Spain shops: All About Shopping in Spain

All About Shopping in Spain

Spain’s major supermarkets

The big players for supermarket shopping in Spain include Alcampo (Auchan), Carrefour, Eroski and Hipercor.

These big-name mega-supermarkets can be found all around Spain and offer a huge variety of goods at much lower prices than the local shops.

The ever popular budget supermarkets such as Aldi, Spar, Lidl, Dia and Mercadona are all brands that are becoming increasingly popular throughout Spain offering excellent value and are perfect for visitors on self-catering holidays.

Municipal markets

Spanish Food Market

Other interesting places to buy fresh dairy products are the municipal found near the center of most Spanish towns and villages. Here you can find lots of varieties of fresh vegetables, fruits, homemade bakery and confectionery.

They say you can get the best idea of authentic Spanish cuisine by visiting the local food market and luckily there is usually at least one in every village, town and city across Spain.

There are a number of famous indoor food markets that are well worth visiting as give a real insight into Spanish cooking and culture.

Here is a list of the best food markets in Spain:
  1. Mercado de Asbetos – Santiago.
  2. Mercado Central – Cadiz
  3. Mercado de Triana – Seville
  4. Mercado de la Ribera – Bilbao
  5. Mercado Central – Valencia
  6. Mercado de San Fernando – Madrid
  7. Mercado La Boqueria – Barcelona
  8. Mercado Santa Catalina – Barcelona
  9. Mercado del Puerto – Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
  10. Mercado de Ataranzas – Malaga
  11. Mercado de San Miguel – Madrid
  12. Mercado Victoria – Cordoba
  13. Mercado Alcaiceria – Granada

Outdoor street markets

Shopping and discounts enthusiasts can enjoy the big outdoor markets open throughout Spain, on certain days of the week. Just about every large village, town and city will have numerous outdoor markets held between Monday to Saturday.

In these markets, you can find really valuable items at bargain prices and a variety of interesting goods.

The multitude of colourful stalls will delight your senses with fruits and vegetables, fragrant flowers, as well as the delicious Spanish pastries and sweets that will add extra flavour to your trip.

Top street markets in Spain:
  1. El Rastro – Madrid
  2. Mercado de Motores – Madrid
  3. Els Encants Vells – Barcelona
  4. Marcantic – Barcelona
  5. Mercadillo de Jueves – Seville
  6. Alcaiceria – Granada
  7. Plaza Redondo Market – Valencia

Spains largest shopping malls

»  Xanadu Commercial Centre Madrid
» Commercial Centre – La Vaguada Madrid
» Centro Comercial Marineda City – A Coruna
» Centro Comercial Puerto Venecia – Zaragoza 
» Centro Comercial Parquesur – Madrid
» Centro Comercial Bonaire – Valencia
» Centro Comercial Plaza Imperial – Zaragoza
» Parque Comercial La Cañada  – Marbella
» Centro Comercial Parque Principado – Asturias
» Centro Comercial Nueva Condomina – Murcia
» Centro Comercial La Maquinista – Barcelona
» Centro Comercial Mataró Parc – Barcelona
» Centro Comercial Gran Vía 2 – Barcelona
» Centro Comercial Los Arcos – Seville
» Centro Comercial Gran Via – Alicante

Upmarket shopping at El Corte Ingles

The network of stores El Corte Inglés is probably the king of the superstores and found throughout Spain.

Customers who come to El Corte Inglés have access from a wide range of food, electronics, toys to clothing, perfumes, jewelry or decorative objects, all good quality.

In a few words, you can find everything you need in one place.

Usually, El Corte Inglés enjoys a central location in each city where it is located and often has all sorts of deals, which makes it attractive for each tourist eager to buy quality stuff at good prices.

Gran Via and Paseo de la Castellano in Madrid

Madrid Gran Via Shopping

Gran Via and the Paseo de Castellano are located in the centre of Madrid and the busiest shopping areas in Spain.

A huge variety of shops can be found around these areas including H & M, Zara, Bershka, Mango, Massimo Dutti,  Balenciaga, Pull & Bear, Springfield,  Blanco, Desigual,  Maxmara, Longchamp, Caramelo, Women’s Secret or Sephora, but also many luxury brands, such as Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Channel, Valentino.

Also in Madrid head off to the Calle Toro and Calle Zamora for plenty of souvenirs and objects as you’ve never seen before.

The streets are packed with souvenir shops full of strange and interesting trinkets from earrings and bracelets, to handmade decorations made by talented local craftsmen.

Barcelona City Shopping

Barcelona Las Ramblas

As you would expect when visiting such a vibrant city, Barcelona is full of every kind of shopping outlet to suit every taste and budget. The top places to shop in Barcelona include the renowned Las Ramblas street, the Placa de Catalunya, Passeig de Gracia and the Avenida Diagonal, here you will find all the top fashion stores such as Versace, Gucci, Armani, Bally, Cartier, Burberry or Calvin Klein, as well as many other brands and shops with quality clothes, shoes and accessories.

Other important shopping areas in Barcelona include Diagonal Mar, L’illa, Glories or Maremagnum. are some malls in Barcelona where you can find a wide variety of shops with international brands.

For significant discounts on luxury products, you can choose La Roca Village, located outside of Barcelona, where you can easily get by bus, which can be taken right from the center of Barcelona. Some of the stores you’ll find here include Guy Laroche, Guess, Armani, FURLA, Gucci, Timberland and Desigual.

Luxury shopping in Marbella

Armani in Spain

Marbella has long been home to the rich and famous and as you would expect the luxury high-end shops are available around the town especially within the famous Puerto Banus marina located a few miles west of the town centre. Here you will find all the swanky upmarket shops including Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Channel, Valentino, Armani, and Cartier.

Spain’s top fashion brands

» Stradivarius
» Bimba y Lola
» Adolfo Dominguez
» Zara
» Massimo Duti
» La Potegna
» Loewe
» Mango
» Tous
» Intropia

Online Shopping

Of course these days you can find all kinds of Spanish goods online via Amazon, eBay and hundreds of other well-known outlets.

Top online buys include Spanish cured ham, extra virgin olive oil, chorizo spicy sausage and any number of world-class wines and cheeses.

These Are The Best Destinations for Shopping in Spain

June 2, 2021updated Mar 02, 2022

Sponsored: When you’re shopping in Spain, you’re guaranteed to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Sophie Killip

© Javi Az Shutterstock

Whether you’re on the hunt for high-end fashion brands, antiques full of history and heritage or souvenirs to bring home from your vacation, when you’re shopping in Spain you are guaranteed to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

The country is home to some of the best shopping destinations in the world across several of its major cities – and as an added bonus, many of the areas are usually found near other places of interest, such as museums and heritage buildings. With this in mind, we’ve chosen to showcase some of the places that are perfect for shopping in Spain.

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Portal De L’Angel

Portal De L’Angel is a pedestrianized street flanked by modernist buildings / ©poludziber Shutterstock

Part of Barcelona’s largest shopping district, Portal De L’Angel is a pedestrianized street flanked by modernist buildings, making it worth visiting for both the shopping and the stunning architecture. Usually bustling with tourists and locals alike, Portal De L’Angel is one of Barcelona’s most visited streets and is home to a variety of international fashion brands. It is also well known for being the most expensive streets in Spain, with incredibly high rental prices.

La Maquinista

Situated in Barcelona’s old city at the edge of the Gothic neighborhood, La Maquinista is an indoor-outdoor shopping mall with an expansive range of shops. As the largest shopping center in Catalonia, you can find anything here from gifts and accessories to clothing and footwear, as well as several restaurants and a cinema. La Maquinista is open from 9.30am-10pm in the summer, making it ideal for browsing. However, like many places in Spain, it is closed on Sundays.

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By the Elite Traveler team

Mercado La Boqueria

La Boqueria is an open-air market selling food and fresh produce / ©Shutterstock

With an entrance on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas – a landmark, pedestrianized boulevard in the heart of the city center – La Boqueria is an open-air market selling food and fresh produce. The market is one of the city’s top tourist hot spots; we recommend visiting earlier in the day to avoid the crowds and find the freshest produce, which can be easily done thanks to the fact the market opens at 6am. The market even has its own culinary classroom for events and courses.

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El Corte Ingles

Within El Corte Ingles you are guaranteed to find almost anything / ©Fotokon Shutterstock

El Corte Ingles is the biggest department store group in Europe and the only department store chain remaining in Spain. Its headquarters can be found in Madrid, which makes sense when you consider that its flagship store – Europe’s biggest supermarket – is also in Spain’s capital city. Within El Corte Ingles you are guaranteed to find almost anything you need or want, from high-end products and souvenirs to those everyday essentials that you might have forgotten to pack for your vacation.

Mercado San Miguel

Mercado San Miguel is a lively and vibrant covered market / ©Pixachi Shutterstock

Welcoming over 10 million visitors each year, Mercado San Miguel is a lively and vibrant covered market located in the beating heart of Madrid, only moments away from the Plaza Mayor. One of the most famous markets in the country, Mercado San Miguel is different from a usual food market – it’s not the place to buy your groceries. Instead, it calls itself a “gastronomic” market, offering a range of gourmet tapas and drinks from across over 20 vendors.

El Rastro

Held every Sunday and public holiday, El Rastro de Madrid – or, more simply, El Rastro – is one of the most popular open-air flea markets in Spain’s capital city and is recorded to have been around since 1740. Set in the La Latina district of Madrid, the market is spread across several streets and can feature up to 3,500 stalls with an incredible variety of products available for purchase, including antiques and local crafts. There are several bars and restaurants nearby for when you need a break from browsing.

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Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús is a marina located in the heart of the Costa del Sol / ©Shutterstock

Renowned for its glitz and glamour and set next to the beautiful Mediterranean sea, Puerto Banús is a marina located southwest of Marbella in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Luxury yachts and boat moor here year-round – and the restaurants, clubs and shops are a perfect reflection of this extravagant lifestyle. Puerto Banús is home to over 100 luxury brands, boasting the latest collections of clothes and accessories from a range of famous designers.

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Food prices in Spain 2023

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Mikhail Schwartz


Let’s look at prices in Spanish supermarkets in 2022. I have prepared for you a virtual tour of Spanish supermarkets, we will walk around Mercadona, Lidl, Aldi, HipperDino in the south of Tenerife. More than 150 photos, I took everything I could.

Shops in Tenerife

I went to Mercadona with average Spanish prices. My report will give you the information you need on how much money to take with you and how much money you will spend on food during your vacation.

Vegetables and fruits

Tomatoes cost about €2 per kilogram, cherry tomatoes around €4. Cucumbers – a little more than €2. Potatoes – about € 1.5, onions – within € 1.2 – € 2.2. Iceberg lettuce – €1.5. Canary bananas – about € 2.5.

A Variety of Spanish TomatoesCherry Tomatoes from SpainSpanish and Dutch CucumbersPotatoes from SpainCarrotsOnionsSaladsCanarian BananasSpanish ApplesFragrant PearsSpanish Kiwi, Mango and Papaya Delicious Nectarines and PeachesLemon and Orange Season Begins in SpainFresh Grape HarvestRed GrapesGreen Peppers from SpainRed Spanish PeppersSugar Watermelons

Prices for fruits and vegetables, as elsewhere, change depending on the season.

Bread and pastries

Everything is bad with bread in supermarkets. Usually they sell freshly baked frozen baguettes – that’s disgusting! It is impossible to eat the next day. Baguettes cost €0.5–1.5, depending on the length. Large croissants for €0.8 each. Long-life loaves of bread sell for €1.

Baguettes Bread Loaves

Biscuits for every taste, mostly made in Spain.


They sell good chocolate, a bar costs €1–3.

Soda and water

Is soda expensive or not? I don’t know our prices. An aluminum can of 0.33 comes out to about €0.25.


There are a lot of varieties of bottled water. The price per liter ranges from 15 to 60 cents. The cheapest one sometimes tastes worse than tap water, and scale remains in the kettle. I choose cheap, slightly mineral water with the funny name débil, it’s not a brand, but a type of water.

Sausage and jamon

Everything is in order with sausages in Spain, even the cheapest dry-cured ones are of very decent quality! I like to take red raw smoked chorizo ​​sausage by weight for €6–8 per kilogram.

There are countless hamons here. Prices from €15 to €49. I do not advise you to take cuttings in vacuum packs. Get a fresh cut.

My favorite chorizo ​​sausageCooked sausagesThere are sausagesJamon will be cut right in front of youA large selection of Spanish ham and sausagesJamon in a vacuum package


Spanish beef is lean and streaked with fat, €12-€18 per kilo.

Beef steak Diet filletExcellent entrecote

Pork sells for €5-€7 per kilo.

Tenderloin for chops Fattier meat Great for grilling

Chicken sold whole or in pieces.

Whole chicken FilletChicken quarterChicken drumstickBio chickenRabbits for sale


Almost all the fish in Mercadona comes from Spain and other countries. Local is rare.

If desired, the fish can be cleaned and butchered. Take a paper number and wait your turn. He pokes at the right fish, and they will clean it with love for you. If necessary, cut into steaks or fillet.

Dorada Eyed fish of different shades of pinkFish beautifully laid out on ice Skipjack tunaSardinesSalmonFresh fishMackerel Already butchered fish carcassesCutted fish in sealed packaging. We don’t take this.

Shops offer a large selection of the freshest seafood: shrimp for €10, mussels for €5, squid from €6.

SeafoodShrimpMusselsSquidSmoked salmon

The price of canned fish starts from €1.5.

Canned fish from SpainCanned fishCanned fish from SpainCanned seafood


I recommend herb and jamón pâtés for €1 per jar.

Herb PateJamon Pate

Look at the prices of other Spanish preserves

OlivesCucumbersCanned peas, corn and tomatoesCanary sauces (above) and other saucesPrepared beans in jarsMeatballs

Ready meals

Pasta bolognese and yellow rice Tortilla and croquettes Pizza Tortilla Stewed meatballs and lasagne

Dairy products

Good milk from the fridge with a short shelf life costs €0.95 per 1 litre. UHT at €0.56.


There is also soy milk for special drinkers and drinks made from various nuts.

Vegetable “milk” drinks

Not so long ago, kefir appeared on the shelves.


Spanish-made yogurts with bifidobacteria will cost €1 each.

Yoghurts with bifidobacteriaGreek yogurtMore yogurts.Spanish coconut milk yogurtButter

Delicious Spanish desserts!

Catalan creamDesserts


There are a lot of cheeses. I photographed only standard varieties so that there is something to compare with. I like hard sheep’s cheese.

Spanish hard sheep cheese

I recommend cheeses made in Spain from 3 types of milk: sheep, cow and goat.

4-month-aged Curado cheese. Spanish harder Semicurado cheese 3-month-aged Regular Couda and Edam. But very tasty! Young cheesesCheese shavingsMore cheeses


For jam, we buy inexpensive Spanish brands from Peach, Apricot and Quince at €1.5–2.5 per can at Lidl. I make sure that fruit fibers are visible in the jar, otherwise there will be a tasteless jelly.

Large assortment of jamsJams and jamsAgave syrup

Tea and coffee

Mostly herbal tea, so bring your own from Russia 😉

Large variety of herbal teasHerbal teasThere are several types of black teaBlack teaCoffee in capsules for coffee machinesInstant coffee

Pasta and cereals

CerealsBeansRicePastaMore vermicelli and cones

Vegetable oil

I don’t see much difference in a salad between olive oil from a glass bottle and a plastic one. We often take Coosur Pisual with a pleasant bitterness for €5. By the way, in Tenerife this oil cost €4.

Spanish olive oil There are large packages Sunflower oil and grape vinegar


Spanish beer from supermarkets is so-so. Without much taste and aftertaste – malt water. Of the tolerable brands, for my taste, only Alhambra Classic, but it’s better to take some German, for example, wheat Franziskaner for € 0.92. For any beer, look at the expiration date, I try not to take beer older than 1-2 months. We drink beer only on holidays, so we choose carefully.


Everyone knows about Spanish wines. In the store, the price per bottle starts from €2.

Few are familiar with the wines of the Canary Islands. They are produced in small quantities and almost never exported. The fertile earth of volcanic origin gives the drink a special character. I advise you to try!

Spanish wineSpanish wine


Flour, sugar and eggs

SugarEggsEggsWheat flourVarious types of flour

Vegan products

Shops have vegan sections

Vegan burgers, pizza and meatballs. All made in Spain Tofu

Household goods

Toilet paper Laundry detergent Toothpaste Pampers

In general, I like Spanish prices. In some places even lower than ours. I would especially like to note the excellent quality of Spanish fruits and vegetables, they are without any GMOs and pesticides. The Spaniards value their reputation.

Fresh vegetables and fruits from Finca

If you want to buy fresh vegetables and fruits cheaper, then go to Finca la Caldera in Costa Adeje, where there is a farm.

It will be just wonderful if you go to some Sunday village market and buy fruits, sausages, cheese there. You will not regret it. Sausages and cheeses from the supermarket can not be compared with the farm.

Tell us in the comments what do you usually buy in Spanish supermarkets?

By the way, take a look at my price reviews from supermarkets in France, Italy, the Czech Republic and Serbia.

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Shopping in Spain.

Go shopping

Hotels in Spain

Shopping in Spain is concentrated in the two largest cities – Madrid and Barcelona. These cities have the best malls and shopping centers in the country, where you can find things at any cost. The store collections feature world brands and local brands, many of which, however, are also known throughout the world. However, in other cities – Seville, Valencia, Malaga, Zaragoza, shoppers will be able to find everything they need. The famous Spanish markets deserve special attention. Here you can buy unique products and souvenirs. In the outlets, travelers can find items from old collections at prices with good discounts.

Family holidays with children in Spain are characterized by a high level of comfort and safety. There are ideal conditions for a measured beach …

In Madrid, you can do good shopping in several areas at once, depending on your goals and budget. Shopping streets start from the central city square, there are also numerous shops of local craftsmen with traditional souvenirs. Plenilunio, Principe Pio and Moda Shopping are among the most interesting shopping centers in the capital. They sell cheap clothes from world-famous Spanish and foreign brands. Products of elite brands can be searched in the most prestigious area of ​​the city – Salamanca. Excellent shopping for every taste awaits tourists in the Gran Via area. And in Cuatro Caminos you can buy exclusive fabrics and even order a product to order.

Barcelona has prepared a real gift for shopping lovers: from Monday to Friday on weekdays, a bus runs through the streets of the city, which takes tourists to the most iconic places for shopping. The length of the route is 5 kilometers, the ticket price is 10 euros. Most shops are located in the city center, on Passeig de Gracia you can find boutiques of famous Spanish brands – Zara, Massimo Dutti, Zara, Stradivarius with fairly affordable prices. On the same street there are shops of elite brands – Chanel, D&G, Yves Saint Laurent. One of the largest shopping centers in the capital of Catalonia is Diagonal Mar, which houses more than 150 stores of various brands, children’s areas, food courts. Shopping in the Raval and Gracia districts will be no less exciting, here you can find something vintage and exclusive. Copyright

Luxury hotels in Spain, worthy of the attention of the most demanding traveler.


In Valencia, shopping is worth going to Columbus Street (Carrer Colon), it is the main commercial artery of the city. On it you can find stores of various brands: Lacoste, Zara, H&M, Nike. For inexpensive purchases, you should go to the El Saler shopping center, which sells clothes, toys, cosmetics, and accessories. In Seville, you should definitely buy something national – in the homeland of flamenco, luxurious colored scarves, dance dresses, shoes and castanets are made. You can buy inexpensive souvenirs at the Bazar Arjona square. Felix, the oldest shopping center in the country, is located in Malaga. You can find a large number of various shops in it.

In most major cities in Spain there are shopping centers of the El Corte Ingles network. In huge shopping centers you can find goods of any category, where tourists will experience unforgettable shopping. Vacationers in the Canary Islands will also be able to make pleasant purchases. In the south of the island, in the resort of Las Americas, it is worth going to the central street, which is called the Golden Mile, where you can buy clothes from both elite brands and inexpensive brands. In the largest city of the islands, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the choice is somewhat wider, for shopping it is worth going to the shopping centers “Carrefour”, “Meridiano”.

The best corners for couples in love, as well as for a honeymoon.


One of the largest outlets in Spain, La Roca Village, is located near Barcelona. It has more than 100 stores, discounts can reach 60%. The village has a very original design, you can visit it even as part of an excursion. Not far from Madrid, there is a rather large outlet Las Rozas Village, where you can buy clothes of expensive brands with discounts up to 70%. The sale season in Spain takes place twice a year, the winter season starts in early January and lasts until March, by the end of sales, discounts can reach a record 80%. Summer sales also last for about two months – from the beginning of July to the end of August. This time is considered the best for shopping in Spain.

This article about shopping in Spain is protected by the copyright law. Its use is encouraged, but only if the source is indicated with a direct link to

Spain – guide chapters

The most colorful and unique places in Spain

Mundaka beach

From the series “Top beaches for surfing on huge waves”

In Spain, the ideal place for surfing is Mundaka Beach, located in the northern part of the country. This beach is the only one in Europe where the so-called “left wave” takes place. The picturesque stretch of coastline is easily accessible and suitable for surfers of all skill levels. There are sections with small waves, where it will be comfortable for beginners to train. Professionals will not be bored either, as some parts of the beach are perfect for extreme wave riding.

The best time for sports holidays is from June to October. In October, the annual surfing championship is held on Mundaka beach. Another attractive feature of the beach is its easy accessibility; it will not be difficult to get to it even from neighboring …
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Lonja de la Seda Architectural Complex

From the series “The most interesting UNESCO sites in Spain”

Fans of walking in interesting historical districts in Valencia should visit the Lonja de la Seda architectural complex. It is a complex of beautiful buildings in the Gothic style, which were built in the 15th – 16th centuries and were used for the silk trade. The best architects and artists of Spain worked on the construction of the silk exchange buildings, Johan Korber and Domingo de Urteaga were directly involved in the construction.

Today, interesting excursions are conducted through the ancient buildings, during which you can see the most impressive premises of the stock exchange. The Hall of Deals is considered to be the main one, which impresses with its scale and rich decoration; the ceiling height in it is more than 17 meters. On the walls in this hall there are inscriptions with the rules of trade. On the top floor of the main palace, …
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All unique places of interest in Spain

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City map

Regions map

Attractions map

The world’s tallest hotel will open next year

About a year remains before the opening of the world’s tallest hotel, it will host guests in Dubai and will be located in the Ciel skyscraper. At the moment, the project is more than half completed, it will be possible to rent a room at a dizzying height very soon. The chic hotel in Dubai will be able to offer more than a thousand rooms of various categories to its clients.

Things to do in Spain in pictures

Shopping malls, boutiques and shops in top cities in Spain


More economical tourists will be interested in walking along Carrer de Pelai street. Brand stores are concentrated here, which differ in more affordable prices. Among them are branded boutiques Zara, Camper, С&A, Discos Balada, Mango and Bershka. Every season, these shopping pavilions host large sales, the biggest discounts usually occur on Christmas Eve. All shopping lovers will get a lot of impressions from a walk along La Rambla. One of the largest and most interesting souvenir shops in the city is located here. … Read more


Without a doubt, the Jamon Museum, located on Calle de Alcalá, can be called the most popular deli in Madrid. Jamon is the most popular national meat delicacy; this special type of dry-cured pork is cooked here according to the same old recipes. The most popular specialty store in the city is staffed by true professionals who know literally everything about this amazing product. While walking through this original “museum”, you can … Read


Ceramica Santa Ana stands out among the specialized stores. This store sells very interesting ceramic products. Many of the products presented here are handmade and exclusive. Here you can choose wonderful gifts for your loved ones. This store sells very beautiful hand-painted Spanish tiles. The choice of goods here is huge, from large sculptures to very miniature jugs. Collectors and fans of unusual souvenirs have … Read


Another attractive feature of Benidorm are the small shops Merca Piel, which can be found in various parts of the city. In these stores, customers are offered upscale locally produced leather goods, the fair sex will be able to choose excellent bags, and men will like chic belts more. One of the biggest and most interesting Merca Piel stores is located in the Old Town. The fair sex should definitely … Read


For new shoes, you can go to the El Rayo store, which will delight customers with a worthy selection of models. Here you can find both elegant shoes for every day, and shoes for a special occasion. This store belongs to the highest price category, its customers need to be prepared for the fact that a pair of shoes here will cost about 40 euros, and for a pair of boots you need to pay about 80 euros. For souvenirs, you can go to the La Ventana store located on one of the main squares of the city. … Read


Those who do not expect to spend large amounts on new things will find it interesting to walk around the Centro Comercial Saler shopping center. It is dominated by shops with affordable prices, among which are the trade pavilions of the world famous brands Zara and Springfield. This shopping center also has several large sports stores, as well as stores with goods for children. A colorful play area is equipped for the youngest visitors. The shopping complex will be a pleasure to visit with the whole family. For … Read


Wines brought from various regions of the country, as well as jamon and other meat delicacies that are produced in the region, remain popular with tourists. It is worth noting that popular products can be purchased not only in the market, but also in local supermarkets, as part of promotions they can be sold at a very favorable price. Most interesting shops are located on the Salou promenade, as well as on Carrer de Barcelona. It will be interesting to walk here in search of new beautiful outfits and … Read

Lloret de Mar

Active tourists should visit the Intersport sports store, which offers a huge selection of clothing and accessories for various sports.