Shopping barcelona: 11 Best Places to Go Shopping in Barcelona

11 Best Places to Go Shopping in Barcelona

Though its markets are truly something —high five to you, La Boqueria and Sant Antoni—Barcelona’s best shopping doesn’t just come from stalls. But where on earth to start? We get it. The boutiques and souvenir shops can be a lot to sift through. Fortunately, we have. Barcelona is a city that can accommodate a wide swath of shopping styles: both big spending, retail therapy types and those who looking to bring home a single piece that is, at once, unique, meaningful and cheap. This quick rundown of the retail scene will guide you through the must-dos, from the locals’ favorite deli to discounted designer labels.

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    Grey StreetArrow

    You’ll spot this charming gift shop, owned by Australian Amy Cocker, by a sign with the word “Mercería”—Spanish for haberdashery—handwritten in flowing italics. The sign is left over from another lifetime, but tradition, soul, and local preservation still reign supreme; hence the shop’s name, which nods to Cocker’s grandparents’ antique-filled house in Canberra. Inside, you’ll find a hipster edit of homeware, jewelry, and gorgeous miscellanea, from vegan skincare and macramé plant hangers to tarot cards, Polaroid film, lapel pins, and art prints.

  • Sara Rius

    La Nostra CiutatArrow

    Nostra Ciutat means “our city” in Catalan, and while this store is a standalone operation, its contents are a gathering of artists and small businesses from throughout the region. The number one reason to come is for the stunning art prints: fun, colorful illustrations of Barcelona, such as Daniella Ferretti’s patterned facades of Modernist buildings or Idmary Hernandez’s quirky neighborhood maps. There’s also jewelry, slogan tote bags, toys, and tech accessories.

  • Courtesy La Roca Village

    La Roca VillageArrow

    La Roca Village is a great designer discount outlet that’s part of the same consortium as London’s Bicester Village and La Vallée Village in Paris. There are Gaudí-inspired mosaics, boughs heavy in hot-pink bougainvillea, and architecture resembling a quaint Spanish town center, but you’re really here for the discounts: 30 percent off is common, but 70 percent off is possible. You’ll find the best names on the Spanish fashion scene—Bimba y Lola, Loewe—plus international brands like Burberry, Prada, Jimmy Choo, and Gucci.

  • Chocolates Lacasa – La BoutiqueArrow

    Two minutes’ walk from the city’s chocolate museum, Museu de la Xocolata, the cacao trail continues with the launch of Barcelona’s first Lacasa boutique. The premium brand started life in 1852 in Jaca, a tiny town in the Pyrenees. Today, it’s quite a big deal, and this store is a shrine to its sweet-toothed goodness. Inside, the vibe is cozy and vintage: The walls are covered with old maps (look closer, and they’re actually tiles), the floors showcase bold geometric patterns and pastel-striped tins of chocolates perch in every direction.

  • Courtesy Tiny Cottons


    Tiny Cottons, founded in Barcelona in 2012, is a children’s boutique with a chic house line of high-quality clothing (much of it made with pima cotton). The colors are sunny and the motifs contemporary and gender-neutral—popsicles, candy apples, balloons, stripes, dots. It’s clothing that lets kids be kids in a fun, lively, modern way. According to its slogan, Tiny Cottons is the brand that “grandparents choose for quality, parents for design, and kids for comfort and fun.” You’re likely to see all three generations shopping side by side.

  • El IngenioArrow

    You’ll spot El Ingenio’s life-size papier mâché Picasso before you spot its actual sign; in fact, giant heads are something of a specialty for this fantastical, nonsensical Barcelona icon. An onsite workshop has been making gargantuan faces and leggy paper giants since the 1830s. Both are staples in the street parades that pour along, noisily and theatrically, during the neighborhood fairs that still flourish to this day. There are also puppets, juggling balls, masks, and other carry-on-appropriate finds.

  • Courtesy Colmado Múrria

    Colmado MúrriaArrow

    The word “queviures” may sound glamorous as it rolls off the tongue; but it simply means “groceries.” Still, there’s nothing ordinary about Queviures Múrria, and you know it the second you see it. Part of the city’s Ruta Modernista, or Art Nouveau Trail, the shop is spectacularly quaint; old-school liquor ads with monkeys and dancing ladies grace the sides and the signage hasn’t been touched since its 1898 inauguration. Inside is the best pantry imaginable, one where every space brims with deli counters, jars, boxes, and bottled goodies.

  • Courtesy La Manual Alpargatera

    La Manual AlpargateraArrow

    La Manual Alpargatera, a living room–size espadrille workshop, is such a flurry of activity that it reminds you of a Disney animation—the fairy godmothers scurrying about getting Cinderella ready for the ball. Or, in your case, a stylish day of city strolling. The store sits proudly down an old-town side street between the Cathedral and Las Ramblas. It’s traditional-looking, inside and out, and a real institution on the historic Barcelona shopping scene.

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    Santa EulaliaArrow

    Santa Eulalia, a family-owned, multi-brand boutique, has been open since 1843, when it was a pioneer in bringing haute couture to Catalunya. Now, more than 175 years later, it still stocks designer names that you can’t get anywhere else in the city. Located on Passeig de Gràcia, a high-end luxury corridor, the shop is simply beautiful, with airy interiors designed by New York City’s William Sofield. The collections are exquisitely edited and the service is spot on: attentive when you want it to be, without making you feel hawk-watched if you nipped in for a non-committal browse.

  • Alessia Bombaci


    Fantastik Bazar, an independent knick-knack store in Raval, is filled with kitsch that owner Juanra Esteban has carted back from Mexico, India, Japan, and Senegal. The store is a riot of color and chaos, with each curveball piece grabbing your attention. A wind-up robotic pig, a pineapple lamp, a Virgin that carries holy water, a bicycle reflector shaped like a cat’s head, and a tabletop ice hockey set: just a few of the objects that you absolutely do not need but will suddenly, inexplicably, want. Each item is labeled with its country of origin.

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    El Corte InglésArrow

    El Corte Inglés is the biggest department store chain in Europe; when it comes to cramming a lot of great things under one roof, these guys know their stuff. You don’t need a fancy algorithm to know why the shop works: There’s top-brand fashion, a cosmetics section the size of an airport terminal, guaranteed access to toilets, and multilingual staff. The branch on Plaça de Catalunya is Barcelona’s monolithic flagship; it’s resplendent in lights at Christmas and, at all other times, a mountain of 1960s concrete that makes a great navigational compass.

10 best places to shop in Barcelona, ranked by local shopping expert

Barcelona’s Trendiest, Chicest and Most Fashionable Places to Shop

Sam Mednick

Barcelona Local Expert

One of the greatest things about Barcelona is that when it comes to fashion, anything goes. Although Spaniards on a whole aren’t as fashion-savvy as their neighbors in Italy and France, there are plenty of trendy emerging boutiques and accessory stores springing up all around the city. Whether you’re looking for high-street fashion, exclusive one-of-a-kind designs or authentic Spanish antiques, Barcelona’s shops are as diverse as the people who walk into them. If you want to do most of your shopping in the same area there are a few key places to check out including: Portal De L’Angel, Paseo de Gracia and Corte Ingles. You can pretty much find whatever you might want within a two to three-block radius or with the case of Corte Ingles, in a seven-story building. For more exclusive shops carrying original pieces, hit up the Born neighborhood, and for rustic and hip check out the Gotico. Calle Avinyo and Ferran street in particular are lined with one-off, boutique shops featuring unique and fairly inexpensive clothing and accessories. 

And if you want to find something that you most likely won’t see on anyone, go to Gracia neighborhood. The small narrow streets are deceivingly packed with amazing shopping. 

Zara is to Spain what Starbucks is to the United States; you can find one on every corner, they’re always packed and for good reason. If you’re looking for affordable, quality clothing Zara always has options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at one location, it’s very possible the one right around the corner will have an even better variation of it. Check out their shoes and coats, which are particularly ‘stylie’, comfortable and very affordable. Keep in mind that the Zara Spain stores have different items than the Zara North American locations, so you can feel like you’ve bought something authentically Spanish even if you have Zara back home.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Zara is a Barcelona staple and an affordable place to buy quality clothes

Sam’s expert tip: The location on Passeig De Gracia is a little less crowded than the ones in Portal de L’Angel.

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Exclusive, high-end shopping with absolutely amazing shoes! Try to go during ‘rebaixes’ (sales which take place a few times a year) and take advantage of the awesome deals where you can get 200 Euro shoes for under 100 Euros. There’s no denying that Uterque veers towards the more expensive side, but with designer brands and top quality bags, scarves, clothes and shoes, if you’re looking to pull off elegantly chic, this is the place to go. There are several locations, including Portal De L’Angel as well as on Passeig de Gracia. They can sometimes run out of items without getting them back in stock, so if you like something be sure to buy it at the time.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Extremely elegant clothes, shoes and accessories in one of Barcelona’s best shopping areas

Sam’s expert tip: Their purses and shoes are particularly stylish.

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Photo courtesy of Portal De L’angel

The busiest walkway in Barcelona and perhaps Europe, this is a one-stop shop if you want to spend the day consuming within a two-block radius. Located between Plaza Catalunya and the Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter, Portal De L’Angel has everything from clothing, to books, to sporting equipment stores, Gellato stops, street performers and every Sunday there is even traditional Catalan dancing, frequented by Barcelona’s over 60 crowd – it’s definitely worth a look. Although there’s mostly high-street fashion in Portal De L’Angel, you can still find quality stores such as Uterque and some nicer Zara stores. There’s also some excellent Gellato shops in this strip.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Everything you want all in one place including books, clothes, food and gadgets

Sam’s expert tip: If you go between 10am-12pm on weekends, it’s the best time to browse/shop, as the stores are practically empty.

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Photo courtesy of Rambla Catlaunya

Barcelona’s chicest walkway, full of designer shops, exclusive hotels and high-end restaurants even if you’re not in the mood for buying it’s worth browsing. This is a lively street with an air of elegance, yet still remains fairly unpretentious. If you’re looking for make-up, electronics, and unique furniture, this is a great street to check out. In addition to the clothing and shoe shops there’s a host of other stores that you won’t find in the Old City. Rambla Catlunya is ideal for finding out of the way places, and niche shopping. It’s also a nice place to grab a bite or a coffee while people watching.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: A less touristy, elegant walkway with boutique and high-end stores

Sam’s expert tip: Try the excellent tapas at Piscolabis restaurant towards the top of the street

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Louis Vuitton, Coco Chanel, Gucci amongst plenty of other classy names, line this famous street. This is the Champs-Elysees of Barcelona and coupled with its designer stores, wide sidewalks and outdoor terraces it’s a magnet for both tourists and locals alike. Start at the new, three-story Apple store close to Plaza Catalunya and make your way up while enjoying a mix of high-end as well as high-street fashion. Coupled with hot names, are also more affordable stores such as H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear and Stradavarious, a Spanish brand. And if you get sick of shopping, step into Nespresso for a free cup of coffee.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Passeig De Gracia is Barcelona’s ‘Champs-Elysees. A beautiful street lined with high-end stores

Sam’s expert tip: Check out George Clooney’s Nespresso shop and sign up to get a free coffee.

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If you’re looking for comfortable shoes with a touch of style check out Camper. Foreigners flock to take advantage of great quality that doesn’t burn a hole in the wallet. Camper prides itself on offering designer shoes for men, women and children which are above all else, comfy and easy to wear. There are locations all over town including the Raval, Born and Gothic Quarter. There’s also a shop on Passeig de Gracia. Camper is constantly re-inventing itself with new styles arriving on the scene every few months. Be sure to check out their online selection as well as their in store stock.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Barcelona’s shoes are comfy, stylie and unique and very Barcelona ‘esque.

Sam’s expert tip: If you can’t find what you want at one location, try another one as often the stores feature different merchandise

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If you don’t know where to find it, Corte Ingles has the answer. Looking for makeup? Check out the main floor right when you walk in and you’ll find rows upon rows of make up brands more than happy to provide you with free makeovers and samples. This seven-storey department store has everything on your shopping list as well as things you didn’t even know you needed. From clothes, bathing suits, beach and pool wear, to furniture, appliances, electronics, kitchenware and even a supermarket in the basement (with a specialty gourmet section) if you want to kill 20 birds with one stone Corte Ingles is your greatest ally. This is about a 20 minute walk from the cruise port, or a quick 5 minute taxi ride.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: Corte Ingles is the largest department store in the city and the best one stop shop.

Sam’s expert tip: They have a small boutique gourmet food section on the first floor, separate from the larger supermarket downstairs

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Photo courtesy of La Maquinista

La Maquinista is a great place to shop in Barcelona’s Old City. Located near the port at the edge of the Gothic and Born neighoborhoods, this semi-outdoor mall has plenty of great shops for clothes, shoes, accessories and gifts. It’s the largest mall of it’s kind in the Old City, it even has 3D movies and new releases (dubbed in Spanish). This is a great place to shop, it’s open all week and a great place to go if you’re not sure how to spend an afternoon. There’s also several restaurants and a grassy area where you can picnic when you’re finished exercising your credit card.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: The closest thing to a mall in the Old City and not far from the water

Sam’s expert tip: It’s one of the only malls open on Sundays, but be sure to go early

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Photo courtesy of La Roca

La Roca Village is Barcelona’s best discount shopping mall. Known for it’s chic outlet shopping, the Village is one of nine in Europe, founded in 1992, the concept is unique in outlet shopping where the Village specializes exclusively in luxury brands. Home to 1000 outlet boutiques, this is one of the best places to get incredible discounts, at 60% off. It’s only 30 minutes outside of Barcelona by car, so be sure to find out about the free shuttle service, the first Sunday of every month. It’s especially worthwhile checking out during the holiday season when the deals are ‘extra juicy’.

Recommended for Best Shopping because: A wonderfully affordable place to buy luxury goods with incredible discounts

Sam’s expert tip: Ask about the additional 10% off if you take the shuttle service

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Photo courtesy of Green Bikes

A reputable and affordable bike rental and tour shop in the city. Located in the Old Neighborhood, Green Bikes rents out high-quality bikes at extremely low prices. They also provide authentic city bike tours with experienced guides and have a sister shop around the corner, in case you’d rather buy your own bike than rent one. The staff are super friendly and knowledgable and provide an efficient, attentive and reliable service. This is a fabulous company with a family-style vibe, quality bikes and a solid know-how of the city. In addition to renting bikes they also sell them and gives great tours

Recommended for Best Shopping because: An authentic, family style bike shop with personalized service and quality bikes and great knowledge of the city

Sam’s expert tip: Book your bike and your tour early as they get full in the summer

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Meet Sam Mednick

Sam’s passion for the sea and mountains makes Barcelona the optimal living destination. 

Sam’s love for traveling has taken her to Africa, the Middle East, Europe and South America. Before…  More About Sam

Shopping Secrets in Barcelona | Association of Tour Operators

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities for shopping. This is not Milan or Paris with their “high fashion” stores, but a much more affordable option for any tourist who would like to spend sane money on really stylish things or accessories. About where, how and when to “shop” in Barcelona – in our article.


Prices! Price tags in stores and assortment will please even the most sophisticated shopaholic. In addition, in the summer there are really worthwhile sales with real discounts on branded items.

Setting! If you are traveling with your family, then your husband and children will certainly not be bored while you are shopping. Barcelona is a city of inexhaustible possibilities: stunning architecture, historical monuments, an aquarium, museums, zoos, restaurants and unique local cuisine will relieve fatigue after a run through shopping centers and entertain those who are not interested in shopping.

By the way, just an hour’s drive from Barcelona is the famous amusement park Port Aventura , a great reward for children’s patience! For children in shopping centers and outlets there are equipped playgrounds, mother and child rooms, babysitting services.

Policy tax free! Remember that the main condition for issuing return documents is the purchase amount not less than 90.16 euros and a document proving the buyer’s citizenship. VAT refund is usually carried out at the airport after passing through the customs office and filling out the appropriate form. Refund amount may vary from 4 to 15% of the purchase amount – depending on the category of goods and taking into account deduction of commissions.

In some shopping centers and stores in Barcelona, ​​you can get a tax free refund of immediately after paying for the purchase of – and in cash euros. But it should also be remembered that small shops very often do not make a tax refund and do not draw up documents for it.


We will bypass souvenirs, cheese and Spanish wine – a lot has been written about them, and of course, you will find all this in Barcelona too. But, of course, it is worth going to this city first of all from a clothing, footwear and accessories.

Spain is known for its fashion brands – Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Mango, MaxMara, Desigual and many others. Stylish and high-quality clothes, comfortable shoes, a large selection of sizes and all this at prices that are much lower than in Russia.

So feel free to take another empty suitcase and come to Barcelona for shopping! However, you can also buy a suitcase here, as well as everything else – watches and bags, cosmetics, goods for men and women, children’s clothing – of various brands, from the most budgetary to the luxury segment.


The ideal time for shopping in Barcelona is during sales periods. There are two main ones here. “Summer” – from July 1 until the end of summer (by the end of August there is a small selection of sizes, but at very sweet prices), and “winter” – after January 7 and until the beginning of March . Discounts start from 20-50% and by the end of the period can reach 70-80% .

Bright lettering “Rebaixes” (“discounts”) appear in many shop windows in the city, and the hype in their early days is unthinkable here. Literally everything is swept away – from inexpensive children’s clothes to the latest models of branded bags and outfits in VIP-segment stores. It is worth remembering that Barcelona stores open half an hour or an hour earlier on the first day of sales, and queues for the most popular ones begin to gather an hour before opening. It is impossible to postpone things at the checkout at this time, there are queues and confusion in the fitting rooms.

Therefore a little secret from us – come a couple of days before the start of sales , slowly go shopping, try on everything you like, and on the day of the sale, calmly and purposefully take exactly what suits you. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Take note of one more fact: in August the Spaniards go on vacation and some of the small boutique shops will be closed , so it’s better to come at the beginning of July to skim off the “cream”. Please note that on Sundays most of the shops are also closed, and during the week the “siesta” in small shops has not been canceled for a rest break from 14.00 to 17.00.

Well, if you do not get into the sales period, then you should not be upset. Throughout the year, in any case, you will be able to buy at very attractive prices things of European quality and original design from famous designers and little-known Spanish brands in outlets or through short-term discount promotions in large stores – there are also many of them.


You can choose three main strategies for shopping in Barcelona – depending on your strength, time availability and requests.


The first is to go on a “ready route” for shopping lovers . The authorities of Barcelona paid attention to the flow of tourists – “shoppers”, and organized for them a whole bunch of ring bus routes , united under the general name Barcelona Shopping Line . Buses run on them on weekdays, the routes include stops at the most popular places for shopping.

Possibly multiple options stops depending on the requests of tourists: for example, Gourmet, Independent designers, Exclusive stores, etc. .

The route “Old Town Shops” is especially popular, when during the trip you can not only hunt for exclusive things at a great price, but also enjoy the atmosphere of old Barcelona.

On the route, you can see not only not only salons of world brands , but also local authentic Spanish stores . Various home and interior accessories, cosmetics, things for children and high-quality Spanish shoes can all be found in them.

All routes start from Plaza Catalunya , where they end at . Tickets can be bought from the bus driver once and you can ride all day , leaving at any stop and entering again.


The second strategy of is to download a map to your smartphone (or pick it up) and walk around the city yourself. This option requires both time and effort, and, most importantly, some knowledge. The latter is what we will now try to give you.

So, in Barcelona , two main and iconic streets for shopaholics around which your “shopping route” can be built are Paseo de Gracia (Paceo de Gracia) and La Diagonal (or Avinguda Diagonal – in Catalan ).

The first route is connected to Paseo de Gracia and is pedestrian. Avenue is located in the historical part of the city. Let’s just say – the prices here will not be low, even with discounts.

It is here that the cluster of all premium stores is located – Escada, Armani, Max Mara, Prada and others. Shopping center Bulevard Rossa , sandwiched among the houses, connects the avenue with the neighboring street.

Walking along the avenue from shop to shop, do not forget to pay attention to the architectural sights – Gaudi’s famous houses – Casa Batllo and Casa Mila .

However, the whole avenue impresses with its unique architecture. There are many small cafes on the Paseo, taken out into the street – be sure to refresh yourself here with delicious tapas and a glass of sangria.

As we have already said, Paseo Avenue itself is not a cheap place. But on the streets parallel to Paseo huddle many less expensive stores than on the avenue itself, including with local brands – and you should definitely look into them too.

Gradually going down the avenue, you will come to Plaza Catalunya.

In addition to beautiful monuments, there is a multi-storey shopping center El Corte Ingles , where you can buy almost everything – from lipstick or cheese to clothes and shoes of prestigious brands and appliances for the office or home. This mall is quite expensive.

But on the same square, nearby, there is also a more affordable shopping center at prices – El Triangle . There are budget brands of clothes, accessories, cosmetics and shoes, goods for children.

Below Square , going down to the sea, there is the famous pedestrian street La Rambla ( La Ramblas) – an analogue of our Old Arbat.

Here, local (and not only) artists exhibit their paintings and souvenirs for sale, and street performers and musicians surprise the public with their craftsmanship.

The La Rambla area is a real treasure for antique dealers and flea market lovers . In the neighboring streets Gothic Quarter the original antique shops are hidden away, where you can unexpectedly find a unique item in your collection – be it a book, engraving or antique lace.

Well, here we are: a five-minute walk along the Rambla, on the right side, is the famous food market Boqueria . Small cafes nestle around its perimeter, offering snacks, desserts and wine, while the market itself is located in a covered pavilion.

He, as a rule, shocks our tourist with his choice of fruits, sausages and cheeses, fragrant smells of fish and meat rows. Despite the fact that this is a market, the prices here are higher than in supermarkets. But as a tasting tourist attraction, the market is good – it will leave you vivid impressions and no less juicy photos.

But the second of the possible routes for shopping will take you, as a pedestrian, much more time and effort – it involves a walk at La Diagonal. Therefore, to move here, unlike Paseo, , it is better to use the car, because the distance is very decent – the length of this avenue, which crosses the entire city, is 11 kilometers, and, hopefully, there are a lot of shopping bags.

It is dominated by stylish expensive stores of world famous brands .

huge shopping centers are also located on it El Corte Ingles, Glories and L’ Illa – you can spend the whole day in them. In addition to shops, many city attractions, churches and monuments are located on this avenue – for example, Agbar Tower, “House with Spires” and others.


The third shopping strategy in Barcelona – “raids in the shopping center” – is suitable for those who do not have much time and energy to thoroughly study the shopping routes.

There are many large shopping centers in different parts of Barcelona. They are usually organized in one, fairly standard pattern. On the underground floors there is a parking lot, bank offices and a tax free return office (!) – this, by the way, is a good shopping center shopping strategy. By the way, pay attention in advance to the condition of issuing a tax free return – in shopping centers of the El Corte Ingles network, you can buy goods in various departments and issue one receipt for a refund, taking into account different receipts .

The floor above, as a rule, is a grocery supermarket. On the “zero” floor, where the entrance is, there are usually shops for cosmetics, bags and accessories. And then floor by floor – departments of clothing and footwear for children, women, men, office equipment, goods for home and garden. On the top floor, as in Moscow, there is a food court with cafes and restaurants.

Outside the main highways in Barcelona, ​​there are also original and relatively inexpensive shopping centers. For example, shopping center La Maquinista is designed as a semi-open shopping center with squares and original sculptures.

Cafes and restaurants here are right under the open sky, unobtrusive music and a small number of people will allow you to shop in a relaxed atmosphere. There are few tourists here, but there are a sufficient number of shops. This mall is dominated by stores of little-known local brands , but there are also famous brands.

Finally, there are in Barcelona and outlets . And they are a great way out for those who come outside the discount season or those who would like to cover all the fashion stores in the city, but do not have the time. Outlets are usually located outside the city of , and for the convenience of guests, buses are provided, which follow a schedule from several stops in Barcelona .

Outlets in Barcelona sell last year’s collections at great discounts all year round. Brands Mango, Desigual, Custo, Hello Kitty, Bosa Nova in Barcelona have own outlets.

The most famous outlet near Barcelona La Roca Village – designed as a small cozy village. More than 200 shops, restaurants and cafes are located in the open air. There are no budget brands here , VIP-segment stores prevail, but the prices are quite tempting and this is a great option to buy a new thing from a prestigious company.

Arriving in Barcelona, ​​even for a couple of days, you can replenish your wardrobe with stylish things, but for a full-fledged study of stores, it is better to stay days at 5 in order to choose the best in many shops in the city and outlets without haste and fuss. Moreover, it is not necessary to have a large amount on a credit card or in your wallet – during the sales period you can save a lot here, the main thing is to know the places!

We tried to talk about the most famous places for shopping, but this, of course, is not all, and a corrosive tourist who has been to Barcelona many times will undoubtedly supplement it with his advice. 9 work in Barcelona0003 more than 35,000 stores – and on every street and in every district of the city there is sure to be your favorite stores.

Barcelona is waiting for its guests! Moreover, sales start – very soon !

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Shopping in Barcelona, ​​where to go shopping

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  • 3 90 shopaholics. Not yet? Then you should definitely come here.

    You may have already heard that a shopping tour to Barcelona does not start from any particular shopping centers, but from entire shopping streets, where an incredible number of boutiques are located. This is a real paradise for shopaholics!

    Carrer de Pelai is the center of democratic youth clothing and footwear stores.

    Passeig de Gracia indicates rave reviews of shopping in Barcelona from fans of the brands Zara, Mango and the like.

    La Diagonal is chic and versatile, making both high-end shoppers and less sophisticated shoppers happy.

    If you want to shop for local fashion brands, including the iconic Gusto, visit Rambla de Catalunya . Here are the best shoe and bag stores in the city. But don’t count on low prices.

    Fans of unusual things say that the tiny street Riera Baixa is the best shopping in Barcelona – reviews from people who have been there confirm this. On this street you can find vintage, and extravagant things, and retro-style clothes, and much more.

    souvenirs and antiques await you at the famous la Rambla .

    But still, what about the major shopping centers in Barcelona, ​​because not everything interesting is concentrated on thematic streets and boulevards? Of course not! There are also many big shops. Here are some shopping centers in Barcelona that lovers of good shopping should definitely look into:

    40 de Mayo at Carrer del Diluvi, 3 – here are trendy boutiques.

    Pedrables on Av. Diagonal – Dozens of shops, art exhibitions, fashion shows and plenty of entertainment await you on four floors.

    El Triangle on Plaça Catalunya – here you can find very interesting clothes and accessories, books, CDs, concert tickets, etc. Rocca Village . This outlet is located near Barcelona, ​​half an hour from the city. You will not regret if you take the time to travel: there is an absolutely incredible amount of goods that are sold with discounts of 30-70%.