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Vegans and vegetarians might find traveling to Barcelona a bit daunting—it is known for jamón and cheese, after all! But there are plenty of veggie-forward dishes out there.

This vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona will help you decipher where to go, what to order, and how to order it.

Padrón peppers are one of our all-time favorite vegan tapas!

Key Words and Phrases

When you have dietary restrictions, it’s important to be able to communicate your needs when ordering food. To start our complete vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona, here’s a list of important keywords and phrases!

Yo soy vegano/a / vegetariano/a. I am vegan / I am vegetarian.

No como ni carne, ni pescado, ni huevos, ni productos lacteos. I don’t eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy products.

 ¿Me recomiendas algo rico por favor? Can you recommend something tasty, please?

Yo no puedo comer… I can’t eat…

Carne: Meat (typically refers to beef, but not always!)

Cerdo: Pork

Pescado: Fish

Marisco: Seafood

Leche: Milk

Queso: Cheese

Mantequilla: Butter

Nata: Cream

Huevo: Egg

Yo puedo comer… I can eat…

Verduras: Vegetables


Lentejas: Lentils

Soja: Soy

Leche de soja: Soy milk

Almendras: Almonds

Nueces: Walnuts

Frutos Secos: Nuts

Arroz: Rice

Aceite: Oil

Pan: Bread

Champiñones/Setas: Mushrooms

Espinaca: Spinach

Fruta: Fruit

Local’s Tip: Want to take a look inside one of our favorite markets in Barcelona? It’s a perfect place to stock up on some delicious fruits and vegetables.

Vegetarian Tapas

In Barcelona, you can almost always find a vegetarian tapa option close by. There are a lot of veggie-inspired dishes in Catalonia!

  • Truita: Vegetarians can’t go wrong with a delicious Spanish omelet. Tortilla de patatas is one of the most traditional versions, but you’ll likely find them also with espinacs (spinach) or carbassó (zucchini). Furthermore, make sure to visit Can Tosca in Gracia to try their house special tortilla with green garlic.
  • Patatas bravas: Found just about everywhere, patatas bravas are delicious. They consist of flash-fried potatoes topped with a spicy tomato and paprika sauce. Authentic patatas bravas in Barcelona will also come with a tasty garlic mayo known as alioli, but vegans should double check that theirs are sin alioli before digging in.

Pa amb tomàquet, almonds and cheese—a vegetarian trifecta!

Vegan Tapas

Vegans will find lots of delicious plant-based vegan options in Barcelona.

  • Escalivada: This is one of the staple dishes of the Catalan diet. It’s a salad of roasted vegetables (think onions, eggplant and red peppers) served at room temperature with olive oil and vinegar. It usually comes with bread so mop up every last bit!
  • Pa amb tomàquet: Always a safe bet, this dish takes toast to a whole new level. Perfectly toasted bread is rubbed with fresh tomato, then sprinkled with salt and finally drizzled with high quality olive oil.
  • Pimientos de padrón: These fried green peppers are a real treat and can be found all over Barcelona. They come out of the kitchen with a slightly crispy skin, a tender interior and a dusting of sea salt!
  • Setas al ajillo: It’s easy to be vegan in Barcelona with mouth-watering veggie dishes like garlic-sautéed mushrooms. Including mushrooms, a healthy amount of olive oil, white wine and lots of garlic, setas al ajillo is one of the heartiest vegan dishes in Barcelona. This plate will often come with jamón, so make sure your waiter knows you want it sin el jamón, and you won’t have a problem!
  • Seasonal favorites: From delicious large roasted scallions (calçots) to artichokes (carxofes), Barcelona boasts wonderful seasonal produce. Make sure to check out the specials in any tapas bar or restaurant to see what’s in season when you visit.

We just love the fried artichokes served at Bar del Pla in the Born! Yum!

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

If you’re looking for a place to sit down to enjoy a vegan or vegetarian meal in Barcelona, these are our go-to spots! We suggest taking advantage of the lunchtime fixed-price menu, and fueling up with plenty of veggies to kick off your afternoon with lots of energy!

  • Teresa Carlos: A vegetarian restaurant (Carrer Jovellanos, 2) so delicious that many of its regulars aren’t vegetarians! Without a doubt, try the layered lasagna with cashew cheese. Need we say more?
  • Sesamo: No vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona would be complete without this place! Sesamo (Carrer de Sant Antoni de Abat, 52) offers seriously impressive plates of food worthy of any guest, vegetarian or otherwise. Try the full head of roasted cauliflower for a show-stopping treat.
  • Copasetic:  If you find yourself in historical Gothic Quarter, stop by Copasetic (Carrer Diputació, 55) for lunch. Here, you’ll find incredible breakfast and brunch options, and you can treat yourself to fresh-pressed juices and vegan desserts.
  • Picnic: This café (Carrer de Comerce, 1) has a calming, hippie vibe, and their menu of great food is extensive. We love their brunch menu, serving up incredible vegan pancakes and so much more.
  • Bistrot Rasoterra: Considered one of Barcelona’s best vegetarian restaurants, this place (Carrer Palau, 5) takes meat-free cuisine to another level. A gastronomic bistro that prides itself on the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients, they’re living proof that plant-based food doesn’t have to be boring.

Make sure to taste some of the many delicious veggie tapas on offer in Barcelona! Photo Credit: Misty Barker

Vegan and Vegetarian Shops

Even corner stores in Barcelona are starting to stock health-conscious options! For all the rest of your needs, you can stop by one of the following specialty shops in Barcelona. No vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona would be complete without mentioning these great little stores.

  • Eco Centre: Always a haven for vegans in Barcelona, Eco Centre (Avinguida Diagonal, 329) has everything you need to create your own vegan version of any dish. Not only that, but they also have a huge variety of everyday products for you to stock up on your favorites from home.
  • Veritas: Second on the list is one of our top places for vegan and vegetarian staples. Veritas (Via Laietana, 28) has everything! With stores dotted across the city, you’ll be able to stock up on all of the essentials!
  • El Corte Inglés: No matter where you are in Barcelona, you’re never far from a Corte Inglés. This trusty department store offers an expansive health food section.

We’ve always got enough pimientos de padrón to go around!

11 Ethical Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona 2023

We preview some of the city’s best ethical eateries

By Jessica Bowler

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Top Restaurants:

1. Faire

2. Flax & Kale

3. Alive

4. Sesamo

5. Vrutal

More Food Stuff

Barcelona’s vegetarian eating scene is burgeoning – at long last! We spill the beans (pun intended) on some of the city’s best bars and restaurants for dining out on delicious veggie and vegan cuisine.

Being a vegetarian in Barcelona, or anywhere else in Spain for that matter, isn’t always easy. This is a country whose association with meat-eating is legendary and whose record on animals rights is hardly exemplary (…just think of bullfighting and the Running of the Bulls festival).

Indeed, apart from the odd rice or seafood dish, traditional Spanish cuisine involves almost exclusively bread and meat. Even tapas restaurants, with their wide variety of dishes, provide little in the way of plant-based nutrition.

The good news is that Barcelona is a bit different from the rest of Spain. The capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia – the first region to ban bullfighting – the city is a bit more progressive and European in its thinking, compared to the deeply traditional south for example.

A city full of immigrants, expats, Bohemians and intellectuals, there are enough different ways of life in Barcelona to support a decent-sized vegan and vegetarian dining scene, with some truly high quality and creative cuisine.

11 Best Veggie & Vegan Restaurants

Check below for some of the best restaurants where you can eat eco-friendly food in the city…

1. Faire Brunch & Drink

This vegetarian brunch spot has quickly become one of the coolest congregation points in town for ethical eaters, with its delicious menu of vegetarian brunches and all-round conscientious approach to dining. Being vegetarian, obviously no meat is served, while those few dairy products used are carefully sourced from cruelty free farms – such as the eggs from free-range chickens happily running free and munching on insects up on the Costa Brava. Those organic huevos are used to make shakshuka, tartufo and eggs benedict, while tostadas and the Beyond Burger with vegan bacon are other popular choices. True to their holistic approach to environmentalism, the restaurant in run on 100% renewal energy and the owners plant a tree for every meal billed.
C/Girona 81

2. Flax & Kale

The motto at Flax & Kale is “Eat better. Be happier. Live longer.” The meals they serve are all based around this concept, and are created both for taste and nutritional value. Their ‘flexitarian’ menu is in fact almost all vegetarian, with the odd fish dish, and includes creative meals like raw vegan lasagnas, Thai-inspired curries and plenty of veggie-packed salads. It’s all so tasty that even the most devoted carnivores will enjoy a meal here.
C/Tallers 74b

3. Alive

Mediterranean cuisine goes (predominantly) vegan at this gorgeously-styled restaurant, where animals are held in such high esteem that you can even bring your pet to dinner with you. On the menu the likes of pumpkin ravioli, crunchy boletus burgers and mushroom and asparagus risotto tickle the taste buds.
Travessera de les Corts 180

4. Sesamo

This all-vegetarian joint in the very hip Sant Antoni neighbourhood specialises in tapas and Italian food, much of which has innovative twists on classic dishes. You can choose from a regular menu or a chef’s tasting menu. They also give you a great range of desserts and sweets.
C/Sant Antoni Abat 52

5. Vrutal

If you’ve ever wanted to convert a carnivore to the joys of meat-free eating, then booking a table at Vrutal is a great bet. Serving up the best veggie burgers in Poblenou, in our opinion, if not the entirety of Barcelona, diners can choose from cheekily-named patties such as Blind Date, French Kiss and BBQ Pulled Mushroom Bap. With a pleasant garden at the back and a street terrace on the bustling Rambla del Poblenou, Vrutal is fun place to hang out and fuel up.
Rambla del Poblenou 16

6. Veggie Garden

This colourful spot just around the corner from the MACBA and CCCB museums is certainly tough to miss with its eye-catching decor. With a long list of smoothies and freshly-squeezed fruit juices, they also do a great line of dishes inspired by Nepal and India, as well as veggie burgers and salads. Their three-course lunch menu is great value.
C/dels Angels 3

7. Cat Bar

If you love one-of-a-kind restaurants, then you could easily find yourself falling for this wacky hang out in El Born. Amidst a chaotic ensemble of feline-themed furnishings, the Cat Bar serves up a wide variety of strictly vegan dishes. Quiches, tortillas and even vegetarian sausages and burgers are all on the menu and you can even order your coffee with soya milk. Click on the link above for reviews, photo and location map.
C/Mercè 29

8. Salterio Tearoom

Though the menu isn’t especially lengthy, Salterio is still a firm favourite with the veggie crowd in Barcelona. The Moroccan food they serve includes quite a few vegan options, and the portions are generally quite large. One of their most popular dishes are their flatbreads, which come stuffed with cheeses and vegetables. They also offer a tea menu and Middle Eastern pastries.
C/Salomó Ben Adret 4

9. Maoz

Needless to say that if you’re after gourmet vegetarian grub, this expanding global chain is not the place for you. However for a cheap lunch, be it a quick falafel, or a sturdy helping of salad, it can be a life-saver, and keep the legs going for a second round of sightseeing. Find it on the lively Carrer de Ferran in El Gotic.
C/Ferran 13

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants

Below we mention a list of venues with a wide range of vegetarian options, which might come in handy for those eating in a mixed group of eaters.

10. Eat My Trip

For a healthy plant-based brunch made from fresh ingredients head over to Eat My Trip, a supercute cafe in Barcelona’s Eixample district. Here you can tuck into delicious vegetarian breakfasts like Alpine Brunch and Thai Benedict Eggs, while vegans can enjoy the venue’s Guacamole Toast and Asian Bowl (Thai curry) amongst others. They also have all natural smoothies, ice creams and cakes.
C/Consell de Cent 378

11. Sol Soler

By no means a vegetarian restaurant in the strictest sense, this lively and rather hip tapas joint in Gracia does nonetheless have some great veggie options. Alongside some of the more regular dishes you’ll find in any tapas bar in Barcelona there are a variety of pasta dishes, inventive salads, tortillas and of course patatas bravas.
Plaça del Sol 12

More Food & Drink Related Fun…

If treating your taste buds in an integral part of your trip planning, then be sure to read our articles on wine tasting, cocktail bars and Xampanyerias.

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Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona | Lugaris

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One of the great things about visiting Barcelona is the opportunity to enjoy Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine: simple, healthy and delicious food. This is why Barcelona manages to please both gourmets and food critics from all over the world. However, despite the popularity of meat dishes and seafood delicacies, many people cannot consume certain ingredients, either for personal, medical or religious reasons. And in this case Barcelona Vegetarian Restaurants is the perfect solution to enjoy the great cuisine of the Catalan capital.

When you arrive at our beach apartments for rent, we will recommend the best places for an unforgettable lunch or dinner. Don’t want to wait? Then right now we will tell you about some establishments that will definitely not disappoint you. Take note!


Since 1979, this market-sourced restaurant offers a healthy alternative for every occasion. In their menu you will find delicious salads, croquettes, tempeh, seitan stews, chicory leaves with Roquefort cheese, Italian delicacies and many more delicious offerings. Teresa Carles is located at 2 Jovellanos Street (between Pelay and Thalers Streets) and is open daily until 23:00. If you are looking for a place to eat in the center of Barcelona this is the best option. And if you are going to visit the city of Lleida, keep in mind that there is another similar restaurant there.


As before, this is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona since it has been open since 1980 years. BioCenter is very popular for its original dishes, homemade and made from high quality products. To this must be added an atmosphere full of attention to visitors, and the opportunity to choose in the middle of the day from an inexpensive menu and buffet dishes. It is located in the Raval district, at st. Pintor Fortuny, 25.


If you want to try vegan food at amazingly low prices, this chain has two perfect places for you. In any of them you can eat in an unusual and colorful environment. Choose from a gourmet menu of veggie burgers, vegan pies, freshly squeezed tropical fruit juices… We recommend trying the famous Mojo Baked Potato, a Canarian classic, as well as their succulent seitan bruschettas. You’ll like it! The restaurants are located at 3 Caye Angels (next to the MACBA) and at 602 Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, in the Eixample district, and very close to the University of Barcelona.


At no. 5 Bonanova Avenue, a restaurant welcomes you for a fantastic lunch or dinner. This Oriental-inspired vegetarian bar and restaurant will enchant you with its refreshing natural juices and delicious dishes: carrot croquettes, vegetable pancakes, veggie burger, miso soup, tofu and seaweed, as well as salted rice noodles, salads, soy sprouts…and all this at very affordable prices, especially considering that this establishment is located in one of the most privileged areas of Barcelona. You will want to come back here!


In the heart of Gràcia, one of Barcelona’s most fashionable neighborhoods, you’ll find this Indian restaurant with vegan dishes such as basmati rice and dishes cooked in tyndir. The elaborate decor of the restaurant, with lamps and oriental fabrics hanging from the ceiling, creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for a romantic getaway in Barcelona. Please note that the menu does not include alcoholic beverages, although non-alcoholic wines are available. The restaurant is located on Bruniker street, 26


This small bar is an excellent choice for a quick bite. In addition to high-quality and varied dishes and sandwiches, salads and delicious homemade desserts are also prepared here, which will be the perfect testament to any of your meals. Quinoa Bar Vegetarià is located in ?? at Travessera de Gràcia, 203. It is open non-stop from 11:00 to 23:00.


Chef Eva Sentis offers an endless supply of salads, sauces, soups and creative tapas, crafted so expertly that you won’t miss meat or fish. For example, soy nuggets with curry mayonnaise, Caesar salad with soy (instead of chicken) strips (there is also a gluten-free option), pizzas and summer rolls (yes, you read that right). The restaurant also offers original Mexican and Italian vegetarian dishes. Restaurant My Pillow is located on the street. Villaroel, 227


Established in 1986, this company was a pioneer in the production and sale of organic products in Catalonia. Despite their success, the founders of the company did not limit themselves to this activity, and in 2007 they opened their first restaurant (chosen in 2012 by the local press as one of the best restaurants in Barcelona for vegans), and then two other establishments with vegetarian and vegan dishes of the highest quality. quality. In any of them you can enjoy natural homemade dishes that combine traditional and more modern Mediterranean recipes. Vegetalia has a restaurant in the Gothic area (ca. 54 Escudeleres), in the Raval area (Plaza Emilia Venderel, 1) and in El Born, in the famous Fossar de Moreres. The last one was opened recently, in 2015.


In the heart of the old town, Baixada de Sant Miguel 3, is a cozy restaurant with vegetarian and organic cuisine. One of its strengths is the atmosphere – wooden windows, diffused light and warm colors. In addition, it is a great choice for informal lunches or dinners in a quiet location.


This Scandinavian-style vegan restaurant stands out for its offerings for raw foodists. Among the most interesting dishes are juicy burgers, natural juices and desserts, which makes this restaurant a good choice for breakfast or afternoon tea. The name of the place, which means “awakening” in Swedish, emphasizes the need to shift to a more mindful diet for the well-being of all living beings on earth. Väcka is located on Caye Seneca, 8.

If you have been to one of these vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona or know of others, please let us know. We will be very pleased to receive your message!

Would you like to know more about the sights of Barcelona and have a complete list of everything you need to see in Barcelona? Read our blog!

Are you going to Barcelona in the near future? Hurry up to book one of our apartments by the sea in Barcelona. All our apartments are equipped with a kitchen, furniture, towels and everything you need. If you wish, you can order parking and much more from our extra service. We are waiting for you!

Top Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona – Barcelona

List of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city of Barcelona. Addresses of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

Despite the fact that in Barcelona there is just a real cult of meat, sausages, steaks and sausages, there are also vegetarians here. For those who have deliberately given up meat, there are vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.

Restaurant “JUICY JONES”

There are two such restaurants in Barcelona and both are located near the Liceu metro station. Both restaurants are open daily from 12.00 to 2.00 am. It is strictly forbidden to use any animal products in these establishments, only 100% vegetarian cuisine!

The interior is quite cheerful and encourages a good appetite. The menu is varied, so here everyone can find a dish to their liking.

Phone: +34 934 43 90 82


This restaurant is located on the street. Carrer del’s Angels 3. It was opened by the former administrator of the famous vegetarian restaurant Juicy Jones, so the menus of both restaurants have obvious similarities.

100% vegetarian products are also used here. The restaurant has a large assortment of drinks, and the kitchen is replete with healthy food, from which there is no heaviness in the stomach. All waiters speak English.

Phone: +34 931 80 23 34


Located at 11-17 Santa Ana Street, this establishment is a cozy self-service restaurant. By the color of the labels hanging above the dishes, you can determine what type of dish it belongs to: yellow labels mean that each dish can be paid separately; green – the dish is included in the complex lunch. The restaurant is open from 11.30 to 22.00.

Phone: +34 933 18 22 68

AMALTEA and GOVINDA Restaurants

These restaurants are known for their wide variety of Indian vegetarian dishes. Both establishments have been open since 1986. “Amaltea” is located on the street. Diputació, 164 (near metro Urgell), and “Govinda” is located in the heart of the city on Plaça de la Vila de Madrid.

The menu offers traditional Indian vegetarian dishes flavored with Indian spices, desserts, a variety of teas and drinks.

Phone: +34 934 54 86 13 / 933 18 77 29

MAOZ Restaurant

30 nights. It is located in the city center on Ferran street 13 (next to Liceu metro station).

Here you can fill your heart with a variety of salads, vegetable meatballs and other vegetarian delicacies. For example, one of the signature dishes of this institution is falafel – lettuce leaves with various fillings.

Phone: +34 678 60 49 46

restaurant “Vegetalia”

The founder of the restaurant located on the street Escudeller 54, the Vegetalia brand has been producing eco products for several tens of years. The restaurant offers natural and organic vegetarian dishes from vegetables and fruits grown on their own plantations.

The price in the restaurant is quite reasonable. The restaurant has a special store of vegetarian products “Bio”, as well as Ayurveda and phyto-cosmetics.

Phone: +34 900 161 632

ORGANIC Restaurant

Not far from the Liceu metro station, on Junta de Comerç 11, one of the most cozy restaurants is located. In the spacious and clean rooms of this restaurant you can try a variety of vegetarian dishes.

The restaurant offers a varied buffet with vegetable salads, drinks and desserts. You can also buy a hearty set lunch here.

Phone: +34 93 301 09 02

L´HORTET restaurant

Another restaurant on the street. Pintor Fortuny 32 is open to connoisseurs of tasty and healthy food. The menu of the restaurant is distinguished by a creative approach to cooking even the most familiar dishes of vegetarian cuisine. During the day, you can be offered a full-fledged complex lunch, which is much cheaper than in the evening.

Phone: +34 933 17 61 89

LA BASCULA Restaurant

This restaurant is considered one of the most spectacular and stylish vegetarian restaurants. The design of the room attracts attention, and the cozy atmosphere is conducive to eating.

The establishment is famous for its luxurious selection of teas, as well as homemade cakes, creative sandwiches, and original dishes prepared according to vegetarian recipes.

Phone: +34 933 19 98 66


An alternative restaurant located near the Jaume I metro station. The restaurant is famous for its 100% vegetarian cuisine.