Scooter rentals in barcelona: How to Rent a Scooter in Barcelona 2023? (Itinerary + Prices from 20€)

Scooter rental in Barcelona Booking

Scooter rental in Barcelona Booking – Vespa Soul Barcelona

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To live a nice Vespa Soul Experience you need to have:

  • Previous experience driving a scooter/motorbike;
  • Valid passport or identity card;
  • Credit card or cash to pay the security deposit
  • Valid driving license in Spain. For example, US or Canadian driver licenses should only be translated by an official translator (your Consul)

According to the Spanish law the following driving licenses are valid to drive:

  • Vespa 50cc. European Driving License: AM, A, A1, A2, B. International Driving License: A, B. Driver licenses from other countries if they are written in Spanish or are provided with by an official translation.
  • Vespa 125cc. European Driving License: A, A1, A2. International Driving License: A


Yes, when you arrive at Vespa Soul, you will be asked to leave a security deposit (300€). The same is payable by credit card, debit card or cash.

The full amount of this deposit will be refunded if you return the scooter and the accessories in the same original conditions.

Yes, cancellations are possible and free of charge up to 48 hours prior to the agreed date. For any cancellation made in the 48 hours before the agreed date you will be refunded the amount of the booking less 30%. In case of exceptional bad weather, will be totally refunded!


A scooter is the perfect way to move about quickly, and enjoy all the delights of the ‘Capital of the Mediterranean’!

During the 60s, the Italian-designed Vespa enjoyed a huge boom worldwide, thanks to its unique style and ease of use and nowadays, they’re one of the biggest and most-beloved of all Italian design exports.

Rent a Vespa and get lost exploring the city or rent a Vespa with GPS and pre-recorded routes and discover Barcelona in-depth!



Vespa Soul Barcelona

Calle Trafalgar 41 local 2 (08010) Barcelona

(+34) 931 432 655  – (+34)  635 881 391

[email protected]


You can pick-up an drop off your vehicle between 10:00 AM to 20:00 PM..

As part of our sense of responsibility, we do not recommend renting to those who have no driving experience, despite being in possession of the requirements required by international law (driving license A or B).

Remember: To Rent a Scooter you must be in possession of a valid driving license and valid under the laws of Spain.

For example, US or Canadian driver licenses should only be translated by an official translator (in Barcelona: We can do it for you. need 24 hours. Please contact us) or make a Internacional Driving Permit’s (IDP’s) in your country.  

Please reed this: Driving License Rules



No extra charges.

*one or two Helmets *First Tank Fuel *Insurance *Lock *unlimited km *taxes

Drop off & Pick up at your hotel/apartment + 20€ (We need 24 hours in advance)

GPS «with prerecorded routes» + 10€/day

You can Pick-Up and drop off your vehicle between 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM

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Scooter rentals in Barcelona – Best Rent a Scooter

BEST RENT A SCOOTER put Barcelona at your feet and give yourself the opportunity to escape the monotony of public transport. Drive your scooter with total freedom and visit the Catalan capital’s most iconic places whilst enjoying the fresh air of the journey.


Barcelona, Spain, and offers a broad
rental services, Renting scooters and Selling motorcycles at very competitive
prices adapted to our customer’s needs, this includes a direct home delivery service.

You can
rent mopeds,
50cc scooters
and 125cc motorbikes, of various models and makes, for a minimum period of
one day, but with
for each model. Take a look at our
and, if you like them, make
booking benefiting from discounts.

Renting system, made especially for companies and individuals is very adaptable to our customer’s needs. The objective of
Renting (long term scooter rental) is to pay for a
monthly fee a medium / long term, where the customer only has to worry about refueling. The maintenance,
insurance, roadside assistance are covered by


If you want to
buy a motorcycle in our
Sales section you can find all the information above. You can find a wide range of
scooters and motorcycles for
Sales at the competitive prices. We have a large variety of models on
Sale from
scooters and 125cc Maxi Scooters until 650cc, 125cc Naked and Custom motorcyles, Cross, Road and Sports motorcycles, until 1800cc Cruiser motorcycles, electric scooters/motorcycles – with 2 or more years warranty – attractive designs in compliance with EEC standards.


Through our Catalog you will find all the necessary information, to select the correct motorcycle you are looking for. You can also choose your payment plan, because we give you the possibility to finance it. In our Contact form you can ask any questions you might have for peace of mind – it’s fast and free!

Renting with Buy option using our
Leasing system; a big advantage for people who are interested in
buying a
motorbike but first want to rent. You
renting for a period of time paying
monthly installments and at the end of the contract period you have the possibility to
acquire in property paying an amount below the actual
purchase price
(this is considered as part payment of
rental fees already paid), or paying only for its renaming.


If you want to opt for a different plan, inform us and we will search for a new alternative, equally as effective and reliable.

Make our
Guided Tour
Barcelona on
125cc scooter accompanied by a
guide, which enables you to get to know the most iconic places and their historic roots within the Catalan capital. Enjoy our
guided tour or, if you prefer, we can create a personalized
route to suit your requirements so why not “come fly with us!”


¡¡¡Use the scooter like be your!!!

Discover our scooter rental offers in Barcelona, a cheap and comfortable way to move around our city

Tips for scooter rental in Barcelona – BEST RENT A SCOOTER

rent a scooter in BEST RENT A SCOOTER
it’s necessary to have one year (minimum) of previous experience. Helmets are mandatory for both, the driver and the passenger. Always park the scooter on the special authorized places and not on the authorized places for bicycles or cars. Don’t leave any objects of value inside. For any doubts or additional questions consult our

free parking, carsharing, scooter rental


  • Car rental in Barcelona: general information
  • Rent a car in Barcelona, ​​carsharing
  • Rent a car in Barcelona at the airport
  • Parking in Barcelona: free and paid parking description, map)
  • Rent a scooter in Barcelona
  • Tourist tips

Spain is a country that surprises with its beautiful scenery and authentic architecture. Tourists who prefer to travel around the Iberian Peninsula by car receive many advantages. Drivers will get anywhere in Spain faster and will also be able to avoid traveling in public transport clogged with travelers from all over the world.

Renting a car in Barcelona is a great way to get a lot of benefits. Spanish car rental services are located in any area of ​​this city. Customers will move around the country in modern vehicles on good quality roads.

Car rental in Barcelona: general information

Renting a car in Barcelona is really easy. During the process of drawing up the contract, the client must have the following documents with him:

  • driver’s license;
  • international passport;
  • credit card in the name of the driver.

An international driver’s license (IDP) is not yet compulsory throughout Spain. It is enough to present the documentation of the Russian standard. In most situations, it is really possible to choose and order a car on the Internet, and make the payment on the spot. You don’t have to leave personal belongings as collateral, but a Barcelona rental company can block a certain amount on a customer’s credit card or ask to leave from $500 to $1,000 in cash*.

Photograph of the main landmark of the city – the cathedral in Barcelona.

Important ! Most companies rent cars even to eighteen-year-old drivers, but in some cases you will have to pay a “youth” tax. Also, a certain role is played by the presence of a year’s driving experience.

Rent a car in Barcelona, ​​carsharing

Rent a car in Spain

In the capital of Catalonia there are a huge number of different rental companies that provide their services. They differ in price, availability and fleet size. Car sharing is also common in Barcelona. Car sharing is practiced everywhere by local residents.

Members of the automotive community can use a free car at any convenient time, and then leave it in certain areas of the city. It is not necessary to drive her back to the parking lot. This way of owning a car helps to save a lot of personal money. One trip will cost about two times cheaper than a taxi.

Cars of a car sharing company

Two well-known companies of this kind offer their services in Barcelona. The world’s largest operators are Car2go and Zipcar. Using their car park is quite simple. The main task of drivers is to register on the company’s official website, download the mobile app, link a credit card to the account, and send a photo of the driver’s license.

You will have to pay not only for the service itself, but a certain amount must be paid as a subscription fee. Good competitors for global brands are local car sharing companies (for example, Avancar).

Good to know! Access to the machine is easy. After the registration procedure, each client will acquire a unique card. It must be brought to the windshield where the reader is located. After a couple of moments, the car will open, the ignition key is in the glove compartment.

Renting a car in Barcelona at the airport

It is possible to rent a car in Barcelona immediately after passing customs control. At the most popular El Prat airport, travelers can use the services of several rental companies:

  • National Atesa;
  • Herz;
  • Avis Car Hire;
  • Europcar Car Rental;
  • Sol Mar Rent A Car.

Rent a car in Mallorca

In most cases, car rental companies work from 7.00 to 24.00. Their office is located in the terminal, and the cars are in the parking lot. It is easy to rent a vehicle even on a day off. Men and women using car rental services in Barcelona at the international airport are forced to pay a little more money.

Important! Vacationers are advised to book a car in advance to save some money.

Parking in Barcelona: free and paid parking (description, map)

Car rental in Italy

It is difficult to park a car in the capital of Catalonia, because many parking spaces in the city center are occupied. It is very important to look at the markup, it is blue, green and white. Free parking in Barcelona is a real rarity. You won’t have to pay only in places unpopular with tourists and in residential areas.

If green markings were applied to the asphalt, such a parking lot is intended for local residents. Spaniards pay only 1 EUR* per week of use, while tourists need to pay about 3 EUR per hour*. At certain times of the year, you can leave your car here for free, but only for a couple of hours.

Blue car parks are free for everyone. They are common near iconic tourist sites, shopping malls and on main streets. The cost of the service varies from 1 to 2.5 euros. Parking is more expensive in the most popular areas of the city. You can pay for a place through a parking meter, the received receipt should be attached to the windshield. The fine for breaking the rules is 100 euros*.

Barcelona Parking Scheme

Parking in Barcelona is quite expensive, proven tips will help travelers from CIS countries save a lot. Before arriving in Spain, tourists are advised to familiarize themselves with the map of parking zones. Also, a lot of useful information is written near each parking lot, allowing you to avoid an unpleasant fine.

Important! A cheap way to park at night is to look for parking near the hotel or in underground parking lots where it is safe to leave the car even for a couple of days.

Rent a scooter in Barcelona

A scooter is a great alternative to a car for travelers moving around Barcelona. This mobile mode of transport will allow you to drive through even the narrowest streets. Drivers will need the following list of documents:

  • category B license to drive a scooter with an engine capacity of less than 50 cubic centimeters.
  • category A rights when renting a more powerful moped.
  • credit card;
  • international passport.

Any scooter owner is required to wear a helmet when moving around the city. Two people are allowed to ride this two-wheeled vehicle. The following franchises are popular: moto rent barcelona, ​​via vespa and ecoandone. The average cost of the service is approximately 50 euros per day of use. Renting a new scooter in Barcelona does not take long.

Scooters in Barcelona.

Tourist tips

It is difficult for an inexperienced tourist to figure out all the features of the car rental process in Spain on their own. Men and women who have already visited Barcelona highlight the following most useful tips:

  • Do not rent a car or scooter at the airport, because in this case the cost of the service will increase slightly.
  • Tourists should check in advance if there is free parking at their hotel. The map in your smartphone will help you find additional information.
  • Each car park may have a number of restrictions. You should carefully look at special signs, the information on which is duplicated in English.
  • Local tenants work even on Saturday and Sunday, but it is better to rent a car in advance via the Internet. In this case, the client will avoid the queue and choose any car.
  • During the summer period (from June to July), parking lots in the central part of the city are overcrowded, it is better to use public transport.
  • The price of gasoline in Spain is approximately 1.5 euros* per litre. In the vicinity of the city, you cannot drive faster than 50 kilometers per hour, the maximum speed limit on the highway is 120 kilometers per hour.

Thus, a couple of simple tips will help tourists save a lot. Renting a car in the capital of Catalonia is easy, you can actually find a rental service throughout the city. Local and international companies operate here. Also, tourists should pay attention to parking lots and their marking color so that they do not have to pay a fine.

*Prices are valid for August 2018.


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Budget Car rental Barcelona

Barcelona became world famous after the 1992 Olympics. But you need to visit Barcelona not only because of the Olympic Museum located there and the huge number of Olympic buildings. Barcelona is a haven for artists and actors, architects and musicians, the entire cultural elite of the country. In Barcelona, ​​you can walk along the Spanish analogue of the Moscow Arbat, or St. Petersburg’s Nevsky Prospekt – La Rambla Boulevard. Here you will not only watch the performances of street actors, but also taste wonderful coffee in one of the many cafeterias. And it is better to judge the wonders of Spanish pastries for yourself. You just need to try it. In addition, many museums are concentrated in Barcelona, ​​according to superficial estimates there are more than 40 of them. And of course, it is impossible to resist the temptation to visit the Picasso Museum. Also, be sure to check out the beaches of Barcelona. They are amazingly beautiful and clean, despite the fact that they are urban. Clear water and maximum quality rest. Do not try to embrace the immensity. Make yourself a minimum visitation program for the day. Wherever you go, you will want to linger. You will repeatedly stop on the street to enjoy the beauty of the Gothic architecture of the city. It is common to think that traveling requires significant financial expenses, but the Budget rental company is ready to amend this statement.

If you are traveling on your own, without an excursion group, by the way, you will need a car rental in Barcelona. Moving around Barcelona in a rental car, you can stay in every corner of Barcelona and Spain you visit for as long as you need. You will be able to see what is interesting for you, and not what is included in the excursion program. Car rental always allows you to remain mobile and independent. Budget car rental in Barcelona will always offer you more than others and will delight you with car rental prices. Budget is an excellent combination of price and level of service. Book a car with Budget and see for yourself!

Driving abroad:

Driving a rental car outside the country is not allowed.