Mt tibidabo: The Complete Guide to visiting Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona –

The Complete Guide to visiting Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona –

Barcelona is the perfect travel destination for lovers of architecture, history, Spanish cuisine, and beautiful beaches. But if you ever want to have a look at the city from a high viewpoint, then you have to go to Mount Tibidabo. The Mount Tibidabo viewpoint will give you the best views over Barcelona!


You probably already have seen Mount Tibidabo while walking around the streets of Barcelona. Being 512 m high, it is the highest mountain of the Serra de Collserola range. On its top stands a church that overlooks the whole city. What is noticeable about this church is the statue of Jesus on the top of the building with his arms wide open. And you can even see it from the streets of Barcelona.

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Free walking tours are my favorite way to explore a new city. And the best thing about them is that you get to explore a city in only one afternoon. The guides are always locals and show you the city through the eyes of a person that lives there. Isn’t it amazing that you get the chance to ask a local about the best restaurants, secret places, and other things?


How do free walking tours work? These tours do not come with an official price tag. So the tour guides rely on your donations. Here, it is completely up to you what you would like to give them. Feel free to decide depending on how much you like the tour and what your budget is. Check out the tours below:

You can find more free walking tours in Barcelona here.

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Take the Hop-on Hop-off bus to Mount Tibidabo

Hop-on Hop-off buses are the perfect way to see the most of a city if you only have limited time. How do these buses work? The red hop-on-hop-off buses drive around Barcelona in a circle where they stop at more than 30 bus stops. These bus stops are close to Barcelona’s most important monuments and attractions. With your ticket, you can simply get on one of these buses at the closest bus stop. Once you reach your destination you can get off the bus and explore the attraction you were wanting to see. When you are ready to leave, you just have to go back to the closest bus stop. And the next bus is usually only minutes away. My mom loves these buses and managed to see A LOT of Barcelona in only two days. Especially, if you are traveling with people who do not want to walk too much these buses are amazing! You can get your ticket here. Advertisements

The best thing about those buses is that they do stop close to Tibidabo: The bus leaves you right at the stop “Tibidabo” Tramvía Blau. There, you take the tram to Plaza Doctor Andreu. At this plaza, you get to take the historical funicular train to the top of Tibidabo.

You can book your ticket for the hop-on-hop-off bus in Barcelona here.

History of Mount Tibidabo

You might wonder where the name Tibidabo origins from. According to legend, it is most likely from the Bible verse Luke 4:6. In that scene, the devil and Jesus both stand on a high mountain overlooking the whole world. The devil himself said to Jesus:

“All this power will I give you, and the glory of them: for that is delivered to me; and to whomsoever, I will I give it.”

And Tibidabo means “ I will give it to you” in Latin. Naming the mountain Tibidabo implies that this scene actually happened there.

After visiting it I really feel like Tibidabo is a very underrated area of Barcelona where you usually do not see too many tourists going. But the views from there are spectacular! You can get a full 360 degrees view of Barcelona, the Mediterranean Sea, and even parts of Montserrat and Montseny. Since the Amusement Park falls right into the views it gives it a very unique vintage atmosphere. And it seems like the perfect place to visit with children!

The Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Tibidabo amusement park is the oldest amusement park in Spain and one of the oldest ones in Europe. During my research, I found out it was built in 1899. How crazy is that? It offers several different carousels, roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and other different attractions. There are over 25 different rides you can go to! Apart from that it also has a restaurant and resorts (When I went there the hotels were closed due to Covid). 

You will see many families with children coming here. But its retro atmosphere made me think of what a great place this could be for a date! There is even an area with tables which makes it perfect for a little picnic. And you can bring your own food!

By the way, Tibidabo also has four mascots named Ti, Bi, Da, and Bo

What can you do at Mount Tibidabo

I already mentioned some of the fun things in Mount Tibidabo but here is a list of the best things to do there: 

  • Talaia, The Big Lever: The highest point where you can be in Barcelona. It brings you high up in the air where it leaves you hanging a couple of seconds. The view from there must be incredible!
  • Colourful Carousel: A classic carousel with horses. It looks a bit vintage and is perfect for children.
  • Giradabo: The colourful ferris wheel that will be in almost all of your photos in Tibidabo. I really wanted to go on it, but there was a huge line when I went there.
  • Avió Tibidabo: Avió is an attraction at Tibidabo which is an airplane ride on a retro red airplane! The plane even circulates using its own propeller. It was opened almost 100 years ago (in 1928) and some original parts are still used in it! Avió is supposed to be a replicate of the first plane flight going from Barcelona to Madrid in 1927.
  • The Automaton Museum: The Automaton museum includes more than 40 pieces from the 20th and 19th century. The oldest and most famous model is the Mandolin Clown (Payaso Mandolinista) from 1880. A true treasure of the museum!

Mount Tibidabo viewpoint: The best views over Barcelona

You can walk around Tibidabo for free if you do not want to go on any of the rides at the Amusement park. This is absolutely worth it just for the breathtaking views you have. The price for the amusement park is 35 Euros per person. Check out their official webpage for prices and details.

Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón

Of course, you cannot visit Tibidabo without going to its famous church! The Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazon sits on the top of Mount Tibidabo and looks like it could be in a fairytale. It is actually a small basilica and translated means “sacred heart”. The architectural work was done by Spanish architect Enric Sagnier and the construction lasted from 1902 to 1961.

The entrance to the Church is free. You can go up to the very highest viewpoint by elevator for 3 Euros.

How to Get to Mount Tibidabo

Getting to Tibidabo is already an experience by itself. Why? Because you will pass the Avinguda del Tibidabo which is where the biggest and most beautiful mansions of Barcelona are. So keep your eyes open and look around on your way there!Advertisements

If you plan on going there by public transport, the easiest way is to take the bus from Placa Catalunya at the corner with Rambla Catalunya. The bus T2A leaves right in front of Desigual. A one-way ticket costs 3 Euro. The buses usually leave every 30 minutes.

Visit Tibidabo by car

The easiest way would be to go by car, of course, if you happen to have that option. There is plenty of space to park your car and the price for a whole day is 13 Euros. You can book your ticket here in advance.

When renting a car, make sure to check out rental cars. I have been using them for years and can tell you it’s a car rental website with no hidden fees. The booking process is so simple. When we booked a car with them in Portugal, we even got an upgrade and even got a cabriolet! Renting a car in Barcelona is great if you want to check out the outskirts and are planning to do a one-day trip.

Take the Hop-on Hop-off bus to Tibidabo

As mentioned previously, you can take the hop-on-hop-off bus to reach Tibidabo. If you are already on one of the buses exploring Barcelona, get off at the stop “Tibidabo Tramvía Blau”. There, you take the tram to Plaza Doctor Andreu. You will pass Barcelona’s most beautiful villas and mansions. So make sure to look out of the windows. At Plaza Doctor Andreu, you take the historical funicular train to Mount Tibidabo which will leave you at the entrance of the amusement park. You can book your ticket here.Advertisements

AdvertisementsGo to Tibidabo by tram!

The second option would be taking line 7 from Placa Catalunya to Avinguda Tibidabo FGC (Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat). The metro in Barcelona is quite easy to navigate and has signs in Catalan and English. I would definitely recommend getting the TMB App! From Avinguda Tibidabo you can hop on Tramvia Blau. Here, you will pass Avenida de Tibidabo with the beautiful mansions I mentioned before.

The trams stop at Plaza Doctor Andreu where you can take the funicular train to the top of Tibidabo. It will leave you right at the entrance of the Amusement Park. The funicular train has been going there since 1901 so it is definitely an experience to take it!

History, Emblem, Tips, and Guides

Along with the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona has narrow alleyways home to the Cathedral. Arriving at the Gothic Quarter is like traveling back in time.

If you leave the Ramblas, you may find your way to the city’s center by meandering through the city’s winding streets.  

There are still ruins left behind by the ancient Barcino (Barcelona’s Roman name), emblems of the Jewish Quarter, and haunts of Art Nouveau’s bohemian artists. Without a doubt, it is one of the most attractive districts in Barcelona, with the gothic gem at its heart. 

Early History Behind Cathedral of Barcelona

Barcelona Cathedral, officially known as “Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia” – is a historical cathedral with a relatively modern facade. The Cathedral you see stands on the same spot occupied by the Early Christian Cathedral in the fourth century-which the remains of it can be seen in the subsoil and the City History Museum. 

The original church suffered severe damage during the invasion by the Arab war leader Almanzor back in the 10th century and later was rebuilt into a new church in the Romanesque style. In May 1298, during the reign of Jaime II of Aragon, the construction of the existing Gothic church began and continued over 150 years.

Moreover, the facade that tourists today enjoy was built much more recently in the 19th century after remaining untouched for more than 400 years.

The Emblem of the Cathedral: The Harrowing Legend of Saint Eulalia

Since 599 AD this Cathedral of Barcelona has been dedicated to the Holy Cross. In 877, the old Christian cathedral received the relics of Saint Eulalia, patron saint of the city of Barcelona, which is concealed in the church of Santa Maria del Mar.

Because of the powerful legend surrounding this Christian martyr who died at the end of the third century, the Barcelona Cathedral has a huge number of memorabilia that are devoted to her: a door, stained glass windows, keystones, reliefs, pictures, and so on. 

According to the legends, the Romans brought 13 agonies on Saint Eulalia, one for every year of her life; beating, imprisoning, torturing, and burning her breasts on a rack, as well as tossing her into a quicklime pit and flea-infested yard. 

The ninth torment is the most well-known, in which she was closed in a casket filled with shattered glass, nails, and knives and thrown down a steep street, which was known as the Baixada de Santa Eulàlia. Finally, the maiden was nailed to an x-shaped cross that you see today as the emblem of the Barcelona Cathedral.

Location, Hours, and Access

Barcelona Cathedral is located on the Pla de la Seu, in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. To reach there, take the Metro to ‘Jaume l Station’ on line 4 and walk from there. In addition, if you happen to be in this part of town, you may go there on foot.

The Cathedral of Barcelona is available to the public at the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm and 5:45 pm to 7:30 pm.

Saturdays: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 5:15 pm to 8:00 pm. 

Sunday and Holidays: 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm

The Cathedral of Barcelona is exclusively open for religious service the rest of the day. While you are welcome to attend, photography is not allowed at this time. You are expected to pray respectfully throughout this time. 

Mass Times:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 pm to 12:00 pm, and 7:00 pm 

Saturdays: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Sundays & Holidays: 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:00 am, 13:00 am, 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm

All masses are in Catalan or Spanish.

While there are no days when the building is officially closed, it is essential to check their website calendar for current visiting hours if you are going on a trip.

Admission Fees 

While access to the Cathedral of Barcelona is free, some parts have payment. The central nave of the Cathedral and the cloisters are both free to enter. The Choir entrance fee is €3, while the Terraces and lift are both €3. You may also acquire these two tickets plus admission to the Sala Capitular museum for €7, which is a pretty good deal.

The views from the terrace are spectacular, we recommend you don’t miss it. Take note that the terrace closes 30 minutes earlier than most of the church. This is very important to keep in mind, especially if you have already purchased your ticket. And unless you arrive at the height of the tourist season, you may purchase your tickets upon entry.

Useful tips

  • Keep in mind that the security may inspect things before allowing you entry.
  • Citizens and tourists are requested to dress appropriately. In this case, appropriate dress means clothing that covers the thighs and shoulders. Otherwise, you can’t enter if you do not comply with this policy. 
  • Go up to the roof of the Cathedral for scenic views of Barcelona. For the best views, go between 10, and 11 am when there are few tourists.
  • There is a specific slot in the sarcophagus containing St. Eulalia’s relics where you may place a coin — the sarcophagus is illuminated with lovely lights.
  • Every month, the Cathedral of Barcelona holds organ performances. But to be able to attend, make sure to schedule in advance. 
  • If you’re in the Gothic Quarter and walking to the Barcelona Cathedral, make sure to take a map with you because you can easily get lost in the old part of Barcelona.

So that’s it! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed going through this article as much as you will when visiting this gothic gem. We hope this can save you some time when planning your next trip to Barcelona! 

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Let us know if there are any questions or comments you have regarding this article or anything else. You can always find us on Facebook or Instagram or by leaving a comment below Happy traveling! 

Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona: Description, photo

Address: Spain, Barcelona
Height: 512 m
Coordinates: 41 ° 25’20.5 “N 2 ° 07’07.6” E

Mount Tibidabo

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Temple of the Sacred Heart on Tibidabo

On Mount Tibidabo

Mount Tibidabo on the map

The highest point of the beautiful and unique Barcelona is a mountain, under a strange, at first glance, name, Tibidabo. Its height is relatively small, only 512 meters .

View of Mount Tibidabo and the Temple of the Sacred Heart

However, the name and legend associated with the mountain attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. “I give you!” – so literally from the Latin language, which is considered “dead” today, you can translate the name of the mountain from the Collserola ridge. It is these words that can be found in the Gospel: they were spoken by Satan himself, who transferred the savior of all mankind, Jesus Christ, to the mountain in Barcelona. He showed the son of God the wonderful surrounding world that opens from this height, and, promising him all this beauty and unlimited power, tried to tempt him.

Mount Tibidabo

In the Holy Scriptures, one can find all the temptations that Satan subjected Jesus to, including the visit of the Savior and the devil to the mountain called Tibidabo. Now on its top there is a stunning temple of the Sacred Heart, over which rises a statue of Jesus Christ, who did not succumb to temptations. The statue was made by a sculptor and installed on the mountain in such a way that it seems that the Savior takes the whole world into his arms. The world is beautiful and amazing, with all its vices and shortcomings. A world that is so prone to temptations and temptations.

Bird’s-eye view of the Temple of the Sacred Heart and the amusement park

It is worth noting that the view of Barcelona from this picturesque mountain often brings tourists into dumb shock, it is so beautiful and unique. Literally everything has been done on Mount Tibidabo so that the traveler not only remembers the beauty that was once revealed to Jesus, but also so that the guest of Barcelona leaves a decent amount on a hill of 512 meters. The point is that on Mount Tibidabo there is not only the temple of the Sacred Heart, but also a city park with a huge number of attractions, a restaurant where you can relax with the whole family .

The television tower, which appeared on Mount Tibidabo as if from a distant future, does not “fit” into this ensemble. Naturally, we will not talk about any time travel, despite the mystical atmosphere that literally permeates everything on this mountain. The tower was designed by Norman Foster. Despite the futuristic appearance, this tower is considered the most successful observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of Barcelona. Its height is almost 270 meters, and if you add 512 meters of Tibidabo itself to this height …

View of the Church of the Sacred Heart and the amusement park from the TV tower

Tibidabo amusement park

Speaking about the amusement park, all guides will definitely emphasize that this is the oldest park in all of Spain. Many of the attractions located in the park on Mount Tibidabo were built over a century ago. These include the Air Train and the world-famous Tibidabo Airplane. Naturally, these attractions, despite their considerable “age”, are absolutely safe, as they all undergo constant modernization and technical inspections. Despite technological progress, which has recently been striding forward by leaps and bounds, most of the Tibidabo rides have retained their original appearance.

The amusement park appeared on Mount Tibidabo, which at that time was not part of Barcelona, ​​back in 1899 . This was done with the sole purpose of “opening up the mountain to the people of Barcelona”. At that time, the city really needed a park, and the mountain became just a “find” for these purposes. True, the organizers of the park then had to solve the problem of how to deliver people to a mountain 512 meters high.

Temple of the Sacred Heart

Even today, a rare traveler will dare to reach the top of Tibidabo through thickets of bushes and trees on foot. Yes, and numerous private estates, which are guarded by evil dogs, often appear in their way. The solution was nevertheless found: at 19In 01, a funicular was built, which still functions to this day, as well as the legendary “blue tram”, which stubbornly moves towards Doctor Andreu Square. The funicular begins its journey from this square. The puppet museum, the haunted castle, the Viking carousel, where everyone will be “doused with water” without fail, and many other attractions that do not let adults or children lose heart even for a minute – all this is an amusement park at the highest point in Barcelona.

The most interesting and famous attractions of Tibidabo are, without a doubt, the Ferris wheel and the same Tibidabo Airplane. From the Ferris wheel, of course, you can in the smallest detail from a bird’s eye view of Barcelona spread out at the foot of the mountain.

Ferris wheel against the backdrop of the panorama of Barcelona

However, the Samoletik also offers a wonderful view, but riding it is not a test for the faint of heart. Sitting in the cabin of the plane, the tourist will make only three circles around the pillar: in a certain segment of this circle, the plane seems to be flying over an abyss. In the Tibidabo airplane, everything constantly creaks and it seems that it is loosely attached to the pole. Probably for this reason, there is a toilet cubicle not far from the exit. It was installed there for a reason… Some native residents of Barcelona tell tourists that this beautiful plane once really flew: it’s probably not worth describing what such a flight led to. By the way, “Airplane Tibidabo” is an exact copy of the aircraft, which at one time crossed the airspace between Barcelona and the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Temple of the Sacred Heart on Tibidabo

Many Orthodox Christians do not know that Catholics celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ on the twelfth day after the Holy Trinity Day. In honor of the Sacred Heart of the Savior of all mankind, the Catholic church on Mount Tibidabo is named.

Attraction – Airplane Tibidabo

The project of the small basilica of Barcelona, ​​which impresses with its style, or rather styles, was designed by Enrique Sagner. The construction of the temple lasted almost 60 years: from 1902 until mid-1961. Alas, the author of the project did not live to see the end of the construction, which was completed under the guidance of his son. Almost immediately after the completion of the work, Pope John XXIII gave the temple on Mount Tibidabo the title of Minor Papal Basilica, which currently attracts the attention of a huge number of Catholics and tourists of other faiths. If we talk about the style in which the temple was built, then it undoubtedly resembles the Gothic most of all, although elements inherent in monumentalism are organically inscribed in it.

Two staircases lead up from the lower Romanesque crypt, which is the basis for the white-Gothic church. As mentioned above, the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart is crowned with a statue of Jesus Christ. In whatever area of ​​Barcelona a person is, he will definitely see the temple itself, and the statue of the Savior towering over it, however, as well as a television tower. The temple itself will be quite interesting to people interested in architectural monuments.

In the amusement park on Mount Tibidabo

In the church, in addition to the Gothic and monumental style, respect for Byzantine traditions can be traced by the author of the project. In addition, in the temple itself, the fact that some icons and murals depict people in modern (!) Clothes is surprising. It is also interesting that the temple stands on the site where long before the beginning of the 20th century there was a monastery. And how could it be otherwise, because the place where Jesus Christ visited is holy. A holy place, as everyone knows, is never empty.

On Mount Tibidabo

Visiting Barcelona and not climbing the sacred mountain described in the Gospel of Matthew is an unforgivable mistake. Seeing Barcelona from above, walking through the park, riding the rides, seeing the Temple of the Sacred Heart and the futuristic television tower, sitting in a cozy restaurant – what could be more interesting? True, it is worth remembering that almost all guests of Barcelona want to get an unforgettable experience from visiting Mount Tibidabo. By the way, on it you can meet a large number of indigenous people of the city, because this mountain is sacred to the Catalans.

TV tower from the side of the amusement park

It is not worth postponing the rise to Tibidabo until the middle of the day or evening: at noon there are already just crowds of people on the mountain, especially in summer. There are huge queues for the attractions, as well as for the observation deck located on the television tower. Therefore, it is best to go to Tibidabo early.

How to get to the top of the mountain, everyone decides for himself. In general, you can try to climb on foot, but this can only be done along a special route. For some reason, this option is most often chosen by the Japanese. The most interesting thing is to take a ride on the blue tram to the square named after Dr. Andreu, and then on the funicular. This is the so-called classic route for tourists. Nowadays the ascent to Tibidabo can be completely untiring: for this you should take a bus specially launched along the route from Plaza Catalunya to the top of mountain . This bus even has its own name – Tibibus, so it will not be possible to confuse it with another city vehicle.

View of Barcelona from the observation deck of the amusement park

Tourists who are used to counting money should make sure that they have lunch and water in their travel bag. Prices in the restaurant on Tibidabo are very high, however, as well as for rides and for climbing to the observation deck. It often happens that a family with one child literally leaves 250 to 300 euros on Tibidabo in just 2-3 hours. There is nothing surprising in this, because you want to do absolutely everything there: look at Barcelona from the observation deck, visit the puppet museum, get very scared in the “abandoned” castle of horrors, wait in line and pour water on the Viking carousel. True, we must not forget that the amusement park has its own strict rules that must be strictly observed. The park is divided into three zones: each of them has its own attractions, designed for adults and children of a certain height. Note that it is height, not age. This, of course, has to do with security.

Blue tram – tourist route connecting the center of Barcelona and the Tibidabo funicular

Almost all Barcelona hotels offer such prospectuses in different languages ​​to their customers. Experienced tourists who have already visited Barcelona more than once share their impressions in their notes on the social networks of the World Wide Web and recommend that you definitely climb the mountain. A happy tourist who rides a blue tram at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour, overcomes the funicular climb and stands on top of Tibidabo, will definitely understand why the devil brought Jesus to this place to tempt him with the beauty of our world.

Attraction rating

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Mount Tibidabo on the map





















description, address, hours and opening hours 2023

Mount Tibidabo is the highest point in Barcelona and one of the most visited attractions. No wonder – after all, on its top there is the highest panoramic platform of the city and a modern amusement park for the whole family, perhaps the best in Catalonia.

Opening hours

Amusement park: March-April: from 11:00 to 19:00-20:00. May-August: from 11:00 to 23:00


Opening hours: The amusement park is open from March to April from 11:00 to 19 :00-20:00. From May to August – from 11:00 to 23:00.

Ticket price: Single entrance ticket to the park – 28, 20 EUR, discounted ticket – 10 EUR. Ticket to the observation deck of the TV tower – 5.60 EUR. A round trip on the funicular – 7.50 EUR.

Mount Tibidabo is the highest point in Barcelona and one of the most visited attractions. No wonder – after all, on its top there is the highest panoramic platform of the city and a modern amusement park for the whole family, perhaps the best in Catalonia.

Places of Interest Tibidabo

An observation deck with a breathtaking panoramic view of the beautiful Barcelona and the Mediterranean coast is not the only attraction of Tibidabo. The Temple of the Sacred Heart rises on the mountain, and at its foot there is an amusement park. Even if you are not a fan of church architecture and entertainment, it is still worth going up here – Tibidabo has a whole network of sophisticated restaurants, noisy tapas bars and other tourist spots.

At the top is a snow-white Catholic basilica, which is over a hundred years old. The dome of the temple is crowned with a statue of Jesus Christ with arms spread out to the sides, who seems to want to hug and protect the city and each of its inhabitants.

Tibidabo. Photo:

Another popular object of Tibidabo Mountain is a 268-meter television tower with a panoramic platform. The futuristic-style building was designed by British architect Norman Foster and is one of the new architectural symbols of Barcelona. For the opportunity to climb the observation deck of the TV tower, you will have to pay about 6 EUR. Having received aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the surroundings, go to the amusement park!

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo Amusement Park is the very first amusement park in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe.