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Molly’s Game vs. The True Story of Molly Bloom

Questioning the Story:

Was Molly Bloom really a professional skier?

Yes. The Molly’s Game true story reveals that, like in the movie, former freestyle mogul skier Molly Bloom had never made it to the Olympics, in part due to an injury. “I was on the U.S. Ski Team,” Bloom said during an interview on Ellen. “I was third in North America, and I crashed pretty horrifically on my Olympic qualifying run.” With skiing out of the picture, Molly still felt a great deal of pressure to be successful. Her brother, Jeremy Bloom, was a two-time Olympian freestyle skier who was also a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers. Her other brother is a surgeon who graduated from Harvard Medical School. To learn more about her injury and time as a professional skier, read her book, Molly’s Game: The True Story of the 26-Year-Old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World.

Actress Jessica Chastain (left) in the movie and the real Molly Bloom (right).

How did Molly Bloom become involved in the world of high-stakes poker?

While taking the year off between undergrad and presumably law school, Molly went to LA in 2003 and began working a number of different jobs, including as a cocktail waitress and an executive assistant to real estate entrepreneur Darin Feinstein, one of the co-owners of the Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room (renamed The Cobra Lounge in the movie). One day Feinstein told her, “I’m going to need you to help me run this poker game.” Molly went home and started Googling, “What kind of music do poker players like to listen to?” and “What do they eat?”

“I made this mix CD with ‘The Gambler’ on it and other really clichéd songs,” says Molly, “and I had a cheese plate, and my cutest outfit, and I walked into this room and it was incredible. I recognized in that instant that this is not an opportunity that a girl from a small town in Colorado gets. There were Wall Street titans. There were billionaires. There were A-list actors, the most famous people we see on television, politicians, and they’re all seated around this table playing this game that I didn’t know what it was, but it seemed to be super compelling to them.” -Ellen

Is The Cobra Lounge a real nightclub?

No. In answering the question, “How accurate is Molly’s Game?” we learned that the real nightclub where the poker games initially took place was The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. The club had been partly owned by Johnny Depp from its opening in 1993 until 2004. It was a popular celebrity hangout and is famous for being the location where actor River Phoenix died of a drug overdose on Halloween morning in 1993.

The movie’s Cobra Lounge (top) is a stand-in for the real nightclub, The Viper Room (bottom) in West Hollywood.

Did Molly Bloom really get $3,000 in tips on her first night helping out with her boss’s poker game?

Yes. The $3,000 in tips comes straight from her memoir. The money helped inspire her to fully embrace the world of underground poker. Like in the film, she tried to learn as much as she could about poker through internet and personal research.

Was Molly’s boss really an unpleasant man?

Yes, at least that’s what she states in her book Molly’s Game. Portrayed by Jeremy Strong in the Molly’s Game movie and referred to as Reardon Green in the book, Molly’s boss, Darin Feinstein, wasn’t the most pleasant of men. The scene in the movie when he yells at Molly (Jessica Chastain) for buying “poor people bagels” is real, according to her memoir.

Was the real Molly Bloom involved in the making of the movie?

Yes. Screenwriter/director Aaron Sorkin consulted Molly throughout the screenwriting process. He also relied heavily on her memoir of the same name (pictured below). -TIME

Molly Bloom’s memoir Molly’s Game provided much of the basis for Aaron Sorkin’s script.

How did Molly end up starting her own poker game?

Like in the movie, her boss fired her from his game, so she decided to utilize the contacts she made to start up a poker game of her own.

How much was the buy-in to get into Molly’s poker games?

In researching the Molly’s Game true story, we learned that initially the buy-in started at $10,000. “Ultimately, it got to $250,000,” Molly Bloom said during an interview on Ellen. She became known as the “Poker Princess.”

Who were some of the celebrities who played in Molly Bloom’s poker games?

Molly ran two underground games that attracted some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Macaulay Culkin, Alex Rodriguez, Pete Sampras and others. In her book, Bloom only mentions the celebrities who had already been outed in the media prior to the book being published. She stayed silent on the others, protecting their identities.

The celebrities who played in Molly Bloom’s poker games included (clockwise from top left): Tobey Maguire, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alex Rodriguez, Macaulay Culkin, Ben Affleck and Pete Sampras.

What’s the most that Molly Bloom saw someone lose in a single night?

“I saw someone lose $100 million in a night,” says Bloom, “and he paid the next day.” -Ellen

Did a mobster really put a gun to Molly’s head?

Yes. This is in Bloom’s memoir. Like in the movie, she had hired a driver for security reasons. He introduced her to some of his mobster friends. They offered her protection for a slice of her profits. When she refused, a man showed up at her door with a gun. He roughed her up and threatened her family. He made off with her cash and jewelry, telling her that he had been sent by the mobsters. She was to be contacted about setting up a meeting but it never happened. Bloom read in the newspaper that the FBI had arrested close to 125 individuals in a large-scale mob roundup.

Is Idris Elba’s character, Charlie Jaffey, based on a real person?

No. Obviously Molly Bloom did hire lawyers, but Charlie Jaffey is a fictional character. When writing the screenplay, Aaron Sorkin did not interview Bloom’s real-life lawyer, Jim Walden (pictured below, right). Sorkin said he wanted to be able to fictionalize the character to best serve the story and not have to worry about keeping him historically accurate. However, Bloom says that, similar to the film, her criminal attorney, Jim Walden, did vouch for her for $250,000 that she didn’t have. “It saved my butt,” says Bloom. -Vice

Idris Elba’s character Charlie Jaffey (left) is almost entirely fictional. Aaron Sorkin did not create him to represent Molly Bloom’s real-life lawyer Jim Walden (right).

Did Molly Bloom become addicted to drugs?

Yes. In researching how accurate Molly’s Game is, we discovered that as the game began to get out of control, so did Molly’s life. She ended up addicted to drugs. Her poker customers came to include men from the Russian mob. She often found herself being stiffed cash she was owed. This prompted her to take a percentage of the pot in order to operate as the bank, a move that caught the attention of the Feds. -People

What was the worst that Molly got stiffed?

“The very worst time I got screwed ended up costing me $250,000, and that really hurt,” says Molly. “But I wrote the check—what are you going to do?” She says that she wasn’t willing to resort to violence in order to collect, and if she was vetting the players properly, she wouldn’t have to worry about not getting paid. -Vice

Actress Jessica Chastain (left) as Bloom in the movie and “Poker Princess” Molly Bloom (right) in real life.

How did Molly Bloom get busted by the FBI?

“The trajectory that I started out, from serving people drinks, then I became a game runner and operator, and then, ultimately, I became the bank,” Molly explained. “So I was extending credit to these guys. I was essentially loaning them money, guaranteeing that money. I had to figure out – I had to do background checks and vet them to see if they were good for it. And I was getting stiffed a lot. I had to write big checks for people that didn’t pay. So I started taking a percentage of the pot like Vegas does. And that was when I crossed over and broke a federal law.”

“The feds first found out about it because a guy [hedge fund manager Bradley Ruderman] in my LA game was running a Ponzi scheme. He lost $5 million [of his investors’ money] in the game and they came after all of us. That’s how the celebrities got outed. That’s how they found out about this game. And then, the feds started secretly following me and listening to our conversations.” This is pretty much exactly how it unfolds in the movie. -Ellen

In 2011, the group of hedge fund investors who had been taken in Bradley Ruderman’s Ponzi scheme ended up suing Tobey Maguire and other celebrities. The investors claimed the celebrities had won cash from Ruderman that belonged to them. -Business Insider

Is Michael Cera’s “Player X” character based on a real person?

It’s somewhat obvious that “Player X” represents Tobey Maguire, who plays the biggest part in Bloom’s memoir, but there’s not an exact one-to-one correlation between the two. Writer/director Aaron Sorkin even gives a nod to the Spider-Man actor at one point, with a line about “Player X” portraying a superhero. According to the true story, another actor took control of the weekly game, and Bloom writes that Maguire was the one who called her and giddily informed her that she had lost the game, as “Player X” does in the movie.

In real life, Bloom wrote in her memoir that Tobey Maguire once offered her a $1,000 tip to bark like a seal that wants a fish and then stormed off when she refused. This seems to be in line with the tasteless persona of “Player X” in the Molly’s Game movie. Bloom also wrote that Maguire “was the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser.”

Did Molly’s mom put her house up to help her pay her legal bills?

Yes. “I had left a huge mess of my life,” says Molly. A big part of that was knowing that her mother had put her house up to help her pay her bail and legal fees. Her mother’s sacrifice helped inspire her to write the book. “When I took in the personal inventory after the wreckage I had caused, the story itself seemed like the most monetizing asset so that I could be closer to paying these people back.” After writing the book, she went around Hollywood trying to find a way to get a meeting with Aaron Sorkin. Her persistence paid off. They met and he was onboard for turning her story into a film. -Vice

What was Molly Bloom’s punishment?

In 2014, Bloom, who was 36 at the time, was cleared of a number of the charges she was facing and was sentenced to one year probation, 200 hours of community service, and a $1,000 fine. At the sentencing, her lawyer, Jim Walden, conveyed to the court that Bloom was in severe debt in part due to giving up $125,000 in poker profits as part of her plea. -USA Today

What is Molly Bloom doing today?

Molly is using her networking experience to reach fellow women and help them become successful. “I have a network, and I have a lot of lessons,” says Molly. “I made a lot of mistakes. So I want to help women to be successful.” She’s working on developing localized co-working spaces for women in an effort to build community. She’s also working in social media to that end as well. -Ellen

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10 Best Blue Lock Players And Who They’re Inspired By

The anime Blue Lock features many talented and ambitious soccer players who share similarities with real-life soccer stars from around the world. Blue Lock’s most skilled players are inspired by professional soccer players and dedicate their lives to the sport. Blue Lock‘s protagonists gradually develop skill sets on the field that make them feel a lot like their real-life counterparts.

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Blue Lock’s star players demonstrate masterful technical skills that enable them to hold leadership positions on their respective teams. Each Blue Lock character has the same inner motivation to succeed and improve which allows actual athletes to stand out among competitors.

Updated on April 13, 2023 by Ajay Aravind: Soccer, or football as it is known in the rest of the world, is one of the most influential sports in history. There are countless movies, TV shows, video games, and other media enterprises that revolve around soccer, with Blue Lock being the most recent anime series that features this sport. As such, we’ve revamped this list of characters and their real-life inspirations.

10 Noel Noa

Inspired By: Robert Lewandowski

Like the Polish soccer player Robert Lewandowski, Noel Noa is one of the world’s greatest strikers. Noel navigates the playing field with the efficiency and well-rounded technical skills that define Lewandowski’s successful athletic career.

His aggressive abilities in Blue Lockcenter around his ambidexterity with the ball, the same trait that lets Lewandowski regularly score goals. Noa takes a mentorship role among Blue Lock‘s competitors and proves capable of handling multiple scenarios on the field, just as Lewandowski is known for his quick reactions. Both men are top athletes who take their careers seriously.

9 Ryusei Shido

Inspired By: Zlatan Ibrahimović

Ryusei Shido shares Swedish player Zlatan Ibrahimović’s agility and talent at maneuvering the ball through the air. Shido’s accuracy both on the ground and above it allows him to score with unpredictable shots and positioning. He uses his acrobatic talents to his advantage in Blue Lock, giving fans an exaggerated version of Ibrahimović’s approach to scoring rapid goals.

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Shido boasts considerable physical strength, emulating the explosive power behind Ibrahimović’s shots and passes. He rarely misses an opportunity to shoot from unusual angles, securing wins through techniques that resemble Ibrahimovic’s famous volleys.

8 Meguru Bachira

Inspired By: Ronaldinho

Meguru Bachira’s advanced dribbling skills remind some viewers of former Brazilian player Ronaldinho’s skill at bypassing his opponents. Bachira is a strong defensive player with a talent for predicting the opposing team’s moves and strategies. He maintains strict control over the ball in Blue Lock, the same technique that enables crafty players like Ronaldinho to outmaneuver other players.

Bachira shares Ronaldinho’s skill at effectively passing the ball to teammates and creating openings to score by any means possible. His precise movements make him a reliable teammate who can get the ball where it needs to go consistently.

7 Yoichi Isagi

Inspired By: Filippo Inzaghi

Yoichi Isagi is good at analyzing defensive weaknesses and exploiting them by being in the right place to capitalize on Blue Lock players’ mistakes, and he has Italian player Filippo Inzaghi’s exceptional timing to help him make good on his potential. Isagi constantly evaluates other players’ movements and makes accurate predictions that Inzaghi similarly uses for scoring.

Isagi is always aware of everything happening on the field. He shares Inzaghi’s determination and his ability to guide his teammates on the field. His quick reactions and ingenuity make him an inspiration for his equally ambitious teammates and mentors.

6 Lavinho

Inspired By: Neymar

Lavinho’s talent for dribbling is a lot like Neymar’s extraordinary footwork. Neymar is known for his ball control and the way he maintains distance between himself and his opponents. Likewise, Lavinho has an energetic style and navigates the field at high speed. In Blue Lock, he establishes himself as the player that other competitors struggle to keep pace with or effectively block.

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Lavinho exhibits Neymar’s confidence in improving his abilities and his ambition to play on par with the best players in the world. He moves the ball in complex patterns that catch his opponents off guard, creating opportunities out of almost nothing.

5 Baro Shoei

Inspired By: Mario Balotelli

Baro Shoei shares Italian player Mario Balotelli’s impressive strength and volatile temper. Baro, unlike Balotelli, is a clear villain and willingly uses both teammates and competitors as pawns to score goals and advance his career. He angers quickly and this flaw makes him an inconsistent player.

Baro’s unpredictable and aggressive playstyle allows him to play on an advanced level, reproducing Balotelli’s success as a striker. Both players are also known for their egos and their unwillingness to lose.

4 Chigiri Hyoma

Inspired By: Ryo Miyaichi

Chigiri Hyoma showed talent from a young age but also suffered from injuries, a bit like Japanese player Ryo Miyaichi. Chigiri’s nearly unmatched speed is equivalent to Miyaichi’s ability to outrun his competitors with ease. He commits to his goal of being Blue Lock’s best striker despite his struggles with self-confidence.

Chigiri passes the ball to his teammates extraordinarily well and takes advantage of open space, borrowing Miyaichi’s method of breaking through the opposing team’s defenses. His tenacity in Blue Lock earns him recognition as a promising and quick-thinking player.

3 Chris Prince

Inspired By: Cristiano Ronaldo

Chris Prince’s remarkably muscular and athletic physique was inspired by Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo’s extensive training and dedication. Prince’s raw strength let him block the competition and make powerful and accurate jumps through the air.

He uses his physical advantage to maintain control over the ball in high-pressure situations with Ronaldo’s consistency and assertiveness. Chris enjoys attention in much the same way Ronaldo does and he shows off whenever he gets the chance. He’s a creative player, scoring unusual goals and making an impression on Blue Lock‘s top players.

2 Rensuke Kunigami

Inspired By: Gareth Bale

Rensuke Kunigami’s powerful left foot was inspired by Welsh player Gareth Bale’s left-side dominant strength and play style. Kunigami uses his accuracy and speed to become a reliable scorer, much like Bale. He utilizes his overall physical strength and straight shots to establish himself as one of Blue Lock’s most effective players, regularly scoring from a distance.

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Kunigami is an exceptional jumper. Similar to Bale, he uses his athleticism to outpace and block his opponents. He’s able to overcome an initial setback, returning even more determined than he started and becoming a credible threat to his opponents.

1 Rin Itoshi

Inspired By: Kevin De Bruyne

Dutch player Kevin De Bruyne and Rin Itoshi both have a reputation as top soccer players. Like De Bruyne, Rin is known for his tactical creativity and outstanding ball control. He’s an accurate shooter and retains his focus even when he’s pressured by other skilled players.

Rin pursues his goal of becoming an accomplished player with an intensity reminiscent of De Bruyne’s. Learning from the real player’s example, he infiltrates the opposing team’s defenses. From the beginning, he’s obviously one of the most relentless and intimidating Blue Lock players.

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