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House Museum of Salvador Dali in Port Lligat

The Sea in Dali

Salvador Dali is the genius of the place, the triangle of his own name on the coast of the Costa Brava. He was born in Figueres, bore the title of Marquis de Pubol, the town in which he bought a castle for Gala. But most of his life the artist lived in Port Lligat, in a fishing village on the seashore.

Sea. It gave him inspiration while walking along the Cadaqués Promenade or along the paths of the Cap de Creus park. In Dali’s paintings, you can see the bizarre outlines of the local rocks and the prospects of the coastline. The view of Port Lligat Bay opens from all the windows of the house of Salvador Dali, who lived here for almost half a century together with his beloved muse, his deity, talisman, a woman with a lobster on her head and one bare breast, Saint Helena, his wife and colleague in personal space – Gala .

House by the sea. This snow-white house of the great and terrible, almost magician Salvador Dali has now been turned into a museum. A house in which an ordinary inhabitant finds it amusing, strange, atmospheric, bizarre among roaring lions, plush pythons, dry immortelle herbariums and an incredible number of strange gizmos and interior items – such as a cricket cage, a snail clock, crooked mirrors. Dali’s entire house is decorated with sheaves of dried yellow flowers. The spouses were afraid of death and believed that the immortelle would protect them from a premature meeting with her.

First of all, as soon as you enter the hallway, which is called the bear hall, you see a stuffed bear decorated with beads, which Dali presented as a gift from James Edwards. There are a lot of stuffed animals and birds in the house – Dali had a strange affection for them: “Here, in this house, everything is stuffed,” he said, smiling.

Bought a small hut by Dali Bay from a fisherman’s widow in 1930. Year after year, the artist continued to buy neighboring fishing houses, connecting them with the previous ones. “Our house grew like a kind of biological structure, multiplying by cell budding,” Salvador Dali shared in an interview. The layout is intricate, with a pomegranate patio and rooftop panoramic deck with an egg and a dovecote, a pool in the courtyard and lots of small rooms on different levels. Walls, ceilings, any surface – all this served as a platform for creativity. And not only El Salvador. For several years, Gala lovingly made a collage on the wardrobe doors, collecting newspaper clippings and photographs of her husband.

The library is disappointing with fake books on the shelves. It would be interesting to skim through the spines of publications and evaluate the selection as a whole, ask what Salvador and Gala read. The library is stored in the archives of the Dalí Foundation and the theater-museum in Figueres, in the house-museum in Port Lligat, which is visited by many tourists, it was decided not to flaunt the publication.

The house in Port Lligat is an absolutely intimate space for the couple. The brightest team in the house is the Workshop. Everything is preserved here as it was 40 years ago – easels with unfinished works, brushes, paints, an old radio. In the Workshop, the envoy of a different mind painted many famous paintings: “The Madonna of Port Lligata”, “Christ of St. John of the Cross”, “The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus”, “The Hallucinogenic Toreador”, “Tuna Fishing”.

The brightest room in the house is the bedroom, with separate four-poster beds. Dali slept at the one closer to the window. He liked to get up at dawn and joke that he was the first Spaniard who sees the sun in the morning – Port Lligat is not far from the easternmost point of Spain.

Gala also had her own personal space in the house, El Salvador was forbidden to enter there. More like a joke, I think. It is hard to believe that Gala firmly held the bastions of the boudoir of her Oval Hall, with silk pillows and sofas in yellow and red tones, where she loved to sing, read and receive guests. Salvador jokingly nicknamed this room “Gal’s Egg”.

How much speculation and gossip went around at one time about the life of Salvador and Gala in a house in Port Lligat. But everything remained a surreal flair of time – was Amanda Lear, a young and talented singer who visited Port Lligat every summer and bathed naked in the pool under the gaze of the maestro, his mistress. Have there been orgies and drunkenness, about which the yellow press so often wrote.

At some point of your visit to the house, you understand that you are immersed in thoughts about the past, for some reason you try on yourself – could you be like them or not. Probably, for me, as a simple layman, romance in my heart and soul, although I consider myself a creative person, it is difficult to imagine living together with a person similar to Salvador Dali. Observe the artist in the workshop, give brushes, mix paints. To pose, sit at his bare feet and swear at what the world is worth. Love him and change him. Inspire him to be a support, and to leave at the end of his life, tired of his insanity. To leave him for his castle in Pubol and receive young lovers, guests, journalists there, but not a spouse. Vanity Fair magazine at 19In 1998, he claimed that Salvador Dali could visit her only with special written permission. Without her, he stopped living, creating. When Gala died, Salvador Dali left his home in Port Lligate forever, never returning here again.

About these places, native to him since childhood, Dali said: “Here, on these stones, I became myself, here I forged my personality, found love, painted my pictures, built my house. I am inseparable from this sky, this sea, these rocks, I am chained forever and ever to Port Lligat, where my most cherished truth, my roots, were formed.

Cadaques. When, in a fit of love, in your dreams you fantasize about a town by the sea, where it would be great to be together, about a town with narrow streets of white houses, on the windows of which there are multi-colored flower pots, about a table for two at the very edge of the water with a bucket of iced cava, kissing on the promenade under orange trees, the bustle of fishermen unloading their catch – you will dream of Cadaqués. It seems that the picturesque city on the Catalan coast of Costa Brava, as if invented by an artist. Not a genius of surrealism, but a master of halftones, beautiful seascapes and still lifes.

  • How to get to the house-museum of Salvador Dali in Port Lligate: guests are allowed only by prior reservation, strictly by the hour. Book a tour here: www.salvador-dali.org
  • Entrance fee: 11 euros for adults and 8 euros for children. Tour duration: 1 hour.



Salvador Dalí’s house in Port Ligat

Salvador Dalí’s house in Port Ligat near Cadaqués is considered to be the place where Dali drew his inspiration. Initially, Dali and Gala bought a small house, which was supposed to become a stronghold of the master’s creative energy. But for the next 40 years after its acquisition, Dali and Gala bought neighboring houses, connected them with the help of labyrinths and outbuildings, turning them into a surreal museum space.

The Spanish village of Port Ligat would have remained a forgotten Catalan outskirts if one day Dali had not appeared here.

The best excursions to the Dali Museum

Dali bought an old house, the main advantage of which was a magnificent view of the sea, and began to equip a love nest. This place has become the couple’s favorite, it was this house of Salvador Dali that more than once was the place where the couple returned after long journeys in search of peace and tranquility.


Dali admired this place and spent the best moments of his life in Cadaqués. But here he also experienced sad emotions.

On June 10, 1982, Dali lost Gala. This day was the last in Salvador Dali’s love story for Port Ligat near Cadaqués. After the death of his wife, the artist left his Mediterranean home forever.

The house of Salvador Dali and Gala is full of surprises

The house of Salvador Dali resembles a chest full of surprises and secrets. The ingenious abilities of a couple in love turned a modest house into a house-museum of Salvador Dali, in which the designers did not have to redo anything.

Dali and Gala managed to realize in this house the dreams of an ideal home for a couple in love, on the one hand, securely hidden from indiscreet gazes, on the other, sparkling with snow-white walls and striking with an intricate layout and unusual decorations. Dali treated this creation with no less passion than any of his works of art.

Gala also tried to decorate the house. One morning, Salvador Dali was surprised to notice that the path had lengthened by 500 meters. To surprise her husband, Gala bought a neighboring olive grove and ordered to lay a lime-washed path in it.

The house of Salvador Dali in Port Ligat differs from the museums in Figueres and Puboli with some kind of soulfulness, personal participation of the master and a homely atmosphere. Dali created it for his beloved and sought to please her in everything. Due to the fact that the museum is designed for intimacy and a special atmosphere, the tour is conducted here for small groups. It is better to buy tickets to this Dali Museum in advance, because it may turn out that you will wait for your turn much later than planned.

The creators and curators of the museum tried to surprise you without interfering and without changing anything created by the couple Dali and Gala. Once in this house-museum of the Dali couple, you seem to be invited to visit them, almost household items are preserved that would surely have met you if Dali and Gala were alive:

  1. In the corridor you will be greeted by a bear installed by Dali.
  2. In the oval room, named by Dalí the “Egg of Gala”, you will find silk cushions on stone seats.
  3. A real Russian samovar by a round white fireplace.

Everything as Gala loved.

The only dummies in the museum are books: the real contents of the Dali library, alas, have not been preserved to this day.

In this house-museum of Salvador Dali you will see a happy part of the life of Dali, a family man and a man in love with his wife.

Let’s walk along the route offered by the museum for small tourist groups.

Inside Salvador Dali House

Entrance hall

The Museum will start for you from the Bear Entrance Hall. The stuffed bear, to which Dali had a weakness, will meet you like a strict doorman. In general, Dali has a lot of different stuffed animals in his house. Further along the museum you will pass through the labyrinths of corridors that connect separate houses and rooms of the spouses, sometimes confusing passages can lead you to a dead end.

The Dali Museum is conditionally divided into three parts:

  • work rooms
  • personal
  • open spaces

Dining room

Let’s take a walk through the surrealistic rooms included in the working part. It begins after the entrance hall, Dali will immediately invite you to the dining room, quite simply decorated, while the rigor and monumentality of the forms will be balanced by souvenir hats and starfish along the walls. The fireplace and white walls will again remind you of the classics.


The museum will continue with the library. Dali loved books and there were quite a lot of them in the house, but most of them were taken to Figueres, to the Dali Museum-Theater. In Port Ligat, near Cadaqués, only dummies are placed. The shelves on which they were placed are decorated with stuffed swans and immortelle bouquets.

Three swans are the same birds that Gala presented to Dali. Even after their death, El Salvador wished to perpetuate such a precious gift for him from his beloved and ordered to make stuffed birds.

Workshop of the great artist

Dali’s workshop is located next to the model room. This room allows you to immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere of the great Dali, everywhere:

  • paints
  • brushes
  • solvents
  • mannequins
  • subframes

The undoubted decoration of this room in the Dali Museum is a huge easel, behind which the artist worked.

After the death of Gala Dali did not touch the works, some of them were still unfinished in the house-museum of Salvador Dali in Port Ligat near Cadaqués.

Dali’s private rooms in Port Ligat

The extraordinary couple’s private quarters are also open to tourists. The yellow living room with windows to the east, with a snail clock and a mirror in an angular frame is Dali’s personal space. There is a bird room in this part of the house with carved cages for canaries. You will also find yourself in the holy of holies – the luxurious bedroom of Dali and his beloved, white walls, a samovar, rich decoration of the beds, everything remains as the spouses loved.

You can continue the tour to the Oval Room – Dali gave this room to his beloved. Dali did not dare to enter the private chambers of the muse. You will be able to see stunning sofas, whimsical knick-knacks and a fireplace decorated with elephant tusks by Gala.

Courtyard and garden

The Museum in Port Ligat near Cadaqués will further offer you a tour of the courtyard and garden; the shape of the lips and other examples of art house.

The decoration will remind Figueres in some way, for example, the roof of the snow-white dovecote will be decorated with an egg, just like the museum-theater in Figueres.

A cypress tree growing from a wrecked boat is a silent witness to the life and happiness of the Dali family, embodied by him in the house-museum in Port Ligat near Cadaqués.

This museum, unlike the official ones – the Dali Museum in Figueres and the Gala-Dali Castle in Pubol, attracts precisely by Dali’s personal attitude to this place.

Opening hours of the Salvador Dali House

In winter and autumn-spring season, open from 10.30 to 18.00.

Opens at 9.30 in summer and closes at 9 in the evening.

The museum is closed on Mondays and also:

  • January 1,
  • January 7 to February 11
  • December 25,

Museum open:

  • January 6,
  • 14 and 21 April
  • 9 June
  • every Monday from 15 June to 15 September
  • December 8 and 29

Cost of visiting the House of Salvador Dalí

Admission price per adult is €15.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance to visit the attractions. You can do this online using the link on the official ticket platform.

How to get to the House of Salvador Dalí

By train

  1. From the railway station Barcelona – Passeig de Gracia every 30 minutes – 1 hour there are direct trains to Figueres.
  2. The entrance to the station is on Passeig de Gracia, right in front of Casa Batlló.
  3. Go downstairs and follow the signs for Renfe.com.
  4. Trains to Figueres go in the direction of Figueras and PortBou.
  5. It is best to take the train marked with the letters MD (Medium Distance) in the schedule – they are very comfortable.

The exact timetable for trains can be found on the official website Renfe.com.
Travel time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Train fare: one way – 16€

Next, from Figueres you need to take a bus that goes to the town of Cadaques. The bus fare is €4.50. Travel time is about 40 minutes. In Cadaqués, follow the signs to reach the House of Salvador Dali. It takes about 25 minutes to walk from the bus station.

By bus

There are direct buses to Cadaqués from Barcelona twice a day, at 12:00 and 19:00. The departure station is the North Station (Estacio del Norte), near the Arc de Triumf metro station.

From Cadaqués to Barcelona, ​​buses leave at 06:45 and 15:15.

Exact bus timetable: here
Travel time: 2 hours 15 minutes
One-way fare: €24.50

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