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If you’re still not familiar with PortAventura World this is your chance to get to know every corner of the parks with these combined tickets. And if you do already know us, we have lots of new additions and fun just for you too!PortAventura Park, the theme park with the most variety and fun, invites you to enjoy an incredible adventure. Purchase your PortAventura World tickets at the best price. Find the ticket price that’s best for you. Become a real explorer as you travel through all the worlds that PortAventura Park has to offer. Get to know the Mediterranean culture and discover why it is admired all over the world. Feel the rush of adrenaline on Shambhala and Dragon Khan in the China area and then taste the flavours of oriental cuisine. Move to the Latin beat of Mexican rhythms and explore the Far West. And if you have time, visit the jungle and exotic area of Polynesia with its tribal customs. And that’s not all: the kids also have their own magical area of SésamoAventura. Choose your favourite place and enjoy the different worlds of the park, taking advantage of the rates and packages that we can offer. Find out everything you need to know about prices, promotions available in the different areas of the park, and events scheduled for the dates you wish to visit.

You will find all the information you need about PortAventura Park tickets. In this section, you will be able to find all the information you need, such as park opening hours, access to the performances or shows you wish to attend, which attractions you can enjoy in each of the areas … and many more services! Select your ideal price and design your perfect getaway in the easiest way.

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1 day PortAventura Park

The ticket allows a 1-day access to PortAventura Park. The ticket is only valid for the date selected. See terms and conditions .

Adult(11-59 years)


Junior/senior(4 – 10 years) / (from 60 years)


Only available at the ticket booths: from €29

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1 day Ferrari Land

The ticket allows a 1-day access to Ferrari Land. The ticket is only valid for the date selected. See terms and conditions .

Adult(11-59 years)


Junior/senior(4 – 10 years) / (from 60 years)


Only available at the ticket booths: from €13

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1 day Caribe Aquatic Park

The ticket allows a 1-day access to Caribe Aquatic Park. The ticket is only valid for the date selected. See terms and conditions .

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Only available at the ticket booths: from €18

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3 days, 2 parks

The ticket allows a 1-day access to PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land (on the same day), in addition to another 2-day access to PortAventura Park. The ticket is only valid for the selected date and the following 2 days. See terms and conditions .

Adult(11-59 years)


Junior/senior(4 – 10 years) / (from 60 years)


Only available at the ticket booths: from €53

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3 days, 3 parks

The ticket allows a 1-day access to PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land on the same day, in addition to another 1-day access to PortAventura Park and a further 1-day access to Caribe Aquatic Park (on different days). The ticket is only valid for the selected date and the following 2 days. See terms and conditions .

Adult(11-59 years)


Junior/senior(4 – 10 years) / (from 60 years)


Only available at the ticket booths: from €51

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Night ticket for PortAventura Park

The ticket allows access to PortAventura Park from 6:00 p.m. until the park closes. The ticket is only valid for the date selected. See terms and conditions .

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Junior/senior(4 – 10 years) / (from 60 years)


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  • If you are thinking of enjoying a short break to PortAventura Park and want to make the most of your visit, the best thing to do is to book accommodation in any of the 4- and 5-star themed hotels that you will find very close to the park, located in Salou. Some of them even offer direct access to the park facilities. Hotel PortAventura, Hotel Gold River, Hotel Mansión de Lucy, Hotel El Paso…Take a look at the individual characteristics of each hotel and choose the one that suits you best!

  • All the hotels can be found on the premises of PortAventura World. In other words, they are not located exactly inside PortAventura Park, but in the annexed areas only a very short distance away. It is very easy to move between the park and the hotel and make the most of the time you have with us.

  • All of PortAventura World’s 4- and 5-star hotels offer the full board accommodation option. In addition to breakfast, this board basis includes a ticket to exchange for lunch at various food outlets in the parks and a buffet dinner at the chosen hotel. And of course they have access to the park!

  • Any of the PortAventura World hotels is suitable for visiting the parks as a family. All of them have cots for babies at no additional cost and a wide variety of dining options. Specifically, Hotel PortAventura, Hotel Gold River, Hotel El Paso, and Hotel Caribe have a children’s pool, generally available in summer, and entertainment programmes so that the little ones are kept busy and can have lots of fun during their stay.


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Port Aventura

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Excursions on the coast
Costa Brava and Costa del Maresme





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Port Aventura

Port Aventura Amusement Park is an adventure for children and adults. Fun, thrills, holiday atmosphere – this is what tourists from all over the world come here for. The second largest after Disneyland and the first in terms of attendance, Port Aventura receives millions of people a year, and many return here again.

Organizational details

Prices in Port Aventura depend on the time of visit and the selected areas.

  • Duration:

    12 hours

  • Start time:

    9.00 (est.) 9003 9003 9003 032 The price includes:

    car (bus), entrance ticket (only for group excursions ).

  • Additional costs:

    entrance ticket to the park, drinks, lunch and purchases of your choice.

Entertainment in Port Aventura
Attractions and food are not the only sources of pleasure. Theatrical performances, playgrounds, competitions and numerous shows await visitors. Of course, in each thematic area they are different and, of course, all deserve attention. And on festive occasions, solemn events appear that are held in the traditions of different countries.

Here you can laugh, relax or tickle your nerves in hundreds of ways. On the territory of PortAventura in Salou, you can do a lot:

  • accelerate to 135 km / h in 3.5 seconds on the Furius Baco
  • ride along the mountain river on the Grand Canyon Rapids
  • feel like an oceanographer in a bathyscaphe on the Sea Odyssey
  • free fall from a height of 115 m on the Hurakan Condor
  • experience the record Shambhala rollercoaster.

Among the dozens of rides, everyone will find a suitable extreme level for themselves, and for those who are not ready to test their nervous system, cognitive, exciting and simply pleasant entertainment is provided.

The PortAventura tour is one of the must-sees in Spain. Unlike historical and cultural attractions, this place literally calls for total relaxation and fun. And for this, everything is here.

The territory of the park
Port Aventura is a whole country of entertainment, or rather, not even one. The park is divided into five thematic parts, each of which presents not only original attractions, but also traditional cafes, restaurants, and souvenirs. Mexico, the Wild West, Polynesia, the Mediterranean, China – a visit to these areas of Port Aventura is included in the price of the basic ticket, and recently another “country” has been added to the list – the children’s Sesame Street. It would seem that this is already enough to spend more than one day here. But those who plan to get around everything will have to come here more than once – in addition to the listed areas, the park also has a separate thematic part of Ferrari Land and a water park built in the Caribbean style.

Individual excursion (mini-group up to 4 people)

Price per group from 1 to 4 people

420 €

Leave a request

Individual excursion (mini-group from 5 to 8 people)

Price per group from 5 to 8 people

480 €

Submit a request

Group tour

Price per person:

Submit an application


Excursion to the Costa Brava

During the excursion to the Costa Brava we will visit 3 magnificent cities, enjoy the landscapes and the beauty of ancient architecture, and also walk through the unique botanical garden.

Medieval Castle Show

The Medieval Castle Show is a deep, albeit short-term immersion in those ancient times.

Flamenco show

Flamenco show in Lloret de Mar is a good idea for a bright and unusual evening in Spain.

Nice, Principality of Monaco

Tour Nice-Monaco (Monte Carlo) and San Remo will introduce you to the beauties of the legendary coast of France and Italy.

Port Aventura

Holidays in Port Aventura – an adventure for the whole family. Extreme, educational entertainment, cuisines of the peoples of the world and colorful shows for every taste.

LA MASIA. Manor in Tordera

A dance show in an old manor will immerse you in the relaxed atmosphere of a traditional Spanish evening.

La Roca Village

La Roca Village is located near Barcelona and Girona and is considered one of the best outlets in all of Europe.

Excursion to Montserrat

Mount Montserrat is a place where the interests of believers, lovers of history and outdoor activities converge.

Carcassonne and the oyster farm

A trip to Carcassonne with a visit to the oyster farm is an opportunity to fill the day with a lot of impressions, starting with a visit to the old town and ending with an excellent dinner.

Collioure and Perpignan

An excursion to Perpignan and Collioure is an acquaintance with southern France on the very border with Spain.

Excursion to Madrid from Barcelona, ​​Costa Brava and Costa Maresme. Mini-group up to 8 people, comfortable minivan with driver-guide

Zaragoza and Madrid are the brightest cities in Spain. We will visit them on our two-day excursion, which will introduce you to the historical and cultural sights of the two capitals.

Camp Nou tour in Barcelona

A tour of FC Barcelona’s home stadium will take you to the indoor areas normally only accessible by first team players.

Salvador Dali Museum and Pubol Castle

Excursion to Gala Castle and Salvador Dali Museum with a visit to the wine cellars.

Girona and the Salvador Dalí Museum

Visits to the most important places in Barcelona. You can walk the streets of the great city and feel the spirit of Barcelona


A small but very beautiful and rich principality on the border of Spain and France attracts tourists not only with its beauty and ski resorts.

Rupit and Besalu

Medieval Spain, shrouded in secrets and legends, will appear before you in all its glory on an excursion to Rupit and Besalu.


The main shrine of the monastery – the statue of Our Lady, called the Black Virgin of Montserrat

Carcassonne-Narbon excursion

We will visit the fortress city of Carcassonne and the city of Narbon – the most famous sights of France of the ancient Roman period.

Montserrat and wine cellars

An excursion to the mountain of Montserrat will introduce you to the ancient monastery and show you the beauties of the natural national reserve, and a visit to the wine cellar will help you to get acquainted with the culture of Spain.

Barcelona Premium City Tour

We will drive through the most beautiful streets, look at the famous Casa Mila and Casa Batllo, walk along Plaza Catalunya and La Rambla.

Barcelona panoramic city tour

Visits to the most important places in Barcelona. You can walk through the streets of the great city and feel the spirit of Barcelona

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    Port Aventura, Spain – detailed information with photo

    Video: Port Aventura

  • Wild West Territory
  • Mexico
  • Chinese Park Zone
  • Island Polynesia
  • Children’s Party Sesame Aventura
  • Extreme Park
  • Shopping
  • Where to stay
  • Water park
  • Opening hours and tickets
  • How to get there
  • Highlights

    One of the attractions in the amusement park

    The first visitors came to PortAventura in 1955. Currently, the park covers an area of ​​117 hectares. This is one of the most popular family holiday destinations among residents of Spain and tourists coming from abroad.

    PortAventura Amusement Park is divided into six themed areas dedicated to a certain part of the world – the Mediterranean, the American Wild West, colonial Mexico, China, exotic Polynesia and the cheerful country of childhood – Sesame Street. In total, about 40 attractions have been installed in PortAventura, which are interesting for both children and adults. A walk in the park is like a playful trip around the world, and the attractions are like exciting adventures on the way.

    Many colorful shows dedicated to major national and international holidays are held in the park all year round. In addition, guests of PortAventura Park can see up to 90 exciting performances every day.

    Port Aventura

    Mediterranean zone

    Entering Port Aventura through the main entrance, tourists enter the Mediterranean zone. There are several small restaurants, cafes and shops selling souvenirs. The design of the fabulous Mediterranean looks like a small fishing village or a cozy Catalan town.

    From the picturesque Port de la Drassana, small boats can take you to other parts of PortAventura. Water travel is so popular with tourists that queues often line up in front of the pier. However, it is not at all necessary to wait for the ship – it is no less interesting to walk to other thematic parts of the park.

    Fans of Mediterranean cuisine should look into a small restaurant near the port “Racó de Mar”. And those who want to taste the best dishes of traditional Spanish cuisine and enjoy the taste of local wines should dine at Vinosfera Tapes i Vins. There is always a large assortment of pinchos, popular in Spain. Children and those with a sweet tooth usually prefer to stay at Il caffè di Roma, where you can always try fresh pizza, cakes and fragrant pastries.

    In the Mediterranean zone

    Wild West territory

    Entering this part of Port Aventura, visitors find themselves among typical American landscapes, well known to everyone from westerns and popular cartoons. The Wild West even has its own Grand Canyon, where the exciting attraction Grand Canyon Rapids is open. Tourists sit on a large balloon and, rafting down the river, inspect the sheer “rocky” walls of the canyon.

    This part of the park has an indomitable cowboy spirit. It can be felt on the Tomahawk and Stampida rollercoasters, which run on wooden rails. The popular Silver River Flume, an attraction that looks like a rapidly rushing mountain river, also evokes a lot of emotions. It is rafted in boats stylized as huge logs.

    You can also become a real cowboy in Port Aventura by visiting the Shooting Gallery, a cowboy saloon, a carousel ride or the Buffalo Rodeo. Well, those who are tired can have a good time at the American restaurant “Madame Lilie’s Grill”, which serves excellent steaks.

    Grand Canyon Rapids Roller coaster

    Traveling in Mexico

    Port Aventura invites tourists to go on an interesting journey through hot Mexico. Here you can see typical Mexican plants, copies of the famous pyramids and stylized ruins of ancient monuments. Vivid performances are held daily in Mexico, incendiary songs are heard. In this area of ​​the park there are attractions “Mine Train”, “Temple of Fire”, “Feathered Serpent” and the carousel “Yucatan”. And lovers of spicy and spicy cuisine have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of traditional dishes in the Mexican restaurant “La Hacienda”.

    Mexican ShowPyramid in Mexico ZoneMine Train Attraction

    The Chinese zone of the park

    The Chinese zone of Port Aventura is full of exotic, allegorical, attractive oriental flavor and absolutely all the guests of the park like it. Part of Chinatown is reserved for a fun playground with a carousel and rides for kids.

    Chinese Restaurant

    More recently, Angkor: Adventures in the Lost Kingdom, a family attraction, has opened in the China Zone. And next to it is the mysterious Shambala – steep slides 76 meters high and the longest fall among European attractions – 78 m. Three trains travel along them, reaching speeds of up to 134 km / h. Several times during this ride, tourists experience “air time” when the body loses contact with the seat. It is very similar to driving a car on a bumpy road, but with a stronger feeling.

    Fairytale Chinatown also has an unusual Tea Cup carousel and Fumanchu or Flying Chairs ride. And fans of oriental cuisine have the opportunity to look into the stylized Sichuan restaurant, which serves well-cooked rice, pancakes and Chinese delicacies, which are highly appreciated by gourmets.

    Video: Shambhala Hills

    Insular Polynesia

    An abundance of fragrant flowers, sounds of drums, unusual names and interesting adventures await tourists who will set off on a journey through the park area dedicated to Polynesia. It occupies the smallest part of PortAventura. During the rapid Tutuki Splash, trailers at a speed of 50 km / h break down from the slopes of the volcano into its mouth filled with water. It always causes a sea of ​​​​splashes and a lot of laughter from all tourists.

    For a more relaxed ride, try the steep Tami-Tami slides or the Kon-Tiki air travel. For those who want to experience “immersion” in a bathyscaphe, the Naval Odyssey simulator is open. In Polynesia, there is also a popular entertainment for families – 4-seater canoeing, the 4D Sea Odisea cinema and the Bora-Bora restaurant, which serves delicious salads from exotic fruits.

    Polynesian DanceTutuki Splash

    Children’s party – Sesame Aventura

    In the newest part of the adventure park there are 11 exciting attractions, most of which are designed for the youngest guests: slides, controlled fish, a tractor on which children travel around a fabulous farm, an unusual “Magic Tree” 12 m and carousel “Airplane”. There are always a lot of animators and actors in Sesame Aventura dressed up as their favorite cartoon characters.

    Sesame Aventura

    Extreme attractions park

    One or two extreme rides are open in each area of ​​Port Aventura. These are the most popular places in the park, where the largest number of visitors seeks to get.

    The undisputed leader of all park entertainment is Dragon Khan China slide. It has a length of about 1 km. Small wagons with tourists descend from a height of 45 m, passing the sharpest turns and turns along the way. The train is moving at a speed of 105 km/h. Since there are overturns on the way, tourists are asked to leave all loose things and hats in the storage room.

    The highest attraction in the Mexican zone is the Hurakan Condor. Flying from a height of 115 meters causes a lot of unusual sensations. Many jumpers say that during a free fall they completely stopped breathing.

    PortAventura Park, which is dedicated to the countries of the Mediterranean, hosts the American race Furius Baco (“Mad Worm”). The horizontal catapult is a real test for the brave! The exciting attraction started operating in 2007 and for several years had the status of the fastest attraction in Europe. On Furius Baco, tourists can accelerate to a speed of 135 km / h in 3.5 seconds.

    Extreme attractions


    There are small shops and shops selling souvenirs in almost every part of the amusement park. In Port Aventura you can buy various sweets. Opened in the Polynesian zone, Mers du Sud offers tourists handicrafts and expressive masks made by the inhabitants of the islands. In the Chinese part of the park they sell traditional Chinese teapots, in the Mexican part they sell silverware and fine jewelry with precious stones. The Wild West offers tourists a Western Clothing boutique. Here fans of westerns can buy stylish cowboy hats, jeans and jackets for themselves and their friends.


    Where to stay

    Most tourists come to PortAventura for one day. But there are also those who want to spend a few days or even a whole vacation in the amusement park. Such travelers can stay in one of six 4*-5* hotels. They all have their own pools, and entrance fees to PortAventura are included in the price. Since families with children often stay at these hotels, the restaurants have a special children’s menu, there are outdoor playgrounds and games rooms, and during the high tourist season, animators work in the hotel parks.



    Next to Port Aventura is the huge water park Costa Caribe. It was completely renovated in 2013 and therefore welcomes guests with the most modern water activities. On 50 thousand m² there are 16 attractions, tropical gardens, comfortable places to relax, swimming pools, cafes and restaurants.

    “Costa Caribe” water park

    The main attraction of the water park is the highest European open-top slide (toboggan), which is called “King Kahuna”. This place attracts fans to experience the thrill of a swift flight. The slide has a large angle of inclination of 55°, and those descending it manage to pick up speed up to 6 m/s.

    No less dizzying is the descent on the Swift Stream slide, designed for rafting. The length of this water attraction is 200 m, and in some sections it has almost sheer slopes.

    The Costa Caribe water park also has simpler, but no less popular entertainment – the Bermuda Triangle artificial wave pool, the Cayo Cookie fountains, as well as the Limbo, Tropical Cyclone, Barracudas, Fast Race water slides. and Mambo.

    Lovers of a relaxing holiday enjoy spending time on Paradise Beach or sunbathing on sun loungers near the Bahama Beach attraction. And for children in the water park there are special shallow pools “Woody’s Lagoon” and “Sesame Beach”, equipped with large play areas.

    Opening hours and tickets

    Opening hours of Port Aventura amusement park depends on the season. It is open from April to June and from September to January from 10. 00 to 20.00. At the peak of the summer tourist season – in July and August, the park welcomes guests from 10.00 to 1.00. Costa Caribe Water Park is open daily from May to September from 10.00 to 19.00.

    One-day ticket to PortAventura for adults (from 11 to 59 years old) costs 45 euros, for children (from 4 to 10 years old) and seniors (over 60 years old) – 39euros, for the disabled – 23 euros. When buying tickets for two and three days, discounts are provided.

    A one-day ticket to the water park costs EUR 28 for adults and EUR 22 for children. You can buy a single ticket, which allows both the park and the water park.

    There are also special annual tickets (subscriptions) to the amusement park and water park. For adults, they cost 199 euros, for children – 169 euros. There are discounts for the second person. For adults, a second ticket is bought for 158 euros, and for children – for 128 euros. A separate annual subscription to the water park costs 69euros for adults and 59 euros for children.

    Amusement park entrance Tickets to Port Aventura

    How to get there

    Tours to Port Aventura are sold in all travel agencies in Barcelona and the resorts surrounding the capital of Catalonia. When buying such a tour, travelers from the hotel are taken to the amusement park and then taken back.

    Bus that stops at the amusement park

    There are also several ways to get to Port Aventura on your own. The most economical of them is to come here by train. This is especially convenient for those who are staying in Barcelona or its resort suburbs. Near PortAventura is the railway station of the same name, through which RENFE trains pass. They depart from the Estació de França station. However, it is not necessary to board the train at the final station. In Barcelona, ​​you can take the train at Barcelona-Sants station, as well as at Sant Andreu Comtal or Passeig de Gracia stations.

    Trains run approximately once an hour from 5.