost impossible to be in open space under the scorching sun for more than five minutes here. But in December-January, you can safely see all the city’s attractions, including the Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol, Castellana Street Sculpture Museum. It should be remembered that at night in Madrid there can be sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, warm clothes in the winter in Spain will not interfere, first of all, with those who have chosen Madrid.

    If you are planning to visit Spain during the winter and don’t know how to organize your trip to make it truly exciting, Spain in Russian will be happy to make your holiday unforgettable. We offer more than 100 types of services for tourists and residents of Spain. Call us at the numbers listed on the site, or contact us by e-mail: info@espanarusa. com.

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