September things to do: 10 Fun Things To Do In September

10 Fun Things To Do In September

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September is truly one of the most beautiful months of the year.

September is truly one of the most beautiful months of the year. Depending on your location, you’ll likely see the days getting shorter, the weather getting cooler, and the leaves start to change. But just because summer is getting further away in our rear-view mirror doesn’t mean the outdoor fun is over!

There are lots of fun activities that you, your friends, and your family can participate in during the month of September. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Go for a fall hike

Leaves might not quite be changing where you are yet, but if you go up a bit in elevation, you might start seeing the yellows, reds, oranges, and purples that make fall so spectacular. Find a new hiking trail you’ve never hiked before, pack some water and a lunch, and head out for a fall hike! Need some fall hike dress advice? We’ve got you covered!

Visit a pumpkin patch

During September and October, there are few places more fun for a family adventure than your local pumpkin patch. Hay ride, petting zoos, corn mazes, and of course, pumpkins! Supporting a pumpkin patch with your dollars helps local farmers, encourages more locally grown food, and helps your local economy too.

Go apple picking

Like visiting a pumpkin patch, going apple picking is a fun and rewarding fall outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy. Apples fresh from the tree taste better and are more nutritious, plus it gives you a great opportunity to teach your children about where food comes from and why local food is important.

Make your own zero waste cider

What should you do with all the apples you picked at the orchard? Anything you like! You can make apple sauce, apple pies – or you could make apple cider! Cider can be pretty expensive store-bought and it comes in those single-use plastic jugs. Making apple cider isn’t all that hard and is a great way to use up your freshly picked apples. Check out our recipe: how to make zero waste apple cider.

Go camping

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting chillier, but there is still plenty of camping to be done! Camping in September requires a little bit more planning, making sure you’re bringing the right equipment to stay properly warm, but is just as fun as camping during the summer. Plus, when you camp in September, you get to see the leaves changing at your favorite camping sites!

Attend a fall festiva

For generations around the world, people have celebrated the coming of autumn and the harvest that summer brings for us. People long ago lived more agrarian lifestyles that is easy to be disconnected from today, but these traditions live on in the form of fall festivals. September is the month when Oktoberfest begins as well.

Take a beach trip


Beaches are a lot of fun to visit any time of year, but you have to admit, a beach trip on a hot day is the best. While most of our hot days are behind us by the time September rolls around, there are still some warm afternoons you can enjoy on the beach. And while you’re there, see if there’s any trash you can pick up. Sadly, human refuse often makes its way into the ocean, but when it gets deposited on beaches, we have an opportunity to clean it up.

These are some other benefits of cleaning up your local beach!

Go for a bike ride

If you’re looking for a low-carbon, climate-friendly fall activity that doesn’t involve any driving or long distance travel, consider going for a bike ride around your neighborhood! Riding your bike is great for your overall health, gives you a chance to meet and talk to your neighbors, and you get to see all those autumn leaves changing around your home! Riding a bike is a simple, fun way to spend a few hours of a September afternoon.

Read a new book

In some locations, September is the perfect time of year to be outside. In other places, it can be the time of year where the clouds come and rain starts to fall. If you’re stuck inside, you can still have fun on a September day. Consider picking up a new book and diving into another world! These are 10 books that we here at tentree love!

Preserve fall leaves


Preserving fall leaves is a fun craft idea for children and adults alike. It’s not very difficult to immortalize the beautiful hues that fall leaves create.

30 Things to Do in September

Fall | Things to Do This Month

Happy September friends! A new month and the start of a new school year. With back-to-school and the beginning of autumn, September always packs a punch. Even though it’s hard for me to say goodbye to summer (and we’ve had a spectacular one this year) there are so many great things ahead, I can’t help but get excited! 

Fall-tastic activities to enjoy this month: 

  • Visit the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival – from August 29th to September 2nd visit a wonderful festival with an amusement park, fireworks, shows and of course so many gorgeous hot air balloons filling the sky! 
  • Celebrate Labour Day – a wonderful way to say goodbye to summer, have the last hurrah by throwing a barbecue or party!  
  • Get into back-to-school yourself – every school year I get swept up in nostalgia for going back to school. Packing lunches and having a backpack full of pencils and pads brings back all the feels. September is a great time to continue your own education, taking a craft, baking, or coding course is a way to rejuvenate your mind and explore something new.  
  • Visit an agricultural museum – we’ve enjoyed amazing Ontario produce all summer long, yet there is something so wonderful about autumn’s harvest! It’s a perfect time to visit an agricultural museum and learn more about how your geographic location produces food. This isn’t just a fun activity for the family, it’s meaningful knowledge that helps foster a connection to the land we live on and share with others. 
  • Throw a football – this month is the start of the 2019 football season, and even if you are not rooting for a team, you can still have a blast throwing a football in the backyard!
  • Go to an airshow – there is nothing like the experience of seeing dazzlingly planes fly through the sky, if that is your jam then the Gatineau-Ottawa air show is happening September 6th-9th at the Gatineau-Ottawa executive airport! 
  • Have a pumpkin latte – love it or hate it, pumpkin lattes are a modern tradition, every year I have at least one and often my husband and I usually do this as an impromptu date. It’s also a fun way to shift gears from summer(ish) to autumn(y)! I’m actually really excited about Second Cup’s lineup this season – all their spice drinks look SO good.
  • Visit the farmers market – anytime is great to take a trip to your local farmer’s market, but especially the start of a new season, it is an awesome way to connect with your local farmers and makers and enjoy their labours of love.
  • Go apple picking – hands down one of my absolute favourite family traditions is going apple picking. Every year it brings me so much joy seeing the kids fill up baskets of apples. This is a fun outdoor activity that the whole family will love! 

Fall camping, reading lists, and jam, oh-my!

  • Take a camping trip – the warm weather of summer doesn’t just disappear overnight, and in fact, September is a lovely time to take a weekend camping trip and soak in some more sunshine! 
  • Make a big donation run – with all the winter gear pulled out sooner than later, this is a perfect time to take stock of what you have, need, and loved but are ready to let go. Going through all of your stuff and finding things that are in good condition but you no longer wear lets you tidy up your space and pass down items that others can use.
  • Create a fall reading list – in the scholastic spirit, planning a reading list for those evenings that are perfect to snuggle up lets you rediscover loved books and explore new ones, reading still remains a perfect screen-free alternative!   
  • Make jam and preserves – with so many delicious fruits like plums, peaches, and prunes in season, jam-making is a fun and rewarding experience. 
  • Plan your Halloween costume – with Halloween still a month away, right now is a perfect time to start planning an awesome costume for you or your kids. This will give you plenty of time if you are making them or even if you want to get a jump on some sales! 
  • Bake an apple pie – I love that it’s apple season and is there a better way to celebrate than by making your own apple pie? Baking is a journey, and if you are not confident in the kitchen, let me give you some advice – just go for it! In the kitchen is where you learn, and yes it will be messy and yes you may make a mistake or two but it’s worth it. Nothing tastes as good as what you cook with love, honestly!
  • Make your own Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer – with just a few simple ingredients, you can make your own delicious pumpkin spice creamer and create a decadent fall drink.
  • Cook Stuffed Baked Apples – could there be a more perfect dessert for a damp fall day? How they warm your belly and melt the cool right out of you. Not to mention, they’re mmmm….delicious. Cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, raisins – they speak the language of autumn.  
  • Try some new fall makeup trends – I love trying new makeup and changing things up from season to season. One of my favourite seasonal makeup looks is matte lip hues in colours like plum and wine.

Plan a trip to the fair or flea market!

  • Visit a fair – my whole family is crazy about going to the fair, from the food stands to the Ferris Wheel, it’s a blast! If you’re near the Ottawa area I suggest the 175th Richmond Fair, held September 19th to the 22nd.
  • Create your own fall tasting menu – this is such a fun thing to do for a party or even as a family. Creating even a simple three-course meal is a great way to sharpen your cooking skills and learn a thing or two! 
  • Visit a flea market – flea markets are a fun way to connect to local vendors and see some diverse goods and wares. The 613flea is happening in the Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne on September 21st. It’s a great way to see a showcase of our local makers and maybe find an antique or two! 
  • Fall cleaning – just like a big spring clean, having a more detailed house cleaning helps your whole household transition from the warmer months to the cooler ones! 
  • Celebrate the beginning of autumn – September 23rd is the start of the fall season. With Thanksgiving, Halloween, and most of our household birthdays this season, I can’t wait!
  • Take a horseback riding lesson – horses are such majestic creatures and taking a riding lesson is such a fun experience.
  • Check out the Ottawa International Animation Festival – as an adult I fell back in love with animation watching Studio Ghibli movies with my husband, and now with two kids, I am just as excited as them when seeing new animation movies. If you love animation I recommend checking out the OIAF, it is the largest animation festival in North America and it’s happening here in Ottawa September 25-29th. 
  • Make your own applesauce – if you’ve already baked apples and apple pie, you can still make a super tasty treat with some homemade applesauce! 
  • Practice your Thanksgiving meal – our Canadian Thanksgiving is at the beginning of October (which confuses my American husband almost every year, lol). If you’re cooking for a big group, it’s a great idea to do a few tests runs for some of your recipes to make sure you’re ready for the big day 😉 Need some inspiration? Check out this Thanksgiving Menu!
  • Bike, hike or take a walk – there’s something about that autumn sun that just charges you like nothing else. Take advantage of being outside before it goes from crispy to downright cold! 
  • Enjoy some hot apple cider – yes, there has been an apple theme in my suggestions for September, because I love apple picking and then have to figure out what to do with all the apples! Hot apple cider is such a treat during those evenings when the crisp autumn air starts sneaking in. You can also mix things up with this delicious and refreshing Ginger Apple Cider Punch – perfect for a fall party!
  • Take in the majestic changing leaves – from the end of September to the beginning of October is a perfect time to see our leaves change colour in Ontario. Pick a sunny day around this time and go for a hike or a drive. It’s worth it to see how stunning the beginning of autumn is!

September brings with it so much beauty, from the crisp sunny days to the changing colour of the leaves, it’s truly a gem of a month to get outside and enjoy. And when it’s a cooler day or raining, there’s nothing like fall baking with the windows open and the delicious aromas of autumn wafting through your home. Whether you take the time to plan a walk in the woods or find the perfect spot to curl up with an enthralling read, I hope you embrace this beautiful time of year.

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Rest in Sochi in September.

What to do and what to see in Sochi? What weather to expect?

Sochi is the most famous resort in the Krasnodar Territory, which today attracts more and more tourists. Firstly, many people want to see with their own eyes the city that hosted the biggest names in the sports world. Secondly, the city was corrected, tinted, improved for the Olympics – and everyone wants to see it too. Sochi today can offer good entertainment, a variety of hotels and, of course, beaches and excursions.

Today people go to Sochi all year round, on business, to various conferences and gatherings, but specifically the beach season in Sochi lasts from May to September. Here is about Sochi in September and read below.

Sochi is located in the zone of humid subtropics, so in summer it is quite hot and the humidity is high. Humidity in Sochi, by the way, is higher than in the Crimea or Anapa – and you can appreciate it.

And in September it will definitely be warm . At the same time, as a rule, the first half of the month is hot, as in August, and the second half is warm. For example, at the beginning of the month the air is warmed up to +26-30°C, and at the end of the month it can already be +17-20°C. And yet, the weather is not particularly predictable: sometimes the beginning of September is +18 degrees, and in the middle of the month the thermometer jumps sharply to +30°C, other times in the last days it is only +13-14°C. And yet, in September, of course, there are many sunny and rather hot days, so that, even at the beginning of autumn, in the velvet season, you can sunbathe perfectly and relax on the beach.

September Sochi nights can also be different, but it almost never happens above +17 degrees at night, while the thermometer in September can drop to +9-10°C at night.

There is little rain in Sochi in September . Nevertheless, most of the month are sunny clear days, however, from the second half of the month the sky is cloudy, and sometimes short rains occur (rainfall is three times more than in any summer month).

At the same time, it is not particularly windy in September, there are no big waves. The sea, as a rule, cools down rapidly in September: from +26-27°C in the beginning to +21-22°C in the last days. So, if you want to snatch a beach holiday, it is better to go to Sochi, nevertheless, in the first half of the month.

Thus, the weather in September in Sochi is still very good, clear, cloudless, sunny, warm or hot. A great time for a relaxing beach holiday, and for a sightseeing holiday.

Things to do in Sochi in September

First of all, it’s a beach holiday. As long as there is sun, and as long as the sea is warm, you will definitely be able to relax lazily. Sochi beaches stretched for 146 kilometers! For the most part, these are pebble beaches, in some places there are areas with sand, but they are few. It is believed that there are 131 beaches in Sochi: 101 of them belong to sanatoriums and boarding houses, and the remaining thirty are free city beaches. Entry into the sea is convenient almost everywhere, and in some places there are wooden decks, which makes it easier for people with disabilities and pensioners to relax. In early September, there will be people on the beaches, but gradually the flow of tourists decreases, and you can eventually relax with great comfort. However, even at the beginning of the month, a relaxing holiday can be found on wild beaches , however, there are no amenities, such as changing rooms or rental of beach equipment, but it is cleaner there.

Sochi nature is beautiful in September! The first traces of autumn are found at the very end of the month (which is not surprising, because Sochi has greenery and grass even in winter, which always surprises northern residents). By September, finally, fruits ripen, which are sold in the markets at very low prices.

And yet, being in Sochi, it is worth going to the mountains. For example, on the famous Mount Akhun , which even not particularly athletic ones will climb, because its height is only 663 meters. However, if you are too lazy to stomp along the mountain paths, then you can drive up to the top by car. You can admire the sea and the surroundings on the observation tower on this mountain. The nine-story building tall tower looks extremely romantic – newlyweds and couples love to be photographed here (because the tower resembles a medieval knight’s castle with a stone spiral staircase).

But the most interesting thing in Sochi is Riviera amusement park , where you can go with the whole family and a youth company, because it is really very fun and interesting there!

Also, while on a trip to Sochi, visit the famous garden-museum, where “Tree of Friendship” is located. The tree was named so because about 45 species of citrus fruits from different countries of the world are grafted onto its trunk, and all grow safely, bloom and bear fruit. Some branches were “sewn” by world celebrities.

You can also go to trout farm and Sochi National Park with gorges and waterfalls. Waterfalls are generally a “trick” of the Krasnodar Territory, because there are a lot of waterfalls. So next to Sochi are the famous “33 waterfalls” – to be more precise, in the Lazarevsky district, 4 km from the village of Bolshoi Kichmai, in the valley of the Shakhe River. These waterfalls are quite high and impressive, up to 12 meters, and around the waterfalls there is a lush maple and oak forest. Famous Agur waterfalls , located 4 km from the sea coast, are also extremely beautiful places, and, by the way, Eagle Rocks rise behind the Agur waterfalls, climbing on which you can admire wonderful views of the surroundings.

Thrill-seekers should take a trip to Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi (Kazachiy Brod village). There is a long suspension bridge across … the gorge. Already scared? So, they say that the longest in the world, but let’s not believe it. Although impressive, of course. The most daring can try bungee jumping from a height of 207 meters in this gorge, but there are also simpler entertainments there (for example, you can climb rocks on a specially equipped trail, which is quite easy to pass). Everything in this park is at a high level and professionally, however, of course, it is a little expensive. But it’s worth it!

For the cultural aspect of recreation, we head to Sochi Art Museum , where there is a permanent exhibition with works by Shishkin, Aivazovsky, Serov, and others. And, of course, do not forget about Olympic Park . Here you will not forget, even if you want to. Since the end of the Olympics, a lot has changed, and the Park looks quite dull and a little shabby today, but it’s still interesting there!

The village of Krasnaya Polyana , where part of the competitions also took place, is beautiful in summer as well. The village itself is now an interesting sight: a sort of combed town with unfinished houses (did not have time, but what to do). True, the architecture is a little strange in some places and even a little lurid in some places, but in general Krasnaya Polyana is predicted to have a great future and an active buyout of previously configured apartments. And the nature in that area is wonderful! There is fishing in mountain lakes, and jeep riding, and hiking, and everything you want!

The nightlife of in Sochi in September is fading away a bit. But you will definitely find fun. During at least half of the month, summer terraces, bars and clubs are more than active. Villages near Central Sochi, like Loo, are much quieter, but there are also small-town parties there. In Krasnaya Polyana, or, more precisely, in the village of Esto-Sadok, there is a fairly popular club “Sky Club & Concert” – definitely one of the best clubs in the region: excellent sound, technological light, good alcohol, and something else what kind of spectacles, like horsemen with lezginka, dagger shows, vocal ensembles with the Kuban repertoire, and the like.

Thus, Sochi is a wonderful resort where it will be very pleasant and interesting to have a rest both in September and in other months of the season.

Holidays in Turkey in September. What to do and what to see in Turkey? What weather to expect?

Turkey is a country for our compatriot is already so familiar that a trip to those parts will not surprise anyone. Airplanes fly to Turkish resorts from very many cities in Russia, the flight to Turkey is short and not tiring, and what beauty awaits upon landing! Turkey is famous for its well-established tourism business, there are a variety of hotels, last-minute trips to Turkey are often offered at ridiculous prices, you don’t need to apply for a visa to travel, and Turkey is very beautiful, interesting and fun.

Oh, if only the beach season lasted not for several months, but all year round! So tourists can count on a tan and a warm sea from April-May to October. However, you can go on excursions to Turkey all year round, because no one forbids it. This article is about how to relax in Turkey in September, one of the most popular months of the season.

With the end of August, the fertile time of the velvet season comes to Turkey. September is a month without sweltering heat and stuffiness (although in the early days it may be so).

But, since we are talking about the whole country, and not about one resort, then, of course, you need to understand that the weather will be a little different everywhere. Nevertheless, in Turkey there are mountains, and coastal areas, and plains. For example, on the shores of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas the climate is subtropical Mediterranean, off the coast of the Black Sea – temperate maritime. At the same time, in the southeastern part of Turkey the climate is tropical desert, and it is always drier there.

September is not the hottest month of the season, but even better. The average daily air temperature in the coastal areas of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas in September is + 28-31 ° С (sometimes the thermometer rises to +35 degrees in the sun, but this is rather rare), while the average nights are +19-21°C, which means that you can sleep with an open balcony, and in the evening walk in light clothes (although sometimes you want to put on a long-sleeve sweater, but it’s still very warm).

But off the coast of the Black Sea (the cities of Rize, Trabzon, etc.) in September it will no longer be sultry, as in the south of the country, but still very warm and pleasant: on average + 22-23 ° C during the day and + 17. .+20°C at night.

It’s not bad in Istanbul in September, on average +25…+27°C during the day (sometimes up to +30 degrees) and + 22…+23°C at night.

Precipitation at the beginning of autumn throughout Turkey is very low, practically non-existent . On the coasts, most likely, there will be no rain at all, at most once. In the central part of Turkey, there may be 1-2 rainy days. In Istanbul, most likely, it will rain only once during the whole of September. In general, the rains are clearly not about September, so an umbrella and a raincoat will definitely not come in handy, but on the other hand, you can put a couple of jars of sunscreen cosmetics in your suitcase, since the sun is scorching in September, and on the beach, and during the excursion you can burn out in 15 -20 minutes. At the same time, many tourists do not feel the heat while riding a yacht (where the wind blows them), and manage to burn even more.

The sea in September is simply wonderful! Even and smooth in the morning, in the afternoon there may be a sea breeze and small waves. In any case, swimming this month is definitely pleasant and comfortable. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea in September reaches +28-29°C in the first half, and by the end of September it drops to +26°C, which is also very good. The Aegean Sea is always slightly cooler than the Mediterranean, its temperature in September is +27-28°C in the first half and up to +24-25°C by the last week. If you went to Istanbul in September and decided to dilute your excursions with a trip to the beach, then, alas, the water is no longer as warm as in summer: +23-24°C at the beginning and up to +20-21°C by the end of the month.

The Black Sea is not the warmest at this time, but it is warmer than the Sea of ​​Marmara anyway. And yet, the coolest and most fun resorts in Turkey are precisely on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, in fact, where our compatriots usually go. There is also the most pleasant weather in September.

In short, the weather in the first month of autumn in Turkey is very good, hot, the water is warm, the sky is clear, there is no rain – excellent conditions for relaxation!

What to do in Turkey in September

Since the weather is still hot and sunny, September is perfect for a beach holiday . Moreover, in September the weather is much calmer than, for example, in July, when white tourists burn out very quickly. The beaches in Turkey are sandy, pebbly, and mixed, for the most part quite clean (compared to the Russian coast), well-groomed, although crowded (september is more than a popular month). Many beaches in Turkey have been awarded the “blue flag” for cleanliness and suitability for swimming.

You can diversify your vacation by trying excursions , because Turkey is not only a hotel, a pool, all-inclusive meals and a beach. September can be safely called a time of outdoor activities and excursions, because it’s not so hot anymore. Turkey is an amazing country, rich in sights, natural unique beauties…

The easiest way to do this is by renting a bike. Believe me, you will find a lot of beautiful. Of course, your hotel may be very green and with excellent territory, but even outside the hotel, even in small villages, there is something interesting and extremely picturesque. What can we say about more or less large resort towns with mosques, museums, noisy bazaars, cozy streets and a completely unique atmosphere…

An excellent alternative to a beach holiday is water parks , and there are many of them in Turkey, and they will certainly work in September. There are large water parks in Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Kusadasi, Marmaris and Bodrum. It is even easier to choose a hotel with a water park – much more fun and more economical! There are also dolphinariums in Turkey (for example, in Belek, Kemer, Antalya, etc.)

Nightlife in Turkey during the high season is great, and many tourists go there just to have fun and break away. In addition, in the evenings in Turkish resorts in September it is still warm, and you can walk in beautiful summer clothes, dance until you drop and in the open air, attend beach parties. Turkish resorts have long been famous for their fun hangouts in bars, clubs, yachts, beaches and elsewhere, but a lot depends on your resort. However, do not worry if you find that the only midnight fun in your village is a modest coastal bar without a hint of a party, and the hotel does not smell of any discos. There is always an opportunity to go to neighboring larger cities with clubs (such trips are organized in all agencies, and are inexpensive). The most fun party cities in Turkey are Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Bodrum and Marmaris, and, of course, Istanbul, where fun is all year round.

Therefore, Türkiye cannot be boring. Türkiye is not to be missed. You may not like the hotel, but Turkey itself is certainly magnificent, because it is a mysterious country that successfully mixes modernity and tradition for many years. Well, September, one of the hottest months of the year, is perfect for both beach and educational holidays. Such a holiday can be recommended for both the elderly and families with small children.

This table will help you determine which resorts in Turkey are warmest in September, find out where there is less rain and more clear days.