Ride sharing barcelona: Barcelona: a Guide for Getting Around in the City

The urban mobility scene in Barcelona

While Barcelona has a booming startup ecosystem, it has always had a love-hate relationship with the sharing economy. Just think of all the Airbnb scandals and the fact that companies like Uber are not allowed to operate in the city. There has been some progress, especially in the urban mobility scene, but local regulations have yet to loosen up so more and more players can enter the market.

Since we’re in the middle of planning a visit to the YEGO garage on the 20th of November, we thought we’d share an overview of the urban mobility ecosystem in Barcelona with you. These companies make getting around easy and city life more sustainable. Perhaps you’ll find your new go-to mode of transport after reading our list!

Electric kickscooter sharing – Mobility in Barcelona


Global kickscooter-sharing giants like Lime have not managed to penetrate Barcelona. Another popular brand, Bird has been spotted but its scooters haven’t taken over Barcelona as they have other cities. However, there’s a local player that has recently made some good headway. Reby is a Spain-focused startup that offers on-demand kickscooters that you can find scattered around the city and unlock with an app on your phone. There are no docking stations to return the scooters to, however, you do have to lock them in authorized spots – you can’t just leave them lying around and blocking pathways. It costs €1 to unlock a scooter and you can use it for €0.15 per minute. 


If you’d rather have your own kickscooter than share, you can rent one from the Barcelona startup GOMEEP. At €39 per month, GOMEEP is a good option for those who want to use kickscooters regularly rather than occasionally. Within 48 hours of ordering your scooter, a GOMEEP agent will deliver it to your door. They also take care of all repairs, should your scooter break down. 



Yes, good old Bicing, the local government’s bike-sharing project is still one of the best ways to get around in Barcelona. Lately, they’ve even started adding electric bikes to their offering. Using Bicing probably won’t break the bank – if you sign up for a €35 or €50 annual membership, you only have to pay a low fee for every 30 minutes you ride. On the other hand, Bicing does come with some restrictions since the bikes can only be picked up and dropped off at official docking stations. Good luck trying to find a bike near your house during the morning rush hour!  

Donkey Republic

The easy-to-spot, bright orange Donkey Republic bikes are present all throughout Europe, including Barcelona. Their pay-as-you-ride option is ideal for both occasional and regular use. And they also have a monthly subscription. Pick-up and drop-off are at designated locations; you use the app to unlock and lock the bike; you enjoy the heck out of pedaling around in a super bike-friendly city like Barcelona. 


A popular local player, eCooltra is an electric scooter-sharing service with one of the biggest fleets in Barcelona. If you see people riding around on simple white scooters with green and blue helmets, you’ll know they’re eCooltra users. Their door-to-door model allows you to pick up the scooters and drop them off anywhere – as long as you stay within the permitted driving zones. It costs €0.26 per minute, and you can get great deals by buying packs.

Electric scooter sharing


When you think of scooter sharing and Barcelona, the first startup that comes to mind is YEGO. You can easily recognize YEGO’s electric scooters by their signature green color and elegant Vespa-like form. The app is one of the best on the market – its cool design and great usability make booking a scooter completely hassle-free. You can use the scooters for €0.25 per minute or get 20-32% discounts on the standard price by buying packs. YEGO operates in Barcelona, Valencia, and Bordeaux. Join us at our visit to the YEGO garage on November 20th to learn more about the company first-hand from its founders!


Scoot is a widely known electric mobility company from San Francisco. In Barcelona, they offer both electric scooters and bikes which you can use for €0.28 and €0.15 per minute respectively. With a hipster design that stands out from the crowd, they can be a stylish and affordable choice. Just download the Scoot app and find a bike or a scooter somewhere near you!


The newest addition to the Barcelona moto-sharing scene, Acciona offers sleek red-white-and-black electric scooters for on-demand use. You can pick them up and drop them off anywhere in the designated driving zones – practically all of Barcelona – for €0.25 per minute. You can save by buying packs of 250 minutes for €50 or 500 minutes for €95.


Cabify is a transportation network company that provides ride-hailing services in select cities around the world. The company was founded in 2011 in Spain and has since expanded to operate in several Latin American countries, including Portugal, and Spain. Cabify’s platform connects riders with professional drivers who operate licensed and insured vehicles. Users can request rides through the Cabify app and pay for them with a credit or debit card. Cabify offers different types of rides, including standard rides, executive rides, and group rides, and is known for its focus on safety and customer service.

Carsharing, peer-to-peer car rental, and ridesharing


Ubeqoo, operated by the multinational car rental company Europcar, is a great option if you need a car to get around in or outside the city. You can pick up your desired vehicle in its own parking spot (which you’ll have to return it to), and pay by the hour or by the day. The price depends on the size of the car you choose – they have everything from miniature fiats to moving vans. Cars can be found parked throughout the city, and there’s always one within around 150 meters of you. 


Another Barcelona-based company, SocialCar deals in peer-to-peer car rental. It’s a cheaper and more convenient alternative to traditional car rentals: you can book cars owned by individuals on the SocialCar website and connect directly with the owner to arrange the pick-up and drop-off. It’s like Airbnb for cars – you’re essentially renting from a neighbor. SocialCar takes care of insurance to your name for the time of the rental, so you don’t have to worry about liability. And, if you happen to have a car that you rarely use, you can rent it out and make some money!


Formerly known as Drivy, Getaround is an easy-to-use, safe, and affordable car rental service. Much like SocialCar, you’re renting from individuals who have put their cars up for grabs. You can use the Getaround app to find cars close to you, and you can read ratings and reviews about the vehicles and the owners before you take your pick. 


Amovens is a three-in-one ride platform: they offer traditional car rental, peer-to-peer carsharing, and ridesharing services. If you need to get from A to B but don’t want to or can’t drive, Amovens’s ridesharing feature will be your go-to. Download the app and find chauffeurs driving around Spain that you can hitch a ride with. It’s an awesome budget travel option and who knows, you might even make some friends along the way.

Bla Bla Car

BlaBlaCar is a long-distance ride-sharing platform that connects drivers with empty seats in their cars to passengers traveling in the same direction. The company was founded in France in 2006 and has since expanded to operate in several countries across Europe, Asia, and South America. BlaBlaCar’s platform allows users to search for rides or offer rides on a specific route, and passengers can reserve a seat by paying online. The platform also includes features such as user ratings, verification, and secure payment options to ensure a safe and trustworthy experience for both drivers and passengers. BlaBlaCar is known for providing an affordable, eco-friendly, and social way to travel long distances.

What’s your favourite way to get around in Barcelona? See more tips on navigating city life here and join us at one of our upcoming events! 

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Is There Uber In Spain In 2023? Complete Guide!

Wondering If There’s Uber In Spain In 2023? 

Good news! There IS Uber in Barcelona & Spain in 2023! That being said, using Uber in Spain is a little more confusing than in other places due to Spain’s taxi regulations.  

Keep reading this guide for EVERYTHING you need to know for how to get around Spain using Uber in 2023! ⤵️

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Is There Uber In Spain In 2023? 

Yes! There IS Uber in Spain in 2023, but it’s a little confusing. Due to the push-and-pull legal battle between Uber and the Spanish taxi associations over the past decade, Uber exists in Spain on a per-city basis rather than a per-country one. 

For example, Uber services are extensively available in Madrid, where Uber drivers need to be licensed like traditional taxi drivers, but it is extremely limited in Barcelona, where there have been protests erupting in recent years. 

On Spanish islands, like Ibiza and Tenerife, Uber doesn’t exist at all, and there are no app alternatives.  

So, using Uber in Spain is kinda confusing – I’ve written this guide so you know how to best get around in Spain in cities with and without Uber service. Keep reading for everything you need to know! 

(photo from Canva).

What You NEED To Know About Uber In Spain In 2023

✔️ Uber’s Legal Status Is In Flux In Spain – Due to Spanish taxi regulations, Uber’s legal status and to what capacity it’s allowed to operate has been constantly in flux since it launched the past decade. Keep reading for more information on Uber’s legal status in Spain. 

✔️ Uber Is Most Widely Available In Madrid – Uber is always the most accessible in larger cities, but in Madrid in particular there are a ton of different Uber options ranging from the typical Uber X to Uber Pet, Uber Lux, etc to choose from! 

✔️ Uber Is Most Contentious In Barcelona – For the past four years or so there have been protests from both taxi drivers and Uber drivers in contention to taxi regulations for both parties.  

Right now, Uber officially is running in Barcelona, but there are very few drivers, so it’s unlikely even an Uber Taxi ride will be accepted. 

Is Uber Legal In Spain?

Uber is legally operating in Spain as of 2023, that being said, it was a long road to get there! 

Uber first started operating in Spain in 2014 under the name “UberPop”. UberPop was considerably cheaper than traditional taxis in Spain because UberPop drivers didn’t have to incur the same licensing expenses traditional taxis did. 

Under UberPop, anyone with a car could start driving and due to the cheap cost of service, they were putting traditional taxis out of business.

In late 2014, the Madrid Taxi Association complained and got UberPop banned from operating.  

Then, in 2019, extensive regulations in Barcelona caused Uber to completely pull out of the city for two years until they came back in 2021 with new means of compliance. 

The rules enacted in 2019 were deemed frivolous and unnecessary by ride-hailing app supporters and included rules like “all rides must be booked 15 minutes in advance“, and all cars needing bumper extenders.

Even after complying with Barcelona’s ride-hailing rules, Uber is still in hot water there. Protests from both sides have prevented Uber and other ride-hailing services from thriving in Barcelona, even though they’re currently able to legally operate there.

Is Uber Safe In Spain?

Even though Uber in Spain, along with other taxi-hailing apps like Cabify and Bolt, are most commonly used to just call traditional metered taxis to your location. I believe that using a tracked app service like Uber is always safer than just hailing a cab off the street! Especially if you’re in a foreign country for the first time! 

Why? Well, for one, using the app to put in your location helps get around language barriers, and helps you make it to your destination safely. 

Uber also tracks your ride and keeps a record of things like the license plate of your taxi driver in the app. While you could take a photo of every single license plate for every cab you ever get into, it’s a lot easier to have all of that done automatically for you! 

📲 Safety Tips For Using Uber In Spain

✅ Always take a picture of your Uber driver’s license plate (and make sure they saw that you took a picture!).  

✅ Use Uber’s “share-ride” feature to share your trip with your emergency contacts in live time. 

✅ Ask your Uber driver for your name before getting in the car. Some taxis will pretend to be your Uber driver because they just want some work.

✅ Contact a local Spanish SIM card so you have data during your trip in case you need to call someone. 💡 Tip: You will need an unlocked phone for this! 

✅ You can download a map of your city offline on Google Maps so you can track your trip even if you don’t have cellular signal. 

Tripadvisor user nomad577 describes getting scammed by a taxi at Barcelona Airport. 

Uber & Taxi SCAMS In Spain To Avoid! 

🚩 Illegal Taxi Drivers – The Irish Mirror has taken to warning travelers visiting Spain about fake taxi drivers that aren’t licensed and do not use meters. 

They have these in New York too, and they’re called “Gypsy Cabs”. These illegal cabs usually target travelers just arriving in the country who haven’t visited the city before and therefore don’t know what legal cabs look like. 

I would honestly just recommend arranging your airport transfer ahead of time, especially if it’s your first time in Spain, to avoid this kind of situation. ➡️ Check Airport Transfer Options Here 

🚩 Running Up The Meter – I wrote about how this taxi scam actually happened to me when I was on a study abroad in Rome, and it’s, unfortunately, a common taxi scam in a lot of southern European countries. 

Basically, if you’re a foreigner or just obviously a tourist, a metered taxi will take you the “long way” to run up the metered fare. 

This scam happens all over, not just in Spain, and is a great reason to use Uber or another tracked taxi service when it’s available! 

🚩 Fake Tickets – If your taxi / Uber / car service driver is dropping you off at a train or bus station they might offer to buy the tickets for you.  

There have been some reports of tourists who give money to either their taxi driver or someone their taxi driver put them in contact with at the station, giving them fake tickets and taking their cash! 

Different Types Of Uber You Can Take In Spain 

Here are all the different types of Uber available in Madrid, where Uber is most prolific in Spain. Keep in mind that in most smaller cities only Uber X or Uber Taxi will be available! 

🚕 Uber Taxi – Uber Taxi is the most commonly used Uber service in Spain, it’s where you can call a metered traditional taxi to your location through the Uber app. 

🚘 Uber X – This is the standard Uber service that’s most commonly used all over the world. 

🚐 Uber Van – A higher-end service for up to 6 passengers. 

🚙 Uber Comfort – Larger cars with more legroom. 

🐶 Uber Pet – Uber X cars that allow pets. 

👨‍👩‍👦 Uber Kids – Uber X cars equipped with car seats.  

🥂 Uber Black – Higher-end version of Uber X.

🛴 Uber Lime Scooter – Rent a Lime Scooter through your Uber App! This is similar to how Citibike operates in NYC through the Lyft app. 

🚲 Uber Lime E-Bike – You also have the option to rent an E-Bike through Lime on your Uber app. 

⏰ Uber Black Hourly – Hire a private driver + a higher-end vehicle by the hour.

Is There Uber Eats In Spain? 

Yes! There is Uber Eats in Spain. It’s available in most larger cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, etc. 

Do know that Uber Eats is its own app in Spain, which needs to be downloaded separately from the taxi Uber app. 

Another very popular food delivery app in Spain is the “Glovo” app, which also works in most major cities. 

All taxis in Barcelona are yellow and black (photo from canva).

Taxis Vs. Uber In Spain 

While there are lots of different Uber services available in large cities like Madrid, the most common way the Uber app is used in Spain is as a conduit for hailing traditional metered taxis, kinda like an online taxi rank.  

So, there really isn’t much difference between taking a taxi or an Uber in Spain! 

That being said, due to added security benefits like ride-tracking and fare estimation, I would recommend hailing taxis through the Uber app when it’s an available option to you! 

Barcelona, Spain (Photo from Canva).

Can You Take Uber From The Airports In Spain To Your Hotel? 

Wondering if you can take Uber from the airports in Spain to your hotel? The answer is, it depends! 

While taking Uber from the airports in Spain isn’t expressly forbidden like it is in some other places like Mexico, Uber operates on a per-city basis in Spain, so it depends on which city you’re flying into. 

In Madrid, for example, you will likely have no problem taking either an Uber X or calling an Uber Taxi from the airport terminal. But in Barcelona, where Uber is in contention, you likely will not get a car. 

I recommend just skipping the uncertainty and booking your ✈️ Airport Transportation ahead of time, especially if you’re not a Spanish speaker! ⤵️

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Uber is most commonly available in Madrid, in Spain (photo from Canva).

Cities In Spain That Have Uber

Many cities in Spain have Uber, that being said, it operates differently in every city. While Uber is most extensively used in Madrid, in the smaller cities only “Uber Taxi” will be available, where you can use the app to call metered taxis to your location. 

List of cities in Spain where there is Uber available (From Uber’s Website)

Alcoi – Algeciras – Alicante – Alzira – Andujar – Antequera – Aranda de Duero – Arcos de la Frontera – Avila – Badajoz – Barcelona – Baza – Bilbao – Blanes – Burgos – Caceres – Calafell – Ceuta – Chiva – Ciudad Real – Conil de la Frontera – Cordoba – Cullera – Don Benito – Elche – Figueras – Fuerteventura – Gandia – Granada – Guadalajara Spain – Huesca – Ibiza – Igualada – Jerez – La Palma – Langreo – Lanzarote – Leon Spain – Linares – Lorca – Lucena – Madrid – Málaga – Menorca – Ciutadella – Menorca Mahon – Merida Spain – Mieres – Miranda de – Ebro -Motril – Murcia Suburbs – Ontinyent – Pamplona – Petrer – Plasencia – Playa d’Aro – Ponferrada – Puente Genil – Puerto de Sta – Maria – Puertollano – Ronda – Salamanca Spain – San Sebastian – Santander – Santiago de Compostela – Seville – Soria – Talavera de la Reina – Teruel – Tortosa – Tudela – Ubeda – Valdepenas – Valencia – Vic – Vielha – Vigo – Vilafranca – Villena – Vinaros – Vitoria, Spain – Yecla

A Facebook user described their recent experience trying to call an Uber car in Barcelona, but there was none available.  

Is There Uber In Barcelona, Spain?

Barcelona is currently a hotspot of contention among taxi drivers and ride-sharing services, with protests erupting earlier this year. 

Because of this, according to the Uber app, there are Uber Taxis and Uber X cars in Barcelona, in reality, there are almost no cars operating. 

You cannot take Uber from Barcelona’s airports (photo from Canva).

Getting To/From Barcelona’s Airports 

I mentioned earlier in this article that Uber in all forms is in turmoil in Barcelona, so unfortunately it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get an Uber X car or an Uber Taxi from Barcelona’s airport. 

Instead of using Uber or taxis at the airport, I recommend just arranging your airport transportation ahead of time so there’s no uncertainty about how you’re getting to your hotel! ⤵️

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3 Day Trips From Barcelona – How To Get Around Without Uber

As I discussed earlier in this article, Uber in Spain only works within cities.  

Want to explore Spain without the hassle of renting a car and driving yourself? Here are three amazing day trips from Barcelona I recommend that all include transportation! 

1. Three Countries in One Day: France, Andorra, Spain from Barcelona 

The small European country of Andorra (photo from Canva).

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience during your trip to Barcelona, consider taking this Three Countries in One Day: France, Andorra, & Spain tour from Barcelona. 

This full-day tour takes you on a whirlwind journey through three different countries, allowing you to discover a variety of cultures and landscapes in just one day!

The tour starts early in the morning, and you’ll begin by exploring the medieval Spanish village of Baga

From there, you’ll cross the border into France and visit the charming spa town of Ax-les-Thermes, which is full of French character and history.  

After that, you’ll make your way to Andorra, a small country nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains, where you’ll have the chance to indulge in some duty-free shopping and take in the beautiful mountain scenery.

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to see the beautiful valleys and take in some truly magnificent views from high mountain passes. 

And with a small-group tour of no more than 20 people, you’ll get an intimate experience with your guide and fellow travelers.

👉 Check Rates & Tour Availability Here

2. Montserrat Half-Day Tour with Tapas and Gourmet Wines

Montserrat Monastery (photo from Canva).

If you’re a fan of history, culture, and wine, then you simply must take this Montserrat Half-Day Tour with Tapas and Gourmet Wines day tour from Barcelona! 

This small-group tour is the perfect way to explore one of the most important sites in Catalan culture and history and enjoy some delicious wine and food along the way.

The tour starts with a visit to the Montserrat Monastery, which is home to the famous “Black Madonna.” 

After exploring the monastery, you’ll follow your guide through the vineyards of Oller del Mas, a winery housed in a 10th-century castle. There, you’ll descend into the cellars to learn about the production methods and sample some of the winery’s signature wines.

But that’s not all – you’ll also get to enjoy a cold tapas lunch with dessert, featuring some of the best local Spanish cuisine

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3. Costa Brava Small Group Tour from Barcelona with Traditional Lunch

Costa Brava, Spain (Photo from Canva).

If you’re looking for the perfect day trip from Barcelona, this guided tour to Costa Brava is a fantastic choice! Not only will you get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, but you’ll also get to explore some of the most stunning coastal landscapes in Spain.

One of the best things about this tour is that you’ll have a local guide to show you around, which means you’ll get an insider’s perspective on the area. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a traditional lunch with a glass of sangria, wine, beer, or a soft drink, which is the perfect way to relax and soak up the scenery.

Another great thing about this tour is that you’ll be traveling in an air-conditioned vehicle, which means you can sit back and enjoy the ride without worrying about the heat. 

And once you arrive at Costa Brava, you’ll be amazed by the crystal-clear waters, charming fishing villages, and picturesque coves.

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Do I Need A Car To Get Around In Spain? 

While you don’t necessarily need a car to get around Spain, if you plan on exploring outside the main cities like Barcelona and Madrid, I would recommend renting a car and going off the beaten track.  

Keep in mind if you only plan on getting out of the cities a few times on your trip to Spain, it might actually be easier and more cost-effective to take a guided tour, like some of the ones I mentioned above. 

For traveling between cities, Spain has an amazing public transportation system compromised of trains, buses, and ferries to help you get from point A to point B. 

But, if you DO want to go off-the-beaten path, I recommend 🚘 DiscoverCars.com, because they accept international credit and debit cards, and they have a good selection in Spain. ⤵️

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Uber In Spain: FAQs

Popular questions people have about using Uber in Barcelona & Spain:

Do You Tip Taxi Drivers In Spain?

Tipping isn’t as common in southern European countries like Spain, and it’s not usually expected. That being said, if you have good service and round up your tab it would be appreciated. 

Is Uber Cheaper Than A Taxi In Spain?

Usually Uber will not be cheaper than a taxi in Spain, and typically they will be around the same price. This is because the most common way Uber is used in Spain is as a way to call typically metered taxis to your location through the app. 

So, typically, the fare whether you use the Uber app to call a taxi or hail one on the street should be the same. 

Does Spain use LYFT?

Unfortunately, there is no LYFT app in Spain as of 2023.

What Is The Spanish Version Of Uber?

Uber works in Spain, but if you’re looking for other taxi-hailing apps there is also Cabify, Bolt, and FreeNow. All of these apps work by hailing licensed and metered Spanish taxis, the same kind you would hail on the street, to your location through the app.   

There is no Uber in Ibiza, Spain (photo from Canva).

Conclusion: Is There Uber In Spain?

Thank you for reading my article! I hope it answered your question regarding Uber in Spain. Just to recap, while there IS Uber in Spain in 2023, its legal status in the country has been constantly in flux for the past decade since it launched. 

Currently, Uber operates in Spain on a per-city basis. Meaning, its availability is subject to which area of the country you’re in. 

In some places like the Canary Islands, there is no Uber nor ride-hailing services at all – and people still need to call taxis on the phone or through taxi ranks. 

In other areas, like Madrid, ride-hailing services like Uber are thriving and you have a wide array of choices of different car services to use. 

In Barcelona, there’s lots of tension between Uber drivers and traditional taxi associations, and ride-hailing apps are almost nonexistent there currently.  

For these reasons, I recommend arranging your airport transportation ahead of time so there’s no uncertainty when you first arrive in Spain. You can check rates and dates for airport transportation services 👉 Here. 

Meal delivery services like Uber Eats are popular in Spain, but Uber Eats is a separate app from the Uber taxi app. 

Looking For More Information On Spain? 

If you’re planning a trip to Spain and looking for more information, consider reading some of my other posts: 

– Transportation Guide to Ibiza
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“Ridesharing” or traveling with fellow travelers

What should a person who urgently needs to leave, and here, as luck would have it, have no bus, train or plane tickets? Hitchhiking also does not guarantee that the car can go in the right direction, besides, driving with a stranger is still dangerous. In this case, an Internet service comes to the rescue, namely the search for a car and a companion.


  1. What is the term “ridesharing”?
  2. History of ridesharing
  3. What are the benefits of ridesharing?
  4. What are the disadvantages of ridesharing?
  5. How are they doing with ridesharing?
  6. I want to travel with a companion!
  7. How to pay for the trip?

What is the term “ridesharing”?

Ridesharing 0027 ride means “ride” , and share “share” ) in other words means a joint trip by car, in which all fellow travelers share the cost of the trip. Abroad, there is another term – carpooling ( Carpooling car – “car” and pool – “association” ), which reflects the same essence. If you look, then the service itself is something similar to a “taxi” or “ride”. True, getting from point A to point B will be much cheaper than by taxi and even by public transport. Moreover, with comfort. The driver of such a vehicle will save on fuel (all costs are borne by the passengers). And you, using ridesharing, will arrive at your destination at the exact time.

History of ridesharing

As you know, the 1970s in the USA were marked by an economic crisis and personal savings. Then the idea arose to unite passengers and drivers. Then she “migrated” to Europe. In those days, in many European countries there were frequent strikes and strikes of train workers, subways, and just bus drivers. And I had to go. So people began to look for more affordable ways of transportation, moreover, low-cost and guaranteed. In recent years, ridesharing has gained momentum thanks to the development of mobile and Internet technologies. All the necessary information can be found in a few minutes in applications for smartphones and tablets, find out which car is heading in the direction you need, as well as information about potential fellow travelers.

What are the benefits of ridesharing?

Undoubtedly, the most important thing in this type of travel is saving money. Depending on the distance and the number of fellow travelers, you can easily save up to 70% of the cost of a train or bus ticket. So, for example, using BlaBlaCar from Kyiv to Krakow you can get for only 250-300 hryvnia. While a one-way plane ticket in this direction costs about 4,000 hryvnias. Often, drivers include in the fare not only the fuel used, but also the cost of parking, toll highways and other tolls. In Europe, this type of travel is even welcomed: the more a person travels in a car, the less traffic jams. Therefore, abroad very often people use ridesharing.

America has its advantages. For example, if more than 2 people are traveling in a car, the driver can use the public transport lane. The advantage of this service is the convenience of payment. You can pay online using the mobile app. This is especially true if there is no cash or you did not have time to change the currency in the country of travel. And, of course, the main advantage of ridesharing is making new acquaintances on the road. We remind you that you can always choose a companion, discuss all the details of the trip with him, find a common interest. Then such a journey will really be a joy

What are the disadvantages of ridesharing?

Who usually travels this way? Of course, young people who want to save money. People are different: someone will ask you to enter the city, turning off the route, someone will lower the previously declared price. It is better to say goodbye to such people already at the initial stage of negotiations. There are also unscrupulous drivers who want to make money on a trip and put up to 6 people in their car. And one more minus (true for drivers) – these people are fully responsible for the road and the car. Therefore, in case of any accident or breakdown of the car, passengers have the right to demand a refund of part of the cost of the trip.

How are they doing with ridesharing?

Ridesharing has become very popular in Europe. In many countries, there are services that offer to share the costs of traveling by car. The most popular online service is BlaBlaCar. It was created by the French, and today this service is distributed in 20 European countries, including Ukraine. A similar service, Carpool Arabia, operates in the United Arab Emirates. Mobile services such as Kangaride and Allostop are popular in Canada. In Latin America, the monopoly in this area is Tripda.

But in the US, for some reason, such services did not take root. Perhaps because Americans are rarely accustomed to trusting anyone, in the sense of unfamiliar fellow travelers. Or the reason is the low cost of car maintenance and low fuel costs. In the USA, instead of such services, carrier companies operate, where a special service fee is included in the cost of the trip. Some services operate only within the city (such as a taxi), and there are those that travel around the country. But paying for such a service in the US will be much more expensive than in Europe. In the US, you can travel around the country with Ridejoy.

I want to travel with a companion!

So, you have decided to travel with a companion. The first thing you should do is register on the site (or mobile app). In the questionnaire, you enter all contact information about yourself, preferably accounts from all social networks (so that fellow travelers and drivers are sure that you are a real person and what you are) and a photo. Each profile is moderated. Those who turn out to be suspicious are screened out by the moderator. Next is route selection. If you already know where you are going, look for a driver who is ready to go in the right direction. Usually, the fare is set by the driver.

Be sure to pay attention to the driver’s rating, read the reviews of other travelers about him, study the pages on social networks, contact him to arrange a call to find out all your questions about the trip. In the personal data of each driver and future companion, you will find information about their preferences, habits, interests, and find out how they relate to the transportation of animals (if they follow you). Some prefer to ride in the company of the same sex. If you are a woman and prefer the company of women, you can use the services of a female driver.

How to pay for the trip?

This issue is resolved with the driver of the car according to your agreement with him. Some pay for the trip at the beginning, others at the end, perhaps 50% prepayment, and then at the end of the trip. In European countries, many are accustomed to paying for such services by card. Here, no one is deceiving anyone: a dishonest driver will recommend himself on the site accordingly, which is fraught with a downgrade in the rating, and a passenger who has not paid will never be able to use the services of this service again. Usually, the price for the route is indicated in the driver’s announcement. But if you want to change it a little, or, for example, you want the car to pick you up at your home, this can be done for an additional fee. By the way, we also advise you to find out about the maximum size of luggage so that you do not have to pay extra for the “overweight”.

Ridesharing is a great and easiest way that allows you to make a big trip for little money. Such a service will come to your aid if you find yourself in a situation where there are no tickets for another type of transport, or, for example, you need to go to places where trains do not go. It is very handy in emergencies and on spontaneous trips.

We wish you interesting travels!

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Useful mobile applications for a tourist trip. Overview

How to navigate in an unfamiliar country and understand someone else’s speech? Where is the best place to exchange currency? How to save on roaming or bypass blocking Google ? The answers to these and other questions are provided by mobile applications for travelers, a review of which was compiled for you by ATOR Bulletin.



There is no doubt that it is extremely important to prepare a checklist of everything you need to take with you before you travel. But what if this list is already prepared for you? You only need to enter the place of arrival, travel dates, and the Packpoint application will independently study, for example, the weather forecast in this location.

You can also mark events and activities that you plan to participate in during your trip, such as a business meeting, a swim in the pool, or a gala dinner.

The app will then suggest a list of items you should take with you based on that data, as well as general essentials you’ll need on any trip. What is nice, you can share lists with your friends, colleagues, family members.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.


XE Currency

How much money to take with you and how much to change? How can I check the local currency rate? We advise you to install XE Currency – although it is not the most colorful and bright “convert” application among the existing analogs, it can boast the status of one of the most reliable applications of its kind available for both the iOS and Android platforms. It is constantly updated and offers real-time exchange rates for every world currency and precious metals.

An important feature of the application is that it automatically saves the last selected and viewed exchange rates so that you can access them even if the mobile device is out of network coverage.

The app can also be used on Android Wear or Apple Watch wearables.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.



TripAdvisor is one of the most popular apps when it comes to travel. Here you can quickly view millions of reviews, opinions, videos and photos related to everything related to your trip and current location – nearby bars, restaurants, hotels, airlines and more. You can use the “Near Me” function in the app to find the best B&B or the best seafood restaurant for the price by sorting all the options by other travelers’ reviews and rating.

The number of countries it “supports” is also impressive. In addition, the app has its own forum where you can ask specific travel questions and add your own reviews of the places you’ve visited.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.

Around Me

Another very successful application for finding the necessary places in an unfamiliar city or country.

Whether you want to grab a bite to eat and work at a nice cafe, or are looking for a bar to meet friends, or just want to find the nearest ATM, AroundMe can definitely become a lifesaver in your mobile phone.

The application receives information about your location and offers a list of nearby locations: with it, you can not only find restaurants, banks, gas stations, hospitals, but also book a hotel or find out the movie schedule at a cinema nearby. It will also build the most convenient route to the selected point from your current location.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.


Google Translate

Google Translate, despite the widespread humor associated with the inaccuracy of translations, continues to be an indispensable attribute in the smartphone of almost any tourist. The application offers various translations of words, phrases, sentences and texts, now more colloquial and “alive” thanks to machine learning, from and into 103 languages. You can listen to the correct pronunciation of phrases in another language, as well as record words for translation directly with your finger on the screen.

In the app, you can save your favorite words or phrases for offline access, or view dictionary search results. The translated text also becomes available on the clipboard, so that if necessary, it can be easily and quickly copied to any messenger or document.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.


If you have booked your trip in advance, then it makes sense to try to study the language of the country you are visiting in Duolingo. It offers beginner-level courses, but it’s also a great tool for those who want to brush up on a language they’ve already learned.

The app allows you to chat with chatbots in selected languages, which is especially useful when you’re trying to learn phrases you’re likely to use most often overseas.

To increase the level of learning, you need to pass special tests inside the application.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.



In order not to find yourself in a situation where you are lost in an unfamiliar city, and the money on your smartphone account has run out, and there is no way to download a map online, it makes sense to take care of your travel route in advance by downloading the MAPS.ME application.

Its main feature is free and detailed offline maps – download a map of the city you need before the trip and use it on the trip itself without spending on Internet roaming.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.


The right assistant in drawing up the best route for traveling around the city, taking into account all types of transport and their schedule. Metro, buses, trams, trolleybuses, electric trains, bike rental, city taxi or Uber – the application will help you not only to correctly plan the path from point A to point B, but also check your arrival time with the current schedule of buses, trams and trolleybuses at the nearest stops.

Now it can be used in 36 cities around the world: the developers claim that the list will be expanded soon.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.


Available in 77 countries and 527 cities, Uber is rightfully considered the “king of apps” in the ridesharing segment. You can quickly request a car directly from the app after browsing through the range of different vehicle and fare rates. After that, contact your personal driver, track the location of the approaching car, and after the trip, pay for it with a credit card (your data will be secure). Instead of trying to find a taxi on the nearest streets, just order one directly to you.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.

Your airline application

If you use the services of a certain airline, then it makes sense to install the official application on your smartphone. Aeroflot, S7, Pobeda, foreign air carriers, etc. have these.

Their functionality is very similar: here you can book and pay for tickets, plan a trip route, get insurance, register online, save information about fellow travelers, documents and payment data for further travel, and much more.



A handy thing for those who want to forget about roaming as a nightmare. The app provides access to over 600,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. The list with networks and passwords is constantly updated by the users themselves, so staying constantly online even while traveling will not be difficult. Searches for nearby hotspots around your location using GPS without having to register or provide your personal details.

The app is currently available in Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Poland, San Jose, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Buenos Aires, Alicante, Seville, Malaga, Valencia, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Paris, Rome, Moscow, Warsaw, Vienna, Barcelona, ​​Istanbul, London and other parts of the world.

Platforms: available for iOS and Android .

Hotspot Shield Free Privacy & Security VPN Proxy

On some trips, you may find that some countries block selected sites, such as Facebook or Google. One way to bypass the block is to use a VPN or virtual private network to securely access these blocked sites.

HotspotShield does not require a login and has a wide coverage that includes 17 countries. Your information is completely private, and connecting to VPN is as simple as possible – it only requires a single tap on the screen.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.

eMotion / Multiphone

In addition to using standard roaming rates offered by Russian telecom operators Beeline, MTS and MegaFon, you can use the MultiFon option controlled by the eMotion application.

With it, MegaFon subscribers can make and receive calls, including long-distance and international calls, even where there is no cellular connection. You can also send texts and photos, share your location and record conversations anywhere in the world. Connection and disconnection of the service, as well as all incoming calls are free, there is no subscription fee. Outgoing calls to all numbers are paid according to the tariffs of the MultiFon service.