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Best Nightclubs in Barcelona [2023 April Update]

Are you looking to discover the best nightclubs in Barcelona?

Then we have you covered!

On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist all the nightclubs in Barcelona. (More in-depth further below). And, each with why its best to go.

Feel free to check out each nightclub’s official profile to find out more and to find out which is best for you.

We’ve also created seperate shortlists for each music genre you might like to hear at a club on your night out.

So check out these articles aswell:
  • Beach/Day Clubs in Barcelona
  • EDM Clubs in Barcelona
  • House Music Clubs in Barcelona
  • Techno Clubs in Barcelona
  • Gay & LGBT Clubs in Barcelona
  • Latin Clubs in Barcelona
  • RnB Clubs in Barcelona
  • VIP Clubs in Barcelona
  • Hip Hop Clubs in Barcelona
  • And finally: Our Complete Guide to Barcelona’s Nightlife

Furthermore, you can get on the guest list or book a table with bottle service on some of the more exclusive clubs. We are happy to help you out with either.

The Best Places to go Clubbing in Barcelona

1. Boulevard Culture Club – Barcelona

Boulevard Club, more commonly known as BLVD in Barcelona, is one of the most popular clubs located in the popular neighborhood of Las Rambla. This historic strip club has now been transformed into what has become one of the most eclectic and vibrant nightclubs. Open every single night of the week, Boulevard Club has an exciting program, event or just a party being hosted here every night.

2. Luz de Gas Barcelona

Luz de Gas is the oldest and the most renowned club in Barcelona and has always served its clients right in terms of fun. Trendy, elite, and amazing folks have always loved this place for its antiquity, originality, and the amusement it has to offer.

3. Opium Barcelona

Are you addicted to Opium, already? That same heavy-scented, reddish-brown, addictive drug which is an instant narcotic. Some of you must have while others not. However, our ‘Opium’ nightclub is a place which everyone will surely get addicted to after visiting it for once. Opium is an enchanting place to be at. Every night, there is a plethora of wonderful chic and sublime crowd from all over the world.

4. Bling Bling Barcelona

The popular club, Bling Bling situated in uptown Barcelona, Carrer de Tuset is notorious for its glamour and luxuriousness, attracting the sophisticated, posh crowd into its gleaming ambience. If you are looking for elegance and style, Bling Bling is all about these two characteristics. The interior of the club gives a feeling of a classic hotel’s hallway which greets you with genuine generosity. The walls of Bling Bling are not just walls but an exciting sight to eyes as they are embedded with gold microcrystals. The walls that rise above to meet with the sloping ceiling further enhances the whole scenery of Bling Bling. Each corner of this club has been embellished with the large luminous jewels which emphasize the details of the corners. All in all, the interior of the club does justice to its name, Bling Bling.

5. Pacha Barcelona

Pacha, located at a unique and privileged site in a first row right in front of the sea, is one of the most paramount leisure areas of the city. It is one of the most admired and well-known clubs around the world. It is open every day throughout the week and brings the most famous national and international musicians, DJ’s, and artists to play and perform. Lighting and ambiance are beyond perfect. Here, you will get to meet the locals as well as visitors around the globe.

6. Shoko Barcelona

Open every night of the week, Shoko Club, Barcelona is known for hosting some of the most eventful after parties filled with celebrities and VIPs of international standards. Every night at Shoko is completely unique, original and full of surprises. The décor of the venue is one of the first striking things about Shoko; a Japanese fusion inspired restaurant and one of the hottest clubs in Spain. The second striking thing about Shoko is that there is a different event every single night of the year.

7. Jamboree Barcelona

Jamboree Club has been around for half a century now, becoming a part of Barcelona’s rich heritage and culture. A dynamic venue which has stayed open every night of the year since its conception in 1960, Jamboree Club is a living culture of Barcelona. Located in the popular district of La Rambla, Jamboree Club is filled with international music, hip hop and R&B. The club finds itself filled to the brim on most nights; with the entrance fees being so minimal and the performances being optimal!

8. Sutton Barcelona

Known as the most exclusive night club in the city of Barcelona, Sutton Club is a class apart when it comes to the night club experience. Since its opening in 2001, Sutton Club has been known to host some of the known delightful events and upscale events. Undeniably the most fashionable night club in the city, Sutton Club has welcomed some of the most important VIP guests, celebrities, international artists and upscale clientele in all of Barcelona.

9. Moog Barcelona

Another one of Barcelona’s famous ‘historically significant venues’ which has now been turned into a nightclub, Moog is a two stories, popular nightclub venue in Barcelona. Located just off Las Rambla at the center of the city in Raval, Moog is a laid-back sort of nightclub with no strict rules and guidelines imposed on its customers. The only thing that this nightclub cares about is if their patrons are having a great time or not.

10. Sala Apolo Barcelona

A temple of DJ’s in the city of Barcelona, Sala Apolo has seen some of the best rick, indie, pop and punk concerts in the past 50 years. Open every night of the week, Sala Apolo hosts exciting events to keep their club goers on their toes. Of course, one of the most unique concepts of Sala Apolo is their weekly schedule. With quirky names to brand every night at Sala Apolo, the club brings about panoply of music genres in their two floor venue.

11. Otto Zutz Barcelona

Brought to life in the June of 1985, Otto Zutz has brought about a revolution in terms of night clubs to the city of Barcelona. With a new and exciting concept of having 4 different dance floors in one venue, Otto Zutz caters to the musical flavours of many. On most nights, you will find the club completely filled to the brim- that is to say that Otto Zutz is just so popular amongst local and international crowds both, that you would be elbow to elbow with the dancers if it weren’t for their amazing VIP areas and seating arrangements.

12. Eclipse Barcelona

The nightclub which sits 26 floors high in the city of Barcelona; Eclipse. This unique nightclub is not only one of the most sought-after, elite club venues in Barcelona, but is also the most popular dance club in town. Perched above ground level, this nightclub has the perfect ambience and vibe to make every guest here feel like a VIP superstar.

13. Costa Breve Barcelona

Costa Breve is the ultimate nightclub spot in Barcelona for young locals and enthusiastic international crowds. If you are expecting a very sophisticated, high-end club, then Costa Breve is not it. Instead, for those who are looking for a fun and cosy evening with their friends, Costa Breve is the perfect place to just unwind and relax.

14. Razzmatazz Barcelona

A club of epic proportions, Razzmatazz is an iconic venue of alternative culture in Barcelona, welcoming young and varied crowds; both local and international. Set up in a former factory, Razzmatazz, with its 60 foot high ceilings, huge dance floors, and not two, not three, but five different rooms, this club satisfies musical tastes of all kinds. The five different rooms are divided up to cater to different genres, however, on some nights, all five rooms and mashed up into one, huge, party venue.

15. Bestial Barcelona

A beach club with Mediterranean vibes where you can sit back and relax with some beachy cocktails and enjoy the best hits of the ’80s and ’90s, giving you a memorable trip down nostalgia lane; this is what Bestial Club is all about. Situated on San Sebastian beach in Barcelona, this beach club is open all year round to provide party lovers with that exotic feel and atmosphere which you might be otherwise missing in regular nightclubs around town.

16. Bikini Barcelona

Bikini hosts a special Frat Themed Party every Thursday, so obviously, wear what you would to a frat party! On other nights, you need to find out the theme of the party and dress accordingly. As for the casual dress code, men can comfortably wear a fancy t-shirt, a nice collared shirt, trousers, or even fancy jeans.

17. City Hall Barcelona

Creating just the perfect blend of old plus new, City Hall Club, which was once a theatre has now been transformed into a dream nightclub venue in Barcelona. The spotlights, rich, velvet curtains, and the ear-splitting sound system provide the perfect balance between the rich roots of the club venue, and just the right accessories added to make it one of the most popular nightclubs in town. With low ceilings and a wall full of mirrors, the ambience of the club is just right for meeting new people and dancing to the club music all night long.

18. Antilla Barcelona

If you are looking for the perfect place which delivers uninterrupted Latin music which you can literally dance to all night long, then there is no better club out there than Antilla Club, Barcelona. Antilla Club hosts an array of musicians from all kinds of diverse backgrounds, all coming together under one roof to enjoy the beauty of Latin music.

19. R33 Barcelona

For those looking for the perfect nightclub to get their party started on a Saturday night, R33 Club in Barcelona is the one-stop option for you. This underground nightclub is known for having a mind-boggling sound system, blaring for their music lovers the very best of electronic and techno music. The club is small, comfortable and cozy, making it the perfect place for all music lovers to gather together and revel in the ambience of R33.

20. Oak Barcelona

Located where the former club Nick Havana once used to be, Oak Club is an up and coming nightclub which is so original and authentic that it gets bombarded by crowds all year round. The décor of Oak Club has been made to look like a beach club, however, unlike other beach clubs, Oak is open all year round!

21. Input Barcelona

Input is much more than just any other night club; Input is a safe space for individuality, uniqueness and spontaneity. Input is the venue where art, music, performances, and uniqueness swish about in an elixir, creating a completely different world within these four walls. Input Club creates an interactive session with its crowds instead of just presenting the services of a regular night club; which is music and alcohol. This club in Barcelona has become popular for being a space where fashion style and elegance are not given as much importance as uniqueness, good quality, and an amazing, one of a kind taste in things.

22. Catwalk Barcelona

One venue; three ambiences. Catwalk Club, Barcelona is the perfect elixir of beauty, passion, taste and style. Located at the mysterious enclave in Marina Village, Barcelona, Catwalk Club attracts the chicest of crowds of the city with its whiffs of elegance and standard. With a carnival theme party, Catwalk has 3 different rooms set perfectly for different moods and needs.

23. Macarena Club Barcelona

Located next to La Ramblas in Barcelona, Macarena is a highly prestigious club which welcomes some of the most elite crowds of the city. The club has a very warm atmosphere which feels welcoming to all kinds of music lovers. Now known as one of the best and most popular electronic music clubs in the city, Macarena Club is a small, yet salient nightclub venue in Barcelona.

24. Mojito Barcelona

A club which is solely dedicated to the art of appreciating Latin music, Mojito Club is known for its love for creativity, expression, and everything Spanish! If you are one who loves to dance and even pick up a few new dance moves, then Mojito Club is the perfect club venue that you could find in Barcelona.

25. La Fira Provenza Barcelona

‘La Fira’ literally translates to The Fair. This nightclub in Barcelona excels in celebrating everything with vibrancy and exuberance. From the décor to the ambience, the cocktails, the food, the music and the kind of crowds that you will find here.

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The Best Clubs You Just Can’t Miss


Updated on Dec 29 • 6 minute read


It’s no surprise that when you think of the party scene in Southern Europe, Barcelona comes to mind. Because when the sun goes down, Barcelona transforms into the ultimate party town.

While Berlin offers an experimental nightlife and London the posh party scene, Barcelona delivers ever promising fun and never-ending possibilities. No matter which bar, event or nightclub you decide to go to, you’re guaranteed to have one of the most dazzling, exciting, and welcoming times of your life.

So while you’re gearing up for a night full of fun in Barcelona, make note of Barcelona’s Nightlife culture, tips to enjoy the night, and the top clubs you’ve to visit!

What’s Barcelona’s nightlife like?

Barcelona is one of Spain’s best cities for nightlife. From iconic beach clubs and cosy bars to uber fancy uptown clubs and boat parties, Barcelona’s got something for every party goer.

And as with everything in Spanish culture, even nightlife begins late into the night. The entire nightlife area comes alive around 2:00 A.M. As you walk down the streets, you’ll find streets buzzing with locals and expats, hopping from bar to bar until it’s time to hit the clubs. You might even be drawn to the friendly atmosphere. After all, the Spanish are fun-loving people who love to socialise and make people feel welcome.

So to really enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife like a local, make sure to pack plenty of energy because the parties don’t stop until well after sunrise! And if you’re worried, do as the locals do; nap in the afternoon so you can party through the night.

Practical tips for a night to remember in Barcelona

  • Don’t go to the clubs too early as Spaniard’s don’t hit the clubs until around 2:00 A. M.

  • Most of the clubs in the city don’t have a strict dress code, except for some upscale clubs. Always double-check the dress code.

  • Most clubs have a bouncer, so don’t be too drunk if you want to enter the club.

  • Barcelona has extensive transportation options through the night. You’ll find night buses and metro lines running through the entire night on Saturdays and until 2 A.M. on Fridays. If you’re with a group of friends, it might even be cheaper to get a taxi.

  • Drinks can be pretty expensive in some clubs. We recommend having some drinks before heading to clubs. But if you ever run out, you can also find some locals selling beers on the streets (not so legally).

Best Beach Clubs in Barcelona

1. Opium Barcelona

Opium is an iconic nightclub in Barcelona. From its stunning beach view from the terrace to the club’s youthful and stunning crowd, Opium is the ultimate beach club. There’s no doubt that Opium’s delicately designed menu, fancy cocktails, and dazzling atmosphere will make you feel anything less than a celebrity.

Even with a capacity of 3000 people, the club is completely packed every night as it hosts the biggest names in the music industry like David Guetta and Tiesto. So it’s no surprise Opium attracts music lovers from all over the world.

Before you head out to Opium, pay attention to the strict dress code. Since it’s an upscale beach club, you need to dress the part to experience Opium’s nightlife.

  • Location: La Barceloneta, close to the famous Hotel Arts in Port Olympic
  • Price: €€€€

2. Catwalk club

Catwalk is a club that can satisfy people with a wide variety of music tastes. It’s got 2 floors and 3 different rooms.

In the main room, you can dance to the mainstream commercial house. If you want to listen to chill tunes while sipping your drink, you should opt for the terrace. And sky room is your friend if you love your R&B and want to jam to the latest hip hop hits.

Even though the Catwalk is a beach club, don’t forget to put on your best clothes as the club loves its dress to impress attitude.

  • Location: La Barceloneta
  • Price: €€€

3. Shoko Club Barcelona

Shoko is an experience. This beach club offers a different experience every night. The club is known for its theme parties and offers a wide range of music genres from hip-hop to EDM. And aside from its off-the-charts energy inside, the club has some of the best DJ’s in the biz.

Overall, Shoko has a slightly laidback attitude compared to the other Barcelona beach clubs. But this doesn’t mean you can wear whatever you want. So dress to impress!

Overall, Shoko is a great club if you love theme parties, are eager to have a night out among locals and tourists, and enjoy a wide range of music genres.

  • Location: On Barcelona Beach
  • Price: €€€

The Uptown Clubs in Barcelona

1. Bling Bling Barcelona

This club is true to its name. The club has a vintage chic, glamorous, and exclusive, vibe with lots of shiny and sparkly decor. It also has one of the biggest dance floors in Barcelona and offers a wide range of music to dance.

You can of course stand in the queue or make a reservation on the guest list. But you can choose from 1 of the 2 VIP sections which allow 3-5 people. So if you’ve something special to celebrate or just want to honor your inner diva, go for the VIP package and enjoy cocktails and party music from your personal booth.

  • Location: Calle de Tuset
  • Price: €€€€



Macarena has a different setting than most Barcelona clubs. This underground club offers a super intimate experience and is located in the heart of a gothic neighbourhood of Barcelona.

Macarena is known for its EDM music and you’re bound to feel pumped while enjoying its mystic vibe and ambience. An eccentric crowd and fantastic sound system will be your friend for the night.

  • Location: City centre, walking distance from Las Ramblas
  • Price: €€

3. Sutton Barcelona

Located in upscale Barcelona, Sutton is very exclusive and famous for its crazy nights. Sutton is everything you expect from a fancy club: the soft neon lighting, glass tables, VIP rooms, and golden couches create one of the most magical premier club experiences in Barcelona. But, the club gets crazy busy. So it might not be for everyone, especially if you enjoy having your space while busting your dance moves.

The club’s bouncers have the ultimate power. The bouncer can refuse you from entering if you don’t fit in their strict dress code or look too drunk. But if you get in, then you can expect to dance among celebrities and big names since they are all fans of the club.

  • Location: Downtown Barcelona
  • Price: €€€€

4. Jamboree Barcelona

Jamboree is one of the oldest clubs in Barcelona as it opened its doors over half a century ago. In Jamboree, a live jazz band will soothe your ears between 8 pm and 10 pm while you sip your decently priced drink. And as the night progresses, you’ll find yourself dancing to top international and local hits.

Expect to enjoy your night among young people, mainly because it’s affordable. And if you want pure party vibes without the hassle of dressing up too much, this is your go-to place. The club is also open all year.

  • Location: La Ramba
  • Price: €€

5. Otto Zutz Club

Otto Zutz is the precious pearl of the club scene in Barcelona. Since this is a former textile factory turned into a nightclub, the interior was designed to have an industrial feel.

The club has three different floors; on each floor, you’ll enjoy different genres to suit every taste. So you can dance along to hip-hop, R&B, and local hits all night.

Otto Zutz has also hosted several renowned artists like Kid ink. On such nights, you’ll find people of all ages dancing, mingling and enjoying.

  • Location: Sant Gervasi, 3 mins walking distance from Gràcia
  • Price: €€€

6. Razzmatazz, the biggest club

Razzmatazz is one of the city’s most significant clubs as it’s a successor of Sala Zeleste, a club that shut down in the 2000s due to its financial debt.

Razzmatazz has a capacity of over 3000 people and has an impeccable sound system. It has five different halls where you can party to almost any type of music or catch famous artists performing live. In the past, the club has hosted many influential artists from Coldplay to Paul MacCartney.

The club’s versatility makes it a hotspot for everyone of every age and background.

  • Location: El Poblenou neighborhood
  • Price: €€

Barcelona has it all!

Now that you know some of the best clubs to visit in Barcelona, buckle up and go out to experience it for yourself. And if you find yourself not having enough of Barcelona’s exhilarating energy, why not move to Barcelona to relive it anytime you want?

As a city, Barcelona will only surprise you. From its friendly and easily accessible neighbourhoods to its comparatively affordable cost of living; from its wonderful artistic vibe to the English speaking jobs the city offers, Barcelona is just waiting for you to make it your own.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any suggestions or inquiries about the content on this page.

Barcelona nightclubs: the complete guide – Barcelona nightclubs

Features of Barcelona nightclubs. Nightclubs in Barcelona by area.

Nightlife in Spain is very vibrant. It just so happened that the Spaniards eat late and, as a result, go to bed late. The inhabitants of the kingdom love to take a walk at dusk. That is why in large cities, establishments that operate at night are extremely popular.

Let’s take a trip to the main nightclubs of Barcelona to find out what their features are, where they are located and how the club life in general proceeds in the capital of Catalonia.

Features of nightclubs in Barcelona

Most nightclubs in the city are filled with visitors only after 01.00-02. 00 hours. That is why entry to these establishments before midnight is most often free. But the clubs are open until 06.00-07.00 hours!

Even if you are not a fan of this kind of entertainment, it is still worth going to a nightclub in Barcelona at least once. Here you will plunge into a special bright, fresh, fashionable and exciting atmosphere of youth recreation. You can also visit one of the many lounge bars that are gaining popularity in the Catalan capital.

You can also save money on trips to nightclubs, since very often promoters hand out flyers right on the streets of the city, giving the right to free admission, a free drink or a general discount on a bar. You can get similar flyers in shops, cafes, and even right at the entrance to the club. If you are determined to go to a nightclub in Barcelona, ​​then go to La Rambla or the Gothic Quarter, where flyers are handed out daily.

Barcelona nightclubs by area

There are nightclubs in every one of the many districts of the Catalan capital. However, each of them has its own specifics. That is why, for convenience, we divided these establishments into districts of the city.

Links are clickable. Following them, you will find popular nightclubs in each area of ​​Barcelona with descriptions and addresses

  • Barcelona nightclubs in the Montjuïc area
  • Barcelona nightclubs in Poble Sec
  • Barcelona Nightclubs in Poble Nou
  • Barcelona nightclubs in the beach and port areas of Barcelona
  • Nightclubs in Raval, Barcelona
  • Barcelona nightclubs. Gothic Quarter
  • Barcelona nightclub in El Born
  • Barcelona Country Clubs

Barcelona nightclubs are completely different. So among them you can certainly find something of your own and plunge into the bright atmosphere of dances and lights. Every week, night discos distribute brochures in the capital of Catalonia with a program of DJ performances, competitions and draws for the coming weekend.

Follow the clubs’ repertoire so you can easily find something of your own and have a great time.

Natalia Magic

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  • Barcelona is the 5th best nightclub city in the world
  • Strip clubs in Barcelona
  • Catalonia nightlife

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6 discos in Barcelona where you can now go dancing all night again. Spain in Russian

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Barcelona establishments still have time restrictions, they must close at 3:30 am. However, this fact is already very pleasing to the residents of the city, who love to dance in local nightclubs. Today we will tell you which of them opened their doors again.


One of the most famous nightclubs in the city reopens its doors. These days you can dance here to the music from popular DJs of the city. The poster can be found at The establishment is open from 23:00.


This establishment in the Gothic Quarter is also happy to reopen its doors. Now they are ready to present modern electronic music from all over the world.

Otto Zutz

A luxurious club located on the site of a former textile factory and famous for its glamorous parties, it is proud to have hosted performances by Aerosmith and the Spice Girls. On weekends, it will be filled with trap and hip-hop rhythms.


Here guests are again waiting to move to the rhythm of indie rock and reggaeton.


This place is considered the temple of Barcelona’s electronic music, so fans of all ages can be seen here.

La Terrazza

In the Spanish village of Poble Espanyol there is an open-air dance club called La Terrrazza, where modern electronic music rules the disco. Now he welcomes guests again for unrestrained fun. Until the morning you can dance here from Thursday to Sunday.

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