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Our Mission – Parkera



Our Mission, Vision and values


We are the makers of community, where all stakeholders achieve and create with each other  wellbeing, civic connection, harmony with nature, and strong positive financial outcomes.  Our properties are designed, maintained and operated to achieve our mission.


Parkera designs, constructs and operates exceptional CLIMATE-RESILIENT nature-centric apartment communities that are ecologically restorative and lasting triple-bottom-line investments.

Values:  The Four Pillars

Biophilia – humanity’s innate love for and connection to the natural world – is embedded deep in our DNA. Formed by eons of exposure to the natural world, it informs what our brains, bodies, and emotions instinctively respond to. We love the inviting warmth of wood, the singing conversations of birds, the dancing patter of rain, the quilted silence of snow. We feel the strength of stone, and draw on the peace and wisdom of trees. Parkera consciously weaves these elements into the communities we create – homes that connect and inspire. 

Our Approach





In nature, an ecosystem’s diversity makes it stronger, more cohesive, and more resilient – which is what we envision for our communities.

Each of our sites is unique. Each has its own native plant communities, microclimates, and topography. By paying close attention to each development’s specific local, natural context, our aim is to create thriving ecosystems at all of our locations. Our commitment to biophilia and respect for the natural environment also extends to Parkera’s interiors, where we focus on sunlight, organic materials, and healthy air flow.  Connection to nature, essential to our wellbeing and even survival, is a must have not a nice to have. We intuitively know this. Parkera recognizes that science has finally caught up with this intuition; there are numerous evidence-based studies and metrics reinforcing the positive benefits that nature has on human wellbeing. Parkera is now purposefully incorporating this research into our one-of-a-kind developments.


The four elements – earth, air, fire, and water – figure prominently into our designs

Unlike those that impose their standard building and site designs on all locations with equal vigor, each Parkera property uses the natural amenities inherent to its location to make it one-of-a-kind. Integration of the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water – figures prominently.