Restaurants barceloneta barcelona: The best restaurant recommendations in Barceloneta neighbourhood

The best restaurant recommendations in Barceloneta neighbourhood

La Barceloneta is a triangular area of land covering the ports, harbour, and the beaches of Barcelona. Barceloneta has a distinctly different vibe to the rest of the city, although it can get quite hectic in summer. Eating freshly grilled seafood with a glass of crisp white wine and your toes in the sand is possible in Barceloneta at one of the area’s beach bars (called chiringuitos in Castellano and xiringuitos in Catalan). The original idea of the chiringuito was a place for local fishermen to come and cook up some of the fish they had eaten and get a cheap drink. Nowadays that concept has expanded to include both a no-frills approach as well as a more fine dining experience.

Stepping back from the seafront, Barceloneta is a grid of narrow streets, with tiers of laundry hanging out to dry reminiscent of a village. Discover some of the city’s best tapas at El Vaso de Oro and the no-frills institution La Cova Fumada. After a day at the beach, there’s nothing like eating some of Barcelona’s best seafood whilst having unparalleled views of the ocean. DestinationBCN has hand-picked the top restaurants in Barceloneta for you.

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After a day at the beach, Bar Jai-Ca is a great place to relax with an ice-cold beer and some tapas. It’s always packed with locals and it’s easy to see why. The hot Bombas (addictive tasty little stuffed mashed potato balls), fried anchovies and Pimientos de padron (fried green peppers) are delicious here!


Price: €

Carrer de Ginebra 13, 08003 Barcelona
T: + 34 932 68 32 65
Bar Jai-Ca

Part of the famous Grupo Tragaluz set, this seafront restaurant whips up Italian and Mediterranean dishes in a pretty corner of Barceloneta next to the big fish statue. Our favourite dishes include Mushroom coca bread with pine nuts and parmesan, Flatbread with seared tuna and the Spaghetti alle Vongole is great. Their terrace setting is very nice but you can also eat inside.

Italian and Mediterranean

Price: €

Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas 2-4, 08005 Barcelona
T: +34 932 24 04 07

Ca La Nuri is located on Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and their large terrace give uninterrupted views of the ocean as well as the iconic Frank Gehry Fish sculpture to the left and the amazing architecture of the W Hotel to the right. Their specialities include Grilled sardines, Ceviche, Black Paella with cuttlefish and red prawns and the mouth-watering Fideuà with clams.

Seafood and rice dishes

Price: €

Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta 55, 08005 Barcelona
T: +34 932 21 37 75
Ca La Nuri

El Gallito (the Cockerel) is another feather in the En Compañia de Lobos cap. Located just below the impressive Hotel W with a very nice leafy terrace, El Gallito serves up simple food from fresh, quality ingredients.

Mediterranean and seafood

Price: €

Paseo Mare Nostrum 19 -21, 08039 Barcelona
T: +34 933 12 35 85
El Gallito

One of the best seafood restaurants in Barceloneta, El Refugi del Port offers a no-frills, local setting with welcoming staff, a buzzing atmosphere and exciting twists on traditional dishes. It’s usually very busy and reservations are highly recommended. Listen to the waiters’ recommendations, expect all kinds of ‘stews’ and also non-typical rice/pasta dishes (Paella of course but also Arroz caldoso, Suquet, Fideua, Pasta with crayfish cooked as if it is a paella, etc.)


Price: €

Carrer del Judici 4, 08003 Barcelona
T: +34 932 25 44 69
El Refugi del Port

An authentic no-frills bar close to the beach that has been in business for more than 60 years! The family serve fresh fish in addition to simple tapas. You’ll find a busy mix of tourists and locals here. Be prepared to queue and be seated next to strangers while the waiters rush in and out serving food. This small but lively place is ideal pre or post-beach.

Seafood and tapas

Price: €

Carrer del Baluart 56, 08003 Barcelona
T: + 34 932 21 40 61
La Cova Fumada

An authentic, loud, busy bar that brews its own beer is a great option to start your evening. Serving a traditional selection of tapas, dishes are prepared with locally sourced ingredients, chosen daily and personally. Close to Barceloneta metro station and approximately 10 minutes walk from the beach.


Price: €€

Carrer de Balboa 6, 08003 Barcelona
T: +34 933 19 30 98
El Vaso de Oro

This vegetarian restaurant, ironically part of the En Compañia de Lobos (In the Company of Wolves) restaurant group, features a creative and visually appealing menu to satisfy the senses and appetite of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

A vegetarian take on many “traditional” meat dishes

Price: €€

Carrer de la Reina Cristina 12, 08003 Barcelona
T: +34 938 02 55 65
The Green Spot

Eating at a chiringuito (xiringuito in Catalan) is a quintessentially Barcelona experience. Originally designed as beach shacks where local fisherman could have a beer and cook up some of the day’s catch for dinner, these days chiringuitos have evolved into something a bit more sophisticated but the idea remains the same – freshly grilled fish washed down with a cold glass of white wine or beer. Xiringuito Escribà offers a menu of seasonally caught fish, delicious salads and traditional Catalan rice dishes like Paella and Fideuà.

Paella and rice dish specialities

Price: €

Av. del Litoral 62, 08005 Barcelona
T: +34 932 21 07 29
Xiringuito Escribà

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This blog post was originally posted on February 4, 2016, and was updated on September 24, 2017.

Barceloneta, Barcelona’s old fishermen’s neighborhood, is teeming with incredible tapas, fresh seafood and authentic bars that are lost in time.

When visitors to Barcelona think of Barceloneta, they usually think of spending time on the beach. Soaking up the sun with a beer in hand, and unfortunately, eating from a selection of restaurants with their flashy tourist menus that end up being a less than satisfying meal. But the truth is, there are some amazing, authentic eats to be found! Furthermore, read on to find out where to eat in Barceloneta with our insider recommendations!


Maians is a small tapas bar on a small street off the main square of Barceloneta. Rustic decor with a central bar, it’s easy to feel at home in the lovely little blue bordered restaurant. It’s also home to one of the best-value fideuàs in Barcelona. At only €11 per person, enjoy this tasty noodle version of paella.

Address: Carrer de Sant Carles, 28

We love enjoying the delicious fideuà in the heart of the old fisherman’s neighborhood.

Forn Baluard

It’s rare that there’s no line outside Forn Baluard, and when you go, you will realize why. This bakery was one of the first to bring back the art of making bread, boasting dozens of different loaves of all shapes and sizes. And if you’re looking for amazing pastries in Barcelona, you now know where to find them! Their almond croissant is to die for—trust us!

Address: Carrer de Baluart, 38

El Vaso de Oro

This corner bar on the edge of Barceloneta is always crowded, but don’t let that dismay you. Dressed to the nines, the waiters at El Vaso de Oro not only offer service but quite the show at this tapas and beer bar. Plus for beer lovers in Barcelona, they also make their own brew!

Address: Carrer de Balboa, 6

Cova Fumada

Cova Fumada is most definitely what you’d call a hole in the wall! There are no frills here, and you won’t miss them! There isn’t even a sign on the door, though it won’t be hard to find. You can smell the delicious plancha from down the street, cooking up all sorts of delicious tapas. Rumor has it that this was where the first bomba was served—a fried potato and ground beef croquette, so typical of Barceloneta.

Address: Carrer de Baluart, 56

We love these taste explosions here in Barcelona! Photo Credit: Misty Barker

Bar Electricitat

We do love a good, old-school bodega. Bar Electricitat is your go-to corner bodega for a vermouth and a few cold tapas. The barrels have collected dust, but that doesn’t mean that what comes out of them isn’t delicious! Wondering where to eat in Barceloneta, and drink, look no further than here!

Address: Carrer de Sant Carles, 15

Moncho’s Marina Bay

We know, we know, a list of where to eat in Barceloneta would be nothing without at least one seaside option! With an idyllic location right by the sea, the Moncho’s group standout restaurant Marina Bay is the perfect spot to tuck into incredibly fresh seafood and sip on cava. This lovely restaurant also happens to be the home of one of the best paellas in all of Barcelona.

Address: Calle de la Marina, 19–21


Jai-Ca is a local favorite for tapas in Barceloneta, so much so that they even opened a second location down the street. The list is long and the options are many, but rest assured that you can’t go wrong at this classic Barceloneta tapas bar!

Address: Carrer de Ginebra, 13

Of course, there’s one dish that you will find at its best in the old fisherman’s neighborhood, and that is a delicious paella. Check out the video below to enjoy one at its best.


Barceloneta (Barceloneta) – Barcelona City Guide Happyinspain

Barceloneta is the closest area to the sea in the city, some of the streets of which are directly in front of the beach of the same name. From the central square of Catalunya, you can get here on foot in half an hour.

Do not expect special sights and architectural masterpieces from Barceloneta, this quarter was originally built for Barcelona fishermen, so the buildings here are rather modest in appearance and mostly students, tourists and people of low income live here.

The fishing atmosphere has diminished over time, but has not completely disappeared, the proximity of the sea, a spacious beach with palm trees, a spacious square with a central market and many restaurants serving fish, seafood and paella with seafood make this area truly colorful and attractive for tourists.

In the evening, after dinner, you can take a walk here and go around a couple of colorful bars, where it is always fun and noisy.

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