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Best Mexican Restaurants in Barcelona

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We all know Mexican restaurants in Barcelona are a thing… But which ones are really THE thing? 

This is your ultimate guide to the best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, made by a very picky Mexican! We will explore the spots where the Mexican community gets their taco fix, and which are the not-so-Mexican items on their menus.

Disclaimer: Due to Texas’ independence from Mexico in 1845, no Tex-Mex restaurants were included in this list! So, no. There are no nachos or burritos on this list because, well, they aren’t Mexican!

Vegetables with pipián at Quiote Mezcalería, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Quiote Mezcalería, home away from home

Without a doubt, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Barcelona and my go-to when I feel homesick. At Quiote Mezcalería, you get not only the authentic Mexican traditional flavor but also the warmth that characterizes us as Mexicans. For me, Quiote Mezcalería has it all: high-quality ingredients, traditional Mexican dishes, and excellent service (you will just love the owners and staff!). 

One of the things I love the most about Quiote Mezcalería is that everything is made in-house from scratch. Everything. From the salsas to the corn tortillas. Try the guacamole with green apple as a starter, served with homemade totopos (they come out still warm!). Craving tacos? I recommend you the carnitas or lengua ones. And if you want to try one of the most authentic Mexican dishes, order the veggies or corvina fish with pipian, a sauce made from pumpkin seeds and chili. I can’t tell you enough about their pipian, but the truth is that I prefer theirs more than any place in Mexico. 

Chile en nogada at Quiote Mezcalería, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.


100% Mexican. They have a menu that is 100% Mexican, and you can find traditional dishes that you have never seen at a Mexican restaurant in Barcelona. In September, you must try their “chile en nogada,” a very famous Mexican dish that can only be found during this month.

Also, their knowledge of and passion for mezcal, a distilled alcoholic spirit from Mexico, is mind-blowing. If you have heard a lot about mezcal, your place to try it for the first time is Quiote Mezcalería. In addition to making amazing cocktails with mezcal, you can also ask for recommendations on pairing your food with artisanal mezcal. If you are not into mezcal, try their michelada!

Quiote Mezcalería. Carrer de Calàbria, 98, Barcelona (Sant Antoni).

Oaxaca, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Oaxaca, representing ancient Mexican culinary techniques

A visit to Oaxaca means going to one of the most elegant Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, but that is not all. Oaxaca is renowned for its preservation of ancient Mexican culinary techniques. Guests can get the full Mexican experience here: guacamole prepared at your table, chicharron (deep-fried pork skin) made in-house, an open kitchen with a “comal” (griddle for tortillas), and fried grasshoppers and ants on the menu.

Not only is Oaxaca one of the best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, but it is also one of Europe’s best mezcalerias. There are over 100 mezcal references, some of which are exclusive to this restaurant. Their mezcal and tequila cocktails are really astounding.

Oaxaca, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.


100% Mexican even though the chef is not from Mexico (which is remarkable!). Extra points go to Oaxaca for growing chilies, corn, tomatoes, and “quelites” (wild edible plants) in their Mexican gardens. In Mexico, we are losing the practice of eating quelites (which are, by the way, very nutritious). Oaxaca’s dedication to maintaining this tradition is to be admired.

Oaxaca. Pla de Palau, 19, Barcelona (Born).

Costa Pacífico, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Costa Pacífico, the fishiest Mexican restaurant

Located in El Born neighborhood, Costa Pacífico is the fishiest Mexican restaurant in Barcelona. This type of restaurant is very popular in Mexico, especially on the weekends, for curing hangovers. Here, you will find the “caldo de camarón” (the Mexican version of the “fumet”) and a wide variety of aguachile (a Mexican dish made of shrimp or scallops cooked in lime juice, chili peppers, cucumber, and onion). Tacos are also a must! Get the Rosarito or Governor tacos; they are typical of the country’s north coast. 


100+% Mexican. There is nothing better than Mexican seafood. In Mexico, if you eat seafood, you must pair it with a “michelada con clamato.” Don’t forget this when visiting Costa Pacífico as they have a really good one.

Costa Pacífico. Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell, 13, Barcelona (Born)

Maro Azul, Mexican seafood in a nice environment

Maro Azul is another Mexican restaurant in Barcelona specialized in seafood with an exquisite dècor located in La Dreta de l’Eixample. The tuna tostada with leek and chipotle mayonnaise and shrimp ceviche with mango is very popular.

Maro Azul offers a very popular “Menú del día” that can be an excellent option for a weekday meal. 


100% Mexican. At Maro Azul you can enjoy a traditional dish from Mexico called “pescado a la talla.” Originally from Acapulco, this recipe became very popular throughout Mexico. This dish consists of a fish cooked over charcoal, butterflied open, and covered in chili sauce.

Maro Azul.  Carrer de Roger de Flor, 218, Barcelona (Eixample).

Cantina Machito, Fonda style Mexican restaurant

A Mexican restaurant in Barcelona that must not be forgotten: Cantina Machito in Gracia. This restaurant was one of the first Mexican restaurants in Barcelona that served authentic Mexican food instead of Tex-Mex. Cantina Machito has the look and feel of a typical Mexican fonda. Fondas are small restaurants that serve hearty homemade meals of many courses and are a key part of Mexican daily life.

They serve traditional Mexican dishes such as “sopa de tortilla,” “pozole,” and “papadzules.” The papadzules are a traditional Yucatan Peninsula dish that resembles an enchilada but is filled with hard-boiled eggs and topped with pumpkin seed sauce. They have really good chilaquiles, enchiladas, and enmoladas. Also available is “café de olla,” a Mexican-style coffee.


80% Mexican. Despite the majority of their menu being Mexican, they serve guacamole with cheddar cheese and jalapeños!

Cantina Machito.  Carrer de Torrijos, 47B, Barcelona (Gracia)

Michelada at El Pachuco, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

El Pachuco & La Pachuca, Mexican Street-food and mezcal

Getting seated at El Pachuco or La Pachuca can be challenging because of their popularity (arrive early!). Here you will find the typical Mexican street food: tacos, sopes, quesadillas, and tostadas. Must-haves? For sure, the tacos de carnitas and the sopes, a thick corn flat kind of bread served with an abundance of toppings. Although you will be tempted to try everything, be aware that the portions are enormous!


80% Mexican. The thermometer dropped with nachos and beans with cheese, sour cream, cilantro, and lime… Tex-Mex at its finest!

Thankfully, they offer many mezcal options, raising the heat a bit…

El Pachuco. Carrer de Sant Pau, 110, Barcelona (Raval),

La Pachuca. Carrer d’en Carabassa, 19, Barcelona (Gótico)

an extra one, off the menu…

Until now, here are my top Mexican restaurants in Barcelona. But, we all know, gastronomy is contrast, passion, and a blending of identities. Our first thought when thinking about mixing Mexican cuisine is “Tex-Mex.” I don’t think that’s a bad thing (who wouldn’t like nachos with an insane chili?), but what about leaving our “Tex-Mex comfort zone” and exploring new territories? Here is my proposal for you: an amazing Asian and Mexican fusion restaurant…

Arigato, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Arigato, the best Mexican fusion restaurant

Arigato is not a Mexican restaurant, but a Japanese-Mexican fusion restaurant that will blow your mind! Their menu changes frequently, but you are sure to find an amazing Mexican dish, like their famous enchiladas or chilaquiles. Why did I add it to the list if it’s not a Mexican spot? Simply because it’s worth it!

I recently visited them and tried their new menu. The enfrijoladas will blow you away! You know those times when you are eating, and you just wish everything would stop so you could enjoy your religious experience with your food? Well, that just happened to me with their amazing enfrijoladas. I’ll remember those enfrijoladas for a lifetime!


50% Mexican (but not in a bad way!). Yes, they are fusion, so they are not 100% Mexican, and Mexican food is not their primary focus. However, if you find something Mexican on their menu, go for it! There is no reason to hesitate.

Arigato. Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 114, Barcelona (Eixample)

I hope you find this “best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona” list useful and that you enjoy it. For me, as a Mexican living in Barcelona, it is very important to spread the word about traditional Mexican food. Therefore, I am grateful to Maria from Barcelona Food Experience for giving me the space to share my passion for good Mexican gastronomy.

About the author.

Isabel Blanco Vargas holds a Master’s degree in Communication and specializes in content creation and Local SEO strategies (optimization and management of Google Business profiles). As a professional communicator with a passion for language, five years of first-hand experience in the restaurant sector, and a devotion to reading bad reviews and their replies, she helps restaurants and coffee shops take control of their online reputation.

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Barcelona’s Best Mexican Restaurants – Foodie in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Best Mexican Restaurants

(Updated 2022)

Barcelona has great Mexican restaurants. It came as a total surprise to me though it shouldn’t have. Mexican food is just what you need when you are hankering for a break from Catalan brown. The Mexican one-two visual punch of green guacamole and fuschia of pickled red onion. The inclusion of acid in everything. Lime to squeeze into your beer or on your taco.

There’s Mexican food to suit every taste and budget. I’m going to share some of my favourites. This is not an exhaustive list (you’ve got Tripadvisor for that) but a compilation of Mexican restaurants I’ve eaten at listed by what I think they do best.

Costa PacificoPlaça Sant Agustí Vell 13. 08003 El Born. ( From the people behind Tlaxcal comes this Mexican restaurant inspired by the sea. The location is ideal, on a leafy pedestrian square if you can grab one of the outside seats you will be set. Inside is good too because you are here for the food.

Gallo TacoC/ del Torrent de l’Olla, 64 08012 Gracia. ( Entirely vegan, from the “cheese” to the cashew cream. It’s well placed in Gracia, which leads to sustainable, km0, organic and so on. There is a lot of flavour in the dishes, you might almost forget that everything you are eating is plant-based.

GringaC/ de la Lleialtat, 16. 08001 El Raval. ( This started out as the Eureka street food truck before moving to a permanent location in the Raval barrio. This is Californian style Mexican with an interior to match the concept. Think fluorescent lights, cement floors and cactuses in terracotta pots to break it all up. They do an American / Mexican brunch that I love.


La CatrinaC/ Sardenya 196, 08013 El Fort Pienc ( There aren’t a lot of tacos on the menu here but every single one is worth having. They come with guacamole on one end, salsa on the other and a generous sprinkling of chicharrones to complete the package. For the more adventurous, there is beef tongue. I love the bright Mexican oilcloths on the table and that they leave the salsas on the table and you can help yourself. I just squirt them into my mouth with abandon.

Pikio TacoC/ de Còrsega, 376. 08037 Gracia.  ( A hallway type of restaurant. Long and narrow with plenty of bright murals and lighting to keep it fun. Their tacos are small, two bites and you are done. All the better to try a selection. They come in plastic baskets lined with wax papers. The margaritas churn in a slushie machine at the bar so if you love them, have one here.

OaxacaPla de Palau, 19, 08003. ( Within the stunning arches of Pla del Palau. I’ve been told by friends visiting from Mexico that Oaxaca has better food than in their native country. Not surprising. The chef has a garden dedicated to growing ingredients exclusively for the restaurant. Everything is made from scratch, to order and viewable through the glass-encased kitchen. They go as far as to sprinkle the large kernelled corn on the cob with sour dried crickets.

Taco AltoPortal Nou 62, o8003 El Raval. ( This corner shop serves tacos by the piece. Ideal when you are feeling peckish between meals or if you are eating with friends.

Taqueria TamarindoC/ Arago 236. 08007 Eixample. ( A small place with a run-down look. Don’t let the looks dissuade you though, excellent tacos to be had here and good value to boot. The agua de tamarindo and homemade lemonade are a good accompaniment to the tacos. I always make sure to order the nachos too!

TlaxacalC/ Comerç, 27. 08003 El Born. ( Recommended in American magazine Food & Wine, this white-tiled restaurant gets busy fast. Even during the week when their excellent value lunch menu is available. The tongue tacos come highly recommended but I always end up going for the tortilla soup and the green enchiladas.

This was a compilation of Barcelona’s Best Mexican Restaurants. For more compilations click on:
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Barcelona Mexican restaurants – barcelona-excursii

Barcelona Restaurants
September 23, 2021

This article presents the best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona. Mexican cuisine establishments are very popular in the Catalan capital, not only because of the delicious dishes and
drinks, but also because of the quite affordable prices for the culinary masterpieces offered in these restaurants. So, affordable and delicious Mexican restaurants in Barcelona!

El Mexicano Restaurant in Barcelona, ​​the authentic taste of Mexico. El Mexicano de Barcelona is a restaurant whose name speaks for itself.

Located very close to the Hospital Clínic, it offers authentic Mexican cuisine prepared by a local chef.

A space that is not overflowing with the frills of newfangled design, is warm, cozy and simple, ideal for dinners for two or in a small company… read in full

Mexcla restaurant, authentic Mexican cuisine and cocktails in Gràcia (Barcelona). Mexcla is an interesting Mexican restaurant,
located in the heart of the Gràcia district, which eschews stereotypes, both in menu and decoration, and offers authentic Mexican dishes with a Mediterranean touch.

An ideal place to dine with friends or as a couple and finish your hot Mexican meal with one of the restaurant’s “star” cocktails, known far beyond the area: “Margarita” or
“Michelada”… read in full

Chihuahua is a Mexican restaurant located on Paseo Maragall in Barcelona. The place is interesting not only for the quality of food, but also for the interior decoration, where a typical
town in the mexican desert.

Inexpensive and loved by young people, the restaurant has a friendly atmosphere and coziness.

Dishes: Chihuahua nachos. Assorted quesadillas. Enchiladas. Mexican stews. Chicken popocatepetl and tingon tacos. Margarita and a wide range
Mexican beer… read in full

A few meters from the Sant Antoni stop is the La Güerita Mexicana restaurant, which, as the name suggests, specializes in typical dishes of traditional Mexican cuisine, in
features, on tacos al pastor.

Dishes: Taco al pastor. Gringa pastor. Chilaquiles la guerita style. Eggplant tacos. Casserole Cochinita pibil. Taco with chicken al pibil.
Vegetarian cake. Quesadilla. Potato or chicken flutes… read

In Barcelona’s bohemian Gràcia district, you can easily find the city’s first 100% vegan Mexican restaurant, Gallo Santo, which has a quiet and cozy atmosphere.

The traditional color palette of the Caribbean country is combined with lighter tones, giving the interiors a calm and even “homely” look.

In this restaurant it is good to switch off from the noise and frantic pace of the big city – and treat yourself to vegetarian delicacies of Mexican cuisine… read in full

In the Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona, ​​​​Ay Caramba restaurant is located – a place that brings an authentic atmosphere to the atmosphere of the Catalan capital
Mexican color. This restaurant is ideal for visiting with close friends.

He offers us a delicious menu with recipes from Mexico, as well as a wide selection of tequila and mixed drinks that can come to grips with the final part of the dinner.

Dishes: Nachos with cheese, tomatoes, onions, beans, jalapenos and sour cream. Fried melted chicharrones cheese. Baked melted cheese with chorizo. fried
chicken taquitos with sauce… read in full

Located in the center of Barcelona, ​​Azul Frida serves authentic Mexican cuisine in the form of burritos, tacos and more.

A place full of noise, life and fun, where you can have a great time with friends and acquaintances.

Dishes: Nachos Frida. Pibil cocchinita tacos. Squash Blossom Quesadillas. Vegan nacho. Blue corn tortilla with roasted beans
garlic, onion and cilantro, with potatoes and chorizo. Margarita Azul Frida… read

Tlaxcal “Cantina & Taqueria Gastronòmica” presents in the heart of the Born district a new concept of Mexican cuisine, the purpose of which is to bring us closer to amazing gastronomy
Mexico through an authentic and quality menu based on the country’s most traditional recipes.

Dishes: Guacamole with tortilla chips. Tacos (pastor with top and pineapple, suadero, carnitas, steak, barbecue …). Aguachile (raw shrimp,
marinated with lime juice, pico de gallo and avocado). Quesadilla. Tortilla soup. Patatas bravas with chipotle chili sauce and aioli with fried garlic.

Vibe: Casual, Good value for money, Contemporary.

Features: Music and drinks, Where to watch football, Non-stop cuisine, Celiac options, Open on Sunday, Access for people with disabilities
disabled people, After midnight… read more

San Pedrito is a Mexican restaurant and wine shop located near the center of the Born district in Barcelona.

Its menu consists of a wide variety of Mexican delicacies that can and should be accompanied by typical Mexican spirits.

Dishes: Guacamole. Aztec soup. Dry noodles. Charro beans. Quesadilla. Fish rinds. Red rice. Taco. enmoladas. Sticky. Cake Ganache… read more


3 good (very good!) taco restaurants in Barcelona • News of Spain ≪︎All of Spain≫︎

Cresta Colorada © Nicola Parisi

Mexican cuisine is loved by those who cannot imagine their menu without “spicy”.

Taco is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of corn or wheat tortilla with various spicy fillings – beef, pork, chicken, seafood, beans, vegetables, stewed Mexican cactus pulp. Cheese, cilantro, onion and guacamole serve as seasoning.


Antonio Sáez, manager of the Lasarte ovens and the Hotel Arts, opens a fast food restaurant at 194 Calle de Mallorca where he demonstrates his talent by creating delicious products at very attractive prices. Xuba, which in pre-Hispanic means corn, the ingredient from which they make thin and elastic cakes every day, in general, tacos here – “you will lick your fingers”. You can taste classics, seasonal and author’s dishes. If you want to know more, here we will tell you all about Xuba.

Xuba tacos

Address: C/ de Mallorca, 194, 08036 barcelona

Suggested options: Eating at the establishment · Order · No delivery

Website: PA

Mexican restaurant located behind Barcelona City Hall, in Baixada de Sant Miquel, in the heart of the Gothic Quarter.

Try the delicious crispy tuna tortilla and be sure to try La birria de lengua with creamy avocado, perrins, tabasco, red sauce and onions.

La Milpa

Address: Baixada de Sant Miquel, 6, 08002 Barcelona

Suggested options: In-house food Takeaway No delivery



La costilla a baja temperatura y sus tortillas / Laura Guerrer


Cresta Colorada is a family restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district. A colorful place adorned with Mexican items takes you to the streets and markets of the country.

Be sure to try the grilled chicken slowly cooked in a charcoal oven, served with homemade salsa, avocado and handmade tortillas. A whole Mexican tradition!

In addition, the menu is full of classic Mexican dishes: guacamole, toast, tacos, quesadillas, as well as many creative salads and delicious vegetarian dishes. The restaurant works with local ingredients and products.

Cresta colorada

Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 244, 08036 Barcelona

Suggested options: In-house Takeaway Delivery

Website: crestacolorada.