Party city spain: The Ultimate Guide for the Best Places to Party in Spain

The Ultimate Guide for the Best Places to Party in Spain


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Of the many reasons why people love Spain is its incredible nightlife. Spanish culture is known for its late nights and incredible social atmosphere. That’s why Spain is synonymous with fun and a lot of Spanish cities are known for their buzzing nightlife that goes on until early morning.

So whether you’re already living in Spain or simply visiting, here’re the top 5 party cities in Spain in 2022 for the best nightlife!

  1. Barcelona
  2. Madrid
  3. Málaga
  4. Valencia
  5. Ibiza

What’s Spain’s nightlife like?

Spain is an incredible place to party. No matter which city you choose, you’re bound to find party neighbourhoods where the electrifying dance floors are full and the world-class DJs are ready to hype you up.

What makes Spanish nightlife awesome is that Spanish culture is big on late night social gatherings.

Whether you go to fancy clubs, chill pubs, tapas bars, beach clubs or boat parties, you’ll notice that nightlife in Spain gets livelier by the night. It’s common for people to nap in the afternoon to prepare for a night out. After all, if you start partying at 2 A.M. and go on until the wee hours of the morning, you’re going to need all the energy.

Within the clubs, you’ll find yourself surrounded by carefree and wild people who love to dance, enjoy themselves and make unforgettable memories. If you ask us, it’s the perfect opportunity to make new local friends or expand your current friend circle.

Overall, people are quite laid back when it comes to enjoying their night out. Most people dress nicely to make a good impression. But it’s also good for you to know that unlike in Málaga or Valencia, most clubs in Barcelona have a strict dress code.


When talking about the best nightlife in Spain, we’ve to mention party city Barcelona.

Barcelona is the shiny and glamorous party destination of Spain. The city offers everything, from crazy beach parties to uptown premium clubs. And while it’s one of the top destinations for techno lovers in Spain, you also find r&b clubs and beautiful rooftops.

Don’t forget to check out the dress code of the clubs as some clubs are quite strict.

Either way, you’re bound to enjoy your nights out in Spain as you’ll be partying with a very diverse group of people that includes locals, working expats, and international students.

The best party districts in Barcelona

Everyone can find something for their taste in Barcelona. For a perfect techno club experience, wander around Eixample and Sant Gervasi – Santaló street. If you’re a cocktail kind of person, check out the bars at the Gothic Quarter. For a more local experience, you should head out to Garcia street. And the best destination for premium beach clubs? Port Olimpic!

The best clubs in Barcelona

  1. The best premium beach club- Opium
  2. The best theme club- Shoko
  3. The best uptown premium club- Sutton
  4. The best techno- City Hall

Average cost of a night out in Barcelona

In comparison to other European cities, Barcelona is quite affordable. But, it’s still one of the most expensive cities in Spain for a night out. Mainly because of its premium beach and uptown clubs. So if you want to enjoy your night without hurting your wallet, we advise you to pre-drink at home.

Public transport in Barcelona

Getting around in Barcelona is super easy! The city has an extensive public transport system. Night buses and metro lines work until 2 A.M.on Friday and Saturday, making it perfect for a night out. You can also share a taxi or rent a scooter. There’re many scooter renting companies that also offer subscriptions.


For the most colorful and diverse experience, you should go to Madrid. With its young and vibrant international crowd, Madrid parties are welcome and world class. Nightlife in the capital is fast and furious.

Nightlife in Madrid can feel like a whole day event. Don’t expect to hit the clubs until after midnight or to end your night out before having a churro and a warm beverage in the morning.

The best party districts in Madrid

Something fun is always happening in the exciting Madrid neighborhoods. For a night full of dance, head out to clubs in Fuencarral. The Huertas district is trendy if you want to party with an international crowd. Chueca district has a diverse party scene with many LGBTQ clubs and niche bars. Want to party with celebrities? Head to Gran Via and Sol.

The best clubs in Madrid

  1. The best party club- Teatro Kapital
  2. The best salsa club- Sala El Sol
  3. The best techno club- Fabrik
  4. The best beer club- Fábrica Maravillas

Average cost of a night out in Madrid

Most nightclubs in Madrid have an entrance fee between €10-20. The entrance fee includes one drink in clubs like La Sala Sol and Kapital. Joy Eslava offers special prices for big groups of people.

Public transport in Madrid

Public transport in Madrid is safe and efficient. With metro lines, tram, and day/night buses, you can reach every district in Madrid. And you can use the same ticket for metro and bus since they’re integrated.

People younger than 26 who plan to stay in Madrid for at least a month can benefit from their discounted monthly payment option. Just like Barcelona, you can also rent a scooter or bike (if you’re not planning to drink).


Málaga has a student-friendly, young, international, and cool nightlife.

Thanks to its delicious tapas bars and dance clubs, Malaga never lacks entertainment. And its beach parties? Something you just can’t miss.

The best party districts in Málaga

Check out the vibrant La Merced district for the best tapas bars. Students and the young crowd usually hang out in Pedregalejo street. In the Center of Málaga, there’re many disco bars with upbeat music and people from all over. La Malagueta’s beach parties are another favorite of students.

The best clubs in Malaga

  1. The most famous club in Málaga- Sala Gold
  2. The best club for house music- Sala Wenge
  3. The best after club- Discoteca Aden
  4. The best cocktail bar- Speakeasy The Pharmacy

Average cost of a night out in Málaga

Málaga is one of the most affordable cities in Spain to party. This makes it the perfect party destination for students and young people.

There’re many clubs without an entrance fee and discounts for students. But for a more affordable night, do like the locals do. Pre-drink (‘botellón’) in the square of La Merced.

Public transport in Málaga

Hopping from bar to bar is super easy in Málaga. All of its districts are located close to each other with accessible public transport. Bus lines usually run every 15 mins. Then there’s also the metro and train.


Valencia is the perfect party place for those who enjoy a more laid-back nightlife vibe. You can find people of all ages hopping from bar to bar all day, enjoying music and delicious tapas.

Famous for its 90’s parties in historic buildings turned into nightclubs, partying here is an authentic experience.

It’s also less crowded than Madrid and Barcelona for those who need a bit of space.

The best party districts in Valencia

Start from the city center of Valencia if you want to blend in with the vibrant crowd. Then you can head to the old-town district of El Carmen. Its narrow streets are home to many diverse cafes, tapas, bars, and clubs.

Aragon is another favorite part of Valencia with high-energy night entertainment. You can find most students hanging out in the pubs and bars here.

For a hippie, unique experience, check out Valencia’s newly developing area Rufasa. For a more relaxed and premium experience, the marina and beachside of Valencia is the destination. Here you can enjoy a chill night with drinks and delicious food.

The best clubs in Valencia

  1. The best club for a young international crowd- Mya
  2. The best Indie club- Nylon Club
  3. The must-see club for students- Agenda club
  4. The best electronic music- La3 Club

Average cost of a night out in Valencia

Going out at night can be very cheap in Valencia. The prices are very affordable overall and there’re numerous budget-friendly pubs and bars.

Public transport in Valencia

Valencia is a small city, making all party destinations within walking or biking distance. But if you’re too tired, then you can use public transport– tram, bus, and metro lines connect all neighborhoods and major tourist areas.


When we talk about partying in Spain, how can we forget Ibiza? Ibiza has Spain’s most premium nightlife. Celebrities love partying here to have an unforgettable night. So nightlife here feels luxurious.

Although Ibizia has many nightclubs, boat parties, and musical bars, it’s largely renowned for its EDM beach parties.

The best party districts in Ibiza

Its capital Ibiza Town has an international crowd and high-class clubs. Also, many famous European clubs host summer spots here.

In San Antonia, you’ll find Ibiza’s most famous resort. This resort hosts famous beach clubs like O Beach Ibiza and Ibiza Rocks. If you don’t want to stay in the resort itself, you can also find a lot of bars and smaller clubs in the San Antonio Town area. Another great resort area for nightlife is Playa d’en Bossa. You’ll find all sorts of larger and smaller clubs on this beach.

Boat parties are also popular here. Most of the promoters offer night or full-day packages where you can enjoy the sun on the boat’s deck during the day and enjoy the party at night. They get booked super quickly, so don’t forget to check them in advance.

The best clubs in Ibiza

  1. The best Sunset bar- Kumharas
  2. The best beach club- Nikki Beach Ibiza
  3. The most famous club- Eden
  4. The most premium club- Ushuaia

Average cost of a night out in Ibiza

Ibiza can be pretty expensive because most of its famous clubs are inside of expensive resorts. But you can still find budget-friendly bars and clubs in quiet areas of the island like Santa Eulalia. Another option is visiting smaller venues where you can enjoy the authentic party vibes of Ibiza at affordable prices.

Public transport in Ibiza

Aside from Ibiza airport, you can reach the island with a ferry from Barcelona or Valencia.

On the island, the main public transport is the bus. You can also take the party bus at night which will take you to and from the party spots.

Alternatively, you can book a taxi or a car. Since this is the preferred choice of many travelers, prices are competitive.

Time to have fun!

Regardless of which place you choose from this list of the top party destinations in Spain, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life.

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Spanish cities with the most going on at night.

Party on the beach


If you’re a night owl, this is when you’ll find the maximum opportunity for partying. Here are a few ideas to guide you when you set out to enjoy Spain’s “movida” in any of the top cities for nightlife.

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Madrid comes alive at night, and especially at the weekend. You’ll find nightlife in the various leisure areas and districts with an endless array of clubs, bars, cafés and fashionable venues to choose from. Its lively nightlife is famous worldwide. If there’s one city where you know you’ll be able to dance all night long to whatever music you like, where you’ll come across people from hundreds of different nationalities and discover venues in every possible style, that city is bound to be Madrid.

Plaza de Callao, in Madrid


Turismo Comunidad de Madrid

You’ll see how the atmosphere changes depending on the area. If you’re looking for an evening with a little refinement, take a stroll around the Salamanca district. If you prefer something more underground with rock and alternative pop, head for the Malasaña district. The best place to mingle with international crowds is in the “Huertas” neighbourhood. And to find the latest hip discos and clubs with sessions by the best djs, as well as the chance to spot a few famous faces, the best place to go is the centre, in the area around the Gran Vía and Sol. The Chueca area, known for its gay scene, also has plenty of edgy venues, techno clubs and designer bars. In fact, this district has always been one of the coolest.

Stock image at night in a nightclub

Although any time in Madrid is a good time for dancing and meeting people, you’ll find the best atmosphere on Thursdays to Saturdays, starting around midnight.


A good way to enjoy the nightlife on offer in Barcelona is by dancing through the night to the latest techno sounds. The nightclubs in Barcelona are famous all over the world for their electronic music. Many of the top names come to deejay in the city’s discos. In areas such as Eixample and Sant Gervasi – Santaló there are numerous venues where techno sounds can be heard all night long. Particularly lively spots include the well-known Gaixample, much frequented by the LGBT community, with its easy-going, anything-goes atmosphere.

La Dolce Vitae terrace, at the Majestic Hotel, in Barcelona


Majestic Hotel

In the Poble Nou area there are numerous large discos and spacious bars featuring alternative rock, indie and the latest pop sounds. In the Port Olimpic, one of the city’s most popular areas, the nightlife is intense and sophisticated. If you’re looking for cutting-edge design, the latest trends and good cocktail bars, you should opt for El Born, where the music attracts a wide range of personalities from Barcelona’s night scene.


Ibiza nights are unforgettable, which is why thousands of people flock to the island every year. You’ll have a great time at some of the best clubs on earth, with music from famous DJs to dance the night away.The party lasts all night long, but it still won’t seem long enough. After just one night, you’ll understand why Ibiza’s nightlife is so famous and you’ll want to experience it again. You’ll meet loads of people looking for a fun time, and you might even bump into some of the celebrities who come to Ibiza to enjoy the atmosphere of its outdoor terraces and discos.

Ushuaia club, in Ibiza (Balearic Islands)


Valencia’s nightlife is full of people who are raring to get out and have fun, feel the music and dance. The most popular area is the district known as Barrio del Carmen, in the old town centre, although the clubs and bars around Plaza de Xúquer, Avenida de Aragón and Plaza Cánovas are also very well known.If you’re looking for a more alternative district, check out L’Eixample de Ruzafa, with modern restaurants and clubs and small venues with independent music.

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia by night

If you are looking for something sophisticated, bear in mind that the L’Umbracle area of the City of Arts and Sciences turns into a terrace bar. And also consider going to the Marina Real area, especially if you’re visiting the city during July and August, if you’re in the mood for a few drinks or electronic music.


Benidorm is a town to enjoy any time of the day or night. At night, you’ll find as much going on outside the clubs as inside them, especially in the summer months. There are more than 150 pubs and discos where you can dance, laugh, have a few drinks and make new friends until dawn. The atmosphere, music, people, entertainment shows, go-go dancers… everything you need to party till you drop. Only you decide when the party’s over.Many young people gather at bars on and around Levante beach, and on Calle Esperanto. There are also very popular places on Calle Gerona, Ibiza, Mallorca and Londrés, which is known as the “English area”.  

Stock image: DJ playing

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Parties and nightlife in Spain.

Youth at the party


Spain is all about fun, joy, good weather and, above all, nightlife. Mainly in major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Bilbao or Granada, but also in Ibiza, Costa del Sol or Benidorm and other places, there are many restaurants, bars, concert halls, pubs and nightclubs where you can have a great night until dawn. Tasting tapas in bars, meeting open and friendly Spaniards, dancing to the mixes of famous DJs, having fun until dawn… Spain has a lot of opportunities for nightlife – and this is what makes the nightlife here special. Interesting facts:

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Unique climate: all night ahead

In Spain, you can often see people relaxing, socializing and having fun in bars from ten in the evening until early morning. In addition, in spring and summer, thanks to the comfortable weather, many establishments open terraces where you can drink a glass of wine in the fresh air. The most popular days for entertainment are Friday and Saturday.

Terraces in Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid


Cesar Lucas Abreu. Turismo de Madrid


This is one of those customs that you will surely enjoy in Spain. The fact is that “tapas” is not only beer and a variety of light snacks in different bars. It is also communication with many people in establishments with a pleasant atmosphere and acquaintance with the way of life of the Spaniards. Try ordering “chato” (low and wide glass of wine), sangria, “tinto de berano”, “pulgu” (small sandwich)… After “tapas” you will be full of energy and ready to walk and dance.

An evening with friends in a traditional tavern

Restaurants for every taste

Want to hear live music? Go to any of the concert halls (where you can listen to singer-songwriters, rock, jazz…) or the popular flamenco theatre, which are especially abundant in Andalusia. As for dancing, no matter what your preference or age, you are sure to find a place with music to your liking – alternative rock, punk or indie; clubs where you can show off your best outfit, dance non-stop to electronic music, or just hang out with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. In some major cities, there are areas with a wide variety of atmospheres that you can choose for entertainment.

Great nightclubs

Spain, like Ibiza, has some of the most famous nightclubs in the world. Thousands of tourists come to our country just to see the nightlife of this island with their own eyes. The party starts in the afternoon with parades that let everyone know that the clubs are preparing for the night party. Then fun dances go-go with famous artists begin, swimming pools open in huge clubs, foam parties are held … everything is possible!

Night at the Pacha disco, Ibiza


Faris Villena & Vitorino

Who said the party was over?

The night has no end here. Although in some places clubs only work until three in the morning, and do not stay open until dawn. If you want to keep the party going, there are always clubs in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Ibiza and elsewhere that open in the morning to keep the fun going.

A sweet breakfast to finish off

If you’re feeling hungry after a sleepless night, try following the Spanish tradition of snacking on mouth-watering chocolate churros for breakfast. You’ll love it, we promise!

Churros with chocolate

University Towns

If you can’t wait until Friday to have some fun, Spain is the place to be. In university towns such as Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela or Granada, it is very common for people to meet for fun and relaxation on Thursdays. Thanks to the many students in such institutions, an atmosphere of joy and fun reigns.

Bachelor parties, group trips…

Did you know that there are many companies in Spain that can organize an unforgettable stag or hen party? You don’t have to worry about flights, destinations or nightclubs. All you have to do is think about having fun.

Salamanca Fair


Turismo de Salamanca

International holidays

Many festivals in Spain bring together thousands of people who want to have a good time. This is an ideal opportunity to have a great rest day and night. In February, carnivals are held in the province of Cadiz and Tenerife, where participants in the most unusual costumes have fun on the streets until the morning. In March, Valencia hosts the Fallas, with imposing fiery castles and a consistently joyful nighttime atmosphere. Pamplona is worth a trip in July for the traditional San Fermin festival with bull runs during the day and pub parties at night. In August, the Tomatina festival takes place in Bunyol (Valencia) … You just have to choose the fun to your taste.

San Fermin Festival in Pamplona

Party by the sea

Would you like to spend the night with music on the beach? You can do this in many places in Spain. For example, choose one of the many bars on the beaches of Catalonia, the Valencian Community or Andalusia. Famous holidays include, for example, the night of Ivan Kupala at the end of June (especially in Alicante) or some popular holidays, for example in Cadiz, which is held in August on the occasion of the city’s football tournament and gathers thousands of people for a traditional barbecue on the beach.

Terrace with sea view in Ibiza (Balearic Islands)

As you can see, in Spain you can find a thousand reasons not to go to bed and have fun at night. To keep you comfortable, here are some tips. Helpful Hints – Most major cities have night buses that usually run from midnight to 6 am – Although many clubs are open until dawn, there are places, especially in residential areas, that close at 1 or 3 am. discos and nightclubs are only allowed to persons over 18. – The sale of alcohol is only allowed to persons over 18. – Some discos or clubs may have a dress code. – Drinking alcohol outdoors is prohibited, except on the terraces of establishments where it is allowed.- Beaches may have night time restrictions related to noise, toilets, access, etc., depending on the specific municipality.

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If you like nightlife, this watch will be the most interesting. Our tips will help you enjoy the Spanish “movida” in the cities with the busiest nightlife.

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In Madrid, the nightlife is always in full swing, and especially on weekends. Discos, bars, cafes and other trendy establishments in various leisure areas and areas of Madrid allow you to truly enjoy the nightlife.Madrid nightlife is world famous. After all, if there is a city where you can dance all night to all sorts of music, meet people from different countries and visit establishments in a variety of styles, then this is Madrid.

Callao Square in Madrid


Turismo Comunidad de Madrid

You will find that the atmosphere changes depending on the area you are in. If you prefer elegant nightlife, head to the Salamanca area. If you like underground with alternative rock and pop music, then visit the Malasaña area. For meetings with people from different countries, it is best to choose the Huertas area. And those who are looking for trendy discos, halls and clubs where the best DJs perform and celebrities visit, you should head to the city center, to the area of ​​Gran Vía Avenue and Puerta del Sol. In the Chueca district, known for its gay-friendly atmosphere , there are many alternative establishments, techno discos and designer pubs. This area has always been especially modern.

Disco Night

While any time in Madrid is great for dancing and making new friends, the liveliest atmosphere awaits you from Thursday to Saturday from midnight.


If you like dancing until the early hours to modern techno music, you can experience first hand what Barcelona nights are like. Electronic music is especially popular in the institutions of the city, and Barcelona is considered one of the world capitals of this genre. Many famous DJs perform at the discos of the city. In areas such as Eixample and Sant Gervasi Santalo, there are many discos where techno music plays all night. The festivities in the area known as Geixample are especially popular with the LGBT community and are known for their free and tolerant atmosphere.

Dolce Vitae Terrace at Majestic Hotel, Barcelona


Majestic Hotel

The Poble Nou area has numerous large discos and spacious bars where you can listen to alternative rock, indie and the latest pop music. In the Olympic Port, one of the most crowded areas, the nightlife is especially rich and sophisticated. Those who love design, trends and good cocktail bars can choose the El Born area, where music plays and all kinds of Barcelona nightlife lovers gather.


The nights in Ibiza are simply unforgettable, which is why thousands of people gather on the island every year to enjoy them. You can have fun in some of the best clubs on the planet to the music of the best DJs that you can dance to non-stop. The fun goes on all night, but it will seem short to you. In just one night, you will understand why Ibiza’s nightlife is so popular, and you will want to come here again. You will meet numerous nightlife lovers and perhaps see some of the celebrities who come to Ibiza to enjoy the atmosphere that prevails on its terraces and discos.

Ushuaia disco in Ibiza (Balearic Islands)


Valencia’s nightlife attracts many lovers of entertainment, music and dance. The most famous is the Carmen area in the historic part of the city, although the leisure facilities at Chuquer Square, Aragon Avenue and Canovas Square are also popular. halls with independent music.

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia at night

If you prefer something a little more sophisticated, consider that L’Umbracle Garden in the City of Arts and Sciences turns into a terrace at night. And if you come to this city in July or August, then visit the Royal Yacht Club area, where you can have a bite to eat or dance in a disco to electronic music.


Benidorm is a city where you can have fun at any time.